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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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severely impacted by the bart strike again tonight as you can see it is very slow going. this is how many people are getting home tonight. looking at the lines of the casual carpool across from the transbay terminal, this is plan b for hundreds of people trying to make it across the bay bridge. this is a live look from mobile5 along 880 southbound heading towards san leandro. the view drivers are getting as they try to navigate home. we'll check in with elizabeth wenger in the traffic center in just a moment. but as you can see, from above and below, the first day of the bart strike is making the start to the workweek miserable for drivers making their way across the bay. [ chanting ] >> meanwhile, bart unions not budging. they rallied today at frank ogawa plaza in oakland and again the civic center bart station in san francisco just an hour ago. but tonight, union rallies are all that's happening. as of 6 p.m., no talks are happening and none are planned.
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bart management is inviting workers to return to the table, but union reps refuse. so far the bay area will deal with another bartless commute tomorrow. kpix 5's mike sugerman has been out among the commuters for 12 hours. hard to say who is the worse for wear you or them right now. >> reporter: well, i'd rather be standing than sitting in traffic. we were here an hour ago and showed you the streets that lead to a street that leads to the bridge. it's not better. it's worse. we showed you the line that leads to a line that leads to the ac transit buses. it's not better, it's worse. we showed you the line to get on the bart shuttle buses that will take you across the bridge. it's not better, it's not good. it's worse. it's been a day of not better but worse. can they jam these buses any fuller? >> i know it's hot but if we can move as far back as we can to accommodate all these passengers, please?
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>> reporter: they can't. they just missed it. >> i know. >> reporter: which means another half hour wait for little isabella and her mother on top of the half hour they just waited to get on the ac transit bus. at 2 p.m., three hours before the commute typically begins. you're here an hour early. >> because the bus is going to leave at 3 i want to get home because i have to get to oakland west, get another bus and another bus for fremont. >> reporter: like many it will be a 13 hour day. some waited even longer. >> i have been out here since 11 waiting on the bus. >> reporter: for a 3:00 bus? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: she took a bart shuttle set up for stranded passengers and could have probably found a quicker way back but it wasn't easy to figure stuff out today. >> this lady said go to main streets, over here. i think eel sleep on a bench because i can't find a supervisor. >> reporter: bart reports it brought thousands of people on those buses into san francisco this morning.
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muni says ridership was up 10%. that's an additional 7,000 people. casual carpools busy hours early too. >> this is going to be crazy later. >> reporter: while there is debate on the merits of the labor action -- >> i think they shouldn't be allowed to strike. i used to belong to the unions so i understand, you know, what they have to fight for. >> reporter: few disagree about the situation it has brought on no matter whose fault it is. >> it sucks. i think it's so stupid. >> a lot of bull crap. >> reporter: there you see mobile5 880, actually better than here in san francisco. today may have been the best day of the strike because people might have hung back wanting to see what happens. they saw what happened and tomorrow they might not have that chance to hang. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. the bart strike has forced hundreds of thousands of
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commuters to scramble for those alternatives and some ac transit riders are waiting in long lines to board those buses back to the east bay. kpix 5's ryan takeo has the commuter report card and the alternatives you checked into. how did they work out? >> reporter: well, it's been busy all day, allen. this ferry landing has been very busy. right now we're waiting for the next wave of riders. if you see tired faces around the bay area today, there's little need to ask why. >> we got up early and my wife mapped out a new strategy. >> reporter: jim mcwilliams takes bart every day. today he took the ferry and left home an hour early thanks to a wake-up call from his wife. >> get out, you have to get out. so i left earlier than usual. >> reporter: for mcwilliams, the nautical commute wasn't so bad. >> was it smooth sailing? >> smooth sailing. >> reporter: there was plenty of frustration and stop and go to go around. in breaking down the numbers they show a bart shutdown was not a colossal nightmare.
