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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 25, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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want to move down the block and be closer to their newest competition, that big high- rise. in san jose's high stakes card club casino competition, one of the players is upping the ante. >> this site really is the center of the city's economy. >> reporter: he is unveiling plans for what may be the new bay 101 club. the old one opened in 1994 but is already showing its age. its owners want to move across the 101 freeway to a new site on north first street, currently occupied by the san jose airport garden hotel. the garden hotel would be demolished to make way for a fancy new casino plus two modern high-rise hotels and a parking garage. >> we just simply need a modernized facility with new amenities that make it a more lively attractive entertainment destination. >> reporter: the baum family which owns the 101 bought the property for $46 million. it would put bay 101 just a
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block away from the newest player in town, casino maytrix which opened last year. hip an swanky they have siphoned off some of the bay 101 business. it would put them in closer competition and create san jose's version of the strip. >> in the gaming business, patrons often like to go to different places, maybe your luck isn't good at one moment and you want to walk with a new start at a new place so we think there will be good synergy between the two clubs being closer together in an environment where it's safe and pleasant to walk between them. >> reporter: the owner of maytrix wasn't available for comment but some of the office workers who come to the casino for lunch say competition is good. >> probably feed off each other. i don't think it would take way from either one. they are pretty close right now. they're both doing well. >> reporter: these plans are still pretty preliminary at this point. but if approved by both the planning commission and san
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jose and the city of san jose's city council, the buildout would be in phases, first the casino, then the hotels as the market demands. >> the matrix and bay 101 casinos combined generate $16 million to $18 million in tax revenue for the city of san jose. stanford university's computer network has been hacked. it put personal student information at risk. now, the culprit is still a mystery. but kpix 5's mark sayre says, the job looks all too familiar. >> reporter: stanford doesn't know who was attacking its networks or where they are coming from. but the university does say the breach bears many similarities to hacker attacks on a range of large organizations. users of stanford's networks are now being advised to change their passwords. >> it's scary. i'm going to change my password. just think of something to
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change it to. >> i'm not sure what kind of information they got but i know there are pretty sensitive information on there so -- >> reporter: in a statement the university says, stanford treats information security with the utmost seriousness and is continually upgrading its defenses against cyber attacks. like many institutions, it repells millions of attacks on its information systems each day. a report in the "new york times" cites security administrators from universities around the nation confirming that the number of hacking attacks is on the rise. in some cases, research may be targeted. but the university networks also contain plenty of personal data. >> certainly cyber security is very important to our campus. >> reporter: pat harris with san jose state says the university is on constant watch for increases and other security breaches -- intrusions and other security breaches. >> we have a staff dedicated centrally. we also have people, of course, in every department and every division who are thinking about
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these kinds of things constantly trying to be sure we're secure in what we're doing. >> reporter: students say they also do what they can to protect their own information. >> security, it is a wi-fi network too so most people know you shouldn't be check your bank statements and everything. >> reporter: there are a patchwork of federal and state laws that govern computer security breaches but in general universities are required to notify end users if any personally identifying information is stolen. and that can include protected health information or financial data. reporting in san jose, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> stanford says once it gets a little more information on the nature of the recent breach it will notify users of its networks about what to do next. california's biggest junior college won't go down without a fight. city college of san francisco stands to lose its accreditation next july after failing to meet a list of state- mandated financial and leadership reforms. the school is now making a last- ditch effort to save itself.
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but with enrollment already dropping, it won't be easy. >> we're getting calls from all over the bay area, from students, from former students, from community members, saying what can i do to help save city college of san francisco? and the answer is, take a course. >> ccsf currently has about 85,000 students spread across a dozen campuses. a bay area mother is accused of leaving her 3 young children to fend for themselves in a hayward motel. when police found them, the kids couldn't remember the last time they ate. and people who know the mother told da lin it's not the first time that they've gone hungry. >> reporter: it was at this motel police found three starving kids. the mother spent all her money on drugs according to police and leaving with kids no food for at least two days. records inside a second-story motel room, hayward police found three children ages 2, 4
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and 6 starving and alone. they say it was a severe case of neglect. >> when speaking with the children, found out that they hadn't eaten in at least two days. >> reporter: police took the kids to a hospital where doctors checked them out. they are now with child protective services. this liquor store is where police found the 32-year-old mother yesterday high on drugs. after talking to her, investigators found the children at heritage inn express. >> these are small children. the oldest being six years old, there's no way a 6-year-old is old enough or mature enough to be able to be responsible for themselves and two other small children. >> reporter: people who also stay at the motel saw they're familiar with the woman and that she has mental illness. they say they feed the kids when they see them. >> we fed them sometimes. >> reporter: because you felt so bad? >> yeah. you know, -- >> reporter: they were hungry. >> yeah. >> reporter: they said the mother had been motel hopping with her kids because she was evicted from her hayward apartment a few months ago.
