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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 23, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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spend some time with her fa, outside of london. some reporters and photogras from around the world staket their positions in front of saint mary's hospital, moren two weeks ago. prince willi jokingly apologized about t long wait. 1:59--2:06 "i'll remind himf his tardiness when he's a b older, cause i know how long you've all sat out here so hopefully the hospital and u guys can all get back to no now and we can look after h. kate and william showed off their newborn the same way princess diana and prince charles revealed william 31 years ago. looking at these pictures..u can see that the duchess wo blue polka dot dress...echoing princess d's green polka dots. prince william dressed less formal than his father did... in a blue shi with the sleeves rolled up.
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in the first-ever felony conviction of its kind for a bicyclist... a san franciscn pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter for killing an elderly pedestrian last yea san francisco district atto george gascon made the announcement today. it comes more than a year after 37-year-old "chris buccheret "sutchi hui" as he crossed market and castro. the d-a says the verdict sends a message. "it was important for us - d for me personally - to send very clear message as to what the boundaries are to acceptable behavior when it comes ot traffic safety." bucchere will receive one- thousand hours in community service and 3 years probati. a judge can decide six mont from now if the conviction n be reduced to a misdemeanor. another court date... but still no plea from the n accused of kidnapping and killing morgan hill teen si lamar. this is new video of the defendant... 21-year-old ann garcia torres... as he appe
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in court today. his attorne asked for another plea postponement... sayingy were still waiting on information from prosecutor the 15-year-old lamar was lt seen at her home in march of last year. investigators say her d-n-a was found in torres' car. the c-h-p is about to begin first-of-its kind crackdown. starting tomorrow... highway patrol officers from the bay area to new jersey willn forces in the "i-80 challen they'll be on the lookout f drivers not wearing seat belts... as well as speederd drunk drivers. research shows traffic deaths increan the nearly 3-thousand milesf i-80 during the summer vaca period. the crackdown will last one week. the city of palo alto is chopping down nearly two- dozen magn trees along university aven. you can see crews have alrey begun their work. the city the trees are either in decline... decaying.. or suffering from structural
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defects. they say cutting t trees down will improve public safety. well as the structural integrity of hundreds of other magnoliasn university. :04--:13 "really sorry to so many trees go, but the city arborist says there sick, diseased, guess we have to what we have to do" eleven of the 23 magnolias be replaced this fall the city says the rest are not being replaced. because of conflicts with underground utility lines..d private trees and vegetatio other bay area headlines... check out the charred mess. after a motorhome went up in flames on southbound 280 in redwood city. smoke poured the wreckage. a couple of lanes were closed for about hours... while crews got the vehicle off the freeway. no was hurt. a san francisco lawmaker was to make city parks off limi from midnight to 5 am. supervisor scott wiener saye move would decrease vandali,
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metal theft and dumping in parks. advocates for the homeless e criticizing the plan... but wiener says sleeping in pars already illegal... and his proposal is not directed at homeless people. some people in san jose ar't happy about a gentlemen's cb moving in downtown. "the go club" plans to open in the historic "san jose building loan association" location.t has a liquor license... but city has zoning rules that prevent nude dancing. some neighbors worry even scantily clad waitresses selling drinks wl hurt the area. a southwest airlines jet whe nose gear collapsed after landing at laguardia airpor new york... will sit in a hr for more investigation. it was towed off the runways morning... and the airport is now fully reopened. flig 345 was arriving from nashv yesterday... when the front landing gear collapsed. surveillance video shows the plane as it skidded down the runway. 10 people were inju
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southwest airlines said the- 37 was inspected just last week-- but did not provide details. new york city mayoral candi anthony weiner is trying to survive yet another sexting scandal. and this time, hise is doing what she can to save his politic career. a gossip website posted scrn shots of the explicit photod messages weiner sent a woma it happened *after weiner d already resigned from congrs in 20-11... admitting to seg explicit pictures to several women. weiner says he knew this scandal was coming... expecting these new texts a photos to come out when he announced his run for mayor. 0:31--0:39 "while some thin that have been posted are te and some are not, there's no question that what i did was wrong. this behavior is behd me." weiner's wife was at his si during the press conference. she says her husband has ma some horrible mistakes... b she has forgiven him... andy are moving forward. 0:38--0:47 "it was not an ey choice in any way. but i ma
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the decision that it was woh staying in this marriage" huma a longtime aide to cretary of state hillary clinton. she and weiner married in 2010, and have an 18-month- old son. chanel and rolex... alongsi craftsman and kenmore. not brands you usually think oft the same place. we'll show you how sears is going upsc it doesn't come in decaf or- fat... but it is health- conscious. the new item starbucks is adding to its . ((weather tease)) "sot: stamback/(1:11:40) i' like two mounatins erupted out of the water in front of me." and encounters don't much cr than this. where some california whale watchers at don't much closer than this. where some california whale watchers almost turned into
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lunch. ,,,,,,,,
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mike what can you tell us. 17:01:31:00 "...the camry h come down hayes street... 's bad" mike sugerman, thanks. apple beat expectations when
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apple beat expectations whe released its third quarter earnings report today... but it also continued a yea over-year profit decline. this was the second straight quarter the cupertino-based company posted a decline... after a decade of steadily rising profits. apple repord earnings of six- point-nine billion dollars.. thanks to strong i-phone sales. sears is going upscale. the department store chain has started offering high-end designer goods. but as k-p-i-x five's ryan takeo tells us.u won't be able to find the n products in your local sears store.
