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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  February 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PST

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story out of san jose this morning. firefighters are mopping up after flames left several people homeless. gil diaz is live on scene with new home video. >> reporter: good morning. this fire occurred on denise way. it happened just before 3:00 and took firefighters about an hour to get it under control. take a look at this cell phone video. he took it on his way to the fire. as you can see, the flames are shooting at least at 15 to 20 feet into the air. this is a duplex and by the time the first fire crews arrived you can tell the duplex was fully engulfed. the chief tells us that one of the challenges his crews had was fighting it because it was so windy out here. now, the smoke columns are not going straight up. the smoke columns are rising until a slanty direction so
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right now, four people are displaced this morning. as we take live look at denise way, you can see that it looks like a complete loss. no injuries. the firefighters are all okay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the napa register reports that the owner was awakened by a fire alarm at an antique store. she got out but couldn't get her things out. most of the fire damage was in the second floor of the home. damage is estimated at $100,000. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. seems a little counter intotive. a lot of fires and rain out there, too. it seems a little counterintuitive. bring an umbrella because it's a messy day. >> stormy day around the bay area. we have been waiting for this now and it's happening outside. the cold front now making its way through the bay area and, of course, as it moves through
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here you get to the high country it turns into snow. some low snow levels. toward the kingvale area we have some snow continuing to come down there. if you are heading in that direction, winter storm warnings up there as well. you want to bring your chains. we are looking at heavy snowfall throughout the morning continuing into the afternoon. and it's not going to stop there. looks like the snow could continue as we head in toward thursday, as well. the latest advisories up there, winter storm warnings in effect if you're heading in that direction so be very, very careful. but they could see upwards of four feet of snow across some of the higher peaks up there. but those winds are really going to be whipping. 60 miles per hour so yeah, be very careful heading in that direction. if you can wait a day or two you will probably get up there nice and safe. here's the cold front sliding through town and you can see with it, really just making its way right through the bay area now.
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gusty winds to 30 miles per hour at sfo. 20 in oakland. 17 in concord. that cold front sliding through now and it is bringing with it lots of rain. highs this afternoon staying cool, as well. only in the 50s. that's the latest from here. back to you. >> thank you. and we'll go outside and show you the driving conditions on the roadway now. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's dangerous out there. we have been getting new accident reports coming in. there's a high wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge this morning. there was overnight roadwork surprisingly across the golden gate bridge but looks like they are working to clear that now. you can see some crews looking like they are opening more southbound 101 lanes, as well. there were some flooding reports earlier in rohnert park and portions of marin county. a new accident just coming in southbound 101 by paul avenue. that actually tends to be an area where there is usually some flooding in the roadway. so be careful of hydroplaning. i'm not a fast driver and i noticed it a little bit this morning so mass transit might be a good option this morning including all the trains
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heading into san francisco. bart trains no delays. here's live look outside once again. gusty out there, as well. those wind advisories are in full effect. issued by chp just after midnight. so here's a live look, the nimitz you can barely see the northbound traffic. it's okay as far as your drive time goes. 16 minutes between 238 and the maze. coming up a check of the sierra driving conditions if you are planning a trip up there. in the meantime, back to the desk. >> thank you. 5:04 now. more motions in the domestic violence case involving the san francisco sheriff. the lawyer for ross mirkarimi's life is trying to get key evidence kept out of the trial. the motion is based on the prosecution's release of these pictures showing bruises on eliana lopez's arms. the photos were taken from a video recorder by a neighbor. >> the judge says the video is
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admissible in evidence. the jurors will be given questionnaires to fill out and the trial will take three weeks. jury selection begins monday. walnut creek police department is making changes to the way it does business. their police chief joel brighton announced a reorganization yesterday aimed at making better use of limited resources. among the changes, more officers assigned to downtown where there's been an uptick in crime there. but no officers just dedicated to traffic enforcement. some school programs will be scaled back, as well. brighton says hopes some of the changes will only be short term. 5:05. reporters wanted to hear more but the lawyer for the man romantically linked to alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer told her client to quit talking. stephen chikhani spoke out during a court date in san jose saying there is a way bigger story than the sex tapes referring to a tape reportedly sent to nadia lockyer's husband state treasurer bill lockyer.
