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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  February 27, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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good monday afternoon. i'm grace lee. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. we begin with breaking news out of oakland. chopper 5 above the scene, live. police are swarming a neighborhood near 17th avenue and east 21st street. for a man that is suspected of
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opening fire on officers in that area. it all started about 90 minutes ago. so far, no word on what prompted the gunfire or whether officers shot back. it is a big neighborhood there. nearby roosevelt middle school on lockdown but that is only as a precaution. a teenager arrested in a deadly school shooting in ohio is believed to be a classmate of the victims. >> police say he turned himself in an hour after opening fire in the school caf teara. alexis christophorous has more on how a heroic teacher may have saved a number of lives. >> reporter: officials say one student is dead after a gunman opened fire at chardon high school. four others are wounded. the gunman opened fire inside the school cafeteria. a student said a boy stood up and started shooting. a brave teacher may have saved lives. >> the first team of officers went in and it was determined that the student had run from the building. and chased by a teacher. >> police caught the suspect about a half mile from the suburban school.
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>> i want to assure our community of chardon that we are safe. >> worried parents gathered in a snowy street to pick up their children. students evacuated the high school. they went to the elementary school across the street where they waited for their parents to arrive. >> the remainder of the students are safe home with their students. >> parents describe the high school as a close knit community, where everybody knows each other and no one would expect such a flare up of violence. the school plans a candlelight vigil for tomorrow night. alexis christophorous, cbs news. jurors in the domestic violence trial against san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will see what he is accused of doing to his wife. that was a judge's ruling just this morning on a video that has been at the center of the prosecution's case. gill diaz on what this means for the attorney on both sides. this is a big deal, gil. >> reporter: it is a big deal. a big win, for the prosecutor, and it is a big hurdle for the defense team. and now the judge's decision
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came down less than an hour ago, and he ruled that the video tape of elanna lopez showing her bruises and describing what happened during the couple's new years eve fight will all be allowed in court. now, these are images taken from the recorded videotape, a videotape recorded by the couple's neighbor, ivory madison who eventually went to police. the judge derrick wong says the jury can hear and see it during the trial. however, statements that el ana lopez made to another neighbor on january 4 are not allowed. it was crucial that the prosecution would be able to try the case with that video tape. now, mirkarimi's attorney is not happy about the ruling. she was hoping for a different outcome. before she went to the courtroom. >> i think it should be thrown out because it is hearsay. it is unreliable and they haven't laid any foundation for its admission. trial is not a game of
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telephone or operators and everybody knows that game. comes in and comes out of the jury. >> mirkarimi himself was not in the courtroom today. the judge on friday gave him the permission to be absent today. mirkarimi has pleaded not guilty to three misdemeanor charges. among them, domestic violence, batly, child endangerment and dissaiding a witness. now the court is on lunch right now but they will be returning after the lunch break to discuss more motions. the jury selection could happen any time this week. back to you. >> and you mentioned the sheriff was not in court today, but do we know what his reaction is to having this piece of video submitted as evidence in this trial? >> no, we weren't able to talk to him on the phone or in person about how he reacted. but i would think whatever his lawyers recommend is what he is going to follow, but like i said, this is a big blow to the defense team. >> gil diaz with the latest in san francisco, thank you. a twist in the case
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involving state treasurer big lomyer and his wife. someone gave him a sex tape of his wife nadia with another man. and this happened about six weeks before an incident in a newark hotel that put nadia lockyer in the hospital and a male acquaintance under police scrutiny. wesley shermantine has apologized in an interview with the stockton record from san quentin prison, he said he is sorry it took so long to divulge the locations of several bodies. the remains of two people were found earlier this month in the central valley after shermantine gave a map to investigators. he also says there are more victims buried in modesto, stockton, and other locations. a new potential headache for people going to traffic court on the peninsula. lisa washington is in redwood city to explain what is going on. lisa? >> well, frank, the california legislatures voted to reduce the budget to the judicial branch by more than 30%. and now those cuts that were written on paper are having a real effect to people here in san mateo county.
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>> it is the trickle-down effect of california's budget woes. reduced hours. and smaller staff at san mateo superior court. call any of the three offices, and you will hear this. >> there is a change based on three years of state budget cuts. >> there is reduced phone and office hours. and beginning april 2, the court is expected to have a further reduction in staff. it has been reduced by 24% already. as a result, the traffic division is being consolidated. >> we're having to do the same amount of work, the work has not changed, with fewer people. and that's why we're consolidating. we've been looking at these efforts for over a year now. and we feel that this is the best move for our court. but certainly is a challenge. >> and it is in this day and age, with so many deficits and budget cuts, and trying to balance the books with everybody, i think it is fine. >> reporter: the good news is, they do not anticipate any layoffs as a result of those extra staff reductions.
