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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  March 8, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PST

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osed, how bad the damage is? >> reporter: i was told by firefighters there was significant damage to this building. the entire front of it actually has -- is kind of where all that damage is. they said they had to strip out parts of the restaurant. so it will be a long time before it reopens. >> thank you, cate caugiran. it is moving day for dozens of homeless who are camping on public property in the south bay. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec is in san jose this morning where warnings went out several days ago. >> reporter: the city says it gave these people 72 hours notice and today they are planning a clean-up. i'm on spring street in san jose and you can see campers remain on this public property. the clean-up though is set to begin this morning. and the city says it's going up to its police presence here. about 100 people having living in this encampment near the guadalupe parkway river. it's one of an estimated 60 camps throughout santa clara
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county. this one is in the flight path of the san jose airport so it's been spotted from above and it quickly grew after another sweep of a homeless encampment nearby. >> you move them interest one spot and they pop up in another -- you move them from one spot and they pop up in another. >> it's frustrating but part of the process. we have to be consistent as i said in our application on how we work with people. if we continue to work, i think everyone at the city believes that we will have long-term positive results. >> reporter: the city says it will help the homeless find local shelters for housing and provide places to store their belongings for up to 90 days. the city is also in the process of compiling a registry of the city's 1,000 most vulnerable homeless people. and they are rating that on factors for like age and mental health and how long they have been homeless. live in san jose, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> do we know at this point how much the clean-up is going to cost? >> reporter: it's going to be costly but i have heard a
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couple of different estimates from 20,000 to $40,000. >> all right. anne makovec live in san jose. thank you. 5:04 now. a woman confessed to killing a man inside his san jose home. 70-year-old stanley jacobson was found stabbed to death in his room at the hilltop manor seniors apartments. his family reported him missing last month but no one noticed his body until yesterday. it was found under the mattress of his fold-out sofa bed. family members say they had searched the apartment before but yesterday, the smell helped find that man. >> you didn't smell anything? >> yes, it smelled like garbage and, yes, but he wasn't decaying that much at that point. today you really smell the decay. >> jacobson's 47-year-old girlfriend regina butler was arrested yesterday when she returned to the home. his family says they suspected she was stealing his social security checks. fresno county investigators
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believe a lion escaped his feeding cage before killing a volunteer at an animal park. the coroner says diana hanson died instantly on wednesday when the lion broke her he neck at cat haven in dunlap. it appears the lion managed to lift the gate on the cage while she was cleaning the larger enclosure. she may have been distracted. she was on the phone at the time. her father says the coroner told him the lion was probably just trying to play with his daughter. >> you know, i have always had a premonition that someday i would get a call like this but i just thought it would be much further in the future than at 24. >> a sheriff's deputy shot and killed the lion in an effort to save her. tears poured from thousands of eyes as mourners said good- bye to two fallen police officers yesterday. [ pause ] >> and a sea of uniformed officers stood in silence outside hp pavillion to honor the santa cruz police detectives killed in the line of duty last week.
