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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  February 27, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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collector begins. >> and cloudy in the bay area this morning, chance of showers. more coming up. >> we already have wind advisories in effect for a couple of bay area bridges, which ones? full look at the morning commute coming up. good morning. it's -- it's monday. [ pause ] >> february 27. i'm frank mallicoat. >> hard to get started sometimes. >> hard to get that out. >> i'm grace lee. it is 4:30. it is a crucial day in the domestic violence trial for san francisco sheriff mirkarimi. . >> the judge is expected to rule on pretrial motions today. the defense wants a videotape of sheriff ross mirkarimi's wife to be excluded from the trial. here are still pictures from the video. it appears to show a bruise on eliana lopez's upper arm. mirkarimi appeared in court twice friday when the case was assigned to judge garrett wong. the judge granted a request from mirkarimi's lawyer to loud sheriff to miss today's session. jury selection is expected to begin tomorrow after the judge rules on the videotape and
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other pretrial motions. and a videotape apparently plays a role in another elected official's marriage issue. the "chronicle" reports state treasurer bill lockyer was given the sex tape of his wife and another man. lockyer's wife is alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer. mr. lockyer claimed that the other man was stalking his wife and asked for an investigation. but prosecutors determined mrs. lockyer and the other man had a consensual relationship and there was no stalking. serial killer wesley shermantine is apologizing for taking years to reveal where he disposed of several bodies. the remains of two people were found earlier this month in the central valley after shermantine provided a map to authorities. one victim disappeared in 1985. another in 1988. speaking from death row, shermantine tells the "stockton record" there are more victims buried in modesto, stockton and some other locations. a four-month manhunt ends peacefully with the arrest of
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amorosos respect from san jose. 38-year-old steven ruiz is in the santa clara county jail on a single charge of murder. the hells angels member had been on the run since october 15 when ruiz is believes to have killed steve tausan. the killing happened at the funeral for san jose hells angels president jeffrey pettigrew, who had been murdered in nevada. police arrested ruiz at a motel in fremont and a guest watched it all through the peep hole in his door. >> they are telling somebody to crawl down the hallway towards them. i saw a guy come crawling up the hall and actually went past my door. i could still see his feet. they toughed him and took him and -- cuffed him and took him and there was another lady they told to crawl down the hall, as well. >> ruiz was arrested without incident. police are looking into those who may have helped him hide since october. smart to stay behind the door there. >> yeah. it's cold out, isn't it?
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>> it was freezing last night. >> last week we had 70s and 80s. >> we remember. >> they are long gone now. not coming back soon. sorry. it is cold out there around the bay area now. we have some clouds and a chance of some showers out there across the bay area. nothing real heavy but we have some activity that's sneaking a little further to the south. hi-def doppler radar picking up some of the moisture into the monterey bay, the santa cruz mountains. light scattered showers there. and you know what? it's cold enough as grace mentioned that we could see some snow. about 2,000 to 2500 feet. so indeed seems like winter made a return finally. not much though. this is sliding by. most of the energy heading south today. we could see a little wraparound moisture making it way back into the bay area so we'll leave a chance of showers in the forecast for today. doesn't look like a rainout but a little unsettled toward the afternoon. temperatures right now, it is cool. 30 degrees and freezing in the napa valley. 30 in santa rosa. 41 in san jose. and 42 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon, cool, brisk,
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breezy around the bay area. highs only in the 50s outside. there are warmer days ahead. but also have some storms out there, too. more on that in a moment. first elizabeth has traffic. >> thanks. we're talking wind advisories. these are chp-issued wind advisories issued around midnight this morning. so you can see them on caltrans' warning sign there crossing the san mateo bridge. so we have two in effect right now. one for the san mateo bridge, highway 92, and one for interstate 80 if you are crossing the bay bridge. so again, watch out for that. otherwise, it is monday. back-to-work monday. so far traffic is very light all across the bay area. here's live look. all your drive times from the east bay the popular routes this time of the morning so far in the green including the nimitz and 880 out of walnut creek. mass transit is all on time.
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back to you guys. >> thank you. the days of tolltakers on the golden gate are numbered. by the end of the year, the bridge district will start testing a new system that will allow drivers to pay either with fastrak or by actually having their license plates photographed and then billed. human tolltakers will be gone by february of 2013. so in a couple of years the bridge district expects to save $19 million over the first 8 years of the program. san francisco police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who killed a man in the financial district. police say a car ran a red light at battery and california streets yesterday crashing into a lincoln town car. that driver was killed. the medical examiner has identified him as 65-year-old constantine poe lynn ski from san francisco. in san jose, police are also searching for a man wanted in a deadly shooting. three men were shot outside carlos goldstein's bar on murphy avenue yesterday morning. one man died at the hospital.
