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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 2, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the ferry. we have team coverage tonight. mike sugerman is in san francisco with some horrific backups right now. ryan takeo is in oakland where both sides are resuming talks right now. ryan. >> reporter: liz, both sides just got here within the last 10 minutes. they are really only here because of political pressure from sacramento. two top state mediators are here to jump-start negotiations. this is the first time they have been holding talks since sunday but any talks are better than nothing. reporter: today was another day of frustration and stop and go and helplessness. >> kind of sucks. >> reporter: althea just wants to go to work to try and land that promotion. >> i'm doing everything possible to get to work and not to stay home because i want my job and i want my boss to know that, you know, i'm serious. right now it's like, oh!! >> some people were unprepared and thought there would be a resolution at the final hour which did not happen. >> reporter: for betty, today's commute went better than
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yesterday because her workers were not surprised. but she is still upset. >> well, more than frustrated. whatever --more than frustrated is the severe aggravation. and exhausting, because the days are long. >> reporter: she thinks the bart workers, who average about $60,000 a year plus overtime, are paid well enough. >> they're not on the poverty level for sure. >> reporter: it seems like the biggest divide between the public and the two parties negotiating is money. those who support the unions will put up with a strike. >> it's unfair labor practices, they have to do what they need to do to be treated fairly. >> reporter: but those tired of the traffic just want it to go away. >> they worry about money and all this. this isn't helping anything. it's not helping anybody. it's inconveniencing everybody. >> reporter: we don't know if there will be any new proposals tonight. but we just talked to the seiu president who said they are
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here mainly because the state's top mediators are here. ryan takeo, kpix 5. it is bumper to bumper now on the streets in san francisco. just a little bit ago a kpix 5 photographer legally made his way through traffic on a motorcycle. we equipped him with help met cam. this is battery towards market and eventually drivers hope on to the bay bridge. our mike sugerman at another traffic hotspot in san francisco tonight. mike. >> reporter: i'm at the end of battery that becomes first, and you can't see it but that would be bush street. the line goes back to nob hill half mile that way. you see there's an itty bitty sign over there that says bay bridge, i can walk there faster than these cars are going. and you have to wait about a half hour to get on the freeway to wait. >> it's the pits, terrible. >> reporter: lots of things are the pits crowded buses, lines, waiting for carpools, packed freeways. but before you even can complain about being on a
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freeway, you got to get to a freeway. and generally, that means driving on san francisco city streets. this could be the worst traffic of all of it. how long have you been waiting to get here? >> probably 25 minutes. >> reporter: 25 minutes? where'd you come from? >> i'm coming down the road. >> reporter: that's less than a mile and he was only half a to the freeway. -- and he was only halfway to the freeway in the middle of the day. that's a good time for this week. >> some people told me it was about an hour, hour about two hours. [ whistle ] >> reporter: that's to travel about a mile. the parking control officer said people were treating her pretty well except the guy who tried to run her over. >> we have staffing and parking control officers on city streets to be sure we are moving traffic efficiently. >> reporter: it may be an impossible task. san francisco streets turned into a funnel of sorts to get on the bay bridge to avoid the
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skyway section with several different roads leading to one entrance and no one wants to miss out getting his turn quickly. [ whistle ] >> taxi, do me a favor, stop, taxi, hello ? >> reporter: this guy, among dozens all day blocking the intersection. get a ticket? >> technically they could get a $100 gridlock ticket. >> reporter: are you going to write him a ticket? >> right no, no, i'm not. >> reporter: in fact with virtually all parking control officers directing traffic there are a lot fewer giving out tickets. something's got give. well, you know, the city is going to make a whole lot of money if they were giving tickets today especially here block the box, there's one, there's $100, there's $200. there goes $300. but how can they do it? they can't. what's going to happen in the future? i don't know. tomorrow is july 3rd. that's -- is that good, allen? i guess it's good. that means not as many people coming in or people wanting to get out of town early and a lot
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-- during the day at different times of the day. so who knows? stay tuned. >> all right, mike sugerman, thank you. elizabeth wenger is keeping an eye on the entire crushing commute from the traffic liz. >> reporter: thanks, guys. fortunately it's not easing up even at this hour we should be seeing some ease up in some of the commutes but really it's still super backed up. this is a live look from chopper 5. that's 101 jammed solid from cesar chavez towards the lower deck of the bay bridge and even once you get on the bridge, it's still backed up a crush of cars toward the east bay. let's check the city streets mike sugerman was talking about. this is a live look from mobile5 along the embarcadero. the commute is crawling. it looks like this from bay towards harrison. 24, 580 and the oakland as playing the cups
