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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 16, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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filling into the valleys drizzle at the coastline early on. low clouds and fog peeling back toward the coastline today. temperatures in the 50s. and it looks like toward the afternoon it will be cool ever than it was. -- it will be cooler than it was. in fact, numbers way down. usually into the 80s. today temperatures 5 to 13 degrees below the average. enjoy it. we have a heat wave coming in our direction. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. in the meantime it's drizzly outside this morning. so just be maybe extra careful especially across the golden gate bridge. along the peninsula catching a flight at sfo no delay this morning 101 and 280 both moving at the limit. quick check of the south bay where no major roadwork is going on. 101 and guadalupe parkway all still flowing nicely and here's a live look at the golden gate bridge commute i was telling you about. so far a nice drive time out of marin county. from san rafael a quick trip towards sausalito. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys.
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>> thank you. breaking news in san jose. dozens of animals are killed in an overnight house fire. kpix 5 reporter sue kwon is gathering more details from the scene and sue, more than 100 cats were inside the home. >> reporter: yes. that's right. we're here at 6900 block of [ indiscernible ] in south san jose. this is an unusual scene, captain reggie williams. what you found inside was surprising? >> that's correct. when we got here we found a resident trapped in the rear of the residence. firefighters made a valient effort and rescued -- valiant effort and rescued the resident. we found 100 cats also. >> reporter: the back area was locked off to keep the animals inside. what were the conditions? >> the conditions inside were lots of cats inside.
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the resident was woken up by the dog. when asked, she said there was 100 cats. >> reporter: five to six cats were saved, one dog were saved. the other cats were dead. >> some of them were in a kennel. others were not. firefighters were able to go in and pull the cats out. we were only able to save five or six cats. at this time the fire appeared to start in the bedroom and extended into the attic and other parts of the house. most of the dead cats were from smoke inhalation and very few from burns. >> and hoarding situation? was there a lot of stuff in the way? >> no. the cats were well cared for. there was lots of cat food and crates. the person took very good care of the cats.
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>> reporter: no injuries to report. you heard it, 100 cats. later on today animal care and control will come and take away the surviving animals and mop up continues here in south san jose. reporting live, kpix 5, sue kwon. police are protesting -- and protesters, rather, clashed this morning as the fallout from the george zimmerman acquittal continues. nine people were arrested in the latest round of vandalism in downtown oakland. most of the suspects don't live in the city. more storefront windows were smashed last night, as well. and protestors brought traffic to a stop on i-880. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is checking the damage in oakland this morning. she joins us live. good morning. >> reporter: it appears businesses are getting ready for another round of protests. i want to take a look here, you can see that chase at this intersection, their windows completely boarded up. as for last night, oakland
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police say they were prepared and had enough officers to staff -- on staff to cut down the vandalism but take a look at this video. it didn't stop some protestors. businesses were hit hard some demonstrators were involved in assaults, broke windows, graffiti, made small fires and it didn't stop there. [ chanting ] >> reporter: thousands of marchers took over 880, this is something we have seen from demonstrators across the country. the crowd marched against traffic bringing cars to a standstill. officers were able to force the group off the freeway. something different from what we saw on saturday. we learned there were only 8 officers on the street in downtown oakland saturday when a small grew of vandals broke off from the larger group, smashed windows and set trash on fire in the streets. >> we are tired of people from mostly seems people like from
