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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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in the face with a hammer. >> i didn't lose consciousness. i was bleeding like crazy. >> reporter: he was in downtown oakland the third night of demonstrations against the acquittal of george zimmerman was unfolding. the 32-year-old is a waiter at flora. >> i'm sympathetic to people, you know, who believe something really strongly and they feel it in their core enough to march and to, you know, really try to let their voices be heard. >> reporter: but on that night, cribley and his coworkers decided to stand outside and form a barrier in front of the restaurant. they were concerned about troublemakers. >> we had had an incident, a bad incident on saturday night which they broke a bunch of windows so in a sense we were kind of trying to deter people from coming back and, you know, smashing any more stuff. >> reporter: all of a sudden an angry crowd turned up and the atmosphere was ugly. >> that's when i heard somebody banging on our windows, turned around, kind of pushed them off and said stop. that was the degree of our interaction. he turned and cracked me in the
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head with the hammer. >> reporter: cribley's face is sore and bruised. glasses he wore that night probably diffused the blow. he believes the guy who hit him was not connected to the peaceful protest and he says oakland will survive. >> i hope that the rest of the world sees that along with all the violence and the protests that are going on here. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: cribley is actually a professional musician, the lead guitarist for midnight cinema. next week, the group launches its first album at a concert in san francisco. he hopes he will be well enough to make it even with a black eye. >> if anything, it will add a little character to the show to have the guitar player all bruised up. >> drew cribley grew up in oakland. now he bought a home in oakland because he says he wants to be part of that city's future. now back to the protests that got out of hand. the first charges have now been filed. they include
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felony vandalism and assault against a peace officer. kpix 5's da lin on why the charges were filed so quickly. da. >> reporter: city leaders and police officers are hoping to send a strong message to other protestors and prevent them from targeting businesses in the downtown area. the alameda county district attorney charged three people today. authorities say two protestors arrested for breaking these large windows at the downtown men's warehouse monday night are charged with felony vandalism. the manager says he is glad police caught the vandals. even some people at monday's protest were happy with the speedy action. >> they get what they deserve. destroying property that, you know, has nothing to do with the case whatsoever. >> he said things were getting rowdy. >> they started going on the freeways and i -- after the freeway stuff that's when i left. you know, i knew it was going to get out of hand. >> reporter: the alameda county district attorney also charged
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another man, jeffrey clark, with assaulting police officers. >> we will not give free rein to those who are intent oncoming to our city in order to vandalize property or hurt other individuals. >> reporter: the police chief says they are not done with the arrests. investigators are reviewing surveillance footage an pictures to identify more vandals. >> we respect people's right to demonstrate. they have no right to commit crimes. >> reporter: met with downtown business owners behind closed doors this afternoon to address their concerns. a lot of these merchants had their windows smashed. the chief told the business owners he is going to do a better job protecting their stores. >> when we're able to put higher numbers of police officers out we are more successful at preventing violent crime and vandalism from occurring and that's what we intend to do going forward. >> reporter: he admits it's going to be tough given there's a lack of officers -- 3-2-1. 3- 2-1.