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this evening. that's not helping in oakland. earlier we talked about the golden gate bridge maybe being a good all the alternate. that's not the case any longer. 101 is jammed from sausalito to san rafael. that is the latest from here in the traffic center. back to you. >> thank you. frustration boiled over at bart stations in the east bay even though the agency boosted its free shuttles to san francisco today. bart ducked the number of buses for commuters this -- doubled the number of buses for commuters this morning. the agency told passengers to show up early-morning. they did. so many in fact, bart turned people away. >> not even 8:00. we need buses to get to work. you guys promised to have them. >> we need to get to work, guys. >> this strike is ridiculous. >> you should have planned for this. you told me on the phone last night 7:00 to 9:00. >> the number of people probably quadrupled. the word got out that bart was providing free charter service
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and people were here before us. >> shuttling running out of fremont, el cerrito, weekend and dublin-pleasanton. >> some people looked to the water but the ferries weren't faster. people waited on long lines to get on the boat and those delays were for ferries on both sides of the bay. commuters waited longer than an hour to get from the city to the east bay. >> we got here at 7:55 for the 8:00 boat and it left two minutes early. so now we have been here for more than an hour waiting for the next boat. >> cargo ship traffic on the bay and triple the normal ridership caused significant wait times. just about every commute option has been rough today. bart brought 4,000 riders to san francisco after doubling its shuttle bus fleet. that's four times as many as yesterday. but as you saw, it still wasn't enough to handle demand. ac transit buses are also packed. ridership about double so far this week. the one place where the numbers
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are down? believe it on, the bay bridge on pace to carry fewer vehicles into san francisco today than it did last friday. but as mike sugerman pointed out, it is a holiday week and fewer people are commuting. stay with kpix 5. we have continuing coverage of the bart strike. another traffic check coming up in a few minutes. then you can log on to for a list of transit alternatives. ac transit and its union workers will head back to the bargaining table tomorrow. no deal reached today but both sides are talking. earlier today, the union tried to tamp down reports of a major breakthrough. the union released this statement: and some good news from the east bay regional park rangers who will not be going on strike this holiday weekend. workers and management have
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reached a tentative agreement on four-year contracts. the agreement settles disputes over wage increases, retirement, healthcare. besides have been negotiating since february. now, if you have a park ticket in oakland from yesterday you don't have to worry about it. the city is dismissing citations issued by enforcement officers who showed up to work during the one-day strike. drivers should expect a dismissal letter in the mail but you're only off the hook if you got one from healthcare healthcare, sheriff's department or any other agency, sorry you're out of luck if you got one from chp, sheriff's department or any other agency besides the city of oakland. how a wing stop eatery became a murder scene coming up. >> new concerns about health and safety that story coming up. >> and just in from the national weather service office here in the bay area, our excessive heat warning has been extended. it's now not going to expire until thursday night. previously it was tomorrow night. we'll talk about how long this
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heat will stick around and when relief will arrive, because it will, coming up. >> you have seen the effects of the bart strike on our roads. tonight, how the dispute also has invisible consequences.
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you can see.. they're are snaking all the way around e building. and mobile 5 is still crawlg along the embarcadero. it's affic lights chopper 5 over the ferry building. the lines snaking all the way around the building. it's going to be a lock night. mobile5 still crawling along the embarcadero. it has cleared about four traffic lights since we first check in at the top of the hour. the bart strike cost commuters chunks of precious time. >> it's just challenging to squeeze everything you have to do in the day with those compressed commute times. >> definitely missing some family time when i get home because, you know, i'm getting
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home a lot later. >> new at 6:00 a power outage in the south bay is blamed on our extreme heat. 9500 pg&e customers around san jose and campbell -- excuse me -- lost power about an hour ago. the utility says most of the outages can be traced to air- conditioning units being cranked up as people come home from work. and it's the 6th day in a row of dangerous heat in the bay area and the length of the heat wave brings new issues. kpix 5's mark sayre on the problems of a prolong heat spell. mark. >> reporter: well, elizabeth, as usual there are two sides to every coin. there are some people who are having a good time in the heat wave. if you are a kid here at plaza de cesar chavez it's fun but the extended heat wave has serious impacts on health and safety. reporter: this message sign at the entrance to alum rock park in east san jose tells the story. the park is closed due to extreme fire danger.
