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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 3, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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would-be robber pulled open the door, save a little police. the robber allegedly had a gun in hand. he then reached for a gun that police say he kept near by inside of the store. he was apparently quicker on the draw than his bold burglar. firing at least once, killing that would be robber. witnesses say that he has been on edge since late last year when he was robbed and almost identical fashion. >> someone tried to rob the store when you're go and i spoke to the owner after it happened and he said he got two shots topos, he thinks he may have hit the man but they never found a guy. >> when mrs. go on to say that they have a two or three year- old son that traditionally spends the day here inside of the store with his parents. those witnesses believe that he was trying to protect his family. back out here live, it is unclear if the man behind the
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counter right now is in fact the man, were part of the crime investigation scene that is here. they arrived here just about 30 minutes ago. the witness, or the individual that you heard minutes ago says that in addition to the shooting here, at most of the residents in this area and know that crime is on the increase and they also say that they know that there are very few police officers. he goes on to say that many in this area are packing guns. and he admits that he is. again, the individuals involved, at least a family members, are being interviewed by vallejo police. no indication that there are suspects or have been arrested on any charges. >> tonight a bay area scientist is dead, killed by a rare infectious diseases. the 25 year-old was studying a deadly bacteria at the v.a. hospital in san fransisco. he became sixth and only hours later was debt. kristin harris is here with how
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health officials have been scrambling to figure this out. >> that is right, doctors are telling us that he was an accomplished scientist who routinely wore a biohazard hood according to protocol, when he was working with some of these strains. but somehow he still became infected and it likely happen on the job. richard dent had been studying bacteria in the laboratories at seventh disco v.a. medical center for just six months when the symptoms started last week. >> he probably did not feel that bad when he went to sleep, and it got worse overnight. >> overnight he got like symptoms and a rash on his body. friends rushed him back here to the v.a. medical center but was too late. he collapsed and died a few hours later. >> no one in the laboratory thought he had been sloppy or that there was any evidence of this bill. >> still the chief of infectious disease at the v.a. medical center believes that he contracted a rare blood infection while working here. the strain of bacteria he was
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studying causes manager cockle disease, even with treatment, 10 to 15 percent of victims die. >> it is a horrible infection but the good news is that for anyone that was exposed to him, a single dose of an antibiotic is virtually 100 percent effective in preventing getting sick and no one else has gotten sick. >> 10 people that live or work with him were given antibiotics along with dozens of health care workers. al cal osha is investigating whether the hospital followed proper safety protocol. he says any danger to the public has been taking care of. >> the most important thing is that i think it is virtually impossible for anyone to have an infection from this particular patient. >> again, that's because dr. say that administered antibiotics to everyone who came in contact with him. the laboratory has now been shut down, and it will be open to investigators were trying to figure out how this happened.
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>> thank you. now for more information about how the bacteria is carried, and contracted, go to, click on the story on the front page. >> a bay area crime ring in ruins tonight after federal agents dismantled it bit by bit in a series of daring pre-dawn raids. the dust has now settled in 19 people are facing charges. three agents recovering from gunshot wounds. they were heard in a raid that rocked a quiet neighborhood in petaluma this morning. one of nearly a dozen in the bay area sweep connected to a string of violent crimes on the peninsula. joe vasquez in south san francisco where some of the worst crimes went down. >> the feds told us in a news conference that they conducted 11 raids across the bay area. they're going after to street gangs. a 500 block gang and the sea street gang that is a work together to terrorize communities here in the peninsula. >> the violence must stop.