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>> tonight, bart is getting its game plan together bracing for a second strike. service could be crippled again in just 18 days. kpix 5's phil matier on the push to keep trains running if there is a strike and why that might not be realistic. >> reporter: they are going to give it a shot because this time if there's a walkout management is thinking about a different game plan. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: unlike other train systems, bart cars are fully automated with the drivers' job just keeping an eye on things and that's one reason that bart management is thinking about trying to at least keep some trains running if there's another walkout next month. >> seeing what we can do in terms of keeping the system operating. >> reporter: it wouldn't be the first time during the 1979 strike bart ran limited train service. but this time, they are seriously short on drivers. >> right now we have about 10. and we have three more that we could certify relatively quickly so that is a very skeletal crew. >> reporter: if they got retirees to come back, however,
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they might be able to at least provide limited rush hour service between san francisco and the east bay. have you been calling retired drivers? >> you know, i'm not sure that i know the answer to that question. certainly, we're doing some things that, you know, we want to do to prepare for the possibility of a second strike. >> reporter: so you're taking this threat seriously? >> you know, we have to make sure that we're responsible to the bay area if there is another strike to do whatever we can to alleviate the inconvenience to tens of thousands of people who experienced it during the bart strike. >> reporter: the unions are unhappy. >> they would try to pull people back from retirement to run a train system? these are very irresponsible gestures on the part of the leadership at bart. >> reporter: there is, however, a big hole in the idea. you see, it takes a 15-week course to get certified as a bart driver and under the current labor contract, nonunion workers can only start that 15 week training course
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once bart goes on strike. [ chanting ] >> reporter: they can't start training until the strike happens. the bottom line is it will take them 15 weeks to get enough drivers to actually try to do something here. until then, looks like it's going to be everybody for themselves. >> phil, the two sides were supposed to start talking. where is that right now? >> reporter: they talked yesterday. they didn't talk today. they are supposed to be talking tomorrow. allen, i talked to both sides. they don't want to come on camera and talk about it but off camera they say they have still -- they are still far apart on pay, pensions and healthcare. >> long way to go. thank you, phil. >> reporter: and a short time. >> yup. for almost 24 hours, cranes and trucks at the port of oakland haven't moved. longshoremen walked off the job but not in a labor dispute. all 7 ports were shut down in observance of joy daniels, a fellow truck operator who died on the job of natural causes yesterday. in the meantime, drivers can't
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access the terminals and containers have to stay put. >> every 1,000 of our containers equals eight direct jobs, truck operators, terminals, retailers who rely on the goods to arrive on their store shelves daily. so it does affect a lot of jobs. >> the port will reopen tonight at 7:00. the union is planning an internal investigation into the death. checking bay area headlines, firefighters say one house in east palo alto was destroyed another damaged by a possible grass fire this afternoon. kind of like a domino effect though. fire crews say that winds blew the flames from one house to the other. the u.p.s. driver who tried to help put out the flames was sent to the hospital with minor injuries. no one else was hurt. officers at sfo gave us a demonstration on the abilities of the k-9 police units and how they help protect the public. the dogs are chosen for their extreme sense of smell and are trained to detect explosive odors. they are also trained to seek
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out armed suspects in standoffs. many of the k-9s are protected by bulletproof vests. the verdicts are in for two men on trial for the 2009 gang- rape at richmond high school but they are going to have to spend another night waiting to hear the verdicts. marcelles peter and jose montano were tried in the same courtroom before two different juries. the jury for montano deliberated 11 hours before reaching a verdict today. that separate jury for peter reached a decision yesterday. but both verdicts are scheduled to be read at 1:30 tomorrow afternoon. those men could face life in prison if convicted. from the george zimmerman case to paula deen, it's pushing its powerful agenda. how a movement known as black twitter is flexing its social media muscle. >> turn right and look in the rear view almost got hit by a cyclist. >> chances are you've seen something similar if you drive this busy bay area street. the three d virtual vision for
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the future of this downtown corridor. >> we were sunnier and much warmer today. highs in the 80s away from the water for the first time in a couple of days as we look into the future, we'll talk about sunshine and even warmer weather coming up. >> and coming up tonight at 6:30 -- >> poo, paper and pee, the only thing to go down the drain. >> coming up at 6:30, the dirty secret wreaking havoc on bay area sewers. ,,
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trial had a book deal.. the agent dropped her. tonight, kpix-5's mike sugerman says sub-culture just hours after it was announced that unidentified juror b37 from the george zimmerman trial had a book deal, the agent dropped her. tonight, kpix 5's mike sugerman says a sub culture of twitter called black twitter is taking credit. >> reporter: why did the trial of trayvon martin get to be such a big story? >> and black twitter is simply responsible for the story of