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it looks like morning commuters avoided the bay bridge. golden gate bridge saw 400 fewer cars, the bay bridge 1,000 fewer. the sf bay ferry tripled its number of riders the golden gate ferry saw a couple hundred more. on the rails between 2,000 and 3,000 rode caltrain in. between 3,000 and 4,000 took bart shuttles in from the east bay and ac transit did not have any numbers on how many passengers it took in. somewhere in the thousands for sure. but the fact the agency took any is notable. its workers are working without a contract which ended the same day bart workers' did. today's commute by land or sea was far from easy. but for this man with a plan and and organized wife, a date without bart was not the worst and he is already ready for tomorrow. >> i'm still going to take the ferry. in fact, i bought some roundtrip tickets so i'm ahead of the game. >> reporter: how's this for timing? the ferry gemini coming in from the city right here to the port of oakland.
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transportation officials are trying to figure out why as far as they're concerned things went better than expected. they are looking forward to carpool numbers how many were on the road. those numbers should be in later this week. ryan takeo kpix 5. >> being the 4th of july week doesn't hurt but no better way to check the evening commute than checking in with the traffic center. elizabeth wenger joins us with the big picture. >> reporter: overall, it's not horrendous. the evening commute is a lot better than the morning commute but i want to take you out to some video we just took. this is the worst of it. city streets in san francisco. it's all those drivers trying to get to the lower deck of the bay bridge. they are trying to head home. so this is a look that we took just moments ago. this was on battery street and washington. the embarcadero southbound looks pretty similar at this hour. all right. let's go out now towards chopper because we do have a live look at traffic on 101 and the embarcadero actually. this is a live look at the
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embarcadero. folks heading home here, as well. you can see all the heavy traffic. the good news is once you get on the lower deck of the bay bridge, while it's busy, it's pretty typical for an evening commute. and even though mike sugerman didn't have any good news, i do. we have actually seen some improvement here in the last hour. and at 24/880 and interstate 80, all our worst commutes this morning, more than an hour delays, so far in the green right now. that's a check of your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. bart workers are taking advantage of all that extra traffic. >> whoo! >> they have been out on the streets all day picketing and so far, there are no plans to go back to the bargaining table. so what's the holdup? we sent ann notarangelo to find out. >> reporter: with all the extra time commuters were forced to invest in getting to work today, they had the time to think about why the strike happened. >> bart employees are a bunch
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of crybabies and they need to quit whining. >> i don't think anybody is right. >> reporter: they are offering an 8% raise. the unions want a 3 year contract with 13.5% raise over a according to bart nonmanagement employees already make $71,000 a year on average, and average 11 thousand dollars in overtime. all bart employees get a benefits package worth $52,000 and the cost to bart goes up each year. >> right now bart employees only pay $92 towards their healthcare and that's unheard of! most people pay four times as much. >> if anyone wants other than basics they pay on top of that plus co-pays. it averages out to our members paying $200 a month. >> we are not going to let this happen! this is what this strike is all about! >> reporter: neither side will disclose what they are proposing. another contentious issue, pensions. currently employees contribute zero. but bart employees explained their pensions are only 92% funded. and the transit agency opted out of social security in the late '80s so this pension is
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all they will have in retirement. >> bart pays the whole thing because we don't get social security. we're offering to pay a half percent per year to total 1.5%. >> reporter: who is right? that has no clear answer but one commuter suggested bart riders will not win. if bart gives in fares will go up. if they don't, it more long commutes like this. in alameda, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. now, ironically, as bart workers walked off the job at midnight, they actually got a 1% raise. that was part of a previous deal. again, no new talks are scheduled. that means a long road ahead for commuters. kpix 5's phil matier at the bart station at lake merritt. >> reporter: in any situation like this everybody knows that the strike card can be played at sometime. the question is, for both sides, have they overplayed their hand?