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the "chronicle" reports chikhani's lawyer explained he meant there is more to his relationship with nadia than we know. chikhani and police lockyer met at rehappen a year ago and the relationship -- at rehab a year ago and the relationship between the two became public after a reported fight at a newark hotel this month. mitt romney beat rick santorum in the arizona primary yesterday by 20 points. newt gingrich, ron paul, far behind. but it was a much closer race in michigan where romney grew up. he beat santorum by just 3% there. paul and gingrich were again far off the pace. >> we didn't win buy a lot but we won by enough and that's all that counts. >> next up, caucuses in the state of washington over the weekend and then next week it is the big week at super tuesday with contests in georgia, ohio, tennessee and seven other states. a rash of burglaries on the peninsula.
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>> this morning, the tip that may have solved the case. we'll have the latest. >> plus, cruise ship safety. how a recent disaster is forcing congress to take matters into their own hands. >> and he followed the law in another state and now critics want him to step down in his post in our state. the message from the state gaming commissioner coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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developing story out of san jose this morning. a two alarm duplex fire has left as many as four people homeless. it started around three this morning on denise way and almaden road. a fire left four people homeless. this is cell phone video from the fire captain down there. at denise way an almaden road in san jose, strong winds fueling the fire, no injuries. a palo alto man did what police told him to do. he saw something suspicious and called 911. now, three burglary suspects
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are under arrest. a suspect knocked on the door of four different homes and a witness called police. they stopped the car and found burglary tools and stolen items. the stockton city council has taken its first crucial step to avoid bankruptcy. councilmembers voted 6-1 allowing mediators to negotiate with creditors. the mediation process lasts 60 to 90 days. stockton may become the city's largers city to file for bankruptcy. the city says it's partly because of former mismanagement. happy investors because today was the first times since may of 2008 the dow jones will begin above the 13,0000 mark. >> the dow is up in 6% this
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year. analysts say stocks could drop if european countries experience more financial problems. congressional committees plan to hold hearings this week about the italian crash that killed 20 people off the coast of italy. congress passed a bill about cruise safety in 2010 focusing on passenger behavior rather than the responsibilities of the staff. coming up, we have a tornado that slams the midwest. >> the damage and the clean-up that all began today. plus, snow in the sierra? finally! we are going to have a live report, coming up from the high country. >> imagine that. lots of snow up there. this week we have seen some good snow across the high country. heavenly checking in with 17 inches of new snow on your snow report. you headed up there this weekend, sunny conditions. and more snow on the way. ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coast guard helicopter crashed in alabama. the chopper went down in about 13 feet of water in mobile ("mo one crew member dead and
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three missing after a chopper went down in mobile bay last night. divers have located the wreckage but this morning they are trying to get inside to look for the missing crew. a wild night what we're seeing here is a video of a funnel cloud over reno county where several trailers flipped over and a house was damaged severely yesterday. hardest hit is the small town of harveyville. >> lawrence has a look at the weather in the bay area with wind and rain. >> i had a hard time sleeping last night with winds in the bay area. >> haven't had many storms to deal with but today we have one coming through now. it is bringing with it but heavier amounts of rainfall as the cold front sliding through the bay area at this hour. if it hasn't rained in your neighborhood just yet, it is
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coming your way. taking you toward the east bay you can see pockets of moderate to heavier amounts of rainfall. it will continue to roll on through over the next couple of hours. it's going to be a wild commute out there. rain and wind all around the bay area. temperatures fairly mild. mainly into the 50s and 40s. it's going to be cool and breezy all around the bay area likely to see rainbows out there, too. making its way into the bay area. lots of snow up into the high country as well behind that you see all those speckled clouds. those are more showers likely to move in as we head throughout the day today. speak of high country, if you head up there, watch out winter storm warnings in effect in the tahoe area. we are look at up to four feet of snow across some of the higher peaks. the snow levels dropping as we head into tomorrow, maybe down to 2,000 feet or so as some very cold air likely moves in. here's your system making its way through this morning.
