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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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center. elizabeth wenger us with the good, bad and ugly routes to take tonight and avoid altogether. >> reporter: yeah, it's not the huge commuter chaos we saw this morning but it's backed up toward the lower deck of the bay bridge. chopper 5 is over the worst hotspot 101 and the approach on 80 towards the lower deck and oakland. also, very busy, some of the city streets. the surface streets around san francisco, harrison, the embarcadero battery, jammed solid as people try to head home. now, mobile5 is actually found spots that are free and clear. this is a live look at 580 in oakland past park boulevard. some spots better than this morning. let's check the maps and road sensors. the latest right now is 101. that's one of the worst commutes on the approach to the lower deck jammed from the 280 interchange so typical for an evening commute home. also, getting bad is highway 24
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the nimitz and the eastshore freeway. now, this morning, it was all red on our traffic sensors. people were jammed solid in backups an hour or more so obviously that's not the case right now. we'll continue to monitor it. back to you. >> thank you. mike sugerman talked to commuters in san francisco who have a long road ahead. not a lot of happy campers out there, are there? >> reporter: allen, let me show you beale street. this is a street that leads to a street that leads to another street to get on the bay bridge. you see that line down there? that's a line that snakes around to another line to get on ac transit buses across the bridge. this over here is a line for the bart shuttle buses that they have set up to get across the bridge. you know what they call this? this is a cluster of bad things. and people have been trying all day to get out of town. can you jam these buses any fuller? >> as far back as we can for
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more passengers, please. >> reporter: they can't. just missed it. >> i know. >> reporter: which means another half hour wait for little isabela and her more on top of the hour they already waited. at 2 am, three hours before the commute typically begins. you're here an hour early. >> because the bus is going to leave at 3:00 because i have to go to oakland, get on another bus. >> reporter: it will turn out to be a 13 hour day. some waited longer. >> i have been out here since 11:00 waiting on the bus. >> reporter: for a 3:00 bus? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: she took a bart shuttle set for stranded passengers and could probably have found a quicker way back but it wasn't easy to figure stuff out today. >> nobody knows. some guy told me go to main street. this lady told me go over here. now i'm thinking i'll be sleeping on a bench because i can't find a supervisor. >> reporter: bart reports it
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brought thousands of people on those buses in the into san francisco this morning, muni says ridership was up 10%. that's an additional 7,000 people. casual carpools busy hours early too. >> this is going to be crazy later. >> reporter: and while there is debate on the merits of the labor action -- >> i think they shouldn't be allowed to strike. >> i used to belong to a union. so i understand, you know, what they have to fight for. >> reporter: -- few disagree about the situation it has brought on no matter whose fault it is. >> i think it's so stupid. >> a lot of bull crap. >> reporter: someone just told me there's a limo driver around the block 15 bucks with four people he will drive you across the bridge, 60 bucks but you get a bottle of water with that. ladies and gentlemen, cool your engines. we're doing the same thing tomorrow. >> mike, other than the buses, does bart have anything else in mind to help people? >> reporter: well, bart says
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they are going to add 10 more buses. they had 10 buses from west oakland. they have 40 buses going around different stations. they are going to add to that tomorrow. but the traffic is just nightmarish and i think a lot of people stayed home today because they thought it was going tomorrow -- i don't think they can. >> mike sugerman, thank you. here's a look at the negotiations. bart is proposing an 8% raise over 4 years and wants workers to pay more toward their health insurance and pensions. the unions want a 13.5% raise over three years. they are also willing to kick in a .5% retirement contribution. now, right now no new talks are scheduled between the two sides. and kpix 5's phil matier tells us it could be a long week ahead. he is live at the lake merritt bart station. >> reporter: one thing you're not seeing here are the afternoon commuters coming in
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from the various parts around the bay area. both sides knew going into this that the strike card was in the deck. the question now is whether they have overplayed their hand. >> you know, that's up in the air. i think there's a bit of sympathy for the union going out. it's a longer strike, that could easily turn. reporter: as a professor of labor relations at uc-berkeley, harley shaken has seen a lot of labor strikes in his time. >> the key is that this doesn't spill over into a very long strike that could be damaging for both sides. >> reporter: the problem is, once workers go out, it's just about impossible to get them to go back in unless they get something out of the deal. and union leaders know it. does there have to be a net gain in this contract to sell it? >> yes, because workers here have taken a wage freeze for each of the last four years and they have gave back $100 million in concessions. >> reporter: on the other hand, bart drivers still make about $60,000 a year plus overtime an benefits and pay a flat $92 a
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month for healthcare for their entire family. >> we understand their frustration but bart is increasing the amount we are paying towards them every year. >> reporter: do you think this is a harbinger of things to come? >> i think other unions are looking at this. >> reporter: according to sources close to the talks the trick will be to come up with a deal that appears to give the workers something but at the same time doesn't look like bart is giving away the store. >> there will be blowback. there is little question. anyone earning less, which is not a small amount, not a small group in california, are going to say why should they get this when i don't? the challenge for the unions is to say if we get this, you'll have your wages pulled up. >> reporter: that may be one of the reasons why so far politicians have taken a hands off attitude towards trying to get involved in this strike. they are letting bart and the unions try to work it out and possibly take the responsibility as well for whatever the resolution is when it comes. it could be a long hot week to try to get that done.
