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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  January 15, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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charged with battering his wife -- san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi could face removal he good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. charged with battering his
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wife, san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi could face removal from office. the city's mayor could play a critical roll in that. last week, ed lee had a wait- and-see attitude. >> you know, they are serious allegations. i'm gonna refrain from making any comments. >> if he's charged, should he step aside? >> it's not for me to comment. >> and the charges have been file and mayor lee is still being cautious. >> we believe that these charges are very unfounded, and we will fight these charges. >> and as -- and as san francisco's new politician does that, ross mirkarimi is facing domestic violence battery, child endangerment and dissuading a witness, less than a week after being sworn in. he was booked into the same jail he oversees.
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>> this kind of trouble, one of the most dangerous kinds of trouble for anyone, in terms of domestic battery, spousal abuse, there is something that there is a zero-tolerance for in san francisco. >> it was new year's eve when a neighbor said the sheriff's wife asked him to film a bruise p and the two exchanged text messages about it, all part of the evidence in this case, even though lopez denies any abuse. >> i don't have any complaint against my husband. we're together and we're fighting -- we're going to fight it. >> mayor ed lee has not said much about mirkarimi's precarious situation. we caught up with him today. >> this is a little bit complicated because it has less to do with the function, except for the charges. >> lee says he's discussing with the city attorney whether that has anything to do with the sheriff's duties. >> it's not a opinion.
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it's a very legal process. >> that could lead to a misconduct case in front of the ethics commission and board of supervisors. that likely wouldn't happen until after the criminal prosecution. mirkarimi is expected to be arraigned on tuesday and is expected to plead noth to all of the charges -- not guilty to all of the charges against him. >> his lawyer has been given all of the evidence, the video, the text messages. that stuff starts to be leaked out. even though it's not supposed to. >> adding fuel to the flames. according to a study, law enforcement officers assault their wives and girlfriends almost twice ags frequently as many other men. that's according to the cdc. the research said women suffer domestic in front of -- in at least 40% of filings. that's of 25% of all mesh
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families. that's because police officers are trained to gain control of a situation. a police officer shot and killed a man last night during a traffic stop. it happened in santa clara. the officer pulled over a driver suspected of being under the influence. the witnesses say the driver was told repeatly to put his hands above his had. the man refused to cooperate and the police officer fired and the man died at the scene. police are looking for two sexual assaults. police know the name and addresses. but we can't show you the pictures. here's more on why. >> reporter: both the age of the suspect works is just 14 years old, and the nate lure of his alleged -- who is just 14 years old and the nature of his alleged crime is unusual. we have the photograph but we can't release it because of his age but they are releasing his name. police say the 14-year-old approached the 28-year-old
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woman somewhere along this stretch of the 1200 block of market street in west oakland. it was about 10:00 p.m. on january 6th. >> crime starts off as a 0 robbery. once he obtained -- as a robbery. once he obtains whatever he gets, he has the victim move to an isolated area and that's where the sexual assault takes place. >> reporter: this woman does not walk by this block at night since learning about the sexual assault. >> i'm still sorried. he's young. yeah. the young people are strong now. i don't know my strength but i'm scared. >> reporter: on 11th, another woman was assaulted, january 12th. >> he was an african-american male, described as 5'5", he weighs about 110 pounds, he has black hair and brown eyes.
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this is a public safety awareness to our community. we have experienced several sexual assaults in the specific area of oakland. we want to make the community aware. he stimulates a firearm so we're treating him as armed and dangerous. >> reporter: despite having a name and a photograph, police are asking the public for help. anyone with information is asked to call. back to you. >> thank you. two san francisco firefighters were hurt while responding to a house fire in the richmond district this morning. [ sirens ] >> flames were shooting out of the building near 42nd avenue and balboa just after midnight. the injured firefighters both suffered second-degree burns on their arms. they are expected to be okay. no one else was hurt but the house was very badly damaged. the cause of the fire has not been released. well, they didn't play today. but the 49ers scored another victory today. the 9ers will now host the
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n.f.c. championship game for the first time since the 1997 season. [chanting] >> the giants beat the packers and lambeau field. so san francisco will host the game for the right to play in super bowl xlvi >> we're ready to play! >> they will be there next weekend. >> we checked stub hub and the tickets range from $347 for the nose-bleed seats to $30,000 for box seats. tickets officially go on sale on wednesday. well, police say it looks like a murder-suicide in the central valley. what we know about the people who died and the condition of the lone survivor. and a family is saying if he did it, he has reasons, the latest on a war veteran accused
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of murder. and finally, things will be changing around the bay area. tonight, it will be windy. tomorrow, it will be brisk. by the end of the week, it's going to be wet. we'll have details in the forecast after a break.
