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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  January 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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that . >> he throws! vernon davis for a niners touchdown! [ cheers & applause ] well, the niners steal it with just 9 seconds left, a playoff win for the record books. and you're looking at a scene out of titanic, what caused this cruise ship disaster, and frantic stories of survival. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. can you believe it, the niners are just one win away from the super bowl! she beat the saints today at candlestick, a playoff game that came down to the final few seconds. dennis o'donnell is here with
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highlights. one of the greatest games in 49er history and nfl playoff history. you had to see it to believe it. reminiscent of the game 30 years ago when dwight clark made the catch. today, vernon davis made one of his own. jim harbaugh knocking the pregame jitters out of alex smith. let's go straight to the fourth quarter, 49ers up, less than 2 minutes left. graham, 66-yard touchdown, putting the saints in front. smith would get san francisco right back down the field. then with 9 seconds left, back to pass, vernon davis, game-winning touchdown! the 49ers beat the saints 36-32, and they are moving on to the nfc championship game. >> alex made it happen. if it wasn't for alex, i wouldn't have made the play. kudos to alex, you're the man! >> it's a defining sequence. he's been through so much here, has so many on his back and it's
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only fitting he was able to take us 80-plus yards with 1:40 left. >> this is how you do it! look at him now! >> coming up big at the end -- [ cheers & applause ] [ cheers & applause ] [ indescernible ] they will play either the new york giants or the green bay packers. both teams play tomorrow. we'll find out if the niners are going to the frozen tundra of lambeau or hosting the nfc championship game. >> we want the giants to win tomorrow? >> giants to win, so they play here next sunday. >> thanks. we'll check in with you later. niners fans have wait add long time to get to the
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playoffs, too. >> reporter: before the game, heroes of 49ers past-- >> young, montana! >> reporter: -- reflecting on the fact that it's been nine years since their team made it to the playoffs. >> yes, 49er football, man, we've been waiting. we've been watching. we want to see them win. n]♪ >> who got it done! >> reporter: inside candlestick, a deafening crowd focused on a new hero. >> come on now, come on baby! [ cheers & applause ] >> reporter: they crashed the saints party early with two quick touchdowns. >> playing the niners! come on! i would be crying on the sideline by now. >> reporter: they were crying, but they came back. then so did the niners. it went back and forth, over and
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over throughout the game. watch this saints fan, in despair one moment, then a few minutes later, her team is back on top. it was a nail-biter and a lip-biter and an eyebrow-raiser. and just at the end of the game when the niners needed it the most, they scored again, and there was pandamonium in candlestick park, as the niners held on to victory. with that, the clock ran down in one of the most exciting games ever played in the bay area, playoff or otherwise, the nail biting is through and the 49ers are on to the next round of the playoffs. >> that was an amazing game! just when you didn't think they were going to do it, they did it! >> i believed in them. i said alex is going to have his time and win this game for us. >> i'll tell you this, we are
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going to win the super bowl! >> reporter: joe vasquez, cbs 5. [ cheers & applause ] >> you would have thought the niners won the super bowl by the reaction of the crowd at the bus stop. the union street bar was packed with fans, and that was inside. people lined up outside heard the winning moment. log on to for much more on the big win, and more later in sports. the captain of a cruise ship that capsized off the coast of italy is in jail tonight, charged with abandoning ship and with manslaughter. late tonight, a couple on their honeymoon, found alive more than 24 hours after the cruise ship sank. the korean couple was found during a door-to-door search in the non-submerged part of the ship. rescuers say they are in good condition. the kosta concordia hit a reef and capsized near tuscany
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yesterday. 4200 people were on board, including more than 100 americans. three people are known dead, 40 others missing. >> reporter: passengers had just sat down to dinner when they heard a loud bang. the impact tore a 160-foot gash in the hull and an eight-day mediterranean cruz turned into what some passengers described as scenes from the titanic. with water pouring in, the costa concordia began to sink. >> there was water coming onboard. there was something wrong if it's tipping like that. so we went to the high side. and that was chaotic in the hallways. people with lifejackets on, the power was out. brct crowd screaming ] >> reporter: at least they were on the side of the life boats, but there was a lot of panic.
