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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 9, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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he was quickly ushered away. len ramirez is standing by with now details on what may have gone wrong on the flight deck. len. >> reporter: investigators spent the day interviewing three of the four pilots on board the aircraft. the three pilots who were actually in the cockpit at the time. at first the plane was coming in too high, then too low, and then it hit the sea wall. >> scattered debris and human bodies. >> two of the flight attendants in the rear were ejected from the aircraft during the impact sequence. so they were not at their stations when the aircraft came to rest. they were found down the runway and off to the side of the
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runway. those flight attendants survived. >> ntsb investigators completed preliminary interviews of the three pilots who was in the crash. a fourth pilot was not on the flight deck at the time but is still being interviewed. the instructor pilot told investigators the plane was too high when they passed 4,000 feet. at 500 feet he realize they were too low and instructed the pilot to pull back. about 200 feet he noticed the a to throttles were not maintaining speed and attempted a go around. by then it was too late to recover. on impact, the aircraft ballooned. it went into a 360-degree spin. >> of the individuals in the cockpit, the first officer was the one that received medical
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treatment. he was hospitalized and released, had a cracked rip. neither of the other two pilots that were in the cockpit were admitted to the hospital. >> while probable cause of the crash won't be determined until the full investigation is completed, the head of the ntsb called out the pilots for an apparent break down of their air speed function. >> the crew is required to maintain a safe aircraft. that means they knead to monitor. >> reporter: investigators -- need to monitor. >> reporter: investigators also say the pilots on board were not drug or alcohol tested after this accident. if they had been american-based pilots, they would have been required to submit to drug and alcohol test. allen, if this is part of faa regulations, the united states does not have oversight of the pilots. the oversight rest with the country they are from. so, was drug and alcohol involved? we may never know because they were in the tested. >> len, thank you.
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in that picture, there are changes happening in the crash room. portable store and is set up. we have seen accident investigators searching the scene. they spent the day collecting evidence and passengers personal effects. the airline pilots association is blasting the ntsb for releasing so much information so soon. the group said today the investigation is barely three days old and the pilots had little opportunity to provide vital information as to what exactly happened. without the full body of facts, partial or incomplete information can lead to erroneous conclusions. ed to at the ntsb briefing, the chief defended decision. >> we work for the traveling public where a lot of organizations and groups that have advocates, we have the advocate for the traveling
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public. we believe it's important to show our work and to tell people what we are doing. >> as len mentioned, the ntsb says it will not release any information on probable cause any time soon. the ceo of asiana airlines as a packed agenda. a rep for the carrier tells us his first priority is to meet with the ntsb. we showed you the mad scene surroundening his arrival at sfo today. he is set to go to the crown plaza hotel to meet with victims and their families. after that, he will tour the accident scene. tomorrow, he will go to the hospital to visit the injured before catching a flight back to korea. we caught up with a man who was on the same flight as the ceo today. he said he wasn't able to get on saturday's flight thanks to a mix of luck, fate and chance. >> why we weren't on that flight is because of our beautiful daughter. i thank god a forward january
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angel interceded and we were not allowed to book. >> saturday's night was overbooked. family members of the two teens who died are now in the bay area. they were taken to the crown plaza hotel immediately after arriving last night. security at that hotel is under lock and key. the feds taking over in effort to protect the victims, their families and the airline crew. they are only allowing people who are best of this hotel into the parking lot -t. everyone else has to stay out. even some guest who has reservations were told they had to go. >> i said i am a member of the media. i am book at this hotel. they said not -- booked at this hotel. they said not anymore you doin't. >> staffers there have since taped up butcher block paper all over the windows to prevent
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people from taking photos. passengers on board asiana flight 214 suffered a wide range of injuries, but it could have been a lot worse f. kpix 5's linda yee with more on whatlessenned the blow the injured passengers were taken here to san francisco general hospital. they were treated for spinal and brain injuries. that is like over a third of the injured people. what doctors say is it could have been much worse, but they had a couple things going for them. they were strapped into stronger seats. >> in the minutes after the crash, passengers were escaping down evacuation slides. rescue crews found four trapped inside. the severely injured suffered spinal fractures, traumatic brain injuries and broken bones. neurosurgery chief manley tended to dozens of the injured. he says what kept injuries down, stronger seats that cushioned the impact and seat
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belts. >> eyewitness video shows the force of the impact, the plane slamming back on the runway. this passenger was sitting in the front of the plane. >> bang. the impact was so powerful. luckily, my seat had one more strap coming across my chest here, in addition to the one that goes around the waste because it is a slicker feet. >> the doctor says wearing a
