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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  February 7, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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from the very start, they have said this case will go all the way to the supreme court. legs beans and gays are -- lesbians and gays are celebrating at city hall. >> on days like this it reminds me how wonderful it is to live in san francisco. i love san francisco. it's a great city. [ applause ] >> reporter: eight years ago, then mayor gavin newsom opened city hall to gay marriage. opponents responded with proposition 8 and voters approved it in 2008. lieutenant governor newsom says today's decision is about more than lesbians and gays. >> it's about human dignity and human rights, it's about civil rights. it's about the full promise of the constitution. >> about time that we have a sober discussion of the arguments and rights of voters of california that protects the only institution that keeps parents with children. >> reporter: there two constitutional issues at stake. >> is there a fundamental right to marry? and the other is even if there isn't, is there a rational
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basis for denying equality to gay people with regard to marriage? >> reporter: the law professor says prop 8 proponents have had a hard time. >> optimal parenting or stable family relationships or education of children. and the difficulty here in california for that argument is gay couples can do all of that without regard to being married. >> reporter: an attorney who represents same-sex couples says he will call on the courts to lift the stay that prevents same-sex marriage while it plays out in the courts. san francisco residents are backing the court's decision by 2:1. our poll found 61% agree with the ruling, 29% disagree with it. and 60% say the supreme court
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should allow the decision to stand if the case makes it that far. and a majority of states have constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriage. six states allow it. massachusetts, connecticut, iowa, vermont, new hampshire and new york. same-sex marriage is also permitted in washington, d.c. new at 5:00 a rare look inside a burning building near san leandro. firefighters work to rescue three children. the alameda county's fire department's new helmet mounted cameras captured the scene. don ford reports. reporter: just after 7 a.m. alameda county fire station 24 responded to an apartment fire. trapped by flames, the mother living upstairs lowered one of her children into the arms of firefighter anthony mcadams. >> she didn't know what to do, so she, you know, basically handed her child down to me.
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>> reporter: all of these scenes captured with a new helmet cam worn by captain tom pappas. hearing there were more children still side, the captain and team dashed inside to find the children still inside. >> going to search this apartment. >> reporter: the smoke was so thick, he had to use a special infrared camera, but it was the children's screams that led him to their hiding place. [ screaming ] >> fire department! >> he was crying. they were in the back bedroom tucked in the closet underneath a blanket scared for their lives. >> reporter: in total darkness, captain pappas grabbed the child and pulled him to safety. >> to pull him out of that type of environment was absolutely incredible. >> reporter: moments later, firefighter anthony mcadams found another child a small girl, his second life-saving rescue in that burning apartment. >> picked her up and realized that she was kind of talking but she was frightened, had her hands over her face, she was
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crying and i just grabbed her and just beelined right out of the front door. >> reporter: the apartment fire was contained in less than 15 minutes. 15 minutes that both firefighters and the children they saved will never forget. in all, four people were transported by ambulance to the hospital and all of them are expected to fully recover. in san leandro, don ford, cbs 5. developing news at this hour. less than 30 minutes ago we learned police arrested a man suspected of shooting a federal officer right outside his home in newark. the officer is at a bay area trauma center tonight. len ramirez has the very latest. len. reporter: well, that suspect has been identified as 61-year-old dennis el bagwell of piedmont. arrested during a traffic stop in union city this afternoon by the police department. he will be charged with attempted murder of a federal officer in front of the officer's home early this morning. reporter: neighbors along
