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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  March 25, 2013 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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[applaus dishonor is the seed for loss. dishonor is the seed for tragedy. it's why absalom hung, because of dishonor. i'm asking the holy spirit to teach me the law of honor. i've always been taught to be polite and to be gracious. you can have behavior... from a heart that has no honor. you can learn how to say nicey words to people and still not have a heart of honor. honor protects. honor corrects. honor submits.
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honor yields. honor is willing to listen. honor. your reaction to an instruction from your boss reveals your understanding of honor. something as simple as opening the car door for a lady reveals your code of honor. something as small as taking care of your elderly mother... is the proof of honor. i can create through honor what i cannot create with knowledge and intelligence. and what i lack in experience and what i don't have financially i can create through the code of honor. honor is a seed that will outlast my lifetime.
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if no one taught you how to honor someone because of their achievements, and there're seven reactions that reveal honor. your reaction to greatness. your reaction to the weakness of another. your reaction to pain. i wanna know your code of honor. what do you consider worth honoring? a church deacon board called me in and said, "talk to us about a salary for our pastor." they told me what he made. and they said, "what do you think our pastor ought to get as a salary?" i said, "well you, your
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children -- have your children come to god under his ministry?" "oh yes, all of us. we were saved and da da da." i said, "so this man has driven back the darkness. this man is your intercessor. this man is the one who has developed your conscience. this man is the one who protects you from hell. can you put a price... can you put a price on the anointing of a man who has driven back the demon powers around your home?" honor. honor. write this down. number seven: the law of the seed. and i wanna pray in about three or four minutes over your life. the law of the seed. write this down, the law of the seed. if i put corn in the ground, corn comes up. if a husband puts a seed in the womb of his wife, a baby is
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born. god had a son... but he wanted a family... so he planted his son to create a family. words are the seeds for feelings. forgiveness is the seed for relationship. honor is the seed for access. gratitude is the seed for more. according to the scriptures, god looks at our offerings to him as a seed that produces a harvest. in 1 kings 17 elijah looked at the widow and he said, "i'm hungry." she said, "i hadn't met a
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preacher who wasn't." he said, "i would like one of your pancakes." she said, "all of you preachers want my pancakes." and he looked at elijah... or elijah look at her... and this is what he said. "if you will bring me a little meal first, throughout the famine your meal barrow will never run dry. your ácrews of oil will not fail. god will miraculously sustain you through the famine, from this one meal." isn't that incredible? he gave her a picture of her harvest. why didn't he pull out a picture of the dead bird and said, "do you remember i told you how god was feeding me miraculously with a raven?" "uh-huh." "it died. here's a picture. it died.
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here's my newsletter. my little bird died, yeah. remember the miracle water i told you about? it dried up on me. yeah." no. he didn't talk to her about the brook. he talked to her about the harvest from her seed. and he painted on her mind a picture of her future. in mark chapter 10 jesus heard peter muttering something. and he says -- this is what he said. "we've given up everything to follow you." and jesus could have said, "right. three catfish and a boat," but he didn't. jesus looks at peter and he makes an incredible statement. he said, "anything you give up for me you will get it back 100 times." what was he doing? he was giving him a motive for
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sowing. motive means reason for doing something. motivation. he painted a picture. "whatever you give up for me will come back 100-fold during this lifetime, and life everlasting." malachi 3 is a fascinating chapter. as god begins to paint a picture about bringin' him an offering... and notice that he didn't say -- have you read malachi 3? i know you have. he didn't say, "bring me an offering." "why?" "because the angels were eating more than we ever dreamed. >> ossie: [laughte >> the cleaning bill for the robes is astounding. the gold streets ran over budget." please bring the offering so we can pay the angels off.
