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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  May 7, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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i thought the state for not doing their job. 20 years behind bars for a murder he did not commit. the procedure that can lead witness to making false i.d. and why so many bay area police departments are reluctant to change their policies. in new clue in the disappearance of sierra lamar. the piece of evidence police are looking for that is pretty hard to miss. mayor is lynch documents from china. bay area history and the defense wanted to destroy it. i said basically over our dead bodies of thousands of families can finally digging into their past. cody and the king. would start with big breaking news in pleasanton. we have learned that
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a mother and daughter have both been shot. a sergeant with the police department tells us that the bodies were found around 6:00 on stacey court. we ask the detectives on seen if this is a murder-suicide. the police department would not say. they tell us that they hope to have more information in the next 15 minutes or so, this area though has been closed off will keep you posted on the you know any more information once it find out. we've also learned that many bay area police departments are using a certain procedure that critics say is sending innocent people to jail. it has to do with the way detectives' hill eyewitnesses. one man is living proof of how that system is flawed. does it cut with the story you only see on cbs five. why somebody falls to the crack what do not help? murray's caldwell spent 20 years behind bars for a murder a judge now says he didn't commit.
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i thought the state for not doing their job. the murder happened in one of san francisco's most the tories housing projects. it was a drug deal that went bad. court documents reveal that was never any forensic or physical evidence to link him to the crime. three survivors of the shooting never identified him either. but a fourth witness, a neighbor said it was called well and a jury believed her. without the testimony there was no evidence against maurice caldwell. the northern california innocence project says the police influence the witness to identify caldwell. while canvassing the neighborhood for clues please brought caldwell to the witnesses door. this person now becomes identified in her mind as one of the participants in the incident. she was set free over a year ago and believes he was
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intentionally targeted because he filed a complaint about another incident. intentional or not influencing a witness happens more often than you might think. memory not only fed fades but isn't contaminated. they say all starts with the fall lineup. and he says and very often the face of the individual that the police believe is most likely the man who committed the crime. even without realizing it an investigator can send nonverbal cues to the eyewitness. the policeman who has been working the case may shift in his chair or my clean forward or take a deep breath. new speaker he says once the witness makes a false idea it snowballs. their confidence increases. because they had increased exposure to this one face. and once you get to the preliminary hearing by that time he is pointing at the person who is wearing a prison jumpsuit.
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that is why the first step is still important. the way you avoid that is the individual conducting the assessment be different than the person and a policeman who is actually working the case. that is called a double blind lineup. shares apartment in santa clara county led the way in the bay area. adopting the protocols years ago. san francisco and pleasant hill police just started in the last year. but they're the minority. only 19 of 319 police and law enforcement agencies statewide have adopted the new preferred procedure. why so few? some of our plans with very small incidences' have small staffs. kurtis hell with the california state sheriff's association says it is too expensive. if you are working in a case that is active and ongoing in you're in a time crunch and you don't have the staff now he will rely on overtime issues. but points out convicted the
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wrong person cost way more. is a very expensive in terms of judicial resources when you have to try to undo that wrongful conviction. and in the case is about to become even more expensive he is now taking the city's court for civil rights violations. when the let me out of the county jail didn't give me a bus ticket or a phone number to call for any help or anything? nobody's taking responsibility. san francisco police department will not comment because the lawsuit in this case and a footnote to all of this during the investigation of this case a man did come forward and admitted he was the murderer. it turns out he went on to kill another person and he is now serving time in prison in nevada. a burglary suspect has given police the slip. he escaped from the back of an officers patrol car. who they're looking for and where they might be. they're looking for a
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burglary suspect to somehow got out of his handcuffs and escape from a police car 745 tonight a police officer apparently lost his suspect and six then jefferson just steps away from the jail we're told that the officer was transporting the six-foot 200 lb. into the jail when he slipped out of his handcuffs, managed to open the back door of the police car and took off running. earlier tonight officers were searching the area on foot and patrol cars were parked on 17th and jefferson the transport suspect the jail by themselves and will certainly be investigating how this one got away. sharon chance cbs five. a pit bull mauled a toddler in contra costa county tonight to the dog bit the to year-old face and legs. this happened at rose lane in concord. it happened at about 5:00 p.m. tonight and firefighters say the girl was conscious when they got there she had to be airlifted the to the children's hospital
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in oakland and is in stable condition tonight. neighbors tell us it was the family dog that attacks. this is horrible. is misfortunes. the girl is expected to survive and animal control has the people under quarantine. any clue in the search for the 15 year-old sierra la marque. they're looking for a red jeddah that was spotted a mile from her morgan hill home. it is the same location where sierra lamar's cellphone and perce were found. the one feature that makes this car stand out. the data looks similar to this one a red mid-90s model the only difference is that it has a black colored head. investigators say was seen near her home the morning of the disappearance early two months ago front and rear facing surveillance cameras mounted on buses as well as businesses and homes capture the data on video several times. detectives had
