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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 3, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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day three of the bart strik underway. after talking overnight... union and bart >> heading towards the pay
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gates, so at 5:00, day 1, it was bad. day 2 it was worse and day three the backups are the longest we have seen so far this morning. no metering lights yet and again if you are fastrak user there's still no delay in those middle lanes. we'll have more traffic coming up. day three of the bart strike under way as we speak. after marathon negotiates, union and bart leaders left the table at 3 a.m. they will resume talks this afternoon. we are bracing for another day of traffic delays. mobile5 covering the commute on the roads. kpix 5's da lin is showing us the commute on the water but we start with kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran in el cerrito at the bart station. cate. >> reporter: good morning. the first shuttles actually full and ready to go here. the good news in terms of negotiations is that progress was made. the bad news is we're looking at another day of bay area bart
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strikes. last night both sides got back to the bargaining table at 6:45. negotiations went until 2: 45 a.m. we don't know the exact details of what was discussed but union negotiators say there was some progress made and they are hoping for an end to the commuter chaos. >> we hate to see people suffer. so the best thing we can do is get a resolution in the strike and move forward. >> we hope to stop inconveniencing the people of the bay area. >> reporter: one of the reasons talks started again is the governor's move to send two new state negotiators to help. in terms of negotiations, today they won't begin until 1 p.m. so unfortunately for this morning, it's going to be another day of traffic, long lines for shuttles and ferries. live in el cerrito, back to you in the studio. >> talks resuming at 1:00. if today's talks go well, when
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could we see trains up and running again? >> reporter: well, anne, unfortunately it won't be quick. it would take actually about 24 hours to get full service for bart. >> there is hope for friday, though. we'll keep our eye on it. cate caugiran, thank you. just about every commute option has been rough. bart brought 4,000 riders to san francisco after doubling its shuttle bus fleet. that is four times as many as monday but as you saw still wasn't enough to handle the demand. ac transit buses are also packed. ridership about double so far this week for them but one place where the numbers are down believe it or not it's the bay bridge. it's on pace to carry fewer vehicles into san francisco yesterday than it did last friday. i think we scared them away. but it's a holiday week, too. fewer people of course are commuting this week. part of the problem was just getting to the bridge yesterday. downtown san francisco was
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gridlocked. here's mike sugerman with some very frustrated commuters. that's bush street that leads three-quarters of a mile down to bumper to bumper traffic. this is first street. see that little green sign the entrance to the bay bridge, i can walk faster than these cars are going to get there. >> he wasn't kidding. some drivers said it took them two hours to go a mile on battery street just to get up on the bay bridge. rate now the strike is also trying the patience of commuters trying to take ferries across the bay right now. kpix 5 da lin joins us live from alameda one of the several locations with long lines to get on a boat to get to work. good morning, da. >> reporter: good morning, frank. yeah. we are at the alameda main street ferry right now. you can see down there, about 6 or 7 folks waiting right now. the first ferry to leave this terminal is at 6:00. most of these folks showed up in the last 10 minutes. they want to be here an hour
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before the ferry leaves so they don't have to wait in a long line. steve just got here not too long ago. you would take the fruitvale bart but today you're here? >> yeah, usually take the 6:30 or 6:45 bart train and i get to work around 7:10. but because the bart is on strike, i have to get up be here two hours early just to get to work at 7:00. >> reporter: what's going through your mind now waking up so early? >> adapting. i have to go to sleep earlier. so everything i have to do i have to get down sooner. it's a huge inconvenience. >> reporter: thank you, we have numbers from the san francisco bay ferry that runs this terminal here. so on monday, the numbers that we have is 18,000 people traveled one way using san francisco bay ferry.
