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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 1, 2013 4:00am-4:30am PST

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up to today were more about finger-pinting than negotiating, and in the end, members of congress didn't just give up. they left town. congress left the capitol thursday night for a long weekend, killing any chance at avoiding across-the-board budget cuts which kick in starting today. >> it is a day when soon people will be getting a pink slip. >> reporter: president obama has until midnight to sign the order dmangt $85 billion in budget cuts, but before he signs, he'll host a meeting with democratic and republican leaders in congress, leaders who spent thursday blaming each other. >> i'm happy to work with the president, but the house has done its job.other. >> i'm happy to work with the president, but the house has done its job.thursday blaming each other. >> i'm happy to work with the president, but the house has done its job. it's time for the senate to do their job. >> they've done nothing. they pulled something they pull passed last congress. >> it was designed to be something so painful they would come up with a plan. but neither side would budge on
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the issue of paying down the debt. >> they're determined to protect the wealthiest of the wealthy. >> how much more money are they going to steal from the government? i'm for no more. >> still with half the cuts aimed at the pentagon, there are still some lawmakers ready to deal. >> i stand ready to put everything on the table to prevent what could be in the words of the departing secretary of defense a devastating blow to our ability to defend this nation. >> but as of today, the cuts will be the law of the land until congress and the white house are willing to compromise. now, the most noticeable change is that federal agencies will have to notify workers with 30 days' notice that they're going to be furloughed. that could give members of congress a little more leeway to come up with plan to reverse these cuts before they do too much damage to the economy. anne-marie? >> susan mcginnis in washington, thank you. military leaders are warning of the dire consequences the
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budget cuts will have on this nation's military capabilities. half of the initial bunt cuts, $42.7 billion come out of the defense budget. that's nearly 8% of the pentagon budget. it will affect everything from deployment to veterans' funerals and small businesses that do defense work. ben tracy reports. >> reporter: what is everyone in here making today? >> people are making parts for the navy. >> reporter: the dante valve company makes safety and relief valves for the u.s. navy. >> carriers, destroyers, amphibious, things like that. >> reporter: so these are basically going to the department of defense. >> they are. >> reporter: now her third generation business is caught in the crossfire. they're talking about $43 billion in defense cuts. is there any way that that does not affect your business? >> it definitely will affect our business. it's just a matter of how.
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>> reporter: the looming cuts are going to hit the employees. >> we're sitting here ready to hire people, ready to give raises for people we have and we another doing either of those things because of the sequestration. we just don't know what's going to happen in the future. >> reporter: you have 36 employees. we see some of them working behind you. how concerned are you about their jobs? >> i'm very concerned about their jobs. i'm thinking we could see 25% to 50% of them at risk. >> reporter: congress's ina on the budget has already delayed repairs and updates to aircraft carrier carriers. 2,000 companies in 46 states across the u.s. supply parts for the ships. >> reporter: you are one of the small business owners that the politicians love to talk about when they're campaigning. how do you feel you're being taken care of by the politicians? >> i don't think the politicians are taking care of us and now their actions are directly affecting us and they're going to cause people to loose their
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jobs. >> reporter: her company was waiting on a $1 million job but now they've put the repairs on hold. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. the obama administration wants the supreme court to overturn california's ban on same-sex marriage. the justice department filed a friend of the court brief. it's the first time the president has asked the supreme court to expand the rights of gays and lesbians to wed. oral arguments are scheduled for march 26th. and throughout the night, firefighters battled a wind-blown brushfire at a southern california park that threatened homes and forced evacuations. the fire started yesterday afternoon about 60 miles east of los angeles in riverside. a fire official says the fire is about 20% contained this morning, but about 150 acres have burned. the fire engulfed an rv park near one home. so nar no injuries though are reported or any significant damage to homes. and cardinals of the catholic church meet monday at
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the vatican to begin the process of choosing a new pope. pope benedict's reign ended yesterday with a final and simple good-bye. benedict left the vatican in a helicopter that made a ceremonial pass over some of rome's famous landmarks. he'll spend a few months at the summer residence at the castel gandolfo. vinita nair has more. good morning, vinita. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the catholics wake up with no known leader. as you said, it was a quiet send-off yesterday, but it also was an emotional one. we saw a lot of people here in st. peter's square crying and now entering the period known as the vacant see. it's a transition from one pope until the next. pope benedict xvi delivered his final words as pontiff in italian. he said thank you and good night to people vacationing south of
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rome. the 85-year-old told well-wisher well-wishers he's simply a pilgrim beginning his left pilgrimage on earth. the cardinals around the world are meeting at the vatican to start the long process of choosing a poem. american cardinal timothy dolan says the chosen leader must help to restore faith in the catholic church. >> for us as catholics there has always been a head-over-heels romance between jesus and his church. >> reporter: it's now sealed. soon the cardinals will lock themselves inside the famous sistine chapel to begin the process of voting for who should be the next pope. ♪ >> reporter: 115 cardinals will meet on monday to decide when to start the complex and secretive election process known as the conclave. before he stepped down pope benedict pledged unconditional reverence and obedience to his successor. he urged cardinals to work like
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an orchestra, harmonizing for the good of the church. a columbian tailor is hard at work sewing the wardrobe for the new pontiff. cardinals hope they'll have someone to wear it before the holy week of easter later this month. now, in order for this voting process to take place, all 115 cardinals from around the world must arrive here in rome. that's exactly what's going on. anne-marie, in terms of front-runners, a lot of people pointing to ghana and italy. if you look at the bets, it follows upon that thought process. reporting in rome, vinita nair. back to you. >> interesting. the whole world will be watching. thank you. coming up on the "morning news" now, the investigation of a death of a man in police custody. officers in south africa are accused of dragging a man behind their van before he died. this is the "cbs morning news." until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash.
