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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  June 2, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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discover britvisit:lumbia. a brush fire on sandron a mountain that burned about 7 a. now 80 percent contained. don knapp in brisbane to
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transformer's failed leaving many in the area and without power. high winds and power lines sparked this fire on san bruno mountain and fire combined with winds threatened brisbane. the wins the biggest concern at this point the fire personnel and their reports there were wires down, you had to be determined the cause that is something more concerned with the call went to cal fire for air support three drops made on the mountain near san francisco international a tough call for the caretaker trying to maneuver a maneuver near the mountain and blow fog. firefighters from north county and south san francisco trying to contain the fire. no evacuation so far our concern is that the fire takes a different direction because of the wind were concerned about structures in
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brisbane but nothing immediately threatened don knapp reporting. crews are still out there and as we speak, a somber day for friends and family of the san francisco fire department today marks one day of two firefighters killed on the job. the ceremony held this morning at fire station 26 or the lieutenant and the paramedic worked, the two killed in the diamond heights house fire last year. moment of silence observed at 10:58 a.m. to mark the time when they were found inside the home. were one big family when tragedy happens we come together like a team and family when my brother died, his pain was felt throughout the san francisco fire department and police department the department dedicated a plaque at the station to honor both men there's also a memorial
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garden. pablos sandoval investigated for sexual assault he has not been charged with a crime, investigators said the alleged assault took place at a resort in aptos and santa cruz county early yesterday morning detectives contacted the third baseman and he was cooperative he was not detained and not arrested. his lawyer says his client voluntarily met with the santa cruz sheriff's department related to a consensual personal relationship of a sexual nature that took place in the day. gila on to say that paulo cooperate with the sheriff's department and out of respect they have no further comment. two shootings but no one hurd in oakland, two men were shooting at each other at 11:00 p.m. that was on the 500 block of ice cream. later someone fired 27 rounds and a car and house that was on
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50th avenue, lisa washington tells us how the city is trying to keep guns off the street. he was not a gang banger and charles not into drugs, charles rosen nice kid her son charles was shot and killed four blocks from his home last year the violence and oakland stop. it is scary it makes you think you can walk out your door and you can be done down. she is part of 100 women against violence a group formed after three children killed in oakland last year, 100 women organize the peace event to highlight the need for community action to increase the violence. this man brought his son to the rally you have to watch them close the streets are no joke and when the the community to believe they can make change and oakland police
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participated, not far from the rally officers held a gun buyback for every resident who turned in a gun that would get a $100 gift card the money for the cards comes from fund-raisers. when all it will not fix it it is really about getting the community involved and getting the message out there that change must art in the home oakland's on its latest, an 80 year-old killed in a drive-by shooting on 96th ave. lisa washington, cbs 5 volunteers kollmorgen hell for signs of sierra lamar. will not stopping plugged in until the fifth in a row and is found. he was on arrested may 25th for sierra's kidnapping and murder but nobody found. he is not entered a plea. jury selection begins tuesday for the trial of jerry sandusky
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the former penn state football coach. as many as 200 men and women could be questioned to find 12 jurors. he is accused of some 50 counts of sexual abuse over a 15 year. armen cattan has more this courthouse home to a trial that could not be more clear, is jerry sandusky once a revered football coach guilty of sexual abuse that could land him in prison or if this is a wildly wrongful reading of a playful man who mentored hundreds of boys. his attorney expected to hammer away at the accusers. former penn state coach mike mccurry mcquery claims he witnessed sandusky assault a boy as young as 10 years old and a
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football locker room shower. prosecutors recently moved the date to february 2001 raising questions about mclear is memory and during this is damaging to his testimony the jury will ask itself if mike mcquery who has no dog in the hunt is making up a story, could these other witnesses be making up the story as well? the prosecution has to do a lot of soul-searching whether it puts him on as a witness. no cameras will be allowed but the presiding judge is allowing real-time reporting assuring a community and nation will be transfixed by this legal drama in the days and weeks to come. sandusky's lawyers had tried to delay the trial but a judge ruled against them. sentenced to life in prison, is that too good for the ax leader
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prosecutors say he lied, now is zimmerman goes to jail the new evidence against him. chisholm lawrence karnow is in the cbs 5 weather center and the cool down under way but a chance of rain comes in our direction.,
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angry demonstrators in cairo protest in this sentence to depose president hosni mubarak, is this a life sentence is too lenient. for his role in the death of hundreds of protesters the ruling prompted chaos the verdict comes after days of the first round of presidential elections, the united states says it is ready to help egypt move forward this process that started will help the government approve the lives of egypt the former dictator suffered a health crisis while enroute to the prison hospital the man who
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admits he shot and killed a florida teenager expected to be back in jail, a judge ordered george zimmerman to surrender after prosecutors argued he lied to the court. a cell which george zimmerman return to the seminole county jail a judge rescinded his bail for false testimony and the court hearing in april. the defendant misled and deceived the court as to his financial circumstances prosecutors contend that zimmerman concealed more than $100,000 raised on on the judge rejected an explanation from the defense attorney and and on about at the day before the hearing that is not the issue, the issue is does your client sit there like a potted palm and lead you down the primrose path once the case goes to trial the an unexpected to argue the
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controversy should have any bearing whether he is guilty of murdering trayvon martin. he is accused of second-degree murder in the death of the 17 year-old zimmerman says he acted in self-defense but the crux of this case depends if he can convince the jury he tells the truth. saturday and sanford, many residents who marched as zimmerman a rusted said it would not trust anything zimmerman says. hard put to rest and then now, a lie is a lie, hard to put trust in a person under oath and you still lie about what you got? once zimmerman back in jail the jet the lawyer was to give zimmerman a chance to explain himself. randall pinkston cbs news and a batch that for the queen city monarchs jubilate. a pretty day and lawrence has
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that's all the horses sir. ...and the men? all the king's men are here too sir. it doesn't look good.
