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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  February 24, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: do you know that guy, jon ronson. did you think he was hot? geoff: oh, yeah. craig: he is married to elaine patter soren. geoff: i know. i know. craig: have you ever met elaine paterson? geoff: oh, yeah. craig: good night, everybody. ,,,,,,,, ,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. another big sign the bay area economy is on the rebound. wait until you see the kind of apartments people are clambering to rent. >> flat screen tv's shutting down without warning. want to, what the manufacture is doing to fix it. >> bay area professionals layed off and looking for a job. i'll take you behind the wheel. see how they shifted from white collar to blue while still making good money. >> good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm dana king. they can't build the apartments fast enough. >> an upscale development is
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going more upscale. kit, who is moving into these places? >> obviously, people who are doing really well for themselves and a lot of them happen to work in high-tech. to be fair, that $6,000ish monthly rent applies to the luxury unit. there is a belief here that success in silicon valley trickles right on down to santana row. here at santana row, recession, what recession? >> we are seeing more confidence and spending. it feels good. >> in one of the most visible signs the economy is improving, another 212 residential units. >> is this a typical layout. >> it will be comparable to what you see here. 9-foot ceilings and hardwood floors. movantly rent will range from under $2,000 to upwards to triple that amount. demand is coming from the 26,000 high-tech jobs created in the south bay last year. >> that's one of the reasons why we are so confident we are
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building another 212 units next door. silicon valley allows us to do this. >> on the main drag, it looks as if the downturn never hits. h and m tripled its square footage. the tequila bar and restaurant did okay and more residents will mean more regular customers. >> whether it's good times or bad time, people want to get out. >> molly has lived here for two years. all you party people be careful what you wish for. >> good news is, you can drink and not have to drive. the bad news is, you can drink and not have to drive. >> and so they had to tear up one of the parking lots to make way for the construction which caused a will the of grumbling. management says there will be more parking spaces coming soon. and that new construction should be done by the he second half of 2013. just 80 miles from san tan
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in row, quite the different story. stockton, the city known as mudville is sinking fast into financial ruin. stockton is considering filing for bankruptcy. if it does, it would be the largest city in the country to go under. the city has already made deep cuts to its police and fire fighting, but it is still facing a $35 million deficit. stockton was hard hit by the housing crisis, as you know. next week, the city council will vote on whether to default on some of its bond obligations. >> fire crews are on the scene in napa county, knocking down the last of an unusual february wild fire. 40-acres have burned since the fire started this afternoon near the silver ado trail. firefighters have it 50% contained. winds are strong, too strong for chopper 5 to fly. this all started as a controlled burn at a vineyard.
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>> firefighters say winds were clocked as high as 20 miles per hour, sending flames towards three homes. those homes were threatened all afternoon and forced firefighters to take a defensive stand to protect those plots. they are hoping by night fall, the winds will calm down and they can contain the fire. in napa, cbs 5. >> a number of animal rescue groups stepped in to save thousands of chickens. the owner of a poultry farm abandoned them, leaving them sick and starving. juliette goodrich wept out there to ask why. >> when stanslaus county was called because of a foul smell. they discovered 50,000 chickens starving to death. a third of the birds were already dead.
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>> our first focus was to clean up. >> it was feared the chickens would have to be euthanized. >> it's heart wrenching for everybody. >> late today, two animal rescue agencies were allowed to step in which the owner of the chicken farm signed over complete ownership to the county. >> we are thrilled to know they will let us in and take out several thousand birds. >> they were loaded into trucks. many in route to a shelter. another chance at life. so why did things get so bad? animal services says the owner of the farm ran out of money to feed his which i thinks and while he signed over complete owner shop of his farm to the county, he's not cleared yet. he could face animal cruelty charges. juliette goodrich, cbs 5. oakland police are busy. four shootings in 12 hours. three people hit and no one in custody. two shootings in east oakland
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and one in the east part of the city. in one of the shootings,s the victim and suspect were both on bicycle. >> the shooting occurred about 8:15 this morning on market street near 63rd on the oakland berkeley border. oakland police say the teen was riding his bike to school as he was identified. the victim was on his way to berkeley high school where he is a senior. some students were told about the shoolgt ning in their classes. >> we were all very surprised. i remember somebody left the room because she started to dry. vie felt very bad. >> the principal sent out a group of e-mails to keep them informed and also to prevent a potential rumor mill of fear and misinformation. >> i think any time you hear guns shooting, student together, that takes parents to their worst fears. >> the principal says berkeley