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outside of the city just trashing the downtown every time they feel like they want to say something. >> reporter: chief sean whent admitted on saturday they were blindsided and last night their department increased the amount of officers. there are also more big changes last night. we're learning that 12 different jurisdictions assisted oakland's police department. reporting live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. in los angeles, a group of protestors stormed a walmart and did some damage inside. demonstrators also set some small fires and smashed windows. police arrested 13 people. they were not part of a peaceful prayer rally earlier that evening. one of the six women who found george zimmerman not guilty is speaking publicly about the experience. juror b37 still wants her identity kept secret. she tells cnn after closing arguments, the jury was initially split. >> i think he is guilty of not
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using good judgment. when he was in the car and he had called 911 he shouldn't have gotten out of that car. >> she was among three who thought zimmerman was not guilty of any charge. >> we had three not guilties, one second-degree murder and two manslaughters. >> the juror says based on evidence and witness testimony, it appeared that martin threw the first punch and that zimmerman genuinely feared for his life but thinks both of them were responsible for the deadly confrontation. one of trayvon martin's friends who took the stand is speaking publicly for the first time since testifying. rachel jeantel told jurors about the phone conversation she had with trayvon martin just moments before he was shot. she described her friend to cnn's piers morgan. >> he was calm, chill, loving person. he loved his family, definitely
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his mother. and a good friend. >> jeantel says it doesn't bother her that some called her testimony awkward and said it may have hurt the prosecution's case. for more coverage. zimmerman verdict and the protests, log on to a bay area musician was attacked on stage after dedicating a song to trayvon martin. it happened as soul veteran lester chambers performed on saturday at the hayward city blues festival. a woman came from the crowd and attacked the 73-year-old singer. >> for the short time that i did fear, she just couldn't -- you mother -- f -- you started this, boom. you know? and i was down. >> band members promptly tackled the woman and held her until police showed up. dyna lynn andrews potter of barstow refused to explain her actions to police. she was cited and released. alameda county prosecutors will
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decide whether to charge her. chambers is recovering at his home in petaluma. $100,000 worth of jewelry was stolen in just a matter of minutes. livermore police are looking for three thieves who crashed a car into a jewelry store and stole expensive display items just before 4:00 yesterday morning at the kay jewelers at the livermore premium outlets. investigators say it took just four minutes for the suspects to smash the display cases and then make off with the goods. san francisco jewelry mart where two women were killed friday opened for business once again. police say suspect barry white, jr., was in the lobby when he killed the women and stabbed a man. police also say it was a random act, not a robbery. >> they believe that there was some sort of an angst between the suspect and the business and it just played out tragically on friday. >> tenants of the building wore pink ribbons in member of the women who were killed. two men were hurt in a
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shooting in oakland last night. the shotspotter system detected the gunfire and sent officers to the area of 78th street and international boulevard. that's where they found the victim just after 8:00. they were rushed to the hospital. no word on possible suspects. sheriff's deputies have broken up an alleged cockfighting ring in santa cruz county. they found the site on sunday morning near the san lorenzo river acting on a tip. they discovered the fight in progress and then participants ran off. animal shelter officers reportedly found 61 roosters dressed for cockfighting along with apply wood fighting ring and bet -- a plywood fighting ring and betting table. no arrests. increasing tolerance, the major still being taken today to protect some mlb players. were majority leader harry reid is -- why majority leader harry reid is ready to change rules. >> why these smokestacks have to come down. >> enjoy the cool fog, while we
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have it. we have some much warmer temperatures, going to get hot later in the week. more on that coming up. >> we still have a traffic alert issued out in brentwood. what went wrong? we'll tell you more about that plus check your bay area drive times coming up after the break. ,, ,, the thing is bee, i got my mom wrapped around my little finger. do you? yeah, i do. huh. i said i want honey nut cheerios uh huh. and she just totally caved. it's all about psychology buzz. psychology? as long as i don't tell him the cereal is healthy -- he can't get enough. sad, really. i kind of feel bad that i tricked him.