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here's what he gives for bringing a tithe and the offering. "see if i won't open the windows of heaven and pour you out a blessing that you don't have room enough to receive." the apostle paul, the brilliant explainer of the gospel transition of the human heart said in 2 corinthians 9:6, "if i sow bountifully, i will reap bountifully." i have never met a christian who did not believe in sowing. it is as natural as breathing to a believer to believe in sowing. i've never met a farmer who did not believe in sowing. i've never met a preacher who did not believe that god was worthy of our seed. but i've only met a handful that
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believe in reaping. only a handful. now we sow to god based on his qualification to receive. but we can only reap proportionate to our confidence that we're worthy to receive. there's a little catch. "mike, is it possible for somebody to sow seed and not get a harvest?" yes. yes. because if all i needed to do was to sow seed... a rich man could purchase god in his favor, and a poor man wouldn't have a chance. but god added something to the seed and harvest equation. he added the word "expectation." it's not enough to plant a seed. that seed must have an
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instruction. it must be wrapped with expectation of a harvest. "what do you mean?" "he that cometh unto him must believe that he is and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him." without faith, not without a seed, without faith -- faith is confidence in god. without faith it's impossible to pleasure the heart of god. does your seed impact god? no. faith for the harvest from the seed. my seed is what i sow. my faith is why i reap. my seed decides what i'm sowing for. but my expectation decides what i will reap. we have all been taught to plant seeds. but we have not been trained to
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expect. i had a man come up to me. he says, "brother mike, when i give to god i expect nothing in return." and i said, "i wrote a little song for you." ♪ how dumb ♪ ♪ thou art ♪ ♪ how dumb ♪ ♪ thou art ♪ [laughte "brother mike, i don't like you saying dumb." "well, i don't like you bein' dumb." that's why there's teachin'. you can bring me a rolls-royce and i take off one tire and nothin' else works. you can do everything exactly right... and leave out expectation and die broke. until you realize the jehovah
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jireh of this universe said, "if you being evil know how to give good gifts, how much more does your heavenly father want to give good gifts to those..." [applaus i want to pray for three harvests to happen in in your life. i wanna tell you what happened in mine, and then i wanna pray for you there at your house... on your recliner. i do believe that the next 90 days... can be the most powerful 90 days of your life. the lord spoke to me about four months ago that we were entering an investor's paradise. that every christian should
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claim a debt-free home. and people who put great value on a financial anointing should believe god for seven homes. seven homes. that will be your retirement fund in your latter years. i really felt strong about that. i cannot change your life 'til i change who you trust. if i know who you believe i can predict your decisions. and every decision schedules a season. there are three harvests i want the holy spirit to give your life. number one is a debt free home. and i don't mean one that nobody wants to see. i want god to give you a home that your enemies can't quit takin' pictures of. you're nobody 'til somebody hates you. if you're enemy has not thought about you in a month, you got a problem. i do believe it's the will of
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the lord to have a home for safety of your children, to nurture a godly family. a home where you can study and read and feel safe and protected. god wants you to have a debt-free home. i really believe that with all my heart. the second harvest is that god would give you, and i wish you would remember this, god would give you uncommon financial wisdom. wisdom is more important than a miracle. a miracle has a conclusion. wisdom is a factory for the product. i'm not gonna ask god to give you a financial miracle. that's a one-time experience. i'm gonna ask god to give you a financial anointing. a mantle for financial wisdom. that every decision you make for 90 days, will create increase and not decrease. that god would give you wisdom toward the people who have failed you or owe you. and third, that god will put one person in your life who decides
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to bless you. you don't need everybody likin' you, just the right person likin' you. you are one person away from everything you're wanting. those three harvests, it can happen in 24 hours. many years ago i came out of a very troubled situation. i lost my home, my marriage. i lost my desire to live. i lost everything. i didn't even have a kitchen table or kitchen chairs. a friend had given me an old black sofa. i put my head, weeping like a baby, on luke 6:38: "give and it shall be given back to you, good measure, pressed down." i was crying like a baby and i said, "god, according to this bible, i can sow my way out of trouble.
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if you lied in luke 6:38, i don't believe what you said in john 3:16. if you lied about money, i'll never believe you about heaven." if god lied to me about sowing seed for a harvest, he's a liar. and the last person i wanna be around for eternity is a liar. i cried and cried and wept like a baby. and i said, "according to this i can sow my way out of trouble." and i began to sow everything i could. there's three times in my life god told me to give away everything i had. three times. a check comes in for $5,000, i'm ecstatic 'cause i'm gonna buy me a kitchen chair and kitchen table. i'm gonna buy me draperies
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'cause i had sheets tacked over the windows. and i was called here to charlotte, north carolina to participate in a telethon. i didn't know a whole lot about telethons. they were raisin' money for somethin'. and i'm sitting there and suddenly the preacher says, "i want all of our partners to pray about planting $1,000 seed." and i had never... i'd never heard of somebody sowing $1,000 in my life. i was $100 man myself. my father said i'm the only murdock in the history of the murdock family who ever gave an offering as big as $100. and i'm sitting there just like you and i are sitting here and i'm thinking, "lord, i hope some millionaires are watchin' this program."