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scattered showers as we look toward the afternoon. it will continue though not only today but into tomorrow, as well. so it looks like it will take a couple of days before this whole thing begins to wind down. with that in mind, keeping the rain into the forecast and cool temperatures, as well. numbers into the 50s as we head into the afternoon hours. so cool brisk and breezy all around the bay area. next couple of days, things begin to settle down. then it looks like by the weekend, those temperatures running well above average probably going to see some 70s before cooling off toward the beginning of next week. all right. it is traffic time. let's go to elizabeth. >> you know this is going to be a big weather event because lawrence is pulling out the mock turtleneck. [ laughter ] >> you in the that? >> yeah. >> rainy days, mock turtleneck, you notice that? thanks, latest. here's a live look through truckee. interstate 80 and there are chain requirements in effect between colfax and the state
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line. here's a live look at 880. gosh, you can't see hardly anything anymore. it is wet and windy our cameras moving back and forth quite a bit. we have several wind advisories in effect. can't even see that northbound traffic. so there are some flooding reports coming in a lot of places in the north bay. rohnert park for example where there's construction going on. there was some earlier flooding. traffic seems to be lighter than normal. a couple big problems southbound 101 at paul an overturned injury crash and it is slow across that stretch. a little farther south on 101, southbound 101 at broadway, they have three of the left lanes blocked because of another crash there. obviously the conditions are slick. be extra careful on the on- and off-ramps where we tend to see accidents. bay bridge we have high wind advisory in effect. so it's gusty across the upper
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and the lower deck. san mateo bridge is also another place that has a high wind advisory still in effect. bart is a great option or start the morning commute later. the bulk of the rain showers are out there now. hopefully later things should be lighter and easier on the roads. your drive times though still in the green across the east bay. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> or stay home. work from home. >> totally noticed the mock turtleneck, right about that, elizabeth. it is 5:19 now. critics are calling for his resignation. from a top state officials. ,,,,,,,,
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preliminary layoff notices. by law... the district has a ma the san francisco unified school district approved 435 preliminary layoff notices. they have a march 15 deadline to notify workers who might lose their jobs before the next school year. district officials predict an $83 million deficit over the next two years based on governor brown's budget proposal. a republican u.s. senate from maine is abandoning her bid for a fourth term.
5:23 am
senator olympia snowe said yesterday that the polarizing atmosphere in washington now is the reason she is leaving. snow. he said she is frustrated by the my way or the highway attitudes. this moderate senator cast key votes in line with the democrats including the economic stimulus bill. the 65-year-old served 33 years in congress. the president of the california fish & game commission is rejecting calls to step down. dan richards is under fire in sacramento for hunting a mountain lion in idaho. 41 state assembly members are asking him to resign. richards said there is zero chance of that happening at all. it's illegal to kill a mountain lion in california but legal in idaho where the picture was taken. richards says, "my 100% legal activity outside of california or anyone else's for that matter is none of your business." the california lieutenant governor says it is voters'
5:24 am
business with two major decisions on conservation issues pending. >> one on wolves and whether we cull wolves in california and a big ocean protection initiative which is going to put him on the fireline of a lot of controversy. >> apparently richards killed that mountain lion at a ranch in idaho where hunters pay $7,000 for that experience. another animal story here. a bird story actually. the grass is apparently a little greener down on the peninsula. san francisco's famous wild parrots. they have flown to the hills. 100 of the birds are spotted in brisbane about 10 miles south. the birds are native to south america. the first of san francisco's flock likely escaped from a pet importer and they have breeded up to about 100 and did cool to have them in the cools. >> unlikely that you would not think to see them in brisbane. >> and they're beautiful.
