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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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yuan is listed as multiple blunt injuries that are consistent with being run over by a motor vehicle. those injuries she received, she was alive at the time. >> reporter: it was the rescue crew's worst fear since they discovered her body on the tarmac near the wreckage of the plane. >> this is very difficult news for us. we're heartbroken. we are in the business of saving lives. everyone is very emotional from this incident and continues to -- and getting the news yesterday has made it difficult even more difficult. >> reporter: it's still not known how she ended up on the tarmac by the wing of the plane. san francisco police are reconstructing a scene in their ongoing investigation. >> she was not standing up. she was on the ground when our rig made contact with her, a rig or possibly two. that hasn't been determined either. >> reporter: the chief does not expect disciplinary action against the driver or drivers of the rescue rigs.
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she calls it a tragic accident. but in a statement from the chinese consulate in san francisco, chinese officials are urging investigators to deal properly with the aftermath of ye meng yuan's death and investigate and affix responsibility for the tragic accident. the chief says she has reached out to the family. >> to not only express our condolences and apologies but to also offer, if they're willing and interested, in sitting down with them so we can have a face-to-face meeting. that has not taken place. >> reporter: last weekend, ye meng yuan's parents attended an emotional memorial for their daughter. they stayed in the united states to wait for coroner to release their daughter's remains. here at the chinese consulate in san francisco, one or two people have always been with the family of ye meng yuan. they are there to address all her needs. they are also there for anything that may concern them. the father did say, allen, that he plans to hold a funeral for his daughter in colma before he returns home and takes her
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ashes with him back to china. >> truly tragic. thank you. kpix 5 has just confirmed hours ago asiana flight 214 made a go-around at sfo. it's the same maneuver pilots tried seconds before flight 214 crashed two weeks ago. today's flight landed safely. it's not clear why it couldn't land on first approach. pilots or air traffic controllers can initiate go arounds for a number of safety reasons. bay area headlines. firefighters say too much junk likely caused a fire to quickly spread through a san francisco home. you see boxes there piled all the way to the ceiling. that's the garage. the house caught fire shortly after noon today. in the city ingleside heights neighborhood. everybody inside escaped. the family pet is still missing. a gas line hit by a third party contractor in concord. chopper 5 was over the leak at 9:30 this morning on concord
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avenue near meridian park boulevard. a four-block area was evacuated in the leak was capped around noon. an off-duty alameda county sheriff's deputy shot and killed an armed robbery suspect. police say two masked gunmen stormed into the bonfair market last night. during a confrontation, the deputy shot and killed one suspect. may have injured the other. that second gunman took off. police are looking into whether a robbery at the market last week is connected to this one. a stolen ac transit bus made an unscheduled stop in the central valley. officials say a man stole the bus in san francisco this morning and drove it for nearly 100 miles almost to oakdale. the chp finally stopped the bus by using spike strips on highway 120 near sawyer road. you can see where the spikes shred the front right tire. kpix 5's da lin is at the transbay terminal. now, da, how hard is it to actually steal a bus? >> reporter: not hard at all, liz. unlike cars, buses don't have keys. all you have to do is push some
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buttons to get the engine started. and if you know what you're doing, it's not hard to drive off in the bus and apparently that's what happened here this morning. reporter: bus drivers say stealing a bus is not hard. >> you just press the button and start the bus right up. >> reporter: what is hard is getting away with it. >> that's pretty gutsy. the guy who took it, i mean, i don't know what he was thinking, but, you know, you can't get far with that bus, you know. >> reporter: a gps in the ac transit bus helped the chp track it down. the driver led officers on a 20- minute chase. they stopped the bus by using spike strips to flatten the tires. officers arrested a san francisco man, 29-year-old justin moss. ac transit officials say this was a standby bus parked at the transbay terminal. >> i have been here eight years and i can't recall that ever happening at least in that period of time. >> reporter: and muni officials say they have never had their buses stolen. the bus drivers say they are not surprised. >> being that there's not very much security as far as locking
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the bus, we don't have keys to the bus. >> reporter: ac transit doesn't think the suspect is a former driver for them. but they think he has some training. >> it's not quite like operating an airplane. but there are some procedure things you have to go through. >> i feel it was somebody who had previous knowledge with how to operate a commercial vehicle because you don't just get into one of these large buses and start driving around. >> reporter: the bus is back in the bay area. as for the suspect, he is facing several charges including evading police officers and stealing a bus. liz? >> da, i'm curious if investigators have any idea of why he would want to steal a bus. >> reporter: they talked to him but they said so far he has not given an answer. so they don't have a motive. >> all right. da lin, thank you. new at 5:00 sentencing has been delayed once again for former santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa. now, he was not in court today. his attorneys were there, however. shirakawa was supposed to be
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sentenced last month. that was after pleading guilty to 12 charges of misusing public money and campaign funds. but the d.a. filed a new charge linking him to an illegal campaign mailer from 2010. shirakawa's attorneys claim that violates the plea agreement. the defense time now has a month to detail its opposition to the new charge and those two sides will be back in court in september. police in houston have rescued four elderly men they say were being held against their will in what's being described as a prison room. officers found the men inside a home this morning after a neighbor called 911. the men said they were lured there with the promise of food and cigarettes. they also told police they were forced to turn over their veterans and social security checks. >> there were locks. they were apparently given scraps to eat. very little food was provided to them. they didn't have access to a restroom. >> they are not sure how long the men were in the house but one of them may have been there as many as 10 years.
