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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  March 28, 2013 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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slow on the golf course today? that arrogant, inconsiderate jerk. dad, dad, dad. dr. newman is dead. littl he died an hour ago. i'm sure he was a good man. i mean, there he is, walking down his walkway this morning. he picks up his newspaper, and bang! ps dead of a heart attack. you know, i pick up my newspaper every day and the sunday times is very heavy. well, these things happen. he dro roz, how can you say that? my god, this was not an old man. he was my age. what am i supposed to say? i i just don't think about these things like you do. maybe it's because you're 41 and i'm not. don't you ever think about dyinguess well, not me dying. but you know what i have thought about lately? i've been dating this older guy and what if...? g?
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you know... we were in bed together and he dropped dead. well, it's not out of the realm of possibility. he starts breathing really funny and i don't know if he's having a good time or if i've overexcited him. someone certainly has a very high opinion of herself. everybody's good at something. roz, why is it thry time we talk we end up talking about your sex life? because i have one. at eve niles, thank you for coming. hello, dad, daphne. hello, dr. crane. yes, i was in the middle of my workout but i can always pump iron later. well, i'll just pop into the kitchen and fix us a snack. pump iron.
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niles, you don't even pump your own gas. all right, all right. what's this about getting your affairs in order? this dr. newman dying at such a young age really threw me for a loop. i finally realized that i hadn't made the proper provisions for my own death. here we go. here allow me. thanks. frasier: now, first the pertinent information. i've prepared copies for each of you. the location and numbers of my bank accounts oh my safety deposit keys the number for my attorney... niles, what are you doing? oh, give me that! i loosened it for him. now, the distribution of my personal possessions. this is for family only. no, no, daphne please i'd like you to stay. i'll come to you later. dad, niles, i'd like you to put your names
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on these stickers and place them on any of the objects that you would like bequeathed to you. i'm not going to start putting my name on your stuff. what if i die tomorrow? you and niles argue over that african mask, for instance. it'll never happen. niles, you can have it. i don't want it. well, don't look at me. i throw a over that thing when you're not home. okay, fine. well, now we come to the issue of... towel my remains. oh, geez. i've arranged every detail here in this easy-to-read binder. this is taking it too far. burial... casket... caterers? who are you using? michaelson's. oh, they're very good. bow tie pasta... asparagus tips... martin: excuse me. excuse me!
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are we about done? well, there is just one more duck to put in the row. i've done some research and i've discovered that most unexpected deaths occur in the home and daphne, this is where you come in. the actual finding of the body. oh, save the best part for me, eh? well, that's all right. i'm a health care provider. i've had my fair share of patients die on me. that's a comfort. maybe we should drop the subject. thank you, this has made me feel better. i think i can handle my mortality a bit better now. well, enough talk about death. let's celebrate life with a bottle of chateau certan '75. oh, no, not the '75. that's far too good for the likes of us. you know, perhaps a beaujolais nouveau would be more appropriate.
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as always, there's a lot to love for a little on mcdonald's dollar menu. martin: eddie? oh, there you are. come on, boy. frasier, what are you still doing up? frasier! dad, please. shh. i'm trying to listen to my heartbeat. amazing thing, the human heart. it can pump 1,800 gallons of blood each and every day but just the tiniest tear in the tiniest part of the tiniest artery, and poof, you're gone. i thought you were okay about this stuff now. so did i. what is ther with me? i thought that putting my affairs in order would help me to deal with this thing but it hasn't. e mattt seem to get over the feeling
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that no matter how remote the possibility something could happen to me. geez, i'd miss so much. i can' i'd never get to see my son hit his first home run. that'd be a terrible thing for a father to miss. tell me about it. look, son. let me tell you something. there was this time a while back. seven or eight of us wethis drug bust. we got the order to go through the front door and the first guy took one. he was dead before he hit the ground. re on you've got to be able to handle things like that but i just couldn't get over it. evme i had to go in a blind alley or in a dark building, i just froze. i knew if i kept being afraid to die i'd never be able to do my job. ery ti so what did you do? i forced myself to forget it. just like that? just like that. next time i came to one of those doors, i went right through it. the fact that i got shot in the hip was purely coincidental.
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you were this close to helping me there, dad. look, frasier, just because some doctor dies doesn't mean you're going to die. yeah, but he was just like me. highly educated, sophisticated at the top of his profession. i saw a picture of him-- he even looked like me. same determined chin sweater vest and ever so slightly receding hairline. you don't even know his medical history. geez, actually, you're on to som there, dad. yeah, yeah. he could have had high blood pressure, popped pills drank like a fish. could haethingn any of those things. well, i'm going to find out what caused his heart attack. that's the only way i can disassociate myself from him. there's got to be some reasonable explanation. ve bee that's great, dad. i do feel better now, thanks. uh, frasier, you got something on your bathrobe.