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inside loved ones said their heart-breaking good-byes. >> thank you, daddy, and today, celebrate yourself. there's so much to love. >> i miss you so much, beth. we will miss you so much. >> santa cruz police sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler were killed last month while investigating a sexual assault in santa cruz. now, while thousands of police officers were at the memorial, some criminals saw an opportunity to strike just minutes after most of the region's law enforcement officers drove to san jose. three armed men robbed a bank of the west branch in nearby capitola. witnesses telling police the robbers pointed handguns shoved employees and then escaped with an undisclosed amount of cash. there's a new effort in the state senate to end gun shows going on for decades at the cow palace. a bill by senator mark leno
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would require local approval of the event. the board of supervisors in san francisco and san mateo counties would weigh in and that may mean an end to the shows since supervisors have passed resolutions banning them in the past. it is 5:07. i'm not sure lawrence should get a paycheck today. he is at an arcade playing a videogame. >> your keanu reeves in "speed." >> reporter: this is great. this is more sophisticated than your xbox or playstation. this is a race center. this is the irace center just opening up today in fremont. we have a racer here, this is jessica savage. how's it feel? >> it feels realistic. >> reporter: i have never seen you drive so slow. >> i know. i know. [ laughter ] >> reporter: watch out! there you go. back on the track again. it's a neat real feel of racing. these are simulated tracks with laser guiding of the tracks so
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they know every bump on the traffic. you get a real feel to be what it's like to be a famous racer. we have changes in the weather. things beginning to settle down a bit as far as the rain is concerned. the showers are tapering off. there's still a chance we could see an isolated scattered shower but i think overall things beginning to calm down somewhat as far as the rain is concern. temperatures in the 30s and 40s outside. still a lot of clouds out there now. throughout the day, i think the weather is going to improve a bit but be prepared we might see just an isolated shower outside. the temperatures in general are going to be running on the cool side today but this will be i think after today we are going to see some much nicer weather for the weekend. in fact, we are talking 70s possibly this weekend and some great weather ahead. we'll have more on your i race center here in fremont coming up in a little bit. jessica, you're dangerous on the roads! [ laughter ] >> thanks. on our roads, on the real roadways, things are looking good on westbound 580 near the
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dublin interchange. we just haven't seen too many hot spots. i got one accident i'll tell you about in a minute. dublin-pleasanton everything at the limit. checking some bridges, the roads are a little slick this morning. you can see it on the san mateo bridge camera. live look at east bay, near the oakland coliseum. there's actually some overnight roadwork northbound and southbound this morning still out there between high street and 23rd. so heads up if you are crossing across that stretch. elsewhere, this is where we just got an accident reported. it's going against the commute. eastbound 80 at gilman in berkeley. one lane remains blocked. now, if you are going in the commute direction, this is what it looks like as you approach ashby. pretty good all the way out towards the macarthur maze. 18 minutes is that drive time from the carquinez bridge to the maze. elsewhere, here's a look at the south bay. our live drive time sensors pretty much moving at the limit on 280, 101 and the guadalupe parkway. that is your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you.
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a son-in-law of osama bin laden is set to appear in a new york courtroom less than two hours from now. sulaiman abu ghaith was arrested in jordan last week. he is considered a top al qaeda operative. and he served as a spokesman for bin laden. >> he is not a big fish but he is not a little fish. you know, when you catch these guys, they may lead you to the bigger fish. >> republicans are criticizing the obama administration saying abu ghaith should be at guantanamo bay, not in a u.s. federal court. john brennan will be the next director of the cia. the senate voted 63-34 in his favor yesterday after a long filibuster by kentucky republican rand paul. on wednesday, paul spoke for nearly 13 hours demanding answers from the white house about the use of drones. in a brief letter attorney general eric holder told paul the president does not have the authority to use a drone to kill an american who is not engaged in combat on american
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soil. pilots and federal air marshals are pushing back against a new policy that allows passengers to carry small knives on airplanes now. the tsa announced its ban on small knives and sports equipment starting april 25. the flight attendants have created a white house petition online to keep the ban in place. it has nearly 10,000 signatures so far. a shocking find when tsa did a random search of bags at the oakland airport. 67 pounds of pot. the suspect, 21-year-old oakland man who had a ticket to go to south carolina checked his bags along with the pot, mind you, which is worth about $300,000. tsa called the alameda counted sheriff's department, and the man was arrested. 5:11. coming up, what's prompting a major recall of bumblebee tuna. >> all the cardinals have arrived in rome now. how close are they to selecting a new pope? we'll tell you.