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>> u.s. attorney says the bus today was part of a larger operation to put a total of 19 people behind bars. gang members and their leaders were recently indicted in federal court are charged ranging from racketeering to murder. they're responsible for a lot of man here in the peninsula. >> among the of violence that they inflicted upon their communities was four attempted murders in daly city, on december 18, 2010, and three murders and four attempted murders in south san francisco on december 22nd. >> this morning more violence, the wounding of three federal agents. >> there were multiple shots. >> the shootings happened during a pre-dawn raid in petaluma. federal immigration agents were joined by local law enforcement as well as south san francisco police to serve what they're calling a high risk federal warrant. at this house. they made one arrest, but three
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agents were shot and wounded in the process. the first shots rang out around 4:00 a.m.. >> these agents were wounded when they encountered a barrage of gunfire from an assault rifle during the execution of a search and arrest warrants. >> the central crime of the warrants is a triple murder here in south san francisco in december 2010. four of the suspects now in federal custody face the death penalty for their part in those murders. >> the feds have a lot of resources that we do not. we have knowledge of local gang members, and working together, we came to a very good conclusion. >> those three federal agents that were shot are recovering. according to the feds, they have non-life threatening injuries. >> ok, thank you. >> san jose police calling it an unprovoked attack. and a greater beat to death on a basketball court. the brutal attack happened friday night in roosevelt park. len ramirez is here with the
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roadblock that investigators are facing. >> it is a difficult investigation for the police department because very few people have come forward and they know that there are witnesses to this killing that happen right out here on the basketball courts last friday night around 7:00 p.m.. that is when police say that the 14 year-old and his father came to the park here in downtown san jose from their home in south san jose. while the father was in a different area of the park police say the 14 year-old was jumped by several people and beaten severely. he died two days later of head injuries. friends at his middle school say that he was not a gang member and are saddened by this very senseless killing. >> he came up to me and started hanging out from that point, every day we would meet up and hang out. >> what was it like when you found out that he had died? >> i was devastated because i just saw on friday and i cannot believe that he would be gone. >> police are asking anyone that
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was in the area around 7:00 p.m. when the attack happened, to give them a call. they want to stress that people can give tips to the police department anonymously. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez cbs 5. >> a school administrator under arrest accused of sexual assault on a minor. he is vice principal at the high school in san jose, arrested at the school yesterday. investigators say that he had sexual contact with the victim of school property, in september 2011. a young oakland boy undergoing preventative treatment after parking his finger on the use a syringe at a school playground. the boys found a syringe in a dirt attach a high limit children's center, he stopped himself but then brought a syringe, and his pocket. his mother took him to the hospital when she found out what happened. his grandmother was shocked by what went on. >> this is a school. and the kids, they are the future.
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>> the boys in tested for hiv and hepatitis but the family will not know the results for six months. >> computer models are spot on today. nailing the weather and the rain totals. up to 12 100th of an inch of rain in the bay area. live radar placing light precipitation. we will try to zero in on it around highway 13. a little bit of light rain showers leftover upstream to the north's around polk valley. the change now for the weekend that you need to know about, in the pinpoint forecasts. >> first their businesses were damaged by violent protesters. then they were threatened with fines from the city. we'll tell you what happened when there story went public. >> getting to know yourself inside and out. the new movement that people swear by. >> begin to it through a telephone or ipad to read >> you have probably never seen anything like this. why a,,
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>> >> stocks were down today, but things are looking up on the jobs front. new unemployment claims fell by 27,000 last week. the biggest drop in three months. but economists say it is too soon to tell if it is the beginning of a long downward on employment trend. other bay area headlines. firefighters say that $4 from a burning building in martina's this morning. it happened on sutter avenue just south of highway 4. flames destroyed two units and damaged several others. no one knows how it started. it was like adding insult to injury for san fransisco businesses damaged in the monday night riots.
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soon after boarding up their businesses, they were tagged with graffiti. but what released on was the notice that came from the city warning a property management company that they needed to clean up the graffiti or face fines. the city has since reversed that order. and just minutes ago the district attorney announced that five people will face charges for the vandalism. >> a game 20 years in the making. after being rained out a family from portland came back to san fransisco to watch the giants' game that they never got to finish. mike sugerman shows us that they almost got rain out again. >> the skies were angry as the giants' game approached. cloudy, it was actually raining. >> it is raining, but not like seattle. >> they thought that it might have brought the wet weather with them but what they did bring with them or tickets to a giants game, although it was back in 1992 when it really did rain. it was rained out. >> they gave us rain checks, so
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we're back now 20 years later, finally going to see the giants. i hope it does not rain. >> 20 year-old rain checks, are they still good? they went to the ticket office with the story, the giants had never heard this before. >> a family of four, for rain checks ... >> their policy was not encouraging, rain checks are good for the year of the rain out, not 20 years later. >> it was such a stretch, that is why the box office manager thought they deserved it, if they kept the dickens this long they deserve the chance to come to the game tonight. >> ok, they were in the nosebleed section and it were wet, but they were in the park and they did have a great view. certainly a better view than it would have gotten back in 1992. that was candlestick park, remember? you would think it was will clark but you could hardly see from up here.
