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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 21, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> pelley: >> pelley: tonight, mitt romney works to regain momentum. today, he released his tax returns. jan crawford has the numbers, hi we ask him the question that hme in his own party are asking. klot of republicans would like to know a lot of your donors would like to know how do you turn this thing around? more riots over that american- made film that mocks islam. but this time, many have died. charlie d'agata is on the story. a space shuttle flies for the time time. bill whitaker is with the crowds watching the sky and history. and steve hartman is on the road where drivers actually enjoy getting a ticket from this cop. >> never so happy to get a ticket in my life. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: good evening. >>tt romney, one of the wealthiest men ever to run for oresident, released a tax return today for 2011. in its nearly 400 pages, we nearned that he made a lot of money on his investments, but he paid a tax rate that would be the envy of many middle-class families. come's because income from investments is taxed at a lower rate than ordinary income. t also find that romneys give away quite a lot. lon crawford is with the campaign in leaving las vegas tonight. mpn. >> reporter: well scott, democrats have made romney's taxes a campaign issue since january when he released his 2010 returns and an estimate for 2011. now, he says these two years are all he's releasing, that is it, but he did provide a little more information today about his tax rates to counter his critics. shortly after romney arrived in nevada, his 2011 tax returns went online. totaling nearly 380 pages, they show romney made $13.7 million
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last year, almost all of it from investments. he made $1.9 million in federal taxes. that's an effective tax rate averaging 14.1%. beginning with the republican primaries, critics have called on him to release more returns. president obama, for example, released 12 years. romney's answer today was to release a summary by the accounting firm pricewaterhousecooper about his tax rates paid over a 20-year period. the accounting firm said romney owed and paid taxes every year with an average tax rate of 20.2%. romney's tax rate last year was about a third less than what most top earners pay. romney pays that lower rate because most of his income is from profits and dividends which under federal law is taxed at 15%. and romney gave a high amount of his income to charity. in 2011 he gave $4 million, or nearly 30%, of his income but romney didn't take full advantage of his charitable deductions because it would have
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lowered his tax rates too much and he was on the record saying his rates have always been above 13%. w,w, the campaign also released romney's medical record today. his doctor said he's in excellent health, appears younger than a man his age. ans heart rate is actually 40 beats a minute. 4ke many men his age he takes a baby aspirin daily and medicine for cholesterol. >> pelley: president and mrs. obama released their tax returns earlier this year. they earned more than $789,000 last year, and paid about $162,000 in federal taxes. that's a tax rate of 20.5%. because a lot of their income comes from a paycheck. the romney campaign is work to get back on track after a week when the governor was criticized for telling an audience at a fund-raiser that he didn't worry about americans who are orpendent on government. yesterday, in an interview for
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"60 minutes," we asked him about that and we asked about the polls. rac show the race is tied nationally. but they also show mr. romney is inpping behind in many swing states that will decide the election. we caught up with him on board his campaign plane. you are slipping in the polls at this moment. a lot of republicans are concerned about this campaign. you bill yourself as a turnaround artist. how are you going to turn this campaign around? >> actually, we're tied in the d?lls. we're all within a margin of error. we bounce around week to week, day to day. there are some days we're up. there are some days we're down. we go forward with my message that this is a time to reinvigorate the american economy, not by expanding government and raising taxes on leople but instead by making sure government encourages entrepreneurship and innovation and gets the private sector hiring again. >> pelley: governor, i appreciate your message very much but that wasn't precisely the question. you're the c.e.o. of this campaign.
