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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  September 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> if you want a free parking pass you had better have some proof. the crackdown starting in one east bay city. >> controversial comments stealing the spotlight at the convention >> in weather today we will get off too cloudy and drizzly start
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along the shoreline but we will recover to near normal highs. >> we have an accident approaching the dublin interchange and we're already shaping up to have a busy morning commute. all of the traffic details are coming up in just a little bit. >> the time now is 6 01. >> we begin with developing news in the east bay. people are looking for the person responsible for killing a man. these are live pictures from the scene on bartlett avenue in alameda county near haywood. police have been at the scene all night but they're not releasing any details. >> a martina's couple is in police custody suspected of kidnapping and injuring a young woman. of the alleged incident started
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late friday at their home on court street. the 20 year-old victim reportedly tried to mediate a dispute between them but they allegedly turned on her, took her captive and attacked her. she escaped with facial injuries and stab wounds. >> in berkeley parking enforcement officers are now authorized to cite drivers for illegally using disabled placards to park in spaces that are designated for those who are disabled. until now only the police could do that. we would like to know from you folks, what you think about the crackdown on placard cheaters. comment on facebook port twitter or e-mail >> we're following developing news from southern california, a fire burning in the angeles
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national forest northeast of l.a.. it is only 5 percent contained this morning. it has burned about 3,600 a. so far. you can see some of the flames. some people have refused evacuation orders in the area. >> i decided to stay up here and put up a fight. it's better than standing back wondering how your place is doing. i have the animals appear and friends and family >> firefighters are facing a triple challenge, strong wind, drain and dry conditions. >> grass fire scorched 150 a. in the east bay last night before firefighters got it contained. broke out just after 530 near the army's military ocean terminal in concord. pallet fire made several aerial
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drops while federal firefighters battled the flames on the ground. the location made it difficult to find. the cause is still under investigation. >> the big labor day weekend has come and gone and we're back to work >> it will be warm today in wind, not quite as warm as yesterday, a little bit of a cooling trend on tap. fifties' for most of the bay area. it is effectively raining near the walled o'connell this morning. 50 in santa rosa right now, 50 in concord. high pressure will weaken just a little bit today with mostly sunny skies after we dispense with low clouds around the bay. 90 in livermore, 91 in fairfield.
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in the city, 65 today. a look ahead shows numbers cooling a bit between now and the weekend. >> the big news is that the dumbarton bridge is reopened. you can see crews there are hard at work saturday sunday and monday. if you are driving it you may notice that they have reconfigured the carpool lane as a fast track lane. i also did landscaping. westbound 580, an accident in land approaching 680. it is slow through that area and it is impacting the drive time up to 23 minutes now from there towards the pleasanton area. a quick check of the bay bridge. things are showing improvement
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there, especially in the fast track planes. >> first lady michelle obama has an urgent task at the convention, persuade voters to give him more time to finish the job. >> they want to make sure he stays there. >> the big theme is are we better off for the democrats >> it certainly is and it is every four years. this is where it is all happening starting today at the national convention. the energy is increasing and it will continue to happen through the evening with michelle obama taking the spotlight. the stage has been built and the party platform released in democrats are ready to kick off
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their 2012 convention >> this has been such an historic time that i could not imagine coming >> republicans will not let go of the question, are americans better off than they were four years ago? >> on want to ask the people struggling to find work if they're better off >> 52% of likely voters say the country is worse off than it was four years ago and 54 percent say the president does not deserve to be reelected based solely on his performance. vice-president joe biden is leading the charge to convince voters otherwise >> you want to know whether we're better off? i have a bumper sticker for you, osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive >> democrats hope to get back on message when speeches happen tonight. the first lady got an up close look at the podium during a walk
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through on monday and while her husband's favorability ratings have fallen during his first term, mrs. obama remains popular >> i think she has been an ambassador for her husband and i see them as a team >> the mayor kicks off the prime-time coverage with a keynote address. president obama use the 2004 keynote address to watch himself into the national spotlight. look for the republicans to cling to that question, are we better off in four years ago? all right and is campaigning today and he is supposed to continue those attacks. >> i guess the democratic candidate for senate in massachusetts passed the same question and they discuss it on cbs this morning coming up later >> yes. elizabeth warren appeared on cbs this morning and was asked that question and she was really
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talking about let's not forget where we were four years ago and what the recklessness of wall street did to us with the housing crisis pension losses. she said we really felt a very long way. >> thank you so much. >> the chairman of the california democratic party compares gop tactics to mop the propaganda. he is in the news room to tell us wet he had to say to kcbs radio and reaction provoked over the weekend >> political experts say burtons comments went way too far when he compared republicans with joseph burbles, the prop is propaganda minister for nazi he
