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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  January 4, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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where is michelle dalton?! (panicked screaming) michelle!!! ed: team one, james is headed to the banquet kitchen. jules: come on, let's go. raf: excuse me. (yelling) where is she?! wh-what's he doing? ed? ed: seconds away. michelle?!! michelle: james? (michelle gasps, scared) mom... (sirens wail in the distance) we carry machine guns; nine millimeters, cornershots. and we are trained to fire those guns... (gunshots pop) and then we are trained not to fire them. now, this job isn't about firing guns,
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this job is about getting into the subject's head. (low murmur of raf's voice) ed: it's about listening to what they have to say. raf: i'm gonna holster my gun... ed: you gotta connect... respect and protect. keep the peace. that's right. okay. (claps) you guys, who here has thought about being a cop? good. good, good. my son, clark, he's got other plans; i can respect that. anybody else? (gunshots pop) now, in my case, my dad was a cop, my brother's a cop, and i started out walking the beat. and it was actually this guy's dad who convinced me to join this new unit - the sru. wasn't easy - not for any of us. hundreds apply, few make it in. first you take a psych test, multiple choice - what kind of cop are you? what kind of human being? - 1600 questions. and you get through that,
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then it's fitness tests and drills. we specialize in marksmanship... (gunshots pop) bombs, tech, psychology, negotiations. every day, you push yourself to your limit... go! go! go! go! ed: physically, mentally... so that you can handle the job when the job gets tough. (gunshots pop) because the job does get tough. but you work hard, you do your best. you do what you think is right and you'll find peace in whatever you choose to do. (grunts of effort) aghhh! (exhales) woman: watch the corner. we're almost there. we are getting way too good at this. younger woman: seriously.
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oh my god. okay. woman: so i'll tell you what i'm thinking. after work, i'll buy a bottle of bubbly, bring it back here, and we'll crack it open and celebrate your show tonight. just the two of us. well, maybe not the first time. second maybe? i could suck. shut up! you shut up. you are may dalton. you're smart, talented. wise beyond your years, and you are the bravest person that i have ever known. and who do you think i got all that from? (chuckles) (phone chirps) i gotta go. bye. hey. tobias: hey, goddess. shouldn't you be working? i've got eleven posters left, and i do not plan on letting them go to waste. tobias, you're already late, and your boss is gonna- it's whatever. you're worth it. you know, it's killing me that you can't be there tonight. so sing for me now.
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what? tobias: please? i can't just- just sing it like you're up there and i'm the only one watching you. (quiet laugh) okay, just hang on a second. ♪ my heart has wings, love ♪ wings to carry me home ♪ my heart it sings, love ♪ your name is its song ♪ though valleys- (phone beeps) hang on. call waiting. it's him. not taking it. uh, that's good. that's good, that's good. you know what? i'm gonna um... i'm gonna come see you. i need my good luck kiss. (door buzzes) (voicemail) hi, this is may, leave a message. hey... it's me. (door buzzes) um... i just i wanted to call
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and give you this cell phone number. i had to get a new cell phone because the phone company... (door buzzes) all right, i just... i just want you to know that i'm thinking about you and... and happy birthday. and uh... and i would really like to hear your voice, okay? (door buzzes) dammit! the couple moving in's been more than patient. i told you, i can pay. you were supposed to be out a week ago- look, the new job, it's as good as mine- no way. two weeks - first paycheque, it's all yours. come on- i've heard it before. okay, look, take my watch. it's worth $300 bucks, all right? i don't want your damn watch- $300 bucks, all right? you can have the ring as well. it's white gold, all right? i sure as hell don't need it anymore. take it. james... come on. all right, look... here. take this. it's real crystal. it's real. you gotta be able to get something for this.
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come on, take it. take it! (shattering smash) (panicked breaths) you're gone by tonight. don't make me call the cops. you will show me some respect! (overwhelmed breaths) ♪ how was class, ed? it was good. your kid's school, right? yeah. boss's kid goes there too. dean seemed pretty into it. oh, yeah? well, more than clark did. that's because your boy's had seventeen years living with a cop. mine's just getting started. yeah, we'll see. spike: what's not to love about being a cop? the hours, the glamour, the girls...