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trayvon martin taking off in the manner in which it did. >> reporter: black twitter? check the hashtag black buzz feed which it's also called to find frivolous tweets. not to trust white people's potato salad. 15 family reunion pictures that look like a tyler perry movie poster. but some serious ones, too. >> there was no mainstream media outlet that had the story before black twitter had the story. >> reporter: and it kept pushing it. social media specialist kimberly ellis goes by the name dr. goddess and is writing a book on the black twitter effect. blacks make up almost 10% of the u.s. population, they make up 25% of twitter. >> there's an overrepresentation on twitter of people who -- for whom mobile is their primary way of accessing the internet. >> reporter: which this writer says applies to blacks in a big way. black twitter? it's already credited with stopping a book deal for one. zimmerman jurors. it was aimed at her agent. hey, shirley martin, please
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drop juror b37. don't help the person who let a murderer get away profit from this tragedy. maybe shirley martin will use blood money she use off a dead teen's body to update her website finally. >> juror b37 decided against it but, you know, when you watch the timeline, you see how things are unfolding you can see that's not the case. >> social media now is such a powerful force. >> reporter: marcus osborne comments on social media among other things on alice radio. he is not convinced black twitter is the force some believe. >> because of the fire involved in that case, it would have gone to court no matter what, twitter or no twitter. >> reporter: there is no doubt blacks are using twitter in numbers not seen by other ethnic groups and that's a powerful tool. mike sugerman kpix 5. >> now, black twitter is also credited with igniting the firestorm surrounding paula deen. crews put out bait traps in san jose this morning. they are hoping to trap guava
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fruit flies before they wreak havoc on crops. that fly feeds on citrus, stone fruits, tomatoes, other plants, was recently discovered in the mayfair neighborhood. today workers focused on a 13- square-mile area between berryessa road, white road, tully road and 14th street. they sprayed utility poles and trees with small amounts of poison perfume that attracts and kills the male guava fruit fly before it breeds. >> probably in two more weeks we'll probably do it again. we'll continuously trap the whole time to make sure we're not catching any more if there's another spot that we might have -- have something brewing in. >> the traps will be monitored for up to three months or until authorities can make sure that guava fruit flies are not reproducing. one of san francisco's major thoroughfares is about to get a major overhaul to make it safer and more inviting. and you can help with the all new design of market street. kpix 5's sue kwon
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reports. >> reporter: it's called the owl and it's being unveiled now. finishing touches being put on it here at this public meeting at park 55 to allow the public to jump into a 3-d world on market street in the future. reporter: market street is a mess. not always easy to navigate. >> turn right and look in the rear view almost got hit. >> reporter: cyclist? >> cyclist, yeah. >> reporter: and in part, far from clean or inviting. >> we just turned around from here and we did not go there. we didn't feel safe. >> reporter: and back in the day before all of the buses and traffic, juan arias remembers -- >> people here all night, people now it different. >> reporter: yeah? >> more community, more friendly. >> reporter: enter the owl. it's a 3-d virtual reality device created by auto desk and another company helping the city to get this exact type of feedback as plans develop to revitalize the downtown corridor.
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>> it's like a time machine. it allows you to look into the future and see in vivid interactive detail different design options for the future of the place where you live. >> we're really interested in hearing feedback from the public around bike lanes, around transit integration, and around vehicular traffic to understand how we can make market a much more inviting place for people to experience street life in a different way. >> reporter: the 3-d software offers a look-around view as if you were standing on market street in 2020. mother felicia hopes by then there will be more on market street for her son calvin to enjoy. >> for an example, how the measurement i have at the theater has a game center, it has an eating place, stuff like that. >> reporter: and here it is. it is called the owl. it's being set up right now. there will be about 200 to 300 people who will be here at the park 55 at this public workshop open until 8:30.
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>> it's revolutionizing the way we design infrastructure projects and it gives us information to communicate the project to the public so it's a revolutionary technology. >> reporter: so about 200 to 300 people will have an opportunity to try out the owl here at the park 55 this public meeting is going on until about 8:30 but if you miss it there's another at the san francisco public library on saturday from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. to get public input before construction is expected to break ground in 2017. sue kwon, kpix 5. now, there are three design options from which to choose. all are different, so your input is important. they are looking for options or opinions from everyone including cyclists, shoppers and businesses. ♪[ music ] dozens gathered near the
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dock of the bay to celebrate the ribbon-cutting of san francisco's brannan street wharf. the new waterfront park is between piers 30-32 and 38. it includes a huge green lawn, tables and chairs. >> watching the ships roll in or in our case more like the fog roll in. >> sometimes both. >> that's true. a little less fog over the next couple of days. not zero fog. that rarely happens this time of year but we can have less fog. that means more sunshine, more sunshine you guessed it temperatures are going up. we are on hump day wednesday. san jose mainly sunny skies outside right now. our temperatures are climbing but nothing compared to the heat that we're seeing for much of the country. look at these numbers. concord 81. livermore 78. san francisco only 61 san jose 76. warmer in the comfort zone.
