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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  May 11, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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talk about a big event. and mother's day, how will the weather ship up? we'll talk about that coming up. >> mobile 5 is showing us live conditions this morning across the upper deck of the bay bridge. cruising into downtown san fransisco. a full look at the commute coming up. >> it is friday may 11th. >> 6:00 a.m., uc-berkeley tightening their grip on a piece of land in the east bay. occupiers are refusing to leave. >> ann mackovic live in albany where police have sealed off the land. is that keeping the protesters out? >> no. people are still going back-and- forth, behind this fence, as you can see here even though there is a new lock their on the gate and you can see to uc police officers right behind the gate. they're not actively enforcing the law right now, telling people to stay out, but they're warning them that they're trespassing and that they are subject to arrest. these occupy protesters have
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been on this plot of land here on the border of berkeley and albany for about three weeks. it is a 10 a. site owned by uc- berkeley and they want to do some forming here. the university filed lawsuits this week against the occupied protesters for creating an illegal encampments. they're protesting planned housing and commercial developments nearby. they say that what we need here is fresh food, to be grown, but this particular plot is used for agricultural research by uc- berkeley. which is supposed to begin this month. so, it could be a standoff brewing here, but again, at this very moment police are just ending by. live in albany, cbs 5. >> we are half an hour away from the opening bell and u.s. stock futures are pointing to a lower open after j.p. morgan chase stunning announcement that the lost $2 billion over the past six weeks. the largest bank in the country says the loss comes from a failed trading strategy that was
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supposed to help manage risk. the c o blamed sloppiness, and bad judgment and said that it could cost the bank up to $1 billion more. meanwhile the yacht ceo says he is not the person who added a computer science degree to his resume'. scot thompson at a private meeting yesterday with yahoo executives explained exactly what happened and according to business insider, thompson said an executive placement firm included the nonexistent degree in his background information and that happened years ago and he had not reviewed his resume' since then. >> it is 6 02 a.m., president barack obama flies to reno this morning fresh from a record fund-raiser in southern california. the fund-raising events happen just one day after the president announced his support for gay marriage. and political supporters and those against him have not stopped talking about it since. the president gave a speech at george clooney is house, a 90 minute speech thanking the actor, even making a couple of jokes and the real reason that
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people were there was because of george clooney. barack obama said " they like me, but they love him ". regardless of who love to, the venture out hollywood elite including barbra streisand, jack black, and robert downey jr.. 150 people paid $40,000 to attend, at the dinner was prepared by a chef wolfgang puck. some people paid $3 for a chance to win two seats at the table. >> i did not win. >> how disappointing is that? >> terribly disappointing, he has into our house so many times the least he could have done is have us over there. >> the president will speak about the economy in reno at noon and fly to washington d.c.. former san francisco mayor gavin newsom praising president barack obama for taking a political risk with gay marriage. we will be live with him to talk about it coming up at 6:45 a.m.. don't miss that.
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vice president joe biden has apologized for putting the president in a tough position over gay marriage. he publicly gave his support days before the president did. the white house says that the president knew that he spoke from the heart. >> mitt romney has apologized over allegations that he was a bully in high school. >> i'm sure like other people i have done stupid things in high- school. and i if i offended anyone by that i apologize. >> according to the washington post, 46 years ago he and several friends at his prestigious high-school had held down another student and cut off his hair. he says he does not and remember the incident but did not dispute it. >> it feels the weather is different without you in the studio. >> we miss your energy but we are surrounded by beautiful flowers. >> it is gorgeous. these temperatures are really dropping off. my smart-phone says it is 59 degrees, my body tells me it is
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freezing out here. a little bit chilly to start out the day but we have some great weather coming away as we will see higher pressure building in very nicely outside. that will set the stage for what looks like a gorgeous weekend ahead. it looks like the heritage gardens here in san jose are looking fantastic this morning. a big event coming up this weekend. we have a run here looking form bone marrow match is for people with cancer, if you want to come out. images right now, '40's and 50's at this hour. 54 degrees is the official temperature in san jose. high pressure will build a nicely over the next couple of days. and we have been putting together some spectacular weekends. looks like it will continue. highs this afternoon into san jose up to 86 degrees. seventies in oakland and also into san fransisco and some eighties into the north bay as well. looking very good this weekend of course. not only do we have the run this weekend in san jose. but we also have mother's day. do not forget about that one.
