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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  February 28, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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-- this case one of the most reckless disregard for life there is and that's definitely going to play a part in that decision. >> all right. no doubt. linda yee, thank you. we have some new details in the santa cruz police shootings. we learned today that the officer the gunned down were ambushed. investigators say the detectives had been interviewing jeremy goulet for 20 minutes when he shot them by surprise. kpix 5 reporter len ramirez has more on the officers' final moments. len. >> reporter: we are finding out more about what happened tuesday afternoon. basically the sheriff said today that the two officers stood no chance when they were confronted by all that gunfire. we are also learning a little more about the final shootout between goulet and the responding officers from one who says that he was also a target. reporter: >> i was standing right here and looking up and my buddy was right here and that's the first gun that he shot. >> reporter: a bullet hole just
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inches away from where mike was standing. the santa cruz plummer was not only an eyewitness to the final shootout between cop killer jeremy goulet and police. he says as an innocent bystander he was also one of goulet's target. >> he was shooting two guns, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. i thought i was baked. i didn't know how we didn't get hit. i thought they were blanks. i heard the fire and smoke. but i didn't hear anything get hit with guns and if he is pointing the guns at you like that you think you're going to get shot. i don't know how the cops didn't get shot either because they were right on him. >> reporter: officers shot and killed here in this driveway after a lawrence of sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler tuesday afternoon. >> they were having a dialogue with him through a closed-door. during that dialogue, we don't know exactly what transpired with the exception of the fact that goulet disappeared from
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the door and appeared from another location and ambushed or assaulted the officers taking them both down within seconds. >> reporter: the sheriff also confirmed that neither officer was wearing body armor but said that would not have saved their lives. he did say goulet had donned sergeant baker's vest which he stole from the cop car and stole weapons to shoot other responding officers. the chief had no comment on the nonuse of body armor. >> at this point all i'm prepared to announce is we are putting our staff back on the streets tomorrow. there's a lot of issues that i'm sure we are going to be looking at as we move forward but my announcement today is my staff will be patrolling our community tomorrow morning. thank you. >> reporter: and we're also finding out more about what may have been goulet's plans either before the shooting or after the shootings happen if he was trying to get away. in his possession at the time of his death, police said today
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that he had a passport and a plane ticket to new mexico. apparently he has relatives. his mother lives in new mexico so he may have been planning a trip to new mexico. ken, i want to clear up one thing. at the beginning we said that there was a 20-minute dialogue between goulet and the officers. the sheriff said today he said that but then he clarified later that the dialogue was only a few minutes but that the officers had been on the scene for about 20 minutes only less than a ten-minute conversation through that door before the conversation ended, goulet came around through a side entrance apparently and then opened fire on the officers. >> all right. thanks for that clarification, len ramirez in santa cruz tonight. thanks. we got these pictures today of the santa cruz fire engine that was caught in the crossfire between officers and the suspect jeremy goulet. it was hit by a spray of bullets that lodged in the front of the fire truck. authorities praised those firefighters, who shielded several pedestrians who suddenly found themselves in
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the middle of a gun battle. it was announced today that a memorial for the slain officers will be a week from today at kaiser permanente arena in santa cruz and it will start at 11 a.m. and a scholarship fund has been set up in the fallen officers' names. we put a link to the city's website on just click on news and look for coverage on the police shootings. and a developing story in the supreme court and prop 8. the obama administration is coming out in opposition to california's gay marriage ban. as a deadline looms for legal briefs, the justice department has filed a challenge to prop 8 on, quote, equal protection grounds. the high court is reviewing last year's appellate ruling that the ban is unconstitutional. the justices will hear arguments next month and rule by june. if backers lose the legal challenge they might succeed at the ballot box. a new field poll shows a record 61% of california voters now
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approve of same-sex marriage. that's up from 51% in 2008 when prop 8 was narrowly passed. the survey found support increasing across all age groups including nearly half of seniors. billions of dollars in automatic spending cuts set to kick in tomorrow. right now, it looks like they will. that deadline 11:59 friday night. and there is no indication that members of congress will beat the buzzer. in a last-ditch effort both parties offered their own senate bills today to replace $85 billion in cuts with gentler alternatives. but democrats wanted tax hikes on the wealthy, republicans did not. and neither bill passed. meanwhile, the parties are playing the blame game. >> unless the house gop stops the mindless across-the-board spending cuts, you, too could lose your job. >> they wanted to fail. so they can go around the country blaming republicans for
