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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 13, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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him to stay away from his wife for a month. he may not spend the night in jail but he also can't go home tonight. >> reporter: ross mirkarimi is now getting booked into the very jail that he supervisors. the district attorney has decided to charge mirkarimi in relation to spousal abuse accusations made by his wife on new year's eve. >> it is my solemn duty to bring criminal charges when the evidence supports such action. no one is above the law. >> reporter: he made the announcement around 5:00. >> we have a domestic violence battery involving the physical assault and battery. we have a child endangering in that we have evidence that indicates that the young child was present during the incident. >> reporter: and then there's the third charge dissuading a
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witness. the d.a. says mirkarimi also tried to kept a witness from reporting the crime. it's not clear whether that's his wife or the neighbor who was helping her. remember, his wife eliana lopez told the neighbor that mirkarimi had hurt her and she showed that neighbor bruises. the neighbor took pictures of the bruises and handed those over to investigators. in an emotional news conference this afternoon, mirkarimi and his wife together stood up at city hall in front of his sheriff's office there and told reporters they are going to fight the charges and that he will not resign. >> i believe that these charges are very unfounded and we will fight these charges. and i'm confident that in the evidence, that we will succeed in showing the missteps. >> this is i want to say that this is unbelievable... how i say this -- i don't have
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any complaint against my husband. we are together and we are fighting. we are going to fight this. this is my family, my husband and my son. this is unbelievable. it is completely wrong. >> i'm not above the law like anybody else. >> reporter: he is not above the law and he is being booked into the san francisco county jail. that means he will be fingerprinted. they will take a mugshot and then he is going to be sent out on $35,000 bond. he pay that bond and again he can't go home tonight, dana. what is in question right now is why talks broke down of. he was going to surrender but he is under arrest and the police department made it clear he was going to arrest him of the he was not able to turn himself in like a lot of vips do away from the camera. >> he is being treated like anyone else apparently who would face these same charges. >> reporter: that's what the d.a. said. no one is above the law both he
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and the sheriff said that and apparently they are following through. >> thank you, joe vazquez. now, can mirkarimi still perform his job as sheriff? state law says he would be automatically removed from office if he were to be convicted on a felony charge. he faces misdemeanor charges. however, the mayor has the authority to charge him with official misconduct and suspend him. then it would be up to the city's ethics commission to make a recommendation to the board of supervisors. they could either reinstate mirkarimi as sheriff or remove him from office. joining me now is phil matier. certainly there has to be if not some fallout yet from this from city hall there has to be blowback. >> reporter: there is a lot of examination going on. i asked george gascon if he could continue to work with the sheriff. he said yes, he thought he could continue to work with the department. that there were professionals over there and in fact it's ross who is relatively new to the job that he could continue to work so there is one, we
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don't have a crisis as if people can't work with each other. but we have a public relations and political crisis one of mayor lee's first to face in san francisco. like many of these, it's very unique because, this was a domestic violence case where the wife wound up in the hospital or something like that or we had several incidents, but the wife stood next to the husband and said we are going to fight this. mayor lee could suspend him or wait until tuesday. >> that begs the question some are asking, should the sheriff resign? >> we did a poll at cbs 5 and surveyusa did a poll and asked voters that and they said, okay. in if he was charged, 46% said
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resign, 34 said leave of absence. but if convicted it goes to 77. we have two things to watch out for. on tuesday there will be an arraignment. that's where they are going to supposedly start bringing out the photographic evidence, text messages. that's going to change the come plextion of the story. george gascon said this may not be the only incident and his office is investigating whether or not this happened other times with the wife. this could mushroom but it's unique. we have a chef that's been booked into his own jail -- a sheriff that's been booked into his own jail and can't go home. that's something we haven't seen before. >> it's big. thank you. well, in other news, the ceo just quit, republicans call it a lemon, but it appears that governor brown believes he can get the troubled high-speed rail project back on track. the governor said his appointees to the board overseeing the project will fix its problems and said that they
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will offer a revamped business plan for the $98 billion project. the line linking san francisco and los angeles has faced mounting criticism because its cost has doubled and because the state has no stable funding source. all right. use the clipper card or else. that's the message from caltrain. today the transit agency unveiled a plan to punish riders who use paper tickets. mark sayre is in san carlos with the bottom line for riders. mark. >> reporter: well, dana, caltrain says about 70 percent of its passengers already use the clipper card but for those others who buy paper tickets using cash, their credit cards or debit cards, well, the cost of a journey for them could soon go up. whether caltrain passengers use cash or clipper card, caltrain gets them where they are going at the same time.
