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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  May 25, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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said some words. >> what a great day, it is golden gate bridge day, not just in san fransisco but in california. >> jerry brown they're getting it ready. but guess what? it was not just a prominent people. there were some people that i met today here celebrating that were actually there that day 75 years ago. >> he was only 18 years old then. the senior in high-school. >> i am so honored, i cannot believe it. >> now the 95 year-old is one of only two known people still alive who worked on the golden gate bridge. >> we're standing in front of del oro high-school, 1935 or 1936 and he says, what we would call a labor contractor today, he came by and asked him if you
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want to work. did not tell him what the project was, and it was during the depression so said " sure ". so they brought him over to the golden gate bridge and he worked there for about three weeks pealing table on the first hour, on the san francisco side. >> it is a legacy. people come from all over the world to see it. >> modesty can only go so far. >> ok, beautiful pictures. and a great story. many great stories here this weekend. here's one to keep in mind. there are going to be 10,000 bicycle spaces here this weekend. there will be no parking spaces for cars. so come on down and enjoy that. but you need to get here in some way other than an automobile. >> for a complete list of this weekend's celebrations, including, very important here, which rose will be close, go to
6:02 pm and it is impossible to sum up what the bridge means to the people that live here. at 6:30 p.m. we will dig through the channel 5 archives and share a few images and stories that are timeless. >> new details tonight on the woman found dead in a trash barrel on the outskirts of pleasanton. the body was found yesterday along dublin canyon road not far from stone ridge shopping mall. an autopsy was performed today but due to the extent of decomposition is still unclear who the woman is. investigators are fairly certain that it is not the missing morgan hill teenagers sierra lamar. >> based on the physical characteristics of the body, and what we know about sierra lamar, we believe that it is not likely to be sierra lamar. >> what we know about the body, all the coroner will say is that it was a woman with brown hair. investigators are not releasing details like the height or weight or proximate age. they do say that she was wearing
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pajama pants, and old navy shirt and blue nail polish. and eyewitness on shore snapped these photographs as san fransisco firefighters rescued a 12 year-old boy who was swept away by the current at christie field. he was winning his classmates this afternoon when it happened. a firefighter swam out to reach him, he was rescued and is expected to be ok. >> vallejo police shot and killed a man that they say pulled a gun on them after refusing orders to stop. it happened late last night after officers got a report that the man had threatened someone else with that weapon. investigators say that the weapon turned out to be a pellet gun. oakland police are taking more criminals and guns off of the streets. and they're doing it with the help of technology. christin ayers shows us that it could be the solution the city is looking for. >> these are dance nude shot spotters. you heard of the shot spotters that can detect the gunfire. these have changed, their more advanced now and police say they
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are paying off in a big way. >> it is the sound of gunfire in east oakland as captured by the censors known as shot spotter technology. >> the technology could cause pause when someone decides to pick up a gun in oakland and discharged. >> the technology has been in oakland since 2005 but officers say that now is better than ever. >> one of the advantages is a flex alert. >> police say the technology is practically surgical. last faugh thursday it caught the sound of three shots being fired, and within 45 seconds they had an audio recording of the shots fired and a map triangulating the location. a short time later they had the suspect and the gun in custody. >> the shotgun was recovered hidden behind a secret wall and the residents. >> since january they have identified more than 2000 instances of gunfire on open streets and take a look, police
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have recovered hundreds of the guns that were fired. >> we have, so far, taken at least 340 guns off the streets of oakland. >> police believe that this new technology is working. in east oakland alone there were six gone arrest and 13 weapons recovered. but homicides are still up, there have been 45 this year compared to 38 last year. oakland police believe that the solution lies in expanding the shots fired program. >> if you contract you can predict it and if you can predict it and you can prevent it. >> police tell us the shot spotter technology cost about $54,000 purported appear square- mile. right now have 50 percent of the city covered and they're hoping to cover the rest of it at that cost. >> thank you. >> a traffic reminder for the holiday weekend, caltrans will close the dumbarton bridge at 10:00 tonight for seismic retrofit work. crews will replace a major