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>> there's a bit of sympathy in the union going out. if it's a longer strike it could turn. >> reporter: as a professor of labor relations at uc-berkeley, he has seen a lot of labor strikes in his time. >> the key is that this doesn't spill over into a long strike that could be damaging for both sides. >> reporter: the problem is, once workers go out, it's just about impossible to get them to go back in unless they get something out of the deal. and union leaders know it. does this have to be a net gain in this contract to sell it? >> yes, because workers have taken a wage freeze. >> reporter: there's a question of timing. the walkout is happening during the slow season for bart and on the eve of the long 4th of july weekend. still -- >> after a few days, there's only so many employers that are going to let you work from home. >> reporter: what's this costing your members? >> well, it will cost them a day's pay every day that they can't go do work. >> reporter: so far, other politicians like governor brown have largely stayed out of the talks although the governor did say no to imposing a cooling- off period that would have delayed the strike until
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september. a much busier time tore bart. >> looking yes, other unions looking at this. we haven't -- >> reporter: and that is one of the reasons why everyone is watching bart because it's a public employee union, it's the first strike we have seen in some time since the port of oakland earlier this year which might have set the tone for this strike because they got a lot of what they wanted. this is a statewide story and national story. in oakland, phil matier, kpix 5. >> and stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the bart strike. another traffic check coming up in just a few minutes and you can check out our website,, to get everything you need to get around while bart trains are not running. extreme heat, dry brush, dangerous combination that get contra costa firefighters very busy this afternoon. >> good evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno live at oak hill park in danville. kids normally playing here at the park but tonight they're not because today's the fifth straight day of triple-digit temperatures away from the
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water. it's going to continue through tomorrow. we do know when the triple digits will end. i'll have the update in the fork coming up. >> and another check ahead on the commute. how drivers are getting across the bay bridge and the creative approaches to catching a ride home. ,, sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. chopper 5 is over the city right now. and as you can see, a lot of people headed out to get home early after this morning's commute into the city for work was such a nightmare, they got a better start this afternoon and i'm sure they are preparing for tomorrow morning as the bart strike continues. ac transit helped commuters all over the bay area by not striking today even though their contract expired at midnight. in fact, they provided extra service between the east bay and san francisco to help ease commuter pain.
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contract negotiations continue for ac transit's management and its bus operators and mechanics. developing news out of contra costa county this afternoon where a brush fire has damaged three buildings. it is burning along highway 4 near kirker pass road. here's a look at the thick smoke and how close it is to the homes. one out building has already burned to the ground. as of now, kirker pass road is closed in both directions. highway 4 is open. the fire broke out around 1:30 and has grown to 240-acres. no better way to forecast and experience the heat than to send him out. there meteorologist paul deanno with us tonight live. >> reporter: you have to get outside and experience it. there is a lot of sweat going on out here in danville. live at oak hill park where the kids simply are not playing tonight. mom and dad doing the smart thing and keeping them inside at home not as much strenuous time outside. today's the fifth day with temperatures 10 to 20 degrees
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above normal. the excessive heat warning is going to last for the next few days. john ramos reports. >> reporter: it is july. so we probably shouldn't be surprised that things are getting hot in california. but as bay area heat spells go, this one is a doozy. >> this heat wave is -- some people are saying it could be the second worst heat wave since 1995. >> reporter: pg&e says besides the problems heat can cause the equipment, customers are using more and more power as the weather gets hot and stays hot. to avoid outages, cal-iso which manages the state power grid is issuing a "flex alert" for today and tuesday asking residents and businesses to cut back on power usage between noon and 7 p.m. >> so if you're going to do a load of laundry or going to vacuum your house, try to do it after 6:00 or 7 p.m. when the load and the demand is less. >> reporter: and the power grid isn't the only thing suffering. john muir hospital in consumer report treated 15 to 20 people for heat-related illnesses just