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but now those who buy paper tickets could pay 10% more. >> i don't think it's smart. >> reporter: for this cash customer for his daily commute to school, any fare increase will hurt. >> i understand the reason behind it but i just i don't -- i think they are not thinking it through. there are other options for the train. >> reporter: for paper ticket customers it means a 25-cent increase per travel zone. from san francisco to palo alto, the one-way fare would go from $6.75 to 7.50. to san jose, the fare would go from 8.75 to 9.75 and to gilroy 12.75 will rise to 14.25. >> we are hoping people will see the cost advantage of using clipper and get a clipper card and use it. >> reporter: christine dunn with caltrain says the proposed change will also help save caltrain money. >> it costs us to print tickets and distribute tickets and stock the machines and do all the of that so yes, it is more expensive for us to use paper
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media. >> reporter: steve has been riding caltrain for 25 years. if this change goes through, it might just get him to get a clipper card. >> i'm thinking about converting to the clipper card because more and more i'm take public transportation. >> reporter: another doesn't like the idea of paying more but won't keep him off the rails. >> still think that's a good deal? >> yeah. i think that i can afford it and service is good. it's cheaper than having a car. >> reporter: now, the caltrain board of directors will vote on this plan on february 2. there are a series of public hearings before then. so if you are a caltrain user and you pay cash or credit cards you can have your input there. if approved, this fare change for the paper ticket customers only would go into effect on july 1. >> it just seems rather disincentive especially for people who don't have disposable income that they need to pay every, single time as opposed to putting a chunk
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of money on their clipper card. >> reporter: clearly those issues will be addressed at the upcoming public hearings but the goal is to get people to move to the clipper card with this financial disincentive to do it the other way so whether that comes to be we'll see. >> mark sayre, thank you. well, for many, it's hard to believe that it's happened again but for the third time this week, a bay area teacher has been arrested for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student. peter kolisniko. have a teacher at james logan in union city is charged with statutory rape. police say the 38-year-old had multiple sex with a 16-year-old over nine months. meantime the san jose elementary school teacher charged with lewd acts on a student is accused of having multiple victims. craig chandler was arraigned on two felony charges today. a special team of investigators is looking into a brutal attack that left two san francisco women seriously wounded. tonight, police believe they know the motive. it happened at a home in the
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city's sunset district. patrick sedillo on why one of the women may have been targeted. >> this was a robbery that went bad to the point where our victim has suffered critical injuries. reporter: this normally tranquil sunset neighborhood is in shock. a team of investigators is looking into the violent attack last night that sent two women to the hospital, one in critical condition. >> she does have, we believe now, a pattern that she does every day. >> reporter: police are saying that the first victim went home after work. she is the owner of this restaurant and lives steps away. >> where she goes every night after closing her businesses and at that point what we understand is that there was a break-in, somebody came into her residence and robbed her. >> reporter: the second victim was delivering food to the first. she was also attacked but got away, running back to the restaurant where she works, leaving a trail of blood. >> our suspect is a young asian male, speaks cantonese last seen wearing a dark shirt or top,