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>> it's pretty sad. my heart goes out to those kids. she could have gave the kids up to her family. >> reporter: hayward police are now talking to the district attorney about charges. the mother most likely will be charged with neglect -- child neglect and drug charges. live in hayward, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> the mother is on a psychiatric hold and hasn't bundy charged. the front door and windows of this campbell hair salon are gone tonight. that's after police say a 92- year-old woman crashed her car into top cuts plus this morning. police say she hit the gas instead of the brakes. about four people were inside at the time. no one was hurt. firefighters checking for hot spots this afternoon where a grass fire charred about 120 acres in bay point. strong winds were pushing the flames west of general chemical corporation plant on nichols drive. part of port chicago highway has been shut down although it
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covered a lot of ground officials say the fire never really threatened the plant or any other structures. federal aviation administration officials finished up safety checks at sfo. today was the last day the faa performed special flights around the airport to certify navigational equipment. equipment say it's not related to the crash this month. instead it was the result of ongoing construction and navigational equipment that was relocated. more americans filing for unemployment benefits, the number of claims up by 7,000 last week. that brings the total number of claims to 343,000. this just a week after posting a steep drop in unemployment claims. those numbers were reflected at a job fair in san jose today. as kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran shows us, some job seekers and employers had to be turned away from the packed event. >> reporter: hours before the job fair opened its doors to
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the public, these people were standing in this line enduring the heat hoping to return home employed. >> i'm hoping to find full-time work as soon as possible. >> just looking to find whatever i can. >> reporter: once the doors opened, job seekers filled out online applications and got face-to-face time with employers. today organizers expect more than 1,000 people to show up. organizers say this is the 13th year for the job fair and this year they reached capacity with 40 different employers. >> in the past, we struggled to get employers here. this job fair we had to turn employers away. so that's what the market is looking like. >> reporter: the market may look good on paper, but each job seeker had his own story to tell. >> my mom is a single mom and she is taking care of four children. so i need to help my mom, you know, with the bills, you know, pg&e and everything, so expensive out here. >> reporter: briana lived in tracy but couldn't find work there so moved here for a fresh start. >> it is actually really hard
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to find a job where i was at. i think san jose is a better chance for everybody to, you know, fine a job out here because it's a bigger city and minimum wage is way better out here. >> reporter: job fair organizers say the unemployment rate in santa clara county has improved over the last year. >> unemployment has gotten better, right? you know, so we're at now a 6.8 unemployment rate which is, you know, 2% lower than we had a couple -- even last year. >> reporter: keith robinson with employment connection in santa clara county says they see success every year with several people hired on the spot. that's a deal no one we spoke to would refuse. in san jose, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> for more information on this year's job fair, go to our website, coming up, how bay area construction crews accidentally dug up a piece of nautical history. >> carriers are in a battle for customers that they want to keep loyal. >> how cell phone companies are offering things they never did
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before to try to win your business. >> mainly sunny skies over the beirut now, but look off in the distance and you might see some thunderstorms, about 100 miles away. it's what's going on. we'll talk about what's going on over the sierra, the problems there, and how long our sunshine will last here. >> and coming up at 6:30, why would anyone pay to stay in jail? how some bay area criminals are getting special treatment with a little extra cash. ,,,,,,
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last year. cent today facebook is on fire. its stock is trading at levels not seen since it first went public last year. shares up 30% today after reporting much improved 2nd quarter revenue. that happened after the social media giant jumped aggressively into mobile advertising.