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responded with a statement saying he never used the word nazi and he apologized to anyone who might be offended. >> if i'm running the democratic national convention on will be mad as heck that on day one of the lead story in the news cycle is about the head of the california democratic party comparing and republicans to nazis, that is not the kind of introduction you want >> the campaign has yet to say if it will call for burton's resignation. this is not the first time this has happened to california leader. governor jerry brown got in trouble in 2010 for comparing meg whitman to girls. >> san francisco call in this
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melissa griffin will join us from the convention just a few minutes away and you can find continuing coverage on the time is 611. the giants hold on to their streak by just a thread. an amazing comeback against arizona. >> the power and flooding problems still plague in the gulf states >> demands close encounter with a very angry moves. how he managed to catch,,,,,,,,
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>> a frightening encounter with a moose is caught on camera. a vermont man grabbed a video camera and ran for the safety
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of his home when it started charging. a game warden had to put the moves down because it was suffering from brain warm which causes him to walk in tight circles, run into things and charge. >> we had one go through our yard in new hampshire and if you see one, you get away. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are still not on at 615 but as you can see from the back up, it is turned on any minute. we had a spa reported approaching to pay gates earlier but that seems to be cleared out of lanes now. westbound 580, those headlights
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are starting to get slow because of an accident in that dublin pleasanton area. speeds now or below 40 mi. per hour. unfortunately the drive time is growing because that is a bad spot for an accident. the other slow spot is westbound highway 4. it has been heavy since about 530 this morning a especially true in antioch. no fog advisories issued by chp but it is pretty thick. no delay on southbound 101. mass transit, really nothing to note. mass-transit is reporting no
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delays. if you have a question about your commute to and to kcbs at 1069 fm. for more on your weather conditions here is brian filling in at the weather desk >> as we start off with low clouds and fog along the shoreline, there is drizzle out there but as we look towards the bay bridge it does not look bad. in the weather had lines will be looking for things to cool down just a little bit. dense fog at the golden gate and mild weather for the rest of the week as we begin a cooling trend that will continue through the end of the week. this is a model of how the atmosphere will perform today. you can see the clouds pull away from the shoreline. nevertheless, we will get plenty of sunshine around the
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bay area except right at the coast. morning clouds at the airport to 20 m.p.h.. elsewhere, rain in new york and denver but just clouds in chicago. pinpoint forecasts for the bay area, in the south bay numbers will be cooler than yesterday. in san jose will be right about 80 degrees. in the east bay, low 90s. not quite as warm as yesterday but 93 in brentwood. 91 in walnut creek and 80 degrees in vallejo. we will be looking for a little bit of a cooling trend that will take this into the mid-80s for
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the rest of the week. >> tens of thousands of homes and businesses still without electricity nearly one week after hurricane isaac blew through the south. people are still living in shelters because of the flooding. president obama toward some of the most heavily damaged areas yesterday. it would not be a political convention without controversy. >> melissa griffin from the san francisco examiner joins us now live from charlotte north carolina. i guess we should start off with john burton making lots of waves and everyone is talking about it this morning >> the folks here, i spoke with some delegates staying in my hotel from virginia and arkansas
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and they are just scratching their heads over this. everyone is upset about what paul ryan said at the republican convention but they all seem to agree that it is really inappropriate what burton said comparing paul ryan to joseph goebbbels. i think he could best to be summed up by a quote from one delegate who said good grief, can you keep it together for three days? i think that pretty much sums it up. >> how about some on political happenings in charlotte. >> the democratic convention had all sorts of fun activities for us today. we have it yoga, professional dining etiquette class and i swear i am not making this up, in marshall part you can go
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watch 80,000 lbs. of ice sculpture of melting. >> let's talk about betty white. there was a push to get her there but unfortunately her schedule would not allow >> there was a groundswell after clint eastwood to have our own democratic candidate surprise guest and people seem to settle on betty white although there are grumblings that it was a republican idea because they wanted democrats have been equally embarrassing moment so they could match up to the republican moment. >> she certainly would have made it funny. right? >> she would have been marvelous. one of the disappointing things about the speaker list is that includes a lot of people but no celebrities. if george clooney or eva is going to speak, they have not appeared on the agenda yet so we
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won't know if that will happen. i think people are hoping for a big celebrity name and we all love betty white >> maybe they will have a secret weapon at the last minute. >> it is 622, the stanford alum who is creating quite a buzz at the u.s. open >> good news for drivers, the ,,,,,,,, ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay?