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the other two were treated for gunshot wounds. police say it started as a bar fight, then spilled outside before someone opened fire. this is san jose's fifth homicide of the year. a marine who was preparing to deploy to afghanistan has died. it happened yesterday following a day of training in the mojave desert. the serviceman collapsed during personal time at an air-ground combat center in 29 palms. he was taken to the hospital where he died. the death is now under investigation. a suicide car bomber killed 9 afghans today in eastern afghanistan outside a nato base in the city of jalalabad shortly after daybreak, the bomber ramming his car into the gates and detonated his explosive. the nine people killed include six civilians, two airport guards and one soldier. no international forces were killed in the bombing. the taliban has claimed responsibility. a plot to kill the russian prime minister has been foiled. special services arrested a
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group of suspects according to state television there. investigators say that the men were plotting to kill vladimir putin in moscow following the march 4 presidential election. he is all but certain to reclaim the presidency. three people are dead, another 46 hurt, after a train derailment in canada. 75 people were on board the train traveling from niagra falls to toronto. a spokesman says the victims were all employees of the railroad. the crash caused minor damage to nearby buildings. the cause is still under investigation. 4:37. a rash of robberies in palo alto. >> the trick burglars are using to sneak into homes. the next thing we heard is somebody said, run. >> another cruise ship disaster. the horrifying encounter passengers have-with a hooded gunman -- had with a hooded gunman in mexico. they are the best in hollywood. how the academy awards are different this year and why one actor was kicked off the red carpet.
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back admission preferences for today san jose state university is expected to decide whether to roll back admission premises for local residents. the school has long used lower standards for applicants from santa clara county. that could change as the university grapples with budget cuts forcing reductions in enrollment. a meeting friday generated debate so officials decided to wait until the school president returns today. we are one day away from the primaries from michigan and arizona, tomorrow. mitt romney and rick santorum are spending today campaigning, of course. despite michigan being considered romney's home turf, the state where his father was governor, polls show a toss-up between him and rick santorum. >> i'm sure governor romney getting into this race thought he would have to spend $20 and
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easily cruise to victory in michigan. >> on wednesday the candidates will face off in wyoming for the caucuses there and washington state's caucuses scheduled for saturday. then it's off to up sear tuesday next week. rick santorum is expected to get secret service protection starting tomorrow after a surge in the race for the gop presidential nomination. newt gingrich requested service last week and is currently awaiting a decision. mitt romney has received protection since february 1. 18 cents in just the past two weeks. that's how much gas prices have increased in just a short span of time. the price of a gallon of regular unleaded increased an average of 2 cents in california from saturday to sunday. that's according to aaa. the statewide average is now up to 4.28. prices have gone up just about every day all month. on "meet the press" governor brown touted alternative energy to combat the rising gas
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prices. >> we have a real problem here. we are not going to solve it in the short term but long term, fuel-efficient cars, electric cars, california will have a million of them in the next eight years, and mass transit and policies that minimize reliance on fossil fuel. >> the national average currently stands at 3.69 a gallon. >> i just paid 4.02. >> painful. nearly two dozen cruise ship passengers are back in the united states with a horrifying story. a hood gunman confront a group of american tours in puerto vallarta. the robbery was at the end of a hike as the group returned to the bus. violence is rare in the mexican riviera but recently the u.s. put out a warning for the area. passengers saw the difference. >> i saw soldiers with automatic weapons. once we got off the ship, we got right back on. >> you might want to stay on
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that ship. according to carnaval, 22 passengers lost jewelry, cash, cameras and passports. they left for another cruise but they cancelled the guided nature trail where the robbery took place. people in palo alto are being warned to stay on alert after a rash of burglaries there. eight homes were hit at palo alto in one day. thieves stole jewelry, electronic equipment from houses, and apartments during the middle of the day. this was on friday. now, no one has been arrested but detectives are looking for connections between these crimes. officers say burglars will often ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home before trying to break in through a back door. and police in walnut creek have arrested three men suspected in a gift card scam. the suspects are from southern california. police say that they use credit cards in other people as names to buy the nordstrom gift cards all over the state. authorities found $10,000 in gift cards in the suspect's van. they allegedly were heading to
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portland next. it is 4:43 now. a silent movie-making a big splash at the academy awards last night. >> but the act to who caused the bigger stir before the show started. we'll tell you about that. >> he was all dressed up, too. >> no looking back anymore for the 49ers. the key hurdle tackled for a new stadium in santa clara. she was always so nice to me. [ crying ] >> she was like a sister to me. >> a school fight turns deadly in southern california. how it all started over a boy. clouds rolled in overnight. scattered showers around the bay area. will that continue? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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11-year-old california girl... killed in a school fight... apparently over a boy.