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for group, it means they will have to take their coolerful of ice water and go somewhere else. >> man, it's been hot. really hot, man. i can barely go out the house. >> reporter: and in some ways, the fact that this park is closed just further reinforces the impacts of this extended heat wave. some call it heat wave fatigue, but vera cisneros says she is just downright all around irritated. >> very much irritated. more than anything irritated. you can't go anywhere or do anything because everything is just too hot. you can't be outside. >> so prolonged heat waves are worse and more risky for people than short time, one day of heat and then it goes away. >> reporter: this doctor is the health officer for santa clara county. he says the length of this heat wave increases the risks not just for the young and the elderly, but for everybody. >> people don't hydrate themselves and so over time they start getting dehydrated and so that happens over a period of time. they may be out in the heat because they are an outdoor
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worker, an athlete and they are just getting excessive exposure to the sun. >> reporter: like other bay area cities, san jose has opened up cooling centers, this one at the berryessa community center provides not only a cool place to rest indoors, but also ice cold water for anyone who needs it. you think that's good that the city is doing this? >> yes, it is, good use of taxpayers money. not bad. >> reporter: and cal-iso has now issued a "flex alert" through 7:00 tonight. of course, that means turn off any unnecessary lights, don't use your heavy appliances such as your dishwasher until after 7:00. and keep that ac set at 78 or higher. reporting live in san jose, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. they say by the time you're thirsty, it's too late. you need to keep drinking water constantly. >> and force it on the kids because they won't tell you if they're thirsty. >> they will come in and be so red and sweating. >> by the time they say they're
6:16 pm
tired, they should be in bed already. it's unique here in the bay area that a significant portion of you are in the 60s for highs yet we have this prolonged heat wave going on just 20 or 30 miles away. let's talk about the heat first. lakeport 109 degrees. vacaville and pleasanton 104. los gatos 102 which is not uncommon for one day or two but today is day 6 and we're looking at two more hot days out there but look at the golden gate bridge where highs today were only in the low 60s and some of that cooler air has made it inland tonight. this time yesterday in concord it was 99. today 86. warm but not as hot. livermore at 93. contrast that with san francisco officially downtown 66. and oakland 73 degrees. so some of the cooler air is making it in but we have two more hot days to go. look at tahoe, a lot of you may be heading there for the holiday or have been up there or had some family or friends up there. lots of thunderstorms moving through the greater tahoe reno area tonight. just like last night and likely we'll see more thunderstorms coming up tomorrow if you are heading up there 24 hours from
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now. this heat wave when it's all said and done will have total 8 days. we're done 6, two more to go. the reason it's not changing the weather is because this dome of high pressure is continuing to bring warm air from the desert southwest impacting inland areas hot for two more days. friday high pressure moves out a little bit. such a subtle change. then low pressure system gives us an onshore flow. that's all it will take to turn those 100s down to 80s back to normal by this weekend but we are hot for the next couple of days including the holiday. on friday july 5th, temperatures will begin to fall and we'll be back down near normal over the weekend. highs tomorrow oakland 80. concord 100. pacifica 67. fairfield 106. in between san rafael, vallejo and san jose well into the 90s once again. after july 4 after the holiday we'll cool down. look at the weekend. saturday, sunday beautiful this thing will be a memory but this is one of the longest heat
6:18 pm
waves we have seen in several years. more than a week with temperatures in the triple digits. that's rare. still ahead, how a bay area restaurant became a murder scene and the clues that led police to the suspect. >> oakland is out of control. we need help. >> plus, how pg&e workers were terrorized inside a trench. >> and this traffic picture is not frozen. this is literally the commute trying to get out of san francisco. the long ride home. we have crews on the ground, we have crews in the sky. we're monitoring the evening commute from the traffic center coming up. ,, sleep train's ticket to tempur-pedic ends sunday. experience the pressure-relieving comfort of tempur-pedic, and sleep risk-free with sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee. get 36 months interest-free financing: no down, and no interest for 3 years. plus, get free same-day delivery. sleep train's 100-day money back guarantee,