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four women were also found but police say they didn't appear to have been held captive. a man who doesn't live at the home was detained for questioning. president obama is asking the country to do some soul searching about the trayvon martin case. at a surprise appearance at the white house, the president spoke personally saying that he could have been in martin's position 35 years ago. >> there are very few african- american men in this country who haven't had the experience of being followed when they were shopping at a department store. that includes me. >> the president is now calling on states to reexamine "stand your ground" laws. hundreds of people are expected in oakland tomorrow for another protest over george zimmerman's acquittal. organizers say they want it to be peaceful unlike some of the marches last weekend and earlier this week. oakland police have come under fire for their response to those protests. at least one councilman believes this time, it will be different. >> i think that our police are going to be prepared and ready
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to deal with this situation that if you come and act a fool in the protest whether you want to break windows or create bodily harm to anyone, you will be arrested and put in jail. >> so far, three suspected vandals involved in monday's protest have been charged. an all-out battle to save a resort town near palm springs. >> new evacuations as a massive wildfire burns for a fifth day. the two biggest concerns for fire crews. [ indiscernible ] >> a transit turf war. muni riders fighting silicon valley techies for space. now there's a plan to make sure everyone gets along. >> it is getting warmer out there approaching 100 degrees today in brentwood. 92 san ramon, healdsburg 90 and hayward today 74 degrees. live look outside mainly sunny skies. we'll talk about your weekend forecast which day will be warmer and there's a cloudy change heading toward the bay area. find out when next. >> you need to really plan for
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your retirement because you don't want to be poor at my age. >> saving enough to make your golden years golden. the advice about what you need to cut from your retirement budget. ,,,,,,,,
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in the mountains above palm springs. more people are being asked to leave as a wildfire rages in the san jacinto mountains in palm springs. 700 homes in pine cove are now under the same mandatory evacuations orders as the town of idyllwild where 6,000 people remain evacuated for a third day. firefighters are growing concerned about winds shifting flames toward nearby towns. thunderstorms in the forecast could also spark new fires. the inferno covers more than 39 square miles. it's only 15% contained. officials do believe that the wildfire that started monday was human-caused but investigators do not know if it was intentional or an accident. both sides in the bart labor negotiations were in the same building today but it's
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unclear if they actually sat down together. union negotiators say no new economic proposals have been exchanged. and they have yet to hear from bart management about their latest safety proposals. another sikking point, bart's lead -- sticking point, bart's lead negotiator is taking time off during the talks. >> before the deal was struck, informed them that he had prior commitments july 24 to 28th. other than that, he has been here and available round the clock. the mediators agreed that even with the break the 30 days was enough time to negotiate a fair contract. >> we're appreciate people have vacations. it was probably prescheduled. nonetheless these are urgent times and i'll just say many members of our team have had to postpone their vacations. >> bryce says all sides signed off on hawk's time off from the negotiations. he also says bart has limited backup plans for commuters if no deal is reached. it's a daily pain for many san francisco commuters. you get to your muni bus stop
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and find a luxurious private shuttle hogging the road double parking and delaying your ride to work. well, there may be a solution. ken bastida is live with mobile5 with the plan muni wants to put to the test. >> you know, elizabeth, it's google, it's facebook, it's genentech but they are not alone. it's 24 at least other private companies that have big shuttle buses. they pick up the employees in the morning, they let them off at night. it's a great perk. muni says you're user our bus stops. if you -- you're using our bus stops. if you are going to park here, you have to pay. reporter: we have all heard the complaints about the magical mystery tours. >> i can't move anymore. >> reporter: private shuttles often unmarked packed with techies and parking in zones designated for, you guessed it, public buses. >> i call 311 complain to the city. >> reporter: now a bit of order
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is coming to the wild west. >> we really feel like this is a good first step. >> reporter: muni wants to test the solution and see if it works. the plan, an 18-month pilot study that involves sharing. >> the pilot is to create a network of 100 to 200 muni stops that meet specific criteria that would be able to be shared between muni and these private commuter shuttles. >> reporter: part of the proposal, no more mysteries. >> we would be asking shuttles to share data with us. we would want to know where are they going, what their schedule is, which stops they would be intending to use out of this network. >> reporter: private shuttles will also have to display identifying placards on the front and the rear. >> we would have an easy way to follow through on concerns and inquiries. >> reporter: and they will also have to pay. >> really covering the costs that we would incur to
