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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  May 27, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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,,,, discover britvisit:lumbia. i'm ann notorangelo. celebration fed for one of the most famous bridges in the world
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the bay area and honors the golden gate bridge 75 years after it opened. the house of people making the trek to be part of the batch. mike sugerman spent the day with those who have history with the bridge maybe tens of thousands of people it is very comfortable if you know about past celebrations it can get 90 it is 990 at all. i think it scared a lot of people away with the heavy- handed security has and driving. their booths today and use it is about the people that were here. . it only tall enough to the walked across the bridge thank you there were a lot of people there. the higher the tower the shorter the cable you just learned engineering magic.
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i am the great great great granddaughter of john a. roebling. john roebling the cable company that built the cables that went on the bridge. to represent my family is a tremendous experience both of my grandfathers worked on the bridge one did the concrete the other pain of the top this metal is from pacific coast aggregates you need this to get to the concrete work i'm 78 years old the first time i've walked across the bridge. whether the first time or your thousandth time it is a thrill to look over the bay and the boats and alcatraz unit the other way it is like walking on the site of an interstate highway which it is. it was a little more crowded the close the bridge down i was i tried to get your 25
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years ago but could not make it i am here all the time i live and can fill will you be here for the 100? you better believe that i like his spirit and i'll be here for the 100 and look that good at 75. the fireworks started 9:30 p.m. the close these sidewalks at 6:00 p.m. and close traffic between nine and and there is plenty of room if you want to come down and mike are there for the 50th your here for the seventh that you must be there for the 100th at the your mouth to god's ears just like the bridge itself the bridge spans to marin county and that is where don knapp found plenty of excitement they may have action and the crowds in san francisco but on the marin county side they have incredible views. people have these views the come early and sit and watch the news
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for many hours shaken be here in time for the fireworks show. if you have to wait hours on the ground for the fireworks show it is not her to have this view. the golden gate bridge from the north end. they staked out their seats on the fort baker waterfront. it will not happen again once-in-a-lifetime we miss the 50th will you be around for the 100 we hope it " we hope so. if this couple from concord's say they always come to see the show she has 1000 pictures of the golden gate bridge i love the bridge it is the most fascinating structure and i've never seen it would take from all different points this family on special meeting in the golden gate bridge once you leave your country
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to hear a lot about the golden gate bridge is like something you don't expect when you come it is so beautiful we are lucky to live in bay area. i love and it is so beautiful it is it feels so empty if that was not here the bridge means different things to different people it means beauty it means heart and home, so many things it means to me 3 hours to go in the mood is good in the view spectacular it will be a nice night. the bridge opened 75 years ago the ridge on design dates for their 91 years ago and joseph strauss submitted his preliminary sketch to city engineers and construction started in january 1933, finished four years later the bridge cost $35 million to build, the equivalent to 1.2
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billion today. since it opened 2 billion cars have crossed the bridge. google got its' and on the funds go to the home page usc this illustration honoring the 70th anniversary of the bridge. the bridge closes to traffic beginning at 9:00 p.m. fireworks at 930. we will star in the fireworks live at cbs s f dot com. construction on the new span of the bay bridge called into question, the sacramento bee reports a concrete section was not part and before tested. caltrans documents showed the builder failed to disclose the defect. experts say the integrity could be compromised caltrans said the bridges and on and will withstand any anticipated earthquake. on a third bay area bridge and
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crews on schedule with a seismic retrofit, the span of the dumbarton and is closed for the holiday weekend the closure provides time and space to put an expansion joints. and install the latest in engineering technology it can withstand the ground motion we would seek from an event we have seen historically over the last 1000 years. the best way to design the bridge is by looking at the past the bridge expected to reopen by tuesday morning commute the syrian government denies it attacks and villages in that country's central region more than 90 people killed including more than 30 children after anti-government demonstrations friday. activists a a string of villages were shelled by pro-government forces. and in people or to act on their streets and in their homes.
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the united nations security council blames the syrian government for the massacre. a 16 year-old boy dead after he and and another were shot in san jose last night it happened on virginia avenue before midnight. the second victim was hospitalized with not life- threatening injuries, injuries say the shooting gang-related the have not made arrests. the 16th homicide in san jose this year. he rose recognized in their adopted home soldiers based in kentucky amended to the peninsula for marley's ceremonies it is that time of year the trajectory for a tropical storm we will halt the fireworks come off ok with a low clouds moving in a mild monday mid we go look for changes fill more
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like summer during as we look towards the international orange painted golden gate bridge the ,, discover british columbia. visit: discover britvisit:lumbia.