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a sequester that the president himself proposed. >> the white house says those cuts will lead to hundreds of thousands of government layoffs. the president will sit down with republican leaders tomorrow at the white house. but no one really expects the meeting to stop the cuts. we'll have more on the sequestration deadline and what it means coming up at 5:30 on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." a woman is hospitalized after being hit by a muni train in san francisco. she was struck by an outbound m line train near 19th and junipero serra this afternoon. the victim needed cpr at the scene. we are told her injuries are life-threatening. the train operator is being questioned to determine exactly what happened. checking other bay area headlines, get ready to pay more to ride bart. the board today approved fare hikes based on inflation. that would mean a fare increase of just over 5% next year. also a san francisco firefighter suffered minor injuries fighting a blaze in
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the mission district a couple of hours ago. a fire believed to have started in a back room before spreading to the rest of the home on allison street. crews had to re-enter the burning structure to rescue two dogs trapped inside. but one of the pets did not make it out alive. and the musician who collapsed during a san francisco symphony performance has died. the oboist william bennett suffered a brain hemorrhage on stage last saturday night. he died this morning. symphony director michael tilson thomas called bennett an original thinker and wonderful man. bennett was 56. history is made in vatican city. a look at the tearful farewell to pope benedict. and the work ahead to pick a successor. >> those monthly government checks will not be coming after tomorrow. what washington will do starting in march that has some people fuming. >> we will start in march on a
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very warm note. we are talking widespread 70s. peek outside mainly sunny skies looking toward the bay bridge, but there are some major changes coming to the forecast next week. i'll have details on that coming up. >> and it's blamed for an explosion in cases of diabetes. the extreme recommendation aimed at cutting out intake of sugar. ♪ secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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down earlier today. he's the it is the end of an era for the roman catholic church. pope benedict xvi stepped down today. he is the first pope to abdicate in nearly 6 centuries. rement. ((nats of mission bells)) >> the white helicopter transported the pontiff to a 17th century palace where he will begin his retirement. [ bell tolls ] >> the pope's final day also marked by bell ringing at the mission santa clara.
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the cardinals will meet on monday to determine when they will convene to elect a new pope. cbs correspondent vinita nair is in vatican city with the latest details on benedict's emotional farewell and the search for his successor. >> reporter: benedict xvi raised his arms and greeted the cheering crowd outside the palace where he is beginning his retirement. >> father, son and holy spirit. >> reporter: it was his final appearance as pope. the 85-year-old benedict walked slowly with a cane as he left the vatican. vatican staffers cheered as bishops and monsignors kissed his ring for the last time. there were more goodbyes before he boarded a helicopter that took him to the retreat south of rome. he will spend several months there before returning to the vatican grounds. he plans to stay hidden from the world dedicating his life
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to prayer. before the sendoff a crowd gathered outside st. peter's square. some of them had camped out for hours to see him in his helicopter. >> sad to see him go. i love him. excited to see what happens next. >> reporter: thursday morning benedict gave a final blessing to the cardinals, who will elect a new pope. one of them will replace him. benedict promised to revere and obey his successor. the cardinals are now talking about the qualities they are looking for in their new leader. >> someone who teaches well and communicates well. >> he must be a man of deep faith as benedict has been. >> reporter: as night descended on the retreat, swiss guards closed the pass doors signalling the official end of benedict's reign. vinita nair, cbs news, vatican city. >> this very historic event is drawing bay area catholics to church in the middle of the week. there was a special mass at st. mary's in san francisco this
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morning to celebrate pope benedict on his final day of his pontificate. the faithful who attended told kpix 5 about their hopes for the future pontiff. >> the majority of catholics in the world are hispanics and latinos. i definitely think this time should be given an opportunity to latino american cardinal. >> san francisco's retired archbishop john quinn opened this morning's mass calling this a historic moment for catholics. in his sermon he said the pope surrendered to his faith and that should be held in high regard. coming up, big changes coming for people who rely on monthly checks. >> the government needs to get a hold of what they're doing. >> the new system that already has its detractors.