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establish and run the program. >> reporter: it's bigger than you might think, guys. it involves about 200 bus stops here in san francisco alone. not counting what's going on in alameda county, contra costa county, up in marin, the shuttle buses very popular right now. they don't know the costs just yet, they have to figure all that out. this is very new but they figure the program will be up and running by early next year. in the haight, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. students at san jose state are on alert. the brazen attack on campus and what was so surprising about the suspect. >> i'm len ramirez at st. james park in downtown san jose where the popular concert series music in the park is making a big comeback. just ahead, how this series is about to change. ,,
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(sir can-a-lot) good day, ma' lady. i am sir can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! (male announcer) break the monotony. visit around 8 last ni a violent robbery on the san jose state campus has students concerned for their safety. at 8:00 last night a man on a campus lawn was pistol-whipped from behind and his laptop stolen. police say the three suspects are all women. the victims expected to recover. police are going to be looking at campus surveillance video to get a better description.
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after a year hiatus san jose's music in the park is back. they are celebrating the 25th anniversary. kpix 5's len ramirez is live in downtown san jose with the big changes this year. len. reporter: music in the park may be a victim of its own success. it got too many people and it hurt too many people it was designed to help so it's back with changes. the biggest one, paid admission. >> reporter: looking to bring back good times and great music in downtown san jose music in the park is making the comeback on its 25th anniversary. it's a special one time only concert featuring the grammy award winning latin rock band [ non-english language ] >> hopefully we have stumbled upon a new model to allow us to bring back music in the park for another 25 years. >> reporter: that new model means the concerts are no longer free. $10 presale and 15-day of show. it's also moved from the plaza park in the middle of downtown to st. james park on the
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fringe. >> less impact on the businesses, but we have more impact on some of the residents that live around the park so that's something that we're going to be evaluating. >> reporter: the event peaked in 2010 when 83,000 people attended the 13 concert series with an estimated $2.4 million impact on the city. area restaurants are gearing up and getting ready for what may be a very good night with several thousand concert-goers coming into downtown. it's great. it brings many people to san jose. and i know us here at the farmers union are excited hoping for a little boost for ourselves and all other local businesses. >> reporter: the rebirth is great for a new restaurant farmers union that just opened last night. >> it's a wonderful coincidence. >> reporter: so the restaurants looking forward to this. after the concert there will be a meeting to discuss how things went tonight and whether or not this can be brought back as a
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permanent concert series here in downtown san jose. len ramirez, kpix 5. >> is there any doubt that it's perfect weather? any doubt whatsoever? >> gorgeous. >> we have all had what's close to perfect weather regardless of where you are in the bay. south bay, san jose, it seems like two weeks since the 4th of july. there area lot of extremes around the country weather-wise and we are extremely normal and that's fine. live look san jose, different perspective. look how beautiful and blue that sky is. humidity not bad. temperatures not that warm. right around normal. san jose 78. is that not a perfect temperature? santa rosa 82. if you like it hotter go to concord or livermore in the 90s. oakland 71. a lot of you like it cooler and you can hang out in san francisco where currently it's 61 degrees. july really hasn't been that hot. we have been above 92 in concord. only one time out of the past 15 days. i don't see it happening over the next several days. there is one change coming up in the extended in the upcoming
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forecast. a lot of tropical moisture, it's the time of year when tropical systems come from arizona into new mexico and get pulled up into california. i don't expect any rainfall for us but expect it to be cloudier towards the top of next week. tomorrow, though, the first half of the weekend, just as warm as today 90s inland and mid-70s near the bay above average temperatures one more day. then the moisture is pulled up and it will get extra attraction from this area of low pressure that will approach. it will enhance the onshore flow. that's the cooler part to the change in the forecast and then monday and tuesday of next week it's going to be cloudy too. er expect more clouds than sunshine which will be a big change for us for two days next week. next monday and tuesday. pretty cloudy. the cooldown temperature-wise begins on sunday, continues with that cloudy condition but rainfall, no, i don't see a drop of rainfall not only for the next seven days but we are likely going 0 for july. san jose tomorrow beautiful again. high of 83. livermore though hotter 94. palo alto 77. san mateo 74.