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4:46. a memorial is growing for an 11- year-old california girl killed in a school fight apparently all over a bo joanna ramos died in the hospital after a fight with a classmate friday. there were no wells, ramos was not knocked to the ground. she wasn't feeling well after she returned to class. >> she was always so nice to me. [ crying ] >> she was like a sister to me. [ inaudible ] >> an autopsy will determine how ramos died. counselors will be on hand today at the school for the students. a federal trial over the nation's worst offshore oil disaster will not start today as planned. it will delayed a week. the reason, a judge wants to allow more time for settlement talks between bp and the committee overseeing scores of lawsuits. among other things the trial will determine the penalties bp and other companies will pay
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for the oil spill. 11 workers were killed in the april 2010 rig disaster. hundreds of millions of gallons of oil poured across the gulf of mexico then. santa clara takes another step this week toward getting a football stadium for the 49ers. the city council is expected to vote tomorrow for a lease that is expected to pay the city about $1 million a year over 40 years. it would be for the parking lot next to the stadium. the "mercury news" reports that the lease would require stadium construction to start within 120 days. and the super bowl of nascar will get under way today. daytona 500 delayed yesterday because they had a lot of rain. it's the first time in its 54- year history they had to postpone the race. danica patrick will make her official sprint cup debut weather permitting. i hear they will get rain today, too. >> speaking of weather, man, it was cold. >> in the east bay too. >> very cold in the bay area. 70s and 80s long gone.
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looks like they are not coming back soon. we have a lot of clouds out there now at least in the south bay and a couple of scattered showers making their way through the peninsula and the santa cruz mountains. you may notice a little pink in the santa cruz mountains, as well. cold enough to see snow levels dropping to 2,000 to 2500 feet. partly cloudy skies out this morning. mostly clear in parts of the north bay now and that's where we're seeing some of the coldest temperatures. those numbers there mainly into the 30s now. as we head toward the afternoon, you will see a mix of sunshine and showers today. chilly temperatures, highs only in the 50s all around the bay area. here's your low. it's moved in from the gulf of alaska bringing nice cold air sagging south. it will push onshore later on today. so we could still see a little more moisture coming our way as that low moves through. our computer models picking up on chance of scattered showers, nothing much but hit-and-miss showers this morning and the afternoon. then things settle down a little bit but another storm system off the coast will bring
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a better chance of rain to the bay area as we head into early wednesday morning. temperatures today these are your highs, only 53 degrees in fremont. 53 hayward. only 52 degrees in pacifica and gusty winds at the coast. 50s in the east bay. blues showing up over the tops of the mountains, very chilly temperatures highs there probably only into the 40s over some of the mountains. temperatures way down the next couple day, chance of showers wednesday, maybe leftover showers early thursday morning. but all right, all right, we have to bring back some warmer weather. temperatures next weekend looking good. we're timing this out right. remember last week we had nice temperatures right in the middle of the week and past weekend chilly. >> good job. >> thank you. >> skiing up at tahoe doesn't look good this weekend. oh, my gosh. elizabeth, how's it going? >> pretty good. we have a couple of wind advisory advisories in effect for the bridges. out live towards the san mateo
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bridge, you can see caltrans' warning sign up on 92 across the span in both directions. wind advisories there as well as one for the bay bridge. so again they issued these early this morning very early at 12:11 in fact. so be extra careful crossing into san francisco as well at the bay bridge. other than that, quiet. traffic still light on this monday morning. here's a live look at the nimitz 880 past the coliseum. looks great up and down the -- really, the east bay not too bad. a lot of green on our sensors. northbound 880 by stevenson boulevard on that on-ramp, there's been an accident. we can't tell if the -- the on- ramp is partially blocked. again, the main lines of the freeway are looking okay. but again that's northbound 880 by stevenson boulevard. we have an accident there at least partially blocking the on- ramp. all right. highway 4 usually one of our first spots to back up and just a couple of yellow sensors there in those westbound lanes.