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police provided extra patrols when a clayses led out for the day and counselors were available. >> it has a huge impocket on kids. now the age of social media, things move fast. it's unsettling for our kids. >> students were rereefed the violence would some still fear for their safety. >> it's frightening. >> in berkeley, cbs 5. >> human history has given us a long list of cities where regular people, civilians, have paid a terrible price for war. tonight, a new addition to that list, the city of ham in syria. it's a stronghold of the syrian opposition. the syrian military is attacking it relentlessly. by most accounts, the 1.5 million people there are in
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dire strengths. electricity and water are hard to come by. and doctors are stitching wounds with thread used for clothing. clarissa tells us, the people are asking why isn't anyone helping them? for the past 19 days, there has been no let up. innocent civilians, men, women, and children are caught in the fighting. the wounded are taken to makeshift hospitals, under equipped to deal with the endless flow of patients and constant shelling. among the skers of injured are three western journalists. today they are issued a plea to the world to help them get out safely. >> syrian forces are not allowing ambulances in or out of the city. only way to evacuate those in need of medical care is to smuggle them out. on motorcycles, on donkeys, or
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on the back of volunteers who risk their lives to bury them across the border. spent three months carrying the wounded out of syria. >> he was going back and forth every single day to lebanon with some of the worst injured. >> 12 days ago, he was carrying a wounded man on his back when he stepped on a land mine. he lost his leg. before i was helping the injured, now i'm one of them. a 22-year-old economic student. he came to lebanon three months ago to help save as many lyes as he could. he feels pee trayed by the international community. its health does not come from outside and he will go back himself. >> what can we do? we will not leave our people in
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harm. we will not let them -- we will go there and die there. >> that young man also told us that he does not believe that people who are stranded in areas can sur viewf for much longer. there are serious shortages of food and drinking water. there's no electricity and he looks me in the eye and he asks me, what are you waiting for? cbs news. >> tonlet, the u.s. mill tear is trying to figure out what led to one of the deadliest aviation training incidents in years. seven marines killed. it happened after remote mountain tear rain. there were no survivors. all seven marines were scheduled to be deployed to afghanistan. >> veterans received one of this nation's highest honors. enemies of state, they still
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fought for the u.s. during world war ii. they volunteered after their families hauled things away. >> here we are, we are in the concentration camp and the fellows are volunteering. they said you guys are crazy. >> well now, almost seven years later, the u.s. government has awarded 146 congressional gold medals to those vets or their widows in san jose. televisions that shut off without warning, a glitch that affects millions of froot screens. tonight, what the manufacture is doing to fix it. >> a new tool to keep your personal information private. how you'll be able to believe protect your privacy with a single button. >> traded in his lap with a big rig. >> choogz the open road. >> choogz the open road. coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, how did we do it last time?
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it's a new day for lawn care, feedings never been so easy. to see a demo of the snap spreader, go to feed your lawn. feed it! a major electronics manufacture is agreeing to settle complaints about a defense in millions of its flat screen tv's. julie watts tells us owners have complained about this for years about their tv's suddenly shutting off. >> one day it just wouldn't turn on anymore. >> two years ago, brian paid $1500 for a new samsung lcd tv.
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then it died. the same problem shown in this youtube video. >> i had an idea of what the problem was, but i knew i had a serious problem. >> and brian found thousands of people online with the exact same problem. turns out repair shops are familiar with that problem as well. >> you can identify -- >> the problem is a bad cay pas tear that can over heat. the good news, they only cost $5. there's no need to throw out that flat screen. >> it's less expensive to repair. >> class action lawsuits filed in three states charge that samsung has known for years about the material's defect and fail to notify its customers or issue a recall. a common reaction according to corporate strategy experts. >> i think companies are doing the cold hard math of what an actual recall is going to cost
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them. even if it's a relatively inexpensive part, it's quite significant expense, or it can be. >> an expense that samsung passed on, siting his extended warranty, he had to pay to get his car fixed. >> should have been taken care of by samsung. >> now it looks like samsung may be forced to reimburse him. we have also learned a samsung attorney admitted in court as many as 7.5 million tv's manufactured between december of 2008 could have problems. to find out if you qualify for a repair or reimbursable, head to consumer watch. you'll soon have a new tool to keep your personal information private. today the white house announced a coalition of internet giants agreed to add a do not track to their web button. if you click it, your browsing
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won't have customized ads. >> make it really mariningful by making it mean you won't be trapped 6789. >> providers will still collect information about your internet habits and use it for market research and product development. internet companies have nine months to build, do not tram buttons into their bruisers. >> we have all heard the story. paid layed off, unable to find a new job. professionals are learning there are well paying jobs out there. they just have to learn how to shift some gears. >> i have my two kids. i have to get a job. i have to retrain myself. >> lights out. >> he spent years working as an engineer in silicon valley. today, he is showing me the ropes at his new job.