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yeah, i'm fine.
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>> the giant state 4.5 games ahead in the national league west >> buster posey tied the game in the ninth inning and then marco not in the winning run in the
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10th inning. the giants came from behind to win 9-8. across the bay, the a's winning streak is over. no more, oakland rookie thomas malone gave up five early rounds. everyone is ok after a collision. they lose to the angels 8-3 but oakland is staying one game ahead in the wild-card chase. bob ryan with the play of the day, a former stanford tennis star, there are twin brothers. on to insist the shot was not planned. they are the no. 2 men's doubles team in the world and they win the match to advance to the quarterfinals. >> coming up, move over 50 shades of gray, the controversial new book that shot
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right to the top of the amazon best-seller list. >> the democratic national convention kicks off in north carolina. what we can expect to hear from today's star speaker. >> beginning today berkeley police will be cracking down on people to illegally use disabled placards. we will,,,,,,,,
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>> good morning everyone. >> right now, police investigating a deadly shooting in alameda county >> all eyes on the first lady at the democratic national convention. that and more in your morning
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minute. >> a lie and they don't care if people live >> before the democrats kick off their convention >> he compared republicans with comparedgoerbels, a propaganda minister propagandanaz germani me >> can you honestly say that people are better off today than four years ago? >> the dumbarton bridge is back open. >> crews removed old joints and replaced it with one capable of sustaining a major earthquake. >> the wild fire near l.a. has driven more than 4,100 a.. a former navy seal who helped kill osama bin laden's >> this book is not political whatsoever >> from across the bay tour around the world >> the 40th anniversary of the
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price is right >> the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning. >> we begin with developing news in the east bay. a 20 year-old man was shot to death and police are still trying to find his killer. you're looking right now at live pictures from the scene in bartlett avenue near hayward. police have been at the scene all night but they're not releasing any details. drivers who thought they had a free parking pass might be in for a big surprise. lisa washington is in berkeley with how the city will be cracking down on disabled placard cheaters out there. >> we are standing here but not parked in one of the spaces. it is reserved for people with disabilities. the police chief says there is a significant and sizable community of disabled people and
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he wants to make sure there are enough available parking spaces for them. beginning today there will be a crack down on those who illegally use placards to park in spaces reserved for people with disabilities. parking and cost officers now have authorization to cite for abuse. >> our enforcement officers are in a position to see it suspected abuse of these but before did not have the training or the legal authority to intervene. >> previously only police could be issued the citations. using the placard without the person present or use in expired one can result in fines of up to $1,000. essentially parking enforcement officers have the ability to show proof and it has been issued to them so no more cheaters as you mentioned in
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berkeley. the crackdown begins today >> we would also like to hear from you folks out there, who'd , noel says i think it is great, too many people use them for their own personal use. comment at facebook or twitter >> lawrence is out but brian is here to give us a look at the weather. >> overcast close to the shoreline with temperatures mostly in the '50s with drizzle at well. here is how it looks, numbers in the low nineties for the east bay. we will stay there the rest of
6:35 am
the week in the '80s and here is the traffic >> that go live towards the dumbarton bridge. actually this is not live, this was the scene last night. if you notice anything different on the dumbarton bridge you'll notice they reconfigured the carpool lane as a fast track lane. they also did landscaping. they turn the metering lights on a little bit ahead of schedule. all of that is now clear the we're left with a bigger backup than usual. we're also watching this accident was found 580 right before 680. there may still be some activity off to the right hand shoulder.