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>> what i remember about it is that half of the fans had their shirts off on one side and the other half had parkas on. >> than the rain came, it took 20 years the the got a much better deal. ieven if it was a little less. >> calling, going, gone. the new art auction record set by the sale this famous painting. >> when his parents wanted a better night's sleep they became part of a growing movement how,,
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>> in the information overload society, some people still cannot get enough. tonight you'll meet people, you could call them body hackers, the use wireless gadgets to
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measure almost everything about themselves from sleep, to sex, to blood pressure. here's dr. kim with what they're doing with all this information. >> almost everything we do in the digital age generates data. and the idea here is to tap into your own stream of personal data to take yourself into your own hands. >> this family looks at life differently, from the swing in the living room ... to the treadmill for the desk. but no where to parents joe and lisa look more difference than in their bedroom. >> if i have only seven hours to get sleeping i want it to be the best sleeping. >> at night they track their sleep cycles, the head and measures brain waves sending the data to a base station. in the morning they can see their deep sleep, rem sleep, even if they wake up in the middle of the night. which prompts a new experiment. >> did she wake me up, did i
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wake her up? the answer to that question, we have a newly installed camera. >> and overhead camera will record one-minute worth of video any time it detects motion. >> if it turns out that one person is always the person waking up and we never one else up, and the solution would probably be around that person, trying to help them get a deeper sleep. >> they're part of a rapidly growing movement where personal everyday activities are routinely tracked and measured using the latest in digital technology. it is called quantify itself. >> there's definitely a geeked appeal. >> the eclectic group includes technology geeks and fitness freaks as well as hard-core scientists. members are united in a deep and abiding interest in themselves. the idea is that instead of hacking into computers, you happen to your own body. using a smart-phone, mobile applications, and any number of
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wireless devices. the goal is to fine tune and improve your life. >> we are taking advantage of all these new technologies to learn more about ourselves. >> patti reising beat up in san fransisco, they gather to share experiences. the movement began with a handful of people. now there are chapters around the world. in the crowd, this man. >> i think society would benefit if we were all more difficult. >> he developed a internet application, using testing you can hack into your own brain and see that conditions that use your performance. >> yoga, meditation, exercise, chocolate, they all claim to influence our minds but we can learn exactly how they do this. >> well you might think it is a little too much, and these guys are crazy, listen to what a physician has to say. >> i much more in control, i think about my own health. >> he has used technology to track and sell for roughly one
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year. blood pressure and weight and sleep and diet and exercise are sent wirelessly into a digital data base. by analyzing the patterns he dropped 15 lbs. and discovered houseleek affected his headaches. >> what i started to see that there are people with real medical problems " where this tracking could be very helpful. >> he tracked his blood pressure and saw it going higher so he changed his behavior. >> i am completely more normal and happier and more relaxed. >> a change that he says he can count on. >> you can count on this. self tracking has generated a huge market for gadgets and applications. this device cracks pistons and calories burned as well as how many hours you sleep. it automatically since the data any time your near your computer. it is now part of corporate wellness programs at a variety of high-tech and health cos. >> lemonti love that story but e
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to tell you that i've a hard time just figuring out how to change the time on the clock in my car, i do not think i could do all that. but the one thing we will watch change is the weather. after tonight when we still have some stray shower said. let's zero in to see that we have a little bit of leftover precipitation right they're also broadway avenue in oakland. also this road right here. and then across the north bay, hit or miss scattered showers leaning over to spanish flats. and now, what we have developing, is an area of fog along the coast. this is a live weather camera from the transamerica building looking out to san fransisco where we had a high of 64 which is spot on for this time of year. numbers into the 60s right now except for santa rosa. it was unseasonably cool across the northern half of the district. today on a mostly sunny skies into the '40's and 50 degrees in oakland. we're going to play along at home.