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but new york city is 97. las vegas 103 and humid. phoenix 107. billings, montana, 82. big time heat back east because of a different ridge of high pressure. we're going to be warming up because of this one, one that actually impacted us about a week ago then moved off to the east. moved away from us now back for a second trip a repeat performance if you will. as it moves back in, it limits the onshore flow. the ocean is always cold. we get a flow from there, it's going to be chilly and foggy. if we can limit that, we'll warm up because of the strong july sunshine. that will last from tomorrow through sunday above normal with less fog and more sunshine. top of next week the low pressure comes back for a second visit to enhance the onshore flow and temperatures will drop. it will be a roller coaster ride but bottom line next several days we are going up in the temperatures. san jose first time in a week you will be back to normal. that's 84 for you. concord back to up 90 tomorrow. but on the peninsula still relatively chilly but average
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for this time of year san francisco 66. pacifica 62. oakland 73 tomorrow. lots of afternoon sunshine for you. san rafael 82. and napa tomorrow 85 degrees. a couple of degrees hotter as we head toward the weekend. saturday the warmest day. mid-70s near the bay, 60s at the coast, and 90s inland. we'll cool off a couple of degrees next week. this is summertime cruise control and you will hear all these things going on in other parts of the country that will not pertain to our weather here. >> thank you. still ahead, the milestone for the new transbay terminal. how the bay area mega-project is kind of like a layer cake. >> and why the boy scouts of america is banning overweight kids from attending one of its biggest events. ,, ,,
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into the massive dig underw for the new transbay termin. ken?
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steve rule / turner construn company "it's one of the lat excavations that you'll see ever - in san francisco, sht of however many years ago bt mobile5 live at the massive dig for the new transbay terminal. ken bastida? >> reporter: got to have big toys for the big projects. would you recognize this as a 385c. a caterpillar that candying down more than 70 feet. that's exactly what it is. it looks like a toy with some of this gear. they are digging right now from second street to beale to build the new transbay terminal. they are going down 65 feet. this is one of the nice little implements they use to do all of that. we had a chance -- an exclusive visit down in the hole where buses and trains will run someday and here's what we found today. >> it is one of the largest excavations that you will see ever in san francisco short of, you know, however many years ago it was that bart was dug. reporter: under your construction mangled drive through downtown san francisco, yet another bay area mega- project has hit a milestone. >> we're right at a very critical transition point actually.
6:24 pm
what you see here what we're standing on that's construction access trestle and all the bracing you see in place here is all temporary work. >> reporter: what's next will be permanent. >> what's happening now down at the lowest level is the beginning of the foundation and the structure coming up. >> reporter: we have all heard a lot about california's high- speed rail. well, if and when it's approved, in the not too distant future, it will be punching through right about here to come into san francisco to take us all back down to l.a. >> they anticipate somewhere upwards of 40 million people a year going through here similar to an airport. >> reporter: once completed, the new transbay terminal will sit like a huge layered cake spread over three blocks, five levels of trains, retail and buses topped with a city park. >> it's really going to be more of a destination than just a bus station. >> reporter: and your bus ride from the east bay won't even touch san francisco soil. >> in between those buildings, there will be a ramp for direct
6:25 pm
access in and out no traffic congestion on surface streets. >> reporter: i remember the old transbay terminal, dysfunctional looked like an old greyhound bus depot more than anything else. >> it's nothing like your old transbay terminal. it's the grand central station of the west. it's unlike any other building of its kind on the west coast. >> reporter: so next big step that you'll start seeing is the rebar goes in and then they will pour in tons and tons and tons of cubic yards of concrete. and you will start seeing this thing slowly taking shape. let me show you what we found here just in the tailings from that backhoe. it's a clam shell because this was the old yerba buena cove. this was the beach. if we look down here, pan down, there's an old log down there, looks like a log. it's actually the old foundation for some of the original buildings that were here over 100 years ago. that's an old piece of douglas fir. they have been finding a lot of
6:26 pm
interesting things including a fossilized wooly mammoth tooth they found. continuing to dig, 2017 we'll see buses in here. we'll all be happy we had to put up with the mess for so long but it will be worth it then, right? >> absolutely. >> thank you. coming up in the next half hour, the payoff from a police tactic in a bay area city's war on violence. >> the numbers for the most part look good. >> why those statistics don't tell the whole story and why police admit this crackdown can't last forever. >> is this your dog, ma'am? >> yes. >> they shot and killed your dog? did you answer the door when officers came? >> no. >> why bay area police said they had no choice but to use lethal force on her pet pit bull. >> it's fun you get to meet new people. >> but not everyone gets the opportunity to go. why the boy scouts of america isn't allowing overweight kids to go to unbefore its biggest events. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police in one bay area city, lice in on i think there is often times a knee jerk reaction to declare victory material.
