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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  March 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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year-old charles christman was allowed to move into a cottage here along willow pass road, some say he's adding to a list of registered sex offenders in this neighborhood that's too long. cars honk support of this crowd obey point, they say the courts are not hearing the complaints of a registered child sex offender allowed to move into this neighborhood. >> she has two children who go to willow cove elementary school just down the road. a judge allowed charles cristman to move into a cottage on this property. this neighborhood is being forced to host a unfair number of sex offenders. if you look at our zip code,
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107 with mr. christman, 108. >> his landlord believes he's not a threat. he's the best monitored guy in california can. he has two security guard, the gmps system. >> as we come back out live to protest continues on the street corner. the key issue the law does not allow violent predators to live within a quarter mile of the school. this property does fall within that zone and is preparing appeal on that point. we're live in bay point. authorities arrested a u.s. customs and border protection agent that worked at the airport after finding 80 child porn videos in his home. gilbert lam faces two charges. he is being held on $250,000
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bail. tomorrow marks a sad anniversary, it's been a year since sierra lamar disappears. she was kidnapped on her way to school, 21-year-old garcia torres has been charged with killing lamar even though her body has not been found. we're getting tip, it's an active investigation, the arrest distribute slow -- didn't slow down the investigation. let res lie on the public, tell us where you think sierra may be. >> tomorrow lamar's family and friends will hold a balloon release and fundraiser. vandalism, carjacking and shots fired in san francisco. around 4:30 a.m. a man flagged down a taxi near jackson and buchanan street. the man began jumping on the
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vehicle, shattering the windshield. the cabdriver escaped from the vehicle leaving the keys in the ignition. the suspect took off in the cab. police tracked the taxi to jackson and spruce streets. the suspect drove toward the officers clipping a patrol car. when the officers fired at the cab, but the suspect didn't stop. >> our dispatch supervisor got on the phone to the police. told the police what happened and was able to follow on it the gps screen and tell the police where the cap -- cab was. the cab was found in the marina district. the suspect was arrested on carjacking and assault on a police officer. richmond police are looking for two gunman who shot and killed a bart passenger last night. the shooting happened in front of commuters at the richmond bart station. the victim was shot at the main
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entrance. investigators are looking at video to see if the gunman were riding bart before the shooting. the fbi is asking for help locating a man what robbed a bank the first of the month. look at this photo of gary fite. he jumped the counter on pinole valley road. pointed a gun and demanded money. the teller compiled. the pittsburgh police department is offering cash during a gun buy back event. you must be a pittsburgh or bay point resident. this is video from a gun buy action event. you can tush in a gun on civic avenue. $50 for inoperable. 200 for rifles and rolfers and $300 for assault weapons. the rookie officers were
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sworn in today and join a department in turmoil. john joins us live with more on the challenges they face. >> reporter: san jose has 43 new police officer today. this was graduation for the first class in four years. park side hall was packed with people cheering on their loved ones. >> we need your fresh ideas, commitment, dedication and enthusiasm. >> two women and 41 men had family or friends pin on their new badges and then they were sworn in. it's just an honor to be an officer. >> new officer julian taylor worked for a phone and cable company. san jose police department gave me a opportunity, it's a great city and wonderful people,
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everyone i've met. just really excited. >> his parents were by his side through the process. it's an opportunity for him to go out there and serve and protect, at the same token it's a scary feeling to know they are out there fighting. >> it's a dangerous job. >> it's very dangerous. i'm worried but sim so proud of my son. >> the mayor is thrilled to have the new class but acknowledges there a tough as the snook crime is going up. properties crimes are going up around the state. we need to respond to that. to pond and -- respond and go to work. >> 350 officers in the last five years to lay off, resignations and retirement. we're happy to have this class. it's a strong class. i understand the mayor and others are saying we turned the corner. that's not the case, someone out there with a broom trying to sweep the tide back.
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the new officers will be ready to work solo by midsummer. experts in the economic industry gathered at stanford university bringing professors, businessmen and women and policy makers, they discussed a variety of ideas. they said the tone was encouraging. >> the economy is in the process of healing. the economy is better, it has a long ways to go, unemployment is a couple percentage points lower than it was a cupper year ago -- couple years ago. the summit is now in its 10th year. teachers have reached a new contract agreement following 10 months of negotiations. the teachers union said the wage increase for this year and next total 4.5%. class sizes are protects.
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negotiations had reached an impasse until the assembly member agreed to mediate. >> the sim tommy -- symphony grocers are back at the table. they want a wage increase saying they are losing musicians to other orchestras. they are in the top three highest paid symphonies. casino workers took to the streets demanding better pay. >> housekeeping, gaming and food service workers rallied with supporters, workers have been struggling to earn a living wage. the protest comes after a judge
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cited the casino for labor law violations on march 5. for many people celebrating st. patricks day means drinking. the soaring cost of driving under the influence should have many thinking wise. the automobile club said the minimum cost for first time misdemeanor dui is 59,$649. the rises cost may be deterring drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel. dui are now at the lowest number in seven years. on average 600 californians are arrested for drunk driving every day. they never take into consideration the entire consequence of something that is avoile able. >> if you are under 21 the
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minimum is $22,000. find out if the sun will come out and get a preview of changes coming up. >> the price tag for skipping vacation, $1 billion. we'll explore california problem when it comes to state workers. what you're looking at is shrouded in secrecy. the prong that neighbors are afraid to talk to us about on camera.