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mt. etna on the italian island of sicily is the only active volcano and newly released pictures show how active it was on wednesday. sending dense clouds of smoke and ash into the sky, streams of lava ran down the side of the volcano. service at a nearby airport was not disrupted, though and there were no reports of evacuations from nearby towns or villages. army private bradley manning has pleaded guilty to leaking classified material on wikileaks. manning said he wanted to let the world know the truth about the u.s. wars in iraq and afghanistan. he could face 20 years in prison. manning faces 12 other charges including aiding the enemy, that could carry a life sentence. in a week-long multi-state manhunt for the suspect of a deadly shooting in las vegas is over. ammar harris, a self-described pimp surrendered to police and
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federal agents on thursday. harris allegedly shot and killed a driver of a car on the las vegas strip a week ago. the car then crashed into a taxi. that then burst into flames killing two other people. in south africa police officers involved in the brutal death of man dragged in the back of a police van have been suspended. amateur video shows the taxi driver getting into an altercation with police on tuesday. the video was later posted online. a watchdog agency said the police version of what happened does not match what the pictures show. >> they don't report anything about this man being dragged behind the police vehicle, and that is where the violence is. you don't see that in the police statement. they just say this man was assaulting a police officer. they arrested him, put him in the police van, and took him to the station. >> the taxi driver was found dead in his jail cell after the
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los angeles, 86. time now for a check of the national forecast. expect light snow from western pennsylvania across northern new york and into new england. a light mix of rain and snow will spread from missouri to the ohio valley. scattered showers are possible across the south. much of the west will be dry. on the "cbs moneywatch" now, new trouble for groupon and a milestone for itunes u. ashley morrison is here in new york with that and more. good morning, ashley. >> good morning to you, anne-marie. asian markets were mixed on lackluster manufacturing data from china. tokyo's nikkei added half a percent while hong kong's hang seng added half a percent. on wall street the dow came close to a record high before investor concerns about impending federal budget cuts pushed it lower. the blue chips lost 20 points on thursday. the nasdaq was down 2 points. all nippon airways, boeing's
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biggest customer for the dreamliner, is standing by the aircraft maker. ana has 17 dreamliners, but like other carriers around the world it grounded the plane in january due to problems with its lithium ion batteries. boeing has orders for 800 787 dreamliners. ana says it's confident the problem can be resolved. groupon is looking for a new chief executive. the online daily deals pioneer fired its quirky founder and ceo andrew mason on thursday. the company is facing scrutiny that its business model is flawed. groupon's stock plunged 24% on thursday to $4.23 a share on disappointing earnings results. the stock has lost three quarters of its value since it went public two years ago. and it's not remaking formal education yet, but apple's itune u has reached 100,000 downloads. they provide books for free.
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more than 2,400 universities and k through 12 schools own itune's u courses. m more than half of the downloads are outside the u.s. i wonder if you get a diploma with that from itunes u. >> i'm sure you can make one up if you text one to yourself. ashley morrison here in new york, thank you, ashley. the question anyone might ask on interstate 80 in reno nevada, is would you like fries with that ketchup? a truck hit a bridge on thursday, spilling thousands of bottles of heinz ketchup. the crash had traffic backed up for more than an hour and snow plows were used to clean up the mess. nobody was hurt. the latest internet video craze is prompting a federal investigation. this video of a plane load of people doing what else, the harlem shake, was posted to the web. well the federal aviation administration is looking into whether there were any safety violations. a group of students from colorado college made the video.
