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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 2, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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reporter: today was another day of frustration and stop and go and helpless necessary. >> kind of sucks. >> reporter: althea just wants to go to work to try and land that promotion. >> i'm doing everything possible to get to work and not to stay home because i want my job and i want my boss to know that, you know, i'm serious. right now it's like, oh!! >> some people were unprepared and thought there would be a resolution at the final hour which did not happen. >> reporter: for betty, today's commute went better than yesterday because her workers were not surprised. but she is still upset. >> well, more than frustrated. whatever -- more than frustrated is the severe aggravation. and exhausting, because the days are long. >> reporter: she thinks the bart workers, who average about $60,000 a year plus overtime, are paid well enough. >> they're not on the poverty level for sure. >> reporter: it seems like the biggest divide between the public and the two parties negotiating is money. those who support the unions will put up with a strike.
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>> it's unfair labor practices, it they have to do what they need to do to be treated fairly. >> reporter: but those tired of the traffic just want it to go away. >> they worry about money and all this. this isn't helping anything. it's not helping anybody. it's inconveniencing everybody. >> reporter: there have been offers from the state secretary of labor and the attorney general who help mediate negotiations. the unions say they support that. >> ryan takeo in oakland thank you. day two of the strike was worse than day one. ferries and buses were overwhelmed and drivers faced grueling gridlock on bridges and streets. elizabeth wenger is in the traffic center with how the evening commute looks now. >> reporter: it does not look good, elizabeth. it is really backed up. let's get a bird's-eye view right now from chopper 5. once again, the worst of it is all that approach to the bay bridge. look at that 101. right now it is a very slow crawl from the 280 interchange
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all the way out to the stands. this is what it looks like now on city streets. this is battery. it is jammed solid embarcadero southbound bad as well backed up to bay street. one driver told me it took him about a half hour to go two blocks. let's now go to our maps check out some of the road sensors. 101 again that is pretty bad right now from the 280 interchange. as opposed to yesterday's commute where it looked look people got a head start on the evening ride home, things are still bad in the east bay 24 especially from oakland to the caldecott tunnel. we'll have your latest drive times coming up in a little bit. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. as she was saying the worst spots in the evening commute, san francisco streets. about the only way to get down battery street in the financial district, on a motorcycle. so we sent a photographer out on one. this is his helmet cam so we could show you what the traffic looks like. cars, vans, trucks, buses, bumper to bumper.
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they are just inching their way toward the entrances to the bay bridge. of course, we stress safety for this photographer on his motorcycle as he was splitting lanes. kpix 5's mike sugerman live at one of the city's worst bottlenecks. >> reporter: and not on a motorcycle. let's look down there. that's first street. the bay bridge about a half mile down there. nobody's moving. up here is the aforementioned battery street. you can't see it but it goes back about a mile and a half. up there is bush street. that goes back a mile and a half to lower nob hill. san francisco is like a big gumball machine. it's got a lot of stuff around here. it all comes down to here except it's not coming out here too easily right now. reporter: >> it's the pits, terrible. >> reporter: lots of things are the pits crowded buses, lines, waiting for carpools, packed freeways. but before you even can complain about being on a freeway, you got to get to a freeway. and generally, that means driving on san francisco city
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streets. this could be the worst traffic of all of it. how long have you been waiting to get here? >> probably 25 minutes. >> reporter: 25 minutes? where'd you come from? >> i'm coming down the road. >> reporter: that's less than a mile and he was only half a to the freeway. in the middle of the day. that's a good time for this week. >> some people told me it was about an hour, hour about two hours. [ whistle ] >> reporter: that's to travel abou a mile. the parking control officer said people were treating her pretty well except the guy who tried to run her over. >> we have staffing and parking control officers on city streets to be sure we are moving traffic efficiently. >> reporter: it may be an impossible task. san francisco streets turned into a funnel of sorts to get on the bay bridge to avoid the skyway section with several different roads leading to one entrance and no one wants to miss out getting his turn quickly. [ whistle ]
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>> taxi, do me a favor, stop, taxi, hello? >> reporter: this guy, among dozens all day blocking the intersection. get a ticket? >> technically they could get a $100 gridlock ticket. >> reporter: are you going to write him a ticket? >> right no, no, i'm not. >> reporter: in fact with virtually all parking control officers directing traffic there are a lot fewer giving out tickets. something's got give. >> reporter: and there's nicole doing her job doing her best but now someone's coming in and blocking -- well, there's two blocking the block. three, four, five. they have a lot of people blocking the box. tomorrow july 3rd, that's the day before the holiday, better worse? we'll find out. mike sugerman kpix 5. the frustrating morning commute got worse when bart's free shuttle bus service didn't deliver on its promises. the bus service ended early because there were too many people and not enough buses. buses shuttled riders from four
