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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 16, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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to prove it. >> oh, my gosh! ha ha! i'm already trying to figure out my bet with mayor bloomberg. >> reporter: and what is it? >> i know he's got a private jet. so maybe if we win, a ride on his jet to a golf course of my desire in exchange for a ride on muni. [ laughter ] >> reporter: one concern, of course, is the condition of the old candlestick, which proved to be a national embarrassment a couple of weeks back when the light went out on the old stadium in the middle of a critical game. >> we're going to obviously recheck everything and everything there is working already. so we have no doubts it will be a fine game. >> reporter: today clerks at sports stores were busy just trying to keep 9er gear on the racks, and there seemed to be red and gold on every corner. >> 9ers, baby. >> reporter: where did you get that? >> from the bus. >> reporter: they are handing them out on the bus? no, you took it off the bus, didn't you. trying to get tickets? >> yes, definitely. tomorrow -- no, wednesday, 10:00.
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>> reporter: how much are you willing to pay? >> uhm, oh, tough right now. probably up to like maybe $200. >> reporter: other fans figure they're already priced out. >> i'm going to be probably in the comfort of my mom's living room. >> reporter: no chance of buying a ticket? >> no. who can afford that? >> reporter: and let's not forget what this means for business in the city especially the hotels. >> it brings out-of-towners in. it brings people from locally in, stockton, san jose, sacramento. >> reporter: does it mean money for you? >> big money. >> reporter: how much do you make on a weekend like this? >> i never count. [ laughter ] >> this town is going to be buzzing. >> reporter: but big games also bring big concerns. and the police chief has already cancelled time off for his cops in order to be ready for the after-game >> you'll see a lot of uniforms and a lot of happy cops. a lot of us grew up in this city. >> reporter: well, as you know, tickets go on sale wednesday. the first crack goes to season ticketholders at 10 a.m. and then at 1:00, everybody else can join in. after that, it's who you know,
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how much money you have and whether or not you can make a connection. but it's definitely something that is catching the town and catching it on fire. as a matter of fact, right behind us, they are already putting up the signs. congratulations, 49ers. and it's one they would like to keep for a couple of weeks. >> it's a bandwagon but it's a good one. huh, phil? >> reporter: there we go. i hear the sound coming right now. back to you. >> coming down the tracks. thank you, phil. and while the bay area is still relishing in saturday's big win, it's back to work for coach harbaugh and the 49ers. dennis o'donnell joins us now with more on what's ahead for the team. dennis. >> reporter: you guys may want to look ahead, but i still refuse. i still have not gotten over this. i think like many fans, i don't want to look ahead. even john madden chimed in that's 49ers' victory over the saints was the best game he had ever seen and the deciding play will go down as one of the greatest in nfl history. >> can't help but to see it
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every two minutes. sitting at home watching tv. >> alex look -- >> it'sgood! touchdown!! touchdown 49ers! wahoo! vernon davis with the play of his life! [ applause and cheers ] >> alex smith with the play of his life! and the 49ers are now -- >> davis is the guy screaming couldn't control himself in the booth, neither could the other 60,000 on hand. jim harbaugh reflected on the unlikely nfc championship matchup. >> :surprised a lot of people that the giants and the 49ers are in the nfc championship game. >> we have a good team here. we can go out and play with the best and beat the begs. going to do it again. >> this is our day off here in the morning guys working out on
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treadmill, squatting heavyweights. now, so we're just so happy to be in the spot and we're looking forward to it. i don't think it's going to be a problem getting up for game at all. >> you got the south carolina primary coming up, right, guys? we have our own primary polls coming in. the super bowl primary now has the new england patriots replacing the green bay packers as the favorite to win the super bowl xliv% favored according to las vegas website 49ers and new york giants are 21% each. the ravens, coach, incidentally by jim harbaugh's brother jack come in at 14%. so get ready for a week of hype as we head into a very unlikely nfc championship. >> let's just jump ahead to the super bowl. >> you have to clear a good hurdle with the giants. they have a guy named eli manning i think his name is. [ laughter ] watch harbaugh's entire press conference and hear why john madden says the 9ers- saints game was the best he's ever watched. log on to not all was good for the
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49ers. a 49er fan is in critical condition tonight after police say that a saints fan shot him outside a restaurant in georgia. officers arrested donald ayro outside of atlanta not long after saturday's game was over. they say he shot two 49ers fans outside an applebee's restaurant. one man was hit in the stomach. he is still in the hospital. a bullet grazed the second victim's head. he was treated and released. that victim says the gunman was upset the 49er fans were cheering during the game. checking other bay area headlines, in richmond a bicyclist says a sniper shot him while he was at a railroad crossing. he told police the shot came from a rooftop and went through both of his legs early this morning. a train operator found that man at a railyard about 3 a.m. police searched the area but didn't find anything that could lead them to a shooter. investigators are searching for the source of a brush fire that burned about 30 acres in contra costa county. it broke out about 11 a.m.
