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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 3, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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after the oak tree crashed to the ground just as campers were eating breakfast in a dining room nearby. a sergeant with tuolumne county sheriff's department says the oak tree with a 53" base broke about 30 feet from the ground and came crashing down so that meant about 40 feet of that tree came crashing down into an open space. four counselors were injured and trapped by the tree and taken to local hospitals. two of them are in serious but stable condition. two others have been released from the hospital with minor scrapes and bruises. but another one of those counselors as you mentioned initially reported as missing, turned out to be annais rittenberg a student who was killed. power also was cut off to parts of the camp because of the incident. now, camp tawonga is a children's camp for bay area children. it's on a 160 acres in stanislaus national forest and it's been serving the jewish
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community since 1925. the san francisco-based camp says all the campers are safe and accounted for. camp is still continuing. they are trying to make this as normal for the children as possible. a sergeant said he saw some parents come by after the incident but doesn't know whether or not they removed their children. pg&e has crews here trying to restore power to parts of the camp but again, the good news is that all the children are safe and sound. elizabeth? >> all right, ann. thank you. as ann mentioned, the four over adult staff members injured were taken to local hospitals. two women ages 20 and 21 were taken to sonora regional medical center with minor injuries and the other two injured women are being treated in modesto area hospitals. their conditions have been released yet. now to the latest developments on the bart strike. as commuters cope with more gridlock, bart and its unions are working to break their own. both sides now back at the bargaining table. those talks resumed about 4
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hour ago at the caltrans building in oakland. kpix 5's phil matier is there. what's your read on the progress so far? first of all, is there any progress? >> reporter: well, allen, it's very interesting. the mere fact that they have been here for showers progress but the biggest difference i have seen is the tone between these talks and the earlier ones. take a listen. can't disclose any of the details but everybody is working hard. we hope to come to a resolution quickly. >> that's what's best. we want to make sure those conversations stay at the table so we can try to get a deal done as soon as would be. reporter: those were the feelings on both sides of the three-day bart strike as talks resumed today. hope in the air and with good reason because a prolonged strike could hurt both sides. bart, for example, estimates that the walkout is costing the transit district $3.9 million a week. but it's also taking a toll on the strikers, as well. >> we want to get back to work. we don't want to be out here. it's rough being out here, you know. >> reporter: that's not to say a deal will be easy or quick. but as uc-berkeley labor expert
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harvey shaken tells us -- >> the sides are still far apart but compromise is the nature of collective bargaining so we're closer to a settlement than we were significantly before this took place. >> reporter: now, this is usually the time when state and local politicians start weighing in behind the scenes to try to force a deal. but with the two key issues being how much workers should pay into their pensions and into their healthcare plans, most of the heavyweight elected leaders are keeping their distance. >> no political leader wants to alienate a union as powerful as the seiu. but at the same time, they are very concerned with the broader public reaction. >> reporter: now, the good news here is the change in the tone. you have to remember that just a couple of days ago when this started, the main talk was about why they weren't talking. now they're at the table. hard numbers still to crunch though. these are big and tough issues. but if there is an agreement, unions tell us that they will go back on a tentative
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agreement. they won't wait for a confirmation vote. bart tells us that if they get a deal, they can have the system running in 12 hours. allen? >> phil, does it look like maybe they are going to ignore this holiday tomorrow and just keep going? >> reporter: at this point, i think if -- they have the momentum going, sacramento wants something done, everybody wants something done, and the big question, allen, who would walk away at this point after getting back? >> looking like the bad guy. >> reporter: wouldn't look good. >> thank you, phil matier. we asked which side are you on? we talked to more than 500 people asking them, which side has made a better case for its position? 40% nearly twice as many responders to our exclusive surveyusa poll say management has presented a better case. 23% believe the bart unions have. commuters heading home for the holiday, not finding a whole lot to celebrate if you are out on the road right now. chopper 5 live over the bay bridge approach and as you can see, as it has been for night after night now, it is a slow
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crawl to get on the bridge. chopper 5 also took a path down battery street today. this backup started hours ago. people trying to get a jump- start on their holiday weekend, i suppose. it's probably going to get worse before it gets any better. a slow crawl to get on the bay bridge. checking our traffic maps, we are going to start with the bay bridge approach and you can see the yellow down there right in the middle of the screen and once you get on the bridge, it's not too bad. it's actually yellow moving into the city so the big picture in the east bay, a lot of green on that map but expect some delay around the oakland coliseum tonight because there is an as game at 7 p.m. against the cubs and the north bay once you get on the golden gate bridge, it's slow along the old doyle drive but things do clear up. the ferry system is seeing three times its normal ridership. this is a look at the lines of people making their way home from work. on a typical day, 6,000 commuters ride the ferries. over the last two days, that number jumped to more than