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noticed the video before but only after be interviewing witnesses did they make a connection. detectives are now thinking is more than just a coincidence that this vehicle was seen in surveillance. is not clear if they captured her riding in the jet at or even if they got the license plates. is this get our bad news? her mother says a specific description my job someone's memory. i am hopeful that we have something to cling onto. that there is something physical we can keep an eye out for. that somebody will have some memory of this vehicle ends say the location or anything that will help. and a few weeks ago researchers found a box that was with handcuffs along with a few use condoms near her home. detectives say they're not related to the case. live in san as a cbs five. tonight we're getting a first look at what the feds say is another underwear bomb. the cia says al, wanted to use this bomb
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to blow up a passenger plane headed for the u.s.. intelligence officials say this latest plot is a work of a man who is known for the christmas 2009 plot to bring down a plane over detroit. also with an underwear bomb. but this latest devices more sophisticated. this is a very clever guy. someone was very good at making bombs. and he is probably outside is number one threat to the net states. he had the suspected suicide bomber that one of were the underwear bomb under surveillance for some time now but the cia says he had yet to pick a target or to purchase a plane tickets. and it is not clear if the and we're bond of gotten through airport security. ceos got thompson says he is sorry but he has no plans to resign. thompson wrote memo to all employees apologizing for
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any of inaccuracies in his official bias. but he did not explain why he listed a bachelor's degree in computer science when it doesn't have one. the hedge fund that owns a stake in yaw increase its effort to oust the c 04 under the cool concept today by threatening to sue. mark zucker bird is looking for new friends today not to any friends of friends with lots of money. the ipo comes next week when some people are questioning if this book is really worth the pie? is this books 27 year-old ceo was mobbed like a rock star as he visited potential investors in new york today. in a video for this road show the founder of the social network says these books mission is to make the world more open and connected. already face book has more than 900 million monthly users. but the initial stock offering won't be open to most of them.
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the bulk of the shares will go to institutions. only a small fraction are expected to be available to ordinary investors. in colorado keep louis and avid facebook user had hoped to get in on the offering to buy shares for his eighth month old son's college fund. i had more of a chance of getting on ticketmaster to buy concert tickets to a very very hard to get concert they could face looks out. but some seasoned investors are more cautious. warren buffett is that over the weekend and an agnostic and company like this but they're the hardest ones to value. this book which makes 85% of its money from advertising and $80 billion profit last year. but doctors price like companies that make 10 times as much. is faced with a good investment? would not invest right now. his if you mind capital. did we do think this is a good business? i think has made an impact
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and would be very difficult to duplicate. but you do have to wonder about the price when you're making this kind of investment and the prices we too high. cbs news and york. the biggest flip flop yet in the race for the white house. he just pray that handled by the professionals. his baby daughter needed to survive but cancer drugs are in short supply. what is standing in the way of making them more available for children? the government tried to destroy them. and the battle to save this priceless history would bay area families are n
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ronnie the worst republican in the country to face president obama's. but now he is backing on backing him in a late-night e-mail keep these people he encouraged them to vote for the proposed republican nominee. he says president obama's must be defeated. did we like sitting drugs for children remain in very short supply. there's been lots of talk in washington to try to do something about that but so far nothing. the doctor asked why not? when you're 10 months old and fighting leukemia and this is what a good day looks like. 80 percent of children with her kind of cancer can be cured with the right medications. the two months ago her dad was told her chemotherapy drug is running out.
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he does prey that stuff is handled by professionals and that people do their jobs and get done. but is not getting done. dozens of cancer drugs are running out. the reasons include manufacturing problems and reduce production due to lower profits with generic drugs. the industry has not be afraid to let the fda noted have a problem. so that we can get in there and work with them to fix it for results and a shortage. did police the fda says the two bills that been languishing in congress about the fix the problem. we met with sponsors of the legislation. he have something that is truly lifesaving. yet both parties agree and yet it cannot get brought to a votes. i don't know what has to happen for people to recognize that this has to happen. i've been in congress 16 years. i've never seen a congress where was more difficult to pass legislation. i think he should call the
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leadership and asked white haven't brought the bill up for votes. so we did we showed up at john banners weekly press briefing. why is that the legislation that everybody agrees is desperately needed is taking so long to pass? congress is working on this in the senate is getting ready to move a bill the energy and commerce committee is getting ready to mark up the bill in early may. but i would also add and ask where has the administration been? where's the president of the united states been? to me spoke to the legislators they said the talk to you? i respect the committee process. and the committees have their work to do to investigate this. remember that committee process began over a year ago. during that year another of the drug says that the shortage less. she did to soften chemos affects legislation is now cleared a committee that still needs a vote by the full senate. things take a long time and when someone has been a governor in the state's and as congress