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in the hills between pittsburg and concord. fire crews had it contained by about 1:30. nobody hurt, no homes damaged. a across the country and across the world, people are pausing today to remember the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king, jr. in one bay area city, people say his message is needed now more than ever. christin ayers is in oakland to tell us why. christin. >> reporter: elizabeth, i'm here live at gabrielle martinez's memorial. the 5-year-old was shot and buried 10 days ago. gabriel's death and the death of two other young boys in oakland inspired a martin luther king, jr., day that was both mournful and hopeful. >> i just hope that it doesn't happen to anybody else and i hope that people really do change. >> reporter: for gabby martinez, martin luther king, jr., day was about remembering a little boy she will never see again. her 5-year-old brother gabriel martinez was the last homicide victim of 2011 shot dead when a
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gunman old fire near her parents' taco truck on international boulevard. >> i just want his name to be remembered. >> reporter: gabby helped clean the school, plant garden and create a safe space. ♪ [ music ] >> we must accept disappointment but never lose infinite hope. >> reporter: hope some community leaders admit has flagged on the heels of a bloody year that saw 110 homicides in oakland. >> my christmas was one of tears. >> reporter: this activist lost her own twin sons to gun violence 12 years ago and reached out to the mother of hiram lawrence, jr., an oakland boy shot in november just weeks shy of his second birthday. >> i can't understand how anyone can feel free enough to take another person's life. but when it come to our babies? not fair. >> reporter: gun violence took 3-year-old carlos nava's life last summer before he had even begun to live. for some in this community, dr.
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king's message of peace and hope is all they have. >> we are tired now. >> reporter: students at east oakland life's academy felt they had to do more than just volunteer to get out th message. >> we're willing to sacrifice our bodies. >> reporter: they will take turn fasting for 74 days one at a time knowing they may not stop the violence but can build peace. >> there is saying, faith is everything. all of us have faith and hope. >> reporter: their fast will end or cesar chavez day. mayor quan spent the day in the 100 blocks of 90% of oakland's homicide during the day today. >> thank you. hundreds of bay area residents of all ages honored dr. king today aboard the freedom train. the 85-minute trip from the south bay to san francisco commemorates the march from
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selma, alabama to montgomery in 1965. caltrain's freedom train is the last of its kind in the nation. definitely ecole morning and you think it's cold -- a cold morning. you think it's cold now? most of the bay area will drop below freezing tonight some parts in the low 20s. roberta has the freeze warning for the bay area. roberta? >> from the cbs 5 weather center, we have been comparing the temperatures taking a good look at them from last night. they are going to be very similar if not colder. this is why. the national weather service has issued a freeze warning in effect. it encompasses the entire bay area as the temperatures dip into the low 20s perhaps some neighborhoods even into the teens. just how cold will it? 22 overnight. 30 in san jose, 20 in the tri- valley. rain and wind heading this way which means snow for tahoe. we'll pinpoint the day to expect all that precipitation
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that's coming up next time around. the frustrating roadblock even before firefighters got to a fire. >> they consider him armed and dangerous and he is 14. the extraordinary step by bay area police to catch the boy. a popular online retailer hit by hackers. what the cyberattack means for 24 million customers.