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lots of roses to choose from, a free walk, the largest rose garden in the western hemisphere. 3600 roses, that would make mom happy. >> all the ladies in the studio would like some roses. let's go outside to show you a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. there are no metering lights and no delay. you can see right now all those cars passing through the pay gates. even the cash plans are not backing up at all. a nice smooth ride into san fransisco. mobile 5 just cruised across the upper deck and i believe there they are heading down 101 right now. everything is looking good along the peninsula. we will allow john to continue his morning commute. we are still seen delays along the capitol corridor. so it sounds like a train, a union pacific train hit a truck
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on the tracks. no injuries but we do know there are capitol corridor delays. between berkeley and richmond. heads up if you ride that train line. otherwise all other forms of mass transit including march, reported no delays. and your faeries, all looking good. we will go back outside to show you one more camera. a live look at the golden gate bridge. maybe some fog slowing down but not much and everything looks pretty good heading into the city from orange county. all in the clear. that is traffic, back to you guys. >> 6:07 a.m. on your friday. on monday governor jerry brown is expected to unveil new cuts to state spending. yesterday he submitted signatures for his tax hike initiatives to protect schools and public safety, the governor says he has twice the number of signatures needed to qualify for the november ballot. the state is more than $9 billion in the red but that is expected to change.
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get ready for some serious sticker shock at the pump as we head closer to the memorial day weekend, refinery problems are choking supplies for california special blend of cleaner-burning gasoline. prices could jump as much as 20ยข in the next few days alone. west coast gas inventories are at the lowest levels right now in 20 years. here's a look at the average price of gas in the bay area. san francisco at the highs at $4.34. oakland and san jose not far behind. both at more than four and a quarter percent. >> a leak almost up to the operation involving a double agent in yemen. u.s. forces and the operation early when someone leaked association press information. they withheld the information until the operation was over. the defense secretary leon panetta says that the leak could make it harder to recruit future informants. >> to be able to do that effectively me to protect these people.
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>> to do something very harmful to national security. and, i hope to catch them. >> the agents infiltrated a terrorist group that wanted to bomb an airline headed for the united states this week. the agent turned the ball over to american authorities. >> an attacker wearing an afghan army uniform has killed a nato service member in the eastern part of that country. the attack is among several this year involving insurgents disguised in military uniforms. the latest member of the fbi's most wanted instead of an apparent suicide, he was accused of killing a woman and her 14 year-old daughter in tennessee. and then kidnapping her two young daughters. the 12 and 8 year-old girls were found alive yesterday in mississippi, that is where the fbi says that he shot himself yesterday as a swat team was about to arrest him. his mother in law says that the motive may have been his belief that he was the father of those two young girls. this morning we will hear from the mother of oscar grant concerning a formal bart police
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officer convicted of killing her son. wanted johnson will be at the district attorney's office in oakland to denounce an appeal filed by johannes mehserle. he wants his involuntary manslaughter conviction overturned. a defense attorney says that he cannot get a job in law enforcement with that felony on his record. >> time now 6:10 a.m., a man kicked off a plane. why flight attendants had taken down. >> love letters list with methamphetamine, and allowed a scheme to smuggle drugs into jail.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. >> take a look at the top stories on this friday,
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president barack obama giving a speech on the economy in reno this afternoon. he will fly to nevada from los angeles this morning. last night he took him a record $15 million at a fund-raiser at that hollywood mansion of george clooney. police have sealed off a touch of uc-berkeley land that has been occupied by protesters for nearly three weeks now. the closed off to pedestrian traffic with protesters staying on that form. unemployment checks will not be in the mail anymore. the federal extended benefits program ends tomorrow. the move affects nearly 100,000 californians. >> one world trade center in new york will not be the tallest building in the country after all. according to the wall street journal the developer is dropping a plan to enclose the 408 ft. antenna on top. apparently it is too expensive and too treacherous to maintain. the change will save $20 million. >> lawrence is down in san jose at the heritage rose garden. enjoying some sunshine.