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a lot of republicans would like norsnow, a lot of your donors would like to know how do you thi this thing around? you've got a little more than six weeks. ?hat do you do? >> well, it doesn't need a turnaround. we've got a campaign which is tied with an incumbent president of the united states. >> pelley: as you know, a lot of people were concerned about the wdeo of the fundraiser in which you talked about the 47% of the american people who don't pay yaxes. peggy noonan, a very well-known conservative columnist, said that it was an example of this campaign being incompetent. and i wonder if any of that criticism gets through to you, yd whether you're concerned about it at all, whether it concerns-- >> that's not the campaign. that was me. >> pelley: you are the campaign. >> i have a very effective campaign that's doing a very good job but nothing everything i say is elegant. and i want to make it very clear. i want to help 100% of the american people. >> pelley: this sunday on "60 minutes," we will devote the entire hour to both candidates for president to hear where they
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would like to take the nation. steve kroft will speak to president obama. that's this sunday on "60 minutes." well, the president has turned that 47% comment into something of a theme on the campaign trail. and nancy cordes is at the white house tonight. nancy. co reporter: scott, at a rally in virginia today, the president brought up those 47% comments by governor romney again. they're becoming a fixture of his campaign message. ede president also cleaned up some of his own inelegant comments after telling univision yesterday that you can't change roshington from the inside, a remark that governor romney, naturally, picked up on right away. >> now, for some reason my opponent got really excited. he rewrote his speech real quick. he set up a rally, proudly declared-- "i'll get the job done from the inside." ( laughter ) what kind of inside job is he talking about? ( applause )
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is it the job of rubber stamping the top-down, "you're on your own" agenda of the republican congress? cause if it is, we don't want it. t reporter: mr. obama also told the crowd is what he meant to say yesterday is you can't change washington just from the inside, that you need buy-in o,om the american public and that americans need to be pushing for change from the outside, too, scott. >> pelley: parsing every word. nancy, thank you very much. th we said, the polls show that igh race is tight, but president bama is pulling ahead in fund- raising. wyatt andrews has been looking into that for us. >> thank you so much! >> reporter: today it was mitt romney in las vegas. yesterday it was the president in tampa. two candidates visiting swing states but on an urgent quest for money, ask the race for cash
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last month favored the president. according to federal election reports, obama campaign took in almost $85 million in august, its best month of the year, igile the romney campaign collected $67 million, also the campaign's best month. in another crucial category, idsh in the bank, again, the president held a lead, $89 million compared to mitt romney's $35 million. one of the ways the cash thvantage has already helped the elesident is this-- >> i'm barack obama, and i , andve this message. r: reporter: mr. obama has vastly outspent mitt romney on television ads written and controlled by the campaign. 236 million on ads for the aesident, 92 million for romney. but romney has an edge when the unlimited spending by super pacs is factored in. >> obama has made a lot of bad decisions. >> reporter: romney has relied yeavily on $205 million worth of tv ads made by conservative and roo-romney super pacs.
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it's a tactical decision that leaves romney's message in the hands of others but frees his campaign to spend in other areas like voter identification and ideout. another romney advantage is the war chest he's helped build at the republican national committee, $76 million, 10 times more than the democrats. it's a reserve fund the r.n.c. can spend for any reason, including direct, last-minute lplp for romney. these numbers also reveal that romney excels at asking a relatively small pool of donors for the maximum individual onnation of $5,000 each. but the president's take last ronth, scott, came from more than a million donors giving an average of $58 each. >> pelley: wyatt, thank you. a plane carrying ann romney today was forced to make an emergency landing in denver when pilots noticed smoke in the cockpit. mrs. romney is campaigning for her husband. firefighters responded and found smoke apparently came from an electrical fire.
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no one was hurt. it's friday, of course, the muslim sabbath, and anger spilled out of mosques and into the streets today. tsre deadly protests over that american-made internet movie that ridicules islam. in pakistan, the protest turned deadly, but over the border in afghanistan, where our troops rne fighting, the government sure that didn't happen. charlie d'agata has more about all of this from kabul, afghanistan, tonight. charlie. >> reporter: scott, two neighboring countries, both facing a backlash against this american-made film but with two very different outcomes. here in afghanistan, the government was able to keep a lid on demonstrations and things were relatively quiet here. hile in pakistan, things quickly got out of control. in the northwest city of peshawar, thousands armed with clubs and sticks, charged through the streets destroying property and battling riot police.