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this morning. ur at a house we're getting an up-close look at a fire that ripped through a bay area home early this morning. it broke out just after 4:00 at a house in pinole. two people made it out safely. this video from a fireman's helmet cam shows how intense those flames were by the time they arrived. the homeowner's son says that took 15 minutes. a battalion chief on scene says crews may have been able to get there sooner had the nearest fire station not shut down in
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july due to budget cuts. >> we have to do the best we can with what we have. and when you don't have any money, you make do with what you have. it's sad. >> no one was hurt but the house could be a total loss. investigators say the fire started on the front porch but they are not sure what sparked it. they are treating it as suspicious. another fire this morning destroyed two homes, damaged two others at a redwood city trailer park. that two-alarm fire broke out just before 11 a.m. at the lamarr trailer park just east of woodside road and highway 101. crews had it out about an hour later. a young girl was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause of the fire still under investigation. in an unusual move, police have released the name of a minor who is the suspect in two sexual assaults in west oakland. the suspect is 14-year-old brionn glasper. both of the victims are adult women and police say glasper
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approached the women on a bicycle robbed them and forced them to a secluded area where he assaulted them. police say because of glasper's age they can't release his picture but have identified him because of the unusual nature of the case. new information about that capsized cruise liner. what makes the disaster worse than thought plus tonight, concerns of a cover-up. a cyberattack leaves 24 million customers at risk. what hackers got access to. and tonight will pan out to be the coldest night so far this year with the freeze warning in effect. and then big changes. we'll pinpoint the day the rain arrives as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ♪
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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says 29 people are missing from the overturned italian cruise ship that ran aground 3 days ago. 6 are dead. rescue the italian coast guard now says 29 people are missing from the italian cruise ship that ran aground three days ago. six are confirmed dead. rescue crews still looking for the missing, including a couple from minnesota. but officials say there is still a glimmer of hope som of the miss having still alive. reporter: rescue crews worked through the night searching for more victims. the workers say they won't give up until they have been through the entire vessel. >> keep on working until we are sure that all the cabins are checked. >> reporter: search teams are still looking for more than two
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dozen people including an american couple from minnesota. divers are entering the sub merge parts of the boat while firefighters go cabin to cabin up top. the costa concordia is resting on its side and continues to shift. the ship started to list friday night when it hit a rock that tore a 160-foot hole in the lull. the cruise lines' ceo says the captain miscalculated. >> we have been it's been human error here. the captain did not follow the authorized route. >> reporter: the captain faces several charges including manslaughter and abandoning ship. monday, prosecutors said they jailed the captain because they were concerned there may be an attempt to tamper with evidence. there are also growing environmental concerns. crews are laying a floating pipeline around the costa concordia in case 500,000 gallons of fuel on board starts
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to leak. and the american embassy in rome is asking for help in the search for that missing american couple. it's asked people to email if they have any information. >> jon huntsman today became the latest dropout in the race for the run presidential nomination. manuel gallegus gallon shows us who he threw his support -- manuel gallegus shows us who he threw his support to. reporter: jon huntsman's bid for the white house is over. >> i offer my heartfelt thanks. today our campaign for the presidency ends, but our campaign to build a better and more trustworthy america continues. >> reporter: huntsman now supports mitt romney calling him the candidate best equipped to beat president obama. that's not what he said last week. >> you have a candidate who talks about enjoyment of firing people, who talks about pink slips, who makes comments that seem to be so detached from the problems that americans are facing today, that makes you pretty much unelectable. >> reporter: now huntsman is
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urging the remaining candidates to stop attack each other in neglect tv ads like this one from newt gingrich targeting romney. >> he'll say anything to win. >> reporter: the candidates and political action committees have spent more than $11 million on tv ads just in south carolina, more than any other gop primary contest. polls show mitt romney far in the lead. his rivals are trying to show voters he is not up front. >> every candidate up there, they should put their taxes out including mitt. >> reporter: and that he is buying votes. >> money doesn't win elections. ideas, character, integrity, vision, that wins elections. >> reporter: ron paul, the candidate who came close toast beating romney in new hampshire, joins -- closest to beating romney in new hampshire, joins the others for did he bat i -- joins the others in debate in south carolina. a data breach of a shoe shopping website is now one of the top five computer hacking incidents. on the consumerwatch julie