5:25 am
>> they are. google is following facebook's way. >> they are challenging hackers to find holes in its chrome browser so they are offering up to $1 million in prizes to people who can find problems. google is inviting hackers to take on the mission at a security conference in vancouver next week. i think we're busy, won't be able to make it. >> i think so. we have rain, wind, and a whole lot of snow. the first big storm that we have seen in a while. >> lawrence is looking at his doppler right now. he will have the latest coming up. we didn't win by a lot but we won by enough and that's all that counts. >> two more wins for mitt romney. a live report on what his new momentum means for super tuesday next week. san jose firefighters are mopping up after a home that erupted in flames in the middle of the night. it was a two-alarm fire but coming up we'll show you some video that looks bigger than a two-alarm. ,,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. new home video showing a massive fire tearing through a south bay duplex. how some gusty winds helped fuel the flames. >> storm clouds now moving through the bay area. the rain is taking up in parts.
5:29 am
we'll talk about that coming up. yeah, it is slick, it is really gusty across the bay area. we have had numerous accidents coming in. how it's affecting your morning drive coming up. all right, guys, thanks. good morning. wednesday, february 29. it's leap day. >> we don't have these very often, every four years. >> i'm frank mallicoat. good to have you with us. >> i'm grace lee. we have a massive fire that's ripped through a duplex in san jose. and it has left several people homeless on this rainy morning. >> it has. the fire broke out a couple of hours ago under control now. gil diaz has been following this developing story and joins us live from san jose. gil, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank an grace. as you can see behind me, fire crews are still at the scene mopping up. they might be here for a while because this is a big property. we're talking about a duplex in the 100-block 1 100-block of denise way. it took an hour to control it. to tell us more about what happens this morning is captain rob brown from san jose fire
5:30 am
department. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. >> reporter: tell me some of the challenges that you guys encountered maybe the weather? >> correct. twofold this morning. when we first got here, the roof the attic of the entire duplex was fully involved in flames. we did have high winds at that time. we had winds of 20-plus miles per hour so we had a wind driven fire, structure immediately next door within five feet with the flames impinging on that initially. so pretty -- from a fire standpoint, this is a pretty difficult fire. it required a lot of resources. went right away to second alarm. crews contained it to the structure of origin but we have heavy, heavy damage to the main structure which is two duplexes. >> reporter: even though it looks fine from the outside, but inside it's actually quite a mess? >> corrects. it's heavily damage. the whole roof is burned off, the attic collapsed all the way around. we have crews on scene doing mop-up. probably about another hour just overhauling to get the hotspots. we are working with the family. we have the red cross coming for both families to assist them with housing and clothing,
5:31 am
things like that. >> reporter: speaking of those families, four people are displaced this morning. tell us the story of how they realized there was a fire. >> there were two different units. the one unit said that she had woke up to crackling sounds. i guess the fire actually woke her up just from the sound of it above her head in the attic. the other residents said some bystanders pounded on their doors and woke them up and they got out because i guess they sleep towards the back of the structure. so it was good they got out. >> reporter: were there smoke detectors? >> there were smoke detectors in there. the one resident said they didn't go off initially. they were going off by the time she was evacuating. with the fire like this with the fire above you in the attic that can be normal because all the smoke is going up. it's not in the unit. and a lot of times residents don't know that they have a fire in their attic right away until they hear sounds or somebody wakes them up to alert them they have something going on. >> reporter: thank you for joining us, captain. captain rob brown from san jose fire department. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: luckily, no one was hurt. the residents are okay. they are going to be helped by the american red cross. fire crews are all right. the cause of the investigation
5:32 am
is still under investigation. -- the cause of the fire is still under investigation. back to you, frank and grace. >> scary stuff with that fire starting in the attic. gil diaz, thank you. another fire this morning in a building in the east bay broke out around 4:00 this morning. firefighters still working there at this hour. anne makovec gins us from bancroft in berkeley. she has the latest from there. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the story of this fire is less dramatic the building where the fire started just before 4:00 this morning. nobody has been injured or displaced of. it's a one-story building with an attic. firefighters were called after somebody reported smoke and flames coming from the roof of the building. once firefighters got here, they found what they call multiple areas of fire. it was burning in several areas of the building which could be