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mayhews landing near bettencourt reported hearing the sound of five gunshots just before 6 a.m. >> upon officers' arrival, they found an off-duty federal agent suffering from at least one gunshot wound. >> reporter: it was a customs and border protection officer who is stationed at san francisco international airport. the five-year veteran was takened n hospital's trauma center in critical condition at eden hospital's trauma center. police say he was ambushed at his home as he left for work. >> it's unknown if the agent discharged a weapon. this was an off-duty incident not in his working capacity. >> reporter: police are not discussing a motive. neighbors said they saw a man possibly walking with a limp leaving the scene after the shooting and driving away in a white compact car. >> i heard three gunshots. i mean, i knew they were gunshots. boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: neighbors were shaken by the shooting but none more so than the officer's next- door neighbors. their suv was shot through and through the passenger side door by and obviously large caliber
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weapon. armando gonzalez said the officer had lived in the home for two years with his wife. he was friendly but mostly kept to himself. >> didn't seem like a person that would bug somebody. other than that i mean, really, i wouldn't know why someone would want to target him or if that's what it was. >> reporter: the officer who was also 61 years old is still in the hospital. but at the qualify his family, no information about his current condition is being released. reporting live in newark, len ramirez, cbs 5. a pair of attacks happened just minutes apart on the campus of stanford university. tonight, police are looking into whether the same person is responsible. the first woman was tackled while walking on campus early sunday. then 15 minutes later, a second female student awoke to a man crawling into her dorm room bed. both women escaped unhurt. a spike in home burglaries has police in petaluma warning neighbors, keep your doors and windows locked. in the past two months, there have been nearly 20 break-ins
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on the city's west side. they have mostly happened in the afternoons. in three cases, burglars got in through a doggie door. the police plan to step up patrols in the area. new year same struggle with violence for the city of oakland. 20 shootings and 5 homicides reported in just the last week. today the city's new police chief revealed his frustration and the possible gang connection to the violence. >> quite simply that is unacceptable. we know that there's a feud linked to two rival groups in oakland. we need the community to step forward with information on these acts of violence. >> 14 homicides have been recorded so far in 2012. that's two more than this time last year. the hacker group "anonymous" is at it again, this time going after oakland police and revealing the personal information of high- ranking city leaders. christin ayers is live with all
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the details and the one person who was spared from exposure. christin. reporter: oakland police say there is an investigation under way that volunteers are coming forward hoping to track down whoever posted the personal information of some of oakland's mow high-profile public officials. it is concerning to have your home address out there, you know, you want your family to be safe. >> reporter: city officials spooked by an internet leak that published their private information. the video went online tuesday morning. >> citizens of oakland, "anonymous" has been watching. >> reporter: a work of the stealth "hacktivist" collective "anonymous" admonishing oakland police over these violent confrontations with "occupy oakland." >> you tear gassed us. you shot us with your weapons. you arrested us. you beat us. >> reporter: in retaliation, "anonymous" posted this, a document exposing addresses and phone numbers for mayor jean quan, chief howard jordan and all but one of oakland's city
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council members. in place of rebecca kaplan's information, thank you for your support. for others the harassment has already begun. >> i got a weird phone call was night at 4 a.m. and then another person called me today around 7:00. >> this is a common tactic that's used by "anonymous." i call it cyber terrorism. >> reporter: it's the latest coup for a shadowy cybergroup that managed to intercept a classified fbi call last week and most recently defaced the boston police department's website over its treatment of "occupy wall street." >> this particular "occupy" movement has become more combative. >> reporter: now "anonymous" is aligning itself with "occupy oakland" at a time when clashes between police and protestors seem to only be intensifying. now, so far the only harassment that has been reported has been prank phone calls to a couple of city council members. still, chief jordan says he is taking stepsprotect himself and his family a-- steps to protect himself and his family at home. christin ayers, cbs 5.
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from the cbs 5 weather center, a few lingering showers, and now the next storm and the day to expect it with the pinpoint forecast. he thought thinks life was over. the motorcycle stunt that nearly killed a daredevil. and it's a parent's dream. no more sleepless nights. the professional dream team shares their secret to those elusive good nights.