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this weekend. >> from weakness and fatigue to people passing out at work, so we have been jam-packed. >> reporter: and many of the people who ended up here didn't know what hit them. >> you're going about your work and by the time you realize it's a little too late and you know, you pass out or somebody sees you get weak and possibliy at work and next thing you know paramedics are there to pick you up. >> reporter: the hospital treated a number of homeless people who sleep in the park across the street. padraig o'rourke spends his days in the sun maintaining the park grounds but takes safety seriously. >> i always wear my hat. i always put on sunscreen. if i'm thirsty at all, the rule is if you are thirsty, you're already dehydrated so i always stop and get a drink. >> reporter: the elderly are particularly at risk so places like the concord senior center are a welcome spot to cool off over a hot game of bunko. but these ladies know it doesn't take much for the situation to turn deadly. >> i think it's very serious. these elderly people stuck in their homes and some of them don't have air-conditioning and
6:18 pm
they have no one to take them elsewhere. that's very dangerous. >> reporter: and if the forecast is correct, it's a dangerous situation that's not going to go away anytime soon. in walnut creek, john ramos, kpix 5. all right, john. john brought up a good point. being hot in july in california not that uncommon. what is uncommon is the duration of this heat wave. we're already five days in today day 5 with temperatures in the triple digits away from the water. and we have three more days to go. so by the end of this, we're talking about 8 days with temperatures running 10 to 20 degrees above our already high averages. so that excessive heat warning will continue through the night tonight all day tomorrow for most of wednesday will not expire until wednesday evening and that means at least two more days with temperatures running well above normal. this is all away from the water. here at the coast talking 60s. from you near the bay talking 70s and 80s warm but not hot. this is the inland areas which will stay in the triple digits likely all the way through july 4. let's talk about san
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jose. this is a warm trend for you above normal for the past five days peaking on saturday with the high of 96. after a day in the upper 80s yesterday you hit 92 for a high today. now, it's not cooling off that much at night. look at fairfield. only dropping down to 72. that's part of the problem. warm nights and hot days. livermore 67. it will be cooler at the coast. pacifica 53. and san francisco tonight 57 degrees. now, here's what's happening. we have a huge ridge of high pressure which is basically acting like an oven and mother nature has really turned on the heat all the way from west texas and new mexico back to southern california all the way up to seattle, which of course includes the bay area. so high temperatures tomorrow pacifica running at 71 degrees. that's above average for you but not hot. san jose you will hit 96. that's hot. oakland in the low 80s and fairfield 106 degrees tomorrow. your extended forecast calling for triple digits to continue tomorrow and wednesday and july 4. i know you're going out for the holiday. it will be hot once again. you will begin to cool off on friday and much cooler down to about 90 over the weekend near
6:20 pm
the bay 80s through thursday. and at the coast, mid-60s and staying there for the next several days so we have three for days to go. we have five down three more to go eight in total a long heat wave away from the water here in the bay area. meteorologist paul deanno. back to you. >> all right, fire danger high too, thanks, paul. more ceremonies to tie the knot. where same-sex couples were lining up to exchange vows. >> they start up here and they create jobs here. >> and billions in new business up for grabs. the campaign to make sure the bay area gets a piece of that pie. >> and chopper 5 continues to show weary commuters who just want to get home but instead they are stuck in this. a big backup bumper to bumper now along the embarcadero and city streets around san francisco. we'll also show you where things are moving nicely. your latest bay area drive times coming up. bulldog: oh, the dog days of summer!