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jules: the girls? spike: king street, saturday night? i'm just saying, i saw you. hey, i was just making sure the ladies got home safe. both ladies. (shocked laugh) raf. raf: yeah, boss. so, uh, coming up on a year next week. yeah, i know. so how is it goin'? you tell me. i think you're doing great. but it's a two-way relationship, you and the job. you know what i'm saying? i think so. after a year, you get a taste of how the job's doing for you. i hear you, boss. it's all good. good. okay. so two girls, huh? raf: actually, it was three, but who's countin'? (techno music plays) david: yo! tobias! the new graphics look good. just finished programming. david: sweet! how's may? big night. she's gonna be awesome!
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won't be long till she's playing here. tobias: you know it! can i help you? hey, we're not open yet! james: i'm here for him. hey! we need to talk. what're you doing here? i need some information. i'm not gonna talk to you. yes, you are gonna talk to me. (sirens wail) winnie, go for the 911... david? david, this is sergeant greg parker, i'm with the strategic response unit. can you identify the gunman? no idea. he came in, went straight for my friend. parker: okay. does he know him? i don't know. he's shouting at him- james: tell me where she is! you gotta get here. oof! oh my god! parker: what's going on? i don't want to hurt you! tell me where she is! come on, david, talk to me. what's happening?
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tell me now! (fighting grunts) ungh! aghhhh! (gunshot fires) (gunshot fires) eddie... get up! get up! get up now! start walking! david! david! i'm here. don't engage him, please! i just need you to tell me what he is doing? he's taking him outside. he's getting away. all right, we're almost there. you hang tight. (gunshot pops) i heard another shot! david, stay inside! ed: sam, take the entrance on richardson. sam: copy that. he's getting away, i think he's got tobias in the car. what kind of car is it? grey sedan. i can't make out the plate. ends in a one. sixty-one. sam, you get that? (sirens wail) affirmative. we got him.
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raf: only one person in the car. (tires screech) raf: (over speaker) this is the strategic response unit! this is the police! pull over immediately! i repeat, pull your vehicle over! (siren wails) spike: we got an image from the cctv, it's gone to your phones. jules: no sign of tobias. ed: if tobias took a blow to the head, he could have passed out in the car. parker: you heard three shots, right? david: yeah. ed: so one when you land, and the second hit here... and then one outside. i'll call in forensics, see if they can account for the third. jules: we didn't see any impact or ricochet marks outside. you think he's been shot? what's going on? excuse me, who are you? may dalton. the cop outside told me to come in and talk to you. his girlfriend. where's tobias? jules: listen, may, your boyfriend was taken by somebody. what? somebody came in here, took him outside. he was armed. ed: okay, may, sit down- may: no, i don't need to sit down, i need to know what's going on. ed: we're trying to figure that out, all right? spike. do you know this man?
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oh god... may, do you know this man? that's my father! (siren wails) still in pursuit. this guy's not slowing down. (tires squeal) (siren wails) (nervous breaths) raf: pull over! i repeat, pull your vehicle over! you see that? let's see if we can force him off gerrard. get up close. (engine roars, siren wails) (gasps) winnie, set up a roadblock on jarvis. sam! pull back! pull back! oof! (pained grunts) raf: winnie, we need ems, right now! ♪
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(groans in pain) raf: winnie, give us an apb, gerrard heading east from ontario. where's ems? tobias, keep still, we're gonna take care of you. tobias: you gotta tell may... sam: easy, easy, easy... he's gonna find her, okay? he's gonna find both of them- what do you mean? both of who? he said he wanted to know where may was, but i wouldn't tell him, and then he said he'd ask her mom, so i told him... told him what, tobias? royal york hotel, where she works. he's going there now. he's got a gun! jules: i'm calling the hotel. everything we can on any james mitchell matching his description. copy. i need to see tobias. tobias is gonna be okay, but we gotta get to your mom and dad and make sure they're gonna be okay, too. you can't let him near my mom. i hear you. what's your name?