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i really did. 'cause i thought you had to be a millionaire to sow $1,000. good night, who could do that? and suddenly i felt a sickening sensation in the pit of my stomach. and the holy spirit said, "i want you to plant one of the five thousand dollars you just got from your songwriting royalties." of course, you know when something like that happens you, "hallelujah, praise god. hallelujah, praise god. devil, you will not get my money. in the name of jesus', devil you will not get my money." but i knew his voice. i sowed $1,000 that day. went back to the hotel room. "mike, did you feel good?" not really. not really. i wanna say this. i don't understand all you preachers who feel so good when you give big offerings. i... it just -- maybe i'm not spiritual.
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when i give a large offering, i feel sick for days, hopin' i did the right thing. i mean, i really do. i think, "lord, i hope that's god." 'cause sometimes i feel like i get carried away. you know how they're playin' singin'... and the music, the drums... and then the service ends and you get out in the parking lot and you're sitting there in the car staring at the steering wheel. and they've all gone home and you're sitting there. "man, they took me. why did i do that? they took me. they took me." oh, i never feel good after i give a big offering. i feel horrible for days, asking god, "confirm that. if this is really, let three camels walk in this building right now, in the name of... if this is really you tellin' me." well, the camels didn't walk in. >> ossie: never do. >> but i knew his voice. the following sunday morning --
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i did. i sowed another thousand the next day, in the television station. the following sunday went to preach for a preacher in dallas and the holy spirit spoke to me to plant another thousand in their church that morning. and all that afternoon i was just like, i was just in a state. i was. i was just like a melancholy. and at 5:00 that afternoon, they had started church, and i was kneeling, at bert allbritton's church, first family church, and i was kneeling in his little office and this is what i said to the holy spirit. i said, "five days ago i had $5,000. i felt like that was my harvest. i felt like you had blessed me with money to buy a sofa and some chairs and some draperies. i now only have $2,000 left. if this is not you... inspiring me to plant seed, stop me now while i have $2,000 left." and he spoke back to me about
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five wisdom keys that changed my world. and these were the wisdom keys. "when i talk to you about a seed, i have a harvest on my mind. nothing leaves heaven 'til something leaves the earth. when you open... your hands, i will open... my windows." and then he spoke a wisdom key that blew me away. i was like 36 years old. i didn't even have a kitchen table. i'd lost everything i had to my name. and this is what he says. "the seed that leaves your hand will never leave your life. it just leaves your hand and goes into your future where it will multiply."
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i remember thinkin', "i hope so. i hope so." when i finished preaching that night, a man walked up with a book of rare automobiles. he turns, and i've told this everywhere i go. he points to a book of rare automobiles. he said, "read that." sixteen of those automobiles made in the world, only sixteen. nineteen. excuse me, nineteen. only nineteen of those automobiles. he said, "i have serial number one of those nineteen. it's my favorite car. while you were speaking god told me to give you that car." the next day a man walks in my office said, "i here you need a van for your ministry." i said, "desperately." he said, "the holy spirit spoke to me to buy you the best van available. order the best you can buy and i'll pay for it." tuesday -- a lot of jealously here tonight. i've never seen so much
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jealousy in one place. on tuesday a man walks, calls me and said, "meet me for lunch." i sit down at a restaurant. he said, "i couldn't sleep last night. in the middle of the night. the holy spirit woke me up and said, "bless mike murdock's ministry." and he pushed across the table a check for $10,000. my life... [applaus my life has never been the same. my life has never been the same. i broke the back of poverty. i broke the back of poverty. i broke the back of poverty with $1,000 seed. there's another part of the story i won't go into except to tell you that my songs went around the world. "i am blessed." "you can make it." "god will outlast your storm." "he's a healing jesus." i wrote the theme song for the oral roberts ministry. and every time i turn on the tv i'd hear one of my songs.