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in the state. as of today, clerks in all counties are required to ise same-sex couples in california can now apply for marriage licenses anywhere in the state. as of today, clerks in all 58 counties are required to issue them. dozens of couples tie the knot today in beverly hills, others opted to take advantage of free ceremonies in west hollywood. of course there were weddings all weekend in san francisco. the county clerk's office has already issued well over 500 licenses. some relief from those annoying ads on facebook. the social media site says starting today it will begin pulling advertising from pages that feature violent and the sexually explicit images. facebook says it's trying to strike a balance between protecting brands and freedom of speech. in may, more than a dozen companies pulled their ads saying they didn't want their
6:24 pm
messages running alongside sexual and violent content. a first-of-its-kind program is helping silicon valley partner up with china for new projects and investments. kpix 5's len ramirez on the nonprofit that's rolling out the welcome mat. >> reporter: it isn't a question of when or how much chinese business investment there will be. >> $10 to $60 billion could flow to california between now and 2020. >> reporter: the question is, where? >> we want to make sure we get a strong share of that in san jose and silicon valley. >> reporter: economic development director kim waller says san jose is teaming up with private partners to form the first of its kind nonprofit called china silicon valley, to promote the region to chinese companies and investors. >> in the best-case scenario we have more chinese companies coming to san jose and silicon valley, more private chinese companies, and they start up here and they create jobs here. >> reporter: a trickle is already started in this north san jose office building where chinese and american investors
6:25 pm
are incubating promising chinese startups. >> in terms of innovation, i see the silicon valley plays more important role than other regions. >> reporter: this man was born in china and educated at stanford and is also the co- president of china sv and says the valley has the ingredients for success the chinese want. >> knowledge, talent, information and capital flowing among universities, companies and small startups. >> reporter: the valley also has a sizable chinese-american commute and room for businesses to grow. this silicon valley research and development facility is not empty today because of a bart strike. like a lot of silicon valley buildings it has been vacant for years due to the recession. but it has been well maintained. and it's just sitting here waiting for the next investor. will that company be from china? >> i think we're the most welcoming community on the planet. >> reporter: it very well could be if china silicon valley gets its way. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix
6:26 pm
5. coming up in our next half hour another check of the evening commute. chopper 5 is over the ferry building in san francisco. people are lang up trying to get the alternative route home but are drivers any better off trying to navigate across the bay? we'll check on both side of the bridge for you. >> fight the traffic, trying to find parking. the painful surprise that greeted some san francisco commuters this morning. >> i just thanked him and came down the hill to work. now they're gone. >> the worst firefighting tragedy in 80 years. how a tiny arizona community is coping with the loss of 19 brave souls. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now snaking away from the f buil a live look at chopper 5 as the bay area navigates day one of the bart strike. long lines right now snaking away from the ferry building on the embarcadero and it's going to be a long wait. people getting off work have a long road ahead of them. mike sugerman reports.
6:30 pm
>> reporter: this traffic is moving now. it was blocking the box every light now it's actually good. it's moving. the bad news rickville roma will show you here is that that line for the ac transit is snaked around the block. over here the buses that were taking bart passengers shuttles are going to end at 7:00. but that line doesn't seem to be so bad either. so the bottom line is, traffic better, real buses not so good. the fake bart buses are getting better. it's all coming together. its all going to end soon. only to start again tomorrow.
6:31 pm
>> to elizabeth wenger in the traffic center. >> we are going to chopper 5. [ pause ] >> reporter: i'm ryan takeo at the port of oakland at clay street landing. a bunch of people just got off the ferry heading back to the city with shirakawa ron walker. you just got off the ferry not too long ago. what was the experience life? >> i never rode the ferry before. it was easy. faster than i thought it would be. people were nicer than i thought they would be especially today. and it was quick. >> reporter: you said that you prepared yourself you got here an hour earlier than what you normally would. are you worried that tomorrow it might be more packed with ferry riders because of just how difficult the roads were today? >> half the people in work didn't show up and the other half took alternate routes. same plan for tomorrow. here bright and early. >> reporter: thank you.