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>> we didn't get on the first life boats, and they were gone, and there we stood. >> reporter: the ship appeared to have struck a reef. some passengers decided their only chance of survival was to jump into the cold sea. these three were among them. >> the ship was moving very fast, so we knew we would be under water quick. there were 200 people that jumped and swam 100 meters to the rocks. >> reporter: >> we had beacons on our life vests that were blinking. we waited and waited. >> reporter: most of the passengers ended up in a nearby port. the operation to bring passengers off the stranded ship included life boats, helicopters and ferries, like the ones behind me, which make regular runs from the island behind me.
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most arrived in what they had been wearing when the ship started to go down. 9-year-old isabelle and 6-year-old molly were in their pajamas. >> she lost her tooth on the ladder. >> reporter: the tooth ferry will have to look a long way for your tooth. >> that was the scariest part. >> reporter: as many as 40 of the more than 4000 passengers and crew remain unaccounted for. divers will start searching the submerged hull again in the morning, and the captain has been detained. >> two of those people on board are from el dorado county near sacramento. tonight, their families back home are breathing a sigh of relief after getting a phone call from them. joanna and adam lynch are okay. they say there was no shortage of heroic actions during the ordeal. >> every chance i could get a life jacket, they started just giving them to kids, families who needed them for their
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children, and ultimately i didn't think there was a chance i would die. if i was, i was not worried at all. >> the couple is expected back home tuesday. the violence in oakland must stop. that's the message behind an event held today, where they honored the lives of three young children lost to stray gunfire. anne mackovic, with a plan to save oakland's children from gun violence. >> i'm very concerned about my kids and everyone else's kids. >> reporter: so is everyone at this block party called save our babies meant to galvanize the community, in honor of three children killed by stray bullets in just the past few months. >> it means that i basically can't bring my son out here and feel safe with my son out here, because of all the violence. >> i'm not just going to take my kids anywhere these days. you see the way the world is. it's a lot of tragedy. >> reporter: 3-year-old carlos nava was shot and killed in august. his mom was pushing him in a stroller on international boulevard. hiram lawrence, just shy of his
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second birthday was taken off of life support in december, after being shot in west oakland, as he was held in his father's arms. and 5-year-old gabriel martinez, jr. was killed next to his family's taco truck on december 30, another unintended victim. >> these are sad things. life changes. but to see a baby that haven't even started out, it's -- there's no words. >> reporter: the people here say the only way they know how to try to stop the violence is to hold more events like this. they plan on doing it monthly at the city's recreation center. >> i don't want to wait until the next tragedy and then let's get together. let's get together before then. that's what we plan to do. >> reporter: until those strategies end in peaceful streets, parents are desperate to keep their children safe. >> we have annointing oil for the child and we say, god, cover them from their head down to their feet. >> reporter: in oakland, anne
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mackovic, cbs 5. speaking publicly for the first time since being fired, what joe paterno says about the penn state scandal. seriously injured during combat, now honored for their bravery. the war stories behind this bay area ceremony. some big changes in the offing in the weather department, and then in a moment, a word so rarely used, you would think it's illegal to say it on television. the four-letter word forecast. we'll run it by cbs legal during a break. afghanistan, were honored with . >> he throws! and the catch is made by vernon davis for a niners touchdown! [ cheers & applause ]
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(singing 3 secs) . two soldiers injured in afghanistan were honored with the purple heart today in palo alto. n]♪
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>> army private jeffrey suavido and another officer are undergoing treatment. one was injured in a land mine explosion, the other suffered a traumatic brain injury in a rocket attack. they received their medals in front of family, friends and veterans. >> i love being around all my family and the personnel. n]♪ >> it's good to have the family here. i'm so happy, very happy. >> troop supporters and the patriot guard riders also honored the heroes. contaminated tissue holders are being pulled from store shelves. if you bought one, you're asked to take it back. health officials say the dual ridge metal boutique tissue boxes contain low levels of