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. within the last hour the search for a missing scotts valley man ended far away from the santa cruz mountains. matthew abraham is in custody in salt lake city. he was considered at risk from a head injury. he met another man in sparks
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nevada and they took a bus to salt lake city, when abraham gave multiple names he found out he was considered missing. now his family is traveling to utah. there's legally only so many things we can do. at some point the clock will expire and committee can't contain im. >> it's unclear how they met. that traveler did the right thing by contacting the police. richmond police are offering a $10,000 reward for physician -- information where a home side. william wheeler was found early on the morning of february 4th. the killer shot wheeler several times. police have not made any arrests in the case. for weeks there's been large scale construction on treasure island that no one will talk about. tom joins us from ti with the
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ongoing mystery. >> reporter: even the authorities who approved this won't say what it is. this was the scene three weeks ago between treasure island hangar three and the peer. they appear to be sea containers they have guards, security patrols and elevated guard tower. this is today, many more containers spread over a larger area with more room fenced off and cleared. nobody, and i mean nobody can or will tell us what's going on, on public land approved by a public agency. we asked many neighbors, they say no one will tell them. who people at the sailing school said they were told they would off the sign a confidentiality agreement. even the head of if authority
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doesn't know. >> nobody will tell us. that's a lease and that is a public document. the six month $90,000 lease is for the construction of an event menu. it seems to be held by a mom and pop group. since these are modified sea containers near a bay side pier for an event, there's one coming event that may qualify. this is the america's cup village, sight of the new cruise terminal. the america's cup store. no one is talks, especially the public officials who's duty is to be open. not secretive. >> and the public is paying the officials. a new study finds a loophole in the state furlough
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prom that -- program that requires employees to take days off. they use the furlough in lieu of vacation. >> than costs the state money, retiring employees are those who leave state employ keys receive compensation for unused vacation, they recommend they reduce vacation pay out. use it or lose it policy. >> administration with city college of san francisco is trying to keep the school open. city college is one of 19 colleges facing accreditation loss. the agency identified 14 defess englishies not all have been fixed. >> a new campaign aims to
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protect elephant and harbor seal pups. to call centers if they spot a sick seal. if campaign coincides with punching season which is march through june. signs have been posted with mammal center phone numbers and tips to keep the animals safe. a beautiful friday out there, a live camera shot shows the high clouds we've seen most of today, a little bit of fog offshore temperature the worked out to be 75 in santa rosa. warm spot 76 in antioch. a nice day, temperature tomorrow, about like these. the clouds moving in overhead will be there tonight, they clear out rapidly tomorrow. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy to sunny. along the coast mostly cloudy and oakland is partly cloudy.
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the temperature for the current numbers are cooler around the bay. sfo 56 degrees. a slight wind. a perfect day. a lot like today. which will be like tomorrow. temperature will be similar. more sunshine tomorrow and that's a nicer day i suspect. the weekend is dry, as we go down the road, as we get into tuesday night and wednesday, we'll see rain, not a big deal. it will be wet. plan accordingly if you have outdoor activities planned for next week. overnight lows 40s. 45 in antioch. a few high clouds today in a mild at the everyone will pursuit into tomorrow. more sunshine as the high pressure pushes more clouds to the north. a nice looking saturday, saturday the nicest day on the
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weekend. sunday is close behind. the forecast model clears it out. the clouds we're seeing now clear out overnight. maybe coastal fog, we clear out in the afternoon, rain stays to the north as everything, days gets longer. we have a nice looking bay area weekend. it's winter the, we're not going to see rain. 71 in napa, 72 in continue cord. temperature -- continue cord. we've seen all week. 72 in gilroy. with the bay area weekend in view. and it looks as though we'll see temperature in the 70s. low 60s tuesday and wednesday when we have a chance for showers next week. looks like minor. >> little rain is goods is. >> coming up at 7:00 on tv 36.
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we pray to the lord. >> lord hear our pray near a vigil for three family members killed by a suspected drunk driver. and it's hats off to a ledge end in children's literature. a new exhibit for children of all ages. big st. patricks celebrations planned across the area. what you need to know if you're headed to the san francisco parade.
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. tomorrow san francisco will hole the st. patrick's day party. this is video from last year. 100,000 people are expected at the parade. the parade will start at 11:30 at 2nd and market street. it will run down market and end at civic center whether a festival will run from 11 to 5:00. >> i love the bagpipes. mark is enjoying the sun in arizona for spring training. fred is at team usa. >> the semifinals start on sunday. team usa failed to reach the
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semis in each of the first two world baseball classics. they need a comeback tonight. pagan revved up his teammates. he scored the first run of the game against the giants ryan vogelsong. this is a crushing blow. andy gonzalez a bases loaded double. puerto rico leads 4-0 after 6 1/2 behinding -- inning. vogelsong could be back tomorrow. giants hosting texas. that's hunter pence pulling this pitch over the wall. pence makes it 2-0. and matt cain had smooth sailing. fiveings. sandoval throws out soto at first. andres torres with the mets
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last year. he's back with the orange and black. had a homer. giants win 5-2. today, a's faced the diamondbacks, they had a 2-2 tie. raiders sign nick roach a linebacker. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 10:00.
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