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seismic joint across all six lanes of traffic on the western side. the bridge is not scheduled to reopen until 5:00 a.m. tuesday. to get across the bay you can still use the san mateo bridge, or go south and take highway 237. and there is disruption in store for muni riders this weekend. they are upgrading tracks on several lines. that will effectively shut down service at the intersection of church, shannon sinn live in san francisco with what riders need to know. >> the shutdown begins at 7:00 tonight, and not long after crews will start ripping out the track here in the middle of the intersection at this junction. nearly 40,000 passengers to ride the disease metro line. will have to find another way to get around for the next 10 days. this metra line will be shut down. muni will be replacing 100 ft. of worn out track. the shutdown will partially affect the 22 still more lines
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which run through. muni says they're adding temporary bosses at frequent intervals during the closure but they can only accommodate half of the passengers. so the transit agency offers this advice. >> to what we're telling people to do, this weekend and next week, is to plan ahead, plan for congestion. we will have transit service in place. and that service will get people where they need to go. >> the san fransisco bicycle collision will be leading bicycle convoys at 8:00 a.m. weekdays, they will loosely follow these lines. the construction work is part of a $40 million improvement projects that muni says will make the system smoother and safer. again, the shutdown begins at 7:00 tonight and expected to return to normal monday june 4th at 5:00 a.m.. >> five months before the
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election, the president and mitt romney are in full assault mode. as priestly shows us, both candidates were busy throwing punches today. >> that is right. his private sector experience is something that mitt romney has touted during the campaign but it is also the center of a new series of obama campaign ads portraying him as someone that only cares about making a profit. let's have a look at the latest mudslinging. >> the new advertisement from republican presidential candidate mitt romney, describing what would be his first day in the white house. >> they want, president mitt romney announces deficit reductions and the obama era of big government. >> it is not the first time he is accused the president of driving up government spending and adding to the deficit. >> a prairie fire of debt is sweeping across iowa and across the nation. >> also in iowa the president answered back in the swing state. >> his speech was more like a cow pie of distortion.
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he has not told you how he would pay for a new five trillion dollar tax cut, that is like trying to put out a prairie fire with some gasoline. >> now the center of the president's new attack advertisements paid to romney as the ceo of bain capital. >> he did not care about us as workers. >> as the obama's campaign vilifies bain capital, there are new reports that employees from mitt romney's former company donating to the president's. and they're giving a lot. maybe $125,000 in this election. but when asked the obama campaign says they have no intention of giving that money back. >> accepting a contribution from a particular person involved in venture-capital, and criticizing mitt romney, who has made his record as a venture capitalist at bain capital, could be the central focus of his credibility and his qualifications for being president, are completely different things.
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>> and speaking of fund-raising. remember when george clooney help raise $15 million for the president? 9 million of that dollars came from a raffle to be in addition to the hollywood event. donald trump is doing the same for mitt romney. starting bid? $3. >> thank you. it is no surprise that this will be the most expensive presidential race in history. both candidates have declined federal campaign financing. therefore, there are no spending limits that go with that. people in swing states like nevada, ohio, colorado, florida, it will be bombarded with campaign advertisements right until election day in november. >> from the weather center, good evening everyone. what a day. partly cloudy skies, to 100th of an inch of rain accumulating in napa. high-definition doppler radar picking up precipitation following in the bay area and north of the golden gate bridge. but zero in on that area right
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there. you can see the green on your screen between santa rosa. that sell in the yellow and orange is moderate to heavy rain. just off of st. helena road and downstream, inverness, we do have some light rain falling as well. when will all end, and your memorial day holiday forecast coming up with and why forecast. >> foster kids falling through the cracks and out on their own. why that won't benefit from the new law designed to protect them? >> he squatted here at they will headquarters, eating the food and sleeping on their couches while he was developing his own new start-ups. no one knew it for months. >> $1 million found. what one bay area city will do ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,cash?