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6:21 pm
lake park avenue near lake merritt. two workers were shot and killed around midnight. the 22- and 26-year-old employees were both from richmond. witnesses helped police arrest one of the suspects this morning. >> we were able to recover video evidence from the restaurant and both were helpful in making an arrest this morning. >> police are still looking for a second suspect. they say robbery was not a motive. police believe this was a targeted incident. a brazen crime in oakland sparking more concern than usual. pg&e employees working late night hours were terrorized while down in a trench. it happened last tuesday on east 8th street near the nimitz freeway in oakland and neighbors are saying this is getting out of control. >> reporter: here's what you get if you ask people on the streets of oakland if it feels like crime is out of control. >> oakland is out of control. it's not -- it doesn't feel like it. oakland is out of control. and we need help. >> reporter: but what happened
6:22 pm
on east 8th street last tuesday night is especially unnerving. a three-man pg&e crew was working in a trench here about 11 p.m. when three men approached them putting a gun to one worker's head and stole all three of their wallets. >> this is something that has been very upsetting. it's something that our company is looking at very closely and we want to just make sure that we avoid this kind of thing going forward. >> reporter: pg&e crews frequently have to work at night but this crew was only working at that hour to avoid inconvenience to the adjacent business. >> i wasn't surprised, okay? i mean, this is kind of a bad area. >> reporter: he owns the upholstery shop. this morning his employee was robbed of a backpack and says the shell station across the street is hit about twice a months. crime in this neighborhood is so rampant that as a grim joke he gave this cardboard cuttedout of a police officer. he says the real cops stopped
6:23 pm
coming. >> the officers are numb to it. like surgery, three or four a day, you know, it's just another surgery. to them it's just another robbery. >> reporter: the description of the robbers is generic. three black men in their late teens wearing black hoodies and dark pants but the brazen nature of the crime has many wondering how bad things have gotten. oakland's new police chief didn't want to talk about it today. later his spokesman had this to say. >> yes, we recognize that crimes are occurring and they're brazen during the daylight crowded areas a lot of witnesses around. we recognize that. we have increased patrols. we're also working with the community for information sharing. >> reporter: but many people in the community say they have given up hope that the police can help. and they are facing the chilling possibility that in this city, the bad guys are winning. in oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. now, pg&e's offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those robbers but
6:24 pm
you can call oakland police if you think you can help. it's not all bad news in oakland's war on crime. tonight the city's most wanted criminal is in custody thanks in part to a story we aired on kpix 5 last month. kpix 5's ann notarangelo on the new crime-fighting strategy police say has its first success story. reporter: since june 4 oakland police have been looking for jamar cleveland who according to police went on a two-hour crime spree. >> he shot two people. he did several carjackings and kidnappings. that's a very dangerous individual in our community. >> reporter: the 26-year-old was considered the worst of the worst because of the level of violence throughout the city in broad daylight. june 21, christin ayers profiled cleveland on kpix 5. just about a week later, he was in custody. did that report help at all in the apprehension of this man? >> it did. we did receive more community input, more community information, through tips,
6:25 pm
information which led us along with other law enforcement agencies to the location of where jamar cleveland was. >> reporter: they arrested him in the wee hours of saturday morning in the 2300 block of embarcadero. it's a big boost for the police department's newly created most wanted program. each of the city's five district captains pinpoints a highest risk most dangerous suspects in their area. then they spread the word. they plan to have a website up and running soon, but already the program is showing promise. it's further proof there's been a noticeable change in people's willingness to help investigators. >> it's a testament of the program. this is exciting. we put information out to the community. this is somebody we're actively looking for. and a short time later he's in custody. >> reporter: and this afternoon the district attorney charged cleveland with 21 felony counts. that includes two counts of attempted murder. in oakland, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. coming up in the next half