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[ implosion ] >> and down they come. a pow plant power plant was imploded in fort lauderdale within the last 90 minutes. it's being replaced by a fuel- efficient facility. candy cane number one, there it goes. the new plant will run on natural gas. we like to watch that don't we? >> there's something about those implosions. the head of mexico's notorious drug cartel is captured. miguel morales was caught yesterday in nuevo laredo by marines. they had previously offered a $5 million reward for him. his arrest won't curb violence in border states where the cartel dominates through terror. russian president vladimir putin said today u.s. fugitive edward snowden will be leaving russia as soon as he can. putin also said russia will offer snowden political asylum but only if he agrees to stop
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harming the u.s. snowden faces espionage charges in the u.s. for leaking classified information about surveillance programs. a filibuster fight is hang on capitol hill. today lawmakers could vote to change u.s. senate rules for filibusters and voting on presidential appointments. a bipartisan group of senators tried to head off a battle over several obama appointees. harry reid is threatening to change the rules to be simple majority. wendy davis is raking in campaign contributions. she is the democrat from texas who filibustered for more than 10 hours last month to block a pro-life bill. since then she has received more than $900,000 in contributions most of the money from out of state. the bill passed during another special session just last week. let's check the roads this
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morning. >> reporter: a traffic alert in brentwood closer towards the bridges everything is still at the limit. no big accidents there. we still have lanes change trucks across the golden gate bridge within the last few minutes. but southbound traffic appears to be getting by okay. they should have two lanes in each direction. bay bridge tollbooth lanes were closed on the left side but it looks like those have reopened so now everything is flowing nicely across the upper deck. let's check the maps. this is that traffic alert in brentwood. an earlier tractor-trailer fire, brentwood boulevard is shut down between sunset and havenscourt until 8 a.m. they say it's going to take that long to clear for hours in fact. along the peninsula, trying to catch a flight at sfo no delay towards san bruno and 101. the south bay clear along 280
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and guadalupe parkway and 101 towards santa clara. and bart so far has all their trains running on time. that is a check of your latest "timesaver traffic." for more on your forecast, a lot of fog and even some drizzle out there. >> you like that fog, huh, liz? >> not so much. >> she likes the sunshine. we'll make you happy by the end of the week. today we're socked in with the low clouds and fog early on and it's stretched even further onshore this morning. we are seeing some of that drizzle toward the coastline so a little bit damp out there on the roadways even a little misty inside the bay. the temperatures holding mainly in the 50s. this afternoon, we'll see sunshine inland but these temperatures well below the average which is about 5 to 13 degrees below the average. 70s and low 80s inland. 70s and 60s around the bay. cool especially in places like san francisco. low pressure camped along the coastline is helping to ramp up the marine layer and bring us some cool weather all the way into the interior valleys this morning. these temperatures running well below the average this time of year but that is all about to change. in the mean moon our futurecast
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fog, shows you clouds all the way into the delta beginning to pull back throughout the morning hours. and by about noontime, you will see some of that still lingering inside the bay even the early afternoon maybe a little finger of fog sticking through the golden gate. a lot of sunshine in the interior. now, we'll be warm in some spots about 87 in sacramento, 98 and hot in fresno and 94 degrees and sunny in yosemite. but around the bay today you're looking at 80 degrees in livermore. 75 and sunny this afternoon in san jose. but a cool 61 and breezy in san francisco. looking out over the next couple day, the weather is going to start to warm up as early as tomorrow. in fact, as we get in toward the latter part of the week a huge difference in temperatures some numbers threatening to move into the triple digits by saturday and sunday inland but cool 60s out toward the coastline so a heat wave for some, for others more of the same. >> all right, lawrence, thanks. major league baseball plans to strengthen its policies against harassment and discrimination based on sexual orientation. it's expected to announce its
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new policy today during its all- star game festivities in new york. the players union and a new york attorney helped draft the agreement. the league will create a workplace code of conduct and distribute it to every major and minor league player. same-sex marriages will continue in california despite the latest plea from supporters of proposition 8. the state supreme court has denied the request to temporarily block county clerks from issuing marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples. now the high court will focus on the future of the case especially whether it's constitutional $1 billion has been filed against paint manufacturers. counties want manufacturers to remove lead paint from millions of california homes built before 1978. an oakland man says his son lost his hearing after eating paint chips full of lead. >> the hurt in you because you
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seeing your -- oh, lord have mercy, thank you, jesus -- it hurts you to see your child in this condition. >> the paint industry argues it never deliberately sold harmful products to consumers and old paint is not a public health risk. 5:19. coming up, what police are crediting for saving this clerk's life. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. johan in a cespedes is the talk of the baseball world. it was a thrilling final round of the home run derby. we have it next. >> what's cool about your school? submit your nomination on the our website, we may feature your school or camp, by the way, on the big show. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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a closer look in hayward. we have fair conditions, breezy, 68 degrees. >> it's a little damp there morning acrosses the golden gate bridge. otherwise slight delays not too deep right now in the bay bridge in the toll plaza. and up towards milpitas, westbound 237 still flowing nicely for the silicon valley commuters. we'll have more traffic and
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weather together every 10 minutes. check out this dramatic video of a convenience store holdup in pennsylvania. a man with a bb gun tried to rob a store clerk only to have a real gun pointed right at his face. the pair struggled before the would-be robber managed to escape. the clerk called 911 and the suspect was arrested. police say the clerk's cool head kept him alive. good morning. as slugger yoenis cespedes didn't make the all-star team but he was invited to the home run derby and stole the show last night. no cuban player ever had captured the home run derby before. but facing young bryce harper in the finals, harper once hit a shot 502 feet in tropicana field when he was 16. this went 541 feet. so he ties cespedes with 8 home runs. so here comes the as slugger with a chance to win it all.