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light pants, carrying a white bag as he fled. he got into a white sedan with triangular shaped taillights. >> reporter: district supervisor carmen chu, who was at the scene, says she knows the victim, who owns several restaurants in the neighborhood. >> almost everybody knows each other here and have worked with each other for many, many years and so when something happens to any one member of this community, i think everybody feels the pain. >> robbery, gosh. get money, that's the busiest restaurant in the area. >> reporter: david smith knows the elder victim. he said she had the same routine and believes she was targeted. >> she didn't deserve that kind of treatment just for some money. >> reporter: police say if you are going to make daily deposits keep them small, don't do it alone and don't keep large amounts of cash at home. that will help avoid making you a target. reporting from san francisco, patrick sedillo, cbs 5. >> a bone dry winter is creating a dire fire season for
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the month of january. it became apparent last night when downtown power lines sparked a fire in mountain view. len ramirez on how california is gearing up for what could be a catastrophic fire season. len. >> reporter: they have just stayed geared up from last fire season which they say really never ended. all around the bay area, the fire season normally ends by late october, early november. but here we are in the middle of january and the brush is still very, very dry as those folks in mountain view found out last night one spark and this stuff goes up pretty easy. reporter: when live high voltage wires came down on mountain view last night, no one was surprised that it could spark a fire. what no one expected was the size and intensity of the flames. >> i got about 30 feet close to the fire and didn't feel much heat so it wasn't too extreme but it was intense. >> reporter: two acres of brush under the lines lit up the sky
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before fire crews brought the flames under control. one neighbor in an adjacent trailer park was hospitalized for smoke inhalation. >> could you see the flames from our porch. >> reporter: alice took pictures of the june type fire in the middle of january. >> you normally have rain now and you have no rain whatsoever. it's been so dry. it's scary. >> it's almost like fire season here in the bay area never came to a close. >> reporter: cal fire officials say what has so far been one of the driest winters on record about 200 wildfires have broken out in northern california when there would normally be only one or two. >> you can walk outside nowadays and feel your hands and they are dry. that dryness on your skin also relates to the dryness of the vegetation. >> reporter: you can hear the snap, crackle and pop of last year's dead vegetation and see how the hills have stayed brown. the bay area has already lost two key months when they should have been soaking up moisture and turning green. so instead of gearing down this
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winter, fire crews are still being sent to potential hotspots like the santa cruz mountains and eastern foothills especially when high winds are in the forecast. >> we haven't really closed fire season yet. we haven't gotten mother nature to give us the break that typically comes around. >> reporter: now, of course, it's just going to take a one good perhaps a very prolonged soaking to change all this dana. but as the sun was setting just about half hour ago, there was literally nothing on the horizon. >> we'll check in with roberta on that. len ramirez, thank you so much. we still do have one more day of very dry and mild conditions. and then we will see cooler temperatures with higher humidity sunday. winter, it returns in earnest with rain. i'll pinpoint that day with the seven-day forecast. when they make these cuts, they are impacting everyone. >> a new tool that can be a lifesaver on the way to the
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hospital. why is it being pulled from ambulances across california? the paint is fresh, fans are ready, 49er fever is in full swing. we'll tell you about the increased security measures at tomorrow's play-off game. >> and winter in yosemite like you have never seen it before.