6:30 pm
we are not doing that. >> reluctant to say it's winning the war on violence, police in one bay area city say their gang crackdown is producing results but not in every category. san jose police's decision to pump more resources and money into fighting gang-related crime is paying off but at what cost? in spite of a drop in gang killings, kpix 5's len ramirez tells us other crimes are skyrocketing and explains why they may be falling by the wayside. reporter: violent crime still very much a part of the picture in san jose with homicides spiking up 33%. but police say the one key area they have focused on more than anything else, gang-related killings, is down. >> the numbers for the most part look good. >> reporter: police say concentrated gang intervention efforts since june 20 are behind a 10% drop in overall violent crime for the year and a 16% drop in gang-related crime including gang-related homicides which are down 30%. >> we had 24 less violent incidents in 2013 that were gang-related than we had in
6:31 pm
2012. >> reporter: so far, san jose is up to 28 homicides for 2013, four this month alone, the most recent victim a 16-year-old boy who was shot and killed at a house party in the mount pleasant neighborhood. police say it might have been worse. this summer patrols including foot patrols in gang hot spots have resulted in 88 felony arrests and taken four handguns off the streets. it's all being done on overtime. >> this is not sustainable. everybody understands that. but right now is when it's needed. >> reporter: despite the drops elsewhere, nonviolent quality of life crimes which affect the greatest number of people continue to plague the city. in your neighborhood, what are the chief concerns about crime? >> the chief concerns are break- ins and basically vehicle thefts. >> reporter: san jose still has an officer shortage including detectives working burglary which is up 23% and auto theft up 71%. police say those crimes have had to take on a lesser priority while the city focuses its scarce resources on gang-
6:32 pm
related crimes. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> san jose will form a new permanent antigang enforcement team come august. it will have two sergeants and 12 patrol officers. a live look now at a candlelight prayer vigil under way at the location where baby daphne went missing a week ago. family and supporters are gathered at 79th and international in oakland. yesterday her grandfather spoke to the media and pled for help finding his granddaughter. the 21-month-old daughter was reported missing by her father on july 10. he said daphne was taken from his suv while he stopped in a corner market. police said they feared for their lives when a pit bull bit an officer and that's why they killed the dog. >> it was your dog? yes. >> did you answer the door?