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>> he wins it! back, back, back, back, back, gone!! [ applause and cheers ] >> yoenis cespedes has won the home run derby! >> 456 feet. the cuban missile launches it out. 32 home runs in all to beat bryce harper. basketball, after being released by the lakers, metta world peace headed to new york. the queens native agreed to a two-year deal with the knicks worth over $3 million. the lakers also owe him $7 million next year. back to our all stars tonight. we'll see you this evening. >> dennis, thank you. the play of the day, in japan, pitcher bobby koepple of the nippon hand fighters with a behind the back grab. it was his first start in 15 months because of shoulder surgery. no problem. got it.
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>> got it. 5:24 right now. coming up, new scrutiny. how asiana airlines is bolstering safety following the crash of flight 214. >> reporter: i'm cate caugiran live in oakland where protestors angered over the zimmerman trial are kicking up the violence. we'll show you the latest damage and demonstrations.
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[ chanting ] riot police faces off with protestors in oakland. >> antizimmerman protestors have taken over the streets for the third straight night. >> protestors spilled on the nimitz freeway. >> we need you to vacate the freeway now. >> if you look this way over my shoulder, you can see the vandalism. >> we're hearing from one of
5:29 am
the jurors in the george zimmerman trial. >> we put everything into everything to get this verdict. [ crying ] >> a bay area musician attacked after dedicating a song to trayvon martin. >> i saw anger, boom. you know? i was down. >> it's very depressing to see an animal in distress. >> one of san jose's first beavers in 150 years is in trouble. >> she has been tangled in some garbage, it's choking her. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald good morning. tuesday is here. it's july 16. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 5:29. kpix 5's sue kwon is gathering the latest developments in a house fire in san jose. and sue, we're learning why there were more than 100 cats inside the home.
5:30 am
>> here's the reason why. >> reporter: the person who was living here was a volunteer who took in feral cats and cared for them. animal care and control knows about the house. by all accounts the cats are very well taken care of. at around 1:45 this morning, a fire broke out in the back of the house. carol miller escaped through a side door, got into a back patio but that back patio was locked in to keep the animals from escaping. so she cowered in a corner, called 911 and when firefighters got there, they were able to rescue her and her dog. the dog is the one who woke her up and saved her life. when firefighters got in there they were able to knock down the fire relatively quickly in an hour. but unfortunately, many of the cats, about 100 of them, were enclosed in a caged area and didn't escape. many of them died from smoke inhalation i'm told from the
5:31 am
fire department. let's go ahead and hear a little bit more about what happened. >> i stood up on the couch and turned around, i could see that flames were coming from what is my bedroom in the back -- in the middle back of the house. and i got out through the patio and waited out there. i couldn't actually leave the patio because that is an enclosure for the cats. >> reporter: no others were injured and now carol miller says she is waiting for animal care and control to take about 6 of the cats that survived to get them care. about 100 will have to be cremated and buried. devastating for her because she spends her life collecting these feral and unwanted cats from the stanford area. they have an agreement, her organization is called cat net and they have an agreement with stanford university to help control the feral cat population so those cats are
5:32 am
brought here and well cared for. very tragic incident for her. she says she doesn't even leave the house often times always worries about the cats as if they are her children. she is in that white car behind me right now waiting for a friend to come help her bring the surviving cats, her dog also in the car, again, lucky to be alive this morning. reporting in san jose, i'm sue kwon for kpix 5. it was another night of violence in the aftermath of the george zimmerman acquittal. in l.a., hundreds of demonstrators started trash fires jumped on cars bashed windows and vandalized their way through city streets. police say the crowd was not part of a peaceful prayer rally earlier in the night. a photographer for our sister station kcbs was attacked and hurt so badly that he is now in the hospital. in oakland, police and protestors clashed until early this morning. nine people were arrested overnight. most of the suspects do not live in oakland.