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19,000. the ferry system has also added more boats to accommodate the extra passengers. commuters are also jamming free shuttle service provided by bart like this one at the el cerrito del norte station. some are complaining that there aren't enough shuttles to accommodate everyone. other buses are also packed. this is video from just 10 minutes ago. you can see people lined up at the transbay terminal for the trip back home. bart says it has carried more than 5600 people to and from san francisco each day on its shuttle buses alone since the strike began. kpix 5's ryan takeo is at the pleasant hill bart station with a look at how small businesses are being impacted by the strike. ryan. >> reporter: bart's been closed and so have almost all of its vendors. but also affected by this are the neighborhoods near these bart stops. reporter: there's plenty of time to play games because there aren't many rides to go
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around. the only thing the bart track is good for today is keeping these cab drivers in the shade. the three-day old strike is hurting their bottom line. >> we normally get like four, six fares in the morning and now you barely can get one. >> because there are no customers. that's really bad for us. >> reporter: two bart stops away cab driver abdul keeps waiting. >> this week is like disaster you know nothing. >> reporter: he normally drivers 10 riders a day from the station. all this week he hasn't picked up one. >> well, of course i have a family. i have four kids, wife, you know,. >> reporter: bills still coming. >> and have no other job except this. and that's what we live on. >> today's hot, slow. >> reporter: this walnut creek farmer's market gets much busier than this every wednesday. rain >> rain or shine or strike. >> reporter: this kitchen cut what it normally makes in half. >> it's slow. >> reporter: there's a lot
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riding on these negotiations. not only bart's 400,000 daily passengers but also the workers and the businesses around bart stations who want this strike over. the bay area council of business groups says that about $73 million is cut from the local economy each day of strike. live at the pleasant hill bart, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. stay with kpix 5 for continuing coverage of the bart strike and the negotiations. you will also find traffic updates and a strike survival guide on our website, a restaurant double murder shocks an oakland neighborhood. >> i have lived here for 20 years and i have never seen anything like this. it's really -- it's changed. >> what happened in the moments before two employees were shot and the plan of action to keep businesses safe. >> breaking news on the feat of san francisco city college. the decision just handed down and what it means for the school's future. >> san ramon and livermore and concord day 6 of triple-digit
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temperatures but beaten by ukiah 111 degrees. there is an end in sight. that and your fireworks forecast coming up. >> an exciting step in the fight against aids. what happened to two patients that could bring researchers closer to a cure. ,,,,,,,,
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the accrediting commis new at 5:00 city college of san francisco has had its accreditation revoked. that accrediting commission for community and junior colleges made that move this afternoon. it means that the state's largest community college does not meet program criteria. college officials have tried to turn things around since last july when the school was sanctioned for a number of violations, including fiscal mismanagement. so what's next? classes go on until next june when the college will shut down. but in the meantime, college officials could appeal the decision. until then, a special trustee will be appointed to run the
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college since the current board of trustees will no longer have a say in how the school is run. we'll have much more on this story coming up tonight at 6:00. new details on a double murder at an oakland restaurant. police have identified a second suspect and are asking him to turn himself. in one suspect is already in custody. both were customers at the wing stop restaurant monday night. police say the two ran to the back of the shop perhaps trying to hide from someone when two store employees went to investigate, they were shot and killed. this morning, police met with business owners and residents at the lakeshore district who say the recent murders shattered their sense of safety. >> i have lived here for 20 years and i have never seen anything like this. it's really changed. >> oakland police are promising extra patrols. another community meeting is set for tonight. the belly of the beast! the mouth of the bay bridge with the most powerful guy in
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the bay area, he's controlling the lights that let you go on! i'll tell you how it's going in a couple of minutes. >> for the sixth consecutive day triple digits right here in pleasanton where they are setting up for the biggest block party in the entire bay area. mobile weather will take you there as the news continues on kpix 5 ,,
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opper 5 is overhead. taking a live look at san francisco for you, these are the long lines for the shuttle buses at the transbay terminal in the city. chopper 5 overhead for a while. these folks really looking forward to the day off tomorrow. kpix 5's mike sugerman boots on the ground at first and harrison tonight. and drivers handling things any better? >> reporter: better than yesterday, allen, i can tell you that. but let me tell you how bad it was yesterday. it took 45 minutes to go 1.2 miles from battery and broadway to get to here. this man is james watts. he is a parking control officer. i'm calling him the most powerful man in the bay area now. he is just changing the lights. it's up to him when the lights change you get on the bay bridge. we have some blocking of the box there. it hasn't been that bad before.