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radioactive material. they were sold at bed, bath & beyond stores across the country. a delivery truck carrying the holders set off radiation alarms. former penn state head football coach joe paterno is making his first public statement tonight since being fired from the school late last year. now, he tells the washington post he simply didn't know how to properly respond when told a member of his staff was accused of abusing a young boy. >> then i called for my superiors and i said, hey, we have a problem i think. would you guys look into it? i had never had to deal with something like that, and i didn't feel adequate. >> shortly after being fired, paterno was diagnosed with a form of lung cancer and is being treated with radiation therapy. paterno's former defensive coordinator, jerry sandusky, has been charged with 52 counts of
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sexual abuse. he denies the charges. the family of a missing oakland woman held a rally today, hoping someone might have information about her disappearance. the 31-year-old woman hasn't been seen since november. family members say when they visited her apartment last month, they found it in disarray. she is said to suffer from psychological and emotional problems that may be related to her disappearance. in other bay area news, young bison at golden gate park are hanging out with the big kids tonight. all are females and they have been in quarantine for the past six weeks since arriving. one died last week after being chased by a dog. the new additions are meant to replenish the aging, existing herd of three females. a march today in honor of martin luther king, jr. members of the bayview baptist members fellowship started their march at the bayview opera house and ended at the martin luther swimming pool in san francisco. martin luther king day is
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monday. brian hackney joins us with a look at the forecast. and apparently there's a four-letter word in the forecast. we warned you, right? >> you haven't figured it out yet, have you? >> maybe. >> it's actually rather straightforward. first, ladies and gentlemen, let us look at the 850-foot tall peak of the transamerica pyramid, the tallest skyscraper on the skyline in san francisco, completed in 1972 and still doing yoman's work as a landmark for san francisco. temperatures really coming down. 34 degrees in santa rosa at the moment, 40 at livermore, 46 in san jose. for san francisco, 50 degrees. how low does it go? chilly tonight. 29 degrees in santa rosa. freezing at san rafael. 33 in san jose. this is a look ahead to what we think the sky conditions will be tomorrow, computer models. and you can see they start out with clouds, then clear it up a
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little bit. but things will be distinctly cooler tomorrow. and things are fundamentally changing. mark twain, who said you can't take an old habit and throw it out the window, you got to coax it downstairs one step at a time. we have to do the same thing with a persistent ridge of high pressure that's been over the west coast, so persistent that unbelievably to this point in the season, and the season began back in july, san francisco has only 3.3 inches of rain, and that's all we've gotten in the past six months. so we're at about 30% of average rainfall for the bay area. we'll finally bump the numbers up a little bit. when you've got a big dome of high pressure sitting out in the eastern pacific, you can either push it to the east or undercut it. what's going to happen is we will finally undercut the high pressure as the top of the high moves up into the bering straits, allowing the westerlies to kick in friday and saturday,
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amounting to rain. low pressure is up west of san diego, heading north. as a result, we get clouds tonight, clouds tomorrow. but it's this direction we'll be looking at. low pressure diving out of british columbia. we'll finally bring temperatures up, winds up, and temperatures tomorrow mostly in the 50s. temperatures drop 10 degrees tomorrow, winds pick up, and as we look ahead to monday, martin luther king day looks sunny, windy and cooler, readings mostly in the 50s. in the extended forecast for the first time in a long time, we get wet on thursday. >> there you go, baby! >> as we press toward the weekend, wet again on friday. a little break on saturday. then on sunday-- >> yes, we have a big game next weekend, though. so we don't want the rain next weekend, so if you you could put that in your hat. >> you're optimistic. you think the giants will beat green bay and the 49ers will host? >> i do. >> right now, everything is
