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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 1, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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bricks into the crowd as a may day protests turned violent. the president of pharmacy good mission to afghanistan the tricky maneuvers everyone had to do to avoid enemy fire. the new phase of the option that could save thousands of lives this year. in the new look at an inch into practice. it is good for stress, sex, and energy. but tonight to the one surprising and very unwanted result of doing yoga. degrees as mayday comes to a close tonight protesters on both sides of the bay area standoffs with the police. they have taken over a
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billion a a building in san francisco at one point to hurling bricks into a crowd while in oakland's police used the last big grenades and tear gas. sharon chin with the building occupation going on in san francisco tonight. tonight is looking peaceful here outside the occupied building most of the protesters are inside and please have backed off and are monitoring this scene in case escalates. about 200 occupied emirate as demonstrators took over turks say this afternoon. it was brief peace lovers. a protester her old bricks at police but one slammed into a fellow demonstrators face. police say there arrested a brick thrown around felony admitted assault charges. 3 ok? snow comment. we're passing holly all right if
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you're a saw fan aho salon get in and get back. sent this is the second time in a month of by demonstrators stormed the vacant building an elegant white catholic archdiocese in sentences go police evicted acted as a month ago but this time the police chief says they're more violence. this is criminal conduct. this is not the first amendment demonstration. so no rest of the man who ruled the metal pipes at least cards or photographers saw this video of police firing at least one more bullet back at him but there is no evidence that he was hit. the archdiocese and as asked police to evict the protesters say it will act when the time is right. ivan san francisco cbs five. and in oakland thousands marched in demonstrated peacefully only to
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have a small group of people tried to prove a violent points. within the last couple of hours they tried to get protesters out at the plaza is the second time today the demonstrators clashed with police. roberts. data 40 then broadway was again ground zero for profs and eyes. many of them dressed in black attacked is this cards can mask and black clothing. and within hours the night the black tactics in oakland police a face-off and violence was the results. what had been a peaceful demonstration erupted in violence just after legal demonstrating spired black block masked protesters faced off the officers did, and shields. they need a homemade sign with anarchy symbol in the middle of 14th and broadway. from behind more protesters tossed glass and
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plastic bottles. so otb for deep move in. an unlawful assembly notice was given. those who did not heed the warning were tackle the arrested. within minutes they had made several arrests. scores of others ran toward downtown oakland smashing this window of wells fargo at 2040 franklin. the pipe wrench still embedded in the glass. atm machines were smashed as well and at 17 than broadway this fire was set allegedly by protesters. so i second unlawful assembly was called. this time officers used their motorcycles. to forcefully pushed the protesters out of downtown oakland. backup live topper five it had a 70 then broadway at this very moment we talked about officers using the motorcycles to play to push protestors down broadway. we've seen our some of
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those protesters assembled in that area. oakland police are announcing that as of this hour there have been 23 arrests the tallis to of them have been for felony assault on a police officer. to also for arson or attempted arson. hawes of all the good news is there is no injuries were civilians robert lyles and oakland thank you very much there is widely supported the bay area for the occupied movements squeeze of people tonight about a quarter of those who supported the movement when i first started say that they are not against it. as far as the police response more than a third of those polled say it has been just right. and on the day of protest thing over with worker rights while street's rally. the dow closed today that its highest level since 2007. also in the news today federal government investigated teams in boston teammate terrorist plot
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and an unlikely place clevelands. the five suspects all born and raised in the u.s. are self-described anarchist. agents say they tried to blow up a highway bridge about 50 mi. south of cleveland. they bought what turned out to be phony explosives from undercover agents. replaced the two ids and the base of the concrete support color. and attempted to remotely debt in it that the devices. agents swooped in and arrested them. the men had been involved in the occupied clevelands movements. but tonight's occupied berlin says it had nothing at all to do with the plots. it has been years since u.s. forces killed a some of the line. and tonight the talent and mark the anniversary by blowing up a car and cobble killing at least six people. this latest attack happened a few hours after president of, ended a secret mission to afghanistan. crazily on the picture the president painted. it was a
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risky move arriving at the afghanistan on the anniversary of osama bin laden staff president of bomb landed secretly in the dark he acknowledges that it is a some of the bonds actions that started the war in afghanistan. we traveled to more than a decade in the cloud of war. and here in the pre-dawn darkness of afghanistan can see the lights of a new day on the horizon. the rock war is over, the number of our troops in harm's way have been has been cut in half. and more will soon be coming home. earlier in the day president obama's signed a strategic agreement outlining what role the u.s. will take heart are he says will withdraw #23,000 troops this summer. but still have an important mission to complete. and not keep americans in