6:26 pm
hour the commute chaos even worse on day 2 of the bart strike. >> we don't want to have this disruption going on. bart has left us no choice. >> where the worst of the gridlock is right now and breaking news on a tentative agreement. [ crying ] >> coping with the deaths of 19 firefighters in arizona. why mourners are bringing clothespins to the memorial. >> and how bay area police will have extra eyes and ears in the search for troublemakers this upcoming 4th of july. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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interwhat they're looking -- i understand what they're looking for. unfortunately for them to get it, it disrupts hundreds of thousands of people. >> now at 6:30, they're back it the bargaining table right now. and there is some breaking news on the bart strike for you. we have learned one of the smaller unions reached a tentative agreement on a new contract. certainly that's good news but it is not the breakthrough that's going to get the trains rolling again. we're talking about the union that represents bart
6:30 pm
supervisors. the train controllers as well as the financial planners. they have been negotiating separately. let's check back in with chopper 5 live over the bay bridge and the approach in the city pretty slow going out there. but actually, we are told a bit of an improvement over what we saw about 30 minutes ago. mobile5 still struggling to make it down the embarcadero in san francisco. it started out at broadway at the top of the hour. and it's about as far as pier 1 right now. still a long way to go to make it on the bridge. kpix 5's ryan takeo in oakland outside where leaders from both sides negotiating right now with the latest. ryan. >> reporter: hi, allen. within the last half hour, both sides did walk in here to caltrans headquarters in oakland. we are going to show you some video from that. we're talking about the two largest labor unions that work for bart and bart negotiators. the meeting is happening because of political pressure from sacramento. two top state mediators are here to jump-start
6:31 pm
negotiations. this is the first time that there have been substantial talks since sunday. one of the unions' presidents told us a strongly wored letter from state owe -- worded letter from state officials urging them back was a catalyst to restart negotiations. he said the unions are ready to negotiate. >> the reason we're coming back to the table is because we have a -- what we feel is a better working situation. so we can maybe make some progress. >> reporter: so that seiu president basically said he thinks that the top mediators from the state will be, quote, more fair in their eyes. bart negotiators declined to comment on the way in, but earlier an spokesman said they are ready to bargain, too. >> but ryan, are you hearing anything more about the smaller union that has actually come to an agreement? is there good news coming out those doors tonight? >> reporter: well, it's good news for them but we don't know where they are negotiating with bart. it could be back at bart headquarters a couple of blocks
6:32 pm
away really could be anywhere. it's not here. here at caltrans is where the state negotiators are. so really that was news to us too. but, you know, that is good news a step in the direction as far as that goes tonight. >> well, let's hope the news spreads inside and maybe that's the beginning of things to come. >> thank you. mike sugerman is at one of the worst traffic hot spots now in san francisco. mike? >> reporter: the hot spots are not freeways but they're just trying to get to the freeway. we told you about them blocking the box. now they're moving. every time a light changes there's three or four people that block intersections. nobody is moving. no one is getting a ticket. we just finally saw somebody get a $100 ticket. the city could make -- okay look at this. no one is getting through here now. the situation has improved a bit. it's about an hour to get on to the freeway from about a mile away. that's better than two hours
6:33 pm
yesterday and about an hour 45 today. so things are getting better on the streets but it's still real bad. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> all right. let's head back to the kpix 5 traffic center. elizabeth wenger keeping an eye on the commute as it's going. >> as it's going. i know. or not going rather. we have seen some improvement in some areas. let's check the maps and show you what's going on in the east bay now. this is a live look from chopper 5. you can see the slow crawl right now heading towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. let's go to our maps and show you what's going on past the bay bridge on into the east bay. it's 24, 880 and southbound 880 where there is an as game set to start in about an hour. it's improved in the last half hour or so. look at this. this is probably the worst commute out there right now. people thinking maybe they can catch a break going the long way around heading through marin county, don't do it. it is really backed up right now on northbound 101 through sausalito all the way towards