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first reports of a gas pipeline explosion. explosion. and we have breaking news coming in from solano county. we are getting first reports of a gas pipeline explosion. now, this is apparently happening near the intersection of highways 160 and 12. this is near rio vista. there have been multiple fire crews called and are responding to this as is a chp chopper. right now there are no reports of any injuries but again, these are the first reports everything is pretty smooth right now of a gas pipeline explosion in solano county. we will stay on this and get you more information as it comes in. in the meantime, the first play-off game in nearly a
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decade has bay area football fans fired up. police are preparing for what should be a raucous but fun atmosphere at candlestick park tomorrow afternoon. christin ayers tells us that some heading to the stadium might be in for a major disappoint. christin. >> reporter: that's right, dana. a lot of fun expected to be had here but also some possible disappointment. some stadium officials have said they have confiscated counterfeit tickets and any who have them tomorrow may be turned away. reporter: 20 hours to kickoff and the paint is still wet in candlestick park. >> it's big. this is incredibly big. >> reporter: by tomorrow, 70,000 fans will flood these stands for a game reminiscent of the mid-'90s super bowl. >> oh, man it's going to be low scoring game. 9ers defense is going to shut
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brees out. >> reporter: candlestick security is cracking down in preparation. >> there will be a lot of things you will see, some things you won't see. >> reporter: our cameras caught details sweeping trunks and searching cars with mirrors. there will be more law enforcement at this game all to protect against clashes like this one, fights broke out and shots were fired when the 9ers and raiders went head to head last summer. this time, cbs 5 has learned that undercover officers have already discovered fake tickets circulating. >> there's some counterfeit tickets in the ticket marketplace. >> reporter: that means some fans will be turned away come game time. >> "who dat"! >> reporter: saints fans gathered at san francisco say they are expecting a fight on the field not the stands. >> the 49ers stands, i mean, you know, they heckle us and joke but they're always smiling. it's all in good fun. we think it's going to be a lot of fun. >> reporter: metal detection wants instead of patdowns. but dana they say the bottom line here is is fun not fights.
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>> absolutely. hopefully it will be fun. coming up after eyewitness news at 6:00 we have a special "49er preview." dennis o'donnell, kim coyle, and a cast of thousands will get you ready for the big game. that's on cbs 5 at 7 p.m. personal banking information for possibly tens of thousands of city college san francisco students and the faculty has been stolen. the "chronicle" reports that it happened through computer viruses with origins in russia, china and 8 other countries. apparently it's been going on since 1999. the viruses were detected thanksgiving weekend when security monitoring systems noticed an unusual pattern of computer traffic. so far, there are no reports of any identity thefts. >> thieves who may have been dressed as utility workers have left a number of south bay neighborhoods in the dark hitting at least half a dozen time since november.
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the repairs are costing thousands. elizabeth cook shows us what the crooks are after. >> reporter: johanna mccloud has called sunnyvale home for 11 years. >> i usually don't hear about that in this area. >> reporter: but when she learned that copper is selling for over $4 a pound? >> the times being the way they are, it's almost kind of not surprising. >> reporter: since the beginning of november, sunnyvale police have responded to 7 different reports of thieves ripping copper wiring out of city street lamps. >> what's worrisome is the fact that the city is losing money, having to replace these -- all the wire and lights. >> reporter: police say the thieves stole over $21,000 worth of copper probably late in the night dressed as city workers. >> years ago, about 7 or 8 years ago, we had a crew going around in a stolen utility truck that made them look like they were official people working for a company. >> reporter: police are asking people who live in the area to let them know if they notice anything suspicious. but johanna doesn't think
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that's going to work. >> you see some people fixing stuff but, you know, again, you know, air not going to stop and ask for credentials or anything. >> electromagnetic reporting. she also tells us police are concerned about crimes of opportunity in the area because of a lack of light. those crimes including car break-ins and assaults. a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that won't happen much longer. a side of yosemite not seen this time of the year in two minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. we are going back to that situation in solano county. the reports of a gas pipeline explosion. what you're looking at from our chopper 5 is a deep crater where this fire is contained just to the area right now. there seems ton something -- some gas or steam seeping from
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the ground surrounding it. again, this is in solano county near the intersection of highways 160 and 12. now, this is near rio vista. there doesn't appear to be any -- there are no buildings in the area. there is a line of fire trucks within range of this. the fire is contained to this cratered area. it is still burning and there are no homes nearby that we have been told and no reports of any damage. we don't know when it started. we are keeping an eye on it. we have chopper 5 in the air solano county at 160 and 12 intersections. this is what tioga pass in yosemite usually looks like. buried in snow last june. in january the picture is very different. don ford records for the first time in 70 years, the pass is
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open giving people a sight of yosemite the don't usually see. reporter: the tioga pass in yosemite national park with elevations above 8,000 feet, the road is usually covered with ten to 15 feet of snow by now. but not this year. near the top of tioga pass is frozen tenaya lake and for the first time in over 70 years, the ice is snow-free and exposed. ice skaters, hockey players, and even dogs have come to enjoy this rare moment. >> tailgating. >> reporter: they enjoy the majestic scenery in style. wine, apples, cheese. the aussies came. >> you wouldn't see anything like it in australia. >> reporter: have you ever seen a frozen lake at all? >> no! >> reporter: the british were here. >> we are don't see snow much in england at all. >> reporter: then the texans showed up. four sisters from dallas who had never seen a frozen lake before. >> joyce, come on. >> lift up. >> you just lift up and walk. >> another texan on ice!