5:33 am
indicative of a natural pattern they say or that this might have been intentionally set. but they have no idea right now. the investigation has not really begun. they are making sure that the fire is out and cleaning up obviously from their firefighting efforts right now. it wa vacant. perhaps transients may have been living in the building but no real evidence for that right now. and we did speak to some neighbors around here that said that they did hear some rumors about at one point this building being busted as a marijuana grade but apparently that was about six months ago. so firefighters still cleaning up here. the investigation has yet to begin. as far as damage, no monetary amount right now. but the fire chief that i spoke with says he believes the building will be allowed to stand. the damage is not anything that would preclude the building from continuing to exist. back to you guys. >> thank you, anne makovec in
5:34 am
the east bay. another fire, this one new this morning, a collection of antiques lost. it was a north bay fire. the napa register reports the owner runs an antique store in napa. the fire alarm woke up the owner last night but she was not able to carry out valuables out of the burning home. estimates about $100,000 in damage and loss. the cause of the fire still under investigation. all this fire, we also have a lot rain. the radar lighting up this morning. >> lawrence gets geeked up for days like today because it's been a long time. >> absolutely. the cold front really moving through right now so it's interesting. heading out the door, we have a cold front now sliding in along the peninsula into parts of the east bay so the rain moderate to heavier amounts right now showing up into spots. you can see that line continuing to slide right down into the peninsula down near the 280 area. you can see heavier rainfall south of half moon bay. this will continue to make its way into the san jose area so if it's not raining hard in that area right now, it will be picking up over the next hour or so. cold front bringing lots of the
5:35 am
chilly air from the gulf of alaska diving into the bay area. going to keep things going for this morning. behind the cold front though, in the middle of the morning, we are going to turn to showers and then it looks like that is going to be on and off for the next couple of days. temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s so staying fairly mild at this hour. numbers into the 50s this afternoon. plan on 52 degrees in pacifica, 55 livermore, 57 and showers continuing into san jose. next couple of days will be some unsettled weather around the bay area some cool temperatures. by friday though high pressure begins to build in. this weekend looks spectacular. temperatures back up into the 70s. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. meanwhile, the sierra just getting pounded with all kinds of snow up there. >> let's take live look from the northstar area. this is highway 267 and you can see the snow just really pounding the area at this time. the roads are totally covered with snow. you know, might not be able to make it tomorrow because i think i have to go skiing. >> i'm heading up this weekend. i'm psyched. we're driving up tomorrow afternoon and that's a highway
5:36 am
from truckee over to kings beach. so that should be fun. >> we also sent a photographer up interstate 80 to capture video in kingvale. some people were having a good time. >> you have to be ready for anything, roll with the punches. i'm having fun. actually my first real time with snow. so it feels good. the snow is fluffy. i'm freezing. [ laughter ] >> he is going to be cold when that snow melts and he is all wet. >> he is already wet. >> the latest snow survey yesterday found that the snowpack is actually around 30% of normal. our main reservoirs are full though thanks to all the rain we got last year. >> they put on a nice show. >> looks like they are having fun. check the storm in your neighborhood on our website, we have interactive radar. we'll have up dates on winter storm conditions in the sierra so just click the weather advisory box at the top of the page. if you are heading up to
5:37 am
the mountains, bring chains because you're going to be chaining up early. driving around the bay area, go slow. >> right. leave later if you can. we have about 15 different incidents across the bay area that chp is working now. you can see how slick and windy it is in a lot of the traffic cameras. this is a live look through pleasanton which is one of our better spots. westbound 580 starting to get busy but no accidents reported across that stretch. different story now in oakland. up and down the nimitz, northbound 880 right there by high street we have an accident reported as well as another one just coming in by 23rd. so it's a slower drive time than usual. we can't see the taillights because it is just so wet and windy and kind of messy out there. here's a live look at the golden gate bridge where it's slick across the span. there are flooding reports in portions of rohnert park and marin county. we have a couple of other accidents along the peninsula. i'll tell you about those coming up. back to you. >> thank you. in just a few hours, a lawyer for ross mirkarimi's
5:38 am