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we can finally see those roses. >> it is something else. i have been walking around here and there are rows at a 500 years old here to read all kinds of roses. your mother would love any of those roses. we're down here for a special event in san jose. joined by cynthia carlson who is here to the match, a run that takes place tomorrow. tell us what that is all about. >> this is the very first annual one. it is here in the park, you can, and register and sign up to run at 730 a m, this fund-raiser will benefit patients with leukemia and lymphoma diseases to help us pay for their testing, before costs, medical costs and not paid for. >> we're trying to match bone marrow for these patients? >> yes. we're doing a run tomorrow and then also a drive, there's a genetic match where people can swap their cheeks and that will put them in the registry to be perhaps an unrelated match to
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patients. >> when i thought was interesting was that sometimes even your own family members are not a genetic match. you to go outside of your family. that is why this is a need program. >> exactly, only 30 percent of the time will you find a match within your family. so 70 percent of the time these matches are not related to you. people you don't know. they could match the patients. >> the procedure is an easy one. it is not likely to give blood. >> all that we're doing tomorrow is the run, of course, and you could still come over and sign up for the run and we're also doing outdrives where you fill out a form into a cheeks' lot. >> tomorrow, you do not need to sign up, you can come right down here and he will sign them up? >> exactly because online registration is closed. but you can still show up tomorrow at 7:30 a.m. to be involved. >> and the weather is going to work out great for you. good luck on that event. the weather will be gorgeous. we have high pressure building in, and its images are going to
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be warming up. if you do want to come out to the run, it is going to beautiful. it will be starting early in the mornings or will not be too bad but as we head into the afternoon the temperatures will be heating up. we could see hot numbers beginning to show up in some of the valleys. 80s and 90s beginning to show up in mind. it looks like that which will strengthen just in time for the weekend. we have the run here in san jose and of course we have mother's day coming out. do not want to forget about that one. temperatures in san jose 86 degrees. 60s along the immediate coastlines and '70s into san fransisco and oakland. well into the 80s in many of the interior valleys. it will be a very warm one, getting hot england and then have 60s with a sea breeze along the coast. the next couple of days that rich will continue to build them. i think it will max out on saturday and then we will cool you off on sunday. and that looks like a few cooler temperatures monday before we heat things up once again.
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but if you want to come out and help out, this run right here at the heritage rose garden in san jose. a great event for a great cause. that is the latest from here. let's check out the roadways. >> lawrence has a little bit of a green thumb himself. looking good out there. let's take you outside. mobil 5 in the bay area. we have don, one of our co- workers driving mobile 5 this morning. and he is heading south on 101. he passed sfo, everything is looking pretty good. it is definitely friday light. 6:18 a.m., thank you for those live traffic shots this morning. elsewhere a live look the dublin a chance. no major break lights all the way through the altamont pass. livermore still looks pretty good. a 15 to 20 minute drive time in those was down lanes in the construction between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. now to the maps, 880 with a live look at those five times at the bottom of your screen.