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hayward 75. sunshine antioch high 93 maybe shopping in walnut creek tomorrow high 93, mill valley comfortable at 79. 67 for downtown san francisco. if you want it toasty at clear laid 100 at lakeport. cooling down on sunday, cloudier everywhere even inland for monday and tuesday of next week. we'll stay very close to normal every day with no rainfall for the next seven days. that's your kpix 5 forecast. if you have a couple that's 65, both of them are 65, there's a 42% chance that one of them will live to be at least 90. >> more people worry they will out live their money. the tough love tips to surviving retirement and your kids may not like them. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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increasingly nervous about retirement. the big concern: whether they've socked away enough money. sue kwon is miles per hour are increasinglier in -- many americans are increasingly concerned about retirement whether they have socked away enough money. sue kwon with harsh advice. >> reporter: yeah. you know half of us say we won't have enough money to last through retirement. that information comes from a wealth management firm. we came to a retirement community to hear from the real experts to get some tough love and learn how to fix our finances before it's tools. reporter: judy becker is 20 years into retirement. with the teachers pension and savings has enough to last well into her 90s but this security
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comes with always being budget- conscious. >> as a single parent, i couldn't even afford mcdonald's but i didn't do anything that i couldn't afford. >> reporter: and resourceful. >> i have turned my silverware into jewelry. [ laughter ] >> reporter: these days, that may not be enough. financial planner stephanie lee is not surprised to hear that half of the working population believes they will out live their retirement savings. >> now we get six or seven jobs, none of them have pensions. so we're stuck. if you have a couple both 65 there is a 42 chance that one will be 90. >> reporter: to be safe in economic times there are new options to consider that may have never crossed your mind. if you are able-bodied work longer. even a fe extraers. >> will help. hold off on social security. you get an 8% raise you delay for every year for the rest of your life. downsize your home. share your car with a spouse. >> it's like that where you are
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told on the airplane put on your oxygen mask first before putting on your child's because if you are struggling, you can't help your child. what i have seen is parents will indulge their children or -- not even indulge, just help out along the way and then when the parents are 80, suddenly they need help from their children. and their children at that point have their own kids going to college and they are not really in a position to help. >> you need to really plan for your retirement because you don't want to be poor at my age. you cannot make money. unless i make money on my jewelry. [ laughter ] >> reporter: and, of course, this inexpensive entertainment like this music club here at rossmoor. getting rid of one car and stop buying gifts for your grandchildren could save you more than $300 a month. at rossmoor, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> don't spoil the grandkids, i guess. here's what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." >> jim axelrod is in new york. jim. >> hi, allen and liz.
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president obama gave a personal reaction to the zimmerman verdict explaining why it caused so much pain for african- americans. plus, record temperatures and power demand in the east. in the west, there's an aerial assault on a heat-fed wildfire. those stories tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30, right after kpix 5 news. ,, ,,,,,,
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popping up in places around bay area. those stories, and much mor- new at 6:00 the mystery is involved. why these fake road signs are popping up in places around the bay area. that and more at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado
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>> tonight a very personal reaction to the zimmerman verdict. >> trayvon martin could have been me 35 years ago. >> the president explains why the verdict has caused a lot of diin for african-americans. bill plante was there. analysis from john dickerson and marc morial of the national urban league. >> michelle miller on record temperatures and power demand in the east. in the west, bill whitaker on an aerial assault on a wildfire. barry petersen tells us lessons learned from the colorado theatre massacre may have saved lives in the boston bombings. and on the road, when steve hartman saw what was in this man's basement, he got to wondering if he had anything in his attic. >> why would anybody want that? >> because they're crazy. cr


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