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thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars of royalty and my songs went everywhere around the world. god blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and imagination. when i let go of what's in my hand, god will let go of what's in his hand. and god gave me another wisdom key. what you're willing to walk away from determines what god will bring to you. i was willing to walk away from $1,000. i've looked back many times and thought what if... what if i'd have sat here in charlotte, north carolina, in a television environment, what if i'd have sat there and said, "you're not gonna get my thousand?" but i let go of what i could see and god let go of something i couldn't see. we signed contracts. bill gaither sent me an incredible check. nbc, they made a movie using some of my songs. and i liked that check.
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the difference between seasons is often a seed. a seed is not losing. it's investing a part of today into my future. it's moving a piece of now into tomorrow. i have no idea why i'm so stirred to pray for 300. but in the next 17 minutes, and i want them to do a countdown for 17 minutes, after i finish my prayer. i have no idea why that's so electrifying to my spirit. but i feel like there's gonna be a 17-minute window. and god is going to prove who he is in your life. if you can't trust god with your money, why would you trust him with your life? if god would lie to you about your money, why would you even
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believe the word of god? everything i have -- a man asked me one time, he said, "mike, what got you sowing thousand dollar seed?" i said, "i realized that my dreams were a lot bigger than a thousand anyway." a thousand's not enough for my dream. i can't buy a good car for $1,000. i can't buy a good house for $1,000. so i take what i've been given and i plant it, wrapped with expectation. oh, we could tell you about the people that's gonna be saved and healed and set free and homes healed. i could talk to you for about 2 or 3 hours on how many people have been changed through inspirational ministries. i could talk for hours on how many miracles this ministry has created around the world. but my focus is your harvest. 'cause when i get involved with god's dream, he gets involved
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with my dream. when i get involved with god's family, he gets involved with my family. in fact, i'm going to add a fourth harvest for the $300 people that i pray for. and do not, we're not gonna put up the clock until i have finished my prayer. but i'm gonna add a fourth harvest. and that is household salvation. i was standing in front of a lady one time and the lord said, "tell her because she's planting a seed to spread the gospel, every member of her family will be saved." and i had never heard of anything like that and i just stopped. and i had everybody to praise the lord. and then i went over to the side and i said, "god, this is crazy. i can't tell this woman 'cause she's writin' a check to spread the gospel that you'll save the members of her family. that's nuts." and the holy spirit said "haven't i told you in isaiah 58 and ephesians 6 that what you make happen for others i will
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make happen for you? that if you reach out to the afflicted soul i will turn on your light in your night time? and the seed that she is planting, somebody's husband will be saved because of her seed. somebody's daughter will be set free. somebody's son will get outta prison and preach the gospel because of her seed. because she's involved with my family... [audience clapping i'll be involved with her family. i won't you to add that as a fourth harvest, that in the next 90 days -- you say, "well i don't believe in putting a timeframe on god." well, i do. so, work with my faith. i believe that faith decides divine timing. my faith decides divine timing. if nineveh could stop judgment with one conversation, and a thief hanging next to jesus could instantly wipe out his record, and be ready to walk with the apostle paul and abraham and isaac and jacob,
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with one conversation, i can bring a seed to the most high god, wrapped with expectation. gideon had 300, 300, and i feel an electrifying through me. i actually believe, and i hope they will re-air this teaching because i believe it's an electrifying, there's an anointing. but i'm gonna pray for 300, and when i finish my prayer, they will start a 17-minute countdown. and do not call, do not call, do not call, until i have completed our prayer together. and i'm gonna rush this book...i want to sow 300 copies of our new book called 7 laws you must honor to have uncommon success. this book will change your world. it'll be the master key you have waited for to unlock your future. and i'm gonna rush it to the 300 who plant your
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thousand-dollar seed tonight today, while i'm talking to you. listen carefully. it's possible to sow it on your credit card and if i were you, i would ask the lord to wipe out your credit card debt with this seed as part of the authorization, i really would. now you can't buy a miracle with a check. a man's a fool who thinks he can throw god a $100 bill to get a miracle. a man's also a fool that thinks god will not give you a harvest when you plant a seed to lift his name to the universe. god had a son, but he wanted a family. he planted a son to create a family. a missionary in africa said, "mike, will this law of the seed work anywhere in the world?" i said, "i think so." he said, "i don't know if it'll work in africa or not." i said, "you have any fruit in
