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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  May 13, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a new chapter for gatto who now takes the helm after alas ceo stretch the truth on his resonant, from the east coast to the east bay the talk of the nation support for 76 mayors from the white house. the reaction local churches and a news magazine labels mr. obama the first day president medical tests millions of americans get not only expensive but tonight a new option the easy in a dollar cancer test you can take home. good evening i'm ann notarangelo. the new guy at the top is out yahoo ceo scott thompson resigns after coming under fire about as rare as a man appeared other board members are gone. don knapp with more. yacht whose fourth chief
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executive officers that thompson is out brought down by a mention in his reza my he had a computer science degree he actually did not half. the board approved ross levenson as the new ceo and as the once dominant internet company stockholders were unhappy with the direction yacht who was going in. idle think it's necessarily scott thompson but an opportunity to shake up the board. that might be more important for those stockholders get the new ceos missive to yahoo troops writes: he adds he wants to accelerate the progress and enhance stockholder value. that's what the board held scott thompson would do. they're so you drive the company in the right direction they have tremendous eyeballs in
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their sights but not able to leverage that a fun manager a disgruntled stockowners gets the credit for ousting scott thompson. it also got fast tracks other board officers to approve thompson. as facebook gets ready for an ipo that could reach $100 billion yahoo shareholders one action. the biggest thing they have to come up with a better social media strategy, global this time with google + and facebook thrives at also needs to beef up its media it has a lot of eyeballs but not profitability the new ceo takes over in the midst of a massive reorganization last month that laid-off 2000 employees. and identified 50 services it wants to shut down or sell
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time magazine stole the show last week this week it is newsweek's turn. the cover shows president obama under rainbow hail and a caption that reads the first gave president. this comes after his statement he supports same-sex couples to marry. the announcement has politicians weighing in. dianne feinstein said she understands the president's change of heart. i don't think it is a flip- flop and not a political calculation it is not smart at the does this from a political point of view it makes no sense from a personal ville i can tell you what happens if as also happened to me you get to know more and more gay couples you see that happen is, you see the economic security marriage brings, and more fundamentally you see children who otherwise would might have an adoptive home.
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no clear indication how the president's support of sense that this marriage supports his reelection but when it comes to this topic opinions cannot stick to party lines. the talk of the sunday talk shows. there were classic talking points from republican national committee chairman marriage as that the definition we believe that is between a man and woman we will look back on this and be a shame we were against this for such a hot-button issue the tone and tenor of today's debate was not hard right versus hard left this man served in the george bush administration and support same-sex marriage. i am not for gay marriage despite the fact that i'm a conservative i support their marriage because i am a conservative this issue is still
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undefined ever since president obama and/or same-sex marriage last week and mitt romney restated his support for traditional heterosexual marriage pundits are trying to predict the political fallout. this political scientist . the politics are changing so quickly neither party really understands that a deal with them polls show growing public support for census marriage the real election battle will be in crucial swing states where gop strategist says support is weaker. in the polling 23 percent of independence make them less likely to vote for the president. tony perkins of the family research council says the president has reenergize the republican base
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i don't think the president did this as a political calculation this is a bad formula. democrats argue that by election day this will be a non- issue anybody who would not vote for president obama because of same-sex marriage would not have voted for him anyway. bill whitaker cbs news los angeles the debate when from politicians to parishioners same-sex marriage a focal point today it for the african- american community anne mackovic spoke with an east bay congregation. in most churches pastors feel there are things you must address for your confirmation and hot topic this week president obama's support of same-sex marriage i had a debate with myself should i or shouldn't i but i decided it was important to say something. at the risk of alienating conservative parishioners in the
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the part of his sermon i need to be committed to equality and freedom and justice for all meaning everybody and that is what a shared with congregation. some supported him to name the issue within the black community is important i'm glad he let it be known he approve that to the congregation there may be mixed thoughts on the sermon but what remains to be seen is the effect of the president's remarks on the ballot box. former san francisco mayor willie brown spoke about this morning on cbs 5. it will require some of us to reaffirm, because african- americans and latinos not naturally on the upside of same- sex marriage, they are on the downside of same-sex marriage. and a core part of the democratic constituency there are diverse views just