5:33 am
more storefront windows were smashed again last night and protestors brought traffic to a stop on interstate 880. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in oakland now with the latest on the damage by the protestors. >> reporter: it appears that businesses here are getting ready for another round of protests. you can take a look. this chase at the intersection of 14th and broadway boarded up because this business doesn't want to suffer the same fate of these ones. this is video we took moments ago. some protestors smashed in windows at several places along broadway. oakland police say demonstrators were also involved in assaults, graffiti and small fires. then thousands more decided to take their anger to the freeway. >> no justice, no peace! >> reporter: demonstrators blocked traffic on the nimitz 880. they joined other groups across the country putting major traffic to a halt. oakland police moved in and forced them off the roads.
5:34 am
last night's police presence was different from saturday. oakland's police chief said they had enough on staff to cut down the amount of vandalism we had over the weekend. >> we weren't expecting a verdict until this week so on that short notice we weren't able to bring in additional staffing for saturday night. >> reporter: we have learned there were only 8 officers on the street in downtown oakland saturday night when a group of vandals smashed windows and set trash on fire in the streets. now oakland police are asking for anyone with video of the vandalism or graffiti in the year to turn it in to them. live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. there were about 12 different jurisdictions helping oakland's police department last night. one of the members of the jury that acquitted george zimmerman told cnn's anderson cooper the decision took a toll on the panel. >> we put everything into everything to get this verdict. [ crying ] >> i don't think any of us could ever do anything like
5:35 am
that ever again. >> she says she was convinced zimmerman was trying to defend himself. she does not think race had anything to do with it. she also says she had hoped to write a book about the trial but she is dropping those plans. 5:35. asiana airlines says it will beef up its pilot training following the deadly crash 10 days ago at sfo. asiana will strengthen its program for visual approaches and automated flight for all of its pilots. the airline also will increase training for pilots switching to a new type of plane. the man at the controls of flight 214 had only landed a boeing 777 eight times before that crash-landing. three chinese students died in the crash. 83 passengers on the asiana flight that crashed are suing boeing, the manufacturer of the 777. a chicago law firm is representing them and says it will soon file more lawsuits against asiana and other companies involved with that airline. 5:35 right now.
5:36 am
>> we have changes coming maybe triple digits, we are even seeing more low clouds and fog surging well onshore all the way through the delta. a cloudy start to the day and damp. you might need windshield wipers toward the coast. 50s outside right now in most spots. by the afternoon, these numbers well below average. 70s and low 80s in toward morgan hill. temperatures five to 13 degrees below average. inside the bay cool into san francisco. >> we'll have more on a heatup in a moment. >> we are beginning now to see our usually delays out of tracy from 205 and continuing out towards the livermore valley. this morning it's to about vasco road and then we start to see things improve. so your latest drive time is up to 26 minutes right now between
5:37 am
the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. but 880 and interstate 80, the eastshore freeway, both of those are in the clear this morning. quick check at the bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights but we have some slight delays it looks like just in the far left cash only lanes. that is traffic. back to you. >> liz, thank you. it may be a tough re- election bid next year for santa clara county sheriff laurie smith. yesterday the deputy sheriff's association and the correctional peace officers association endorsed one of smith's captains, kevin jenson. the unions say they are going with another candidate because the department has low morale and inadequate staffing and resources. smith has been sheriff since 1998. in other bay area headlines the pittsburg police department is getting new help on wheels. city council says the department can now spend $175,000 on an armored vehicle to be used in hybrid situations. pits -- in high risk situations. pittsburg has had to borrow
5:38 am