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otherwise, not too bad on westbound 4. and to the south bay now getting a south bay check 280 traffic looks great this morning heading out of downtown san jose. there may be some roadwork across this stretch of southbound 101. that's why i think we're seeing slowing on our sensors out of san jose. but 280 traffic so far looks great just a couple of headlights there heading out of downtown and bart we just checked in with them, they have all trains running on time. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> you see the oscars last night? >> i didn't. i was up so late though i watched the post-show. [ laughter ] >> i know. >> full review in the next traffic. but, of course, hollywood celebrated the best of the big screen last night. >> there were newcomers young and old taking home some of the big prizes. bigad shaban on the silent film that has everyone talking. >> "theartist"! >> reporter: a silent film made a lot of noise at the oscars. "the artist" won five academy awards including best picture,
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best director and best actor jean dujardin. >> i love your country. [ laughter ] >> reporter: dujardin is the first frenchman to ever win an acting oscar and did it by only saying two words in the film. >> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: meryl streep now has three oscars. her first in 29 years. the most nominated performer in academy history won best actress for playing margaret thatcher in "the iron lady." >> it was just thrilling. it was like i was a kid again. i was a kid when i won this like 30 years ago. >> reporter: an emotional octavia spencer took home the prize for best supporting actress. christopher plummer won best supporting actor for playing an elderly homosexual in "beginners." at 82, the oldest actor to ever win an actor. >> you're only two years older than me, darling. where have you been all my life? >> reporter: fans in the bleachers went crazy when their favorite stars appeared on the red carpet but it's a night when even the stars are band. >> i saw george clooney. >> you're so giddy to say that.
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>> yes, i am. [ laughter ] >> my wife said look, there's george. >> reporter: he had nearly everyone looking while strolling the red carpet. but he joked at how little it took him to get ready for the big night compared to his girlfriend. >> it's not fair. girls have a lot more work to do than guys. so took me about 15 minutes. >> reporter: in the after-oscar parties, they went well into the morning. bigad shaban, cbs news, hollywood. >> and billy crystal was great. >> he was funny. good to see him back. >> i don't know how the ratings were buy think people just tune in to watch him because he is so funny. >> sacha baron cohen was kicked off the red carpet for a stunt he pulled last night. >> he jokingly claimed to be carrying the ashes of the late north korean leader kim jong-il there he is all dressed up and in an interview with ryan seacrest he claimed it was kim's dream, quote, to be sprinkled over the red carpet and over halle berry's chest. then he spilled them on
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seacrest's tuxedo. security had to haul him off. dumped it right over him. i'm sure he wasn't happy. >> ryan just sit there is going, i'm on live tv. i'll suck it up. not fun. >> not something you can just brush off. >> not at all. just after the ceremony ended some of the biggest names in showbiz flocked to elton john's oscar party in los angeles. one of the many parties. 900 people attend the event. he has posted the annual event for 20 years. weekend. the action flick, meanwhile, navy seals storm into the top of the box office over the oscar weekend. the action flick act of valor stars real-life active duty u.s. military personnel. e top five the history of den gate
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bridge is on display. >> that wakes you up. >> bugs bunny is going to jump out of the box here. history of the golden gate bridge is on display right now. >> yesterday the california historical society celebrated its new exhibit in san francisco's soma district. the exhibit is called a wild flight of the imagination. the story of the golden gate bridge. it features artwork, photos and bridge artifacts. yesterday markets the day in 1933 when ground was broken for the construction of the bridge. >> it marks the beginning of a new era that ground breaking in both transportation and architecture. it was also that groundbreaking an inspirational dig that gave hope and energy aand jobs to so many people who were in the throes of the great depression. >> this exhibit is just part of the 75th anniversary celebration for the golden
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gate. pretty cool. crowded there. >> yeah. still blows me away when i drive over it. just looking up. >> so gorgeous. >> it is. can't get a good night's sleep? hello! it could depend where you live, that story coming up. >> an apology from a convicted murderer. why a "speed freak" killer is showing remorse. >> reporter: the domestic abuse trial of sheriff ross mirkarimi today's. coming up more about the dig decision the judge has to make. and get ready to say good- bye to tolltakers at the golden gate bridge. coming up, hear the new options you'll have for paying the tolls to cross the bridge.
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against san francisco's sheriff. how it could break the case for prosecutors. key ruling expected today in the domestic violence trial against the san francisco sheriff. how it could break the case for prosecutors. >> phasing out tolltakers at the


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