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shoulder harness does not necessarily prevent injury. >> my torso moves. if i put a strap on here, now my head moves back and forth. it doesn't mitigate all the injuries. it really just changes the nature of the injuries that you see. >> reporter: still, it has been speculated that shoulder harnesses or straps might be better for everybody, but dr. manley says he is not ready to make that conclusion. what he does want, allen is a seat playout so he can see where his injured patients were sitting. >> that diagram will tell him that. linda yee, thank you. more than a dozen passengers are still in the hospital. here are the latest numbers. 12 people are still at san francisco general. five of those are in critical condition. five passengers are still at stanford hospital. one is in critical but stable
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condition. another boeing 777 bound for sfo ran into trouble today. a japan airlines flight taking off from tokyo had to turn around because of a leak in its hydraulic system. passengers were put on another plane and arrived safely. people traveling out of sfo should plan for long delays and flight cancellations. delays are averaging between an hour and an hour and a half today. 70 flights canceled both in and out one is still closed from the asiana flight 214 crash. we will have more on the crash coming up. plus, a programming note for you. kpix 5 will present a special on the heroes of the flight. that is thursday night at 7:00 p.m. a lead martial art student caught in the middle of the crash chaos. >> the way i handle life is take a deep breath, assess the
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situation, what should we do. >> how they stepped up to help passengers before crews arrived. media from all over the world wanting answers. the personal connection many koreans feel to the asiana crash. we hit triple digits in portions of the inland bay area section. 100degrees in livermore. 92 for santa rosa today. cloudy, chilly at the coast. find out when those clouds will spread more inland and temperatures will fall, coming up. plus, thousands of california prisoners on strike. what they are hoping to change by refusing to eat. (sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady.
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hurt in the wreckage. >> we want to thank god and help whoever was >> >> elliot stone recounts where he and seven others in his group had been attending a martial arts tournament. >> we seemed to be flying in way too low. the last couple seconds the engines revved into high gear like the captain was saying oh, no, we gotta get out of here. and then boom, the back end lifted up, recommend ally jolted everybody in their seats. >> after escaping, stone says his group noticed all the debris near the end of the runway and quickly found four seriously injured people in need of help. >> found those four people. we stayed with them, hug out with -- hung out with them. yelling for ambulances and fire trucks to come help. >> stone is the owner of the elite martial arts academy in
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scotts valley. >> it is natural. everyone starts a career some way, some how, starts a new plane some way, some how. they have to have training. they have to do it once. do i want to account that to what happened? i don't want to do that. that's not for me to say. >> in addition to stone, his father, mother and brother were all on board. walter stone says he is still processing the fact that his entire family walked away from the crash. >> i am very grateful for god's protection. i think he pro ticketed us and all the other survivors. we are very sad for the families of those injured and killed. >> elliot was also engaged on the trip to key korea and his fiance also walked off the plane. >> i am flood we all made it. we are -- glad we all made it.
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we are all safe. >> reporter: mark sayer, kpix 5. >> the group. firefighters across the country come together for 19 of their fallen brother are also. >> whose broad stripes and bright stars ♪ >> the vice president's special tribute to the elite firefighters killed. stanford students show off their new wheels as they gear up for a grueling race in the australianousback. i'm totally in love with the avocado on this sub. i love avocado so much i started a facebook page.
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california prisoners are usa hunger strike in hopes of getting heard. 30-thousand inmates refused prison inmates don't have much of a voice, but thousands of california prisoners are using a hunger strike in hopes of being heard. kicking off the state's biggest hunger strikes. they want to change the policy of indefinite solitary confinement to a five year limit. checking bay area headlines. motorcycle officers recovering in the hospital after crashing his bike this morning in the mission district. a police representative says his injuries are not considered life threatening. federal investigators are now looking into an apartment complex fire in redwood city.
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a man was killed in that fire if early sunday morning on woodside road. investigators believe the flames broke out in the unit where that man was living. nearly 100 people are displaced. thousands of firefighters from they cross the country gathered to pay tribute no the 19 firefighters killed battling a wildfire in arizona. >> no the greater fire fighting community, we are here today because we love you. >> the elite mountain hot shots were building fire lines when the flames overpowered them. vice president joe biden came from washington, d.c. to pay his respects. >> this is an old saying, all men are created equal, and then a few became firefighters. thank god for you all. >> private funerals will be held later this week. the fire is still burning, but is now 90% contained. we are getting a reprieve by the coast at least, but we
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can't forget, fire danger still very high in california. >> reporter: and it started in november when we didn't see that much rainfall. temperatures pretty high, too. we hit 100 in livermore today. that will be changing, though. on shore will be increasing. we will keep the sunshine inland. looking all the way back toward mount diablo. san francisco only 63 degrees which is 36 degrees colder than livermore's current 99. santa rosa, you are 10 degrees warmer at 90. oakland 74. we will landfall off in the mid to upper 50s tonight. vallejo you will drop down 56. things are changing. not going to be a huge change, but it is of note.