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africa?" he said, "well, yes." i said, "you ever have any trees in africa?" he said, "lots of trees." i said, "then maybe the seed is growing." "do you have any fish in your lakes?" "yes we have fish in our lakes." "y'all have any kids in africa?" the law of the seed is international, as long as there's a god, seed time and harvest. seed time and harvest. i feel stirred for 300 miracles. 300 miracles. you may want to plant the entire thousand-dollar seed and i would urge you to, on a credit card, for your convenience. and i believe that your seed begins to grow the moment it enters the soil. you may want to sow a portion of it on your credit card. but whatever it is, if it's something that you want to sow over a 90 days period, i still
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want you to call us when i complete my prayer for your life. you need something money can't buy, so i turn my money into a seed so i can create a harvest that no money can buy. holy spirit, i've told your family tonight what you told me to share, about the seven laws you must honor to create uncommon success. i've talked about the law of difference, and the law of place. i've talked about the law of two. i've talked about the law of honor and the law of the seed. i ask you for 300 miracles in 17 minutes. i don't know who the 300 are maybe a pastor or a business man, a young couple who's just started a networking business. maybe a widow, who has a fixed income. i don't know. but i say this and i decree this: if what i have said about the law of the seed is
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just for mike murdock's personal gain, may a curse be on me and my ministry. and may my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth. if what i have said about the law of the seed and the harvest is the will of god and the word of the living god, i ask you for 90 days of the greatest miracles your family has ever seen in the history of their life. in the name of jesus, in the name of jesus. right where you're sitting on the sofa, the recliner, i come into a covenant with you as you are one of the 300... that the next 90 days will be the days of the most glorious favor you have ever had in your lifetime. i set myself in agreement that out of this 90 days will come the seed for the harvest. that god will give you a debt-free home and a personal testimony of supernatural provision. i decree with you that there
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will be household salvation, that your daughter will come to jesus. your son will be saved. that your husband will have a change in his heart. i set myself in agreement for a mantle of financial wisdom, that the decisions you make will bring increase and not decrease. i decree and declare that the person, there will be a financial boaz, that will step out of the shadows of your life and choose to bless you and honor you. and in a single day you will see divine favor like you've never seen in your life. that god will receive this thousand-dollar seed for spreading the gospel for the glory of god. it may be money that you put aside for a special vacation, or to buy a car.
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it may be money out of a bank account that you've been saving for equity in a new home. i don't know where the $1,000 is. all i know is that when god holds it, it multiplies. if i keep what i've got, that's the most it'll ever be, but if i sow it, it's the least it'll ever be, in jesus' name... it is done. it is done. >> ossie: amen. >> it is done. praise god, praise god, praise god. i'm asking them now to put a phone number on the screen and i want you to go and i want them to do a countdown of 17 minutes. i have no idea why the holy spirit has electrified my heart for 17 minutes. it's incredibly important that you move toward the phone there in your room.
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you're off the recliner, reach for the telephone. do it now, do it now. i want you to call the number that's on the screen. do it right now. and this is what i want you to say to our counselor on the phone: "i'm one of the 300, i'm one of the 300." do it swiftly, do it quickly. because delayed obedience is always disobedience. you cannot afford another year like this last year. you need a change. you cannot afford for the next 12 months to be like the last 12 months. and for some reason, i feel like this should be a 90-day faith promise. i really do. and i have no idea why there must be something god's trying to thrust it and i want you to quickly, quickly go to the phone. when you call, say, "i want mike murdock's new book 7 laws for uncommon success. 7 laws. i've been teaching from it. quickly, quickly, go to the phone, dial the number that's on
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the screen. if you want to sow it on your credit card, do it right now. and i was serious about if you have a credit card indebtedness. i don't let my credit -- i use my credit cards for documentation, and i pay 'em you know, as soon as they come due, i pay 'em off. if i were you, i would add that harvest on your list and say "lord, even as i'm sowing from my credit card..." i heard a man of god say this one time and i got so stirred, and he said, "mike, i found..." he said, "i used my credit card to plant a seed in the work of the lord because god spoke to me and said, 'the card that got you into trouble can get you out of trouble.'" and he said, "i used my credit card to plant a seed that wiped out my credit card indebtedness." isn't that crazy? but i believe god is that kind of god. quickly go to the phone, quickly, go to the phone. delayed obedience is rebellion.