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east bay stations to san francisco's transbay terminal. they were supposed to run until 9 a.m. but stopped at 7:00. tempers boiled over. >> not even 8:00. we need buses to get to work. you guys promised we would have them. >> this strike is ridiculous. you should have planned for this! you told me on the phone last night 7:00 to 9:00. >> for those who got a seat the commute to san francisco took more than two hours. well, some commuters opted out of the road for the waters. ferries weren't much faster. people waited for house to get on the boat and the delays were on both sides of the bay. several commuters waited more than an hour to get from the city to the east bay ferry ridership has tripled in the past two days. buses practically bursting. bart, brought 4,000 riders to san francisco after doubling its shuttle bus fleet. that's 4 times as many riders as yesterday. but as you saw it wasn't enough
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to meet the demand. ac transit buses also packed. ridership about double so far this week. the one place where numbers are down, believe it or not, the bay bridge. it's on pace to carry fewer vehicles into san francisco today than it did last friday. however, it is a holiday week and fewer people are commuting. stay with kpix 5 for the latest on the bart strike. another traffic check in 7 minutes for you. in your car avoid trouble spots with updates on kcbs radio and our strike survival guide is on well, certainly a backup on the golden gate bridge this morning had nothing to do with the bart strike. but it was a mess. this big rig driver from canada didn't see the signs and you see what happened. the truck just couldn't fit through and got stuck in the tollbooth. part of the toll plaza was damaged. the truck's front axle snapped. it took this heavy duty tow truck to haul it out but with no people in the tollbooths anymore, no one was hurt. that driver sweating it for
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a while but much of the bay area sweating it out for the sixth day of triple digits. meteorologist paul deanno says relief is in sight. >> we are almost there. couple of more days to go. highs again today day 6 of our heat wave, vacaville 104, campbell 101, walnut creek triple digits just again. just updated by the national weather service, our excessive heat warning has been extended all the way to thursday night. that's an additional 24 hours. the reason why? the big ridge of high pressure that's been giving us the heat isn't moving so the heat itself will also not be moving for at least two more days. mark sayre is reporting live in san jose tonight in that heat in the south bay. good evening. >> reporter: paul, it is definitely another warm one here in the south bay. of course, an excuse for some people to come out to to the plaza. but for health officials they say it's serious, more heat, more potential for effects on healthy people, those not in the traditional risk groups.
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we'll have that part of the story and check how the heat is affecting people's plans in about 15 minutes. jamar cleveland is oakland's most wanted as we speak today. >> wanted no more. the man oakland police called the worst of the worst is finally behind bars. how a kpix 5 story helped track him down. we're in trouble. there's no brakes. >> horrific crash in a lexus that should never have been on the road. one bay area family's push for safer used cars. ,,,,
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find him. our ann notarangelo is in oakland with the new crime fighting strat oakland's most wanted criminal is now in custody and a story on kpix 5 helped find him. our ann notarangelo in oakland with the new crime-fighting strategy police say has its first success story. ann. >> reporter: allen, last month our christin ayers profiled jamar cleveland. they hoped a new website would catch him. the website is not up yet but cleveland is in jail. reporter: since june 4 oakland police have been looking for jamar cleveland who according to police went on a two-hour crime spree. >> he shot two people. he did several carjackings and kidnappings. that's a very dangerous individual in our community.
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>> reporter: the 26-year-old was considered the worst of the worst because of the level of violence throughout the city in broad daylight. june 21, christin ayers profiled cleveland on kpix 5. just about a week later, he was in custody. did that report help at all in the apprehension of this man? >> it did. we did receive more community input, more community information, through tips, information which led us along with other law enforcement agencies to the location of where jamar cleveland was. >> reporter: they arrested him in the wee hours of saturday morning in the 2300 block of embarcadero. it's a big boost for the police department's newly created most wanted program. each of the city's five district captains pinpoints a highest risk most dangerous suspects in their area. then they spread the word. they plan to have a website up and running soon, but already the program is showing promise. it's further proof there's been a noticeable change in people's willingness to help
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investigators. that's critical for the most wanted program to work. >> it's a testament of the program. this is exciting. we put information out to the community. this is somebody we're actively looking for. and a short time later he's in custody. >> reporter: and this afternoon the district attorney charged cleveland with 21 felony counts. allen, that includes two counts of attempted murder. >> so cleveland was number one, i'm assuming whoever is mber two moves up a notch, and who is that? >> i was wondering the same thing. i asked them and actually they don't know yet. they will get together and they will discuss that but they do think it will be somebody who is an armed robbery suspect. right now that seems to be the crime that's plaguing most of oakland. >> the sooner they tell us, the sooner we can do another story. >> reporter: yeah, exactly. >> thank you, ann. oakland police have made a quick arrest in a double murder at a restaurant. two workers at the wing stop restaurant on lake park avenue were shot and killed just before midnight last night. the 22- and 26-year-old were both from richmond.