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in oakland, phil matier, kpix 5. >> our coverage of the bart strike continues in 10 minutes. we'll tell you who had the smoothest commute today, traffic updates also on kcbs radio, and we have also posted a strike survival guide on our website, developing news out of contra costa county this afternoon. a brush fire is threatening several homes. it's burning on highway 4 near kirker pass road. here's a look at the thick smoke. how close it's coming to the homes, one out building has already burned to the ground and as of right now the kirker pass road is closed in both directions. there at the bottom of the screen you see that building. highway 4 is open. the fire started about 1:30. it's grown to 250 acres now. cal fire using helicopters to put water on those hot spots. of course, hot, dry conditions certainly not helping fire crews and that relentless heat continues to blanket the bay area. chief meteorologist paul deanno in danville to tell us about these scorching temperatures. >> reporter: tell you what, another day we're talking 10 4,
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105, 106, even in the shade. it has been five days. here's the difference from a normal heat wave which around here lasts a few days. kids are staying away for the fifth day. we have more days to go. we have an excessive heat warning in effect. as we look at the weather maps, from now all the way through wednesday evening at 7:00 we have at least two more days of temperatures running 10 to 20 degrees above average so anywhere away from the water you're under an excessive heat warning. you will be for today and tomorrow. and most of wednesday, as well. how did today compare to normal? in san francisco, 77 was 10 degrees above average. concord hit 100 today. that's 14 degrees above average. livermore 102. 17 degrees above average. and well above normal for san jose and also for santa rosa. check out livermore's five-day trend. you have been above 100 degrees since friday peaking at 105 on saturday 102 degrees today and it's not just here. it is the entire west coast
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baking. phoenix 112, las vegas 113, and even los angeles topping out at 92 degrees today. kpix 5's john ramos has a report on how this heat wave is draining power and actually threatening people's lives. reporter: it is july. so we probably shouldn't be surprised that things are getting hot in california. but as bay area heat spells go, this one is dozeny. >> it doozie. besides the heat causes equipment, customers are using more and more power as the weather gets hot and stays hot. to avoid outages cal-iso which manages the state power grid is issuing a flex alert for today and tuesday asking residents and businesses to cut back on power usage between noon and 7 p.m. >> if you are going to use power, do it after 6 or 7 p.m. when the load or the demand is less. >> reporter: the power grid isn't the only thing suffering.
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john muir hospital in consumer report treated 15 to 20 people for heat-related illnesses just this weekend. >> from weakness and fatigue to people passing out at work. so we have been jam-packed. >> reporter: and many of the people who ended up here didn't know what hit them. >> you're going about your work and by the time you realize it's a little too late, pass out or somebody sees you get weak and wobbly at work, next thing you know paramedics are there to pick you up. >> reporter: the hospital has treated homeless people who sleep in the park across the street. padre o'rourke spends his days in the sun maintaining the park grounds but takes safety seriously. >> i always which are my hat and throw on sunscreen and if i'm thirsty at all, the rule is if you are thirsty you're always dehydrated so i always stop and get a drink. >> reporter: the elderly are particularly at risk so a senior center is a welcome spot to cool off. these ladies know it doesn't take much for the situation to turn deadly. >> i think it's very serious.
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these elderly people who are stuck in their homes and some of them don't have air- conditioning. and they have no one to take them elsewhere. that's a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: if the forecast is correct, it's a dangerous situation that's not going away anytime soon. in walnut creek, john ramos, kpix 5. whether it was by bus, boat or bike, thousands of commuters had to find a new route to work after today's bart strike. >> elsewhere in oakland, city workers held a strike of their own. why they took to the picket lines. >> heavy hearts in arizona today where 19 firefighters were killed in one of the worst disasters in wildfire history. ,, for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary school supplies can mean the difference between success and failure. the day i start, i'm already behind.