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get off the sofa, dial the number that's on the screen. when you call, say, "i'm one of the 300 and i want to plant a seed of $1,000." you say, "well, mike... i'm a widow. i'm a young husband. i just been married three months. and i don't, i would have to delay something else. i would have to not buy some furniture." i really do believe that when you put god first, god will prove himself to you. i was on this network, teaching, and i was sharing and i was preaching. and the lord stirred me about the seed for a $1,000 seed. and god's soul just stirred and stirred and pounded in my spirit to emphasize the seed, for inspiration ministries. there was a couple that was watching me in new york. they are pastors.
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i'd never met 'em. didn't know who they were... until i went to new york and i met with about 200 of my strongest partners and they showed up on the front seat. they said, "we would like to tell our testimony." she starts crying. she said, "we heard mike murdock on inspiration ministries... talk about the $1,000 seed." she said, "we heard him say that he had broken the back of poverty with the $1,000 seed." and she said, "i looked at my husband and said, 'let's plant a $1,000 seed.' he said, 'we don't have it.'" she said, "let's borrow it." now, i never recommend that, but they did. and her next sentence blew me away. she said, "dr. murdock, in 30 days, after we planted our $1,000 seed, god gave our church $100 million in 30 days from that $1,000 seed." [applaus
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we have about 13 or 14 minutes left to this focus right now. quickly, quickly. go to the phone. quickly, quickly. quickly. call the number that's on the screen right now. this is critical. it's important. i felt so stirred like gideon had 300, you know, i believe there'll be a second. i believe there will be a second group of 300, as we replay and re-air this message, because it's electrifying. something... i want you to look at me. something in my hand, is controlling my future. when i let go of what's in my hand, god will let go of what's in his hand. when god talks to me about a seed, he's got a harvest on his mind. i had a preacher say, "how did you feel about that woman and her husband, the pastors getting a 100 million? you must have felt good." i said, "puzzled. why hasn't that happened to me?" i said, "she got a harvest; i
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never got $100 million." but god promised a hundred-fold return. quickly call. quickly call the number that's on the screen. i believe we have some phones that are available. and if you call, and cannot get through, stay persistent. i really believe that even your persistence, even your persistence, becomes a seed in the eyes of god. i feel so stirred that there's 300 miracles on the other side of the seed. get off the sofa. get off the sofa. don't sit there. don't sit there. don't sit, don't you let this hour close with your hands closed. everything you've got came from god. you don't have anything god didn't give you anyway. your eyesight came from god. your hearing came... i can't get cocky... about planting a little $1,000 seed. my eyesight came from god. my hearing came from god. my ability to speak came from god. everything i have came from god.
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i don't have a cotton-pickin' thing god didn't give me. without god, i have nothing. i wouldn't even have my mind sane. my mind is too fragile to stay sane unless god protected my mind. this $1,000 seed that you're going to sow, i believe it's going to schedule the greatest 90 days of miracles. no, you cannot buy a miracle with a thousand dollars. god wouldn't sell ya one for a billion. but can you expect a harvest from this seed? yes. yes. 10 minutes. 10 minutes. 10 minutes. quickly. quickly. quickly. don't you let this 17 minutes past. if you have just tuned in, to what's happening here at campmeeting, and you say, "i just flipped on. what's happening?" we have been teaching from my book the 7 laws you must honor
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to create uncommon success. i shared about the law of difference. the law of place. that where you are matters as much as what you are. that all success is geographical. you must be where god's assigned you. i talked about the law of two. that two are better than one. one cannot multiply. two can multiply. i talked about the law of honor. that if you fail, it'll be because of a person you chose to dishonor. that the difference between failure and success is honor. that all the 10 commandments are about honor. every sin is a sin of dishonor. that the first four are about honoring god. and the last six are about honoring people. then i dealt about the law of the seed. that something i've been given can create something else... i've been promised. david said, "god, i can't use this armor." god said, "shut up. you have a sling shot." moses said, "god, i can't talk
3:44 am
good." god said, "shut up. you have a rod." elijah looked at the widow. she said, "i don't have a meal." he said, "you've got some food. it's enough to create a future." they said, "what do we have? two loaves... and a few fishes. five loaves and two fishes." what'd he say. "it's enough to create a future." we have about eight or nine minutes left. quickly, quickly go to the phone. do not ask me to explain the 17 minutes. all i know, is that god said "i'm going to give a 17 minute window." it's not the only window. you can plant this seed over the next 90 days. but i felt electrified in my spirit, that these four or five miracles will happen for those who work with your faith. i want to remind you, when you call, when you call, ask for this book, 7 laws...for uncommon success. as for the book when you call. call right now. delayed obedience is rebellion.