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witnesses helped police identify one of the suspects, who was arrested this morning. >> we were also able to recover video evidence from the restaurant and both of those were very helpful in making an arrest this morning. >> police are still looking for a second suspect, robbery was not a motive. police believe this was a targeted incident. the stress of triple digits enough to make anyone cranky. >> it's so intense, some people can't leave home. how this extended heat wave is risky for just about everyone. >> and another evening commute of weary commuters trying to get towards the bay bridge. we'll have continued coverage of your latest hot spots as the bart strike continues. ,,
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get a great deal on arrowhead water, just $3.33 a case. and pick up cheerios for just a $1.88. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. elizabeth wenger is trackine crushing commute from the mobile5 stuck in the backup on battery. it hasn't moved much in the past 15 minutes. elizabeth wenger is tracking the cruising commute from the kpix 5 traffic center. i should say crushing commute. >> i know. it really is. another day. we thought it might be easier today because people may have learned some lessons from the first day of the bart strike but unfortunately, some areas have actually been worse. here's a live look once again that bird's-eye view from chopper 5. showing you the bay bridge approach again.
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it's backed up 101 jammed solid to cesar chavez. let's go live to san francisco where it looks like the lines to catch a ferry are long. we saw this morning people were trying to get into the city they were wrapped around the block and it looked like they were even worse today than when we saw yesterday. so folks are getting there and packing their patience again. the golden gate bridge commute, you will see it's heavy actually northbound. it was a little busy earlier but heavier traffic than what we saw yesterday. i think more people are using this as an alternate instead of heading towards the bay bridge. so golden gate okay option right now. richmond/san rafael bridge going the long way around is moving at top speeds. but look at the east bay. the rest of the east bay, 24, that is a mess right now. once you get off of the bay bridge. so we'll have more on that and your bay area drive times to show you some ways you might be able to beat some of this traffic around the bay area. >> thank you.
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it's the 6th day in a row of dangerous heat in the bay area. the sheer length of this heat wave brings a whole new set of problems. kpix 5 reporter mark sayre in san jose to explain that for us. >> reporter: allen, of course, the heat has some benefits for some people. that is, if you are a kid and you want to have some fun at the plaza. this is very busy here. but the heat brings on a whole new set of serious issues regarding public health and safety. this message sign at the entrance to alum rock park in east san jose tells the story. the park is closed due to extreme fire danger. for group, it means they will have to take their coolerful of ice water and go somewhere else. >> man, it's been hot. really hot, man. i can barely go out the house. >> reporter: and in some ways, the fact that this park is closed just further reinforces the impacts of this extended heat wave. some call it heat wave fatigue, but vera cisneros says she is
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just downright all around irritated. >> very much irritated. more than anything irritated. you can't go anywhere or do anything because everything is just too hot. you can't be outside. a lot of people are just going to the malls because it's too hot. >> so prolonged heat waves are worse and more risky for people than short time, one day of heat and then it goes away. >> reporter: this doctor is the health officer for santa clara county. he says the length of this heat wave increases the risks not just for the young and the elderly, but for everybody. >> people don't hydrate themselves and so over time they start getting dehydrated and so that happens over a period of time. they may be out in the heat because they are an outdoor worker, an athlete and they are just getting excessive exposure to the sun. >> reporter: like other bay area cities, san jose has opened up cooling centers, this one at the berryessa community center provides not only a cool place to rest indoors, but also ice cold water for anyone who needs it. you think that's good that the
5:19 pm
city is doing this? >> yes, it is, good use of taxpayers money. not bad. >> reporter: and cal-iso has now issued a "flex alert" through 7:00 tonight. of course, that means turn off any unnecessary lights, don't use your heavy appliances such as your dishwasher until after 7:00. and keep that ac set at 78 or higher. reporting live in san jose, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. only in the bay area can we have a heat wave with 6 days above 100 degrees for many of you and then in the same time just 30 miles away have highs only in the 60s for 6 straight days. that's what we have now. here's a live look from the mount vaca cam where you have been 105 today but this is the golden gate bridge where currently it is 62 degrees. using that as a backdrop, look at today's highs. ukiah 108. brentwood 106. concord 102. lafayette triple digits. saratoga same thing, novato three degrees shy of 100. five days in a row in triple digits for livermore including today's 102 degrees as a
5:20 pm
prolonged heat wave which is rare for you we are really not getting relief at night only down to 67 for livermore. oakland 61. fremont 61. and fairfield down to 68 degrees. so warm nights and hot afternoons especially away from the water. this is the oven, this is the furnace right here. big ridge of high pressure giving us a heat wave from west texas all the way to southern california north to vancouver, british columbia including inland areas of the bay area. this is not going to move until thursday night so by the time this thing is wrapped up, we will have had a heat wave of significant weather above normal for 8 consecutive days. very rare here in the bay area to have a prolonged heat stretch for longer than a week. it will end though on friday as low pressure approaches from the west not rain all we're doing is changing the wind direction a stronger onshore flow bringing back cooler weather, in quotes, because it will still be 90 inland coming up on friday. so we're staying hot inland through the holiday. it's going to be hot away from the water. temperatures begin to fall on friday and by the weekend, high temperatures back down near normal. but well above normal tomorrow.