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>> today a lot intended to help foster former foster kids in danger of losing benefits passed a state assembly's subcommittee. >> there is already a law that provides financial help and they turn 18 but here is why some are being left behind. >> terrifying ... is scary experience. 18 is not very old. >> that perspective from the 20 three-year-old who remembers being emancipated from foster care, suddenly she was on her own. statistics show that foster you can be at high risk for homelessness, incarceration. they decided to extend foster care to age 21. >> the importance was that you would have support for use past the age of 18 because at 18, who is an adult? >> daniel is a foster care advocate who points out that there was one problem with the
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wall. to save money it was phased in. >> so what that did was create a bubble in funding, where in all kids that turned 19 in 2012, are in danger of being kicked out of the system. >> some counties are coming up with the money to keep the young adults in the system cut across the state more than 2119 year- old could find themselves out on their own. >> we're at the bottom of the totem pole. if we don't have this fix, then once again we are out on the streets. and then having someone say " you can come back eventually ". we have heard that our whole lives. >> for so long they felt invisible, there had not been many people in their lives that they could depend upon. i hope that this time the can count on something. >> which is what we all need. >> >> the full assembly is expected to vote on that next week.
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>> a suspected bank robber behind bars accused of robbing three san fransisco banks yesterday. police say that the rod to on california street at gunpoint just minutes apart. an hour later they say that he hit one on van nuys. that is where an employee father called him out of the bank, and pointed them out to police. sevastopol is recovered more than 100 stolen bicycles. they say and 18 year-old man was holding them in his neighborhood in silver terrace and the tructo storage lockers. for link to the stolen merchandise to a million dollars-dedicated, it could save seven cisco's quite tower. they announce $1.7 million in funding for the tower just 12 days before the city's voters decide on proposition be which the mayor opposes.
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it would require the park department to prioritize the tower for upkeep. >> is water in palo alto made the most of his time while surfing on a sofa. he launched his own start up. here is how he lived and eight and worked and slept and managed to breathe life into a new company. >> he literally lives and breathes his job. >> they say that i kid works very hard. and i was. >> he spent long, very long hours at his computer every night, he was squatting at the aol headquarters when he ran out of rent money. >> one day i was walking out in the was a couch and i thought " that is interesting, i could totally sleep on that couch ". >> he was hired by investors to work in a new incubator, a group that focuses on new ideas. they work out of rented space in the area well palo alto headquarters. but when the program ended, he wants to keep going, to perfect the idea that would help
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teachers revolutionize education. it was not hard to just move right into a well. >> in the morning and i would come there and before i would work, work out and take a shower. so i was already there. the only thing i was not doing was living there. >> he stored his things outside of the company gym and helped himself to the aol food. >> that would put up the food. like couples noodles. trail mix. snacks like that. >> for nearly two months he kept up the ruse, working in the incubator office on the first floor and then sneaking up to the third floor where he would get a few hours of sleep. that is where the security guards never patrolled. >> no one caught on but there were whispers. one night the building manager found him and it was over. but he says that he did what he had to do to build his company. >> i could not imagine going home, and basically closing up
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shop and saying " i'm done ". >> he did not go home and now a venture capitalist are investing. he is living in a rented house and there has been no backlash from a well. he says that if he had to he would do it again. >> i nothing to lose, i have no money or a place to stay. >> a white water rescue in yosemite. yosemite. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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>> it is one of northern california is most popular attractions. but visitors can easily forget yosemite national park is full of both beauty and dangerous. don for shows us how rescuers are gearing up for what is expected to be a very busy summer. >> in yosemite national park,