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aw lts from the caucuses in colorado and minnesota. voters also cast ballots in missouri today campaign 2012. tonight, we await results from the caucuses in colorado and minnesota. voters also cast ballots in missouri today but that's a nonbinding primary meaning the winner of that race won't pick up any delegates. today mitt romney greeted a big crowd in colorado. the former massachusetts governor is leading in the presidential polls there. but rick santorum is gaining traction with his conservative message. today, each candidate flashed his right wing credentials. >> there is no more important freedom in this country than
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the freedom of religion, the freedom of conscience. every other freedom grows from that trunk. >> under this president's administration there is an assault on religion. >> governor romney insisted catholic hospitals give out abortion pills against their religious belief when he was governor. romney and rick santorum are expected to do well. gingrich and ron paul are long shots. a stunt driver seriously hurt during a circus performance says he thought his life was over. take a look at the video. the motorcyclist went airborne off a ramp, hit a guy wire and fell at least 25 feet in michigan over the weekend. josh headford broke several bones but is expected to fully recover. >> i really thought i was going to die at that point. i was flying through the air and i just kind of closed my eyes and said, okay. and then i hit the ground and i
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was still breathing. >> a circus director says the wire was clearly not supposed to be there and someone probably lowered or moved it. an investigation is under way. a stroller with a baby inside rolls off a train platform and on the tracks below. the frantic rescue as the mother tries to save her child. not your average science fair. the bay area teenager who made it to the president's science fair at the white house.
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a stroller with a child in it, rolls onto train tracks... and a some shocking video out of australia. a stroller with the child in it rolls on to the train tracks there. a man who appears to be making a call on his mobile phone doesn't try to stop it. in fact, he walks aroun it as the stroller goes off the edge. a frantic move dice on the tracks and pulls the baby out of the way before the train arrives. >> a cupertino teenager who may have come up with a cure for cancer spent the day in some good company which included the president. 17-year-old angela shang was among dozens of students invited to washington today for the second white house science
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forward. the event celebrates winners from science, technology and engineering. the facebook initial public offering will make mark zuckerberg a billionaire but will come with a $2 billion tax bill. that's because zuckerberg wants to buy 120 million shares of the company at only 6 cents per share. so he will have to pay the difference between that price and what the stock is actually worth. and buying a big appliance often involves delivery and installation something that consumers pay extra for. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains how one customer got a lot more than he bargained for. >> reporter: when shawn brought a new microwave at home depot he figured why not pay an extra $100 for delivery and installation? >> i'm a cook not a handyman. i'm going to go ahead and let them do it. >> reporter: when the technicians arrived with his microwave he almost immediately began to regret that decision.
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>> when they unbolted the old oven it dropped on the range. >> reporter: he says that damaged his stove, dented his refrigerator and he says the destruction didn't stop there. >> as they were take the old oven out, they accidentally dropped it on the laminate floor and dented it. >> reporter: the cabinet was partially ripped from the wall when a technician used it to pull himself you have. >> one of the risk of big box retailers is contractors aren't necessarily their employees. >> reporter: the consumer advocate says something shawn learned too late, those big box retailers often hire out third party installers who may or may not live up to your expectations. >> you in effect give up your right to choose your own contractor. >> reporter: for shawn, home depot was a name he could trust. the third party not so much. >> my understanding was that home depot was coming to do the installation. >> reporter: instead, he said, he was left with thousands of dollars in damages and wishing he would have hired his own
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contractor. >> i'm at the point now where it almost pains me to cook. >> reporter: now, home depot says it thoroughly checks the licensing and insurance of all of its third party installers. the installer in this case is denying shawn's claim but home depot is working to resolve the claim and for the full statement, head to if you have a consumer complaint, call 1-888-5-helps- u. let's go to roberta. we're out of woods as far as the rain goes for a while, huh? >> we still are seeing a little lingering activity around the bay area and in fact what i'm doing right now is firing up our live high-def doppler radar so we can take a look at it together and you can see where we have some of the activity now during the morning commute. this after already over an inch of rain did fall in some of the wettest locations across the bay area. we see easily that we have some light rain in and around the