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>> they just want to have one person fall on their ice. >> reporter: no shortage here. the ice is rough. tyson lives nearby and says the lake talks. >> the lake makes all these crazy noises like there's whales under the water. it's awesome. >> reporter: it does. you can hear the sounds. >> the last time it was 1930. i'll never see it again. >> reporter: locals who come down here to skate today think this once in a lifetime opportunity isn't going to last much longer. they believe it could start snowing as early as next week. at the frozen tenaya lake at yosemite national park, don ford, cbs 5. >> all right. don and the park rangers wanted us to pass along all the roads are open, all the trails are open in the park. and because of presidents' day weekend coming up, admission is free!
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>> wow. that is fabulous! that place is going to be packed this weekend. >> it is amazing because even without the snow, it is just glorious there. it's just a little slice of heaven but this time next week, they got snow in the forecast. yes, they do. good evening, everybody. and when there's snow in the high sierra and backing all the way through yosemite, you know we have rain in our seven-day forecast. but let's get started with this beautiful scene of your friday night in the city by the bay. the city of san francisco. today we had temperatures banking between 61 degrees at the airport in oakland to 74 in santa cruz. it was 77 at the airport in salinas and currently we're trailing off into the 50s across the board. oakland now sporting 50 degrees. tonight will be frosty. the extended forecast calls for the first rain of the year to start approaching this bay area
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on wednesday into thursday. that's gorgeous an area of low pressure spinning its wheels off the coast. north of us an area of low pressure bringing more snow to whistler and it looks like we are still under the shield of high pressure which will begin to deteriorate on sunday and that's when we will be noticing changes. partly cloudy on the tail end of this weekend cooler and breezy but tonight, 29 in santa rosa. upper 30s across the santa clara valley with the crystal clear skies. 40s across the bay. tomorrow is a "spare the air" spare. the 15th one of the season, a "spare the air" day. 60s, no 70s. outside number 67 in brentwood. still calling for temperatures in the mid- and high 60s in the northern portion of the district, as well. the extended forecast calls for sunshine over the weekend increasing clouds sunday, partly cloudy monday and tuesday, rain beginning in the north bay during the bay wednesday and we're talking rain thursday, a bigger storm friday, more on that next time around. >> thank you.
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a critical lifeline cut. >> moving ems systems backwards instead of forwards. >> what's missing from ambulances across california that could save lives. >> no recall. >> no! >> hundreds of city workers are about to get pink slips. why one group of employees is giving oakland mayor jean quan a vote of confidence.