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tuesday the number dropped slightly about 400 passengers. but they expect again this place to be very busy again as well as in oakland and the san francisco ferry building. mobile5 is driving around checking out the commute. as you can imagine, 5:00 around that hour still very early. not a lot of folks up yet. but in terms of morning commutes, folks are getting ready here in alameda. for now live in alameda, i'm da lin. i'll send it back to you. >> okay, da. nice job, thanks. not only is the bart strike affecting commuters. it may also have a costly impact on the environment. the pro-business group bay area council estimates the added traffic congestion is generating nearly 16 million pounds of carbon. yesterday the group said the strike could cost the bay area economy $73 million a day. of course stay right here with kpix 5. continuing coverage of the bart strike and the negotiations which should get under way again today. we also posted a strike
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survival guide with commute alternatives check it out at a key part of president obama's healthcare overhaul is postponed. the white house announced last night it is moving the deadline for medium and large companies to provide coverage to their workers to january 2015. >> most u.s. businesses with more than 50 employees already offer insurance but the smaller often startup companies that do not have complained loudly about the paperwork, a 21-page application. the administration is promising to reduce that. it's also promised to work with those small employers threatening layoffs or reduced hours in order to report a workforce of fewer than 50 people. >> several pro-business groups are applauding the postponement. the white house is about to get involved in a dispute involving palo alto's tesla motors. tesla has been disputing with dealerships in several states in its efforts to sell cars directly to consumers rather than using franchise car
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dealerships. a petition supporting tesla on the white house website reached 100,000 signatures yesterday. that's the threshold required to earn a response from the obama administration. developing news from cairo. tension is building. egyptian president mohamed morsi vows to stay in office. this is a live look from tahrir square. you can see thousands of protestors there. the egyptian military has other ideas for morsi. military leaders have given him until later today to step down. the army chief is meeting with his top commanders right now. at least 23 people are dead in overnight clashes in egypt. 5:08 now. bay area headlines more money being handed out and yet another settlement involving oakland police and "occupy" protests back in 2011. a dozen "occupy" oakland protestors went to federal court over the way police treated them during the protests. the settlement means the protestors will share more than $1 million approved by the city council. the deal also says police must follow their crowd control
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policies. a concord elementary school teacher is charged with molesting a dozen students. 45-year-old joseph andrew martin is scheduled to be arraigned this morning in contra costa county court. martin taught fourth and fifth grade at woodside elementary school. police think most of the crimes happened at the school. martin produced class movies that one student says gave him one on one time with the students. he is facing 91 felony counts involving sexual abuse over the last 7 years. the alleged victims were 11 to 17 years old. >> i remember mr. martin being the cool friendly all around popular teacher that everybody wanted to have. >> 28 kids in a line and he would pick us up from underneath our armpits and spin us around. and now that i think about it, it was very strange. >> martin was arrested after a two-month investigation. his bail is $10 million. time is 10 after 5:00.
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nailed it! the play of the day combining basketball and football. >> he did make it. plus, one car in the south bay hot enough to bake cookies. >> oh. >> check that out. the tasty results of this weather experiment coming up, lawrence. >> think you can do that again today. we are going to see some hot temperatures but there is an end in sight to the heat wave. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and mobile5 once again on the move this morning. right now traveling 101 in millbrae. they are tracking hot spots as bart strike day 3 continues to cripple the morning commute. we'll have more coming up. ,,,, the thing is bee,
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has fire danger on the "ext" level. san jose's alum rock park is closed for the fourth day because of this hot, dry weather, with fire danger in the extreme level because of alum rock's rugged terrain the city closing it in these conditions because it's too hard to respond to fire emergencies. the heat wave is causing health persons because the temperatures are not letting up. santa clara county's top health official says prolonged heat brings extra risks. >> people don't hydrate themselves and so over time they get dehydrated. so that happens over a period of time, they may be out in the heat because they are an
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outdoor worker, an athlete, they are just getting excessive exposure to the sun. >> san jose set up cooling centers in the each 10 council districts for people who need relief. >> check this heat experiment in san jose. kiet do wanted to know, was it hot enough to bake a cookie inside his car? so he drafted his daughter and her friends to place some cookie dough on the dashboard and there they go. a little time lapse later in they go to check it out. and by golly, 2.5 hours later the girls inspected the culinary results. and they reported to us that the cook which is were fabulous! >> of course, cooky can dough in and of itself -- >> cookie dough to a 5- or 6- year-old. >> that's amazing. >> i have done the egg. never thought of cookies. egg on the sidewalk? >> both of them seem a little pointless. the cookie thing seems more sanry. egg on the sidewalk? >> i don't think i would eat it. >> just to know. let's check how the traffic
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right now is. mobile5 is on 101 south in burlingame and traffic is very light in san mateo. >> it's heading to highway 92, going over the san mateo bridge to get a peek at that. but right now if you are in the peninsula, that area looks like things are moving along fine. >> elizabeth wenger is checking the weather. >> some roads are busy. we have been seeing our usual hot spots in the east bay really felt the effect. they have been feeling the most impact from this bay area bart strike. an unusual amount of traffic off the 880 approach and those delays all in those outer cash lanes at this time of the morning so at 5:15, the delays really just continue to grow only for cash users once again. and it seems like each day the bart strike people progressively getting an earlier and earlier head start.