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it's ed. ed lane. ed, you can't let this happen. you don't know my father. can you help us know him, may? may, can you ride with us? yeah. let's go. sam: tobias is with ems. we're on our way to the hotel, squad cars en route. jules, any luck reaching the mother? jules: she works the banquets, they don't know if she's showed up to work yet. they're looking for her. ed: so you and your mom left last year? is that right? it should've been sooner. what happened? it wasn't just one thing, it was everything. then it just got worse. were you afraid of your dad? yeah. he thought i didn't know who he was. i knew who he was. james: (menacing) your problem is you just don't think. michelle: james, i told you about it last week. james: you told me... michelle: you said it was okay. the sheets were only on sale for the weekend-
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james: i said it was okay. you did. are you telling me what i remember now? michelle: oh, please... james: are you?! michelle: no! james: because now i have a car payment that bounces. i'm sorry. i have a car payment that bounces because you need new (smashes plate) sheets! you know what? from now on, you sign your cheques over to me, michelle. i give you what you need. you don't need to do that. why not? you planning on making a move, michelle? don't... don't you like to me! dad? hey, may-be. uh, you finish your egyptian project? yeah... yeah, almost. hey, um... do me a favour? help your mom clean up the plates she broke. you know how she gets. thank you, sweetie. (michelle sobs)
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he took away all her money so she couldn't leave, made her think she was crazy, and that he was the normal one. may, moving out, the restraining order, your mom changing her name, those are all things that both of you did right, and that past is behind you. but it's not! i mean, look where i am. i'm in a car with two cops. i mean, no offence, guys, but you really haven't done the best job of keeping him away. he called me today 'cause it's my birthday. how'd he get my cell phone number? he even tracked down where tobias works. now he knows where mom works. i mean, what are we supposed to do? tobias has done everything so that we can feel safe. but i guess that's just not gonna happen.
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(patrons chatter and laugh) hello. hi. james: (reading her nametag) uh, heather, i wonder if you can help me, i'm looking for someone. heather: of course. is this person a guest with us today? no. an employee. oh, okay. you'd need to speak to the resident manager. shall i call him? sure. you know, actually, i just came in to say hi. it's the manager i'm looking for... i have a job interview. a friend set it up. i have his name here somewhere... floyd mather. mr. mather. right. take those stairs up to the mezzanine, then all the way around and look for the signs. thank you so much. concierge: good luck! spike: boss, james served two 30-day sentences last year - assault and violating a restraining order. domestic offenses go back four years, and he's been out of work for over a year. there's gonna be money issues. i talked to tobias. michelle and may have moved three times in the last year
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and james keeps finding them, and every time he escalates. parker: dominating personality, multiple stressors, his life is out of control. he picks today to lash back at the one person he can blame. and we know how these things often go. jules: yeah, that's what i'm afraid of. murder-suicide. (heavy breathing) i'm looking for the manager. can i help you? yes. where's michelle dalton? may, we're gonna do everything we can to keep your mom safe. ed: this is what we do, may. nobody needs to get hurt today. tell me your name again. greg parker. greg. greg and ed. i wanna be able to hold you
11:22 pm
to what you just told to me, okay? okay, may. okay. (sirens wail) ed: let's go! let's go! where is michelle dalton?! (staff screams) michelle! where is she? michelle! michelle: james... (frightened whimpers)
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(sirens wail) is that him? yeah. that's definitely him. spike, we got a positive id on james. concierge says he's looking for the hr manager. thank you, heather. heather, where can i find the manager? uh, mezzanine. up those stairs. thank you. spike, transponders on. let's move. (types furiously, computer trills) up the stairs, left and left. (door bangs shut) may's gonna help us profile. no problem.
11:28 pm
may? spike. have a seat. thanks. okay? (whimpers, frightened) this wasn't necessary, michelle? you know that none of this had to happen, don't you? all you had to do was talk to me. you know what day it is today. (plate breaks) (staff screams) four, seven, bravo, kilo underscore tango x-ray. thank you. those dots, is that your team? yep, and if my mom was in trouble? they're the ones i'd wanna see coming through the window. that's-that's inside. how did you...? it's magic. or hotel security just gave you their access code and wi-fi password. she sees right though me. sir, the man who attacked you, where did he go? michelle dalton, he went after her.