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50 minutes between. all in the clear. this is one problem that we have been following. there are delays in the capitol corridor. it happened very early this morning, between 4:30 a.m. and 5:00, between camilla street and third street there was a truck involving a train on the tracks. we do know that the train 518 from the capitol corridor is delayed between berkeley and richmond. elsewhere, memorial day closure. i had stopped, caltrans has announced that they are shutting down the down market bridge in both directions was found and east on highway 84 so that they can do seismic retrofitting work. this memorial day weekend, they don't expect this to cause any major delays, just a heads up, use the san mateo bridge, 237 as alternates. a quick check of mass transit, everything is showing no delays. that is a check of traffic's, back to you guys. >> 6:19 a.m., an emergency
6:20 am
landing in boston after a passenger tried to get off of the airplane mid flight. police say 40 year-old man tried to open an emergency cabin aboard the flight, toys. a flight attendant finally subdued him. the passenger faces charges of interfering with a flight crew. his family hopes the charges will be dropped because he suffers from a medical conditions. >> a sacramento valley woman in custody this morning accused of running a methamphetamine scheme by mail. narcotics detectives say that she send postcards soaked in the drug to her husband who is serving time in jail. >> the recipient just puts it in a liquid to bring it back to the methamphetamine state. >> detectives are trying to determine if her husband was reselling the methamphetamine or just using it himself. >> the first drug shown to prevent hiv infection is one step closer to government approval. a panel of fda advisers has endorsed this daily pill for healthy people that are at high
6:21 am
risk of contracting the aids virus. a final decision expected sometime next month. >> it is 6:20 a.m., a battle over breast-feeding. >> cheers and jeers over that time magazine photo cover. the bay area woman at the center of the controversy. what's the best gift you can give mom ?
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>> >> did you pick a card or flowers? >> mother's day is coming up sunday. we want to show you some pictures of our mothers. and some lovely photograph sent in from some viewers out there. the ticket office patrick jordan opposed to this navy photo over his mother on his physical page. he says that he was very proud
6:25 am
of her service to the country. >> here is officer mike sheets with his lovely mother carol. and her grandson cody. our assignment editor shared this fun photograph of her mother. look how much they look like exelon to point. >> it is amazing how much mothers look like the kids. at producer jason is here with his mother, that is our new producer jason working downstairs right now .. >> keep those pictures coming in and we will post them up. >> we will share a few more at the top of the hour right before 7:00. >> of vallejo woman accusing a local theme park of breaking the law because a killer whale is living in a pool by itself. >> the 19 year-old whale is at six flags discovery kingdom. this animal activist has an on- line petition right now demanding that six flags find her a pool made. six flags released a statement saying that a bottle nose dolphin had been in the pool with her for seven years but the two were not very compatible, so
6:26 am
right now she is flying solo. a cover photo sparking an intense debate over a nursing toddler. >> everyone is talking about this photograph from this week's time magazine. the boy looks old enough to get his own glass of milk, but sources say the mother here is from the bay area. comments about the photographs are flooding the internet from both sides. >> i am shocked. i don't want them to be shot. but people are going to have opinions about everything. >> if they're old enough to get them themselves, they are all enough to be doing that. that is not really the way biology. >> everyone has an opinion on it. the cover article focuses on the idea of attachment therapy, a message brought into the limelight by parenting to rule bill sears who says that extended breastfeeding is key to parent child bonding. >> they're certainly getting a lot of attention out of that
6:27 am
one. 60 6:00 a.m., was mitt romney a bully? his apology over an incident four decades ago. >> colossal loss four j.p. morgan chase, the lost $2 billion in a matter of weeks. the financial impact,,,,,,,,,,
6:28 am
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>> >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high- definition. wall street is getting down to work for the final session of the week after modest gains on the big board yesterday and a losing streak for the doubt. >> before that the jet blue chips have fallen for six straight session, the longest
6:31 am
losing streak since august last summer. >> it is friday may 11th. >> it is 6:30 a.m., big news, the banking sector is taking a big hit after j.p. morgan chase said that they lost $2 billion over the past six weeks. >> the largest bank in the country says the losses came from a failed trading strategy that was supposed to help manage risk. the c "errors, sloppiness, and bad judgment, and said they could lose another $1 billion. jp morgan is off almost 8%. cbs milosz reporter jason brooks will be with us in just about 15 minutes with this morning's early reactions. fenced-in and stands out, uc- berkeley tightening its grip on attractive land in the east bay. occupiers say they're not going anywhere. ann mackovic is live in albany where police have sealed off the land. so for you say it is not keeping the protesters away? >> no, protesters still going up
6:32 am
and over the fence here. on the border of albany and berkeley in the occupied. we have a little good morning from the chickens there. they have been at it this morning. you can see that back here we have this metal fence, that lot is new. police put that on the fence yesterday and you can see a couple of uc-berkeley police officer standing behind that fence. they're not actively enforcing the trespassing laws here but they're warning people that they are subject to arrest and we have about a dozen people camping out here outside of this tract of land. they are protesting planned commercial developments here. and planned housing development. they say that the land needs to be used simply for farming. as you can see, that is what they're trying to do out here. the this particular plot is used for agricultural research right now. by uc-berkeley, that is supposed to begin this month.