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if you are traveling down to southern california this morning there has been a pretty bad accident, a fatal accident with three people killed so southbound interstate 5 is closed at the grapevine. hopefully they will reopen lanes at 9:00 this morning. that is a check of the time saver traffic. >> firstly michele obama and the keynote address are among the highlights tonight at the democratic national convention. >> democrats hope to create some momentum for rapid democratic election. >> so what is on the agenda today? >> we have some key speeches,
6:37 am
mayor castro will be giving the keynote address, the first mayor to ever do that at his party's convention. the big speech of the night is first lady michelle obama. she will be talking about her husband's policies and how he can relate to the struggles of the middle class. we also have senate majority leader harry reid speaking tonight, he is supposed to talk about something he has been discussing for a while, mitt romney tax record. we will have a video appearance by former president carter. >> will the democrats do anything to counter attack the gop version of clint eastwood? >> there has been some talk that betty white might make an appearance here. there was really no talk of her talking to an empty chair or
6:38 am
anything but we understand she had some scheduling conflicts so we do not know about any other mystery guests. >> to democrats are expected to approve their platform today, does it include anything new or something we haven't heard before? >> it is all very familiar, the polar opposite of the republican platform. it does include support for abortion rights. same-sex marriage. it follows president obama's why he needs another four years. >> it is always festive, have a good time. >> a democratic official from san francisco is using harsh language to describe republicans. john burton used a nazi
6:39 am
reference. >> it was a nazi reference that quickly sparked an outcry from the gop. he compared ryan with a propaganda minister for not the germany >> the big lie you keep repeating, they said they don't care about facts, they will live. that is not a pejorative, to them they probably hear it as a compliment >> burton responded with a statement that said he never used the word nazi says he humbly apologize to anyone who might have been offended. the campaign has yet to say if it will call for his resignation. >> you can hear the entire interview on cbs s.f. dot com.
6:40 am
we will also have live reports from the convention throughout the week. a memoir by a man who took part in the raid that killed osama bin laden it's bookshelves today. >> the account by a former navy seal called no easy day writing under the pseudonym of marc cohen, he says been laughton was looking out from his bedroom door when he was shot in the head. the military's top lawyer has warned the author that he has violated secrecy agreements and might face legal action. >> protesters angry about the festival allegedly went on a vandalism spree. police say some 50 people tried to crashed the gate at the festival. then they broke windows at a bank of america branch and a police car with anarchist graffiti. nobody was arrested.
6:41 am
tired of waiting in line at checkout? >> how wal-mart plans to speed up the process from doing away with cashier's. >> let's take a look at the market. we are laboring a little bit there. the dow is down and the others are up.
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>> 644, conspiracy theory buffs are jumping all over the routine request from the social security administration. apparently the agency posted a notice that it is buying 170,000 whole point bullets. people want to know why social security needs to stockpiled ammunition and the answer is
6:45 am
that social security has 295 special agents. the agency says most of the bullets will be used for training. agencies >> there is a new application for voters to look at the fiscal impact of kicking one candidate over the other. nikita co-founded the website after he heard people debating politics without talking about money. that adds personal information and includes a map that include pilots rich neighborhoods that could benefit under mitt romney >> it looks like from your web site the bay area should vote for romney >> that was one of the most darling conclusions that we found was that the bay area has many high earning households >> it also has a national map that is covered in blue indicating those areas would benefit from president obama's
6:46 am
reelection. >> we're going for we're starting off with numbers in the fifties for the most part with the bay area. low clouds and fog along the shoreline and we're looking for a cooling trend to begin today. sunny skies except along the shoreline will keep us on the moderate side. 65 along the soar line with lots of low clouds. in the north bay we will look for a high of 82 in petaluma. 65 in san francisco today.