11:29 pm
she was just in the banquet kitchen. banquet kitchen? the other side of the hotel, through that door, two flights down. sam: okay, go back to your office. we'll get you help as soon as we can. ed: team one, james is headed to the banquet kitchen. spike: copy that. boss, you're close. down the stairs to your right. okay. here we go. he's going to shoot her. no, this is team one we're talking about may. may: i need to hear. can we hear? spike: no. you know, it can get a little bit intense- spike, i'm not a kid, okay? you said so yourself, she'll be fine. now am i here to help or am i not? boss, okay if i patch may into the conversation? parker: okay, spike, but use your judgment. spike: copy that. okay, i'm gonna put it on speaker. you're gonna hear the team's mics and whatever we can pick up from the kitchen intercom system. james: i've been more than reasonable with you. this is what happens when you push a reasonable man for too long! no problem, james. it's no problem. put the gun away and you and i can have a reasonable talk, okay? all right.
11:30 pm
let's start with this: where is my daughter? where is she?! parker: let's get the other civilians out of the kitchen and get him talking. jules: this man needs to feel in control. parker he's not a fan of cops telling him what to do. he doesn't like anyone telling him what to do. he has to be in charge. boss, you copy that? parker: yeah, spike, i heard. raf: let's clear the room. jules: yeah. jules: excuse me. we need you to leave. raf: sir, i need you to leave right now. i need you to leave now. jules: come on, let's go. raf: excuse me... spike: subject's standing twenty feet from the banquet doors, facing away. james: (muffled) how could you do this to me?! michelle: james, i don't know what you're talking about! james: don't lie to me! michelle: i'm not! james: don't stand there and lie to my face! don't try to turn this around! you know damn well this is your fault! michelle: please put the gun down. i don't know what you want me to say. james: i want you to tell me the truth! parker: james? my name is greg parker. i'd like to talk to you if that's all right?
11:31 pm
this is no one else's business. i appreciate that, but what i'd like to do- james: who the hell are you? my name is greg, like i said, i'm a professional negotiator. what i'd like to do here is maybe help facilitate a dialogue. james: a conversation is what i am trying to do here! i don't need a professional negotiator to have a conversation with my own ex-wife, for godsake! all right? what i need is a little privacy. parker: okay, that's great. let's do that. i mean, you're in charge here. why don't you just tell the other people in the room that it's time for them to go. james: i just wanna talk to my wife! parker: i hear you, james. ed, what's your status? ed: seconds away. parker: it'd be easier to have that conversation... in position. parker: you're calling the shots here. they'll do whatever you say. just ask them to leave. sam: in position. parker: you want privacy? that's reasonable. you want them to go? that's fair. just tell them.
11:32 pm
james: okay, okay. get out of here! everyone get out! except for you. get out now! get out! thank you, james, that's a good choice. i said, get outta here, now! keith: i'm not going anywhere. you've got something to say, you can say it now. no. what's wrong? hold it! you hold it right there! that's keith; that's my mother's boyfriend. you're him, aren't you? james. he is, isn't he? you're the workplace boyfriend. (to himself) oh boy... james: congratulations. how is it? keith: w-w-what're you talking about? my ex-wife. how is it? it's my fault. last time i talked to him, i was just trying to help. you mentioned your mother was seeing someone? i just said we have to stop dwelling on the past, on grudges, and we have to move on... and then i mentioned keith. oh my god!
11:33 pm
may! you didn't make this happen. parker hey, james, why don't we just stay on track- james: i am talking here! don't you take another step! keith: look, if it's me you got a problem with- you back off! parker: james, you wanna have a conversation with michelle, let's just do that! let me give you a friendly warning: you watch your back. michelle: i'm serious, james, this is between you and me- james: (voice rising) watch your bank account, watch your wallet, watch your goddamn dog! (screaming) because this woman, she will take everything from you! (fire alarm rings) you make 'em stop that! you shut it off! parker: yup. james: get 'em to turn it off right now! james? let's you and i just go and talk. just... no problem. just the two of us. i know the best way... way out of here, okay? (fire alarm rings) okay. okay.
11:34 pm
i want nice and slow. let's go. ed: new deal. subject's preparing to exit. raf, jules, go around, isolate michelle, and cut him off. jules: copy that. raf: copy. (running footsteps) may: wait. w-w-what's he doing? spike: ed?! (trolley rattles and slams into james) (james screams) (hot oil ignites and roars) ed: get down! sam: clear the room! ed: no shot! get down! ed: james mitchell! right there! james mitchell! they're in the elevator. we lost 'em! they're gone! mom!


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