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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  January 28, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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we begin tonight with the standoff between oakland poe . good evening. i'm ann national ranch low. we begin tonight with a standoff between police and occupy demonstrators. it's been going on for hours. within the last hour, protesters marched to a vacant building at telegraph avenue, the same spot they tried to occupy a few months ago. things got pretty heated. officers used tear gas to stop hundreds of protesters. here's a live look now from chopper 5. the protesters are not giving up. they tried to take over a vacant building early wrier today, and 19 people were arrested there. three officers say they were attacked with bottles and improvised explosives. and now looks like they are storming into the ymca at 24th
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and broadway. don knapp is following the story for us. >> reporter: this is round two of this ongoing thing that's been happening since about noon or 1:30 today, when they left the franco go with a plaza, to the convention center, to try to take over the building, but were stopped by police, eventually ending up back at the plaza. at 5:30, while on the air, they formed again and then moved out and went down the street and came here to this park that's in a section of oakland on telegraph and 19th. let's look at that video. what happened here is police came behind them and as they moved down 19th, they got behind them, brought them into the center of the park. as you said, they knocked the fences down. well, it happened once again. take a look at this video. [ no audio ] >> reporter: --
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there have been arrests. police have been injured. nobody serious so far, and no serious property damage, but looks like they are not ready to stop. they are continuing this action, and i guess they are going to take over another building. we have just heard at 24th and broadway, there is a ymca building. they have tried to enter that building and may have entered that building. [ no audio ] >> what was for be a peaceful march ended up not being so peaceful. metal objects, bottles thrown at officers. couple officers have been injured, minor injuries right now. right now, we're trying to make sure everybody's all right and keep this march through the city without disrupting traffic. >> that was don knapp reporting in oakland. clearly having trouble with his signal from his live truck. but he is down in oakland and
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will keep us abreast of the situation as things develop. again, it's a little tense there. it's been tense in downtown oakland for much of the afternoon. don knapp will keep us updated throughout the evening. again, live pictures from chopper 5. we understand the protesters who had promised to take over the vacant now kaiser convention center, they were not able to get in there and said they would try to take over another building. in fact, protesters promise that there would be a weekend of action early this week in a letter to the mayor, threatening to take over the vacant buildings and occupiers threatened that if evicted again, they will block the oakland airport, occupy city hall and shut down the port. well, san leandro police are asking for your help in finding the man they say stabbed and killed a teenage girl. it happened last night on pacific avenue near castro street in san leandro. police say the victim died at the scene and she was 15 years old. she and the 19-year-old suspect
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have a child together. the suspect is identified as henry leon from oakland. he drives a dark blue cadillac escalade with black rims. anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call police. the bodies of a husband and wife were found in the couple's car outside their home. they were discovered last night in the lake merit area. police had been to the home earlier in the day after a call from a coworker. at that time, oakland police officers say nothing appeared out of the ordinary. police went back after a second call and found the couple. investigators are treating the deaths as homicides. officers are talking to a person of interest in the case. a rookie 49er has been arrested for driving under the influence. linebacker aldon smith was arrested in miami last night. he's supposed to appear in court tomorrow. in a statement, the 49ers say, quote, we take these issues very seriously, but will reserve further comment at this time as this is an ongoing legal matter.
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more than 6000 in the bay area have been deported. anne makovec shows us the catholic church is taking a stance against the feds. >> a climate of fear has developed among the immigrant community. [ applause ] >> reporter: but today, at st. mary's cathedral, they stood up against the federal immigration crackdown that has led to tens of thousands of deportations. >> people are afraid to go out. they think they will go out of their home, or their husband is not going to come back. >> justice for all our people. >> reporter: scom requires local law enforcement to share information on people arrested with the federal government. the goal is to deport criminals here illegally. >> looks like the latino population particularly has been unfairly targeted here in california. >> reporter: this assemblyman was pushing a state bill that
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would allow governments to opt out, something both santa clara and san francisco counties have been trying to do. >> we need transparency on this and we need oversight, and above all, we have to treat people living here with dignity. >> reporter: these people are hoping his plan gets a push from a higher power. >> in our faith, we are part of the body of christ. all human beings have a right to that dignity. >> reporter: but there is some skepticism. the federation for american immigration reform said today when the catholic church loses sight of is you can't be charitable with other people's resources. the groups even question the church's motive, saying the majority of people who are here illegally are from latin america and primarily catholic. this is a way for the church to replenish the flock. >> we don't have a campaign in latin america to get as many catholics over the border. people are here. they profess our faith. we need to care for them. >> reporter: the bill called the trust act was put on hold last year after passing through the senate. he's hoping gatherings like this will help push it through all the way to the governor's desk.