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made it clear it's not going upscale all-around. sears said it made it clear it's not going upscale all-around. sears said it just wants to give shoppers options. still ahead... a catch-22 in a time of crisis... how a gift left behind for a family -- almost got snatched awaya bank. a grieving sacramento woman says her father just passed,,
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visit . >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by chase. school trust tees with san mateo union high school say they will sue over a test score dispute. they decided to take legal education after the ets invalidated the advanced placement scores of 200
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students. the reason? seating irregularities, whatever that is. during the test at mills high school, board member peter hanley says they are overreacting. >> when there is no evidence there was any student misconduct or evidence that there was any student cheating that went on during the test administration, we think this is just a disproportionate reaction. >> it is a big deal because some of the students could have their college acceptances revoked. others may have to start college with fewer credits. the ets has offered to readmr. the test in early august. a grieving sacramento woman says her father passed away and left her his car. the payments were up-to-date, so why does the bank want it back? >> he was a great dad. >> these sisters just lost
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their father. in his will, he had plans for this uniquely colored green jeep he bought a year ago. >> the will said he left it to me. >> reporter: it is the only carlie -- car lisa has to take her mother to the doctor. >> reporter: how important is this to the family? >> it is our only means of transportation. >> the payments are up-to-date. but when she informed them the dad died. >> they said i'm not allowed to keep paying on the are car. they said they would repossess the car. it is unfair to think when you are in a time of crisis they don't have compassion. >> an attorney says they should be concerned about the car if they think it is uninsured or won't be paid off. but they say it is insured and they intend to make payments. >> if wells fargo does not want
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to receive payment on a debt owed to them i don't understand why they entered in the contract in the first place. >> reporter: we reached out to wells fargo. right away they agreed to put the car in the daughter's name. they could not explain what happened here, and said "we comply with the law of the applicable state and attempt within the constraint of the law to assist those claiming a right." it is a victory for these sisters, who know their dad would have wanted them to fight for his car. >> just to know we got to keep what he, what was important to him. >> lisa could have been spared the complications by cosigning for the car, and she could continue the make the payments. but there are risks for cosigners if a person does not make the payments, it can ruin your credit score. on the consumer watch, sue kwan. >> if you have a consumer problem, call our hotline. starbucks is giving its
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yogurt a makeover by going greek. they are going to sell greek yogurt parfaits. they will be in grocery stores in 2015. greek yogurt now has a third of the market. and taco bell says it will stop serving kids meals, because they are not boosting sales right now. some franchises will take them off the menu this month. by january, you won't find them in any u.s. location. taco bell is the first national chain to get rid of kids' meals. paul, yesterday we were flirting with the idea of some rain and thunderstorms. today, still a little muggy. >> it is still sticky outside, but we lost the rain chance. rain chance until lunchtime. some of you got sprinkles. the clouds are with us and the humidity is still there. another bad hair day. back-to-back cloudy days for the first time in a month.