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as there are all over the country and that is the point important to a knowledge individual choice of each american anne mackovic cbs 5 despite her unpopularity the oakland mayor will keep our job, organizers for the committee to recall the mayor announced they did not get the 20,000 signatures needed to put a recall on the november ballot. according to a recent poll 3 atta for oakland voters not happy with their performance the same poll found the majority of voters who don't and she's doing a good job are not ready for a recall because it is costly. they don't totally agree with me on everything people want us to work on the issues we are working on her first term and is in 2014 gov. brown release is the revised budget tomorrow and
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sacramento based on a higher than anticipated deficit we face a $16 billion hole. the gov. brown is the higher deficit on lower tax revenues the cuts to education and public safety are not acceptable. it wants to increase income taxes for highest earners and increase a sales tax at all the democrats say they will help sell the measure to voters. between now and november wheat will be aggressive in talking about the importance of the governor's tax measure voters are resistant to increase taxes republicans have reacted by saying there must be more cuts. millions of unemployed americans jobs that need to be filled it should be the perfect match but something missing, jeff glor shows us the program looking to fill the gap
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as a surgical technician this man fails operating rooms with precision and helps at surgeries at age 50 he is a newbie. four years ago he lost his job in michigan's auto industry today he works in his surgical unit a completely new world. to not get caught in the dust you'll be left behind mcmillan spent two years out of work is all car industry skills are useless you question everything and there's just realization yet to hit the streets and move on he made his way to the door of this man ceo of capital area michigan works. he has been matching up people and jobs for 30 years, he got a scholarship for two more years of school before going back on the ground floor as a hospital orderly paths still working his
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way back. people are at my door trying to get at the jobs and then got the employers saying why can you train enough people for me i have all these jobs i cannot fail since the recession is office has seen 1000 job-seekers every day, most of not adjusted to a new reality. will not go back to the days in michigan with a strong back you can bowl to bumper on the answer is no a main problem is a mass of skills gap. not enough property skilled workers to fill them. michigan works funds attorney for 1800 people and he says 90 percent of them find jobs, but it is a new world and a scary lead. we watch it in people's eyes it is a daunting task to face it at this age of starting over do
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not blow it. put your heart into it and go for it. it can be years after the financial crisis someone takes the responsibility to high-level apology from j.p. morgan chase and carried it will be the hottest ticket on wall street and you won't be able to get in but are you really missing out with investors focusing from facebook. he it is one of america's deadliest cancers at the painless a dollar home test that is just as effective. deadliest cancers at the painless a dollar home test that is just as effective. ,,,,
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colorectal cancer the third common cancer in men and women. the good news it can be caught early with screening and treatment. ya have to have a test right this is the $8 cancer test you can have an home. is called the katie couric cancer test this led to a
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significant jump and colonoscopy still out the country. catch the cancer early you can prevent it. gastroenterologist says colonoscopy is a good screening test but not the only one that works. there are three tests that are excellent test for colorectal cancer we have been sending the wrong message and the message we're sending is an unnecessary and expensive message there's no data that colonoscopy screening is superior to other forms of screening. colonoscopy is are expensive gusting up to $5,000 in the bay area. it carries a risk and to prepare for one can be uncomfortable. if the got off the idea is on the one good test for colon cancer are rates would increase especially among the uninsured and underserved population
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that is where this is test makes a big difference it is cheap and easy to use an effective and finding cancer and polyps and you can do in the privacy of home. the test detects blood in the stool from larger polyps that tend to believe it cost about $8 screen recommended on a yearly basis that is a good schedule for the slow-growing cancer. you go from a growth to a cancer over years many as over 10-15 years so multiple opportunities for screening test it before it becomes cancer or early stages. will be wary about the most is: cancer they're using the test at san francisco general hospital and increasing the screening rates by 30 percent the bottom line is not to argue about screening the bottom line is to get everyone should be screened screened chisholm
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dr. kimble the help of cbs 5 health watch we have more about the $8 test go to cbs. com and click on health executives from j.p. morgan chase are expected to resign after a mistake costs and $2 billion. jimmy diamond the ceo says he was wrong to ignore warning signs and says the bank in no danger of failing. we will still earn a lot of money this quarter we hurt ourselves and our credibility and must pay the price for that. lawmakers back a financial overhaul bill go into effect this summer push for a version that will prevent the kind of trading that led to the loss. you and your friends about to make people very rich face but going public who gets a piece of the pie. if you get the chance should you buy yen? here is more.