6:33 pm
>> who answered the door. >> i don't know. i was in bed asleep. >> police initially came to the woman's house early this morning to question a man suspected of breaking into mailboxes. they say after she answered the door, police say her pit bull lunged at an officer and bit him. two other officers shot the dog. a man who rents out a room in the house says he used to steer clear of that pit bull. >> the dog, for me, is like not the friendliest dog but i mean i can't pet the dog, i just make sure i keep myspace from the dog, you know, he won't attack me or anything but if i try to pet him, he might get kind of mean. >> the officer who was bitten was hospitalized and released. police did arrest two suspects in connection with the mail thefts. one group of boy scouts is noticeably missing from this year's national jamboree. obese scouts. as kpix 5's don ford reports, the group's new health guidelines have sparked complaints of discrimination.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: patrick is an over achiever racking up over 135 merit badges each representing a skill that he has mastered. >> this is canoeing merit badge. it also sets you up for the kayaking and rowing merit badges, small boat sailing merit badge, pretty much any aquatic merit badge. >> reporter: he is among the cream of the crops in scouting an eagle scout. he is taking part in extreme sports from hiking, shooting, rapelling an rock climbing just to name a few. that's until the national jamboree for boy scouts. but some scouts and leaders need not apply. new scout guidelines for body mass index means that those with a bmi of 40 or more the severely obese won't be allowed to attend. those between 32 and 39 considered just simply obese need a doctor's note. the average bmi of a scout, however, ranges from only 18 to 235. from 18 to 25. jose a fitness director of fitness sf says exclusion isn't the answer. >> to exclude them from physical activity even though i understand there's, you know,
6:35 pm
health risks associated with the intensity of the workout i think that there should be, you know, a modification. >> reporter: boy scouts of america says members were given advanced notice and plenty of time to get serious about their health. while scouts say it's a health and safety issue, others say it's exclusionary. >> maybe they could do a toned down scaled down event for the kids who are obese. >> i think that the most obese people should be the ones that do get to exercise because that's the only way that they are going to get thin. >> they can't always help the therapy so it's not fair. >> reporter: the national jamboree is expected to attract over 50,000 scouts from around the world and will continue for the next 10 days. in san francisco, don ford, kpix 5. >> do you know your bmi? we posted a link on our website where you can calculated your body mass index on
6:36 pm
just click on "links and numbers." shouldn't go putting these things down the toilet because they're wreaking have vac on our sewers. >> how baby wipes are forcing bay area cities to flush money down the drain, coming up. >> it could be a cable killer. how going the wants to change the way you watch tv. ,,,,,,,,,,
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we've made major advancements in reducing the incidents of broken bones in seniors. we've received recognition for getting hypertension under control for over 80% of our members. we've made significant advances in asthma, immunization and maternity care.
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journal," the mountain view tech giant recently approached media companies about licensing their content. in at least one case google gave a demonstration of the service. it would allow people to flip through challenges just as they would on cable. google isn't commenting on the report. cleaning wipes for babies are becoming popular and some even labeled flushable. but the cloth-like material doesn't break down as easily as good old-fashioned tp. kpix 5's ryan takeo found out the clean-up problem has many cities flushing money down the toilet. reporter: it's rare to ever hear someone representing a city talking dirty. >> poop, paper and pee. those are really the only things that should be going down your drain. >> reporter: he is talking about so-called flushable wipes. he says they clog up city sewers and cost the city money. >> these things are wreaking havoc on the sewers. >> reporter: it takes toilet paper 8 seconds to disintegrate. but wipes like these took 30 minutes to break down.
6:40 pm
>> 30 minutes is enough time to clog your home pipes, to clog our city sewer line in the streets or even clog our treatment plants and cause us to have to shut them down and have to clean out this mess. >> reporter: we got a first han look of the mess. the wipes come together to make rags. this was just five hours after someone last cleaned it. every day the wipes fill one of these three bins. the wipe maker kimberly-clark says many wipes in the industry should not be flushed. the company says it tests its wipes extensively in the lab and in the field. and it says when you use the wipes right, they do break down. >> like it's like paper towels. they are more durable paper towels. >> reporter: the sf puc claims cleaning out the machines costs $160,000 a year. draining funds while cloggin pipes mostly because of wipes. ryan takeo kpix 5. >> it's such a serious problem in raleigh, north carolina, the city banned the flushing of disposable wipes.
6:41 pm
an unpaid career spanning five decades. >> helping them has been the best thing i have ever done in my life. >> the many jobs this bay area woman has done since the '60s for free. >> low cloud cover right now some fog along the golden gate, but guess what? that is the exception not the rule. the sun came out earlier, temperatures climbed 10 to 15 degrees. what does that mean for your weekend? i know you're making plans. my updated forecast next. and i'm dennis o'donnell. and i got a whole lot of questions. >> next question. >> okay, okay. but what's up with that all men's golf club? >> i think that's a ridiculous question if i may say so. >> all right, all right. who is going to win the british open? >> i don't know if i can give you a percentage on how it goes. >> you got questions? we got answers. coming up. ,, you're on timeout leo!