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south bay has -- actually the golden gate. to the golden gate bridge. the golden gate bridge is a little foggy but traffic is moving okay. the south bay has been largely unaffected by the bart strike. there is an accident there however in the clearing stages. northbound 880 approaching north first street it was involving a bike, another car but it looks like it was partially blocking the on-ramp. they are clearing that now. here's a look along the peninsula. that's where mobile5 was cruising along southbound 101 past the airport towards san mateo and as you can see yeah everything is green on our sensors. want to show you a couple of bay area drive times. westbound 580 slowing out of the altamont pass. this was the hotspot yesterday because of several different accidents. we are not seeing that this morning. these are just your usual delays, the nimitz and the eastshore freeway both if the clear. that's your latest traffic. we have a heat wave going on. what day are we on with that? >> my goodness, it's endless. but we see an end in sight and that will come shortly. today another very hot day.
5:17 am
out the door we are seeing some dense fog at the coastline and inside the bay. clear in the interior valleys this afternoon hot again, 90s and triple digits in the valleys. plenty of 70s inside the bay. 60s and lingering clouds at the coast. high pressure over the desert southwest pumping in the hot temperatures and also a little subtropical moisture. we are going to see a few passing clouds from day to day. but as we get to friday, cooler weather finally arrives out of the gulf of alaska. it will usher in a much cooler weekend. in the high country we are expecting thunderstorms with those monsoonal clouds rolling over the top of the mountains there making for a beautiful display but be very careful if you plan to do any camping. the temperatures there mainly into the 80s. until the south bay 90 in san jose. 99 morgan hill. about 67 degrees much more comfortable in pacifica. some triple digits as high as 103 in pleasanton. 103 in brentwood. and 99 degrees in walnut creek.
5:18 am
you will see a lot of 70s inside the bay and 60s approaching the coastline. next couple of days including the 4th of july, looks like it will stay hot inland although we'll see a little more cloud cover and fog on the way as we head in toward friday and much cooler temperatures. a breath of fresh air over the weekend. finally. >> this morning was nice. >> not bad except that dense fog toward the coast. watch out for that. >> it's refreshing. thanks, lawrence. bay area headlines. plans to open up waterfront property for a new baseball in oakland hits another snag. oakland's board of port commissioners again delayed a decision on the legal settlement making the property available. the board is planning to revisit the issue next week. now, it doesn't matter anyway because as owner lew wolff doesn't want the site. he wants a ballpark in downtown san jose. richmond city officials a property taxes will be $6 million less than last year. the big issue last year's chevron refinery fire. the refinery is now worth $1
5:19 am
billion less than a year ago. the assessed value of other properties in richmond is also down substantially. let's check the healthwatch now. promising hiv research is spurring some new efforts to get aids patients off antiviral drugs. two men who are hiv-positive are showing signs their hiv is gone after they received bone marrow transplants. researchers say the idea was to give the patients a new immune system that didn't carry the virus. >> the remarkable point is that giving them antiretroviral therapy prevented the viruses in the person, the recipient, kept it from infecting the donor cells in principle. >> well, it is too soon to say that the two men are cured but the researchers say it looks promising. a simple blood test might be able to determine a mother's chances of suffering from postpartum depression. researchers at warwick university say if women take the test early in pregnancy
5:20 am
doctors can identify stress genes. the study found women who carry those jonas are three to five times more likely to have depression after pregnancy. a new study finds that sleeping combined with a healthy lifestyle may help decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. the study found those who exercise, eat healthy, drink moderate amounts of alcohol and don't smoke cut their risk of heart problems. and adding 7 or more hours of sleep cuts the risk of heart disease. is that a new study? >> 7 hours? boy, wouldn't that be nice. 5:20. another attempt to restriction abortion in texas. how republicans move one step closer to a vote. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the chicago cubs make their first-ever to the oakland coliseum and homer simpson isn't the only one that likes donuts. we'll explain in just a minute. >> but first a look at the new eastern span of the bay bridge. we are counting down to its possible labor day opening. we are expecting an announcement on that in a week
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into the cheap seats for a two- run home run that made it 3-0 reds. homer bailey had a no-hitter intact into the 9th inning. >> bailey with a one-ball, two- strike counsel. the right-hander checks and throws. here's a ground ball to frazier. no-hitter! >> the last to throw a no- hitter was homer bailey who did it in september. 3-0 the final. reds win. the cubs making their first- ever trip to the coliseum down 7-5. 8th inning until derek norris hit a home run to beat the cubs 8-7 and the as do it again. all the americans washed away at wimbledon. sloane stevens reached the semi finals at the australia open but came up short against marion bartoli for a semifinal bid. bartoli beat her in straight sets. only one top ten player is left on the women's side. >> that's it for sports this