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>> the frightening sight that closed several beaches in florida, coming up.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day with your lowe's consumer credit card. waters off south florida. cameras capturing hundreds of bl out something is lurking in the watereds off south florida. take a look at this. cameras capturing hundreds of black-tipped sharks swimming about 300 feet north of hillsborough beach. several beaches were forced to close as a precaution, but
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experts say the predators are just looking for fish. most of the sharks should be migrating north in april. yeah. the fish? >> food. >> i wouldn't put my big toe in the water. this just into the newsroom now am we are learning that google says it will cut an additional 1200 jobs in its motorola division. the latest reductions come on top of the 4,000 motorola job cuts that were announced last summer. google bought the cell phone maker last year for $12.4 billion. so it is 5:15 right now. let's check the roads. >> liz, it's friday. what's going on.-- what's going on? >> it is friday. heads up i-5 is closed at the grapevine. it's snowing. there are no chain requirements though heading towards the sierra. but again, they just shut down both directions of i-5. it is unpassable. in the meantime, here at home around the bay area, eastbound 80 at gilman, we are watching this one accident the only one out there blocking lanes. it's going against the commute,
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in the commute direction westbound 80 still moving okay out of richmond towards the macarthur maze. elsewhere, here's a live look at the silicon valley commute westbound 237. no delay this morning towards sunnyvale. you're looking good leaving 880. and a quick check of our usual slow spots. this is one of the our first spots to back up. but kcbs mobile 1 drove through and so far no delays from tracy through the altamont pass and livermore. and highway 4 locks good, as well. that's one -- looks good, as well. that's one of our live speed sensors, 56 miles per hour off the antioch bridge towards concord no big delays yet. mass transit all on time. that is a check of your "timesaver traffic." we got lawrence this morning live down in fremont. lawrence, these might be good gift ideas for the guy who has ideas. >> reporter: this is really cool. you should come down here and check this out, elizabeth. we're at the irace center in fremont. this is just opening up today. i'm joined by erica montgomery. you have to be excited to get
5:15 am
this open. >> it's so exciting. we have worked on this so hard and now it's finally here and people can race like real life. >> reporter: tell us about the race simulators. these are spectacular. >> oh, absolutely spectacular. in fact, these race pods are so realistic that dale earnhardt, jr. actually uses one of these to train on. we have options for over 30 different real cars that you can race, 60 different real tracks that you can race on an extremely realistic experience. >> they have lasered each of these tracks so you can feel all the bumps like the real drivers. >> like the real thing. the seats move. you feel the vibration of the tracks as you run around. it's an amazing experience. >> reporter: now, not only do you just get to race here, but you can race people around the world here. >> absolutely. >> reporter: how's that done? >> it's all based in the cloud. so you can race by yourself here in one of the pods, you can race other people who are here in the facility with you, or you can race people that are all around the world from
5:16 am
brazil to argentina to europe all on the same track as you all cloud-based. >> reporter: that's amazing. so you can be sitting here racing one day with maybe danica patrick or dale earnhardt, jr. you could be competing with people big in the racing business. >> absolutely. >> reporter: it's fun. it's a great time to come down and check this out. they are just opening up today. if you want to do that probably a good day to do it. still a little damp around the bay area. the rain tapered off but we may not be done with the rain just yet. high-def doppler radar showing things settling down overnight as it looks like the storms are beginning to clear out a little bit. but we're' not done. it looks like unsettled a little bit today as there's a chance we could see a lingering shower but i think after today, things settle down. that means we'll see a lot of sunshine over the weekend. looks like that low is going to make its way all the way into southern california. if you are headed in that direction today, be prepared. we are expecting stormy weather into los angeles, santa barbara and san diego county as we head in toward the afternoon.
5:17 am
so this is what we can expect to see today. we are going to keep those temperatures down. it's going to be a little cool especially compared to the weekend but it's not going to be bad. just a couple of clouds and a chance of a lingering shower. and then things begin to switch gears as we head in toward the weekend. all these temperatures are going to be warming up in a hurry, especially into sunday. in fact, we could very well see some of those temperatures running into the 70s. and it looks like some of those numbers maybe mid-70s toward the beginning of this next week. so folks, if you want to come down and enjoy a really unique experience, come down to the i race center in fremont. you get to pick your car. i picked out a nice mustang. you can pick out an indycar, whatever you would like any kind of racetrack, including sonoma. you can go to the laguna seca racetrack. back to you. >> sounds like a challenge. i think i could beat you. >> come on down! let's do it, michelle! >> let's do? >> i'm ready. >> all right. well, just a few hours from
5:18 am
now, about 10 a.m. our time, cardinals could announce a start date for the conclave to elect the replacement for pope benedict xvi. the last of the 115 cardinals who will take part in fact conclave arrived at the vatican yesterday. >> men of faith, they know the needs of the church. >> bongiorno. >> the conclave will likely start between monday and wednesday. that will allow time for more pre-conclave meetings to further discuss the company's issues and the kind of pope to allow further discussion. horse meat has been found in hot dogs in russia. 10 days ago ikea recalled meatballs in europe after some were found to contain horse meat and now their own tests have found horse meat in hot dogs as well but only in russia so far. they stress that the vast majority of its tests show no horse meat at all in their beef products. two major brands of tuna
5:19 am
have been recalled. bumblebee is recalling bumblebee and brunswick brand tuna in 5-ounce cancer. it's for chunk light tuna and chunk white albacore. also being recalled, 5-ounce cans of chicken of the sea brand, chunk white albacore and in both recalls, the problem is the cans might not be sealed properly. so check your pantries. coming up, sergio romo had the chance to save the day for mexico. >> plus, march madness tips off early. can the u.s. advance? it's time to change the way we clean. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach.
