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tv   CBS 5 News  CBS  June 16, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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discover britvisit:lumbia. good evening i'm ann notorangelo. summer is here and a few days at a scheduled their near record temperatures in most of bay area.
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don knapp and san rafael were fair goers look for ways to beat the heat. in the bay area if you don't like the weather you can find something different is by driving a few miles we found people the did that by getting away from the heat. others stayed home. it was sweltering everywhere in the bay including at the marin art festival in san rafael. some artists worried that the heat was keeping people away. the status counselor sought shade. i'm drinking a lot of water it is so important in this heat. and i carry my shade with me. being near a body of water seems to help. i have oceanfront property. i have a breeze from the ocean or the lagoon i collet
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oceanfront because of illusions of grandeur other settle for parasols. others sat on the cool waters by the san francisco bay. and others and joined the cool air on san francisco beaches like this at crissy field. the funny thing about the san francisco marina for those who live here this is a warm day compared to the usual. for me this is hot and too hot for the dogs. there used to living and the cold marina and she brought her niece and nephew to the marina to escape heat in sebastopol. this weather is perfect i would say. not too hot and not too cold. goldilocks weather. exactly. it is not a heat wave yet but for more on that here is
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brian hackney. right now 99 degrees and palm springs, and in san rafael, where you are at 6:00 p.m. tonight it was 100 degrees in san rafael. maybe a dry heat. to other parts of the bay area instils kurt one hundred degrees and we set some highs in the bay area. it is 93 in santa rosa, which set records in santa rosa one hundred 3 at concord 103, napa haywards and as they all broke records. temperatures and above 100 degrees, 106 and livermore but not enough to break a record. they had to get to 1132 break a record. tomorrow a cooling trend.
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will tell you when and how much in a few minutes. more than 50 people homeless after a fire gutted part of an apartment complex, it broke out last night at the north park apartments at cadillac weigh in per win game. crews are able to put out the flames in 20 minutes. 25 apartment suffered smoke or water damage leaving the residence temporarily homeless. and neighbor described the scene. when you there was a child in the house, it was upsetting to see it that was a cry in our hearts, to reach out to these families and see what was going on. no one was hurt, red cross is helping this place to find a place to stay. cause has not been named. friends and family ensure the legacy of a fall in san
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francisco firefighter thrives after his death. anne mackovic shows us how it helps children get an education and lt. vincent perez known as a brother to a lot of people there says real brother, there's his brother had within the san francisco fire department and at @ is on a modern archbishop riordan high school in san francisco class of 1981 hon. the one boys high school in san francisco and were proud of that today at a scholarship in the name of attendance in progress. perez died and a house fire in san francisco's diamond heights in june 2011 as did paramedic kelley the larry l.. their deaths broke a communities heart thousands came from
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across california to honor the two at a memorial service. a reminder that residence is not forgotten. to receive this award is something special to the junkman, they'll know the history of lieutenant iran's it costs $60,000 to attend school here for one year a scholarship likely awarded to the son of a firefighter. if he had to do it over again with that house he go back in the house. they are still taking donations for the scholarship fund, if you'd like to contribute we have information at cbs s f dot com in san francisco anne mackovic cbs 5. a bar is celebrating a letter in closing time tonight. it has had a earlier 11:30 p.m. closing call for the past few
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weeks because of fights. officials agree to a later time and speak tonight is the first night with a letter cut off time. immigrants have ended their sit- in at the obama for america campaign headquarters. thursday afternoon the protestor supported peers who were being deported yesterday president obama announced a change in immigration policy allowing certain illegal immigrants to stay in the country, protesters set fear that it is, and that actual change. caltrans is saying something else, new talks about the bay bridge. a high-speed chase and the suspect tells his side,
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visit: discover britvisit:lumbia.
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despite caltrans reached an effort to clear the air a local lawmaker wants to hold hearings on the bay bridge is structural integrity. caltrans toast and a live public with an hour to explain how it has to dispense foundations. in a response to the sacramento bee article.
