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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  May 26, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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discover britvisit:lumbia. good evening.
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a year's worth of work made possible by one week enclosure the dumbarton bridge closed until early tuesday for crucial step in a seismic retrofit. don knapp is live at the bridge compared to the activity and traffic in the bay area this places desolate, the long stretch of road as coyote hills to the bridge not being used to bridge a shutdown and shut down for three days in order to get the work done for next year. it will take another year to finish the dumbarton bridge work this weekend makes the rest of the work possible the closure provides timon's place to put an expansion joints and install the latest and greatest in earthquake bridge technology seismic bearings this connects to the deck of the of a connects to the foundation in a seismic event it allows the deck to move
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independently from the foundation. it gives the bridge the ability to dents and be flexible rather than brittle and put a lot of stress on the legs and that was the cracking crews worked through the night last night the let the debt one to 5 in. to make room for the new bearings. making sure it can sustain what geologists say historical patterns of ground motion the bridge is designed for historical ground motion we have seen in the area over the last 1000 years of the work includes maintenance sign it paintings and other work that cannot be done when traffic is flowing. highway 237 and highway 92 over the san mateo bridge are alternate routes the bread shutdown friday night it will remain shut down until tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. they say
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the bridges on schedule and will be open for the morning commute and. drivers are encouraged to take public transit to get around the bay area if you drive allowed extra time and take out and the crowds the san mateo bridge one way to go the detour route includes highways 88237 and 1 01. tens of thousands expected to flock to san francisco waterfront to mark the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. events are planned all weekend including force of the bridge and a festival including arts and music. you are encouraged to take public transportation, the celebration wraps tomorrow night with a fireworks display. what you need to know about that the bridge close to foot traffic at 6:00 p.m. cars halted for one hour beginning at 9:00 p.m. and then the main event eight 9:30
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p.m. fireworks show expected to last about 20 minutes. you can find a list of festivities and videos of the bridge at cbs s f dot com golden gate there is will be taking in marin commuters to the festivities tomorrow a one day strike shut down service today and threatened to make it difficult to get to san francisco anne mackovic was there. the timing of a strike at the golden gate bridge there is system cannot be worse thousands fled san francisco tomorrow to celebrate the anniversary of the golden gate bridge many count on ferries from larkspur and sausalito. the inland bowed ninja engine has been without one for one year are members are putting up with a lot of things the public does not know she says they're working
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around mold and they need better break areas and security cameras why did the need to surveil us anything they're saying about break rooms or cameras are unfounded another irritation and the district decided to eliminate human ticket agents at the ferry terminals there's been a lot of work overflows to the terminal workers there not valid concerns. left in the metal are confused passengers akin to a close terminal i don't usually cross a picket line but i knew nothing about it i did i know it was close there is no not a single sign up the uncertainty of whether the strike is over tomorrow remains the district says the offer is on the table and the union says it is not good enough. otherwise we'll have the drive through oakland i do hope the strike is over
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in larkspur anne mackovic cbs 5 transit officials say if there's will run tomorrow there will be extra service for those attending the bridge anniversary celebration. a warning for anyone who needs artwork be careful who you hire. south bay police say scam artists are working the area they are targeting the elderly they arrive unannounced use the dresden were closed and police say they ask for payment up front and never perform the work security officers one never open the door for anyone who just shows up offering household services. that family of a man who drowned at elevated beach has filed a lawsuit reagan's at drowned at crown beach last may 30th of city officials say firefighters cannot enter the water because the water rescue certification lapsed in 2009. the department rescue boat was
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eliminated in 2008. both programs reinstated the family filed a wrongful death suit against alameda county. a sacramento police dog has left the hospital bodie's recovery and not quite over in east were cast for six weeks and his chinese to be wired shut to help heal, he was chasing a suspected car thief who shot twice officers eventually shot and killed the gunman. know where different departments we train together and see each other on calls, it is good see him back. doctors say a good chance bodie back to work by the end of the year. good and not so good demonstrations of the power of technology you can shoplift big- ticket items without raising alarms of crops have cracked the bar code. a special delivery at the
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international space station and a civilian craft stocks and delivers. that is a good and the bay area but there were surprises. thunderstorms in the east bay will bring some clouds tomorrow and then something different.
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discover britvisit:lumbia.
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come to a point where shoplifting is gone high tech, thieves walk up to cash registers and pay a lot less than they should things to bogus bar codes jonas tischenor explains. a silicon valley executive traits conference rooms for court rooms he faces four felony counts of burglary the accusation running a bar code scanner to buy lead goes at a fraction of the cost. the man allegedly covered up bar codes with ford's labels he created it turns out it is not that hard to bring these at home the result he paid far less than a retail value at check out the retail industry does not check our code fraud, but it adds up
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to a pretty penny. retailer's loss $35 billion in 2010 due to theft, fraud and switching and replacing bar codes there are high-tech fixes but the come at a price some solutions are the newly designed checkout systems that detect wait, all the weights and measures are entered in every piece of information comes in a cheaper line of defense is employee vigilance 90% of products at the bar code physically printed on the box or label they should know if there's a stick to back label that should raise a red flag, it goes back to training stores and insure peel was terminals and display specific details when a product is and so cashier's can match descriptions. jonas tischenor in san francisco for cbs news
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astronauts aboard the international space station are restocking face to the first commercial space flight. they unloaded 1,200 lbs. of crew and equipment and food things to the space ex ship dragon. i spent a lot of time poking around looking at the engineering i'm very pleased at the dragon supply ship will be reloaded and then be sent back to earth. the ship on its last voyage before it is transformed into a museum the farewell for the uss iowa and a former crew says it will remember the ship. i'm not sure were ushering in summer brian hackney up next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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more than 3000 volunteers placed american flags on graves at golden gate national cemetery today the volunteers represent scout troops and other organizations flags were placed on 112,700 graves of fallen service members. the placing of the flights a memorial day tradition dating back more than 50 years.