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morning. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day now from an nfl-related promotional video. this is wild. st. louis rams kicker kicks the shot in the bucket from 60 yards away. are you kidding me? >> how many takes did ? >> who cares. 1,000? >> all right. >> i mean, that is incredible. 60 yards is a long way away. the commute this morning is on a lot of people's minds. a live look from mobile5 right now. just got off the san mateo bridge and is about to do the dreaded commute into the city from the east bay. so we'll be keeping tabs on how bad that is throughout the rest of the broadcast. stick around. >> looks pretty good so far. 5:25 now. no deal yet but they are talking again today. what brought union workers back to the contract table as bart strike enters its third day. >> reporter: i'm da lin live over at the alameda main street ferry terminal.
5:26 am
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combine policies. make automatic payments. and of course, talk to farmers. hi ♪ we are farmers bum - pa - dum, bum - bum - bum - bum♪ bart management has given a new offer to the unions. but they are waiting to hear back. >> i'm hopeful. >> very hopeful. >> growing backlash after two days of excruciating commutes. >> it's the pits! >> we hate to see people suffer. >> can't get on a bus. it's ridiculous. >> i can walk faster than these cars are going to get there. >> power went out for 10,000 customers in san jose in campbell. >> this is a long heat wave in the bay area. >> an elementary school teacher is in contra costa county jail
5:30 am
accused of abusing a dozen former students aged 11 to 17. >> we saw the red flags but we were too innocent. >> when you're implementing a program this large there will be some glitches. [ screaming ] >> a bay area roller coaster is just too much fun for its own good. >> the gold striker is closed for today. >> i think anybody would be bummed out if they couldn't go on this ride. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning, it is wednesday, july 3. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it is 5:30. the bay area's bracing for a third day of traffic delays after union and bart leaders left the bargaining table in the wee hours this morning until 3:00. back at it again today resuming talks this afternoon. we have cate caugiran and da lin covering the commute from the buses and the ferries. mobile5 covering the commute on the roads 880 northbound just went over the san mateo bridge
5:31 am
and we start though with kpix 5's elizabeth wenger in the traffic center. we were hoping that traffic would be lighter because we have the long holiday weekend coming up. unfortunately this is what it looks like over at the bay bridge toll plaza. they just turned on the metering lights about 5 minutes ago so now the middle lanes are filling in. we already have delays towards the 880 overcrossing. i can't say it enough. the carpool lanes approaching the bay bridge toll plaza are moving fine. you can save yourself time using those. coming up, a check of the golden gate bridge, some of your bay bridge alternates. in the meantime, back to you guys. there was a marathon negotiations session between bart, unions an mediators over -- and mediators overnight but no deal at 3 a.m. if they can work out a deal today, fingers crossed, it will fake 24 hours to get the -- take about 24 hours to get the trains rolling again. negotiators say they want to end this commuter nightmare. >> we hate to see people suffer so the best thing we can do is
5:32 am
get a resolution in the strike and move forward. >> we hope to stop inconveniencing the people of the bay area. >> the governor's decision to zen in two new state negotiators to help in that's talks -- to send in two new state negotiators to help in those talks prompted them to meet. cate caugiran reports from the el cerrito bart station where workers hope to get on the buses and get to work. >> reporter: i have one of the spots here on the bus so we are getting off in a second. it's ready to head to san francisco. this is the second shuttle that's going to be headed out here in el cerrito. commuters got a head start here at 4:30 this morning. let's give you a breakdown of the shuttle. take a look at this. we have 7 leaving from el cerrito del norte, ten at fremont, ten at dublin- pleasanton, 20 at walnut creek. 32 west oakland. now, bart representatives say yesterday, some of the shuttle locations including here were
5:33 am
at capacity before 7:00 this morning. one commuter we spoke to this morning says it's about time this strike comes to an end. >> i got up at 4: 30. i got home last night at 12:00. so i'm running on 4 hours sleep roughly and, you know, won't get back until 4 or 5 tonight so it's not my optimum thing. it's definitely a pain. >> reporter: bart is adding an additional 7 shuttles to the walnut creek area because of the high demand and we condition stress enough how high of a demand these shuttles are. back out live in el cerrito, we also have our share of union picketers trying to get their message heard at the station, as well. so again, this is a busy location here this morning. so we are encouraging east bay commuters if ac transit or these shuttles are your alternatives, please show up here before 7:00 this morning. back to you in the studio. >> cate caugiran live for us in el cerrito, thank you, cate.