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it brought overall revenue up over 50% from last year. the stock closed today at just over $34 a share. there's a war going on. and you are in the middle of the battlefield. phone companies are bringing out the big guns to get to you leave your current carrier for them. kpix 5's ryan takeo shows us all the incentives. >> reporter: cell phone contractor much like the dating scene. if that's true, tuesday is in a committed relationship. >> i have sprint and i have been with them for about 16 years. >> reporter: and for her friend, it's complicated. >> now that i know that she has unlimited data, i'm jealous. >> reporter: either way, hanging up is hard to do. >> that whole process is difficult. >> reporter: that's what carriers want for you to leave the company you're with for them. >> because the carriers are in a battle for customers they want to keep loyal. >> reporter: cnet's brian cooley says that's why companies continue to woo. at&t and verizon have gone no contract. t-mobile is including
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insurance. and best buy wants to you trade up for a newer model. you bring in any working phone for free samsung s3 which cooley is kick to point out is last year's model. >> the reason for the cell upon wars is simple. since three-quarters of phone use verse smartphones already, one of the only ways for carriers to make money is other company's customers. >> they are heading the ceiling. how do they keep people loyal to the company, shorten up the contract, a new shiny object more often. >> reporter: he says you're not going to regret switching partners. beware of early termination or initiation fees. you could pay more than who you're with. >> i might be enticed. >> reporter: in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> brian also tells us customers don't care much about brand loyalty. their main concern paying to
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switch carriers. a san francisco construction site has turned into archeological dig. the crews building the new condo towers at folsom and main unearthed this 23-foot boat. it's a flat bottom vessel that may have been used during the gold rush to ferry cargo from ship to shore. it now sits more than two blocks from shore. it is one of many boats buried all over the financial district well over 50. they became part of the landfill used to expand the city further out into the bay. it's amazing what they're un covering. >> it's exciting. it must be fun. >> this used to be under water. >> right. >> it's neat. >> great weather for us. but not too far away. we have a few weather issues especially if you plan on traveling out toward reno in the next 24 hours. your trip may be having some issues. around here it's all sunshine sailboats are out traffic slow
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on the bay bridge hohum. we have the marine layer beginning to spill over the city but look off in the distance. that's the leading edge of a big line of thunderstorms that's impacting the sierra now all around tahoe reno and truckee hitting the same spot over and over again. i checked the rainfall totals. some radar accidents are saying three inches of rain since 3:00 this afternoon. only one side of interstate 80 because that's the side up against the mountain where all the water is spilling down and collecting on the roadway but right now interstate 80 in a few spots just west of the nevada california border is currently closed. so please check with chp to be sure your road is open. all the rain over the sierra will stay there. we have a feed of moisture. it was humid and cloudy a few days ago. this is the mini me version of
6:18 pm
that where we are getting a southerly flow and all this tropical moisture in a thin band is moving over the top of the sierra initiating the thunderstorms. that moisture hits the mountains and goes up. air has to go up to make rain and thunderstorms and the mountains certainly provide for that. so we're watching that low pressure system to our south enhancing the onshore low and we have another low pressure system that's going to be with us for a week that will fire up the onshore flow as well and that's key because i checked the ocean temperature offshore at 57.4 degrees. that is chilly. anytime you get our wind coming from there, we are going to be chillier. that's going to be happening over the next several days. temperatures gradually dropping as we get more of that ocean influence. tomorrow, not as warm as today. your average 87. san jose down to 82. oakland 70. in the city low to mid-60s. pacifica 61. a lot of 7s for vallejo and san rafael. 77 for you. get away from the water fairfield you will stay right at 90 degrees. extended forecast, a little cooler on saturday.
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cooler still on sunday. down to the mid-80s inland. only the 60s near the bay by sunday. that's about 3 or 4 degrees below average. but we will get afternoon day for the next several. check the forecast for the sierra tomorrow. more thunderstorms saturday and sunday. the moisture should be out of here. so -- >> thank you. still ahead, why scientists will trigger a small earthquake in the bay area on purpose. >> i know prices are better than the airport food. >> how some bay area travelers can get a taste of the world before they ever step on an airplane. ,, ,,
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are spicing things up. visitors and workers at sfo can now enjoy an alternative dining experience. anne makovec explains how food trucks are spicing things up.