other vehicles from other jurisdictions in the past. a passenger was hurt when a tour bus clipped a cable car in north bees last night on columbus and lombard in north beach. one person was checked out. no one else was injured. coming up, attention, shoppers! how retailers are using your smartphones to track you. plus, singer chris brown's probation is revoked. why brown could go to jail. >> a cure for obesity? why some researchers believe it has nothing to do with diet or exercise. when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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another record today. the d added nearly 20 points yesterday. it closed at another record high. markets keep gaining ground, even though the economy is limping along. wall street shooting for another record. they closed at a record high yesterday. city in market keeps gaining ground. jill schlesinger, cbs news business analyst joins us now with what's going on and what you should be doing with your investments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> so, review where the stock indexes are. >> reporter: check this out. for the 26th time this year, the dow finished at an all-time closing record. blue chip index up 20 yesterday to 15,484. s&p 500 the 20th record close of the year eeking out a couple
5:42 am
of points to 1682. nasdaq up 7 points yesterday at 3607. futures are basically in a the this morning not a lot happening. but just to point this out, this year alone, stocks run about 18% -- stocks are up about 18%, which is certainly an amazing performance but we have a ways to go if we reclaim our new highs adjusted for inflation. dow has to get above 15,730, s&p has to be above 2,000 to get back to the inflation- adjusted record. not to be a buzz kill. [ laughter ] >> let's go -- how come economic growth is just stuck in neutral and the stocks just keep soaring? what's the deal with that? >> reporter: i think we have to credit ben bernanke's federal reserve for the lion's move of stocks going higher. if we didn't have low interest rates and $85 billion a month worth of bond buying it's hard to build a case for stocks at these levels. that's why all eyes have been o
5:43 am
ben bernanke over the last eight weeks. he tried to explain under what circumstances the central bank would taper its bond purchases. there's going to be another chance for a little taper tantrum later this week. bernanke provides his semi- annual testimony to the house and senate. he has a couple of days to force yourself to rebalance your investment accounts. i know you haven't done it. i know it you haven't. i know you haven't, come on. >> you're right. >> you're right. >> reporter: all right? so listen, i know a lot of folks worried about their bond positions in their retirement accounts because those positions have lost value this year. if you are worried about the bonds, consider shifting to shorter term and some court bonds away from government bonds. don't be afraid to keep a little extra cash on hand, as well. for more tips on what you should do with your investments right now, go to >> well, eventually the stocks has to cool off a little bit, right? so maybe pushing to bonds isn't
5:44 am
such a bad idea. >> reporter: that's why i love rebalancing forcing you to sell while markets are still high. if you wait until they go down, you're just doing the same old thing you always have done. >> the yo-yo thing. okay, jill schlesinger live in new york, thank you. the company that owned the world trade center during the 9/11 attacks is suing the airlines whose hijacked planes were flown into the twin towers. world trade center properties has received nearly $5 billion in insurance payments but the company is suing united and american airlines for another $3.5 billion. a lawyer for the airlines says that's more than the buildings are worth. 5:44 now. the nsa might be tracking our phone calls and emails and now retailsers ares are getting into the surveillance game. kpix 5 mike sugerman shows us how stores are tracking your shopping habits. >> reporter: in the movie "minority report" tom cruise has a chip embedded in his head that among other things ties
5:45 am
into sensors at futuristic stores. >> hello, mr. yack motto. welcome back to the gap. that's just science fiction, right? >> we are closer to this than anybody realizes. >> reporter: here's what you may see at a department store. these what others see. >> the comprehensive solution for gathering in store performance data. >> reporter: you walk in, they can tell you your sex, how long you spend where, what you're looking at, what you buy. >> if you are not looking happy and they can track from your previous movements that you bought chocolate when you're maybe coming into the store at a certain time of day, they can also send you a coupon to your phone that says, hey, feeling down? how about some chocolate! >> reporter: retail analyst fred phillips says the technology is there, may be a while before it's ramped up into use. >> creepy! stalking actually. >> i don't think it's creepy because i think that shopping in general is changing. >> reporter: they track you online, of course, when you shop. they know what you bought, when you bought it, how much you spent. should it be that much different for brick and mortar shopping in realtime? >> so this allows them to say these must be popular products.