5:34 am
>> by the way, bart employees are among the highest paid transit workers in the country according to a recent study commissioned for bart. it says bart station agents earn maximum wages of more than $64,000 a year. that's more than what workers can make at other agencies including san francisco's muni, new york's mta, and metro in the washington, d.c. area. kpix 5's da lin joins us live in alameda where long lines to get on the ferry are expected. good morning, da. >> reporter: good morning. the line is getting long here. actually two lines right here. they started the first people -- they started coming out here around 4:50. you can see two lines right here at this terminal. about 100 people here so far. on my left-hand side you can see the ferry there. it just showed up two minutes ago. this is not a bad option if you are planning your trip into san francisco. it's still early. the boat can carry about 300 to
5:35 am
400 people depending on the boat. i believe this one can carry 400. so it's in good shape right now. a lot of these folks say they are having to get up very early, about 2 hours ahead of their typical wake-up time, just it make sure they get to work early. let's take a listen to some interviews that we had not too long ago. >> i got to just cut out sleep. you know? got to go to bed wake up extra early. it's time that's the only thing. >> it takes a lot out of your life. i'm not going out to dinner or anything like that or meeting friends or anything like that right now. >> reporter: by the way, they are having ferry service pretty much every 45 minutes. a boat comes every 45 minutes. the first one to leave alameda, the main street ferry terminal, is at 6:00. after that, 6:45, every 45 minutes or so. these folks -- this guy take a look even brought in a chair just to kind of wait right here. and on that side, there's a
5:36 am
little mobile food truck right here, offering coffee and goods. business is good because the san francisco bay ferry has experienced three times the amount of riders that they typically get on a typical day so the bart strike bringing a lot of folks who use the ferry service here about six bucks one way. live in alameda, i'm da lin. back to you. >> thank you. stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the bart strike and the negotiations. we have also posted a strike survival guide with commute alternatives on like bart, ac transit and its union workers resume their talks, as well. the worker contracts ran out midnight on sunday the first of july but the union voted to avoid a strike and keep talking. the major union concerns worker safety and plans to replace sheriff's deputies assigned to ac transit with private security guards. developing news from cairo live pictures from tahrir square thousands of protestors are gathered there right now.