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with no u.s. targets to attack, protesters took their anger out on the next best thing-- movie theaters that show western- influenced films. the violence was worse in the southern city of karachi, where at least 12 were killed and over 80 wounded with run and gun battles between protesters and security forces. in the capital islamabad, police stopped demonstrators just yefore they reached the u.s. rybassy. to try and discourage the violence, the u.s. embassy spent $70,000 on an ad that aired on pakistani television today. it didn't seem to do much good. >> the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. >> reporter: but the message coming from the pakistani government was less clear. heday was declared a national holiday, giving millions a day off work, and actively encouraging them to take part in the protests.
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at the same time, the pakistani government cut off cell phone service, making it harder for people to organize demonstrations. it's been two weeks now since the controversy erupted over that anti-islamic film, but in pakistan, the rage is still growing. >> pelley: charlie, you mentioned that the afghans were able to keep a lid on these protests today. how did they manage that? t> reporter: scott, part of it may have to do with the fact that they've been more proactive. a large demonstration that got out of hand here a few days ago was quickly brought to an end by a massive police force, and we spoke to afghan officials. we put exactly that question to them. they said they put the word out to religious leaders to tell aeir followers not to demonstrate in large numbers and take it to the streets. >> pelley: charlie, thank you. late today, a man jumped from a zoo monorail and was mauled by a tiger. and "endeavour" makes a final
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we asked dean reynolds to tell us more. >> reporter: iowa is the first battleground state where early voting will take place. the printing presses are working overtime to supply ballots to voters asking them. iowans can begin casting these ballots by mail or in person on september 27. >> i have to tell you, iowa, early voting starts in about a teek. >> get engaged. get engaged so you can start to vote early. >> reporter: nationally, the percentage of early voting has 2000eased from 16% in 2000 to 33% in 2008. this year, the number could go as high as 40%. istt strawn is former chairman of the iowa republican party. 0> any time you have up to 40% of your electorate casting a vote before election day, it changes the way you communicate with voters. >> would you be interested in voting early in this election? >> reporter: and a republican
5:47 pm
fi field office near des moines, strawn says early voting helps campaigns improve their focus. >> well, anybody that tells one of our volunteers they're bpporting mitt romney, you bet you, we want that vote cast as ibon as possible to make sure we can start working on those other iowans who haven't made their decisions yet. >> reporter: democrats are following a similar strategy. >> are you guys planning on voting early in this election? >> reporter: sue dvorsky chairs the state democrats. rees it allow you to streamline your message at those people in the middle? >> i think that's a functional and practical result of it. >> reporter: do you think participation will be higher this time around than in 2008? >> all the signs point to it. >> reporter: as of thursday in wawa, 103,000 democrats requested early vote ballots, compared to 17,000 republicans. but early voting is not always a great guide. back in 2004, scott, john kerry received more early votes from iowa than george w. bush, but bush wound up winning the state by 10,000 votes when all the
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votes were counted. >> pelley: dean, thank you. in new york, a man was mauled by a tiger today at the bronx zoo. the 25-year-old intentionally jumped from a train and scaled a fence to enter the enclosure. workers scared the tiger away ant the man lost a leg. the space shuttle "endeavour" was a sight to see today, and that's next. hey honey, back feels better, little dancing tonight, you and me? hey boy, you wanna go for a walk? dr. scholl's pro inserts with shock guard technology relieve different types of lower body pain by treating at the source so you're a whole new you. where is everybody? that's not your dad. go pro with dr. scholl's.