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nearly 6 million visitors per year, to see yosemite falls, halfdome, and the merced river. some never leave. last year six people died in water related deaths. >> we do not have the huge snowpack that we did last year but the river is running swift. it is running cold. it is dangerous. >> summer comes early this year in the yosemite search and rescue team is training early. practicing with a new tool. >> it is awesome. >> a special design whitewater press keyboard, it can hold two people and is extra light. they say it will make a difference. >> it has shifted our entire rescue thinking to go wider. so the board is actually a replacement for the inflatable boat. >> senior from the rescuers point of view, a dangerous job, even the training is dangerous but believe it or not, getting into the water is the last thing
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the white water rescue team wants to do. they can build a rope bridge over streams to rescue people trapped on locksmith. >> a great water rescue is one where you never get wet. >> the program manager loves the river and understands it could be a fatal attraction. >> it is beautiful, especially when it is running high, it is fun to look at but incredibly dangerous and deceptive. >> was beautiful weather predicted in summer arriving early, the crowds are expected to be large. officials predict between 25 and 30,000 people per day will be visiting yosemite this coming memorial day weekend and they keep telling me that they're ready. in yosemite national park, don ford, cbs 5. >> memorial day is the unofficial start of summer but look at lake tahoe, still getting snow. scattered snow showers expected through the weekend. and roberta has more on the cool and windy weather here. >> usually when it snows in like, we have rain showers in the bay area and so far today to
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a 100th of an inch of rain. enough to wet the sidewalks in napa. it is live high-definition doppler radar picking up some very light precipitation still. primarily right there in the northern portion of the bay area. just over st. helena road and also to east of highway 12 scam downstream you have a cluster of activity in the form of very light rain fall. otherwise, take a look at this. it is alive weather camera looking at the golden gate bridge where the skies have been clearing. official sundown at 80 1:00 p.m. and we will be able to see it and then we will see a few clouds rolling in overnight but right now we're sitting in the '50s and '60s after custody to 59 1/2 monday and 71 in sonoma. here's a look at tonight's lows. 44 in santa rosa and 50 degrees in mountain view. another look at the eastern portion of the the bay area, looking out from dublin. a scattered showers possible tonight becoming partly sunny for your saturday and a very mild memorial day coming up.
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that's seven day outlook coming up. the first, the sierra forecast calls for a 40 percent chance of rain showers on saturday, clear skies and warm conditions monday and sunday. '50s and '60s to more with sunshine. clouds dissipate. 67 a recent santa clara. these temperatures are averaging almost 10 degrees below normal for this time of the year. but it will be rain free for your saturday. up to 71 degrees in sonoma and 62 in san fransisco when we should be 64 degrees. the extended forecast calls for a warmer day on sunday. and then clear skies from the coast and inland areas more light. that is or pinpoint forecasts. >> thankyou, a company launched by the paper towel founder made history today. the space drag inx is the first spaceship to dock with the international space station. they started the company at 10 years ago and contract with nasa
6:26 pm
in 2008. >> some said that it could not or should not be built. >> we would come in to cash checks and i would hear guys talking in the background about how it will never do it. it was crazy. they would never make it. >> after 75 years, the golden gate bridge defies the odds. if the men, the materials, and the passion and made it happen. >> an inside look at one of the biggest construction projects in the bay area right now. what is happening this weekend that began a dramatic transformation? >> why a popular trader,,,,,,,,,
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>> san fransisco is kicking off a weekend long celebration marking the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. the festivities got underway this morning with the unveiling of a new visitors' facility. at first many thought the iconic span could not be built and now most of us could not imagine severance without its including this renowned services co photographer, he walked the bridge with his parents back in 1937 when it was just three years old. and he has been photographing it ever since.