3:45 am
i wanna say something. nobody can use your faith for you. i cannot change your life until i change the voice you trust. if i know who you believe, i can predict your decisions. i said earlier that the bible, to me, is not merely a book about destiny. it's a book about decisions. the most important scripture out of the 800,000 words in the bible is hidden in a little chapter over in numbers. "god is not a man that he should lie, nor the son of man that he should repent." if he spoke it, he will do it. we're seven minutes. seven's the number of completion. we're seven minutes. quickly call. quickly call. quickly call. they're going to show me the phones. it's very important. i feel so, there's not a $1,000
3:46 am
seed that you'll ever plant more powerful than the seed that you're planting. there is not a seed. >> ossie: they're telling us that the phones are jammed. so i wanna watch those... just remind people as they're dialing in to be persistent. take your time. dial the number correctly and stay on the line. because there is a message you hear. just stay on the line. we'll get to you as soon as possible. there's also a website. they can... it's secure. they can go right... and make their commitment, sow their seed online, very secure environment. people are calling from all over mike. >> you know i feel so stirred, i... on this household salvation. i feel so stirred. the only part of the gospel that works for you is the part you know about. and the only parts you know about is the part that you've listened to from someone you trust. you could live a lifetime and believe a lie. there are thousands of people that do not even believe that jesus christ heals.
3:47 am
there's millions of people that do not even believe in the holy spirit. i can't speak german. i can't speak portuguese. i can't speak spanish. i took spanish, $100 an hour for 8 hours. at the end, i knew one word. "si." [laughte $800 later, one word. but somebody speaks spanish. somebody speaks spanish. this part of the gospel, some people don't know. that when i get involved with god's dream, he gets involved with my dream. when i get involved with something that's on god's mind he gets involved with what's on my mind. what i make happen for god's family, he makes happen for my family. you have every right to expect a supernatural reaction from god. you have every right to believe that what you make happen for others, god will make happen for your son, your daughter, your family, your marriage. in a single day, god can change your world. god can change your world.
3:48 am
holy spirit, we have five minutes to this part. and i do not know who the 300 people are. all i know is there is 300 miracles waiting on the other side of this telephone call. i have shared with our family, inspiration ministries, i have shared with our family, the possibilities of a seed. i have told them what you did for me. how that i broke the back of poverty when i didn't... i couldn't even buy a kitchen table. you spoke to me about a harvest. father, let this harvest come swiftly. i ask you especially, lord, for those who are asking for household salvation. i set myself in agreement, that every unsaved husband will come to jesus. i come into a covenant with you right there at your house, that your daughter will come to jesus. your son will hear the voice of somebody he trusts, in the next 90 days, and come to jesus.
3:49 am
i come into a covenant with you, for a new anointing to come upon you for financial wisdom. not a miracle that ends, but wisdom that gives birth. i come into a covenant with you, there at your house. right there on your recliner. that something you put in the hands of god, will be multiplied back to you, wherever you need it the most. dr. oral roberts was driving me in his car one day, in tulsa. and i said, "dr. roberts, what's the greatest secret you've ever learned in your... lifetime?" i'll never forget. he said, "mike, i don't think anybody's ever asked me that." he said, "the greatest secret i've ever learned in my life, is sowing my seed for a desired result." sowing my seed. get up off the sofa. quickly. quickly. get off the recliner. you have 90 days to sow it, but
3:50 am
you could sow it even by credit card. and for some reason, i feel like, the credit card seed is going to have an impact, i feel like, i really feel like the moment that your seed enters the soil, the harvest begins to grow. can i read the first name? is that okay? >> ossie: go right ahead. first name and where... >> mike: tony, from miami. kenyan, from arlington. that's my part of territory. carol from prather, california. catherine, from munsey, indiana. dardle, from dearborn, michigan. here's someone from bethlehem, pennsylvania. trenna from virginia. wayne, from charleston, south carolina. suzanne, from stowe, ohio. something is happening. something supernatural. your seed creates the seasons. i cannot change your life until i change the voice you trust.