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ask what's going on here? as one of the leaders can you talk to somebody and say move along? i would say this. first of all things can happen. will have on the floor soon to is a step in the right direction but there is no way that i or anyone else, explain the senate. it's been that way for 230 years. california lawmakers toss around a lot of proposals but nothing quite like this one. would you marry me? she said yes. lawmaker lease of watsonville pops the question today on the assembly floor. his bride to be thought she was there to celebrate their anniversary. bay area history that was almost lost forever. marriage licenses, birth certificates, photos from thousands of local families. the
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federal government wanted to destroy it all and a onetime even bury it. lady keep on what it took to save it and what people can learn about their past. picture brides from japan, the chinese came in as merchants are laborers and railroad workers. immigration interrogation and transcripts artifacts in some cases 100 years old. marry the lineage documents from china that are 8 ft. long and silk. i have seen a file of another chinese immigrants were they put his whole leather wallets in the file because he was killed in the gambling raid in oakland. a time capsule in the national archives building in san bruno. just the other day had a woman is the butt of her father had an affair was the first time that she burst into tears in our research room. suggest those kind of visceral reactions make
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you realize how much this means to our researchers. but the government targeted most of the dusty files for destruction. others were headed for storage in the national archives' ninth limestone keep in missouri locked away for eternity. and i said basically over our dead bodies. the coalition of community groups fought to keep the historic documents in the bay area. it took 15 years for president in a final push by the late congressman tom lantos and congresswomen jackie spear to save the collection. asian immigrant record is century old are now preserves and climate controlled rooms open for public viewing for the first time beginning this summer. rosalynn tonight at the national japanese-american historical society says the files document agent contributions to california and american history. it's an immigration case file he was 18 years old when she came to pancakes to be
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married as a picture bride. people have buried their past and world war two wasn't good for japanese americans having gone through incarceration camps this that said there's a lot of very history that can be investigated and for the reveals. is also personal. she got a preview of her grandparents history that has been stored for 70 years. the details of all their addresses and places of business what they did how much money they brought over it's all there in the archives. it's incredible. this is one of the rare files of the archives. is actually the marriage certificate of my grandparents. they prodded them from china and it lists three generations of our family and even tells what villages there from. 43,000 elin case files for those who enter the u.s. before 1910 were released in the first phase. millions more will follow in the coming years. descendants and now have a window to their past. cds 5.
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and for more information about the immigration files you can contact the national archives and can find a link at cbs as self-taught, just click on news. from the weather center i would like to take a look at today's high temperatures. a good 30 degrees ban from half moon bay all the way to gilroy. now take a look at how it will defer tomorrow.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.
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30 degree temperature spends today across our area. kind of like a summertime weather pattern from half monday at 63 to gilroy and 93 this is live as the weather camera looks out towards the transamerica building and look at san francisco. one a day. 14 degrees above normal livermore at 16 degrees above average. and currently in the city by the day with 54 degrees winter breeze yet of the west that 15 m.p.h. the weather have lens adjustment clear but we do have a hint of pockets of fog next to the coast of was to allow one more day of unseasonably warm
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weather the son up at 6 sussex and we see see the mother is a forecast. cyprus during command. learn to 13% tomorrow the pollen count remains in the high side and i hear you out there and having a very rough time with the allergies as well. another problematic day with the pollen and another snag in the forecast. winds becomes all the five-to- 10 were stagnant so that students get trapped close to the surface air quality will be on the moderate side very compromise. a little bit of a he's in the atmosphere along the coast '60s and south servants is going to millbrae into dominance in the '70s i was weak but the numbers at the low 90s. the '90s also in print with tracy and oakley in look at the north bay from the '60s through the '70s and '80s even snowmen 91 san francisco closed at 82 p to the marine layer in the morning hours with the cool down on wednesday but look good moms date back into the '90s that,,,,
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dodgers have all the magic so far this season haven't day for the 1 games in six innings 80 ellis but down the right-field line seems fair an ounce in the corner one run scored as barry's you give up three runs in six straight innings. for $1.80 into off a hat had to sanchez was robbed by james maloney to end the inning and this course five runs in the bottom of the eight to belittle been and they win the opener on the series 91. the santa clara men's tennis team had a school record 21 wins this year the have a chance to add to that this weekend and make the first-ever appearance in the ncaa tournament. i don't think i could find worse. to explain how happy we are. to find out that we got and today we're celebrating. it's an amazing feeling. like be accepted into the first time in
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santa clara history. and time for the monday night top five. and no. 5 the coyotes eliminated them to advance to the western conference finals for the first time in franchise history. member for they say mike is the first third baseman baseball in to look like it on that play. no. 3 toy parker thinks he's humphrey but devon harris chooses and down. haven't seen a rejection like dozens my junior prom. i never to the giants made three more errors tonight but please keep private clubs. and never won a lot this? we all have helped a 55 year-old sharon simmons try not to be a dallas cowboy its cheerleader over the weekend. the grandmother of two works in commercial real estate since said that trying not is something she's always wanted to do. 55 years old and she's a grandmother trying now to be a
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