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>> i have been photographed in the bridge for 50 years. i have to admit it is my favorite subjects. it has been the cover of three books that i have done. and, >> you never get tired of it? >> never. >> the event was just beginning. the 75th anniversary bash for the bridge is this sunday along the shore between four points and marina green. festivities are planned throughout the day but to pare early because traffic will be a mass. the bridge is close to foot traffic at 6:00 in vehicle traffic at 9:00 and then it is on to the main event. 9:30 p.m. fireworks show. >> it is impossible to sum up what the bridge means to the region and all of us. but a 75th birthday is worthy of a look back so we went digging through the channel 5 archives and as mike sugerman shows us, the images and the stories are timeless. >> unless you have been a long time, he probably cannot imagine the day without it. but in the 1920's a lot of people could not imagine a
6:31 pm
golden gate bridge. >> everyone said they did nothing to do it. >> plenty of other people did not want it. in many ways, our beloved bridge is the story of what is possible. starting with a ridiculed bridge builder from cincinnati ohio. >> he told me " you and i have built that bridge on paper nine times, i think of how hard that man worked, and how the newspapers were against him, and he just said " it is the story of a hardscrabble men living in times much more difficult than the ones we know now. >> i would never have gone out there if i could have found something else. there was no work. it was depression times. it was very tough. they would fire you, and there
6:32 pm
were 20 guys waiting for someone to get fired. for one hour of work. >> i would hear people talk when we came into cash their checks and guys would talk in the background " they will never do that, those guys are crazy, they will never make it ". click loved it. you have to love that. when you are working up in the air, it is my opinion that you get kind of hype. the one thing, it was cold and damp and foggy. but man, we were tough .. we were special. and we knew that we work. >> 11 men died in the effort. 10 of those when a scaffolding fell through a safety net. that meant a groundbreaking device at the time, saved 19 others. >> the lower most sections of the tower are anchored to vertical steel. >> that steel made in bethlehem pa. and sent by train to
6:33 pm
philadelphia and then by boat to san fransisco. the cables were pulled across by the harbor tug and bridge company. >> ok, we are coming across ... we are riding fast ... we're heading up a bit ... here comes the half way connection ... now we're clear of the south tower site ... >> as the work continued over four years another story was born, this one started as a romance >> we ride in san fransisco on valentine's day of 1933.
6:34 pm
it was not unusual to drive back out there in the evening just to see what was going on and so on. >> the final revetment in april 20th 1937. one month later the celebration complete with al jolson ... >> ♪ golden gate >> we got there and we were the first ones in line on the pedestrian bridge. i remember some big tank across, i guess they cut the take. and everyone went on. a big rush of people. it was a thrill.
6:35 pm
it was wonderful. we were skipping and hopping and jumping. >> all that has followed you could call love story. just how many people showed up for their 50th birthday? >> up to 350,000 people actually walk on the bridge. hundreds of thousands more tried to get there but could not. some waited up to two hours to get off. bridge engineers say the structure could take away without damage. >> is not the most beautiful bridge, it is certainly the most photographed. think of how many people around the world have worked and saved so that they could come to the place we call home, to see tower bridge, and anyone who has ever seen it walked away with an impression of their own. by now you probably have your own stories and memories about the bridge. we thought that we would share just one of those with you. the thoughts of a late
6:36 pm
colleague, >> for those of us like me that were around there when it was going up, it is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since opening day. of course, i was very young at the time ... it is as beautiful to me now as it was then. what it took to build it is as good of a story as you will find in it at any adventure novel and what it means to people around here and around the world is a tribute to that effort. >> still very true, at the golden age of 75 ... mike sugerman, cbs 5 ... >> much of the footage that you saw was from specials that cbs 5 has aired in the past. one of them produced by lee mendelson who also brought you the beloved charlie brown christmas special. the other from the 50th anniversary of the bridge. there's much more video on our website >> cookie crisis. >> co[ male announcer ] knowing your customers
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>> a contra costa high-school at toward valley high school in san ramon held a daylong celebration called it " vietnam day ". this helicopter surprised those students by landing on campus. a desert storm veteran took part in the celebration, helping educate students on the history of america's wars. >> i think that it is important for the kids to learn about all our wars starting with the civil war, after world war one and two and up. it is basically how america has the freedoms that it has today. >> students wore costumes representing fashion trends of the 1960's. >> progress on the downtown trans-bay terminal will detour traffic beginning tomorrow. with an update on one of the city's biggest construction
6:40 pm
projects ever, patrick fills us in. >> we have activity out here 24/7. >> if you're getting on to the bay bridge is, no doubt that you have seen this. a huge project replacing the old trans-bay terminal with the state of the art transit hub. to be completed by 2017. >> this area will be the future boss plaza for golden gate and muni buses that operate on the city streets. >> the project will be a futuristic terminal with bosses, high-speed trains, and parks as well as high rise apartment living and what will be the tallest building in san fransisco. standing at 1,000 ft., easily taller than the transamerica pyramid. but for now it is dirty work. >> it comes in 25 ft. sections and the drill down with that. that equipment is called a rotator. >> it looks like the fruit print of any huge undertaking but sits in the middle of a giant corridor. the on ramp to the bay bridge.