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in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. well, a close race with all eyes on florida. republicans pull out all the stops in the sunshine state. their last-minute push and how voters are responding. san jose leaders are washing their hands. why the city will stop regulating medical marijuana dispensaries. balmy temperatures outside right now, as a spring weather pattern settles in around the bay. we'll continue clear and mild through the evening. high and dry through the week. details, coming up in just a few minutes.
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were killed in a crash invog an s-u-v and . new video tonight from sacramento. three people were killed in a crash involving an suv and a light rail train. at least a dozen other people are hurt. so far, we don't know the cause of the incident. we will bring you updates as they come in. the final weekend of campaigning is under way in florida. the state's winner-take-all primary is tuesday. and the stakes are high. 50 delegates are up for grabs.
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danielle nottingham on how the candidates are courting voters. >> reporter: big crowds cheered on mitt romney in pensacola, florida and followed the former massachusetts governor as he rolled into panama city. romney is crisscrossing the state, as he surges in the polls. the latest survey shows him with a 9-point lead over newt gingrich. romney's attacking the former speaker of the house over his past leadership. >> he was fined for ethics violations. he ultimately had to resign in disgrace. he can't re-write history. >> reporter: but gingrich says he's the only one who can beat president obama in november. >> we nominate a moderate, we are in real trouble. it's that simple. >> reporter: gingrich vows a loss here won't mark the end of his campaign. >> i will go all the way to convention. i expect to win the nomination. >> reporter: newt gingrich is courting hispanic voters to help regain some momentum before tuesday's primary. but for republicans like edwin
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martinez, it's not an easy choice. he's stuck between gingrich and rick santorum and says it may come down to the former speaker's position on immigration. >> i know that he has a plan in place or some ideas in place to kind of help people become the legal residents and/or citizens, and that is important. >> reporter: more than a billion latino voters in florida could have a major impact on who wins the state's 50 delegates. danielle nottingham, cbs news, orlando, florida. and the associated press is reporting tonight that former republican candidate herman cain will throw his support behind newt gingrich. one south bay city is retreating in its fight to regulate medical marijuana. san jose passed ordinance last fall that could have closed 90% of the city's clubs. the measure required clubs to grow all marijuana on site, but san jose's mayor says the law is too unclear. the city will now only target clubs that are causing trouble.
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a fire battalion chief's suv crashed into a taxi while responding to an emergency call in san francisco. this happened at gary and laguna in japantown this morning. the cab driver and the passenger were hurt and were taken to the hospital. investigators are trying to figure out what happened and who is at fault. honoring a famous musician, and remembering an officer killed in the line of duty. we'll show you the tributes. and a live look outside. such a gorgeous day we've had. jim's got our forecast, coming up. . and a live look at downtown oakland. this is in front of the ymca where occupy oakland protesters are staging protests. 19 people have been arrested today, three officers injured. we're following it for you.
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christina aguilera paying n]♪ christina aguilera, paying tribute to etta james. hundreds gathered today for the r & b great's memorial service in southern california. james died last week of complications from leukemia. she was 73. and hundreds came out in vallejo today to honor the life of a fallen officer. people hit the road for a
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29-mile trek from vallejo to vacaville in memory of officer jim capoux, who was shot and killed while chasing a bank robbery suspect in november. the walk was followed by dinner at mission church in vacaville. all money raised will go to the family. meteorologist jim bernard joining us now. last weekend we had rain, this weekend it's spring. >> winter to spring, definitely it as we see once again high pressure setting up around the bay, keeping temperatures very balmy here. upper 60s to low 70s for a high. warm across the bay. slight offshore breeze continues to keep us clear and dry, and it will cool us off into the morning hours. we'll see no fog forming as a result of the dry conditions out there. increasing clouds gradually through the day tomorrow, but the cooling trend into the beginning of the week, we continue dry and mild from the looks of things into and through
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next weekend. right now, we're looking at temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s throughout the bay. nice and balmy out there this evening. we will cool off dramatically here by first thing in the morning, with once again patchy frost in the north and east bay. near the freezing mark around the bay, upper 30s to low 40s. again, clear and dry into the morning hours. daytime highs tomorrow, cooling also. just a few degrees. nothing dramatic. we'll see this weak disturbance to our north begin to cross up around california-oregon border tomorrow and that will switch the wind flow from the offshore breeze that we currently enjoy to more of an onshore component, bringing in clouds and cool temperatures down a few degrees. i don't think the rain will make it here, but we will see slightly cooler temperatures. slight chance of showers to the north, up around santa rosa. but even that is pretty slim at this point, as we see things staying dry through tuesday and beyond. looks like we'll continue this
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pattern into next weekend. we'll see daytime highs falling a bit tomorrow. again, upper 60s for warmer locations, but a few 70s, and that trend will continue through the week. slight chance of showers to the north into monday. wednesday evening, could see a weak disturbance cross through the north bay, but as you can see, more clouds than rain. temperatures fluctuate. again, a lovely pattern to take us right through next weekend, and that's the forecast from here. right now, let's check in on sports with kim. >> thanks, jim. cal women, and will tiger woods start his year with a win? the latest from abu dhabi, next in sports.