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i never know what i'm gonna need. new school, new classes, new kids. it's hard starting over. to help, sleep train is collecting school supplies for local foster children. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. enough is enough!" city employees in oakland sd a 1-day walkout to push for bart workers weren't the only ones to hit the picket lines today. >> enough is enough! enough is enough! >> city employees in oakland staged a one-day walkout to push for pay raises saying they
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deserve better compensation after making concessions during the recession. today's work stoppage doesn't affect police and fire services. the bodies of 19 fallen firefighters have been recovered from a charred mountainside in arizona. the granite mountain hotshot crew died last night battling a wildfire in yarnell hill. officials say a drastic shift in the winds combined with unusual drought conditions that intensified the fire trapping the crew. that elite team works the front line of wildfires and most of them were very young. >> that's the tragedy in what just happened is that they're younger firefighters. >> the hotshots tried to shield themselves from the flames using small fireproof tents but that wasn't enough. it was the deadliest incident for a u.s. fire crew since 9/11. with bart workers off the job, thousands of commuters forced to find alternate transportation. which companies are seeing the most traffic and which areas people avoided altogether. and getting the latest look
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at our live traffic sense -- looking at our live traffic sensors, we'll have advice on how to beat the traffic tomorrow morning. radio: it's mattress discounters' 4th of july sale. radio: it's mattress discounters' bulldog: that cloud reminds me... radio: the tempur-pedic cloud collection-- bulldog: that's it! radio: now with 48 months interest-free financing-- basset hound: free financing? radio: mattress discounters' 4th of july sale ends sunday.
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the bridge has been beefed . some bart riders say taking
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bus bridges added a couple ir daily commute commutessers are lining up to board -- commuters are lining up to board ac transit this week. service is beefed up because of the bart strike. they say taking the bus bridges added hours to their daily commute. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo has a commuter report card for us and how the bart alternatives how they held up today. >> reporter: this ferry landing has been much more busy than what it normally is with commuters choosing a scenic water commute instead of sitting in traffic. if you see tired faces around the bay area today, there's little need to ask why. >> we got up early and my wife had mapped out a new strategy. >> reporter: jim mcwilliams takes bart every day. today he took the ferry and left home an hour early thanks to a wake-up call from his wife. >> to get out you have to get out. so i left earlier than usual. >> reporter: for mcwilliams, the nautical commute wasn't so bad. >> was it mood is sailing?
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>> reporter: there was plenty of frustration. in breaking do you the numbers they show a bart shutdown was not a nightmare. it looks like morning commuters avoided the major bridges. the bay bridge had 1,000 fewer drivers. the golden gate bridge saw 400 fewer cars. the ferry out of the jack london terminal saw three times as more riders. on the rail between 2,000 and 3,000 rode caltrain. 3 to 4,000 took bart shuttles in from the east bay. and ac transit did not have any numbers on how many passengers it took in. somewhere in the thousands for sure. but the fact the agency took any is notable. its workers are working without a contract which ended the same day bart's workers' did. today's commute by land or sea was far from easy. but for this man with a plan and an organized wife a day without bart was not the worst and he is already ready for tomorrow. >> i'm still going to take the ferry. in fact, i bought some
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roundtrip tickets so i'm ahead of the game. >> reporter: transportation officials are trying to figure out why things went a little better than expected. they are really interested in finding out how many people carpooled into the city. those numbers should be out later this week, allen. >> thank you, ryan takeo kpix 5 reporter elizabeth wenger joins us with a look at our bay area traffic. >> i think we are going to go out live to chopper 5. it's over san francisco. look at this. this is a line to board some of the buses. ac transit and bart both provided extra transbay bus service between the east bay and san francisco. so now all these folks are trying to head home. they were able to use the carpool lane so while they were stuck in traffic the backup wasn't as big as some folks stuck in hour long delays coming from the east bay. so if you were a solo commuter you saw the worst commutes this morning. so that's probably your best advice for tomorrow. use mass transit take advantage of some of those charter bus
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services that bart and ac transit provided. here's a live look at mobile5. they have been cruising bay area freeways. a little earlier they were on 580 in the east bay. so some of our commutes are definitely better right now than what we saw earlier this morning, specifically 24, 880 and the nimitz. those were some of our worst commutes and any of the freeways that paralleled certainly bart lines. here's the golden gate bridge. earlier traffic was beginning to stack up in the northbound direction from doyle heading towards sausalito. it looks like it's improved somewhat but the golden gate bridge would be a great commute as an alternate to the lower deck of the bay bridge which is pretty busy at this hour. that's your latest "timesaver traffic"." we are in the grips of a heat wave. chief meteorologist paul deanno is in danville wishing he was standing in the fog of the golden gate bridge. >> sounds inviting! it's 106 in the shade.