5:46 am
>> reporter: this retail psychologist says such technology not only helps businesses but customers too. >> also how do we arrange them in the store so that their movement through the store gives them exposure to additional products in which they might be interested? >> and where is some of this stuff coming from? >> one successful startup is russian. >> now they're using technology for surveillance that was developed by soviet kgb, by the -- by different government agencies, to now filter that into the commercial end to use that surveillance to make money. >> reporter: the cold war has turned into helping make cold, hard cash. mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> all sorts of retailers including national chains are testing these technologies. they are using them to maximize store layouts and offer customized coupons. i would be easy to track. they would just find me in the shoe department all the time. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> a retile psychologist. >> can you imagine?
5:47 am
>> retail psychologist. that's what you want to be when i grow up? >> i think you need to book an appointment, actually. [ laughter ] we have a lot of clouds around the bay area this morning. it is surging well onshore and boy, even into the delta this morning. so you get the idea a strong onshore push. the temperatures are going to be even a little bit cooler outside. this likely the coolest day of the week. enjoy it. we have much hotter weather coming our way. we even have drizzle out toward the coastline, misting inside the bay this afternoon. it will stay cool again as you approach the coastline. you'll see sunshine inland and some mild temperatures there. low pressure camped out along the coastline and as it remains here, it's ramping up the low clouds and fog. and it's sending it well onshore. so that's keeping these temperatures well below the average, as much as 5 to 13 below. very cool for this time of year. sfo, well, so far we have some possible delays as we're expecting low cloud cover to cause some problems there. 67 degrees the expected high. partly cloudy by the afternoon. steamy and hot as you make your way into houston. the possibility of some thunderstorms there. and hot and humid as you make
5:48 am
your way into new york. 95 degrees this afternoon. still, around the bay today, you'll find some sunshine in toward the santa clara valley about 75 degrees in san jose. 81 in morgan hill. cloudy and 59 and cool and breezy in pacifica. east bay numbers in the 70s and the low 80s. and as you head inside the bay still some partly cloudy skies into san francisco about 61 degrees. 66 in oakland. and about 70 degrees in santa rosa. next couple of days, it looks like high pressure begins to build in. the temperatures starting to warm up especially inland and by this weekend, those numbers threatening to get into the triple digits in some spots inland. that's a look at weather. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and our delays are really beginning to build over at the bay bridge toll plaza. but only in the cash lanes. the middle lanes if you're a fast track user you should be able to get by just fines because the metering lights are off. they are also in the process of picking up the lower deck roadwork heading out of san francisco toward oakland. to our maps and this traffic alert is still in effect until approximately 8:00 this
5:49 am
morning. brentwood boulevard is closed between sunset and havenswood. just a heads up highway 4 in antioch beginning to stack up. westbound 580 usual slow-and-go conditions through the altamont pass continuing past vasco as you get towards the dublin interchange. silicon valley commute no delay on westbound 237 heading towards sunnyvale. the rest of the south bay also problem-free all morning. and bart now checking in with 44 trainings all running on time. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. new details in the death of "glee" star cory monteith could be revealed today. the 31-year-old was found dead in a vancouver hotel room on saturday. police have ruled out foul play. initial results from yesterday's autopsy could be available later today but it could take several more days before toxicology tests are in. monteith had sought treatment for addiction in april. new this morning, singer randy travis is awake and
5:50 am
interrer acting with family members following a stroke. doctors in dallas say the 54- year-old is still in critical condition and on a ventilator. but travis is now off a heart pump and is starting the early stages of physical therapy. he suffered the stroke last week while he was being treated for a weakened heart caused by a viral infection. singer chris brown faces possible jail time after a judge revoked his probation monday. brown is accused of failing to hand over his driver's license and insurance information to another driver after a minor traffic crash in may. in a tweet brown called the accusations ridiculous. the r&b star has been on felony probation due to the 2009 beating of his former girlfriend rhianna. and in this morning's healthwatch, some southern california researchers are hopeful they will find a key to end obesity. scientists with city of hope have linked obesity to a single human protein which they may be able to target using pills. >> inhibiting it, causes the blood sugar to drop, the
5:51 am
cholesterol to drop, and triglycerides to drop. >> of course, it could be years before such a pill becomes available so always diet and exercise, those are your best bets right now. time now 5:51. coming up, one of san jose's newest residents is in trouble. why wildlife experts are worried. >> and a prickly situation. how this raven managed to ask a human for help. we'll explain coming up. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car. i don't miss out... you sat out most of our game yesterday! asthma doesn't affect my job... you were out sick last week. my asthma doesn't bother my family...