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state transportation committee chairman says he's still going through the investigation and hearings this summer. and the fact that these questions have come up, this is the largest public works project in the history of the state, it is five and half billion over budget and it was built for seismic safety it is important for us as the senate, that we have public hearings and we hear from both sides. the new bay bridge spanned set to open late 2013. san francisco needs more cash and targeting drivers to get carried the new fiscal year for the municipal transportation agency starts next month and the mta says it is $20 million in the red. it hired more parking enforcement officers and those officers expected to bring in more than $10 million by
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targeting people park illegally and that can find illegal taxis. a frightening into a high-speed chase and los angeles, the suspects hit other cars including one with the and chop it in side the man accused a d u i tells the media he wanted to make history david that no with the apology 830 friday night the suspect was going up purge of 120 miles per hour was headed down franklin toward the 1 01 and loss control. he hit 2 vehicles. and then he and another vehicle flipping get inside that car a man from miami with his three year old son. he got my back and flipped over and that must have been scary i saw my baby in from the seat belt or upside-down. have they told you what this
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man has done? he led police on a chase for 45 minutes for 20 mi. that is the stuff you see on tv in miami. the suspect in custody he lives in hollow when he talked to u i just wanted to make history. why didn't you stop? why stop? lure a man and his child i apologize, i apologize from bottom of my heart i would never disrespect no one's child i respect my kids these are my kids criminals be where a new superhero her now part of a central coast crime-fighting team. lutheran no it was sworn in as a
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reserve deputy withstand louis obispo county sheriff's. a threat no plans to spend 20-40 hours a month working with the department doing criminal investigations weapons training and other duties. he made his fans and proud, now be apparent in a new york matt cain in the big apple. a live look at ocean beach the fog is coming in, brian hackney,
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as if life was not perfect san francisco giants pitcher matt cain has something special to look forward to. on the heels of throwing the first perfect game in franchise history he is set to appear on the late show with david letterman. he is scheduled to read the top- 10 list monday. a warm and sunny day for san francisco's north beach festival. one of the oldest street fairs. north beach is an francisco's little italy. as well as the birthplace of the beat generation. it featured face painting and food. today the festival continues
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tomorrow 3 mi. east to help thousands in the bay area the east a panicked a pope hates advocacy foundation posted a 5 k walk and oakland. all the money goes to local organizations. ten thousand feet living with hiv and in east bay funding is not here for the east bay, a lot of these people live on less than $1,000 a month and is what helps them. before the walk began organizers announced their raise more than $120,000. if you did and the exercise you wanted to start early. interesting to see how different places hit their high temperature. in san francisco just before 11:00 a.m. in san rafael 6:00 p.m. tonight it depends on where you work but it was hot.
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we at record highs in the bay area. a cool down is coming and should last much of the rest of the week, concord at 90 degrees, livermore is almost at 100 degrees, livermore hit 106 to date. shy of the one under 13 to record pureed a very mild 73 at pacifica, don't be surprised temperatures will be mild but warm and lead. tablatures in the mid-80s until about 10:00 p.m. high pressure in firm control of the eastern pacific. parts of vancouver get some rain, we have sun. not as warm tomorrow. the air-conditioner will kick in and gives us cooler temperatures. low clouds to start the day
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along the shore. a warm-up and to the '80s around the bay. temperatures will come down about 15 degrees tomorrow. not much in the movement of low clouds, tomorrow expect plenty of sun around the bay and inland and temperatures coming down 5-15 degrees. martin hill had 100 today. 102 in gilroy. 65 at bodega bay. sonoma hit 103 today. and 83 tomorrow. no jelly koula between now and next weekend. no more major heatwave on the way. here is sports. joe montana reflects on the reaction of 40 niner fans during his rookie season,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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forget about a june swoon, the a's offense had a huge week. it is led to the longest winning streak this season. 83 degrees at first pitch. he incurred syzygy trying to keep cool between innings.
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seventh homer of the year force met. brandon maas had homered in four straight games and just missed making it 5, it goes off a wall, not sad to settle for a double. tyson ross called up from sacramento. the shut out, 32 a's in this seventh. he gives up the lead. the reds won over the head of collin cowgill 4-3 padres. bottom of the seventh, jonnie gomes gets a two run blast and puts the a's bet got top 6-4. san diego threatens and eighth. moss makes the catch.
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the a's beat the padres 6-4, for their sixth straight win. here's a look at how good the a's have been, they've scored 42 runs and 12 home runs and pounded out 54 hits. euro cup final day for group a, greece needs to beat russia to advance to quarter finals. how about that for greece? a goal for a nation grieving joy. greece wins 1-0, the czech republic also advanced to quarterfinals. kevin duran was the league's leading scorer but his teammate reso west truck leaves the thunder in shots. according to magic johnson that needs to change if oklahoma city
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needs to beat miami. that was the worst point guard in a championship final i've ever seen. he knows a thing to about playing point guard. he has struggled to get his teammates involved early on the key to open up double-digit leads. what type of adjustment do you have to make to become it at that point guard? i'm not making no adjustments. regardless of what anybody says, or what you guys say, it does not matter of gang 3 tomorrow in miami. champion's charities held its annual salute to titan's breakfast featuring five super bowl mvp is. including joe montana. it raised money for the first seat.
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my oldest son was leaving notre dame and was not sure where to go and i he asked if he should call coach calls silly coliseum and comes back and laughing and he says you have to persevere in this business, more important you to graduate from notre dame co. remember to persevered, no great man in this country or world does not purse of there, winston churchill, john f. kennedy, steve wilson and he says who is steve wilson? you know who steve wilson is? that is because he quit as long as you believe you can do what you can overcome anything. you cannot give up on yourself. that is where it was an when i dad to san francisco where 2-14, we were getting fingers but not those big ones.
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the third round of u.s. open and the complete a tiger has bodie's for of the first five and is three strokes behind. before you go, we want to say thank-you as we know this is one of those times when we say goodbye to you just when the team is ,,,,,,
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