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suit to meet the hoodie facebook mark zuckerberg gets rough start treatment but should he get your money when the company goes public. facebook will price the ipo between 28-$30 a share in. the institutional investors will be the major ones bind up the stop so when it opens it make a man at $100 a share when released so let i go out and let the four ago down. a lot of rich people get in before you ever well investment banks get the first crack at shares if they 72 best clients had funds and money managers and insiders they get the ipo price and retail investors get their shot dead last. each read is an underwriter and each red will have some shares
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available td ameritrade and charles schwab to earn. if you try to buy the ipo limit order what is your price and budget that is valuable to make sure you limit the price what you are willing to pay the most famous investor will not buy i cannot recall when something comes out that is offered with commissions and publicity the seller is not the best single investment i can make it is mathematically impossible. cholesterol and the bay area for a world war two battleship stores aboard the uss iowa in richmond. the ship has been there since october 4th bears. the iowa once carried franklin roosevelt to the world war 2 summit. a tremendous amount of world
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war 2 history and career wrapped up pierre multiple generations have served on board. the 887 ft. long ship will be towed under the golden gate bridge and to the port of los angeles it will be transformed to a naval museum. temperatures fell it will be cooler tomorrow and something different on tuesday and then changes again statement during is dennis o'donnell here's what's coming up on game day play father brought to tears while watching the giants game today how much do you know about brandon edge. a good soldier for us for a long time the scout softball team.
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happy mother's day to all moms out there. hope you enjoy your day. i will do my best we have a look at temperatures now, mostly in the '50s and clear skies. that changes as the nine goes on. 56 at the airport and gusty winds and 20 miles per hour at the airport and the tallest building on the skyline of san francisco the transamerica pyramid.
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the house that went up when that was built. look for low clouds to return by tomorrow morning and then temperatures cool tomorrow and warm up on tuesday. not big time about 10-15 degrees distinctly warmer on tuesday at low pressure off shore be down the high pressure that was setting off the pacific, the clouds come with that we look for a chilly monday in. temperatures about the same as today. more sun along the coastline will have a few low clouds and then the clouds go away and we get the sun is temperatures in the low '70's. the sfo become sunny after low clouds. a high of 61 degrees, los angeles denver and chicago and all sunday. rain in new york city.
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for future cast clouts off shore we send in the clouds and then watch, they dissipate, we go with usual low clouds in the morning clearing in afternoon temperatures on my outside. not bad at all. it looks nice for fairfield 60 at pacific, mountain view at 70 santa rosa 68 degrees, 69 at marin civic center, as looking at the number is go up and and down and and up. the warning comes in on tuesday and wednesday, thursday and friday cools off again, for next weekend it warms up again. temperatures inland ranging from mid-seventies to low 80's depending on which day of the week, a chance of drizzle it looks like and up and down week
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but not a big swing. chisholm you'll be saying that a lot through september taking the weird and ♪
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the super hero blockbuster adventured shatters records last wait and and the biggest grossing opening weekend of the year, this way the first movie ever to pull and 100 million on its second weekend. it is on track to hit the billion dollar mark. its match the competition earning more than $103 million the johnny depp remake of dark shadows a distant second. think like a man, hundred games and the lucky one round out the top five. for those in his superstitious move a celebration of the no. 13 in san francisco, at the 13th annual street fair celebrated on the 13th of may spanning 13 city blocks. vendors sold clothing music and t


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