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another deadline looming: for anyone e those washington budget cuts are set to take effect tomorrow but there's another deadline looming for anyone expecting a government benefit check in the mail. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on why those checks won't be there and why some people aren't happy with what's taking their place.
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reporter: >> when i first chose it, i thought it was a good thing. >> reporter: doris walker had high hopes so decided to get her disability payments or a prepaid debit card until someone began stealing her government benefits off her card and no one would help. >> they're just kicking mibach and forth back and forth. >> reporter: back and forth between comerica the bank that issued her direct express debit card and the social security department which will soon require anyone without a bank account to access government benefits through one of these. >> you're required to switch to electronic payments by march 1 2013. >> reporter: the deadline for mandatory enrollment of direct deposit into your bank or the direct express prepaid debit card but many complain about the cards online. like doris, they say they get the runaround when they run into card problems. >> i asked to speak to a supervisor, then i asked to
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speak to the manager. they claim that those two people did not exist. >> this is an issue that will often times happen with a prepaid card. >> reporter: consumers union says while the government funds the direct express card, comerica issues the card. >> they selected comerica bank because of their ability to administer the program in addition to offering more end senttives, lower fees perhaps. >> reporter: john, the government and most financial experts favor direct deposit because there are more protections but for now doris is sticking with her card hoping the service improves as millions more sign up for the card too. >> the government needs to get a hold of what they're doing. >> reporter: now, comerica says 95% of the people who use its direct express cards are satisfied. the government says if you're not happy with the customer service, you should call the agency that handles your benefits. and if you have a consumer
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problem, give us a call, 1-888- 5-helps-u. >> what a runaround. thank you. paul, very excited, rain is really in our forecast. not just one two, at least three days. >> we have three of the next seven days with a chance of rainfall. that's the smile i have been seeing from ken bastida. look at those pearly whites! ken is happy. but if you like sunshine and maybe you're smiling because you had a great day today, tomorrow is the day to get outside if you can make it a three-day weekend, use of one of your days off. mainly sunny skies today and we'll be five to seven degrees warmer tomorrow. beautiful view toward the bay bridge. looking at low cloud cover hanging along the coastline and moving across the golden gate. right now we have low clouds and reduced visibility. we have been chilly in downtown san francisco. mid-50s that's iter to you. santa rosa 67. wrapping up february, despite all the sunshine that we have had, nights have been really
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cold and that's dragged down our average temperatures. lock at san jose nearly five degrees below average for the month. san francisco and livermore right around 2 degrees below average. so a chilly albeit sunny february. overnight tonight, partly cloudy skies, low to mid-40s. san rafael 44, fremont 44. we are finishing february on a dry note. kpix 5 hi-def doppler is dry once again. look at all the rainfall. there's another storm system moving through. there have been three this week all of them missing us to the north. heavy rainfall for the pacific northwest. zero rainfall for us. but that's going to change after tomorrow. tomorrow we get the offshore wind out of the northeast. so we'll start march off on a warm note tomorrow. low 70s perhaps even in downtown san francisco. that's about a dozen degrees milder than today. high pressure then begins to move out. the onshore flow is back and by tuesday, the first of many fronts is going to move through. it will be much cooler and much wetter coming up next week and that big change occurs next tuesday. so sunny and warm tomorrow. clouds increase a bit over the weekend as we drop back down to
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the 60s and much wetter weather next week. look at the highs tomorrow. livermore 71. san jose 72. we're looking at 73 for morgan hill. san mateo you'll hit 70. concord you'll hit 70. san ramon, you'll hit 70. even 70 for mill valley, kentfield. downtown san francisco i think will fall a degree two or shy of 70 but still very mild. upper 60s saturday, low to mid- 60s on sunday. then here it comes, look at next week! that's much-needed rainfall right there. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, chances of rain. >> much-needed. >> great. >> we could use some. >> all right. thanks, paul. getting serious about sugar consumption. why one bay area researcher says it needs to be regulated just like alcohol. >> and kpix 5 is the official television station for the new bay bridge opening celebration. a live look at the eastern span of the new bay bridge as we count down to opening day.