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good morning. well, they are running a traffic break right now on an accident westbound 80 but otherwise here's a live look at several bridges. everything is moving at the limit across the golden gate, bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. we'll have more traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. tournament time for college basketball. >> bring it on. the usf dons hoping to advance with a win over the worst team in the western coast conference. loyola merrymount took the dons to overtime. anthony put the lions on top. usf couldn't buy a bucket down the stretch and merrymount wins 61-60 in overtime playing santa clara tonight. the dons' season is over. in baseball, world baseball classic. there's giants closer sergio romo. couldn't seal the deal though for the mexicans against italy.
5:23 am
edgar gonzalez can't handle the anthony rizzo flyball. two runs come home to give the italians a lead and they win by 6-5. our play of the day, marco scutaro from venezuela familiar name, grounding up the middle. cano to reyes, he has it. he goes to first. that's a double play. that's a big win for the dominican republic, 9-3. >> smooth play. >> very smooth. it's 5:25. it's been a record week for the dow. >> good news on the jobs front. help keep the momentum going, the latest report is a couple of minutes away. >> plus, she wasn't in the cage. new details on how a lion escaped and killed a volunteer at a bay area animal sanctuary. >> and breaking news out of berkeley. a fire destroys famous restaurant chez panisse. why firefighters say this could be suspicious.
5:24 am
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call or click today. right now the fire is under control. >> an east bay eatery destroyed overnight. >> when berkeley fire first arrived on scene, they say the entire front part of the restaurant was covered in flames. >> thousands pay their respects to the first santa cruz police officers ever killed in the line of duty. >> daddy, i love you more than you will ever know. >> good-bye. >> osama bin laden's son-in-law will appear in a federal court in manhattan today. some lawmakers here on capitol hill question the decision to bring abu ghaith to the u.s. to stand trial in a civilian court where he will have the same rights as american citizens. >> this man should be in guantanamo bay. >> new details on that deadly lion attack at a central valley
5:28 am
sanctuary. >> she is going to be missed. i'm so sorry this happened. >> 22, 34 and 8. oh, my god, this is the one. >> a $33 million mystery man steps forward to claim his jackpot. >> what did your wife think? >> i don't know. she doesn't know yet. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i bet that lotto winner's wife is watching now. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:30. we begin though with breaking news over in the east bay in berkeley. a world famous restaurant now goes up in flames overnight. the damage at chez panisse appears to be extensive. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live. it's still an active scene behind you. >> yes. firefighters are still here on scene. there's going to be a lot of work to do today. you can take a look. they are crowded around or actually inside the restaurant at this point. investigators are also on scene trying to figure out how this
5:29 am
all started. at this point, firefighters do not have a cause. but when berkeley fire first arrived on scene they say the entire front part of the restaurant was just covered in flames reaching up to the second floor. firefighters got the call around 3a the flame caused the sprinklers to go off and berkeley fire says the sprinklers played an integral role in keeping the fire at bay. if they had not gone off, the building could have been a complete loss because of being wooden and its age. >> it's an elder building. unlike a newer construction with tight sealing, flames traveled throughout the building. >> reporter: this restaurant is well known for its use of local and organic foods. its co-owner alice waters is a public figure in the sustainable food movement. waters currently works with first lady michelle obama with school lunch programs. firefighters say the majority of the flames were on the
5:30 am
outside and that is one reason it could be suspicious but again, it's early in the investigation so it's too soon to say. back to you. >> at this point, do we know the full extent of the damage? >> reporter: the front part of the building and a lot to the side so unfortunately, it's severely damaged. >> thank you. it is 5:32. he was missing for a month and it turns out a murder victim was actually stabbed to death in his own hope and left there. 70-year-old stanley jacobson found at the hilltop manor senior housing complex in san jose. family members had searched the apartment since the victim was last seen more than a month ago but only yesterday they found the body stuffed under the mattress of his fold-out sofa bed. his granddaughter suspected jacobson's girlfriend was stealing his social security checks and she had neighbors watching for the woman to