3:51 am
if you choose not to trust god who would you believe? i don't have anybody else to believe but god. he said, "god's not a man that he should lie." we have two minutes left. quickly. quickly. get off the sofa. call the number that's on the screen. two minutes left of this segment. quickly call. and when you call, say, "i want the gift book. i'm sowing this as a seed. i believe in david cerullo and barbara." call the number that's on the screen. two minutes left of this segment. quickly call. i am so thankful. it's incredible what god is doing. there is something supernatural happening right now. >> ossie: you know people like katrina from gainesville virginia, called in. but she sowed $1,000 on her credit card. the entire amount. mike, some people are calling in, they're asking the question, "can i do it over a longer period of time?" >> mike: of course. >> how about $100 over 10
3:52 am
months? can they do that? >> oh, if it's between you sowing and not sowing, i really believe everything, everything everything you've got, everything that you've got hinges on god's favor. get off the sofa, get off the recliner. this 17 minutes is not the end of the harvest. there's something, and stay on the line. stay on the line. if you've got us, stay right there. and there will be, i think a recording that comes on. there will be a way, we'll have somebody to meet what you're waiting for. let me just say this. if this $1,000 seed, i'm in charlotte, north carolina, live right now, as we're doing this. this was where my world turned around. charlotte, north carolina. the home of inspiration ministry, this is where i planted the first $1,000 seed i ever planted in my whole life. my whole life. now, i want them to continue. i'm gonna remain because i want the, every person that's on the phone, stay on the phone.
3:53 am
stay on the phone. >> david: mike, i can hear you. i can hear you. barbara and i are standing here, live in jerusalem on the mountnd i'll tell you what. what a powerful word from the lord about 7 habits, 7 habits, 7 laws that we've got to obey to be successful before god, and i love that word you said about how our decisions decide our future. and how the bible is a book about decisions. people right now have a decision to make. decision whether they'll believe god. decision whether they'll believe the man of god. a decision whether they'll put their faith into action. a decision whether they're willing to sow $1,000 seed. but i know that that decision will determine their future. i know that their seed is their only bridge to the future. their seed is the only thing that can possibly speak to their future. and i pray that right now, those 300 people, they're going to the phones right now. but i pray that people will begin to speak to their future through their seed on the altar.
3:54 am
watch what god is gonna do in your life. mike, i'm sending it back to you before we get ready, so we can get ready to pray. >> mike: praise god. praise god. father, your sheep know your voice. your sheep know your voice and another will not follow. i thank you lord. you have spoken to my heart that there were 300 miracles on the other side of this seed. when we let go of what's in our hand, you will let go of what is in your hand. nothing leaves heaven til something leaves the earth. everything we have came from you. >> david: mike, i'll tell you. this is a powerful word from the lord tonight, and i know that god is getting ready to get involved in the dreams of his people because they're getting involved in god's dreams. and it's like you said tonight. what we do for god, god will do for us. when we get involved with his dreams, he gets involved with our dreams. when we release the seed that's in our hand, god releases the harvest that's in his hands, and i love what you said earlier that the seed that leaves our hand never leaves our life.
3:55 am
it goes into our future. our seed is what speaks to our future. our seed goes into our future where god multiplies it. he multiplies it back into our life. he multiplies it back into his kingdom. he's gonna multiply it into the reaching of souls around the world, through inspiration ministries. but he's gonna multiply it back into the lives of our partners who are sowing right now, in their family, in their finances, in their physical body, in their boaz anointing, and i'm praising god for the 300 people who are about to experience a powerful move from god in their life. i believe it. i'm expecting it. god's getting ready. you get ready for god to get involved in your dreams, like you've never seen him get involved in your dreams before. why? because you've taken a step of faith and gotten involved in god's dreams tonight. mike, i'm gonna say good night from jerusalem. you can probably hear in the background the 4 a.m. call to prayer here.
3:56 am
but i'll tell you what, there's a greater call to prayer going up before the lord right now and that's the prayers of god's people that are upon this altar, as they're taking god at his word. as they're sowing their seed. as they're putting the offering upon the altar, god is getting ready to get involved in their dreams in a powerful way. bless you. ♪ hallelujah ♪ ♪ we worship you for who you are ♪ ♪ we worship you ♪ ♪ h halallelelelulujajah h h ♪
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