6:41 pm
>> the contractor will come in and remove the rogue wave service. >> beginning 8:00 p.m. first- rate will be closed between mission and howard street making way for this new prefabricated rogue wave to set in its place with cranes. >> after we have placed the entire structure, when people come here tuesday morning traffic will be restored. >> this is the first phase of the project at a cost of $1.6 billion. it will cost a total of $4.2 billion when completed. >> monday morning it will look like a roadway. >> reporting from san francisco, cbs 5. >> spring showers for mayflowers. and now we will be talking about the warmest day for the memorial holiday. yorkton. forecast is straight ahead but first, jim. >> tim lincecum struggles continue in miami. it was another day of many being many.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> an issue over chocolate chips
6:45 pm
turning into a dilemma for a health food grocery chain. what could be sour about something so sweet? a recently looked into it. >> so it is not a crisis of old testament proportions. but for this woman who is jewish orthodox, trader joe's chocolate chips are a big deal. >> to make everything tastes delicious. >> she goes through 10 bags per week for dinners every friday night, and holidays. her family is strictly kosher which means they do not mix meat or dairy. the chips have a label " kosher " because they were very free but a recent change at her rushing to checker supply. >> i went to the cabinet to check on the chips that i had to see if they were certified dairy. and i have three bags. two of them were very. and one of them, thankfully the open one, was kosher. >> as of may 18th they yanked
6:46 pm
the flavor because they click change the way they clean the equipment. >> we won't be able to use the chocolate chips anymore because if we use them for meals when we have me to. >> have the change had used stocking up. but she has faith that trader joe's will have a change of heart because the other chocolate chips don't measure up. >> when it comes to good quality chocolate chips, trader joe's is the place to go. >> last batch is flying off of shelves. there is an on-line petition with more than 4000 signatures to try and get the manufacturer to stay kosher. >> from the cbs 5 weather center, we had highs ranging from 59 degrees in half moon bay 271 degrees in sonoma but the big story was the springtime showers. in fact right now we're still picking up impressive rain sells over the northern portion of
6:47 pm
the bay area. let's zoom in on that cluster of green, yellow, and orange. it is right around this area. to give you some proximity, the napa valley the marathon is held right they're around silverado trail road. that is where we have the heaviest rain. and another cluster of moderate to heavy rains fall in between occidental and sebastian pool. otherwise, the skies had cleared out, a few cumulus clouds lingering around the bay bridge. we still have some breezy wind out there out of the northwest. some gusting up to 32 in sfo other was the numbers are trailing off into the 50s and 60s across the board. tonight, overnight, becoming part of a cloudy. in the '40's and 50's. wind will lighten up. officials sundown at the 20 1:00 p.m., that is the scene at mount locke of where we picked up 100th of an inch of rain. tomorrow will become partly
6:48 pm
sunny after a cloudy start and then a mild holiday plan for you. 2 in. of snow accumulated above 6,000 ft. in the sierra. 8 in. at the higher terrain. a 40 percent chance of lingering showers otherwise sunny and bright sunday and monday. '50s and '60s for your saturday along the seashore. 67 a recent santa clara which is eight degrees below average. the peninsula through 7¢ south san fransisco. warmest numbers found east of the bay all the way to 72 in brentwood backing through discovery day. 70 all the way into pinole and hercules. low seventies in sonoma and napa. 67 years, in mill valley. three degrees below average for this time of the year. northwest winds rotating to the west between 10 and 20 m.p.h.. sunday, sunshine. once the patchy fog dissipates and then for your memorial day, there you have clear skies.