5:31 am
return to the home. >> my phone rang three times. the office rang three times. we all called 911. i was here within 8 minutes. and i chased her down and kept her here until the police came. >> family tells us that 47-year- old regina butler had confessed to the killing. new details on the deadly lion attack at a california animal sanctuary. investigators now say the lion escaped his cage and killed a volunteer while she was cleaning. the coroner says 24-year-old diana hanson died instantly on wednesday when the lion broke her neck at cat haven in fresno county. it appears the lion managed to lift the gate on the cage. hanson was on the phone tell with a coworker, who rushed to try and help her. hanson's father told cnn the coroner told him the lion was probably just trying to play with her. >> i have always had a premonition that someday i would get a call like this but i just thought it would be much further in the future than at 24. >> a sheriff's deputy shot and killed the lion in an effort to
5:32 am
save hanson. it has been called a huge eyesore and now homeless camp near the guadalupe river in san jose is about to be closed. shut down. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec live where about 100 people are being told they need to get out today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i'm on spring street and west heading here near downtown stay. you can see the clean-up has continued or has begun here for at least one man who has been living in this homeless encampment for several months. everybody has been told to move out. they have gotten 72 hours' notice and the city is going to move in today for a sweep. the city is also planning more of a police presence here on this property. now, he is one of about 100 to about 160 people who have been living in this encampment near the guadalupe river. it's one of an estimated 60 camps throughout santa clara county. this one gained notoriety because it's in the flight path of the san jose international airport so it's been spotted
5:33 am
from above and it quickly grew after another sweep of a homeless encampment nearby late last year. we spoke with this gentleman earlier this morning. >> ideally a nice piece of land somewhere which i guess we're asking for that we can put tents on, possibly a little bit of power, a little water, a dumpster. and most of the people out here not everybody, there are some places that have been left nasty. i think most of these people would make an effort to take care of where they live. >> reporter: but the city says it will help the homeless find local shelters for housing and provide places to store their belongings for up to 90 days. the cost of this clean-up seems to be in flux. we have heard quotes anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. live in san jose, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> the city of san jose is working now to compile a registry of the homeless and try to get them some help.
5:34 am
this just in from washington. the february jobs report, the unemployment rate is down more than expected. it fell from 7.9 to 7.7%. that's the lowest in four years. the economy created 236,000 new jobs last month and cbsmoneywatch reporter ashley morrison is going to join us shortly with more on that. 5:36. it's friday. is it "friday light" on the roads? >> i don't know. let's check in with elizabeth to see. >> okay. we are going to go out towards the bay bridge right now where everything is looking okay if you are heading towards the "s" curve. moving fine right now on the upper deck and i want to let you know they just cleared that accident eastbound 80 at -- near -- slight location change. westbound 80 approaching gilman so all lanes are clear and over at the toll plaza as well everything is moving at the limit. all right. we are going to go towards the dublin interchange right now. here's a live look at westbound 580. so far, looks okay through the pleasanton area. but we are seeing some slight delays now through the altamont pass. the drive time is up to 21
5:35 am
minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. we are going to go to our maps now and talk about i-5 shut down at the grapevine because of snowy conditions so if you are heading out of town for the weekend, just a heads up you cannot use interstate 5. bart has slight delays. 10-minute delays from daly city to the east bay. bart is on time, as well as muni, caltrain and ace. now we'll check weather -- to anchors? we'll go to michelle and frank. >> who is that person talking in your ear? >> lawrence is playing. he is on daytona! >> have you crashed yet? >> hey -- oh, gosh. i have crashed numerous times already. >> reporter: this is a daytona raceway, folks. if you have the need for speed, this is a great one now. we are doing 155 miles per
5:36 am