5:37 am
they are waiting for today's deadline for president mohamed morsi to step down. the deadline was set by the egyptian military. the military is meeting with top commanders. morsi vows to stay in office. no death toll is -- the death toll, rather, is up to 29 after an earthquake in western indonesia. yesterday's 6.1 quake injured more than 200 people and damaged more than 1500 homes. soldiers, police and volunteers all searching through the rubble to find survivors. the game of hide and seek continues this morning after edward snowden dodges the u.s. once again. the nsa secret leaker was believed to be on a plane heading to bolivia when it was rerouted to austria. he wasn't on board but it was carrying the bolivian president morales. the ambassador to the u.n. believes the united states gave the orders to reroute the
5:38 am
plane. businesses are now getting a one-year reprieve from part of president obama's healthcare reform law. medium and large companies now have until january 2015 to provide coverage for the workers. the reason, a lot of businesses complain there's just too much paperwork to do to meet the requirement. the obama administration is promising to simplify the process. a controversial abortion bill in texas up for another house vote next week. it restricts when and where and how women can get an abortion in the state. republicans approved the bill last week during a special long session
5:39 am
were having too much fun. and a live look at mobile 5n the
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that comes after modest loss yesterday. erica ferrari ... of cbs moneywatch dot- com. on wall street---positive economic news sent stocks u early trading tuesday... / rising factory orders and h prices helped push indexes sales went in overdrive in the first halff the year...climbing to pre- recession levels. / but, in last few hours of trading, turmoil in the middle east dragged stocks down. / the dow fell 42 points the nasdaq slipped 1 point. / this morning asian markets w profit-takers move-in. / t's nikkei lost half a percent, breaking a four- day winning streak. hong kong's hang se fell more than two percent. the crisis in egypt has sent the price of oil soaring. a barrel of crude is now abov0 dollars for the fist time s last september. a possible in the u-s stockpile of crus also driving up the cost. / the white house says its delaying a key component of president obama's health ca overhaul--- the so-called employer mandate--is being pushed back for one year toe businesses a chance to comp with the law--which would f companies with 50 or more workers to offer affordable coverage to their employees face potential fines. / lets send it back to you! a former tiffany jewelry executive-- busted for stea? / answer: ingrid leader- house oh-koon was in
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court tuesday. officials sar job allowed her to take jew out of the store. but instead of returning it sold it for more than a mil dollars. in february tiffant oh-koon go as part of a company-wide downsizing. if convicted she could get 30 years behind bars. nn-wedn004-harmelin 3a-et p biz brief restrictions: restrictions apply. see scr nns-n categories: format: newspath correspondents, pkg region: national topic: business, consumer, economy, money watch date: 7/3/2013 y slug(s): cbs news moneywatch aspect ratio(s): 16x9 title: harmelin 3a-et pkg biz brief dateline: new york, ny form: pkg length: 00:01:34,00 sou cbs newspath correspondent: alison harmelin nns-n correspondent: alison harmen restrictions: contains ap photos. no excerpting. scri: (on cam) investors will getn early read on the job market when the payroll company adp reports how many workers are getting jobs in private companies. (unemployment vo) also this morning - the government will tell us howy people filed for unemployme benefits. the two reports sd provide some clues about wh we'll see friday when the lr department releases the mon time is 5-- here's meteorologist lawrence with check of weather.
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perfect... summer vacation arrived right along with thy area's hottest new attracti.
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our own vern glenn took a heart-stopping ride on the w "gold striker" roller coast, at great america in santa clara...last week. and you can see -- and hear -- it'se ride to remember... but the brakes are on the n gold striker....apparen tlyt may be "too much fun" for 's own good. the ride is next door to an office building. turns out, the screams from thrill see are above legal sound level so great america is finishi work on a sound- suppression
5:48 am
tunnel to quiet the noise. t america has some inspectors scheduled to che out the ride today. they hoo have the gold striker roller coaster open for the july fh weekend. two first ladies came face face-- in africa... michelle obama and laura bu appeared together at a wom's conference in africa yester they entertained a small gathering while swapping sts about life in the white hou. "michelle obama: absolutelyi constantly get asked, especy in the first term, are you like laura bush, or are youe like hillary clinton? and ' like, is that it? that's ali -- (laughter) -- laura bush: exactly the problem -- ever said -- reporters -- are you hillary clinton or barbara ? and i always just said, wel think i'll be laura bush." the two were in tanzania tok about initiatives to empower women. bay area headlines. a canadn trucker made yesterday's mog drive a
5:49 am