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gas pipeline explosion. we are continuing to follow the breaking news out of solano county where the chp reports there is a natural gas pipeline explosion. multiple fire crews are responding to this as is the chp chopper. you can see the flames that appear to be coming out of a hole in the ground possibly a crater. it seems to be contained just to that one area. this is either a pg&e pipeline or calpine which is another natural gas provider in the area. there have been no reports of injuries. this is happening near the intersection of highway 160 and highway 12 near rio vista. we'll continue toably you more information on this natural --
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we'll continue to bring you more information on this natural pipeline explosion. no injuries in the area. well, tonight san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi is charged with domestic violence. the district attorney announced this afternoon and added a restraining order. joe vazquez talked to the sheriff's moments ago. >> reporter: his attorney, not the sheriff himself. the sheriff spoke to reporters a little while ago but his attorney just came out of jail from the front entrance a short while ago to tell us what's going on. he says his client, the sheriff of san francisco county, is now being booked into that county jail. what does that mean? he is getting his mugshot taken, fingerprints, other assorted paperwork. he has to then pay $35,000 bail to get out of jail. he is charged with three misdemeanors, domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness. he has also been issued a restraining order. now, according to the d.a.,
6:35 pm
this is a protection order that keeps him away from his wife for a month. his attorney says he thought it was for a week. they will have to sort that out. either way he is not going home tonight. wagner says mirkarimi is going to be staying with friends. the d.a. says there is sufficient evidence that mirkarimi committed spousal abuse battery and that on his -- on his wife and that her child was present and that's why you have the child eng dangerment child. the d.a. said he apparently tried to keep a witness from reporting the incident to police. >> no one is above the law. whether this was the elected sheriff or any other san francisco resident, this type of behavior is inexcusable, criminal and will be prosecuted. our decision here just like in all domestic violence cases was based on the availability of sufficient evidence to prove the case. the case is always stronger if
6:36 pm
the victim is willing to testify. however, it is very common for victims to be uncooperative in domestic violence cases. >> reporter: the family was all smiles when the sheriff was being sworn in. but this incident was reported a few days previous to that on new year's eve. eliana lopez a tv star in venezuela told a neighbor her husband hurt her and she showed the neighbor bruises. the neighbor took photos of the bruises. in an emotional news conference he and his wife stood together and he said he has no intention of resigning. >> i believe that these charges are very unfounded and we will fight these charges and i'm confident that in the end, that
6:37 pm
we will succeed in showing the missteps. >> this is i want to say that this is unbelievable. how i say this -- i don't have any complaint against my husband. we are together and we are fighting. we are going to fight this. this is my family, my husband and my son. this is unbelievable. this is completely wrong. >> i'm not above the law like anybody else. >> reporter: in fact the district attorney says he is treating this case just like he treats the 771 other cases that they get -- in fact last year that was the count. so they are treating this case the same. there was discussion anyway about having the sheriff go ahead and go through the booking process at city hall where he has an office but that fell through and he was arrested and booked into the county jail. >> all right. joe vazquez in san francisco thank you. doctors say a new tool in ambulances could save countless
6:38 pm
lives. there's just one problem. one company says it can't afford to install them across the state. laura cole on why they're blaming state budget cuts. >> reporter: this high-tech monitor saves lives by wirelessly transmitting critical patient data to the hospital where doctors and nurses can diagnose a heart attack before they even see the patient. >> it's incredibly important. every minute that you can get that you can shave off and you can get oxygen to their heart quicker is time where you save heart muscle. >> the old time frame could be hours. >> reporter: but this new technology isn't cheap and it isn't reimbursed by the state. >> it's extremely expensive and to the point now in this state where we're -- our patient population or 50% of or charges go unpaid. >> reporter: the program is up and running is placer county. amr ambulance planned to expand it statewide then the private company learned about a 10% cut in medi-cal reimbursements. >> they are not going to be seeing those programs implement because of these cuts. >> reporter: now the average
6:39 pm