6:49 pm
in fact it is a pretty even weather forecast all the way through next thursday.,,,,,,,,,,
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6:51 pm
>> manny ramirez makes his
6:52 pm
sacramento did before the river cat tonight and fans hope that his swing is more decisive than his answers with the media this afternoon. >> i just one want to go out and play. i don't know, i will destroy out and swing. i don't know. what are you going to do? i don't know. i don't know. i'm just ready to play. i don't know. you know? i will let you know. >> what we do know is that manny ramirez is eligible to rejoin the oakland a's wednesday but for now all eyes will be on the all-star this weekend as he continues his minor league rehabilitation. >> i am one of the best right- handed hitters to ever play the game of baseball. >> do you think some people might not think that because of your suspension? >> that is what i think, i don't care about what other people think. >> the marlins home runs culture
6:53 pm
lit up twice and that is bad news for the giants. chris conklin who began the night hitting 106 belt that a free run home run capping off a five run 6. another rough night for tim lincecum as his era rises to 6141. the marlins lead 7/4 in the bottom of the eighth. the cal softball team won their only national jim bishop 10 years ago and the bears are the no. 1 team in the nation. for the first time ever that will host a regional final when if is washington tomorrow night. >> we put them right up there next to the 2002 team. senior valerie is a finalist for the u.s.a. softball collegiate player of the year. she is second on the bears with 20 wins and leads the team with 22 home runs and 58 runs batted in. >> we're so excited to get home and have the family be able to watch us play. as seniors playing the last
6:54 pm
games here. not having to travel for three weeks is a good thing. to be able to sleep in your own bed. in my career at cal i have not yet been to the world series so that would be a great and to the senior season. >> round two at the senior pga championship. the shot of the day belonged to tom by iran. this chip is in for an eagle. he is six over for the tournament. roger chapman is the leader at eight under. the oldest living man with an olympic gold medal, the 98 year- old is not slowing down any time soon. >> i feel like an old horse that here's the trumpet. i feel good. >> and 90 years old, he is the oldest living gold medalist in the world. he won gold with the honduran water polo team in the 1936 berlin olympics, three years before adolf hitler invaded poland in started world war two.
6:55 pm
the missed all of the tanks and soldiers. those olympic games taught a life lesson. >> excellence is a human quality. it does not belong to one race or religion, anyone can be excellent. regardless of the color of his skin. >> his house was destroyed in the war. in 1945 he returned to his home and dug through the rubble to find his beloved gold medal. >> it got so many hits from tanks, the house collapsed. it was just rubble, a pile of rubble. and then, i went back and i was digging and finding and looking for it. and then i found it. >> he has lived in the bay area since 1950 and the hon. water polo team invites him to be their honorary guest every four years. in fact he will be there in the
6:56 pm
london games in july. she still swims at the belvidere tennis club. he is not slowing down any time soon. in fact just renewed his driver's license. >> i did not make any mistake on the questions. so she said " come back with your 103 " and gave me a license. >> he found out that he was the oldest living gold medalist while he was swimming at the club. they had to get him out of the pool and let him know. >> that is great. great story. >> there is a caddy at the olympic club was 97 and still at the olympic club at age 97. >> that is fantastic. eye on the bay is next. >> have a great weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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