little tougher on the golden gate bridge... he didn't see the signs, and well.. y see what happened. take a look at this picture of the truck stuck in the toll boo. part of the toll plaza was damaged and the truck's front axle snapped. as you n see from this youtube clip.t took a heavy-duty tow trucko haul it out. new rules are in effect... d at keeping fort mason from g trashed again this fourth of july. signs are up to let pe know glass containers and ks are not allowed at the great meadow. trash cans have also been added at the fort along the san frano waterfront. last fourth of july, people left mounds of trash in the meadow. .more than a dozen gay coups flocked to frank ogawa plazr a mass wedding ceremony. oakld mayor jean quan joined other city leaders to officiate. e mass ceremony was in celebrn of last week's supreme court ruling allowing same-sex marriages to resume in california. time is 5: concert goers in the midwest got more than just a live show. the pop single that set the stage fn
5:50 am
impromptu wedding. what's cool about your scho or summer camp? you can submit your nominaton on our website: k-p-i-x dot com slh cool school. we may come and feature your school or campn the show. general motors and honda are joining forces to create ca that,,,,,,
5:51 am
sleep train's 4th of july sale doesn't just end sunday, it's going out with a bang! through sunday, save on sleep train's most popular mattress sets. plus, pay no interest for 36 months on tempur-pedic and serta icomfort. big savings and interest-free financing? these deals aren't just hot... they're explosive! sleep train's 4th of july sale ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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all right. how about that 4th of july forecast?! low clouds and fog approaching the coastline should be great viewing inland. temperatures in the 60s and the 70s. >> mobile5 hasn't moved much. this is a live look at how they're doing towards the bay bridge toll plaza on bart strike day 3. unfortunately, we're still seeing big backups
5:53 am
at the bay bridge. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. 5:52 now. general motors and honda are joining forces to create cars that run on a different kind of gas. the two companies plan to develop hydrogen cell fuel companies by 2020. they have electric motors that run on hydrogen and oxygen. gm and honda are pushing for more hydrogen fueling stations throughout the u.s. a las vegas casino is going green with the second largest solar rooftop project in the country. mandalay bay on the vegas strip expects the 6.2-megawatt installation to be completed sometime next year. casino says it should generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 1,000 homes. certainly got a lot of sunlight down there. and virgin airlines is offering frequent flyer miles to four-legged passengers. the company will give members up to 300 points when they travel with a small pet. right now, the offer only is
5:54 am
offer is also good on jetblue. henry lieberman pulled in a 40-pound fish off the coast of alaska believed to be at least 200 years old. experts are able to estimate the age by the number of growth rings along the ear bone. can a fish that old be tasty? >> i bet it's a little tough. i think i want to put it back. kate middleton's due date is this month and people around the world are looking for clues as to whether she will have a boy or girl. there is evidence the royal couple is likely to have a girl in part because kate's severe morning sickness means she is 80% more likely to give birth to a daughter. we'll find out soon. concert-goers in the crossroads got more than just a show over the weekend. >> they were the guests to an
5:55 am
impromptu wedding. it captured the hearts of friends and strangers. home a romantic song by edward sharp was a hit on the radio and a sweet selection for the "i do" > it's amazing. i wasn't -- i only had it planned up to the point that we got back stage and after that i had no idea how it was going to transpire. >> will you marry me? >> the couple did have a ceremony eight years ago but the marriage was not official because they didn't have a marriage license. so they sealed the deal this time. >> in a big way. 5:55. in the next half hour more financial fallout. why the richmond refinery fire is costing the city millions. >> we're all on board a ferry now in alameda headed to san francisco in about 10 minutes here. take a look. packed boats still some room though. more on this option coming up in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 am
5:57 am
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with bart down the shuttles are up and running. we'll take you to one east bay location and hear what commuters have to say on bart strike day 3. >> an already bad morning commute at the bay bridge just got worse. a stall just reported on the upper deck. we'll have the latest traffic coming up. >> sunshine and fog around the bay area this morning but back into the triple digits heat again. when will this all end? we'll talk about that coming up. >> thank you, lawrence. good morning, wednesday, july 3. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. it is just about 6 a.m. and for the third time in three days, commuters are crowding on to buses because bart trains are again not running. and you're taking a look at live pictures right now from one of the stations, one of five stations that has buses standing by right now to take passengers into the city. now, yesterday we had some drama over there. they ran out of buses.
6:00 am
so far as you can see, buses still there. ferries heading to san francisco are packed again. we are live on board and we'll have a report coming up. drivers on the roads are already in big backups. a live look at the approach to the bay bridge. it is packed. only getting worse as the morning continues. leaders on both sides have started talking again. there was a marathon negotiation session overnight last night until 3 a.m. negotiators plan to work through the day. negotiators say they want to end the commuter nightmare but they still have not been able to pull it off. >> we hate to see people suffer. so the best thing we can do is get a resolution, end the strike and move forward. >> we hope to stop inconveniencing the people of the bay area


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