ambulance transport costs just under $600 but the state's medi- cal program only reimburses $135 forcing ems providers to absorb the rest. that's why people with insurance often get charged twice the actual cost. the state says cutting 10% will save more than $600 million in general fund costs each year. but amr worries those cuts could compromise public safety and ultimately increase response times and reduce the number of ambulances on the streets. >> the state doesn't understand when they make these cuts they are impacting everyone and they are moving the ems system backward. >> it's concerning. >> reporter: amr filed a lawsuit against the state to stop the cuts from taking place. >> state medi-cal managers say that they complied with all federal requirements before implementing the rate reductions. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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explosion. derek shore is there. and derek, we understand the fire has just been put out. continuing breaking news out of solano county where the chp is reporting a natural gas explosion. derek shore is there. derek, we understand that this fire has been put out now. is that correct. >> reporter: yeah, that is correct. and that is the good news tonight. i'm going to immediately step out of the way here and have you take a look. you can still see fire crews out there on the scene making sure it is indeed capped off. if we could take a look at this amazing column of fire that burst out of what we are being told is an 8" natural gas line, it was isolate in a field in what's being described to us as a compressor plant. that's private property. the good news tonight, no one injured, no other property or structures in the area have been damaged. but fire crews from all around the area of course rushing out here it make sure everybody is okay and, of course, get that fire out by capping the gas line which we are being told has happened. so again the good news tonight,
6:43 pm
that gas explosion not causing any injuries. the investigation now on as to exactly how it happened. and, of course, they are making sure it doesn't happen again. >> right. derek, we can't get perspective on how big that hole is. you say this is an 8" was gas line. we have shots from the chopper. do you have any idea how big the hole is that the fire was in? >> reporter: you know, i don't know how wide by diameter but i can tell you we were about five miles away and we could see this column of flames and it was quite the sight from all around this area. highway 12 traffic stopped and stared at it so i imagine it's quite the area around where this explosion happened. >> do you know what time this started? >> reporter: just about 15 to 20 minutes ago we were actually just over in an adjoining community in isleton and we got
6:44 pm
the call about it. we got here just a few minutes later and we saw it there. the good news is they were able to cap it pretty quickly compared to other explosions that have happened. and no one was hurt. but what caused it, unknown. >> so many people here are familiar with the san bruno explosion where eight people died and many homes went up in flames. who operates this particular pipeline? >> reporter: we have just learned that it is not pg&e. it does not appear to be a utility company. it appears to be on private land and privately owned. but who operates it whether it be this compressor plant, who is feeding it, the natural gas, that's still remains to be seen and obviously you would expect there would be some sort of overside by the whatever company is providing the natural gas to them. and those are details we don't know yet. so we don't know if it was fed through some sort of tank that
6:45 pm
the gas was actually transported on to the plant's property or a gas line that did connect to other utilities. that's information we still don't know. and again, we are hearing pg&e not involved at this point but, of course, where the gas came from that remains to be seen. >> derek shore, thank you. from the cbs 5 weather center bundle up. another night with below freezing temperatures. good evening, tomorrow well one more day of sunshine then big changes in the forecast. i'll pinpoint when the rain arrives with the seven-day forecast. hey, dennis, you got anything at all to talk about in sports? >> you think? roberta big changes coming at raiders headquarters they have their first head coaching candidate and what's it like to cover jim harbaugh every week? an inside look at the man who completely change the 49ers coming up.
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good evening, everybody, on in friday the 13th. nothing unlucky at all about our weather forecast. nothing but sunshine. 61 degrees at the airport in oakland to 74 degrees in santa
6:49 pm
cruz. 77 in salinas. temperatures in the 50s. tonight another night in which we have to bundle up. overnight lows between 28 and 47 degrees. so frosty night obviously. tomorrow unseasonably mild conditions. first rain of the year arrives next wednesday into thursday. there you have the anticipated overnight lows. 37 degrees in vallejo through american canyon. high pressure huge dominant feature providing us with unseasonably mild conditions tomorrow but then it begins to break down. changes occur sunday in the form of partly cloudy conditions, cool breezes, as well. across the state, it remains rainless for saturday. that's going to change in a hurry. meanwhile, tomorrow's daytime high slightly cooler than today. 60s at the coast through the bay into our inland areas as the offshore flow continues for one more day but you could say good-bye to those 70s. the extended forecast: partly cloudy sunday, monday and on
6:50 pm
tuesday. rain begins by midafternoon in the north bay. light rain through thursday, a more promising bigger storm by flied. so the holiday is going to feel the difference into the 50s across the board. and for the 49er game at kickoff at 1:30, on saturday, as they play host to the new orleans saints, game time temperature at 61 degrees. this is your pinpoint forecast. sports is next.