6:34 pm
the 580 interchange in san rafael. all right. let's take a look at once again what it looks like heading towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. we have seen some improvement a little bit in the last half hour. 101 is jammed from the 80 split and we have some video to show you of the ferry lines in san francisco. some people avoided the roads and they decided to just hop on a boat instead. so ferries service is actually at -- they have 2 to 3 times the amount of riders than typical on a usual commute day. obviously, this is not one of those. that's the latest from here in the traffic center. back to you. >> nothing typical about it, elizabeth, thank you. not only is the bart strike affecting commuters but it may also have a costly impact on the environment. the pro-business group bay area council estimates the added traffic congestion is generating nearly 16 million pounds of carbon. yesterday the group said the
6:35 pm
strike could cost the bay area economy $73 million a day. a strike means a lot of loss time for bay area commuters. >> i got to just cut out sleep, you know? got to go to bed early, wake up extra early. this is time. that's the only thing. >> it takes a lot out of your life. i'm not going to out to dinner or anything or meeting friends or anything like that right now. >> stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the bart strike. and you can log on to our website,, anytime for a list of transit alternatives. still ahead, paying tribute to the 19 fallen firefighters in prescott arizona. why mourners are bringing clothespins to the memorial. >> this gentleman just ended up in the wrong lane. >> how a big rig caused a traffic jam that had nothing to do with the bart strike. >> but first, a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:36 pm
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
claimed the lives of 19-firefighters. cbs report ows us why clothes investigators in arizona trying to figure out if human error played a role in the tragedy that claimed the lives of 19 firefighters. cbs reporter marlie hall shows us why clothespins were brought to the memorial. >> reporter: the wildfire that killed 19 elite firefighters in yarnell, arizona, burned-out of control for the fourth straight day. 500 firefighters are trying to get the upper hand on the flames as they mourn the men who were lost. >> to honor the firefighters they are going to put this fire out. >> reporter: officials say powerful wind gusts are making the job harder along with lightning strikes and bone dry conditions. >> the vegetation out there that mesquite is extremely oily. once that starts, an ember gets into those extremely dry fuels, that fire is going to rip. >> reporter: autopsies are being done on the fallen firefighters a process which could last through the 4th of july holiday. in some cases, dental and dna
6:39 pm
records are needed to identify the men. a bagpiper played at the makeshift memorial outside a prescott fire station. residents have been dropping by to pay their respects. paul quinn met two of the fallen heroes at his hotel a few days ago. >> they told me all about their love for that mountain and how they were here to protect it and protect the people of prescott. >> reporter: rhonda brought clothespins to the memorial to keep items from flowing away. >> i have been clothespinning flags and shirts out of respect for what happened. >> reporter: hundreds of hopes have been destroyed along with the thousands of acres. evacuated residents are still waiting to return home. marlie hall, cbs news, prescott, arizona. >> fire officials say it could be two weeks before that wildfire is completely controlled. police departments around the bay area gathered today to learn more about a technology that helps catch the bad guys. departments from richmond,
6:40 pm
oklahoma, east palo alto and san francisco gathered in newark to learn more about the shotspotter technology. it's used to trace the signature sounds of gunshots and officers use that information to quickly respond to an area where gunfire was spotted. >> on a map you see the officers get an opportunity to see a map that has a dot on it so they are able to see approximately where that incident has taken place. and it affords them the opportunity to respond in the most appropriate and safe way. >> police are looking into this before the 4th of july holiday because they are getting to not difference between fireworks and gunshots. there's one backup you can't blame on the bart strike. still ahead, how a big rig caused a roadblock on the golden gate bridge. >> there's a big ridge of high pressure which is acting like a furnace over the western half of the country. if you have friends in phoenix or salt lake city or albuquerque, they are dealing with heat like we are. how long will this high stick around?