6:33 am
hence the standoff that could be brewing here as police stand by it. the university has filed lawsuit this week against the occupied protesters for creating an illegal encampments. so this is where things stand right now. >> thank you. president barack obama heading to nevada today aboard air force one, he is turning his attention now to the economy. kate is in the newsroom with what was a record-setting dinner last night that the president attended with a lot of stars? >> that is right. it was not your typical backyard barbecue evening. it was a star-studded event with the president walking away with an extra $15 million in his campaign pocket. the fund-raising event happened one day after the president announced his support for gay marriage. and political supporters and those against him have not stopped talking about it. the backyard dinner was no exception. luckily for the president, he emerged a popular issue with the hollywood crowd.
6:34 am
barack obama gave out a 90 minute speech thanking the actor and even making a couple of jokes and the real reason people was there was because of george clooney. mr. obama said " they like me but they love him ". regardless of who love to, the event included barbra streisand, jack black, toby mcgwire, and robert downey jr.. 150 people paid $40,000 to attend this event. translating to a big fund- raising results. >> if you want to include what was raised on line, then definitely i think that this sets a record for presidential fund-raising. >> even though he will leave los angeles with a change in his pockets, critics of his say that his support of gay marriage could cost him votes in swing states. nevada could be the first real test of his campaign strength post this big announcement. >> thank you. former san francisco mayor gavin newsom praising the president
6:35 am
for taking a political risk with his stance on gay marriage. he will be live with phil matier. that is coming up in about 15 minutes. meanwhile vice president joe biden i apologize for putting the president's in a tough position on gay marriage. joe biden publicly gave his support just a few days before the president. the white house says the president knew joe biden spoke from the heart. >> meanwhile mitt romney is apologizing over allegations that he was a belief in high- school. >> i'm sure like other people have done stupid things in high- school. and if i offended anyone by that, of course i apologize. >> according to the washington post, 46 years ago mitt romney and several friends of this prestigious high-school held down another student and cut off his hair. the presumptive republican nominee says he does not remember the incident but also does not dispute that it happened. >> 60 5:00 a.m., our beloved weatherman is holding down the fort in san jose. a beautiful day in the rose garden.