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you coughed all through our date night! i hardly use my rescue inhaler at all. what did you say? how about - every day? coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma.
5:53 am
plenty of low clouds and fog. even drizzle at the coastline. much hotter weather is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and the fog is making for some cool traffic shots this morning. here's a live look outside. the golden gate bridge, bay
5:54 am
bridge, they actually just actsvated the metering lights a little bit earlier than typical. and the san mateo bridge fine. we'll have more "timesaver traffic" coming up. developing news. crews in riverside county hope to make more progress today in battling a destructive wildfire. about 2 dozen homes are evacuated. the fire started yesterday afternoon in mountain center southwest of palm springs. cal fire says some buildings are damaged but it's too soon to tell how many. the 1,000-acre fire is 5% contained. only on kpix 5, this morning, a life-threatening situation for a beaver living along san jose's guadalupe river. the animal is among a family of beavers believed to be the first to settle in the city in more than 150 years. surveillance video shown here shows the beaver has some kind of plastic packing straps stuck around its waist. the urban wildlife research project has been using cameras in the area to shoot video of the beavers since they were
5:55 am
discovered downtown this past march. >> it's very depressing to see an animal in distress and bee prohibited from -- being prohibited from living its life along the guadalupe river. >> researchers are concerned about the beaver's health. traps will be set up to rescue him. coming up, protests spill on the streets for the third night in oakland. the violence and the vandalism all in response to the zimmerman verdict. >> i'm sue kwon in san jose where a house fire kills more than 100 cats. i'll tell you what they were doing in this home. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
how one of the pets helped the homeowner's life. cate live tease!! a fire rips through a san jose home killing nearly 100 cats. how one of the pets helped save the homeowner's life. i'm cate caugiran live in
5:59 am
oakland where tensions are escalating as antizimmerman protestors are taking their anger out on the streets. >> fog even thicker around the bay area today. but enjoy it. much hotter weather is on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> now that the overnight roadwork has been picked up things are flowing nicely on 880 from hayward towards downtown. a check of your bay area bridges is coming up. good morning. it's tuesday, july 16. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 5:59. let's get a look at traffic and weather. >> take it away, lawrence. >> thick fog around the bay area. the sun just about to come up from our mount vaca cam looking good there, but a strong sea breeze overnight bringing some low clouds and fog even into the delta, the bay is cloudy, misty and drizzle at the coastline. temperatures in the 50s this morning. by the afternoon, i think we'll see these numbers on the cool side as much as 13 degrees below the average as we'll see
6:00 am
temperatures staying cool in the valley, low 80s inland, partly cloudy into san francisco. but enjoy it. some much hotter weather is on the way. we'll have more on that in a moment. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and you can see some of the damp conditions outside especially across the golden gate bridge. we have some thick fog along the coast. so heads up. visibility may be a little bit of an issue if you are heading to work this morning. but overall the drive time is still moving at the limit between san rafael and sausalito. let's go to our maps and show you what else is going on. traffic alert in brentwood still out there, brentwood boulevard closed both directions between sunset and havenswood. an earlier tractor-trailer fire caused that. the roads will be closed until at least 8:00 this morning. also, westbound 580 very sluggish this morning out of tracy and continuing through the livermore valley. that is traffic. back to you. >> thank you. breaking news now in san francisco's mission district where police are involved in a standoff surrounding an apartment building located in


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