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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 19, 2013 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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the pope perhaps should be seen as servant rather than ruler. we just saw, by the way, just to the right of cardinal dolan in the basilica. >> in deciding not to utilize the three-tiered crown, back in 1978, pope john paul i said, quote, this is not the time to return to a ceremony and an object considered, wrongly, to be a symbol of the temporal power of the pope. father i take it perhaps he felt it was a little pretentious at least for him. >> sure. and for this pope as well. everybody, in unison, in union anunion has remarked. we see him i believe the mitre
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he's wearing, he has brought from argentina. i think he insisted on wearing that rather than the more ornate m mitres that he could have chosen. >> this is, brian yennis let me go back to you in rome. this is the first jesuit and latin american to become pope. so it is certainly a momentous occasion for the world but certainly for the americas. brian, talk to us about that. >> reporter: it's unbelievable that the oldest church, at 2,000 years old, for the americans and latin americans here in brazil and not only in brazil but also in the united states, it's a moment in which the church has finally identified you know what? you're there. and for latin americans, it's not only a moment of vindication, it's a moment of acceptance and understanding that they are important to the church's future.
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you have to understand that 420 million latin americans make up the catholic church. and in the united states, there's about 40 million catholics that are hispanics. it's more than a symbolic gesture. it says something that a pope can now speak in their native tongue, can speak spanish, can really relate to a church that in the united states has been struggling to fill the pews. if you look at the catholics in the united states, 40% -- 47% of catholics in the united states are young, and they're hispanic. and not only are they the future of the church they're the now of the church. and so now having a leader that is known as being the people's pastor, being a universal pastor, someone that can really even bring people back to the pews is something that if you speak to a lot of the leaders of the hispanic church, say they are just delighted and elated by what that can do to bringing more hispanics back to church. you know, 10% of the catholic
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leadership back in the united states is hispanic. i mean, that's a very small number of leadership. there is yet -- there's still no hispanic cardinal out of the united states. so to have the pope be an hispanic from argentina someone who is about social justice someone who is about the poor, it has brought everyone together regardless of country. i was in the square when the white smoke came out. and not only did you see argentinean flags you saw brazilian flags and cuban flags and chilean flags. and it wasn't about what country or another. it was an understanding that the church had finally said that we are there. so it's an incredible incredible experience for them. yeah, it's really words can't really describe it for the hispanic community. >> father tom brosnan, describe what is going on here. we're outdoors now. st. peter's square. and the pope has blessed the
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outdoor altar, is that what happened? >> right. in the initiatory rights, he incensed the statue of mary holding the baby jesus. now he proceeds to the seat where the throne here at the altar where he will begin the mass by wishing peace to all present and all who are gathered. i'd just answer brian's comment. the united states is the fifth largest spanish-speaking country in the world. so the election of a latin american pope is an immense step in a great direction. >> it is. now, the mass will be in latin. the gospel read by a deacon will be in greek. and the pope's homily will be in italian. now, we will have an english
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translation of the homily which is in italian so you'll be able to understand it if you don't happen to speak italian. however, the latin and greek versions of this mass, we do not have translation, but we will allow it to play. let's listen in. [ speaking foreign language ] [ speaking in latin ]
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[ speaking latin ] [ speaking latin ]
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♪ ♪ amen amen amen ♪ [ speaking latin ]
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♪ >> the presentation of the fisherman's ring delivered to pope francis. father tom brosnan, again explain to us the presentation of the fisherman's ring. >> it's a sign of his office as universal pastor. it's also worn by all of the metropolitan archbishops throughout the world and the patriarchs of the eastern churches in union with him. the fisherman's ring, of course, is named after st. peter, the first pope the bishop of rome. and as cardinal sadano had just presented that ring, he reminded
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us that st. paul as well teaches us that we have many ministries and carisms and this man pope francis, is meant to fulfill the office of the servant of the service of god. >> right now, father, there are six cardinals. and these are, what, acts of obedience? >> correct. yes, i believe that's what they're doing. these are the six you could say leading cardinals of the church. the secretary of state under pope benedict. i don't know this gentleman. >> pope benedict used 12 individuals including cardinals bishops priests a monk, a husband and wife and two children i thought was very interesting in reading the history of this.