6:41 pm
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london square. that backlog -- finally starting to clea both sides of the bay. and mobile 5 is still inchi along another traffic check from chopper 5. it's over the ferry building in jack london square in the east bay. the backlog finally starting to clear on both sides of the bay. mobile5 now is more than inching along. we are finally in the carpool lane legally by the way as we do make the approach to the bay bridge in san francisco. let's check in with elizabeth wenger one last check this hour anyway of traffic. >> that's right. let's check the latest drive times. you will notice southbound 880 is still backed up. we have the as game about to start. but 24 and the nimitz both have cleared up nicely in just the last half hour, all our sensors turning slowly to green from
6:45 pm
the macarthur maze to the caldecott tunnel. so yeah, southbound 880 is the only spot we're seeing some backups right now from oakland to hayward. this is probably the worst commute. it's all those people trying to head home and trying to use the golden gate bridge maybe trying to avoid the bay bridge because all those backups on the approaches on san francisco city streets. so 101 is really a mess. we did not see this during bart strike day 1 so this is a phenomenon for this evening commute and it is slow from sausalito once you get off the golden gate bridge all the way up towards san rafael. that is the latest from here in the traffic center. back to you. >> okay, liz, thank you. a backup on the golden gate bridge earlier today had nothing to do with the bart strike. a big rig driver didn't see the signs and, well, you see what happened. take a look at this picture of the truck stuck in the tollbooth. part of the toll plaza was damaged as the truck's front axle snapped as you can see from this youtube clip. it took a heavy duty tow truck to haul it away.
6:46 pm
>> this gentleman driving this vehicle is from canada, apparently, and did not know or did not get over to the right lanes in time. he, therefore, got stuck in the toll plaza. >> the accident caused a minor backup on the bridge. no one was injured. >> well, i guess that's one thing for not having people in the tollbooths take the money, no one hurt. nerves have to be frayed, people a little steamed in the cars. >> definitely. >> they are going to get home in the east bay and steam is just the beginning. it is toasty out there once again just as hot as yesterday nearly as hot as saturday and today day 6 you have been counting at home wondering when this is going to end we have two more hot days. tomorrow and thursday, july 4, then by friday we'll get some relief. close to mount diablo that includes you in pleasant hill and concord danville dublin livermore all above 100 degrees. san jose well into the 90s. ukaih 108 degrees today
6:47 pm
brentwood 106, concord officially 102. lafayette 101. saratoga 100. even novato got close to 100 degrees today and this is now five days in a row livermore above 100 degrees. triple digits five days in a row. i checked back about three or four years as much as i could find quickly on the internet and we have not had a prolonged spell like this over the past five years with five straight days at or above 100. couple of days yeah, three, four, days, yes. five days no and we have a couple more to go before we wrap things up. at night it's cooler but not really relief cooler not down to the 50s. 65 concord, 67 livermore, 62 redwood city. chances are that air- conditioning is work overtime while you're trying to sleep with the warm weather outside. you want to cool off hang out near the bay. all of the big heat is inlanza but in places like alameda, you have sunshine, temperatures above normal yes but not hot. 78 degrees for you tomorrow and for the 4th of july, you will be independent from the heat coming up on thursday with the high of 77 degrees in alameda.
6:48 pm
let's talk about why this is happening. high air over the deserts of california wraps around the high into the bay area. i just showed you highs in the 70s for alameda because we don't have a true offshore wind taking the heat bringing it to the coastline. instead with a southerly flow which is the areas away from the water getting the heat. as soon as the winds go on show that westerly component to the wind even inland spots will go to the 80s starting friday. onshore flow goes back as low pressure drops down from the gulf of alaska. 90 on friday. not hot but certainly not chilly. the cooler weather begins to get here friday. we are hot tomorrow and for the 4th of july holiday. it will be above 100 for the next two days inland. but by this weekend temperatures will be back down near normal which is the mid- 80s for concord but tomorrow, 100 degrees. san jose 93. san francisco much more comfortable with a high of 73.
6:49 pm
morgan hill 100 tomorrow. los altos 92. campbell, los gatos, close to 100. san mateo 85. union city 85. lots of triple digits. antioch 104. benicia 100. fairfield 106. sonoma tomorrow, 92 degrees. richmond 79. you want the big-time heat close to 110 degrees tomorrow for cloverdale and also lakeport so the far north bay is the hottest. we stay in triple digits through thursday then look at that change friday down to 90. by the weekend down to the mid- 80s. near the bay some fog will be back for much of the bay area starting friday lasting through the weekend with highs in the low to mid-70s so we're cooler near the coast but stay hot inland for two more days. sports is coming up.