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you watch the futurecast, and you see that the rain is diminishing. but we do have areas of fog and mid and high-level clouds for the leftover funds. and then tomorrow for your friday high pressure is building in and as it does we clear out and have sunshine and some cheers respond. this is the scene at the golden gate bridge warehouse a lowering ceiling. right now delays at sfo, 2 hours 26 minutes on some arriving flights. mostly cloudy tonight and tomorrow sunny and bright. but windy. sunny and warmer weekend on tap. up to the low seventies in the santa clara valley. northwest was between 10 and 20 m.p.h.. gusting to 30 and highest elevations. also 71 degrees in sonoma. the extended forecast calls for the mistake this weekend to occur on sunday. and then notice monday when you have to go back to work and back to school. play hooky. nearly 86 degrees. that is the point forecast.
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>> uc-berkeley students getting praise from his engineering professors on the trick out high-tech dorm room. but as patrick reports, the rest of the university will come down hard on him. >> the lights off ... >> you probably never seen a dorm room like this. >> derrick has tricked out his room to look like a disco. all with a few hundred dollars' worth of equipment. >> the strobe light is coming on! >> everything is controlled wirelessly. you can do it through a telephone or an ipad. >> why did he do this? he wanted to see how far he could go with wireless technology before the end of the semester. >> i told myself to get this done by the time i have to move out. >> the video has receive 600,000 hits on youtube. >> creativity and experimentation, that is what a good engineering student does. not so fast as uc-berkeley.
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>> we will have a meeting with him tomorrow. >> he says that derek is maybe pushing the electrical envelops. >> we looked at his website where he talked about how we put the room together, and he had pictures of exposed electrical wiring which was lives. because on like our house is, he is unable to shut off the circuit breaker to turn power off. >> that as far as building engineers are concerned. but academically? >> my professors love it. i'm getting extra credit for this. >> his dorm room is now the envy of everyone. >> it was amazing. i was pretty impressed. i wish that my room could do that. >> it is simple technology that has been around for 20 years but i do not think it has gotten mainstream. and it is pretty cheap. >> you might think mainstream? >> maybe. just maybe. >> reporting from berkeley, cbs 5. $120 million can buy a lot of anything. or just one famous painting.
6:26 pm
the iconic painting the scream thatch that world record amount from an unknown buyer last night. this version was one of four painted between 1893 and 1910. of course one of the best known images in modern art. the other three are in norway. >> inside of the mind of osama bin laden, when a trove of never before seen letters reveal about what the al qaeda leader was planning. >> slapped with a $16,000 cellphone bill. the expensive lesson one u.s. air man learned while serving his country. >> we're going to have a foreclosure drought. >> music to the ears for those on the brink of losing their homes. why some banks are holding off ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> >> it is being described as the biggest cachet of terrorist material ever obtained by a the united states. and it came straight from the mind of osama bin laden. newly declassified documents reveal the al qaeda leader struggled to keep his global geoid from crumbling.
6:30 pm
and as manuel gallegus shows us, it also reveals a hit list reaching all the way to the white house. >> right up until the end, osama bin laden was plotting terror. a collection of letters from his final hide out shows that he wanted to target airplanes carrying president barack obama. he said that killing him automatically would make joe biden take over the presidency for the remainder of the term. he described the vice-president as totally unprepared for the job. former deputy director of national intelligence and cbs news senior correspondent john miller was the last western journalist to interview him. >> i think in the end he was struggling to figure out what al qaeda was at that point. >> the navy seals who killed osama bin laden when your go gathered the documents from his compound in pakistan. 17 of the letters are now declassified and posted on an army website. they show osama bin laden also wanted to go after the war
6:31 pm
commander general david petraeus. he wrote " killing him would alter the words . and you worry about this function within al qaeda, fretting about losing trust among radical muslims. >> and you can see him struggling for control, struggling for relevance. " who are we and what we mean? ". the military says the most compelling revelation is his frustration at failing to maintain control over the crumbling network of the hot. >> to campaign 2012, one of mitt romney's former rivals is now in his corner. michele bock manned endorsed mitt romney today at an event in virginia. she dropped out of the race in january. however she remains a favorite among conservatives. >> we must elect mitt romney as the next president of the united states! >> congressmen with shell bachman, what a powerful leader in the party? >> since newt gingrich dropped
6:32 pm