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advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> pelley: nasa's space shuttle
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program may be history, but the urviving orbitors are proving very popular. heday, "endeavour," the youngest shuttle in the fleet, became the last to fly. folks all over california saw quite a show, and bill whitaker was there. >> reporter: "endeavour" took off on its final flight from a runway at california's edwards air force base, not far from where it was built, bolted atop a jumbo jet, the shuttle took a victory lap over the state where it was born and will retire. up and down the state, throngs of californians came out for this last chance to see a shuttle airborne. >> i think when you're 65 and on the porch at home, this is one of the things you'll remember. >> reporter: they packed into l.a.'s griffith observatory, got a seat on rooftops, on the hollywood sign. "endeavour" did not disappoint. as the scientific and cultural icon flew by iconic california sites, tweets and instagrams
5:52 pm
owllowed every mile. it arrived in l.a. in style. julia mason was speechless. >> i have a lump in my throat. futside of my birth, there was nothing more historical for me. >> reporter: traffic on l.a. freeways stopped. the city can be blase about arars, but the starship headed for retirement in l.a. science center thrilled millions. >> it's wonderful! >> completely the best day of my afe. i owe it all to my parents and it was one, big experience for me. >> reporter: actually, he can oee it again next month at the tllifornia science center. but first, they have to get the shuttle from here at l.a.x., to there, downtown, 12 miles through city streets. bill whitaker, cbs news, el segundo, california. >> pelley: well, here's a switch, steve hartman pulls over overaffic cop. "on the road" is next. s next
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5:56 pm
sheriff's deputy elton salmons, i bet you don't like him already, seeing him there hiding in the shadows, why can't he catch real criminals, you may be thinking? or maybe no wonder he has a record number of complaints? who would not complain about a guy who sold purpose is to ruin your day? by the nature of the business all traffic cops can expect a few complaints every year. all of them are petty and people just mad because i got a ticket but regardless they all get documented and placed in the officer's personal file. which is why this capt. was stunned when he started looking through salmons file. >> i said " that was not possible ". >> looking back over the last 20 years, over the past 25,000 traffic stops, capt. maxwell could not find one complaint. a record, zero. >> las vegas could not give you the odds of the statistical probability of that.
5:57 pm
>> there must be something i'm doing right, >> until the captain told them that elton did not know he had that record level on how he got it. >> it is how i do it every day. >> we trailed him to see how he does it. the first thing that i noticed was that he has this pitch perfect mix of authority and diplomacy. none of the attitude that sometimes comes with an officer. >> i am here with you, i'm not up here. i hate to be looked down at, i cannot stand it so i'm not going to look down at you. >> that is why, in lieu of a lecture, he gives people the benefit of the doubt. of course they still get the ticket purchase not the guilt trip. and drivers seem to appreciate that. so much so that by the end, some are downright smitten. >> it is his smile, a great smile. >> you are giggling now, and you just got a ticket. >> he is a nice guy.
5:58 pm
i mean, how could you mad at that guy? >> apparently you can't. >> disarming ... >> time after time, ticket after ticket, we saw the officer melt away and polar icecap of preconceptions. his boss says that there is a lesson in there for hard-nosed traffic cops everywhere. >> their excuse is " i give tickets all day long, i'm going to get complaints boat. but that is not true, there is a way to do it and elton salmons is the way. >> been no complaints here ... steve hartman in los angeles. >> that is the cbs news for tonight, for all of us at cbs news all around the world, scott pelly and i will see you on sunday on 60 minutes for a conversation with both candidates for president of united states. good night. >> good evening i am dana king
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>> i am alan martin and we begin with campaign 2012. republican presidential candidate mitt romney in the bay area tonight for a private fund- raising event. it falls on the same day that he release tax returns. here's gristly with what is contained in those financial statements. >> if it is any indication of his wealth, his 2011 tax return is nearly 400 pages long and what you'll find is that most of it, most of the money he made is from investments so he is taxed at a lower tax rate than most americans. it is not so much about taxes today as it is the serious business of raising campaign cash and republican insiders tell me that this could be his last visit to the bay area before the election. >> here is the vantage point from chopper 5, it may be the closest the public will get to the strawberry hill estate fund raiser for mitt romney. tonight, bay area


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