5:21 pm
93 again for san jose. 100 for morgan hill. triple digits for concord. san ramon and pleasanton. near 100 degrees for petaluma, novato and sonoma. rohnert park 93. 109 tomorrow for lakeport. so we're hot for two more days through the holiday. look at the cooling though on friday. by the weekend, we're back down to normal. won't 85 feel nice inland on sunday? and near the bay we'll be back down to the low 70s. cooler weather is coming but we still have two more days. >> counting down the hours. >> 6 down, 2 to go. they shouldn't be on the road especially if we know that they're unsafe. >> dangerous defects. why you may need to do more home would be before you buy a used car. >> but first, another look at the eastern span of the bay bridge. look at 'em.
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a california lawmaker has bn trying to put the brakes on problem. on the consumerwat millions of used cars without standing recalls are for sale every year. a california lawmaker has been trying to put the brakes on the problem. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon reports that despite the appearance of a star witness, the effort stalled today. reporter: she fought back tears as she recalled the crash that killed four family members. >> miss them every day for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: four summers ago her son-in-law a chp officer was behind the wheel of an unstoppable lexus on loan from a southern california car dealer. the last moments were captured in this chilling 911 call.
5:25 pm
>> our accelerator is struck. we're in trouble! there's no brakes! >> reporter: and now the vallejo resident is lending her support to a measure that she hopes will prevent other people from driving defective vehicles. senate bill 686 would prohibit car dealers from selling or lending to customers any used vehicle with an unfixed safety recall. >> these unsafely recall cars put everyone at risk and they shouldn't be on the road especially if we know that they're unsafe. >> reporter: the bill's sponsor hanna beth jackson says although it's easy for dealers to check for recalls and get the problems fixed for free, some still don't bother. a lot of used cars are sold with dangerous problems. a study last year by carfax found more than 2 million unrepaired recalled vehicles on the market. still car dealers say the measure's too broad. >> this bill's attempting to try to play target practice
5:26 pm
with our eyes blindfolded. >> reporter: she does not agree. she says it's all about saving lives. lawmakers opted not to vote on the bill. further action could come in january of next year. meanwhile, a national database that would allow consumers to check a car's recall status is supposed to be unveiled this summer. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> if you have a consumer problem, call our consumerwatch hotline at 888-5-helps-u. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." norah o'donnell is in new york. >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. protestors in egypt fill the streets as the army threatens to force the president out. we'll take you to cairo. plus, high winds are feeding the wildfire that killed 19 firefighters in arizona. we'll have the latest on this unpredictable fire tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,
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end to the bart strike: the latest on the labor dispute, involving a-c transit. and the agency says, are new at as they try to end the bart strike, the latest on the dispute involving ac transit. what the agency says are nothing but rumors plus at 6:00 -- >> oakland is out of control and we need help. >> how pg&e workers were terrorized inside a work trench. those stories and more at 6:00. thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news" is next. >> the latest news and weather are always on see you at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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>> tonight a major confrontation is brewing in egypt. as the military threatens to ove over the government, the president refuses to step down. clarissa ward's in cairo. >> high winds are feeding the atldfire that killed 19 firefighters in arizona. john blackstone on the unpredictable fire. un carter evans on the men who were lost. >> i want people to know they are heroes, that they are loved. that they will be missed. >> a three-year-old is caught in l thstody battle that went all the way to the supreme court. elaine quijano on the emotional case. and they show their love of country week after week. >> they're happy to have that reminder that this is their country. freedom's not free. .> michelle miller introduces us to the freeport flag ladies. captioning sponsored by cbs


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