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"niles." the vultures are circling. come on, eddie. hello. hello! i called earlier. someone said that mrs. newman would be here. ohourse, please, come in. i'm allen freedman. gary was my cousin. dr. frasier crane. my sincerest condolences. i didn't think , of c mrs. newman would have company. oh, well, the family is sitting shiva. excuse me. you're not jewish, are you? it's our version of a wake. oh, oh, yes, oh, of course. i didn't realize that gary was jewish. you're kidding? we spent a lot of time together... well, never on friday nights, of course, but...
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maybe i should come back another time. i'm sure jill would love to know you came. she's right over there. frasier: oh, she looks busy. well, i can wait. of course-- will you excuse me? woman: may i help you? i didn't realize that this was a mirror. i thought maybe you were having an unveiling later. you're not jewish, are you? no, no. my ex-wife is, though, and so then thus, my son is which makes me sort of, well i guess you could say... no, i'm not jewish. we always cover mirrors at a shiva so those grieving don't have to cerned with their own appearances.
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ah, well, you look very nice. oh, thank you. it's been driving me crazy. be con i'm bobbie gary's aunt. dr. frasier crane. my deepest sympathies. you're the doctor with the radio show, arou? did you know gary well? oh, well, yes. of course, there was so much more i wanted to know about the man. en't y you see, i... well oh, i don't know-- how was his health before he died? excellent, he was never sick. heart disease? oh, no. high blood pressure? no. high cholesterol? no. i'm sorry, i'm asking too many questions. you know how doctors are. we're just always looking for the answers. oh, gail. aunt bobbie. i know i know. gail, i'd like you to meet a friend of gary's. dr. frasier crane. dr. crane? from the radio? yes, i'm sorry for your loss.
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i love your show. oh, i'm sorry about this. it's just, uh, when i went to up this linzer torte i thought of gary and... so gary had a fondness for fattening desserts, did he? pick you didn't know gary very well, did you? if he knew i brought this here, he'd kill me. gary was a health fanatic. a strict vegetar we played basketball every sunday. oh, so he was sedentary all week and then he was burning up the court on sundays. ian. that's a strain. no, he played four times a week-- that is, when he wasn't at the gym working out. gary was in phenomenal shape. bobbiehe didn't smoke, never touched caffeine. do you know, he had less than 10% body fat on him? my goodness, has anybody checked to see if he's really dead? : i'm sure they did check. those people are very thorough.
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oh my, is that kugel? excuse me. frasier: mrs. newman. i'm dr. frasier crane. i was a friend of your husband's. dr. crane! from... yes, the radio. gary never mentioned you. well, we weren't actually friends. he had an office in my brother's building. and you took the time to come down here. his own partner didn't even stay 15 minutes. that's really sweet of you. well, actually, there is ason i came to talk to you. which is? it's about gary. about how he... a re yes? look, i'm sorry i bothered you. i really just came to offer my sympathies. no, wait, um... dr. crane.
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i listen to you all the time and... well, maybe yocould help me. what would you tell someone u who called in the show and said they can't get over why someone died? mrs. newman, i know you'd like me to come up with some grand answer to this whole thing but i don't have one. someone who consumes nothing but cigarettes and cheeseburgers all his life can live to be 83 and then someone who takes care of himself can die at 41. it's unfair. well, there's no explanation for it. believe me, i've checked. but i suppose the best we can do is live for the little joys and surprises that life affords us. you can't spend your life being obsessed with death.
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you're not jewish, are you? no. no, i'm not, m... well, thank you for letting me be here today. oh, thank you for coming dr. crane. but, u oh, dr. crane. it was very nice what you said about living life for the little joys and surprises it can give us. yes. thank you. if only i believed it myself. excuse me. um, this is clearly the most inappropriate thing i've ever done in my life but i was watching you and... i don't know if i'll ever get the chance to see you again mething about you tells me i'd like to.
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spending too much time on the couch yourself, you know you can get on the total gym and exercise with your kids. that's what's really great with dakota and i. it gives us something to do together, and i really enjoy working out with you. how about you, dakota? >> yeah. >> [laugh you should try it out. arm wrestle this kid. i've tried it a couple times. [laugh >> gena nelson dreamed about running a marathon. well, she has lost 55 pounds using the total gym, and just started training for her first race. >> oh, wow, this is... this picture is from week prior to using the total gym. when i first started using the total gym, my coworkers, they noticed a difference and they noticed that i was actually losing the weight and i was getting smaller and they wanted to know what my secret was and i told 'em i didn't have a secret, that i was using the total gym. prior to starting the total gym, my first goal was i wanted to complete a marathon. another goal of mine was to be
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