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pope francis has chosen six cardinals instead. but it can vary depending upon the wishes of the new pope. >> well, i think also, it's very interesting, i read that they're going to be the main celebrants will be the patriarchs of the eastern catholic churches which i think can be quite significant. we could read a lot into that, seeking to unite in a more solid way, east and west. >> those of you who may have been following the conclave immediately upon the appointment of the pope, all of the parties in the conclave in the sistine chapel engaged in what is known as acts of obedience and pledging fidelity to the new pope. but this is done publicly also to remind the audience of the
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elevation of the pope. now, after the inaugural mass i understand that, father the new pope will visit the tomb of st. paul, apostle for the gentiles at the basilica of st. paul outside the walls. and so there are several things that he will be doing over the next several days including meeting with his predecessor. >> yeah, right, i imagine he hasn't met with him yet, he probably has talked with him. but he's going to go out there on saturday, i believe. >> and he will also in the following days, be meeting with various heads of state. he already met with the head of state of his own country, argentina, which is -- you know, it's been interesting. he's had a very tense
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relationship. let me go to brian yennis who's been standing by in rome. there's been a fairly tense relationship between pope francis cardinal bergoglio, and argentina and the various governments there. >> reporter: that's right. observers look at the situation in argentina with cristina kirchner as somebody who could check her power. he's somebody that's against gay marriage somebody that's against extra sepgscontraception, and that goes against cristina kirchner.r.ner.r. when pwhe p opan s wcis wci announced during a congressional meeting with kirchner, they actually paused and they stopped to remember president hugo chavez. they did not stop and remember pope francis. so that just goes to tell you and to speak and honor pope francis.
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now, obviously president kirchner did come yesterday and met for 20 minutes before having lunch. she said that she got a kiss from pope francis to sort of mend the situation that has happened, that's been going on in argentina for many many years between really the government of argentina and the church. bergoglio has always been somebody who has spoken out against really self-absorbed politicians who some say cristina kirchner is. also, during the meeting, they presented pope francis with really a cocoa leaf his favorite tea, as a gesture. they spoke about the falklands, the islands that have obviously been in dispute with britain and argentina for over 30 years now and trying to see if maybe pope francis can interject just like pope john paul ii did during problems with argentina and chile. so it looks like the meeting yesterday was a step in the right direction after many many years of discontent between both
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of them. >> you're looking live at the inauguration mass of pope francis on this very very special day. he will be giving a homily and perform the eucharist and communion although he will not deliver the communion as we understand it, personally that many of the cardinals and bishop bishops there will. let's listen in. ♪ ♪
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>> a reading from the second book of samuel. the word of the lord. go and sell my servant david. when your days are ended, you are laid to rest with your ancestors. i will preserve the offering of your body after you and make his
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sovereignty. i will make a royal throne yours forever. i will be a father to him. and he a son to me. your house and your sovereignty will always be secure before me. and your throne be established forever. ♪
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>> live coverage of the inaugural mass of pope francis who has officially begun his ministry as the 266th pope. he received the ring symbolizing the papacy and of course the pallium wool stole that symbolizes his role as shepherd of 1.2 billion catholics throughout the world. he intoned, a cardinal did, the right saying a good shepherd charged peter to feed his lambs and his sheep. today you succeed him as the bishop of this church. father tom brosnan is with us. and talk to us about the first reading. >> so the first reading was from the book of samuel, second book of samuel. we have to remember that this
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mass is for the feast of st. joseph husband of mary and patron of the universal church, how appropriate today is for this inaugural ceremony. and so in that first reading, the prophet nathan tells david king of israel that he is to be an everlasting dynasty. and that was read in english. this second reading is spanish. >> let's listen in. [ speaking foreign language ]
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