out of the race for the white house yesterday, mitt romney has one rival left and that is ron paul. president barack obama officially kicks off his reelection campaign this weekend with events in virginia and ohio. >> former president bill clinton says that one of the best things america could do for the economy is to ease up on emigration. that is one of the topics he tackled today at the annual bay area council al conference in san jose where he was the featured speaker. >> i think it is a big mistake, this whole anti-immigration stance we have been on. i mean, in the first place, a mexican emigration is going down, not all because we made it tougher to get in. but because the rewards are getting here is not as great. >> business, economy, and politics, this conference draws top leaders every year. today's roster of speakers also
6:33 pm
included former secretary of state condoleezza rice. governor jerry brown and several bay area business leaders. it is one of the most hotly anticipated stock offerings ever. and today we are learning that facebook is raising its ipo price. the social media giant said a price range of 28 to $35 per share. that price will value facebook at just under $100 billion. >> recent numbers show that home foreclosures in the bay area are dropping, significantly. tonight a closer look at why that is happening and why may not continue and what is to come is the number start to rise again? >> we're going to have a foreclosure drought. >> a bold prediction that could be poetry to people teetering on the brink of losing their home. >> it has been heading down since late 2008. banks no longer have to get foreclosures off their books quickly and it can account for them differently which means that they're in no hurry to foreclose despite what some
6:34 pm
people may believe. >> in this case seeing is believing. he says that banks are keeping some foreclosures off the market and hold off on the foreclosure process on others for now. he says that home inventories going down and interest rates are at record lows. demand is up and even prices are edging higher. >> lots of numbers bounce around from month to month and we are a third of the way back to what the world used to look like before any of us even with housing bubble was. the bay area is getting back to normal faster than much of the country. we will see sales moving slowly back to normal levels over the next few years and the defaults and foreclosures are also coming down. the question is whether the foreclosure drought will last. some experts say that it is political pressure that is holding off the bulk of foreclosures for the nearly half a million californians who are not making their own payments. >> we have a lot people underwater on their homes, we have a lot people making their payments better not get in foreclosures. >> he says that americans are still holding nearly 10 trillion
6:35 pm
dollars in mortgage debt. nearly double what we owed 10 years ago. those numbers could dim the light at the end of the tunnel of this economic downturn. >> one of the important things for people to understand is that the current housing market is an artificial housing market. we have an unprecedented low interest rates only made possible by government intervention. no private person would learn for 30 years at this point interest rate. and i think it will still reach have a sunday. >> another economic indicator, rent is going up. analysts say that there is strong demand created by people getting jobs of those people cannot yet afford to buy a house. if you're on a story idea log onto and click on connects and then scroll down to send me an e-mail. >> was it a case of animal abuse or just an accident? where this dog was found tied up and in danger? why an animal expert believes the outcome would have been different if it were not a pitbull. >> a service man ended up with,,
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>> >> pitbulls are some of the most likely animals to be abused. tonight wanted all recovering in a shelter in antioch after being found tied to train tracks. >> georgia is the newest residents of the antioch animal shelter. but how she got here as many people shaking their heads. on wednesday the shelter got a call from a residence that the female pitbull was chained to a set of railroad tracks behind a home in north antioch. when officers arrived at >> she tried to walk towards me but that was pulled back by all of the change in roles that she was attached to. >> georgia is pretty healthy and was wearing a flea collar and an expensive harness. the shelter's manager things that someone other than the
6:39 pm
owner may have changed the dog up. she hopes that it was not a sadistic method of killing the animal. >> i would like to think it was not malicious. just because there was quite a bit of chain on the dog. there is trees and a sense. >> whether you are free to pitbulls, the fact is they do have a bad reputation and the people at the shelter say that it is that bad reputation that makes these animals the most likely to be abused. they believe the dog would have been treated much differently if it had been, say, a golden retriever. >> because people are afraid to go get georgia off of the tracks. where if it was a golden retriever, people would say " oh my god, there is a golden on the train track ". >> last week an appeals court ruled that the bulls are inherently dangerous to people. after what happened to georgia, the people here are wondering if the reverse may be true as well. in antioch, john lantos, cbs 5.