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memorial day marks the unofficial start of summer, it is meant to be a time to remember fallen heroes. in san mateo they take a step further anne mackovic with why it means so much to the bay area community not the type of operation they train for before these 42 soldiers operation eagle visit a success. humbling to be here their soldiers with the u.s. army based in kentucky adopted by several peninsula cities supporters rest the to $5,000 to close them on a free trip to bay area including this parade in san the tail. people line up the streets as far as you can see to see it is heartwarming a special year for the memorial day parade the 40th anniversary of a historic event san mateo the first u.s. city to hold a parade honoring veterans
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coming back from vietnam war the only city in the country to done that 44 years ago now the isn't it 6 the decade of support for my unit which is a company. these adopted soldiers receive letters from adopted families they've never met it is better than christmas even if the subject is mundane. it is a letter and something tangible you can read you get to connect with somebody with get a sense people appreciated but never visible thank you to all the cities for having access and hosting us, for sharing your hearts and your time and everything i cannot say thank you enough anne mackovic cbs 5 the tourists are staying tropical storm don headed to parts of southeast what the,,,,,
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the golden gate ridge anniversary not the only celebration in san francisco, which also the annual cannes the ball celebration which includes a parade on mission street this morning. conable bills itself california's largest multi- cultural celebration now in its 34th year and it showcases the music and art history from diverse cultures. people in southeast are warned a
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storm is coming. trouble storm bearing down on florida and georgia. people are getting ready for the fierce winds and rains expected tonight. strong winds are pounding the island of georgia tropical storm warnings are up along the entire georgia coastlines vacationers trying to enjoy what may be the last beach state of the weekend. this tropical storm don to push us out of the beach lifeguards move people away from the shore the surface strong swimming not allowed. surfers who tried to brave the waves of daytona beach florida say conditions dangerous. the waves are crashing you get it is tough to get out that is when i say ton to go back again. the storm expected to make landfall tonight along georgia
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and south carolina. the storm has the potential for localized flooding and down trees and power lines that could impact public safety forecasters say the storm dropped 8 in. of rain we are concerned about whether or not we see the fireworks are over the golden gate bridge. we should continue to rhapsodize about the golden gate bridge we go out side and look at the numbers. mostly in 50s now and if you 60s, we look at the bridge a beautiful sight it was the long the suspension span on earth. now it is the ninth largest. it cost $35 million to build and done in 40 months. the structure was done in 40 months. today it would cost 1.2 billion.
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from scratch 1.2 billion. tuna how much a cost just to do the east spanned today from your but when up to the oakland landing? $6 billion it takes 12 years. a difference 75 years steaks. in the bay area clear skies tonight but as time goes on, fog and low clouds build in, it looks like will get away with a good fireworks display at 930 at the bridge, i hope that pans out clearing and mild temperatures at 60 degrees from the coast to mid-seventies inland. will get earlier clearing, where clouds to contend with than temperatures warm up a little bit 276 in fairfield 70 at mountain view, will be in the
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'50s on the shore line at santa rosa 73 looks nice. things begin to look like summer the inland temperatures get to mid-80s, we warm up mid- week, toward next weekend we cool off a little bit. the usual low clouds here sports. the milkman delivers for the giants and for the second year and around iraq on the final lap decides the,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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had the yankees and down this weekend the azov and sped around time to go into a slump. the purpose of being one of baseball's highest-paid players summit puts on the i'd like for you. andrew johns launches went into center field bleachers. sixth homer of the year for john's. in the seventh mark texiera strikes again an opposite field double. former dodger the latest pitcher to silence the a's. he allowed four hits. robbed the house soriano's completes the shut out his fifth save. yankees win 2-0 the a's have lost nine straight to new york. 89 a long season we have a
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hundred something games left to take the good with the bat when things go poorly used and not as bad as it looks, when things go good your always that good. giants had orange friday and the marlins have warned sunday. melky cabrera remains red-hot. lines a solo shot to right. milkman went 4-4 and hitting 369 he scored three runs. defense that the giants down time and again but not today. the gun races and makes the catch. giants up 2-1 insects. buster posies creches one. he settles for an rbi double. 3-2 in the sixth. matt cain in trouble.
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it cain except his fifth win, giants win 3-2. saw a also regionals caltex on washington. scoreless in the theft, there's a two run shot or the scoreboard the bears beat the huskies to sweep the series and advance to college world series. in the weekend about honoring the late in weldon. well and won last year's indy 500 but killed in october. mike conley pos into pit row. he takes out a couple crewmembers. they are ok. his car gets loose on the turn, he writes the wall. he was knocked out of the race. final laps theriot friend tv tries to hold off.
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their race finishes under caution. he takes the checkered flag to become the 10th driver to win in the 503 times. his wife ashley judd very happy. this is indianapolis to win three times to be on the trophy either side is more important than anything i am so proud of them i said to him when he got in the car i was sealed in winner's circle. i knew it. puc and go from 25 to third on a single run nobody has done that before. pg&e final-round jason dufner began the day with a one- shot lead. he double bogeyed the ninth. gov goes from the sand to the water triple bogeyed the hole.
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finished for over. his dad johnson sank the putt on 18 to win. he beat stuff now by one stroke. final round of the senior pga 84. he bogeyed five of his last nine holes. he had a nine stroke lead. chapman winces first-ever tournament on champion store. opening day at french open, venus williams won her first- round match but on the men's side and erotic struggles. he loses two and 88 ranked player. in four sets. the earthquakes in kansas city to give up a goal early. not a good afternoon for the quake nation. at the pattern makes it 2-0 the request lose.
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they're in second place in the western conference. i feel like you should get somebody to put on your eye black. a ride makes more money per year than the entire starting lineup for the a's. he is still classy. will have more highlights from the seventh death anniversary of golden gate bridge tonight at 11 on cbs 5 and on the c.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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