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it will work to battleship begins her final journey from the bay area today the uss iowa passed under the golden gate bridge this afternoon and route to southern california. it saw plenty of action in 50 years of service. there she blows the uss iowa and interstate in the bay area i never thought this day would come 23 years i saw this ship and route to southern california her final destination at 14 stories high and 800 ft. long she fought hard to keep our country save and different non-profit groups fought to preserve the legacy. all of our goals to save the ship and turn into a museum the public can see in it as so many things it can offer from education and to repositories of technology and culture the iowa weathered many
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tough battles it saw the end of world war two to the gulf war a monumental part of u.s. history and those who served her. a big part of my life i grew up on the ship, it changed me the old battleship will be transformed to an interactive news and so can be appreciated for years to come. people tend to forget history and we need to know where we are coming from to see where we're going for former crew members they say the memories are never forgotten maneuverability survivability and camaraderie we had a crew second to none. a big reunion for all who served aboard the uss iowa on the fourth of july and three days later the grand opening of the new interactive museum. a lot of people enjoying a three day weekend.
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not us. let's show the next do days are better i have learned if i say today was terrible you'll get people who say look with of the fog. you cannot have value judgments when it comes to weather. from mount vaca looking out towards mt. tam in the distance, that is mount tam those are clouds of top, those claws produced showers and thundershowers, between vallejo and sacramento. a we're day when santa rosa has the warmest greetings. 59 at livermore, there's the golden gate bridge that was passed by a 3-1 vote in 1930. radar is showing not too much but there were showers earlier today. that will keep things jolie tonight.
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mid-60's inland. low pressure will keep temperatures cool tomorrow will get more sun tomorrow than today. low clouds are packed in at the shoreline. the future cast watch what happens with wet clouds tomorrow morning, the sun comes up and by noon it looks as if things look a ok. mostly sunny skies for the bay area temperatures coming up and low seventies in the inland areas, on the coast on will manage low 60s. around the bay will be pleasant. we have sunshine and temperatures climbing back in '80s by end of week. things warm-up '80s inland that looks more summer like to me and probably to kim coyle the giants defense let's pan down again can be a snap,,,,,,,,
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help is on the way for the a's, manny ramirez and brendan image could be back in the lineup during the team's upcoming road trip. facing his former king the new york katie's swan on and driven to deep
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right field that far is that ball is high and far and gone. deity's ... e m t's broadcaster john sterling with one of his trademark home run calls. 13 home runs for erratic but the bronx bombers live up to their nickname swung hunt there goes to deep-fried that ball as high it is far and gone. what a shot. marx as a text message to right- center field seats you're on the mark to share out in the ninth to share a sense a text message to center his third homer of the series. the yankees win 9-2, the a's lost four straight. ron washington enjoy and his front row seat to the josh hamilton show.
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hamilton leads the majors with 20 home runs to score three runs and beat the blue jay is blue jays 8-7. the johnston and enjoy their first road trip to miami's new stadium it as more to do with the team their plan and against the marlins have the best record in baseball this month and carried the new ballpark has a bobble head museum. martin's up 1-0 europe's 8 singles to right he races from second and beat the throw to score the tying run. miami goes back on top this results in two runs for the marlins the giants lead the league with 50 errors. for the second game and a row the miami closure was polled so he comes in and gets the two outs for his first save. the giants are seven games
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behind the dodgers. the pga and not much separates jason dufner in sight johnson at the colonial period there's seven shots up on the rest of the field. johnson shot a 65. gov tucket right back a few seconds later with his own birdie he's not 15 under for the tournament he goes for back-to- back wins. alex smith made headlines when he talked about his low passing numbers by comparing himself to canada and said " it can new tin through a lot of 300 yd games but is not winning " that's did not sit well with canada's teammate who fired back " i don't hate on cam because your stats would of that new cut if peyton had come to san fran " that after a 13-3 year. the 49ers and panthers to not play each other this season.
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kevin iran and the thunders eliminated the lakers to advance to the western conference finals lakers coach mike brown has received criticism, but meta world peace says the blame is on the players mike was not out there guarding cavan, that was me, gavin scored on me, mike did not throw turnovers at the end of the game mike did not missed a three-point shot, i missed a three-point shot mike did not come in out of shape, well he did come in out of shape, actually he has a fat ... but, it is all mental for coach. one of the best catches your seat lower columbia college player gyms over the fence to make the grab it was the final out it would have been a game-
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tying home run. if there is a leak at the vatican and they think the dollar debt, it documents he's accused of stealing as punishment if convicted has technology caught up to america's most exercise the catch the bottom the new invention that takes away the anticipation. that does it for us eyewitness news will see you at four 11 anticipation. that does it for us eyewitness news will see you at four 11 latest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> the following program is sponsored by operation smile. >> every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child anywhere on this planet have to live a life of misery? >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and then die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life.


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