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watts explains what 24 million victims need to do to protect their information. >> reporter: that's a lot of people. i just got the email. we're all victim. zappos is just the latest company to fall victim to cyberattack urging customers to reset log-in information not only for its site but for other sites, as well. when users log on today they will find a password reset button at the top of the zappos homepage but it won't keep them from falling victim to other scams. the good news, hackers didn't get full credit card numbers. the bad news, they did access the name, addresses, e-mails and partial credit card numbers of more than 24 million account holders. not only can they use that for phishing e-mails asking you to verify your sensitive information but the more serious risk is to customers who use the same password for different accounts. hackers may be able to access your email, even banking
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accounts with the information they obtained. >> so what -- you got the email. what are you going to do? >> reporter: well, i'm smart. [ laughter ] >> i don't use the same password. i have different passwords for every account. >> most people don't. >> reporter: only because i report on it every day. who does? it's difficult enough to remember the passwords but that's the first thing. you have to change that zappos password and change the password for any other accounts that use the same one immediately. don't click on links or respond to phone calls or e-mails requesting personal information or password information. if you think it's legit, go directly to the website or call the company. if you have a consumer complaint, call us at 1-888-5- helps-u. you know, i'm one of the lucky ones because we report on this all the time i know what to do but folks at home, it's easy to get trapped. >> absolutely. >> rotate the pass. >> absolutely. >> crucial. thank you. there is only an inch of it but snowfall today broke reno's longest recorded winter dry spell. it's been 56 days since the
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area has seen snow. and that has meant slow business for ski lodges and patrol crew so even that light dusting of snow was a welcome sight as businesses try to play catch-up. >> do you think you'll make up for it then? >> oh, yeah. we're going to get hammered. >> this may be bad news for businesses like bike rentals that say they expect a slowdown with the snow. >> they hope they get hammered. right, roberta? >> they will certainly start to see some rain and snow. it's going to start as rain in tahoe on wednesday, then converting to snow as we hit each day into the weekend and yes, they're going to get hammered all the way through the weekend. good evening, everybody. let's take a look outside right now. it's our live cbs 5 weather camera. the birds just flocking by. that's gorgeous. what a chilly day today. highs in the 50s across the board after starting off at 21 degrees at the airport in napa. it was 23 in livermore. now 47 degrees. we will have the coldest night so far this year tonight and that's why just about the
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entire bay area is under a freeze warning as our temperatures dip into the teens in some of our isolated wind- protected sheltered north bay valleys. otherwise, 20 the overnight low in napa, 22 tri-valley, 30 san jose. notice all these temperatures just about below freezing. you have 33 in oakland. otherwise, upper 30s in san francisco and in pacifica. we will have the coldest night tonight followed by increasing clouds during the day tomorrow. it will become partly cloudy and rain is on track to arrive on wednesday beginning in the north bay. the big difference in our weather picture, why we're going to finally get the rain, is this right here. this is the jet stream. remember it was bubbling over this huge ridge of high pressure? that ridge is now eroding allowing a zonal flow from the west to the east guiding the storms in here. here's your futurecast. rain begins wednesday. by wednesday evening in the far reaches of the north bay, then
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slowly slides to the south in san jose during the evening hours. otherwise, tomorrow slightly warmer than today. still unseasonably cool crisp temperatures in the 50s. outside number 56 degrees, that's it. the rain develops on wednesday. we will have periods of heavy rain on thursday and friday. looks like a secondary system moves in here on saturday through sunday morning. then beginning to taper off by sunday late afternoon into the evening hours. but that sunday forecast bears watching because we do have 3:30 kickoff for the 49ers as they play host to the new york giants. so people who are out there trying to sell their tickets, better sell them fast because i don't want it sit out in the rain. >> could be very soggy. >> poncho. >> yeah. >> i hope that poncho comes with that $2,000 ticket, right? >> it ought to. you're paying that for the poncho. the tickets are included. [ laughter ] thanks. you have a craving for thin mints or maybe tagalongs? >> i sure do. how the girl scouts are going high-tech to get you their goods.
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built bookshelves in d-c, on the first family helped fix up a school library today in honor of dr. martin luther king. president obama built book shelves in d.c. on this national day of service. and hundreds of hospital workers ditched their scrubs for shovels and brushes today for their service at a bay area school. >> doctors, nurses, other kaiser permanente staff members volunteered at ocala middle school in san jose today. they painted a mural. the in the school and other areas. >> it's totally redone. now they have nice boxes and mulch out for them. it will be sweet. >> each center organizes teams each year for the mlk day of service. want to find the closest place for girl scout cookies?
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download the locator that features a gps locator showing you the closest cookie sales locations. the app is free. cookies go on sale on friday. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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we're working on for eyewit news at 6. williams-sonoma got sonoma. but now i'm dana king. coming up tonight at 6:00, william sonoma got -- williams- sonoma got its start in sonoma of the now the homecoming is on hold. why it may be banned from moving back in. and why


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