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reportedly interviewed todd bowles for their head coaching vacanc nine offer fans we have an hour of football coming up. the todd bowles was interviewed for the raiders head coach. the rams are set today with jeff fisher as the new head coach. he took the season off after 16 years. st. louis just 2-14 but they have the second picture in the draft in april. what can't the broncos quarterback tim tebow do he was? named the most popular athlete in the nation in a poll but the
6:54 pm
patriots aren't fazed. >> i'm never surprised about what gets talked about anymore. i think i saw a seven-minute piece on a girl that ate m&ms while doing a hand stand. that was interesting. i got into it for a while. but, uhm, anytime there's anything new he is obviously new, he's done some incredible things this season. you know, i think the hype is justified. i think that, you know, when you go out and you can lead a team like that and make the plays they are making, people are going to talk about you. >> does the magic continue? find out tomorrow night 5:00 broncos and pats here on cbs 5. stay tuned afterwards for the fifth quarter. 49ers remain underdogs on the eve of their first play-off game in nine years. but at 13-3, regardless of what happens, jim harbaugh has changed this organization in just one season. and among the questions i'm asked most often, what's it like to interview jim harbaugh? >> pretty soft, about a 4" guy sits on your shoulder and talks into your ear. >> reporter: covering jim
6:55 pm
harbaugh is -- >> well, like a box of chocolates. you never know what you're gonna get. >> reporter: sometimes he's up -- >> you don't seem like a blue collar guy. $2,000 south here and the fancy tailored shirt. >> i'm coming in rags next week. >> the $100 haircut. >> reporter: and sometimes, you know -- >> you probably want to peel back the onion here some more. >> reporter: peel back the onion. that means we're not going to talk about that. covering harbaugh means learning his terminology or as we call them harbaugh-isms. >> nobody is better than us! >> reporter: harbaugh-isms can include. >> that's the low hanging fruit. >> reporter: that means the reporter is asking a question weather yields a obvious answer. >> iron sharp one man sharps another. >> reporter: translation, competition makes you stronger. >> like always a rising tide lifts all ships. >> reporter: meaning individual accomplishments are derived from the team. >> we ask no quarter we give another quarter. >> reporter: translation: no
6:56 pm
exchange of information. especially with the media. >> he doesn't care to make friends whether it's around the league with the media -- no, he is all about the men who go to work with him every day and he handles his media duties and -- because that's part of the job. but he is a focused guy. >> you'll get, oh, that's a ridiculous question. that's a ridiculous statement. i don't agree with that statement. you'll get a lot of that. and a lot of questions he will dismiss and then you will end up being right like i had a question for him a few weeks ago about braylon edwards not producing and does he think he is going to get anything out of him this year and he dismissed the question like he was offended by it and a week later braylon edwards was gone. >> reporter: is it true at one time you called him the best quarterback in college football? >> that is true. his junior year i thought he was. >> reporter: that's pry praise. that's a great thing to say for a quarterback. >> it is high praise. the master of the obvious. >> reporter: over the course of the season, you start to get
6:57 pm
more comfortable with the coach. and sometimes, you can use his own language against him. >> stanford and oregon. they want to get a national championship. they are going to center to get past oregon. what are your thoughts on that game? >> i like stanford. i'm biased. >> that's the master of the obvious there. [ laughter ] >> reporter: what you finally come to realize is that interviews with harbaugh just don't yield very much low hanging fruit. >> yeah. i can't quantify it four. we needed it. we needed it really bad. we needed it very bad. you plug in whatever you want. okay? how do i -- however you quantify that. >> reporter: did you need it really bad? >> we wanted to win. it was the next game. we wanted to win it. >> and the next game of course is tomorrow against the saints. we have a one-hour show coming up. i'm jacked out of my mind! >> caption colorado, llc [ male announcer ] dandruff, meet micro-beads. any last wishes? new selsun blue deep cleansing micro-bead scrub goes to the source
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wiping out flakes before they flake.
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