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many of the people will leave either through attrition or by choice. that is, they will be given more of an incentive if they choose to leave. but again, more work that still has to be done with fewer people. frank? >> lisa washington, live for us down in redwood city. thanks. >> on to walnut creek, where police have arrested three southern california men accused in a credit card scheme. and investigators say that they caught the suspect trying to use fraudulent cards, to buy gift cards at the broadway plaza nordstrom on saturday. the store security says the men are also suspected in other cases of fraud at nordstrom stars all over the state. and police say when they searched the suspect's van, they found more than $10,000 worth of gift cards and credit cards, belonging to other people. the suspected vandal is in police custody accused of going on a rampage around the state capital. christmas says he broke out glass and damaged wood door frames and at three sides of the building and they say some rocks were thrown at a glass panel and caused some damage at
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sacramento city hall. coming up, wikileaks is at it again. >> the millions of once private e-mails now out there for all to see. passengers robbed at gunpoint. the latest black eye for the struggling cruise ship industry. hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. cool and brisk around the bay area. a chance of some showers, too. we will talk about that, coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of oakland: police searching for ing fire on office let's go back to the breaking news story out of oakland. live pictures. police are still searching for a man they say opened fire on officers. they appear to be concentrating on this hour. this is east 22nd street. and 17th avenue. >> this all started about 90 minutes ago. kristen ayers is just arriving on the scene and joins us on the telephone with the latest.
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what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're learning this call originally came in as a burglary call on the 2100 block of east 17th here in east oakland. just speaking to the public information officer here on the scene, she says when police got to the scene of the home that was reportedly being burglarized, the man walked out who was armed with several handguns. and fired them in the direction of officers. they did return the fire and the man took off, as they were firing at him. it is unclear right now whether he was actually hit in the process. but authorities have set up a huge perimeter in this area, as you can see, from those chopper aerials. and they believe that the suspect is within that perimeter at this time. they have to look at the california highway patrol helicopter, and that was dispatched and they have identified the suspect moving from house to house within this perimeter. they're trying to locate him at this moment. he is believed to be armed and dangerous. in the process, authorities are saying they did take another man into custody.
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i believe we have pictures of that man being taken into custody. they took him into custody as part of their investigation. but they still do believe that there is another man, the man who walked out of this home that was reportedly burglarized, and was armed and fired at officers, who is still on the loose and so again, with that huge perimeter set up and the school on lockdown, continuing to look for im and it is looking unclear at this time how long this search will continue as they do believe that suspect is within the perimeter. >> a quick question. what are they telling the residents there? are they telling them to stay in the houses or are they searching door to door? >> reporter: we have been seeing police search door to door. they are very heavily armed, as they believe the suspect is armed and dangerous. outside of the perimeter, we're seeing residents sort of walking around, drifting around, curiously looking beyond the perimeter to see what is going on and we're seeing cars diverted around that perimeter. so no one is allowed to go beyond the crime scene here. within the crime tape, from what we can see, there are people certainly staying in hair homes and have been told
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-- in their homes and have been told there is someone on the loose and possibly going home to home, yard to yard, seeking shelter and police are looking for him. >> kristen ayers, live by telephone in oakland, a gunman apparently on the loose there. a breaking news situation. thank you. >> thank you. in other news, the u.n.'s top human rights body is expected to call tomorrow for syria to end all attacks on civilians and to allow aid groups to come into the country. the syrian government says that voters have overwhelmingly approved a new constitution in the meantime. and they're describing the a-- the assad regime is calling it a step toward reform. the opposition against president assad dismissed it as a sham that will not bring about any real change. today wikileaks published a mass collection of e-mails from an intelligence firm in the united states. the online anti-secrecy group claims it has more than 5 million e-mails of stratford, a
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private company in texas that has geopolitical analysis that allows customers to reduce risk. and julian assange accused them of running a network of paid informants and the company says it is nothing improper about the way it ultvates sources. voters will cast ballots in the republican primaries in michigan and arizona. the big battle is michigan where mitt romney and rick santorum are in a virtual tie there. randall pinkston tells us, the two leading candidates are using some mate mitey sharp rhetoric -- are using some mighty sharp rhetoric. >> one day before the primary, mitt romney has brought the race to a virtual tie in his home state. rick santorum is doing everything he can to take back the lead in michigan. >> governor romney not only instituted government-run health care, the first comprehensive government program running health care from the top down. >> reporter: santorum is fighting hard to convince social conservatives he is their best choice. he made headlines over the
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weekend, when he took aim at john f.kennedy's famous speech from 1960, highlighting the separation of church and state. >> to say that people of faith have no role in the public square? that makes you throw up. >> reporter: romney is attacking santorum, accusing the former senator of being a washington insider. losing the state where he grew up would be a huge embarrassment to romney's campaign. taking the stage at a manufacturing plant in rockford, michigan, the former governor took aim at president obama's policy. >> this president has made a lot of promises by the way that he has broken. he said he would cut the deficit in half. he has doubled it. >> reporter: he is trying to convince michigan voters he has the right plan for creating jobs. and shoring up the sagging economy. >> we got to cut federal spending, we've got to cap federal spending, and we finally got to balance the federal budget and i will do that. >> michigan and arizona are shaping up to be the head-to- head fights where romney and santorum are fighting.