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the folks in abu dhabi are e getting their money's worthn that one point five million dollar appearance fee they i . the folks in abu dhabi are getting their money's worth on that $1.5 million appearance fee they paid tiger woods. fans going to new heights to get a glimpse of tiger, who for the second time in three days, played a bogey-free round. the new swing is looking good. his key shot on the par 3-7 lands just a few feet from the hole, setting up an easy birdie. much better with the putter the last few days. he sinks the birdie on 14. tiger shoots a 66, tied for the
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lead with robert rock at 11 under. pga tour, kyle stanley has made playing torrey pines like a day at the beach. at 18 under, he ties tiger for the course record through 54 holes. stanley, who has never won a pga event will take a 5-stroke lead into the final round. women's hoops, stanford beat cal 74-71 in overtime for their 66th straight pac-12 win. the bears forced overtime. career day with 27 points for chane. maria sharapova and victoria azarenka were playing for a grand slam champion. azarenka doing her version of the carlton after the match. n]♪ >> sharapova in search of her fourth grand slam, but azarenka outplayed her and may have even
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outgrunted her. >> azarenka took the first set 6-3 and made quick work of sharapova in the second set, winning it 6-0. the match lasted just over an hour, as the 22-year-old azarenka wins her first career grand slam, and she had plenty of people to thank. >> of course all the volunteers, all the drivers. i hope you guys enjoyed my doughnuts i've been sending you forever these two weeks. i know you gained weight, but i know it makes you smile every time. kevin durant and the thunder have the best record in the nba, at 16-3. last night, oklahoma city beat the warriors 121-109. durant had 37 and 14. according to mark jackson it, all comes down to one word. >> they have a different motor.
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their big guys played with a different motor. i'm going to find guys that's going to play with a motor. that team from top to bottom had a different motor. i see a team with a motor on the other side. and if you don't match it, you're in for a long night. >> chad ocho cinco's biggest contribution on the year may have come today. he bought each of his teammates beats by dre headphones, valued at $400 a pair. as for tom brady, he threw for over 5000 yards in the regular season, so the giants now getting pressure on brady is the key to slowing down the explosive new england offense. >> only way to kill a snake is to take off his head. only way to kill offense is an important element, making sure you take care of brady. >> if that's the analogy they are taking, then that's what it s i think our job is to go out
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and protect that guy, protect the snake, make sure he doesn't get his head cut off. if the patriots beat the giants next sunday, it would be brady's fourth super bowl, tying with joe montana and terry bradshaw for most all time as a quarterback. mike shanahan coaching in mobile today. wilson rolls out and hits marvin jones for the touchdown. it was the only catch of the game for the cal wide receiver, who reportedly had a very impressive week of practice. the north beat the south 23-13. and finally, winter x games, snowboard big air mark mcmorris completes what's called a backside triple cork. he's the first to ever land it successfully at the x games. the 18-year-old mcmorris also takes home the gold medal. >> stunning. kim, thank you much. well, now to the developing story we've been following this evening. occupy protesters, back at it again. dozens have already been
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arrested and within this hour, protesters stormed the ymca building on 24th and broadway. officers are following their ever move and agressively keeping them out of buildings. earlier today, protesters threw bottles and improvised explosives at officers as they tried to take over a vacant building. three officers were also injured there. don knapp is following the march for us. he'll have more tonight at 10:00 on the cw and at 11:00, right here on cbs 5. that's going to do it for this edition of eyewitness news. see you again at 11:00. until then, have a good night.
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