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that's the worst i have seen. we have traffic moving on the bridge from first street. but if you look down, it's all the way past broadway. that's at least a mile. this guy is trying to get change. he has a lot of time to talk to people. let's see if we can talk to someone at a red light. let's go over here. sir, how long it take you to get here? >> maybe 45 minutes. >> reporter: where are you coming from? >> oakland. >> reporter: oakland. that's -- you're going to oakland. where are you coming from? [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: 25 minutes, you heard him. anyway, it's better than yesterday, it's still not good. allen? >> all right. mike sugerman, be careful out there. the ac72s are on the out water and the megayachts are starting to arrive. the america's cup regatta is almost here. but the fight over a recent rule change remains. two teams from italy and new
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zealand are protesting the directors' recommendation regarding rudder elevators. they say the rule change is performance-related and has nothing to do with safety. but the regatta director says the measure will help sailors better control the pitch of the boat. >> it's balancing the forces of a very complex machine. you know? they are sailing a combination of a submarine, destroyer and a fighter plane. you try and make it all work together. >> a five member jury will discuss the protest on monday. the opening ceremonies are scheduled for 3 p.m. tomorrow. the first race of the louis vuitton cup kicks off sunday afternoon. a dangerous heat wave continues to scorch parts of the bay area. >> many inland areas seeing triple-digit temperatures again. the 7th straight day. we have team coverage. meteorologist paul deanno and mobile weather's roberta gonzales. we begin with roberta live in pleasanton. ro? >> reporter: allen, i got to tell you that for the fourth consecutive day we have topped
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off at 104 degrees here in pleasanton. according to mobile weather, it is now down to 100 degrees. no wind to speak of but when it does pick up, just now up to 3 miles an hour, it's so welcome because it's blistering hot here in the east bay where the average high temperature this time of the year is 87 degrees. but even though it is hot, it does not stop. the pleasanton downtown association causing all of this. this is called first wednesday. let me show you what i'm talking about here. this is main street in pleasanton and in fact, if i can give you a little bit of proximity here, there is the pleasanton marquis. they completely shut down main street right here. they allow vendors to set up. they allow food stands and barbecues. and a live band. in fact this big giant block party the biggest in the bay area kicks off at 6 p.m. until 9:00 tonight. the theme this year is, red, white and blue.
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why not? it's the day before the 4th of july. and the pleasanton downtown association promises me 5,000 people coming out here to party and to welcome the summer heat. reporting for mobile weather for kpix 5, roberta gonzales, and now, back to the air- conditioned studio and the ever so refreshed paul deanno. >> refreshed but it's always 72 in the studio roberta which is about 35 degrees cooler than what you have out there. it's another toasty day inland. look at the highs as we look at mount diablo in the background. lakeport 111 degrees. vacaville 104. walnut creek, calistoga 102. los gatos 100. i threw in oakland well above normal at 87 degrees in oakland today. san jose, you are in the 90s once again, 5 straight days at or above 88 degrees. the san jose airport is one of the cooler spots in the city. 90 for a high today in day number 7 of the heat wave but a lot of you aren't worried about the heat. you want to see some fireworks. here's our official 4th of july forecast. along the coast there is going to be fog but i think the bay
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bridge will be clear as will be the south bay. 78 degrees for san jose. fireworks time tomorrow night in the city. 65 degrees. many of you know somebody or maybe yourself going to lake tahoe. things are not as quiet and serene up there. you're under a flash flood watch right now. thunderstorms likely overnight tonight, more thunderstorms especially the first half the day tomorrow 85 for a high. 81 on friday with mainly sunny skies. so kind of stormy. it's been that way in that tow for the past couple of days and will continue to be tonight and tomorrow. we have been through 7 straight days with temperatures running 15 to 20 degrees above average away from the water. not at the coast, not in the city, but inland we have been hot for a week. one more. seven down, one more to go, tomorrow will be hot again with highs above 100 degrees. then that big ridge of high pressure is finally going to move out. as it does something is going to have to replace it, an area of low pressure offshore that will induce an onshore flow. the ocean still at 55 degrees. so that flow of air from the ocean is basically mother nature's version of air-
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conditioning and temperatures will drop about 15 degrees inland coming up on friday and dropping further toward the weekend. so one more. you have been through a week, you can get through one more day, that's tomorrow. another hot day inland. then the onshore flow kicks in. 15 degrees cooler coming up friday. in a means a return to morning cloud cover and near the bay and at the coastline beginning friday morning. tomorrow another hot one. concord high 99. san jose high of 92. 97 for morgan hill. 82 san mateo. 85 union city. one final day in triple digits for san ramon, danville, pleasant hill and pittsburgh. we are looking at 90s for rohnert park, petaluma, novato, sonoma. 73 downtown san francisco a lot of folks coming into the city tomorrow. alameda for july 4th, 78. how about lakeport? another hot one, 108. st. helene know tomorrow 97. after tomorrow done through, we get cooler back to normal. isn't normal nice? mid-80s over the weekend with