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harm's way a single day longer than is absolutely required for our national security. but we must finish the job restarted and afghanistan. and end this war responsibly. after his meeting president obama's the american troops. he told them while he couldn't be prouder of them hebraists them for potential heartbreak and pain while they serve in the war zone. we spoke with brandon curtis says the president really has three messages. one that he is a strong commander-in-chief, that is important during an election year. he is also a reassuring the afghan people that have a long-term commitment there and he is signalling to rockeye that we're not leaving yes. gristly cbs five. it doesn't get much riskier than sending the president and towards own. u.s. planes landing and afghanistan perform a corkscrew style landing. taking sharp turns and turning banks to
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avoid keep seeking missiles. president boarded a heavily armed helicopter for the half- hour ride to cobble with apache gunships escorting him. time on the ground was kept to a minimum. the house caught fire in san jose killing a mother and critically injuring her husband and son. tonight we have learned a house had a smoke detector but the batteries may have been dead. the fire swept through the four units town home on were filled way in san jose early this morning neighbor's bank and its other stores to try to wake everyone up. my husband's son and i can now to to see the smoke. this month became more and more intense even before you saw the flames. did waves investigators are still looking into possible cause. tonight an extraordinary increase in the number of californians to have signed up to become organ donors. think this book. elizabeth cup on a program on the few hours old that is
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already wildly that successful. you can look and a lot about a person by just looking at their face that is updated december was at dinner time line and a life events and the health and on this type. and you click on the organ donor and are directed to the organ donor registry. since market is of urgent and now set up did this morning in number of people who signed up this morning went up by 800 percent. he says he got the idea in part through dinner conversations with his comments didn't girlfriend in his friendship with apple founder steve jobs that a liver transplant. right now more than 100,000 americans are waiting for an organ and nearly 7000 may die this year waiting. elizabeth cook cbs five. a locked up and screaming for help for days, the uc students who says he was forgotten in jail and left without food or water.
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in a checked bag. there were no explosives, nor detonators. they asked the woman and her explanation was that she was attending a explosives demonstration. agents confiscated those mines and that woman was allowed to rebut on later flights. did ways he says it is like a lot to my country with a key. a uc students says he was hauled off to jail and left there for five days without food or water as adrienne more towards the student says he screamed for help but daniel chiang was convinced he was going to die after he says he was left hand captain said a federal holding cell for nearly five days without food or water. i had to do what i had to do to survive. i sat in my own urine. they detained species didn't after an ecstasy rate tables on the first where he didn't commit he was smoking marijuana he sees 18,000 ecstasy
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tells weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition he says john was one of nine people questioned in separate rooms and all claims the holding cells or felt the and founded bat of meth and that inside he later used its to stay awake. he screams out hundreds of times for help. he began to dig into walls, thinking that he could get water that way. after three days he became desperate. broke his glasses with this team then tried to kill myself. this is an s and it black. it's like a star among but it couldn't cite give up on that one. eventually he was found and taken to hospital. now they will claim pending he wants to make sure this never happens again. people in this particular case are responsible should be held responsible. the dea is investigating
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and still-unclear if he will face in a criminal charges connected to the original drug raid. he is trying to do a good deed, but bart has fired a station agent on his 66th birthday even. the agency is out of a job because he gave a friend a 16 year-old grandson bar tickets. the teenager was struggling to pay to get from the east bay to san francisco charter school. so even unused tickets decameters left behind devastation. we spoke with the agent after word got out about his to give the nation. did we did a great thing for somebody. i know. centel's the chronicle newspaper that he will appeal the decision through his union. for generations now people have flocked to california's gold country hoping to strike it rich. just in the last week fell at thousands have headed to the hills but this time they're not looking for gold. people from as
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far away as australia had descended it on the tiny town of lotus. after a woman found a 17 g media right there. me right. she was walking her dog was abundantly park it came from that meet your that blew up in the atmosphere a few weekends ago. it is between four and 6 billion years old. i was lucky unless it was good, it was sitting there like an easter egg. i am not a rock hounds, and not a geologist for astronomers. her media right could be worth $20,000. if she does decide to sell it she says first she wants to take it to her son's school for show and tell. it is the fastest-growing health and fitness workout in the world is supposed to help you sleep better, i believe stress, even improve your sex life. but before you rollout that purple you'll amass dr. campbell held take any luck at
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what this ancient practice really can and cannot do. and the one on not wanted results. and are stressed out was that overloaded it overwhelms the world. a growing number of americans are choosing to unplug with yoga. this is like the one time many a day you give something back yourself. any slowdown. did police more than 20 million people in the u.s. practice yoga. is a great workout. it gets into my body. i just started doing yoga because i had a neck pain. the developer plans live up to the hype? take and take runs in breath there is good news and some bad news. there is this mystique of perfection you lead your indeed down on a yacht, and somehow you pentagon to this path of spirituality. this near times