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news from the presidential race. senior officials from jo some breaking news from the presidential race. senior officials from jon huntsman's campaign say he will drop out of the presidential race tomorrow. the former utah governor finished third in the new hampshire primary last week, but reportedly has little left in his war chest for the south carolina next saturday. huntsman will reportedly endorse mitt romney for the republican nomination. four people are dead after what appears to be a murder suicide in fresno. police responding to reports of an disturbance of an apartment building found a man outside suffering from a stab wound and then they heard a gunshot. inside, officers found a man, a woman, and two young children who had all been shot to death. they believe the woman committed suicide of a killing the others -- after killing the
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others. the former marine accused of being a serial killer has an -- has an alleged connection to his killers. police say he vish shush list killed -- viciously killed in southern california. >> why did this happen? why did this young boy, 23 years old, do something so horrific and just ruin his whole life? >> reporter: this man lives across the street from the accused serial killer, the man who police say fatally stabbed four homeless men in orange county. >> it's horrific. >> reporter: he went by the name of izzy and mostly ket to himself until one day this man's called -- mostly to himself until one day this man called to help with a dead bird. >> he was so focused on the baby bird. >> reporter: we now know the
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suspect is an iraq war veteran. he was discharged in 2010 after enlisting after high school. according to "the associated press" his father, who is homeless, said his son came back disturbed. >> there's something wrong with his individual. to pick on someone and to pray on someone who is a homeless person is just wrong. it's not -- it's barbaric. >> reporter: police arrested ocampo friday night after bystanders chased him a quarter mile down the street where police say he stabbed his latest victim, a homeless war veteran named berry. today, a memorial for berry, a gentle soul who never deserved this fate. >> he had a spirit of -- the spirit of god with him and that's why you are getting this response from the community because everybody really cared about him. we, it had to be a split- second -- well, it had to be a split-second decision. >> it was probably the worst
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thing i've ever scene. >> how a neighbor stepped in to save a child from a pit bull attack.
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backyard. a neighbor came to the rescue -- prying the a 9-year-old sacramento boy attacked by a pit bull in his own backyard. a neighbor came to the rescue, prying the vicious dog off the boy's arm. but that doing was not finished. here's what happened next. >> it was horrible. >> reporter: pat nunez still trying to comprehend what he saw today. >> it was probably one of the worst things i've ever seen. >> reporter: pat and his wife were 234 their home when they -- in their home when they heard screams for help. >> he was getting bit by a dog. >> >> he learned another boy -- >> he learned another boy down the road was getting mauled. >> i had to help him. >> reporter: pat stopped what he doing and ran down the street. what he found he will nefer
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forget. >> it was bank a tug of -- he are never forget. >> it was pa basically a tug-of- war -- it was basically a tug- of-war between his grandma and the dog. it ended up -- i ended up sticking the broom handle in his mouth and then he came back at grandma's hit. >> reporter: he was able to get the dog off. >> the child's arm badly injured. >> bleeding pretty bad. >> reporter: he was alive, thanks to pat. deputy the eventually got -- deputies eventually got to the home and say they were forced to shoot the pit bull. the family of that little boy didn't want to speak today. >> i consider my neighbor a hero. he went and took a very bad situation and brought it to the best outcome he could. and i'm just so grateful that he was there to do it.