6:36 am
>> gas, you can forget that it is mother's day this weekend to read we're surrounded by 3600 plants. beautiful roses. these are spectacular. some of these, 500 years old. if you can believe that, coming from europe and the middle east. you want to enjoy great weather, we have some great weather out here in san jose and around the bay area. just a couple patches of fog along the media coastline. otherwise we're looking at fantastic weather for the next few days ahead. high pressure building in overhead now and it looks like that will bring with it 20 of sunshine and warm temperatures outside. in fact it looks like those numbers added up to the 80s, maybe 90s in lent. more on your mother's day forecast coming up and a little bit. >> thanks. unfortunately things are heating up. if you're ride the capitol corridor expect major delays. there was an incident on the tracks involving a pickup truck and a train. it happened before 5:00 a.m.. we're not hearing reports of serious injuries but it was right there on the tracks in
6:37 am
berkeley, near camellia street and third street. so there are still streets blocked off in the area but the biggest problem is the capitol corridor delays. they call these major delays. likely a good couple of hours possible between berkeley and richmond. this is now affecting several trendlines occluding trans 518, 5002521. we are going to have a live look from chopper 5 coming up. we are also falling a developing story. a smaller grass fire causing some delays because fire crews are now on the scene trying to put it out and they are blocking the right line of eastbound 580 right before 238 .. coming up more traffic. in the meantime back to you guys. >> two girls that police it were kidnapped by a man accused of killing their mother and sister have been released from a memphis hospital this morning and they're doing well. at a maze was suspected of killing joanne bain and her 14 year-old daughter in tennessee. her 12 and 8 year-old daughters
6:38 am
were believed kidnapped by him and were found alive yesterday in mississippi. that is where the fbi says that he shot himself yesterday. as swat team members were moving in to arrest them. in the case of that missing or invalid teenagers sierra lamar, it will be featured on national crimefighting show tonight. america's most wanted on lifetime will include an interview with her father, the 15 year-old vanished eight weeks ago, earlier this week a car wanted as possible evidence in the case was located. it is sparking new hope. >> people in one san jose neighborhood said that they're fed up with being ripped off by homeless people. the people live on the city's east side near coyote creek, the site of an elaborate homeless camp. neighbors say there on seven broken into and items have been stolen. >> we are stock living with this, and, i feel like we are under siege. and, it is pretty terrific. >> one man says the squatters
6:39 am
have used his water and electricity to charge their cell phones. san jose police say that clearing out encampments is not very easy and all social services, shelters, hospitals, counselors, and police officers all from departments dealing with shrinking budgets. >> it is 639 m, a wide receiver fizzing drunk driving charges this morning after being pulled over on the bay bridge. various hayward day was driving on the lower deck last month when an officer noticed him speeding and weaving through traffic. the 25 year-old was arrested after failing a field sobriety test. more than 60 former football players suing the nfl clamming to lead did not properly protect the players from a concussion. the lawsuit says not enough was done to inform them about the dangers of concussions in the past. and not enough is being done to take care of them today. the league says the claim has no merit. 6:39 a.m., supporting same-sex marriage.
6:40 am
how president obama came to his decision, we will check with phil matier and lt. gov. gavin newsom. >> the market opened a few minutes ago and let's take a look at ,,,,
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6:43 am
>> welcome back. time now is 6:43 a.m. and we will check in with lawrence to check on the weather. lawrence is stopping to smell the roses. and you know. i am a mother so that means you need to come back with some roses. >> how about 3600 of them? that would make you happy. the sun just coming up. i'm starting to thaw out. feeling good in san jose. we're down here not as for the roses and mother's day before a special events.
6:44 am
a run taking place this weekend. we want to talk to some special guest. we're joined by arafat and cynthia. arafat is here to tell us about how personally this has affected you? >> yes, i need to bring awareness to the latino community to get out there and registered to be the match, not only for cynthia, but for all of the children that have cancer. i need to get it out there .. >> cynthia, she has been affected or how long now? >> she was diagnosed on august 8, 2010 and she relapsed on march 28th. >> this is a great event. it is a chance where we will actually have hundreds of thousands of people to hopefully be the match. it is a very easy thing for people to actually tested for? >> it is very easy, just come to the run, it is a swap, it takes 10 seconds and you could save someone's life. you just never know if you will be the match.