6:50 pm
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. t us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. teams reportedly in the mixo sign we'll get to the exciting giants game, dennis, but first a little warriors news. >> everything is moving all over. >> it's crazy. >> this sportscast could be a disaster that's worth watching here. we'll start with the nba because i have to right now. the warriors are one of five teams reportedly in the mix to sign dwight howard. now, they had their meeting with the free agent big man yesterday in l.a. but they may need help to seal the deal. apparently, howard wants his new team to provide him with
6:53 pm
his own tv show something both the lakers and rockets can provide the former all-star because they both have their own tv networks. but the warriors, i think, can do one better. dwight howard could come to channel 5 and cohost game day! what do you think? >> who would turn that down? >> absolutely! i would work for free, of course, and he would get all the money and the ratings would skyrocket. dwight howard, dennis o'donnell game day every sunday night. >> championship ring. >> exactly. the mavericks are getting a little help with their pitch. a dallas restaurant has promised howard free chicken strips for life if he signs with the mavs. as for the lakers, well, they put up billboards pleading with howard to stay in the purple and gold. l.a.'s other team the clippers couldn't resist a chance to gloat with a billboard of their own pointing out how their free agent chris paul stayed after he agreed to a huge deal five years, $107 million. baseball. the cubs haven't won a world series in over 100 years.
6:54 pm
they haven't even played in a fall classic since the truman administration so tonight the lovable losers from the national league will make their first visit to the oakland oakland. the trade deadline is a month away but chicago is already thinking about next year. the cubs sent feldman to another club. feldman one of the cubs' better pitchers was scheduled to start tonight in oakland. okay. one of the as smartest players here, fry manned his gpa in college 3.84 at duke. >> wow. >> he is one smart cookie and, of course, he was on my guest on game day. >> 3.84 gpa from a very bright family. if you weren't playing baseball, what would you be doing? >> well, my brother just started his third year in medical school.
6:55 pm
and from what i hear, that's not what i would want to do. that sounds like it's a pretty tough road. i would be interested in graduate school of some type maybe law school, but i'm happy to be doing what i'm doing. >> i think your parents are both lawyers? >> yes, they both went to law school but for the time being i'm enjoying what i'm doing but someday, may have to get a real job. tennis, the rain washed away all the momentum sloane stevens had built up on her run to the quarter finals. she struggled with her serve after the 2.5-hour delay. marion bartoli broke stevens' five times in the second set and advances to the semifinals which will have only one player ranked in the top 10. stevens goes home. let me just show you what happened. they are closing down this
6:56 pm
roller coaster that vern just rode at great america. and vern of course rode it so he can get free tickets for life. [ laughter ] >> but now it's closed because apparently it's too loud for the neighbors. >> really? >> yeah. so it's going to open apparently on the 4th of july so vern can rest assured the free tickets for him and his family will continue. >> i think i have giants highlights. do we have those? yes. unfortunately, for the giants struggling offense, this guy wouldn't stay on the mound for the reds. bottom of the 6th, brandon phillips lives up to his twitter handle. two-run shot. just over the wall in left. 3-0 cincinnati. plenty of runs for this guy. homer bailey a no-hitter into the 9th inning and here's >> this crowd will tell you what's going to happen. on the ground to third. frazier -- no-hitter.
6:57 pm
the homer -- >> how about that! this game just ended homer bailey no hits the san francisco giants, the last man to throw a no-hitter? homer bailey. so homer is hot. and the giants are no hit tonight. they lose to the cincinnati reds 3-0. but every once in a while you lose a game you have to tip your hat to the guy who did it and tonight that was homer bailey. >> no homers off homer. >> dwight howard, he wants a championship ring. that's the team he wants to go to. >> exactly. if he comes here he has the best backcourt in the history of the nba according to mark jackson. good backcourt, big man, major ring. >> game day. >> bingo! captions by: caption colorado feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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>> judge judy: you started a relationship with mr. jackson. >> announcer: a cold-hearted casanova gets caught... >> judge judy: did you know that they were in an ongoing relationship? >> no, i did not, your honor. he told me that it was over with. he moved into my home. >> announcer: judge judy turns up the heat. >> but can i say something, please? >> judge judy: i'm gonna let you finish as soon as i cook your goose. [ laughter ] mr. jackson, you may have made these two women feel foolish. today, it's your turn. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution rochelle douglas is suing her former boyfriend, kevin jackson, for breaking a lease. kevin says he and rochelle were never a couple. >> byrd: order! all rise. your honor, this is case number


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