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now raleigh is going to be a truck driver. that's cool. >> i cannot sit around at home without a job. >> he's not alone. all across the bay area, truck driving schools are enjoying a traffic jam with classings troubling in size. >> i had to waive all sorts of stuff. >> can't find work? >> exactly. for the last 30 years, went through all of that, wearing a tie most of the time. and just decided to do a career change. >> reality, you're a sales geek, right? >> yes, sir. >> job at the wheel delivers plenty of upsides. one, you get trained fast. four weeks and i could be out on the road? >> yes. >> legally? >> yes. >> two, it's relatively cheap. >> instead of being $50,000 in debt, you are getting $2500. >> and most importantly, you're almost always guaranteed
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a job. >> it's a necessity. it's not so much a want, it's a need. we always need drivers. >> don't believe him, just drop by the port of oakland. >> you cannot spot this time with drugs from, but work independently and you can see your own hours. and then there are the intangibles. you work in silicon valley. probably a lot behind a desk. >> this is not behind a desk. this is out in the open road. there's some attraction there for you? >> how about an office window that changes every day. >> what's the best part about driving a truck? >> being out in the world. stopping when i need to stop and rolling when i need to roll. >> >> here's what is amazing. they have dumped that old gig, they are doing something new. raleigh has two job officer.
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as soon as he finishes, 75% of these people are being placed. some encouraging news, a boom in the trucking industry. another pretty good indication. the overall economy is starting to pick up. >> i think you had a lot of trun despiting this devastating crash, a famed base jumper sawed to keep jumping until the day he dies. i almost bit it on this one. jeff coreless barreled into a rocky cliff at 120 miles per hour last month. his speed and momentum carried him into bushes. he remains hospitalized in stable condition with a will the of broken bones in his legs. >> wow. okay. stake a take a look at this. record highs right here in the bay area. now, the neighborhood that will cool by 15 degrees this weekend as ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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february 23, another day in which we made history right here in the bay area. today goes down into the weather record books. we had two records, 80 in santa rosa. it was 77 in liver more. shattering an old record established nearly 100 years ago. back in 1915. i want to show you this. look how mild it is outside. temperature wise, still 50s and 60s and tonight between 40 and 50 degrees. you'll want to kick off that extra blanket. your weather headlines, what you need to know is mainly, it's starry overnight, but it will become breezy tomorrow. southerly up to 20 miles per hour. cooler as well and we have a chance of rain in that extended forecast. high pressure now beginning to weaken ever so gently. so you notice those temperatures coming down gradually, but this weekend, 15 degrees cooler in many of our inland locations, especially in the northern and eastern portion of our bay area. tomorrow approaching 70 at the state capital. fog returns to monterey and mid
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50s in the high sierra. tomorrow, your pinpoint forecast. 60s along the seashore. low 70s morgan hill. otherwise coming down from the upper 70s to the upper 60s. 70 in nevada and look at the big cooldown in santa rosa. your extended forecast does call for on saturday, partly cloudy conditions. in fact, it's on sunday and monday. tuesday will be cloudy with a threat of rain all the way through thursday. that's the pinpoint forecast. dennis, what's up tonight? >> i know you are a crazy driver. check out danica patrick. and tom brady comes home. we'll show you next. ,,,,
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a half game over washington after their 14 point win at utah. the cal men lead the pack 12 by a half a game over washington after their 14 point win at utah. stanford and colorado. the bosser lows buffaloes had a chance to win. they lost tonight. stanford cruises to victory, 74- 50 to sweep that season series. making school history in portland for the second year in a row, st. mary's will win a share of the regular season. they have never done that before. popcorn bucket hats for everybody. lebron james and the heat have been upstaged by jeremy lin. tonight, they made their statement. lin with his worst game since
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starting with the knicks. hockey, todd mcclellan sharks had a miserable road trip, but things turned around in toronto. joe thornton, centered to patrick. first of his two goals and the sharks snap a four-game losing streak. how about some golf? tiger woods, third in the round. this is actually tom brady. there's tiger. okay, nick at 18 getting ready for sudden death. checking his yardage book for a 19th hole. woods with this, no, nick beats tiger 1-0. that start to danika patrick's career. in the final lap of the gatorade dual, eric bumped her. she went flying off into a barrier. she was fine, but she will start sunday's daytona 500 near the back of the pack. >> i'm just bummed out. it's two corners to go and we
2:08 am
go in a ball. so maybe the backup car will be faster. >> there you go. >> there we go. >> three time super bowl champ, tom brady, was back home to raise money for scholarships. this brady jersey for sarah sold at auction for $20,000. it won't help her run fast as his freshman coach told him twenty years ago. >> brady, you look like you're running in slow motion. which was true then and it's still true today. i know, mom. [ applause ] my mom still thinks i'm the fastest one out there. she said honey, don't say that. you're fast. >> and tom brady then donated $100,000 to his alma mater. he's a class act. his parents raised him well. he gave a magnificent speech
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tonight. >> not the first time he has done that. he has given away a car. >> a lot of people like to compare joe montana and tom brady. i can compare them like this. they both accomplished so much, and both very humble. and both very humble. >> ,,,, how did we do it last time? i don't know... i forget. hello, neighbors. hey, scott... perfect timing. feeding your lawn need not be so difficult. get a load of this bad boy. sweet! this snap spreader system from scotts makes caring for your lawn


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