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journalist a serious look at the science of yoga to reveal what is real and what's not. the of ways there is lots of evidence he says that yet release stress and in that way benefit in the cards by lowering blood pressure. blood sugar and cholesterol. as wonderful career cardiovascular system all of that spinal flexing bending and stretching might also benefit your back. the upgrades to is your rights. the movements may help to better deliver nutrients to the is this 6 and that made by its final deteriorations. and there is more by lowering stress there is cutting heads evidence that suggests that it can link in the life span of individual cells in your body. and in that way yoga may act as an anti-aids in tonic add to that a boost your sex life. certain poses baker and increase blood flow to the pelvis. there are pretty interesting logical result of that. clearly testosterone levels go up. now the bad news. with yoga you run the risk of actually
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passing on a few pounds. did we give for sure will help you or your metabolism. studies show how yoga can lower metabolism by 8 percent in men and 18 percent in women. that means if you keep the same number of calories he will gain weight. another method you that is so robust as the only exercise unique. you can get your heart going fast but even sell it is not a fast enough to meet even the minimal aerobic recommendations. so for all of you young lovers. of tilbury balance in my body. to achieve more balance consider adding some aerobics your routine. dr. kim cbs five. did ways because he says even if you practice a more vigorous style of yoga evidence shows you are not getting a good cardiovascular workout. to take a good look at this is the embarcadero where we do have clear skies over the bay bridge by this time tomorrow
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night's we will have cloudless skies. and the rain ended in the skies. and the rain ended in the seven day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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skies. and the rain ended in the seven day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities who call the bay area home. from funding that helped a local entrepreneur start a business... to providing grants to a nonprofit which offers job training and placement... and supporting an organization working to help the environment. because the more we do in the bay area, the more we help make opportunity possible.
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and abetting the kick started this month of may on a cooler notes in fact seeking < right now clear skies as the look at for the transamerica building but we dropped off significantly. in comparison to last day of april at least 50 degrees cooler today in livermore. 30 degrees cooler in concord. tomorrow afternoon is increasing cloud cover and then by thursday we start to notice the rain moving into the far reaches of the north bay. it gradually surges in a southerly direction and and should be able to get that giant afternoon baseball game and the looks like we'll have some live as its agents also said the shield of clouds well located to the north of the day area and that is a cold front right there. it wants to bring as a little bit of light precipitation right it has divided the coast otherwise
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present continuing and will be sending a small morning with the increasing clouds during the afternoon and then we have the chance of rain showers other kids for forecast on thursday. tonight's overnight into the forties and fifties mar we're talking about numbers coming down additional pulling taking place if these and '60s and the beaches on the peninsula from belmont to millbrae and to set the south have been discussed and to a low in mid-60s. seven easily, across the san clara valley west and northwest winds to the 20 east of the day at the low seventies and fifties to the '60s to the low '70's in the northern portion of our district the extended forecast as called for a transition day on friday and did not will set the stage for warmer conditions over the weekend to all the way through about this time next week. that is why pinpoint forecasts was up in sports? did we get of the weather. the raiders have a new husband of a quarterback and mass cane comes up gigabytes to the offense coming up next. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, new one of
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baseball's big spenders this off-season but their arrival in san francisco have been lost
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eight of their past nine. but don't expect the manager of the genes to coal, and team meet anytime soon. did we send a note. at a talk to those guys today i want to fight with them. daddy came on the mound for one to nothing in a fit 22 year-old but one of the in wireless didn't have the second homer of the year giants had the bases loaded in the eighth buys us suppose the grounds into the inning ended and a double play the marlins went to one the same server came as one and two with a 2.35 earned run average. remember that song plays come to boston in the springtime? not when it's 45 degrees tuesday night? i do remember the sound. it was called in april. hitting this one 81 that there is. 21 base hit the a's had a course nothing lead your parker was paid one spot ahead of madison baumgartner in the 2007 draft and nice. in his third career
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start to give up one run and six and two-thirds because first career when the a's beat the red sox 5 to 3. please come to boston. the nfl raiders signed quarterback matt liners to back up his fellow u.s. the lawn. and dave law and saying please come to boston. anyway it there's a new quarterback matt a minor who will back up cars and polymer may be. jack nicholson knows the first team to win for moves on. the lakers are halfway there against the nuggets kobe bryant at 38. but late in the fourth he sets up and true for the jam the lakers when one of four to 182 nothing seriously. was he when he wondered? i have to give my head to the tuesday night top five. he adds with the bulls by 25 the seven have to leave the series in chicago dot is in its first game without mbb there
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grows. don kelly is the only active player to of played every position in the majors the you know that? he says it to left field the tigers beat the royals. if your going to show off to better show up. jos meth he better keep practicing on that number as the celtics but the hawks. members to gentry the hard way that is why they call it a warning track because it goes full speed into the wall. i try the economy for winning an emmy? i plan on doing the same thing when can bastide wins an emmy award for mobile 5. you were brilliant today with the bricks line 3 random 11 idealism same. that was fun. he did did that to charles barkley because he never won a championship not in college now in the nba. he,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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