6:40 pm
>> an air man that serve his country overseas was shocked to get a $16,000 cellphone bill after coming home to the united states. on the consumer watch, julie watts explains why he is not the first service member to be hit with such a surprise. >> he is serving overseas and has a cellphone carrier in qualm but after using his cell phone here well and for the holidays, he learned an expensive lesson that is important for anyone with a smart-phone. >> i am very proud of him, he went through basic training with flying colors. >> a proud father looks back at a rare visit with his son over the holidays. station in guam, he did not think twice about using his smart-phone while home on leave. >> caught he said that they did go on u2, and some other sites. >> after getting back on days he called home upset over his $16,000 bill. his carrier says that he burned through over 1 million kilobytes in just six days, the company charges 1ยข per kilobyte for data
6:41 pm
use in the united states, hence the $16,000 bill. >> i was floored. it just in rage me. >> people do not really understand how much data they are actually eating up. >> c-net says that is a lot of data to use in just six days but it is possible and it is more common than you might think. before traveling abroad you should always check with your carrier. or put your phone in airplane mode so that you do not use any that at all. if you need that by an international plan and use wi-fi or you can. jordan was able to lower his bill to $4,900 but he and his father still question whether he really is that much that. i see any says he did and when it became aware of the excessive charges, day " immediately notify the customer and suspended the service on the same day, to prevent them from occurring additional charges ". they could not lower his bill anymore. but the next time he comes home,
6:42 pm
perry has a plan. >> not use the cell phone at all. i'll just get a tin can and spring. >> by october all major carriers have agreed to start alerting you when you are about to incur over ridges. and keep in mind that even if you don't check e-mail or web sites, smart phones have programs that are using data even when you are not on the phone. if you have a consumer problem and give us a call. ore head to watch. >> from the weather center, with our eye on the weekend, we had to the high sierra where beginning with tomorrow, skies are clearing out after the rain today and the '50s with lots of sunshine over the weekend. alpine meadows, yes, open for saturday and sunday. sugar bowl says to check out the kids camera. and squaw valley is open year- round. we will have your local and when forecast but first yours than us. >> a bakery in the dominican and a football player in santa rosa. it's surprising connection is,,,
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6:46 pm
>> it is becoming a nasty problem. geese are taking over one bay area park and has done four shows us, it is not the geese that are the problem, it is what they leave behind. >> at morgan park in redwood city, goose droppings are almost everywhere it that you stepped. like many parts in the bay area, canadian geese have taken over. he owns the pet waste removal company. >> a 20 gal. cannot, so we're probably sitting at 35 gal. of dedication. >> it is raining but they're spending a day picking up goose droppings for free, he says it is his way of giving back to the community. canadian geese are living year- round here. it they excrete a lot. >> they do 2 lbs. per day. they eat the grass and defecate, the problem is that the e. coli gets washed out of their system.
6:47 pm
>> that e. coli sometimes ends up in the waterway is creating algae blooms during warm weather. >> i don't like to bring the kids here. or any part where there are a lot of peace. >> canadian geese naturally return to the place where they were born and this brings lots of geese who had hatched right here, they now seem to be quite comfortable. this man and his friends play cricket but need to stay on the artificial surface. >> on the grass cannot play because there is a lot of droppings on the grass. >> it is clean your shoes off when you get home ... >> once they move in there's not a lot you can do. these geese are protected by a federal bird act. in redwood city, don ford, cbs 5. >> a difficult issue for many cities. how to get pet owners to clean up after their dogs. one city in mexico offering a unique solution. special bins have been set up in 10 parts in mexico city. owners that deposit waste in the
6:48 pm
bins are rewarded with free wi- fi. the more the owners put in, the more minutes they get. >> you have to love that. good evening everyone. highs in the bay area today ranging from 59 degrees, to 69 degrees in gilroy. so far up to 18 100th of an inch of rain. this is the live high-definition radar and we will zoom in on a stray shower right there. just between 123 and highway 13. also in the eastern portion of the bay area. between san ramon and the castro valley we had a block of precipitation around crow canyon road. and we have the fog that has been developing along the coast. it was moving in toward the city but is now backing off as you have a colder air mass silvering in over the warmer land mass. temperatures in the 66% derosa. unseasonably cool north of the bay bridge today. tonight temperatures '40's and
6:49 pm