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santa rosa area. also, it appears as if the most organized blob of rain happens to be from santa cruz mountains in throughout the peninsula just took a look at the airport situation we still have some delays at sfo, san jose, you're now clearing out but check out what's going on in san francisco. some haze and some light fog developing temperature-wise in the 50s to 60 degrees currently. dropping down overnight into the 40s relatively mild night. we will experience a few upper 30s. that's a dramatic scene as we take a look out towards mount diablo. take a look at the low clouds and fog developing. the showers ending, fog developing. sunny and warmer tomorrow. next chance of rain on sunday. beautiful system now providing light snow in the high sierra. this is a long gated area of low pressure. look how much territory it
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takes up. anywhere from the canadian washington border all the way to san diego. that's a long system that actually split in two taking the precipitation to the south and to the north. tomorrow we'll pan out to be sunny and a seasonal day much warmer than what we experience today. high surf advisory in place because of a system way out over the pacific ocean. generating swells to 126 feet. that high surf advisory goes into effect tomorrow morning at 4 a.m. until 3 p.m. take a good look at the temperatures going up into the low and mid-60s east of the bay up to 67 degrees. winds will be out of the northeast five to 15 miles an hour. north bay numbers span from 60 to roughly about 66 degrees. the extended forecast, warmest day of the workweek will be on thursday. 64 to 72 degrees. and then again we cloud back up by sunday leading to the slight chance of rain showers sunday through tuesday. >> thank you. hundreds of thousands of cheering fans lined up along
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broadway to see their super bowl champs for the new york giants following the ticker tape parade. eli manning was given the case to new york city, new york city's sanitation commissioner saying he expected to see about 40 tons of paper shower down during the parade. getting a baby or toddler to sleep through the night might require a professional. how a new dream team is helping not only children but the parents get some zzzs. >> and the steps walmart is taking to make choosing healthier foods easier. next.
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one source of sodium in your diet? think again. a report released today by t c-d-c sa think potato chips are the number one source of sodium in your diet? think again. a report released today by the cdc says bread and rolls are the number one source of salt in the american diet. while bread isn't saltier than most snacks, people eat more. cold cuts are second, pizza third. i'm getting hungry. a surprising tenth place finish, chips and pretzels.
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and walmart says it plans tore stamping some of its food with a great for you label. it claims the label will be on any food that meets the company's standards of nutrition. so far, eggs, skim milk and brown rice have made the cut. consumer groups say the label is misleading because some items on the list contain high sugar and sodium. sleepless nights aren't new for parents of toddlers but randall pinkston shows us sleep pros could make that a thing of the past. >> reporter: for the first time, 4-month-old wes is going to sleep without his parents rocking or swaddling him. >> this is definitely the most crying we have seen in a long time. >> reporter: these new parents want him on a sleep schedule because kristin is heading back to work. >> the getting up in the middle of the night is really, really what gets to me. >> reporter: so they hired a group of sleep professionals. >> you're going to come over to the crib... >> reporter: dream team baby comes into the home and helps
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infants and toddlers learn to fall asleep on their own and soothe themselves back to sleep during the night. consultants organize a daytime napping and feeding schedule so a child will be sleepy at bedtime and not hungry during the night. they also create the right sleep environment. >> what we want to do is have him bond with one favorite sleep toy. we always have a white noise machine in the room. temperature is between 68 and 72 degrees. >> reporter: there's lots of crying but wes is asleep within 12 minutes. >> cry it out is a method parents use that assumes tears are going to teach your baby. that's not what we're doing here. we're going to teach the parents how to interact with him, how to know if something is wrong. so they can go in. >> reporter: wes gets up a few more times but gets himself to sleep again. >> we just tried not cry and let him kind of work it out and
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he fell back to sleep. >> reporter: and one week later everyone is sleeping through the night. randall pinkston, cbs news, new york. syria bans independent reporting but our clarissa ward got into the country and gives us a rare look at how the rebel army is battling to top assad. tonight on the cbs evening news. use generic cbs fill
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strange thing i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. a slick new crime. the strange thing thieves are stealing from bay area restaurants that's worth its weight in gold. >> i'm mike sugerman. hating life riding a bike up a hill... can't wait for the electric bikes to come to san francisco. that's coming up. >> in a tie no less. we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> yeah. take a number, get in line, mike! [ laughter ] >> thanks. see you in 30 minutes, dana. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on >> caption colorado, llc


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