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we are just beginning to see the clouds thin out. that is the dublin cam, looking out to the north. livermore, 84. down town san francisco is 65. san jose is 75, oakland is 68. i want to show you the radar, there are a few showers offshare. we can see rain a hundred miles offshore. now we zoom out to see northern and central california. the rain is not heading to us. here is the water content in the atmosphere. where you see grey and white is the more unstable air. yesterday it was coming up from los angeles and las vegas. now it is north of us and moving away for us. the window of opportunity for rain and thunderstorms is gone. we did not receive thunderstorms, with the fire danger high that is a good thing. high pressure is building in, but building in to the east.
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it will be warm, but not hot. close to 90 away from the water. if you like it cooler, this is more you. the weekend, we'll have low pressure from the pacific northwest and temperatures will drop. so summing everything up, the moisture is out of here. it will be warm, not hot, and we'll be back to regular programming near the cost and bay. son ha so i, a -- san jose, 81. 88 for pittsburg, we are looking at 79 for san rafael, downtown san francisco is 65. extended forecast, comfortable. the hottest day is 90 on friday. low 70s near the bay. cooler toward the top of next week. this is interesting weather the past few days. moving out. some california whale
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watchers almost turned into lunch for some hungry hump backs. >> they were diving near morrow bay and hoping to get close to a whale. but not this close. two humpbacks weighing 50 tons or more each breached the surface and almost swallowed two of the divers. close call there. we'll be right back. ,, . this tower is made up of four legs. it arrives by barge in sections and was lifted into place. straddling all four at the top is the grillage, where the 500- ton cable sits. the total height is 525 feet. >> this highlight is sponsored
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sonoma county at 5-13. it w centered northwest of santa rosa. it t 9... like i said it . did you feel it?
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a little earthquake hit sonoma county. it was centered northwest of santa rosa. it registered 2.9 but it was enough for people in santa rosa to feel it. and on the health watch, menthol cigarettes pose a greater public health risk than regular cigarettes. that's according to an fda review released today. back in 2011 advisory panel said taking menthol cigarettes off the market would benefit public health because the flavoring makes it harder for smokers to quit. they have the same exposure to disease and those that smoke regular cigarettes. so what are your kids doing this summer? the answer may have been on your financial situation, but -- may depend on your financial situation. if they are not doing much they will pay the price this fall. we learn about a program that has students aiming high.
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>> reporter: rachel perkins has a story to tell. it is part of her summer humanities class, which she loves. >> we prepare for the next grades, so we can be a step ahead. >> reporter: summertime, and it is not easy going for these middle school students in san francisco, who are part of a summer school program called "aim high.." >> we have a cross-section of kids from underserved communities and neighborhoods and school. >> reporter: why is summer school so important? there are many people who believe that the achievement gap between low income and high income students is directly related to the fact they don't have equal access to educational summer programs. for nearly 30 years, the non- profit worked with school districts to bridge the gap and tackle summer learning loss. >> over the course of the summer, kids fall back, particularly in math, reading, and literacy. between 10 and 20%. >> reporter: not here, where many of the students are up to
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the challenge of reading 96,000 words this summer. these boys were making a board game. former students, now t. a.s and teachers, note that keeping the brain busy in the summer pays off. >> you come to school with a lot more confidence and a lot more preparation. >> reporter: and more and more kids want that. this summer, 1400 kids across the bay area and northern california are in "aim high" but 300 were turned after way, even after the program expanded. kids wanting to be in summer school? you bet. >> it was a nice way to warm my brain up so i would not be behind in school and i would not forget everything i learned. >> reporter: the message? never stop learning. in san francisco, kpix. >> aim high is free. it has a budget of about $3 million. the money comes from donations, public and private. the cities of san francisco and oakland kick in as well. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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workers say, it won't do th any good. plus: new at 6:00, another bay area city considers raising the minimum wage, why some workers say it will not do them any good. tourists looking for guidance are not turning to a traditional source of information as often. how travel writers are suffering from the explosion of online information. that and more at 6:00.
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thanks for watching. the cbs evening news is next. >> pelley: tonight, the boy who would be king. >> he's got a good pair of lungs on him, that's for sure. >> pelley: our first look at the newest heir to the british throne. mark phillips is in london. the suspension of ryan braun in baseball's doping scandal is just the beginning. jim axelrod tells us alex rodriguez could be facing an even stiffer penalty. what caused the landing gear to collapse on one of the most reliable jetliners? elaine quijano in new york has the latest on the investigation. and bill whitaker on an encounter too close for comfort between divers and some hungry whales. >> like two mountains just erupted out of the water in front of me. fr captioning sponsored by cbs spr this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening.


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