6:45 am
not only for cynthia but all the children that are out there waiting for bone marrow. please come out tomorrow. >> we would love you to come out here too, you can register at this event you want to come out here and the match. right here at the heritage rose gardens in san jose. it looks like it is are to be a fantastic events. we would love for you to come down here. thank you. we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. if you want to come out here it will be a special event. temperatures heating up. sorting out a little cool early on, those images running into the fifties early but as we head into the afternoon it looks like some spectacular weather ahead as high pressure will be building in. we have plenty of sunshine coming our way. friday is looking spectacular and it is going to set the stage for a strong ridge bringing us another warm weekend indeed. it will be hot and lent. even simone ninety's. '70s and '80s around the bay and those temperatures in the '60s
6:46 am
were the coastline. but watch these temperatures max out as we head into saturday. on sunday a few more clouds moving and the men back into the middle of next week. of course mother's day this weekend, do not forget about that. it should be spectacular. lots of sunshine. enjoy your mother's. they're the best. temperatures in the '60s coast side and 80 showing up in the valleys. that is the latest from here. >> but mother nature knows what she's doing. we will ticket outside now. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, they turned to me during lights on. check out this live cameras. still no major delays. we're looking good this morning heading to san fransisco from the east bay. let's talk about the developing story this morning as capitol corridor delays. we're still watching a major delay for the capitol corridor affecting several train lines. including trans 518, 5 and a 20, 5121. there was an accident on the tracks involving a train and a
6:47 am
pickup truck. we're not hearing about any serious injuries. a good couple of hours of delays between berkeley and richmond. that incident to happen on the train lines. they run parallel to the east shore freeway. pretty close. so we will be watching that one for a while. in the meantime, a grass fire is now out, fire crews have left the scene. it was backing up traffic for a while. close to the castro valley. he's down 5008238. but all lanes reopened. the situation is under control. but everything else looks pretty good, including up and down open and was down 24. that is traffic, back to you guys. >> we had our eye on banking stocks after a bomb shell from the nation's largest. >> jason brooks joins us with the very latest. >> good morning. during the financial crisis less than four years ago j.p. morgan chase came out of that looking better than most of the other
6:48 am
banks because they took less risky trades. but revelations today that the bank lost $2 billion in complex derivatives trades tied to a trader in london. they call them poorly executed, poorly monitored, and a flawed strategy. an even bigger component is what will the fall out the? j.p. morgan chase has lots of exposure. we're talking about derivatives, trades based on other trades and other investments. so there could be more fallout. the sec says they're looking into this matter. that is putting a severe dent in the wall street. financial stocks falling on misinformation. j.p. morgan chase shares down over 9%. goldman sachs down 3% because of bank of america also down by 3%. the market is heading lower, the dow finally broke a losing skid yesterday but is heading back the other way. the dow giving up 46 points right now. the nasdaq is up by three and the s&p down by four. the chips, thanks to shares up
6:49 am
over 9%. back to you guys. >> all right, jason brooks, cbs money watch .com, have a great weekend. >> before the president's historic remarks, san fransisco took the lead on same-sex marriages. >> the man that led the charge, gavin newsom, with former mayor willie brown, a lieutenant governor and former mayor of san francisco gavin newsom. good morning. >> good morning. >> ok, the president, this morning the reports are there's a big gay marriage announcement, you have already commented on that. human national news on that and now the word is coming out that there are actually planning this for some time and was just a question of timing. then vice president joe biden jumped the gun on that and has since gone into the president and apologize comedy by that? >> no. >> i'd buy it. let me tell you.