6:47 am
everybody cools down as we head towards next weekend and just in time for the workweek we warm-up just a bit. >> is still pretty crowded in the westbound lanes heading toward 680. the problem is a couple of different fender benders. look at the two other tabs, we have another month approaching no. flint and another one in the altamont pass. definitely give yourself some extra time. here is some of the fog no fog
6:48 am
devise rebutted is pretty thick heading into san francisco. westbound 580 is the problem spot. the nimitz looks good. let's look at the bay bridge. we're already stacked up just about to the maze. >> what may be coming to a wal- mart by you is shopping by phone. a scan system is what employees are using right now >> the idea is you would use your iphone and scanned the products as you put them in the basket, not wait until you get to the checkout.
6:49 am
it doesn't matter if you're checking out or they are, they're trying to get rid of that. all you do is just pay. you do not scanned or bad or talked to a clerk. that is really speeding up going through the checkout aisles. how'd you know i paid for everything? it is the honor system. they have you put everything on a scale as he checked out. we're very close to them using a wooden radiofrequency identification tags that will let them know what is in your basket as you stop to pay. it just needs to become a little bit cheaper to be every product in the store >> when will we see this? >> this is not space-age, it is cloud technology and bar code scanning and it is totally
6:50 am
possible so i would guess within two years. wal-mart says they spent $12 million per second on checkers salaries and benefits. >> you can find more of brian's segments on >> it is time now for a look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning. charlie rose joins us from charlotte north carolina. >> on this morning's program we will ask paul ryan about what it would take to create jobs and why. and why mitt romney did not mention afghanistan. bob schieffer will be with us our people better off in four years ago? we will look ahead to michele obama's speech tonight and our message would be
6:51 am
different than four years ago. a look back on 40 years of the price is right, at 7:00. >> the market has just opened after the long holiday weekend >> >> chrysler is reporting sales in the u.s. jumped 14% last month after the ram pickup truck at its strongest august in five years. analysts are expecting u.s. sales of more than 1.2 million cars for august up as much as 20% from the same time one year ago. weakening economic activity has other stocks lower this morning. the dow is down 25 points. nasdaq is also lower.
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starting today and lasting through the end of october the chain will waive its upfront service before layaway orders placed in the store. a $5 service fee will apply after that. toys-r-us says there will be no minimum purchase price. we just finished labor day and the pressure of holiday shopping is already gone. >> hollywood is remembering actor michael clark duncan. >> the 6 ft. 4 actor known for his deep voice and gentle demeanor died in an l.a. hospital yesterday. the former bodyguard is best known for his role in the green
6:53 am
mile and films like armageddon and kung fu panda. he was only 54. >> his voice in the green mile was amazing. cracking down on disabled placard cheaters. >> the new plan in the east bay going into effect today. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> police are looking for the person responsible for killing a 20 year-old man. you're looking at a live picture from bartlett avenue in alameda county.
6:57 am
police have been at the scene all night but they're not releasing any details about the death. graffiti cleanup crews in oakland are coming back from a long weekend to this mess. police said protesters went on a vandalism spree sunday night, upset that the festival was charging admission. they broke windows, tagged buildings and a police car with anarchist graffiti. >> starting today berkeley police have more help in catching people who abuse disabled parking placards. until now, only the police could do that. a new state law allows the change. the penalty can reach $1,000. we want to know, what you think about the crack down? joey says
6:58 am
finally my husband has one due to health conditions and it is so difficult to find a spot >> joseph says it is a waste of tax dollars, go after the gains instead. lots of people are weighing in. >> we will let you do the weather one last time >> let's see if i get it right this time. overcast skies in the bay area. 48 in santa rosa. the numbers today are a little bit cooler than yesterday. 80 degrees in santa rosa. oakland will top out at 72. we will begin a cooling trend today that will last through next weekend before we begin warming up one week from now >> north around 101 approaching
6:59 am
tully road, a new accident. it is causing slower speeds coming into san jose. it has been a rough ride through the octo-mom pass this morning. the drive time is now over one half hour. the dumbarton bridge reopened ahead of schedule for seismic retrofit work. everything is now back to normal. a quick look at the san mateo bridge where everything is flowing nicely. >> longest-running game show in television history celebrates another major milestone today. >> the current version of the price is right is turning 40 years old. the audience will be made up entirely of past winners on the show. you can come on down at 10:00 right here on cbs five. >> thanks for watching the eyewitness news. her next


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