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we will get cloudy, cooler as soon as tomorrow. high pressure, the big ridge that give you the 100-degree temperatures in livermore today begins to slowly move away. it will move just enough to allow a different weather maker to move in which will pass by to our north. it will enhance the on shore flow. little bit of a drop tomorrow. by thursday lasting through saturday, three straight days, much more widespread morning cloud cover. temperatures will drop all the way down to the mid 80s imland. barely making it to 70 degrees near the bay. it will be cooler and cloudier starting thursday. if you don't like that, wait until next week. we will warm up once again with mainly sunny skies. livermore instead of 100 you will have 90. san jose 86. palo alto 80. sunnyvale 84. pittsburgh and antioch low to
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mid 90s. the city will stay chilly with a lot to have cloud cover. san rafael 80 and still pretty warm in windsor with 86. there is your temperature drop on thursday. mid 80s. we will stay that way through saturday. a lot more widespread cloud cover and fog in the bit. on sunday -- in the bay. then on sunday, we will warm back up and say hello 90s. minor changes, but you will feel the difference. >> that is a nice 7 day. thank you. >> reporter: absolutely. a group of stanford students unvailed a solar powered race car this morning. the team has been preparing to compete in the 2013 solar challenge in australia come october. the car is ant 37 pounds, runs entirely off solar power. students will put it to test in a grueling 2000-mile race across the out back. student team came in 11th place
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in the 2011 world solar challenge. tesla motor if, the world's best performing automotive stock this year. shares quickly jumped in march when tesla predicted that the model-s sales would reach 21,000 units this year. the asiana crash causing a frenzy among foreign journalist. the answers they hope to get, and the culture of shame that makes the tragedy so personal. look at 'em.
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airlines president at s-f-o today. all of them.. anxiour answers. a mob of reporters around the world greets the asiana airlines president at sfo, all of them anxious for answers. kpix's ryan takeo on what the foreign press wants to know. ryan. >> reporter: it was a chaotic scene earlier today. the asiana airlines president faced a tough crowd, the media. >> it was a media mob, mostly international press that greet rod asiana president as h -- greeted asiana president as he walked into sfo this afternoon. the airline executive backed away from the frenzy, going back through the arrival doors. this is a story that chinese
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and koreans worldwide can't get enough of. mr. park is soft spoken. like many here, he says his country's main emotion is sorrow. >> so sad about this kind of thing. shouldn't be happening, right? >> parks' coverage focuses on the korean pilots. his questions are similar to what most are asking >> the reason why they were going too slow before landing, focusing on the failure or lack of experience. >> park told us there is almost a sense of embarrassment in his home country. >> this kind of accident shouldn't be happening. >> as for the asiana pa ceo, park told us it is the create way for company leaders to take responsibility. that's what this american who lived in south korea for years and was on the same flight as the ceo appreciates about the
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korean culture. >> i feel it shows the korean culture at its best, there is responsibility. >> it comes with throngs of media from all over the world all wanting answers. >> reporter: asiana ceo is expected to meet with passengers and their families tonight. ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> now what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelly. the clevand women who were held captive for 10 years have spoken publicly for the very first time. find out what they had to say on the cbs evening news. ,,,,,,,,
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firefighters. how one fire captain, is no stranger to incident of new at 6:00 tonight, responding to the plane crash was overwhelming for a lot of firefighters. how one captain fire is no stranger to a accident of this magnitude. tonight, our mike sugerman shows how no one seems to be too interested in watching the americas cup from the waterfront, even though it is free. those stories and much more tonight at 6:00. >> thanks so much for watching. the cbs evening news with scott pelly up next. >> see you at 6:00.
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>> pelley: tonight what was going on inside the cockpit of flight 214? federal investigators give us their first report on the actions of the flight crew in the moments before the plane crashed in san francisco. john blackstone has the late- breaking story. the cleveland women held captive for ten years speak publicly for the first time. elaine quijano on what they wanted to say. >> i'm looking forward to my brand new live. >> pelley: knives, bats and guns. a mobster describes his murders. don dahler reports from the whitey bulger trial. and how did 305 people escape a burning jetliner? they helped one another. anna werner with the story of people who never expected to be heroes. >> as soon as i opened the door, again, i just started saying, we're going to be okay. we're going to be okay. we need to gut


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