hour! jessica savage is racing this car. you haven't had a wreck in a while. what's wrong? >> just getting used to the track. >> reporter: it really is amazing. we are at the irace center here in fremont. it is a brand-new state-of-the- art racing facility where you can come down and experience what real race drivers feel and you can feel the seats move, the wheels shake. you name it. this is the like the real deal down here and it's a great time to check it out with your friends and family. the weather starting to settle down a little bit. it looks like most of the stormy weather is starting to slide further south into southern california. so hi-def doppler radar shows you things winding down somewhat right now. there's still a chance we could see an isolated shower around the bay area today. so you might want to bring your umbrella with you just in case and grab a jacket. the temperatures are going to stay cool. in fact, numbers outside right now in the 30s and the 50s. i think as we head toward the afternoon, we'll see some 50s and 60s outside. so it is going to be a cool
5:37 am
day. there's still a slight chance of showers into the afternoon. but the weekend is looking good. we are going to see plenty of sunshine and some warm weather. but guys, this is a great way to spend your friday if you want to come check it out. this is a great way to do it, guys, right here at the irace center in fremont. how is it, jessica? >> it's fun and amazing! >> reporter: fun and amazing! >> so lawrence, if you wipe out, do they throw a bucket of water or oil on you or anything like that? [ laughter ] >> reporter: no. none of that. i'm wondering if i win if i get some milk, right? >> there you go. >> possibly. >> you have to go to indy first to get that my friend. nice job. lawrence, have fun. meanwhile, in san jose, -- -- a final salute to two fallen heroes in san jose. >> a sea of uniformed officers stood in silence outside the hp pavillion yesterday all to honor two santa cruz police detectives killed in the line
5:38 am
of duty last week. thousands of mourners paying their respects. >> we gather to remember a mother, an inspiration to all of us. we gather to remember a father, a husband, a mentor and a friend. >> one of the many speakers yesterday. santa cruz police sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler were killed last month while investigating a sexual assault. a baby abandoned on the streets of san francisco last year is now the victim of theft. on wednesday, san francisco police say this man stole a diaper bag belonging to the boy's foster mother while they were at the hall of justice. the suspect appears to be between 45 to 55 years old 5'10", 175 pounds with gray hair and a ponytail. the theft comes after a rough first few months for the baby who was born on the sidewalk near 3rd street and mckinnon avenue before his mother handed him to a man and then walked
5:39 am
away. she was later arrested. well, a mystery millionaire revealed. >> yes. the man who won a big bay area jackpot in the lottery just stepped forward. he bought a lottery ticket in walnut creek on wednesday. he now is $33 million richer. the winner wants to stay anonymous. he spoke exclusively though to kpix 5 last night and we found out about his good news apparently before his bride. >> what did your wife think? >> i don't know. she doesn't know yet. >> show doesn't know yet? >> because i have to go pick her up from her work and she doesn't know yet. she will be very surprised. [ laughter ] >> david jackson, are you kidding me?! [ laughter ] >> he could use the money since he lost his job two months ago. the gas station gets $165,000 for selling that ticket. so a win-win all the way around. >> i hope he picked his wife up with champagne. taxing your email. the controversial plan to save a bay area post office.
5:40 am
>> plus, sutro sam disappears. what may have happened to the first river otter spotted in san francisco in decades. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light.
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5:43 am
disappeared. he became quite the tourist attraction at the sutro baths at ocean beach and hasn't been spotted since february. it's the start of mating season and he may be looking for a mate. sam was the first otter to be spotted in san francisco in decades. maybe he will pop back up. who knows? >> i'm hearing right now club med. >> maybe. that's a good one. >> on vacation. even before this morning's jobs report, futures were pointing to a higher open on wall street and now the labor department says the unemployment rate has hit its lowest level in four years so it's a good news friday. with more on that let's check in with ashley morrison of happy friday. >> reporter: happy friday and i'm happy to bring you some good news on this friday. good morning, everyone. some much better-than-expected news on the jobs front just released. the labor department says the economy added 236,000 jobs in february while the jobless rate dropped from 7.9% to 7.7%. that is the lowest level we have seen in four years.