6:50 am
not the way you laid it out. this man is very calculated on everything that he does. he plans when he is going to the bathroom. >> you're talking about the president? >> absolutely. let me assure you that there's no way that joe biden on meet the press said what he said without being conscious of the fact that the boss was for same- sex marriage. >> that i agree with. to give you an example, i'm going on me to press this sunday and we have already discussed the topics. if you're the vice president of the unisys, trust me they discussed in detail. he could not have been surprised by that question. so for them to say that this change everything, i do not necessarily believe that. it may have changed the timing because he may have gone further than they anticipated on the question but i agree with you. everything they do is tested, and focus groups down to granular detail. if they feel confident that it is a victory and they're not
6:51 am
taking a huge risk. but it is none of the less. >> or the taking a risk in the polls this were this a gay marriage is not a winning issue? >> i think ordinarily one would say " yes " but he is in desperate need of the opportunity to offset the super pak. he can only do that by going to someplace where people are so interested, and how he's doing it, and where he is doing it, and rolling the dice, as they have done on the behalf of mr. gavin newsom. the same sex community, they believe that this is the answer. and for seven or eight years, he has been the answer. if you recall, he walked the plank with ... >> you're talking about gavin newsom on the gay marriage thing. >> yes. >> on a personal note, you were a pariah, everyone stayed away from you in the democratic party when you did the gay marriage
6:52 am
bill in certain cisco. >> that is true, it is not an insignificant thing. >> as a matter of fact, i was angry because i had not thought of it. >> that is what you said when you called me. literally. of all things to say, that is what he says. >> that is an accomplishment. >> and son now, barack obama did not feel vindicated? >> i am proud of him and i feel there's a lot of courage to do this and the super pak runs both ways. karl rove to a number on this issue in 2004. we can debate whether that was the distinctive issue in terms of what happened in the election or whether it was national security but with the super pot now, and the nuances and tools and technology, the ability to drill down not just in swing states but counties, and prisons, it is a perilous path in terms of opposition for the president. so i do think there is a lot of rest. but as mayor brown says, they don't do things without real consideration and i honestly
6:53 am
feel that they can withstand the assault and get the benefit of a base energized. >> and get money? >> and a reward on investments. it will be tremendous in that regard. >> george clooney, $14 million read off the bat. >> someone will do better. >> we had some questions, but you answered everything. nice job. >> ok. >> for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> fenced out, uc-berkeley tightening their grip on acre
6:57 am
tract of land. that is not really keeping the protesters away? >> protesters are still dumping the fans did you consider a police have put a lot there on the gate. and they're standing behind the gate to let anyone know who comes into this area that they are trespassing. meanwhile when the protesters, occupy protesters outside of the date and instead of the gate. they say that they're trying to do some farming here and even have chickens here on the plots of land. but it is owned by uc-berkeley. it is 10 a. that they use for an agricultural research and the city will need to start the project within the next couple of weeks so there could be a standoff brewing here on the battle of albany and berkeley. live for cbs 5, ann mackovic. >> it is 6:57 a.m. and one last check of weather. i have a leading to my left and a leading to my right. they are expecting roses upon your return. >> how about this? this is
6:58 am
spectacular. mother's day coming up this weekend. we have roses from back in 1859, 1862, 1845. you name it, it is spectacular out here. what a couple of days we will have out here with plenty of sunshine coming our way. high pressure building in overhead and lots of sunshine and 1 temperatures for the weekend. what about the roadways? >> it is looking great. let's go up to chopper 5 where it looks like they're over a developing story in berkeley. before 5:00 there was an incident on the tracks. right there where you see near familia street and third streets. it was an accident involving a train and a pickup truck. no serious injuries reported but there are big delays for the capitol corridor lines so that had to get for the people from 518 on to train 520. now those people on trans 5002521 a delay between 30 and 40 minutes between richmond and
6:59 am
berkeley. just a heads up, those delays are ongoing. now let's go to mobile 5. mobile 5, they were on the upper deck of the bay bridge. so they have just kind of been cruising across the bay area and you can see into the east everything looks pretty good. no big backups at the bay bridge toll plaza even though the meter and lights are finally turned on. >> thank you. one more shout out to our mothers. >> we have a few more photographs of our mothers. this is our executive producer with her mother down in mexico. >> here is reporter kate with her mother. >> what a great shot. our producer chris wanted to say hi to her mother. >> in this photograph of her mother on facebook. our public affairs director. and here is michelle with her mom. >> there is my mom! gloria is her name.


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