50's. and we still have a south wind between five and 50 m.p.h.. delays at sfo on some arriving flights, two hours and 26 minutes. this area of low pressure brought rain all away from british columbia, through the pacific northwest, trailing off into the northern portion of california. high pressure is building in and that pressure between the two will be so windy tomorrow. northwestern between 10 and 20. there you have a fog filling in in the golden gate bridge. mostly cloudy tonight. sunny and bright but windy for your friday. an extended forecast calls for less win over the weekend and more sunshine and higher temperatures. '50s and '60s along the beaches. south san francisco into millbury, low to mid '60's. low seventies, across the santa clara valley. 30 and mt. diablo in the east bay. 71 degrees in brentwood and tracy and oakley. 68 degrees in santa rosa. mill valley will be partly
6:50 pm
cloudy in the low 60s. the extended forecast calls for the one state this weekend to occur on sunday. otherwise the sun is shining. look at monday, 86 degrees at inland areas. this weekend i will be the emcee at the real life for,,
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>> part of the reason the giants won the world series two years ago is that they stayed relatively injury free. but today paulo sound of all joined a growing list of stars on the disabled list. he broke a bone in his left hand and he will go under the knife tomorrow. he thinks the break occurred in sunday's game against the padres. he was in some discomfort but stayed in that game. he was well enough to hit a home run and is next came on tuesday. but he was in a lot pain last night and left after this at that in the sixth inning. he broke the hambone. they expect to be without their hitter for four to six weeks. >> it is definitely something that we have been throw. and we need to find a way. in no, to win some games, so
6:54 pm
that we can get him back. >> i cannot replace that guy, that is reality. there are very few people that you can replace here. >> here's a look at the action. five contributors to the 2010 championship team. sandoval, sanchez, brian wilson, and how all those losses affecting the team? clearly they have fallen and cannot get up against the florida marlins. brennan crawford had two more errors today. this one lead to a marlon's run. the giants' 28 errors second in the major leagues. another big problem is the ability to come up with a big hit. he popped out with runners at second and third in the giants failed to score. it today with runners in scoring position. still 2/1 in the eighth. it is jose rest babysit past two pitcher clay henley, that drives in the game-winning run. the giants swept by miami 3/2 for the final. >> we need to raise the
6:55 pm
intensity level a little bit. we need to play. ucd intensity in the past couple of innings but we need to do that from start to finish. >> we need to compete with what we have and we believe we have enough. >> the johnson not the only ones dealing with injuries. . new york yankee closer heard while shagging balls during batting practice. his knee buckled and he came crashing down the wall. the 42 year-old had to be carted off through the bullpen tunnel. many colleges asking high-school students to list their extracurricular activities. but one senior needs only one, his story is . >>. >> i think i wanted to leave my mark somewhere. >> cortland kolmar is an all empire football player and a senior body president. but what is 18 year-old from santa rosa is most proud of is a project that he created 3,500 mi. away in the dominican
6:56 pm
republic. he traveled to santo domingo to make a difference at this girls orphanage. >> when i got there, it was like it was a completely different world. puc a five year-old girl taking care of a naked to year-old boy. and it is something that is not what i'm used to. i'm looking at where these girls come from, and i had to pick something that would benefit them the most. >> on his first trip in april 2011 he decided that he wanted to build the orphanage in its own bakery. a bakery would provide a way to feed their children and teach the girls food-service skills. he came back to the united states with the goal of raising $85,000. >> we did a fund raiser at a winery, a very nice place. they donated space and the line. and basically we got everything donated for the event, so we were working at cross and that event raised just over $40,000.
6:57 pm
>> he exceeded his goal of raising 90,000 hours. he went back this february for the grand reopening of the bakery and it was an experience he will never forget. >> the kitchen is fully functioning. >> pickup when you have to inspiration for what your doing, for me it was not easy but it made it much easier to do. >> it is amazing how a group of girls and a group of people with so little, because they have so little, but i can be so happy and loving with what little they have. ann mackovic, over everything else, that is amazing that inspired me. i will be going back there for the rest of my life. my goal is to go at least once every year for the rest of my life. there will always need help and i will always give them help. >> great stuff. make your own incentives. he is heading to berkeley for business.,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
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