5:44 am
most economists were forecasting the unemployment rate to stay at 7.9% and only 160,000 jobs were added in february. improved weekly unemployment claims yesterday gave the dow a lift, the blue chips finishing up 33 on thursday ending at a record high for a third day while the nasdaq rose 9. and facebook gets a face- lift. the social media site is trying to address user complaints that its website is dull and cluttered. the redesign of its popular newsfeed will allow users to select material in more organized sections. so we'll have to see how that works out for them. a lot of people don't like change. >> we are giving it a thumbs down. we are just getting used to the new stuff now and they are changing it again. >> that they did last week. >> we are getting some breaking news. apparently, money is a great motivator. i did not know that. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's shocking! i couldn't believe this the ro, either. using cash does help as an incentive for people to lose weight. the mayo clinic study offered
5:45 am
people a chance to win or lose $20 a month if they met certain diet goals. they lost on average 9 pounds compared to just over 2 pounds for those who are not offered any money if they lost weight. researchers also say that cash incentives are also important when it comes to giving up bad habits like smoking. and you know? i was just thinking, 20 bucks? gosh, give me a little more than that to motivate me to do anything, really, to be honest. >> show me the money! more than $20 to put down the oreos? not worth it. >> a lot more. >> ashley morrison of, have a great weekend. >> reporter: you, too. 5:47. hold on to your wallets. there's talk in one bay area city about taxing your email. it's true. berkeley city councilman gordon woz no yack wants to raise money for the cash-strapped post office. he is floating the idea of a so- called bit tax as little as .01- cent per email sent.
5:46 am
last week the email service proposed selling the downtown berkeley post office to make up for lost revenue. we'll check in with lawrence live at the irace center in fremont having fun down there, right? >> reporter: guys, this is really cool. what an assignment i got today. this is the irace center in fremont a brand-new state-of- the-art racing facility where if you want to come down and see what it's look to feel like a real racer this is the place to do it. i want to introduce you, erica montgomery is here with the irace center and this is a way that people can teal what it's like to be a real racer. >> absolutely. >> reporter: these pods are so realistic. it's the largest facility in the country for real live racing but people like dale earnhardt, jr. use these pods in real life to practice on real tracks. they have been laser simulated so somebody went out and lasered the individual tracks all over the country and so what you're feeling in these
5:47 am
pods is the real feel of these actual racetracks. >> we have indy cars and every kind of car you can imagine. >> formula 1, nascar, gt, you have your choice of over 30 different cars you can try and over 60 different tracks to race on. >> reporter: this is the grand opening today. >> right. we'll be open until 9:00 tonight. >> reporter: in fremont. so you might want to check it out. this is a great place to do it especially on a day like today. a lot of clouds around the bay area. we have seen a lot of rain overnight. looks like things beginning to settle down a little bit. still seeing rainfall off the coastline near the santa cruz mountains but even that's beginning to taper off. throughout the day we are expecting at least a chance of some showers, at least an isolated shower here on there from time to time. and the clouds trying to part somewhat. but this really is a transitional day as this storm system now is going to go down to southern california. and it looks like a much warmer and dry weekend ahead for the bay area. so it looks like some much improved weather coming our way and looks like in the next couple of days, that low tracking down into southern california.