6:32 pm
there are going to be a lot of other ferry riders doing the same thing tomorrow and maybe folks who may change their plans from the road. live in oakland, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. now let's check in with traffic and elizabeth wenger watching all the trouble spots. >> we are. our trouble spots are getting better. this was one of our worst approaches to the lower deck. let's go live to chopper 5. we have seen improvement in the last hour or so. so while it's slow it's not terrible. once you get towards the east bay, east bay freeways actually look surprisingly good at this hour. let's go to mobile5 right now. we have a photographer behind the wheel and he is driving southbound 880 leaving oakland heading towards hayward. as you can see, this is supposed to be the bulk of the evening commute and right now, things are moving still at top speeds. checking some of our road sensors, so this morning any of those freeways that were
6:33 pm
paralleling bart corridors, those were our worst, 24, 880/92 the nimitz, drive times surprisingly good at this hour. what is starting to get busy, i think people are trying to find alternates. i noticed this in the last half hour people are trying to avoid the bay bridge so 101 is busy if you are heading towards san rafael and the richmond/san rafael bridge eastbound 580. seeing brake lights as well heading towards the east bay. that's a check of your latest "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. if having to drive during the strike isn't punishment enough, pit at this time poor soul who has to find and then pay for parking. in san francisco there are at least 450,000 parking spaces open to the public and by mid- morning the majority of the lots were already at capacity. at this location, the attendant actually squeezed 150 cars into 70 spaces. not putting my car there. that was good news for one of
6:34 pm
his regulars could just could not believe his eyes. >> i got here at 8:15. it's usually half full. today this area over here was totally packed! [ laughter ] >> i was wondering if i was going to get a spot or not. >> he got a spot. not all lots jacked up the fees. some did by either eliminating early bird specials or by charging for special events. we'll continue to update you on the strike. get more information forget around the strike and the commute at checking some bay area headlines, four people are facing charges for fleeing police and crashing their cars into an oakland church. it started with shots fired at leavenworth and mcallister streets in san francisco last night. police gave chase across the bay bridge and that's where the car smashed into the joshua christian church. three men and a woman were arrested. no one was hurt. another accident led to a mother crashing into her own
6:35 pm
condo in pleasanton this morning. it happened on st. michael circle. the driver reportedly hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. the woman and her child who was also in the van were not injured. and san carlos is the latest san mateo county city to ban plastic bags starting today. the san carlos city council adopted the bag ban ordinance back in february and decided to postpone the enforcement until july to give retailers time to adjust. the ban applies to groceries, convenience stores, pharmacies, but not restaurants. well, in santa cruz county two women died after falling into the ocean about 3:30 yesterday afternoon at bonny doon beach. cal fire says the two women were in their 30s. president obama joined former rival john mccain in sending condolences to the families of 19 fallen firefighters. an entire team from the elite granite mountain hotshots perished over the weekend. they were battling a wildfire
6:36 pm
near yarnell, arizona, when the flames overran them. reporter marlie hall on the life-saving equipment that wasn't enough to protect them records a convoy of white -- >> reporter: a convoy of white vans carried the bodies of firefighters killed battling a wildfire in yarnell, arizona taken to a mortuary in phoenix. >> the concern was that we not leave those fallen comrades out there on the side of the mountain. >> reporter: the 19 dead firefighters were members of the granite mountain hotshots an elite crew that works on the front line of wildfires. these crews do a lot of heavy lifting and work long hours. that's why most of them are young. >> that's the tragedy in what just happened is that they're younger firefighters. >> reporter: fire officials say the wind suddenly shifted sending the flames towards the firefighters. some of the hotshots tried to shield themselves from the flames using small fireproof tents. some of the dead crewmembers were found inside the shelters, others outside. >> those poor firefighters. [ crying ] >> reporter: barbara potter said she saw the hotshots
6:37 pm
working in her neighborhood on saturday. >> i just thanked them and came down the hill to work. and now they're gon. yarnell is a wonderful community and it's been terribly hurt. >> reporter: officials think lightning sparked the wildfire. brush in the area was dry and overgrown because there hasn't been a significant fire here in more than 40 years. marlie hall for cbs news, prescott, arizona. that one member of the hotshots team survived because he was moving the crew's truck when the flames killed them. millions of college students are deeper in debt tonight. >> it's another $200 that could pay for rent or food. >> what congress didn't do and what it needs to do now to keep interest rates on college loans from doubling. >> how many more days before relief? will our blistering heat wave be here for the july 4 festivities? >> but first, we're still counting down to the opening of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hardware is closing eight california stores. "store closing" sales are already san jose-based orchard supply hardware is going to close eight of its stores in california. store closing sales are already going on at stores in newark, antioch, vacaville, fairfield. it's part of orchard's chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization which also includes the chain sale to its rival lowe's which plans to keep the orchard name and operate the stores independently. student loan interest rates doubled today for manslaughter of americans because congress failed to hammer out a deal. we asked students at uc- berkeley for their take on the stalemate. uc students are already filling out the paperwork for their college loans. the rate hike is a tough pill to swallow. >> i don't think it's really fair. >> reporter: the rate on
6:41 pm
subsidized government loans jumps from 3.4% to 6.8%. the increase does not apply to existing loans, only to new ones affecting about 7.5 million borrowers. lawmakers failed to reach a deal after floating several proposals to stop the increase. many agree that student debt is a financial crisis that will take a toll on the broader economy. >> people in the 20s are putting off home purchases, putting off automobile purchases, are not doing what their parents' generation did because they have so much debt. >> reporter: democrats and republicans say they want a deal to stop the hike in student debt. republicans favor a proposal to link rates to the financial markets. democrats prefer stenning the current rate for a -- extending the current rate for a year while they work out a long-term solution. in the meantime students face high costs.