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she's italian... and you can't cook. ♪ discover britvisit:lumbia. jubilee weekend from the world to celebrate queen elizabeth 60 years on the throne. the festivities kick off with a
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41 gun salute fired in central london the queen herself took in the day of races, after inspecting the horse and she presented trophy to the winner of the diamond jubilee coronation cup, the celebration includes a flotilla of 1000 boats, and a concert. you can get it looked of the jubilee on cbs s f dot com, click on galleries. thousand people soak up the sun at the 31st annual walnut creek art and wine festival more than 200 booths music performances and wine and food booths. also a traditional grape stomping competition. the celebration continues tomorrow. the eighth life cycle ride kicks off tomorrow morning from the bay area they will write 545 mi. over seven days from san francisco to los angeles. the raise money for people
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living with hiv and aids. we remind people age not over with that tremendous breakthroughs in medical advancements but people still contract the virus in san francisco between 1-2 infections every day opening ceremonies at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning this is the 11th year for the a van, last year 2300 riders raise $13 million. a lot going on this weekend. lawrence karnow is here. it was what along the coast line we had drizzle their we may see that overnight, there is rain in the forecast. for the beaches, ocean beach with cloudy skies and fog, maybe more drizzle over nine, big changes in the works. all those white clouds and that
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system is unusually cold this time of year that slides into our direction and cooler weather ahead. we expect nice and sunny skies over the bay area that she thought makes its way in. the clouds will surge onshore temperatures running in the '70s now 60 in oakland, 60 in san francisco and 71 san jose, winds up 243 miles per hour at sfo. overnight lows in the 40's and 50's on sunday were led to mostly cloudy skies on the coastline and plenty of sunshine inside a made. where numbers inland into the '80s. this rich flattens out and it will drop in monday and bring in wet weather. not a bad day tomorrow and dispatch fog in coastal areas and monday morning scattered
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showers in the bay area. not a huge weather maker but unusually cold and wet this time of year. things begin to dry out tuesday, 76 degrees in san jose fifties for the coast on east bay numbers and '80s many spots inland, inside the bay temperatures in the '60s and '70s. a chance of showers come monday the temperatures stay cool and breezy, warm up towards normal on wednesday and thursday. here is kim coyle with sports tiger woods goes the wrong way at the memorial and the a's that's wake,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, discover british columbia.
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visit: to the table the a's scored 12 runs for the ninth game losing streak the mass that total against the royals. kansas city stadium hose the all-star game next month the a score the first two runs on a groundout and wild pitch. the offense exploded in the fifth. next up un this says but this looks a single to right, relics
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course to give the a's a 5 run late, then the former royal, burns is old team with a double off the wall in center a four in ten inning, brendan mccarthy was activated before the game he gave up two runs in six innings. collin cowgill throws out the runner at the plate or did he, he missed the tackle but the a's were due for a break they beat the royals 9-3. tiger woods grab a share of the lead but then he did nine and a day on the top of the leader board at the memorial. attacker attacks that are five from 275 ... tiger not happy with the gallery he still managed to
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birdied all sacramento native spencer levine of the green on no. 10, should sit in for a birdie he shot a 69 and has a one stroke lead. tagger had four bogeys on the back nine and finished at 734 shots off the lead. it looked to me like you're running on fumes i got a little tired on the and the soviet i had my opportunities to move up the board and i did not do it, missed a few putts i should have made, i'm still in the ball game, for back, anything can happen at the french open the king of clay beat him in straight at is sad spa. the women's side and american knocked off to advance to the rent of 16. the celtics written off during
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the post season but they keep coming back they beat miami in game 3 of eastern conference finals and a chance to even the series at 2 tomorrow. the desperation has to be there when a play at home, a lot to think all fans who came down the jungle was rocking tonight. love that. is there a more passionate player of then kevin garnett? he'll have plenty left in the tank for game 4 i'm getting crap about my form, but i want people to notice my knuckles that his old school my uncle taught me to do pushups on the knuckles, there if you can do that that is army navy types stuff. knuckles knuckles kano it gives cagey a run for his money. gueridon struck by the ballpark and told reporters it like to
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take on a roll with the giants in the future he has not filed for retirement but as a new hobby. and if you could take the field now and help the team and i rode cycle a lot and got into cycling and love and i have a passion for it gave me something after baseball it is a tough sport. the fans have another amazing ovation for you today a love is still there i came to this stadium, and i entertain them and they loved and i'd of them, what can you say, when you put on a show for people and they think it is good at their remember forever, i'm very grateful and glad to have the opportunity to give them a great show their family to me i was raised here, there are no real fans say me this is my family this is my godfather i'm
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glad to part of the tradition . barnes turns back the clock it looks like the pirates gueridons at 20 use under. allegations against a fan favorite playing for the giants pablo sandoval accused of sexual assault we follow the story and get fan reaction. that story plus the diamond jubilee stories and more at ten on the c. w. that does it for this edition of ey,,
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>> the following program is sponsored by operation smile. >> every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child anywhere on this planet have to live a life of misery? >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone that nobody wanted to be around you. >> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bags over their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads.


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