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in new york. scott --
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" " tonight, a bay area scientist says s a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> hi, ken and liz. great to be with you in san francisco. well, benedict xvi headed into retirement. we'll have a look at his final day as pope and look at the problems left behind for the catholic church. that's tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. tonight, a bay area scientist says sugar is so dangerous that the government needs to step in and regulate. it. >> dr. kim mulvihill reports on the new study that's prompting the call to action. reporter: from pure cane sugar to high fructose corn syrup dr. robert lustig says it's all deadly. >> sugar is toxic. >> reporter: in a report he shows compelling evidence sugar is driving a worldwide explosion in type 2 diabetes. the number of cases more than
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doubled in the past 30 years. he says we need to reduce how much added sugars we are eating to prevent the disease but there's a problem. >> the point is, we can't prevent it as long as our food supply keeps generating it. >> reporter: of the 600,000 items in an american grocery store, lustig says 80% are spiked with added sugar. and that food labels are a joke that you never really know how much added sugars you're eating. >> you can use different names for sugar and there are 56 names for sugar. >> reporter: he says it's time to regulate sugar like tobacco and alcohol. a prominent food journalist agrees. in a column published thursday, he writes the fda needs to reevaluate the toxicity of sugar and determine how much added sugar is safe. at fisherman's wharf a sprinkling of reaction. >> i think we need to regulate our own system. >> reporter: what do you mean by that? >> well, taking responsibility for what we eat. >> reporter: do you think we're? >> absolutely and do it
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gradually and no one will notice the difference. >> no, i don't think regulations are ever a positive thing for people. >> reporter: now, the sugar association says americans are consuming far less table sugar than 40 years ago. and if the culprit with diabetes is high fructose corn syrup metabolized differently than table sugar. >> i'm not a chemist but what does dr. lustig say? >> he disagrees. he says in this study they had 175 different countries. only 3 have high fructose corn syrup in the food supply so in his mind, all sugars added are sugar and they need to be regulated. >> stay away from them. >> thank you. we'll be right back.
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day in an instant. at&t. ♪ ♪ new at 6:00 tonight: parishioners tell us the of eternal life, c we used to ask questions, we were told that, you know, you're in a bad spirit. >> new at 6:00 tonight, parishioners tell us the promise of eternal life cost them dearly. in a kpix 5 exclusive, some church members tell us why they gave up their life savings. >> also, what causes an earthquake? might be more than nature. how the human hand could trigger the natural disaster. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with
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scott pelley" is next. >> remember, the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, he is pope no more-- benedict xvi heads into retirement after blessing the faithful one last time. alan pizzey on his final day as pope. mark phillips on the problems he's left behind. massive budget cuts will kick in till kick in tomorrow. this business owner tells ben tracy why many of her workers could lose their jobs. >> i don't think the politicians take care of us. >> pelley: the gre starting to ease, but is it too late to save this devastated town? ana werner is there. and dr. jon lapook sits down with the first lady who says stop pushing junk food on our kids. >> we're still just scratching the surface.
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this is a generational goal, and we need to keep pushing every step of the way. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. for the first time in eight years, the throne of st. peter is vacant tonight. the catholic church has no pope. benedict xvi, in failing health, today became the first pope in six centuries to retire. he said farewell to cardinals, his top advisers, then left the vatican for the last time as leader of the world's 1.1 billion catholics. alan pizzey is in vatican city. ( applause ) >> reporter: benedict's final day as pope drew to a close with applause from his staff, last acts of homage, a 300-yard trip to the helipad, and a precisely timed liftoff for a ride he's taken many times over his eight years as pope.


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