wife argues to have the domestic violence case totally dismissed. eliana lopez's lawyer wants key evidence kept out of the trial. that evidence is the video showing a bruise on lopez's arms. that's where we got these pictures from. prosecutors released them earlier in the week. the judge has ruled that the video is admissible. he is being asked to reconsider that decision today. the man romantically linked to alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer hints at more details to come. stephen chikhani spoke out during a court date in san jose saying, quote, there is a way bigger story than the sex tapes. he is referring to a tape reportedly sent to nadia lockyer's husband, who is a state treasurer bill lockyer. now, the "chronicle" reports chikhani's lawyer says he is meant -- he meant there is more to the relationship with nadia lockyer than we know now. we do know that the two met at rehab more than a year ago and the relationship became public after a reported fight between the two at a hotel in newark this month. new this morning, the
5:39 am
stockton city council has taken its first crucial step to avoid bankruptcy. councilmembers voted 6-1 allowing mediators to negotiate with creditors. the mediation process lasts 60 to 90 days. if it fails though, stockton could become the nation's largest city to file for chapter 9. the city manager says that the city is in the mess partly because of mismanagement by former city leaders in the '90s. the walnut creek police department is changing the way that it patrols the city. police chief joel brighton announced a reorganization yesterday aimed at making better use of limited resources. amongst those changes, more officers assigned to downtown where there is appear uptick in crime. some school programs will have to scale back. some of the changes will only be short term. for the first time we are now hearing the terrifying 911 calls from the ohio school shooting. >> 911, where's your emergency
5:40 am
is it. >> we just had a shooting at our school. we need to get out of here. >> and the suspect faces a judge. the request from prosecutors. mitt romney wins the michigan primary but not by much. i'm susan mcginnis in northville, michigan. coming up a wrap-up of both primaries yesterday and a look ahead to super tuesday. ,,,,,,,,
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pounding rick santorum by 20 points in arizona, and beating him by a narrow margin in michigan. mitt romney went two for two in last night's primary pounding rick santorum by 20 points in arizona. and then beating him by a very narrow margin in michigan. susan mcginnis is in northville where romney backers are going, whew, we won! it was close. >> reporter: they are. good morning.
5:43 am
it was quite a narrow victory. romney really needed to get this one. it would have been quite an embarrassing night for him to lose his home state. that's for sure. mitt romney moves on to next week's super tuesday contest with renewed momentum. >> what a night. thank you. >> reporter: last night he was 2 for 2. he won the primary in arizona and narrowly defeated rick santorum in michigan. >> we won by enough. that's all that counts. >> reporter: with two more states in the win column romney is refocusing his efforts on defooting president obama. >> in a second term, he would be unrestrained by the demands of re-election. if there is one thing we can't afford, it's four years of barack obama with nothing to answer to. >> reporter: rick santorum finished in second place in both states. his campaign says the tight race in michigan proves this is a two-man race. >> a month ago, they didn't know who we are. but they do now! >> reporter: a big issue was
5:44 am
the candidate's ability to beat president obama. polls show in michigan the president would beat mitt romney. newt gingrich bypassed michigan and arizona to get a jump-start on the 10 states in play on super tuesday. he is looking for georgia to be his first win since south carolina in january. >> the odds are good we're going to carry georgia. >> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: ron paul hasn't won a state yet. >> we're still winning a lot of delegates, and that's what counts! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: the gop candidates have to win 1144 delegates to clinch the nomination. mitt romney leads that race. now, both romney and santorum will campaign in ohio today. that's the big prize for super tuesday coming up next week. 63 delegates up for grabs there so they are concentrating on that and ohio is now being barraged with all the advertising and personal attacks. >> i'm sure they are. susan, you said romney needed to win his home state. now, what does this mean for santorum?
5:45 am
is this a setback for him? >> it's not a good sign for rick santorum. this is a big blow to him. he has a good face on and he is vowing to stay in and keep working at it but, you know, he is behind financially. he is behind in delegates. he is behind in organization. and he is going to be under fire in ohio from mitt romney's financial machine. so i think next tuesday is going to be very telling for rick santorum and the other candidates, as well. we'll see who gets the most of the delegates. 419 of them will be award next tuesday. >> wow. >> and i think after that, we'll begin to see possibly some dropping out here. >> i was going to say, ron paul hasn't won one, santorum may be in for the long hall but paul and gingrich may have to say, it's not our year. >> reporter: certainly. at some point they do. despite what they say. newt gingrich is you know -- it would be a third huge comeback for him and he is expected to take georgia next tuesday and has been working hard in tennessee and oklahoma.