5:48 am
going to bring plenty of rain and stormy weather there. while we are going to keep it dry here but it looks like the next couple of days, we have some spectacular weather. so if you have some plans for the weekend, it should be a very nice weekend indeed. temperatures going to be warming up maybe into the 70s as we get in toward sunday. and even warmer than that on monday, tuesday and wednesday of this next week. as high pressure begins to build into the bay area these temperatures are really going to soar but folks, if you would like to come down here to the irace speedway this is a great place to have a need for speed and not worry about tickets. >> it looks so good. >> reporter: let's get the motors going! >> we'll let lawrence continue to play and if you are about to hit the roads, hopefully you don't have a need for speed this morning. we are following a couple of different incidents including a new one now so there's been some confusion over the location but we have just confirmed it is westbound 24 so i should say it's closer towards college. right there once you get past highway 13, there is an accident there or a big rig
5:49 am
actually lost its load a bunch of metal rebar. there may be some of that material in lanes. another car that hit the big rig and now it sounds like about 7 to 10 cars are on the right-hand shoulder. sounds like a mess in the area so heads up. we are seeing some slight delays. it is still early. but again, that is westbound 24 approaching college. elsewhere if you are traveling out of town, lawrence made mention of some snow in southern california. so i-5 is shut down at the grapevine. heading out of town for the weekend, you will have to use 101. bart slight delays towards the east bay. 10 to 15 minutes from daly city out towards those east bay lines. golden gate bridge the roads may still be a little slick after the rain yesterday so just a heads up traveling into san francisco. but so far things are moving at the limit out of marin county. that is your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys >> thank you. a global salute to women today the 100th anniversary of international women's day celebrating achievements of
5:50 am
women past and present. the observance goes back to the early 1900s when women rallied for better pay and voting rights. and the search engine google is celebrating with this doingle on its homepage showing 27 faces of women. if you look, you can see the google logo. i looked on there to see if i recognized any of the phase. >> i see liz up in the upper right hand corner. >> you think so? maybe. >> maybe not. it is 5:52. surprise in the attic a man finds an art gallery in his new home just how much is it worth? lots. >> coming up, justin bieber leaves fans breathless after fainting at a show. what happened right before his concert collapse. licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
5:51 am
5:52 am
happiness. the singer fainted during his welcome back. 5:54. justin bieber fans cried at a
5:53 am
concert in london not because they were happy about the show. he fainted yesterday. he is recovering in a london hospital. he posted this photo with the caption, getting better. listening to janis joplin. during the show, he was having a hard time breathing before collapsing back stage. >> justin's not very well. i was like, why? he came out and he said, uhm, justin's not very well. he is not going to perform to the best of his ability. we were like, why? >> of course i was disappointed because justin was unwell. >> we were like, why? [ laughter ] >> after 30 minutes he returned and finished the schedule. she sounded like adele. >> she did. fans were happy he was back. talk about a real estate deal of a lifetime. >> somebody bought a house and found $30 million worth of art hidden inside. he bought this bungalow on long
5:54 am
island in 2007 for $300,000. inside the attic and garage were thousands of paintings, drawings and journals by an obscure armenian american abstract impressionist arthur pinajian. >> recognized right away it was the artwork of one man because the signature was consistent and according to the date, it expanded over 60 years of a man's life. although i had directions to throw this artwork out, i refused to do so. >> some of the pieces have already sold for half a million dollars. >> good for him. >> i bet he moves. >> you think? >> he will keep that place. 5:56. next half hour coming up the ceo of two tahoe ski resorts goes undercover with the help of a skier. >> they are onset to talk about their adventures. >> reporter: fire breaks out at famous restaurant chez panisse. we have an update on when the
5:55 am
restaurant could reopen and the extent of the damage. >> hours from eviction, residents of a san jose tent city still holding their ground. what the city plans to do next. after the break. jenna shared her recipe with sharon who emailed it to emily who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald a fire at a world famous restaurant the damage at berkeley's chez panisse. >> and deadline date san jose moves in to clean up one of its biggest tent cities. what's up next for the campers? >> we are at a new state-of-the- art racing facility in fremont today talking about having a good time and the weekend weather too. we'll have more on that coming up. >> and we have a stalled out big rig now on northbound 880 in oakland. plus some more problems on westbound 24. we'll tell you all about it
5:59 am
coming up. thank you, liz. good morning, everyone. it is friday, it's march the 8th, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:01. developing news in berkeley. a fire at a famous restaurant on the north side of town and the damage is bad but right now the cause is uncertain. let's get the latest from kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran. >> good morning. i actually do have some better news for you this morning. i just got an update from berkeley fire, who say the damage isn't as bad as originally anticipated. we have video from earlier. it turns out the front of the restaurant sustained the majority of the damage. that's like the outer dining area of the restaurant. but firefighters tell us again the inside of chez panisse was not affected as much. we do know berkeley fire got the call just around 3:00 this morning when firefighters first arrived. they saw that front part of the building was covered in flames. we ask


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