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it's been hot tore days here. this heat wave is a long heat wave. kids are having a good time here. smart move because right there it is probably about 20 or 30 degrees cooler. the fifth consecutive triple- digit day out here in the bay area away from the water. a live picture back to the golden gate fog mother nature's version of air-conditioning no fountain needed. it is much cooler at the coast and cooler in other parts of the bay area. but inland it is very, very hot. the extensive heat warning continues for everywhere away from the water. tonight all day tomorrow, most of wednesday until 7:00. now, oakland you have have been caught in the middle. you're not in the 60s like at the coast and not in the triple digits. here's your five-day trend. thursday 80. 58 and 86 for friday and saturday. sunday yesterday you cooled off and today's high at the airport 81 degrees. these are the current temperatures outside. 99 still in concord. 90 for san jose. 101 in fairfield. but look at the difference between fairfield and the
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coast. it's only 58 in pacifica. that's a 43-degree temperature spread today. there is a huge ridge of high pressure locked in place over the western seaboard. it's not just us here in northern california. it's the entire state, arizona, utah, nevada, it's new mexico, everybody hot. and it's going to stay hot inland until this ridge moves and it will not move until friday. it will be milder at the coast and the bay with a little bit of high cloud cover moving in but in general, this weather pattern is not going to change for about three more hot days. now, highs tomorrow look at morgan hill. 100 degrees for a high on tuesday. san jose you'll hit 96. but pacifica much cooler with a high of 71. antioch 106. pleasanton 106. danville 104. oakland with the high of 83. now, downtown san francisco will hit 76 and daly city only 70. santa rosa 99 degrees and another toasty one for lake county clearlake 107 degrees. here's your extended forecast right on through independence day july 4. we'll be above 100 degrees inland. right around 80 near the bay. and mid- to upper 60s at the
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coast. when will we see cooling? i know you're wondering. the answer is friday. not going to be cold. it's not even going to be chilly. but it will be lower than 100 degrees. mid-90s on friday inland. low 90s over the weekend away from the water. and we'll cool down for the top of next week with highs around 70 near the bay and low 60s at the coast. we're live here at oak hill park in danville. the kids have kind of taken off, ran in for a quick sprinkle. and allen, i'll tell you what, that looks inviting because that sun right there does not. >> step back into the mist. >> step back. [ laughter ] >> it is about 20 degrees -- talk about microclimates. it's a lot cooler right there. >> drop the microphone and enjoy. >> reporter: if i didn't have all this electronic stuff on i would. >> thank you, paul. >> every dollar counts when you're a student. i think people underestimate how difficult it is. >> it's about to get even more difficult. why some college students are starting to see interest rates on new loans double. >> as we go to break here's a live look at the eastern span of the bay bridge.
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that's because congress faid to hammer out an agreement student loans. starting today interest rates double for millions of college students. that's because congress failed to hammer out an agreement on student loans. we visited uc-berkeley to find out how it affects some students. reporter: uc students are already filling out the paperwork for their college loans. the rate hike is a tough pill to swallow. >> i don't think it's really fair. >> reporter: the rate on subsidized government loans jumps from 3.4% to 6.8%. the increase does not apply to existing loans. it only applies to new loans affecting about 7.5 million borrowers. lawmakers failed to reach a deal after floating several proposals to stop the increase. many agree that student debt is a financial crisis that will take a toll on the broader economy. >> people in the 20s are putting off home purchases, they are putting off automobile purchases. they are not doing what their
5:26 pm
parents' generation did because they have so much debt. >> reporter: but democrats and republicans say they want a deal to stop the hike in student debt. republicans favor a proposal linking rates to the financial markets. democrats prefer stenning the current rate for a year while they work out a long-term solution. in the meantime, students face high costs. >> it's another $200 that could, i don't know, pay for rent or food. so every dollar really counts when you're a student. i people think underestimate how difficult it is. >> reporter: over 30% of undergraduates rely on government subsidized stafford loans to pay for part of the education. the interest increase adds $2,600 to the cost of a college education. >> senators say they will take up the issue again after the recess possibly scheduling a vote on july 10. if they find a way to stop the rate height it will be retroactive. we'll be right back.
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to track the evening commut. and one tough lesson for the who drove... how they found mand" adds up to new at 6:00 tonight we'll continue to track the evening commute and one tough lesson for those who drove. how they found that supply and demand adds up to a painful parking premium. >> and bringing billions in untapped business to the bay area. how one group is determined to attract a chinese windfall of jobs and new enterprise. that and much more at 6:00. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado
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>> pelley: tonight, the worst wildfire disaster in 80 years. 19 firefighters are dead and the fire rages on. >> i think what we're most concerned about is how painful these losses are. >> pelley: john blackstone on how it happened. carter evans with the mother of me of the men who were lost. >> he wanted to be a firefighter hot shot all of his life. y: timley: time is running out on egypt's first democratically elected president as the el d istary makes a threat. clarissa ward is in the middle and 150 years ago today the battle that saved america. chip reid returns to gettysburg. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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