5:46 am
but again, at some point they need to, you know, figure out whether they want to stay in and most likely, after next tuesday, that will be the telling point. >> thank you, susan mcginnis. >> prosecutors in ohio are expected to ask a judge that a high school shooting suspect be tried as an adult. tj lane made a brief appearance in court yesterday as authorities released recordings of 911 calls. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> we just had a shooting at our school. we need to get out of here. >> this is chardon high school calling. we are in lockdown. we need assistance right now. >> okay. >> there's a student with a gun. >> that death toll from monday's shooting rose to three yesterday. another victim died. but one of the two wounded was released from the hospital. a prosecutor dismissed media reports that the shootings may have been connected to drugs or bullying. clean-up is under way in parts of kansas damaged by tornadoes in the area.
5:47 am
we have some video of a funnel cloud over reno county. take a look. this is where several trailers flipped over, a house was damaged yesterday. hardest hit is a very small town called harveyville. two people were seriously injured. the local sheriff there says that the rough weather affected 60% of the 150 people who live in harveyville. >> mother nature is speaking her voice today, lawrence, huh? >> a little bit. very loudly outside! i'm happy about that. we have a cold front headed through the bay area right now. and that's bringing with it some moderate to some heavier amounts of rainfall though we are starting to clear out in parts of the north bay. you can see all the rainfall moving through right now. that band continuing in along the peninsula and stretching into toward the east bay. you have heavier amounts of rainfall make their way toward antioch to pittsburg. we have more rainfall there. and it looks like it will continue throughout the morning hours but then taper off a bit becoming more scattered showers about the middle of the morning. still, some gusty winds out around the bay area, as well. 20 to 30 miles an hour. temperatures mild in the 40s
5:48 am
and 50s. this afternoon, high surf advisory goes up at 1:00. going to see some waves out there 13 to 16 feet with breakers to about 18. temperatures are going to stay very cool. highs only in the 50s and it will be breezy too. and we're not done with the rain just yet. once this cold front moves by, a lot of scattered showers behind this and i think that will continue right into thursday, as well. the high country seeing some very heavy snowfall up there maybe 2 to 4 feet of snow in the higher peaks and winter storm warnings up there. scattered showers continuing on and off throughout the day today. and toward tomorrow, some more showers on the way. these temperatures staying well below average for this time of year mainly into the 50s. but that is all going to change as we head in toward the weekend. got a couple of wet days here on wednesday and thursday. but by friday, we start to dry things out nicely. and then it looks like this weekend some of those temperatures up into the 70s. but yeah, kind of a wild ride around the bay area this morning heading out on your commute. the rain just now picking up in the south bay so folks heading out this morning, watch out. >> i have a friend, a viewer, her name is yvonne.
5:49 am
loves your mock turtleneck. >> at least there's one of them out there. >> better than none. takes one to make two. [ laughter ] >> elizabeth brought this up earlier. >> oh, the mock turtleneck is yeah. the third time. it's third rainy event and lawrence pulls out the mock turtleneck. interesting correlation. no idea. thanks. let's go outside show you some of these slick conditions out there. one of our coworkers took this video as she was coming into work this morning. this is a look at northbound 101 traffic through san mateo. see be careful. give yourself some extra time. wait a little bit to start you off with on this morning commute if you can. the bulk of the rain is really coming down overnight and a little -- right around now actually. you just never know when you're going to hit a pack of water and hydroplane. it's treacherous so you can see just how slick it is making your way past san mateo and into san francisco. so thank you for that very dramatic video. all right. flooding reports coming in. southbound 101 at paul.