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and ron paul and newt gingrich are essentially skipping this round of voting. nearly two dozen cruise ship passengers are safely back in the u.s. they have a harrowing story to tell. the american tourists were robbed by hooded gunman in puerta vallarta when they were heading back to the bus. 22 passengers lost jewelry and cash and cameras and passports. the cruise ship splendor left today for another mexican rivera cruise but the cruise line has canceled the guided nature tour where the robbery happened. some of hollywood's hottest celebrities, following the oscars, and how they partied last night. and the latest sign that apple's newest i-pad could be just around the corner arthritis bit chilly around -- just around the corner. a bit chilly around the bay. a storm may be on the way. ,,,,,,,,,,,, wow,
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look at this bed! this nightstand! this wardrobe! what are you doing here? you're in ikea. my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. what's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom.
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whatever your style, take home your dream bedroom together. well, just a few minutes ago, there was a 2.9 earthquake that happened in the blackhawk area of danville. >> more than 80 people are reporting that they did feel it. through the usgs. and there is the seismograph. there is the 2.9 activity there. so far, it happened only a few minutes ago but we have not gotten any reports of damage. >> we had a few shakers, in martinez and vallejo and crocket area in the last couple of weeks.
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and it is also where we will toss it over to lawrence to find out what is going on. >> nice and small. the fault is moving just a little bit. that's what we like. and we don't want the 5 and 6. we don't have to worry about that just yet. a couple of clouds passing on by. it is cool and brisk outside. headed out the door. breezy, especially approaching the coastline. and just now, beginning to see some buildup of some of the clouds in the distance. we will see more of that as we head toward the afternoon, only 51 degrees in oakland right now. and 53 in live more. and 52 degrees in san francisco. and 52 degrees in san jose. some of those clouds continuing to build. a possibility of some showers, as we head to the afternoon. really a slight chance. the temperatures are going to be the big story. staying way down, and tonight. bundle up. it is going to be one of those chilly nights indeed, as the cold arctic air is spilling into the bay area. right behind the system, you can see the cold out there with the clouds. that will camp out overnight. the next system will drop down as early as late tuesday night and into wednesday morning, bringing a chance of more rain to the bay area. in the afternoon, we have a
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chance of a couple of showers popping up over the mountain tops and then it looks like by a drive in tomorrow. but then as we slide in toward wednesday, the next system could be a messy commute. on wednesday morning. and the temperatures are going to stay cool today. and plan on 53 degrees in fremont. and 55 in san jose. and 54 in san francisco. and overnight lows very chilly outside. and 28 degrees, frosty temperature, showing up in some of the interior valleys. and the next couple of days, we will actually feel like it is the season. that's right. the temperatures will stay way down and more showers on the way into wednesday. and then it looks like by next weekend, we're looking at pretty nice weather. summer. >> and we are looking at 70 degrees into the weekend. a great time of the year, up and down. all over the place. until we settle into spring. >> a great time for you. >> i love it. >> you have a lot of fun with it. >> electric blanket weather, right? >> right. they work great. >> you bet. thanks, lawrence. >> all right. there is a new sign that apple is about to introduce the third generation of the popular tablet devices and best buy has set the price of i-pad
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2 at $450. and older models are often done to clear inventory before the newer version. and some reports show the i-pad 3 will be unveiled next week and apple may ship the older version at a more reduced price. oscar turned 84. the big winner, a throwback to years gone by. >> the artist. [ cheering ] >> that of course is the silent film taking home five oscars last night. including best picture, best actor, and best director. that is pretty much it. and hugo did well. the martin scorsese film with five winners. and meryl streep won best actress in iron lady. first time in 30 years she won one. and 82-year-old christopher plummer best supporters in the gibb eners. the oldest to win -- the beginningers. the oldest to win one. and octava support best supporting actress in "the
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help." >> some of the stars i bet just went to bed a little while ago. we have a tour of some of the bigger bashes. >> best actress winner meryl streep posed with pictures with the fellow winner octava spencer at the governor's ball. >> celebrities are here. >> and the best supporting actor winner christopher plummer waited for his name to be engraved on the prestigious award. >> melsa mccarthy partied with her family. the governor's ball is the academy awards official after- party but for many it was the first stop in a long night. octava spencer quickly made her way to the vanity fair party to celebrate the best supporting actress award. >> it feels like cake. nothing better than eating cake. >> the annual vanity fair soiree attracted tom cruise and katie holmes. and jennifer lopez and cameron
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diaz changed out of their gowns for the after party. and collin first loved the pressure off him. >> much more relaxed. >> producer harvey winestein celebrated the big winner the artist. the nearly silent black and white film won five awards. >> the artist. >> including best picture. best director and best actor, jean dejardin. >> i'm very upbeat. very proud. i'm shocked. i'm over the moon. >> katie perry one of the 900 guests who schmoozed at elton john's oscar party. the event now in the 20th year, won more than $5 million for the aids foundation. edward lawrence for cbs news, hollywood. for more oscar coverage including a photo gallery showcasing the whole night's festivities, go to our web site, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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have a great afternoon. back in time to say goodbye, right? >> is that it? >> that's. it the show is over? >> it is. have a great day, everybody.
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