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>> reporter: and so is pat. >> you probably saved this kid's life. what are your thoughts on that? >> reporter: i had to do what i had to do. >> the little boy is still not hospital with major injuries to his arm. the boy's grandmother is doing fine and police don't plan to file any charges. let's switch gear. brian hackney is in the weather forecast. there's rain in the forecast. >> yeah. it will be windy tonight. rain is still on the way. we'll be looking for that on the horizon. but sometimes when it's been so dry for so long, you forget that it really ka rain in northern california -- can rain in northern california. i found this from december of 1955. five pounds wiped out on the north coast by a deluge. i'm not by any means suggesting we're in for noah's ark-type
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flooding. about you there's this great book called "cadillac desert" that said you go from very dry to very wet in a blank. and finally, we'll be setting up the stage for rain to be on the way for the bay area. let's start out for the lows. we're mostly in the 40s in the bay area of 47 at santa rosa. 47 in san jose. temperatures fall down to 27 degrees. up in sonoma county. 26 for livermore. 30 for san jose. this is a forecast of what's going to happen over the next 24 hours. there's not much here because it will be mostly sunny tomorrow. but we so slowly beat down this system by systems that come in and take -- take a bite out of
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the high pressure and finally open the storm doors over california. i'm not suggesting there will be flooding. but you always have to think about that possibility. but it will get wet. tomorrow will be sunny, windy and cool. things are finally set for rain on thursday. increasing clouded on wednesday in the north bay, it will get thursday, friday and as we look ahead to the weekend. it's all important for next sunday. it still looks wet for saturday. ann? >> thank you, brian. people living in mountain view, are voicing their concerns and ideas. the city mayor mike hasbrook held his first mow co of the meeting at starbucks. he says these are the best ways to hear from his constituents. he's no stranger to making himself successful. i bet they are talking about playoff tickets next sunday. >> i bet so, too.
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>> possibly of an all harbaugh super bowl remains. the new york giants do the 49ers a huge favor what. was wrong with the defending champions -- next. ,,,,
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not lost a home game since the green bay packers had not lost a home game since october of 2010. all that stood between them and a meeting with the 49ers was the new york giants. eli manning and the giants made it into the playoffs on the final sunday of the season and manning brought his a-game to lambeau field and forced the
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packer defense for 340 yards. hakeem nix, gone! the half ended in very dramatic fashion. >> the 55-yard drive from here and now instead they are going for it all. the pass is caught for the touchdown! unbelievable! >> he comes down with the hail mary to end the half. no packer got in front of him. that was the play of the game. the giants had a 20-10 lead at the half. green bay has the highest- scoring offense in the league. aaron rodgers to graham for extra yards. it's returned to the 5-yard line. the packers fumbled three times and they fumbled just six times all season. on the next play with enough time to pitch a tent here, eli manning to the back of the end zone. new york giants pull off another upset at lambeau field,
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this time 37-20. >> he practiced the hail mary, everybody knew what to do. that's one of the few that i've actually thrown up. i saw hakeem right there in the mix. no one going after the ball. great job by him. >> the giants mean inmean -- the giants winning means the 49ers play. >> alex smith. touchdown! touchdown! >> the guy is screaming. that's eric davis. capped off a huge day for vernon davis who had 180 yards receiving, the most ever by a tight end in a playoff game. >> this is one of the greatest games i've ever been apart of. >> it was us against history.
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that's all i can say to myself. us against all of those things. we managed to pull it off. it was a very emotional game t was like a roller coaster -- game. it was like a roller coaster. >> right now it feels like the best. i can't recall a win like this in this particular fashion. >> john harbaugh hoping to join his brother in the conference game next week. ravens down against the houstons. couldn't come up with the put here. baltimore recovered it. touchdown. joe flacco is the a.f.c.'s version of alex smith. he got a lot of respect there. an quinn bold infor the touchdown -- anquan boldin for the touchdown. arian foster, 132 yards on the day and the touchdown. the deficit is just 4 at halftime. the ravens looking to add to it. fourth and goal, ray rice straight ahead, turned away by
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tim dobbins. two minutes to play now. houston driving down by 7. needing a play from the rookie quarterback, t.j. yates. instead it's the veteran, ed reed making the interception near the goal line. the texans turned it over four times and baltimore wins it 20- 13. next sunday it's the ravens against the patriots in new england for the afc championship. you can see it right here on cbs5. but tonight it will be john harbaugh doing the celebration whens he talks to -- when he talks to jim. >> we talked last night after the game. he was happy. i was not happen -- i was happy. i was not as happy as him. i could not get. i'm proud of jim and the staff there. >> and golden state, another angle for tweaking his knee coming around the screen in the
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second corner. third quarter, nails it and he forces the steal and he stakes off. david lee takes it off to the other end. warriors get their first road win of the year, 99-91. and the sharks lose to the blackhawks, 4-3. just in. game day tonight. jim har bra. >> we have homefield advantage? >> yes. >> that's it for this edition of "eyewitness news." "60 minutes" is next. have a great night. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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