5:50 am
this is one of numerous accidents involving an overturn crash. no serious injuries. closer to the coliseum another accident maybe a little easier to see those taillights now making their way northbound towards downtown oakland. southbound 880 you can see those headlights driving time still about 19 minutes or so but again, that accident is not going to help matters as you make your way towards 23rd. there was another accident reported near high street, as well. we have several wind advisories in effect for your bridges including at the bay bridge. wind advisory there. and one for the san mateo bridge, as well. we had some flooding reports earlier near construction near rohnert park, lucky drive, southbound 101. this is a live look across the golden gate bridge. traffic is a little lighter this morning. so bart might be a good option and all trains are on time. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> take it slow. caltrain plans a celebration this morning. the mayors of san jose and santa clara are going to join
5:51 am
other officials at two caltrain stations. they are celebrating the completion of upgrades at the diridon station in san jose and the santa clara stations. event begins at 10:45 at diridon and will continue at 11:25 after a special train takes the mayors to the santa clara station. san jose city council is voting to expand a pilot program of a 15-mile-per-hour speed limit around the schools in the city. since november, the slowdown has only been in force to trace elementary but the feedback was very positive so now the program will soon expand to more schools in the city. you see them here. dorsa elementary school, montgomery elementary school, silver creek high, all on the east side and booksin elementary school in willow glen. the oakland as are throwing a curve ball at spring training. >> yeah. dennis o'donnell in phoenix. how they are dealing with the injury of a key player on their team. and millions of dollars in pipeline upgrades. why pg&e customers will foot most of the bill. switching to progressive could mean
5:52 am
hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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,,,,,,,, at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
5:54 am
nearly four years. closing bell it's the stock market hasn't opened this high in nearly four years. [ bell ] >> first time the dow jones closed above 13,000 since may 2008. the dow is now up more than 6% in a couple of months here in the new year. stock futures high they are morning, too. however, analysts say stocks could drop if european countries experience more financial problems. but the asian market are up today so that's good news. pg&e has to upgrade its pipelines and it says it expects customers to pay for the bulk of it. the utility announced ratepayers would cover about 84% of the upgrade and modernization costs. that's down from the original proposal of 90%. the $2.2 billion project would
5:55 am
bring pg&e pipes into compliance with new energy regulations. factoring financing though, some analysts put the total cost of the project closer to $5 billion. the san francisco jack-in- the-box restaurant notorious for brawls has regulations. the fast food joint is allowed to operate after 2 a.m. not between 4 and 6 a.m. a firefighters with injured in a fight in richmond last thanksgiving. groundbreaking approved by the santa clara stadium authority last night. they passed the first two parts of the 40-year lease allowing construction on the 68,000-seat 49ers stadium to start in summer. the oakland as are starting off spring training with a plan b. >> they have to. dennis o'donnell reports from phoenix. the team will be without a key player. >> reporter: frank and grace, good morning. with the devastating knee injury suffered by scott sizemore he is done for the year. so now the chance to earn that job goes to josh donaldson.
5:56 am
>> i'm 26 years old. i'm not getting any younger. this is my fifth major baseball chance. this is the first one i really feel like hey i have an opportunity here to, you know, make something happen. >> reporter: finally josh donaldson will get a chance to be the as's starting third base man. it might have come sooner for the former first round pick. if not for a decision he made at auburn. >> if i could go back on things maybe in the draft, maybe i might have have stayed a third baseman. but i became a catcher in college because our team needed me to be the catcher. i felt like when i was in college i could have been a premier third baseman if i would have stuck at just nothing but third. it's just one of those things that you go with. >> reporter: he will have to impress early because the assistant manager will start scouting other rosters and free agents for third basemen. reporting with the oakland as in
5:57 am
phoenix, i'm dennis o'donnell. let's go back to san francisco. guys? first preseason game is friday against seattle. coming up we have a mad rush at the happiest place on earth. the all-night party drawing huge crowds to disneyland. >> a wild drive to the sierra. several feet of new snow is expected the next couple of days. we have a live report on the travel conditions coming up. four people are homeless in san jose after their duplex bursts into flames in the middle of the night. coming up, we'll show you some amazing video of those flames and explain how they realized there was a fire. a new challenge in the ross mirkarimi trial. what is happening today that could throw the sheriff's whole case out. ,,,,
5:58 am
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