6:42 pm
>> it's another $200 that could pay for expenses. people underestimate how difficult it is for students. >> reporter: over 30% of undergraduates rely on governments' subsidized stafford loans to pay for part of their education. the interest increases adds about $2,600 to the cost of a college education. senators say they will take up the issue again after the recess possibly scheduling a vote on july 10. if they do find a way to stop the rate hike, it will be retroactive. coming up another check on the stubborn grass fire in east contra costa county. >> good evening to you, meteorologist paul deanno. if live away from the water today is the fifth consecutive day with temperatures near or above 100 degrees. when will it finally end in time for july 4? i'll have your updated forecast coming up. i'm dennis o'donnell in san francisco. you got to pay hundreds to see a golden state warriors game. today i'm going to show you where you can see the pros play
6:43 pm
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i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that?
6:45 pm
in contra the evening commute is starting to ease for some but not if you are on 80 in san
6:46 pm
francisco heading east. the approach to the bay bridge is still crawling along. this of course caused in big part by the bart strike. that force the people into their cars, buses, ferries. we are keeping an eye on the commute as well as how long the bart strike is going to last. probably it's good that it's a holiday week making things a little lighter. >> new details on the fire burning near highway 4 in contra costa county at this hour. in the past 20 minutes firefighters made initial containment of the fire near kirker pass road. that means it is no longer spreading. now the job is to douse the hot spots. the fire is up to 300 acres. two structures burned but fire crews saved six others. they will be watching this into the evening. and that heat something we have to keep in mind for the
6:47 pm
holiday weekend. paul deanno is in danville. there is water behind you. >> we always talk about microclimates and here. we figure we try to create our own. brian measured 106 in the shade so we figured we can do better than that. so we tell kids drink a lot of water. they have a manmade creek here at oak hill park in danville. we decided to create our own microclimate. it feels great now. be smart with your kids and be smart with the amount of time they are outside the next couple of days especially away from the water. it is hot. kids will get exhausted quickly. take it easy because the heat's not going away until after the 4th of july is finished. i want to show you a live picture because the heat is gone. you hit a high of 79 degrees. right now there is some fog and low cloud cover rolling in. the west wind is picking up ind but no, it is not hot near the bay or at the coast. let's talk some specifics now.
6:48 pm
san francisco downtown you hit 79 degrees for a high today. that's not super hot but it was 12 degrees above average. concord 100 for a high today. 4th straight day we did that 14 degrees above normal. livermore 103, 18 degrees above average. san jose 92. and significantly warmer than normal in santa rosa with a high of 97. let's talk specifics now about livermore. look at the heat the past few days. getting who the in july or late june is not an normal but what is abnormal an strange about this heat wave is how long it lasted. livermore five straight days above 95 degrees four into triple digits and you likely will be there tomorrow and wednesday. and thursday. now, if you are heading out this evening because you didn't want to get into the peek of the heat, concord still 98. that's hot. 63 in downtown san francisco. so a big difference near the bay and in the city. fairfield at 98 and pacifica chilly cool at 57 degrees. let's explaining why this is happening. we have a big heat wave from
6:49 pm
west texas through the desert southwest through southern california into the bay area all the way north of seattle where they hit a record high of 89. it's all because of one large strong ridge of high pressure. le this that breaks down and moves the forecast will stay hot away from the water. we'll be milder near the coast and near the bay. highs tomorrow morgan hill triple digits once again. san jose hotter tomorrow. high of 96. but pacifica cooler high of 71. antioch triple digits. pleasanton, danville, triple digits. 104 for danville. oakland tomorrow 83 for you. san francisco downtown 76 to maybe a couple of degrees cooler in the city. and daly city a high of 70. santa rosa will hit 99. another warm day in lake county mendocino county clearlake 107. your extended forecast triple digits away from the water for three more days. by the time this is wrapped up on the 4th of july and the day
6:50 pm
after, we're looking at 8 consecutive days of a heat wave. near the bay 80s through the 4th of july. if you want to cool off, wait until the weekend when temperatures go down 10 to 15 degrees or stay at the coast with highs in the mid-60s. cooler in the water right there but we're staying hot inland for three more days. i have sports for you coming up next. ,,,, [ male announcer ] the new subway® $4 lunch is for everyone.