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california. a powerful brush fire forces overnight evacuations in riverside county. what's hampering crew's efforts to fight the flames. plus: hit by a stray bullet during the deadly santa cruz shootout. now the wounded woman talks. and the big budget cuts take effect today. will the bite match the bark? join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning. it's friday 97
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, partly sunny, 48 the high. atlanta, 48 as well st. louis, expect some snow flurries. denver, partly sunny. occasional showers in seattle. in sports now it looks like there'll be a new number one in college basketball. second ranked gonzaga survived the late push by byu to improve to 15-0 in the western conference. the zags win, 70-65. they'll likely take the top spot following number one, india's
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loss this week. meanwhile duke wasn't as lucky. blue devils go on the road and lose. duke would never hold the lead in this case. virginia's last win over a top five team came exactly 11 years ago to the day. and a major league highlight in college baseball. north carolina state outfielder brett williams makes an unbelievable catch in center field against new mexico. making it even more amazing, williams is coming back from a serious knee surgery. nc state would win the game. well, finally, you knew it was going to happen. ♪ you know who that is. the miami heat made a harlem shake video. it features all of the big names from the nba champs. lebron james, of course, dressed up like the king. that's dwyane wade wearing the bare head and point guard mario chalmers dresses up as super mario. we'll see if it brings them any
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luck tonight. the heat go for their 13th straight win tonight. when will it end. coming up on after your local news on "cbs this morning," spending cuts will kick in today. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." discover tidy cats pure nature. clumping litter with natural cedar, pine, and corn. [ male announcer ] at scott we don't spend money inventing phrases like "triple jumbo giant roll" to tell you scott 1000 has 1,000 sheets. instead, we give you deals and rewards when you join scott shared values. sign up at see... 1000.
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across the picturesque italian countryside, the sound of bells tolling after benedict xvi left the vatican to begin a new chapter in his life. the crowd standing by to catch a new glimpse of the outgoing pope offering their respects. he delivered a good-bye on twitter. writing in ancient latin, he sent this tweet. may you always experience the joy that comes from putting christ at the center of your life. it launched in september. but they changed the account name to the land term vacant
4:24 am
seat. in this country a lot of people watched the pope's retirement on television. michelle miller talked with some school kids in new jersey who witnessed history unfold. >> reporter: it was not a normal day at visitation academy in paramus paramus, new jersey. the catholic school students watched the final moments of the benedict papacy on tv. isaac is in the eighth grade. andrea malik is in the seventh. >> it's like watching history in the making. that hasn't happened in 600 years. >> you're fortunate to see something like this so you can learn more about your faith. >> reporter: but it was benedict's online gesture that seemed to resonate the most. >> i thought it was kind of cool he tweeted something as the last thing he had to say. >> reporter: the faculty watched too. deborah pagano saw benedict xvi at the vatican in 2010. >> i was overwhelmed thinking
4:25 am
how brave he was and a holy man, and i was excited that now he's going to spend his time in the monastery praying for us. >> reporter: the students say they're anxious for the conclave to begin. >> it would be actually nice to have an american pope but as always to tell the truth it's not our choice. we may actually influence them to make a choice, but it's them that makes the final decision. >> reporter: studying religious history is one thing, they say. seeing it is another. michelle miller, cbs news, paramus, new jersey. well we won't know for weeks who will succeed benedict but a tailor in colombia has already completed the red cape and sash and is now putting finishing touches on the embroidery for the other items. he uses only the highest quality fabric, all of the material from italy. well coming up after the local news on "cbs this morning," we'll hear from
4:26 am
timothy dolan, archbishop of new york. plus, deep spending cuts kick in today. we'll get an update from the chief of staff and senator john mccain. and we'll show you how big box stores are fighting back against so-called showrooming. that's the "cbs morning news" for this friday morning. thanking for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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march 1st. i'm frank mallicoat. and i'm michelle griego. time is 4:-- you made it! >> good morning, everyone. it is friday, march is here. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego.
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time now just about 4:30. did you have any doubts? >> we never do! >> not at all! you look like you were raring and ready to go atoday. >> you are the one that ran in here. >> me?! [ laughter ] >> it was me. [ laughter ] this will be the nicest day of the week, some of the temperatures up into the mid- 70s but we have big changes over the weekend maybe a little rain. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and taking a live look outside, the lanes are closed heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll let you know when it's going to wrap up. >> we call that "friday light." >> that's what we call it. >> all right. thank you so much. we begin with developing news this morning. firefighters in riverside county continue battling a fast moving wildfire that broke out yesterday afternoon. so far the flames have scorched 150 acres of heavy brush. about 200 firefighters are now
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fighting the flames. and several people in the area were told to voluntarily evacuate their homes. that fire is 20% contained. it's in the rancho jurupa regional park in rivers. many with homes in the line of fire didn't evacuate. instead they got to work next to all the firefighters. >> roof was on fire. i helped put that only. he is working from the bottom, i'm working from the tomorrow. it was team work. >> it's horrible. scary, people trying to knock on people's doors trying to let people know what's going on, the embers are now falling on the roof. and everybody is kind of pulling together and grabbed hoses. >> authorities believe the fire may have been sparked by downed power lines. as of late last night, about 1800 people were without power. 4:31. police officers down in santa cruz are returning to work today after two days of mourning the loss


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