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. the peninsula. sharon chin introduces this week's jeffn award winner - a woman who s herself a "jack- of-all-tra" for 50 years she has been making life richer for seniors on the peninsula. sharon chin introduces us to this week's jefferson award winner a woman who calls herself a jack of all trades. reporter: when ann griffiths isn't selling homes,
6:45 pm
you'll likely find the 79-year- old real estate broker volunteering. >> morning! >> reporter: today, she is delivering meals on wheels to menlo park senior citizens like leonora. >> very nice. i like it. >> there's so many people out there that don't have anybody. i'm an only child so i can relate. >> how are you? >> reporter: for more than 50 years, ann has served older adults as a member of the peninsula volunteers. >> i know there was a real need to help socially, for their brain, and physically they needed to be healthy, to eat properly and be around someone besides the family. >> reporter: in 1962, ann got her first assignment from peninsula volunteers, while delivering her third daughter in the hospital. >> the doctor, whose wife was my den mother, bobbie, came into my delivery room and gave
6:46 pm
me my raffle tickets to sell. i sold them to my ob. >> reporter: all of them? >> of course! >> reporter: before you delivered? >> yeah. >> here she is! >> reporter: and over the years, ann has delivered for the peninsula volunteers, or pvs, in a range of roles, from president in 1974 and frequent fundraiser to events planner who organized programs at the group's little house activities center. today, pvs provide low cost housing to 82% of menlo park's older adults and deliver 250 meals a day to the home-bound. past president says ann helped the 65-year-old nonprofit fulfill its mission. >> she is a visionary. she sees our organization not as something that is stagnant. it's moving forward. it's moving with the times. >> reporter: for example, ann started showcasing local artists' work at the pvs activity center and she and her
6:47 pm
late husband helped start and underwrite an annual benefit for authors. >> the fact that her enthusiasm hasn't waned and her commitment is as great as ever, that's what makes her stand out. >> i have done other volunteer work, but just seeing older people and helping them is the best thing i've ever done in my life. >> reporter: so for more than 50 years as a faithful peninsula volunteer, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ann griffiths. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> you can get involved with the peninsula volunteers using the link online at click the logo at the top of the page then jefferson award to find our story on ann. >> always someone terrific in the jefferson awards. it's going to get warmer step by step. >> and then level off. >> seven degrees warmer today than yesterday. leveling off over the weekend.
6:48 pm
first show you what's going on now. the marine layer is working back in. this is the rush in, in the evening part. the golden gate is cloudy. many enjoying sunshine like at mount vaca. vacaville high in the upper 80s. brilliant sunshine, nothing on the radar. kpix 5 high-def doppler radar is completely drive. livermore more 92 degrees on saturday, then you dropped, dropped again, bottomed out yesterday at 74 but now a 9- degree difference between yesterday and today. today's high 83 degrees. your microclimate forecast in fremont maybe you're heading to fremont central park, lake elizabeth, a beautiful afternoon tomorrow, cloudy to start, afternoon sunshine, 78. getting milder on friday with a high of 79 degrees. and mainly sunny skies both afternoons. the reason why we're seeing the change temperatures are going up because low pressure is moving out. and low pressure where it was was giving us a stronger onshore flow. that marine influence which is always sitting offshore -- is it going to move? in the answer the past couple
6:49 pm
of days is absolutely yes. now not as much because high pressure is building in from the east. that will limit the push of that marine air and less onshore flow means earlier sunshine and warmer temperatures that will continue tomorrow and friday and into the weekend. top of next week if you like a it cooler and cloudier this is for you. low pressure making a repeat performance coming back enhancing the onshore flow and temperatures will fall albeit a few degrees coming up at the top of next week. all in all a pleasant forecast close to normal each day of the next seven. so near the bay the next couple of days you will get sunshine early starting off foggy and cloudy but you get the sunshine a little earlier than the past few days. inland sunny across the board. no morning cloud cover and highs in the 90s starting tomorrow. san jose 84. morgan hill, gilroy in the 90s. palo alto 80 degrees. san mateo 73 still chilly along the coast half moon bay 62
6:50 pm
degrees. san ramon 90 tomorrow with sunshine. benicia 87. napa 85. brentwood 93. san rafael 82. san leandro 72. richmond 71. sonoma 82. toasty up toward ukiah, mendocino county, low 90s away from the ocean. five-day forecast now through the weekend, 90s inland, 70s near the bay earlier sunshine close to the water and dropping a few degrees on monday and staying close to normal for this time of year. we have sports talking british open golf coming up next.