6:51 pm
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the next great center in la history... now everyone is lining dennis o'donnell at kezar paville. >> n. >> some of the nba stars in the making honing their game here. we'll get to that in just a moment. big topic around the bay area could the warriors win an nba championship if they can figure out how to land dwight howard? you may remember a year ago howard arrived in l.a. poised to become the next great lakers center in their history. now everyone is lining up to try and get the center. >> one lady who would always come. >> come to the lakers come to the laker. >> reporter: the warriors will get their time for howard tonight in los angeles. the rockets made their pitch last night with a visit from
6:54 pm
hakeem olajuwon and you ming. the two were spotted working out at ucla this afternoon. chris paul didn't waste anytime making his decision. he will remain in love city. the clippers have agreed to a new five-year $107 million deal to make him the league's highest paid point guard. you won't see dwight howard here at kezar pavilion but you will see other nba players. john greenberg back to 1982. you go back even further. you started this in 1979 where pros play with amateurs and there are eight teams right now in the pro-am city league. >> that's right. started back in -- [ signal breakup ] >> -- san francisco recreation park department at the time asked me, john, can you find a way of bringing people together? and as you know in sports, you can do that. and so -- [ signal breakup ]
6:55 pm
opportunity to start a high class number one league in the bay area. and started the san francisco pro-am league. this venue attracts the old, the young, the -- all the ethnic backgrounds and they sit here and have a great time. >> reporter: jeremy lin by the way got poster rides and ended up on espn. >> he was here last week and just a great game. went to an overtime. he scored 12 points in the overtime. and 45 points total. he stayed around for some autographs. just a great person. >> reporter: you wouldn't see the 49ers playing against the raiders at the football field next door. you wouldn't see the as and the giants at big rex. why do you think players risk so much with the potential injury to come play in your league? >> well, it's a quality league. we have quality officials. we have a quality atmosphere, a quality venue, the san francisco recreation parks department has been outstanding
6:56 pm
in their help throughout the last 34 years. so they know simply by word of mouth that this league offers them to gain some experience, work on some of the things they need to work on, along with a lot of the college kids. >> reporter: by the way, fans, you can see pros play for nothing. john doesn't charge anything to come and see basketball here. i got some baseball to take care of. the giants on the road in cincinnati trying to figure out a way how do you beat the reds? >> reporter: the last time these two teams met the dust busters reds were eliminated from the play-offs. derek robinson's bouncer going over pablo's head at third, two runs score. 4-0 reds in the second inning and worse for rookie mike kickham. he gives up a second shot toed frazier a three-run blast, 7-0 kickham did not make it out of the 3rd inning. week 2 under way at wimbledon.
6:57 pm
serena williams putting her 34 match winning streak on the line against sabine lisicki tied at four third set serena miss hits the return, lisicki takes the lead. one game later lisicki completes the shocking upset and pulls it off to advance to the quarterfinals. it's serena's first loss since february. 20-year-old sloane stevens is the only american remaining at the all england club. serena is out. the giants are in a rain delay trailing 8-1 in the 7th inning. dennis o'donnell, kpix 5. back to you guys. >> thank you. for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather are always on next newscast at 10:00 and 11:00. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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