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sunshine inland, low 70s at the bay, 60s at the coast. that's where we should be. we haven't been the past week. we get there after tomorrow. >> normal is coming. we can see it from here. >> it's been a long hot stretch. almost finished. kpix 5 has you covered for the 4th of july celebrations tomorrow. for a full list of independence day activities including the parades, concerts and, of course, the fireworks, go to now, if the bart strike is still unresolved, bart says it's going to have an abbreviated schedule of buses for the fourth. check our website, for more. new hope for a cure for hiv. >> this is very exciting. it's exciting for us and for the patient. it breakthrough with two patients and how it could give doctors a new strategy to fight the disease. >> but first, another look at the eastern span of the bay bridge. ,,,,,,,,
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rks exploded over ca egypt's president mohamed morsi is out and the country is under full military coup tonight. fireworks exploded over cairo after the military ousted morsi from power and suspended the country's constitution. the head of egypt's constitutional court is the interim leader and will set new elections. u.s. authorities have ordered a partial evacuation of the american embassy in case of violence. california lawmakers have passed a bill allowing transgender students to choose which restrooms they use and which school teams they join. it would be up to them based on their gender identity instead of birth gender. opponents argued that it could conflict with other students's right to privacy. no word whether the governor will sign the bill. tonight we have news on an exciting step in the fight against aids. two patients with long-standing hiv infections underwent a procedure and now the virus is nowhere to be found. reporter: scientists presented their findings at an
5:25 pm
aids conference in malaysia. a few years ago, two hiv- infected men underwent a bone marrow transplant in boston to treat a type of blood cancer. tonight, doctors are unable to find a single trace of the virus in them. the men are apparently hiv- free. >> this is very exciting. it's exciting for us and for the patient. >> reporter: researcher dr. timothy henrich spoke by skype from malaysia. while it's too soon to say they are rid of the virus for good. >> it will tell us how to cell novel strategist to cure hiv. >> reporter: a bone marrow donation gave them a healthy immune system. to protect the new cells from becoming infected with hiv, the men continued taking powerful antiretroviral medication. know it appears the virus was kept -- now it appears the virus was kept so much in check it's virtually gone. recently they stopped all hiv treatment. so far, so good. >> what they are reporting, which is somewhat remarkable, is that the viruses has not
5:26 pm
come out. >> reporter: a doctor says it's too soon to know if it will last and while bone marrow transplants are risky, he says the boston cases are encouraging. >> it gives us a direction where we can say, let's put more emphasis on building the immune system, lowering the amount of virus in the body, and maybe we can get what we would call a functional cure. >> reporter: the first case of a functional cure? timothy brown, the so-called berlin patient. now brown may have company. since 1981, dr. levy's lab has studied hiv-positive men who don't have to take any medication. their bodies, their immune systems, naturally keep the virus at bay. there's some sort of secret in the immune system that they are trying to unravel. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> jeff glor is in for scott pelley in new york. jeff. >> hi, allen and liz. egypt passing the tipping point this afternoon. the military says mohamed morsi is no longer in charges. we have reports from cairo and
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washington tonight. we also have new information on the day that 19 arizona firefighters died. a distress call was sent earlier than first thought. those stories on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,, look at them kids... they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that. one time, i had to wait half a day to watch a movie. you watched movies?! i was lucky if i could watch a show. show?! man, i was happy to see a sneezing panda clip! trevor, have you eaten today? you sound a little grumpy.
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the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado >> glor: tonight, the military takes control in egypt. tanks roll in, fireworks go off and president morsi is no longer in charge. clarissa ward is in cairo, and chip reid has reaction from washington. the arizona investigation: it turns out 19 firefighters sent out a distress call earlier than first believed. carter evans with new information. climate extremes: the u.n. releases numbers on weather in the last decade, and dean reynolds reports the earth has never seen anything like it. and the new mission: bill whitaker on the veterans who go from serving their country to serving their neighbors. >> they need to wake up every morning knowing that their country still needs them. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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