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going their way. how about the scapegoat-turned-hero? that of course is alex. and why vernon davis was moved to tears at candlestick park, next. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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teams' failure to win footbl game tepped . for years, alex smith has been the target of frustrated 49er fans who saw him as a symbol for the team's failure to win football games. well, alex smith stepped up in the first playoff game of his career. jim harbaugh knew smith would have to come up big against the saints. forcing four tossers in the first half, leading to a 17-0 lead. in total, saints would turn it over five times, just one time
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for san francisco. but just over 2 minutes to play, saints up 24-23, alex smith kept it himself, touchdown, 28-yard score. 29-24, 49ers. saints answered right back. drew brees hits the pro bowl tight end jimmy graham for a 66-yard score. new orleans back up on top, 32-29, with 1:37 left. brees threw for 462 yards. smith, the game is in his hands. fortunately, the 49ers also have a pretty good tight end, vernon davis. 47-yard gain, in field goal range to tie. smith hit vernon davis with a brilliant pass and catch, 180 yards receiving, 2 touchdowns for davis. the 49ers win. they are going to the nfc championship game. >> reporter: thanks, dennis. the 49ers offense was one step ahead of the saints down the stretch, but the only thing they didn't have an answer for is what to call the game-winning
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touchdown. >> i know there was the catch. i don't know what you'll call this one, the throw, the throw-in catch. it was a great play by vernon davis and alex smith. >> alex made it happen. if it wasn't for alex, i wouldn't have made the play, so kudos to alex. you're the man. >> it's all alex! look at him now! >> reporter: how about coming up with two big catches, including the game-winning touchdown! [ indescernible ] [ cheers & applause ] >> right now, it feels like the best. it really does. it's just -- like i said before, i can't recall a win like this in this kind of spectacular fashion. >> going to the nfc championship game! who is more excited than you? >> nobody! >> reporter: alex smith had 299
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yards today, but he'll get another chance next week either against the giants or the packers in the nfc championship to break 300. back to you, dennis. >> thank you, kim. it was all tebow mania all week leading up to the broncos-patriots playoff game tonight. brady made the loudest noise tonight. tebow trying to do it again tonight for the broncos, but no tebow time this evening. tebow harassed all evening by the patriots defense, 9 for 26, held to 13 yards rushing. tom brady on the other hand single handedly carved up the denver defense, threw for 363 yards, 6 touchdowns, and 6 touchdowns ties an nfl post season record. 45-10 is the final. the patriots advance to the afc championship and will host the winner of the texas-ravens game tomorrow morning right here on cbs 5. most talked about -- warrior
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teammate in charlotte got a workout, likely won't play until tuesday. missing 20 of 26 shots, bob cats rookie walker made his first career start. won't be his last, 23 points, 5 assists. warriors go down 112-100. sharks in columbus. dejarred inn takes an elbow to the head. blue jackets winger fires. desjardins said after the game he felt fine. sharks win 2-1. still to come, back to the hard wood.
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. we've got a tie for first place in the pac-12. cal and stanford, bears hosting utah, and got a big night in the transfer. career high 11 assists to go along with 14, a good night. five bears score in double figures. 81-45. now, meanwhile, they still have hard ball on their mind down -- isn't he amazing? cardinals taking on colorado. josh owens goes all the way for the jam. 10 points, 7 rebounds for him. the freshman randall finishes with a game-high 18.
11:30 pm
stanford rolls 86-64. career best with 21 points. gales win 69-61. women's side, fourth ranked stanford blew out colorado, their 12th straight win. 19 points, 9 boards. cardinal are off to a 6-0 start in the pac-12. it's going to be all football all the time tomorrow. packers and the giants, and we could be hosting the nfc championship game if the giants come through. that would be huge. >> and we don't want it to rain. >> and we want the lights to work, too. >> we have a long list. >> we got our list. we'll be right back.
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forward to claim their winns from a mega millions draw. a richmond woman won more tn 150-grand after matching all numbers, except the mega nu. but one woman from . a richmond woman won more than 150,000 after matching the winning numbers. that's it for eyewitness news at 11:00. thanks for watching. see you back here tomorrow night at 5:30. good night.
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