6:51 pm
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the british open kicks off today. >> i am expecting a lot of excitement! not quite as much as your bachelorette party but i think it will be anyway. [ laughter ] >> the british open tees off at muirfield tomorrow a historic golf course 269 years old. unfortunately one of the policies dates back to the stone age. now muirfield has made several noticeable changes to the course since it last hosted the open championship in 2002 but one thing remains the same. the club which opened in 1891 still does not allow women members. and it might be another 100 years before british golf officials change that. >> morally what's the
6:54 pm
difference between men only and white only? >> goodness me, i think that's a ridiculous question if i may say so. there's a massive difference between racial discrimination, anti-semitism and all things where sectors of society are downtrodden and treated very, very badly indeed and to compare that with a men's golf club i think is frankly absurd. >> you said you don't regard its as a moral issue, it doesn't do anyone any harm. can you explain to the 10 women in the room why racism is unacceptable and sexism is? >> i don't think to be honest that a golf club which has a policy of being a place where like-minded men or indeed like- minded women go and want to play golf together and do their thing together ranks up against some of these other forms of discrimination. i really just don't think that comparable. and i don't think they're damaging and it's just kind of for some people a way of life
6:55 pm
that they rather like. >> you know what it is? it's a great big mancave. [ laughter ] here's the open championship. i'm taking brand snedeker. he won the at&t pro-am. brandt snedeker. phil mickelson, rory mcilroy, what are you thinking elizabeth? >> she is still hung over from the party. >> he can come back. >> lee westwood for paul that's a good pick. >> and at director of the show goes with jason day. the reason wayne, you have to look at wayne he picked justin rose to win the u.s. open. >> he has friends. >> he knows his golf. it is no secret that the as are in need of a new ballpark and that they continue to operate with one of the league's lowest payrolls. the franchise valued at $468 million third lowest in baseball but things are much better down on the farm. the aaa affiliate the river cats who pack raley field every night are valued at $38 million
6:56 pm
making them the most valuable team in the minor leagues according to a report by forbes magazine. yankees closer mariano rivera stole the show in his final all-star game being named the mvp after tossing a scoreless 8th inning. jim leyland's most important job last night make sure rivera got in the game. >> i'm probably not the most popular manager in baseball and i wanted to make sure i got out of here alive tonight, you know? [ laughter ] >> made me cry, too. it was close but it was amazing, i will never forget it. this next story is disturbing. the lions have released a former cal star detroit's first round pick in 2010. but missed 10 games in 2011 with concussion and all of last season with post-concussion problems. he is 24 years old hasn't been cleared to return. and i think at this point, who cares about football?
6:57 pm
he should focus on the rest of his life. the patriots have said very little about former tight end aaron hernandez following his arrest for first-degree murder and based on the a recent interview with the always outspoken rob gran could you ski it's clear everybody is on the same page. >> i had to ask you when you heard about aaron hernandez what was your reaction? >> uhm, next question. >> next question. >> had to be shocking for all your teammates. >> next question. [ laughter ] >> and colin kaepernick's getup was so outrageous -- >> the most colorful. captions by: caption colorado go aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
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>> we have a history together, and we were trying to be back together. >> judge judy: don't look at him. look at me. >> announcer: she gambled on her ex-con boyfriend... >> i loaned him $2,000. i don't care what he's telling you, but he owes me $2,000. >> i have no idea what she's talking about. >> announcer: ...but he wasn't a good investment. >> judge judy: and when did he say he was gonna give you the money back? >> seven days. >> judge judy: where did you think he was gonna get $2,000 from in seven days? >> i didn't think that he would lie to me. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution vianca medina is suing her ex-boyfriend, douglas young, for an unpaid loan for personal expenses. >> byrd: order! all rise! your honor, this is case number 133 on the calendar in the er


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