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>> reporter: sfo is known for having a good variety of local food options and today you can add hawaiian and indian to the list but only for a few hours. >> number 5, chicken burritos. >> reporter: now you can taste a new culture before you get on a plane. two new food trucks are touching down at sfo's terminal 1 every week. >> i'm excited. we have a captured audience. know our prices are better than the airport food. >> reporter: it's a pilot program if you will an idea brought up by an airport worker who wanted more lunch break options so they turned to the mobile food industry. >> the trend is growing which is exciting for all of us and everyone in the business. >> reporter: the truck owners are flying high. >> marketing, inmean, pretty much 90% of the job, as long as you have a decent product and that we do. >> reporter: what about the competition with the restaurants inside? the airport says it's not a problem. >> in reality, a lot of the established restaurants earn most of their dollars post security checkpoint. >> reporter: there will be new
6:23 pm
food trucks here every thursday between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. for the next three thursdays in a row. and if things work well, possibly beyond. at sfo, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> we posted more information about off the grid on our website, new park just opened to the public in san francisco's soma neighborhood. emerald park on harrison street used to be surrounded by an 8- foot private fence but thanks to a community partnership it was given to the city free of charge today. >> this means so much to the city and to the families that we want to invite and the increasing populations who want to enjoy our city, that it is led by the park system. the parks are so valuable to the world class status of the city. >> pretty cool idea. in the agreement developers of the site also commit to provide for the park's maintenance and its upkeep. coming up in our next half hour, triggering an earthquake on purpose. what's going to happen to this bay area building that could
6:24 pm
potentially safely a lot of lives. >> being in jail is bad enough. why some criminals are paying to stay at this bay area prison. >> how this sedan helped american automakers accomplish something they haven't done in 2 decades. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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finale for this bay area building... can help this is kinds of like taking the x-ray machine up to the hayward fault. >> now at 6:30, scientists are hoping the crashing finale to this bay area building can help them predict the next big earthquake. right now about the only way to study earthquakes is to wait for one to happen. or is it? john ramos shows us government scientists are about shake things up a bit in the east bay by triggering their own earthquake. >> we can tell you -- reporter: the biggest challenge facing earthquake scientists at the uscs laboratory in menlo park is that they never know when or where one is going to happen. but what if they did? >> then we could simply just go put out the array, wait for the earthquake and get this thing studied in a very systemic way. >> reporter: in about a month, here on the campus of cal state east bay, scientists are going to get their chance. and it's going to look a little like this. [ noise and screaming ]
6:28 pm
>> reporter: the old warren hall administration building will come atumbling down around the middle of august and the impact could stimulate a magnitude 2 earthquake right next to the hayward fault. so the usgs is scrambling to borrow 600 seismic sensors from around the world to place in the vicinity. >> just for this one event, which to put it in perspective is probably more than twice of number of seismographs typically in the whole bay area. >> reporter: one will be on charlie's property on the hill overlooking campus. dodge answered a call for volunteers. >> i said i had the property at this location and they looked it up and they said it's just what we want. so we would like to put recording device there and that's how we got here. >> reporter: geology professor luther strayer is the one who suggested the idea to it the -- who suggested the idea to the usgs and he said it could produce the first underground 3- d image of the hayward fault. >> this is kind of like taking the x-ray-up to the hayward fault. it really is. it's an imaging technique. >> reporter: quake researchers
6:29 pm
are clearly excited about the unique opportunity. the chance for something like this -- >> oh!! >> reporter: --to show them exactly where the fault lies. in hayward, john ramos, kpix 5. >> the data from this experiment do help homeowners figure out how close they are to the fault and could even identify new faults. criminals will have to do more than just break the law to get into one bay area jail. kpix 5's kiet do tells us, if they want to stay, they will have to pay. >> reporter: we're going to look at the inmate worker room. >> reporter: being in jail is bad enough if you would pay to stay in one? >> this is one of our pods. >> reporter: the bay area's first pay as you go jail in fremont is $155 a night, the cost of a three star hotel. >> you get cable tv but no cookie on the bed. >> reporter: this is a standard
6:30 pm
jail with standard issue mattresses, not bad, not great either, shared showers with minimal privacy, at least it's warm, not very warm, though, game tables, and cable tv on a wide screen with a remote. yes, in hd. do not expect room service, fresh linens or a mint on your pillow. >> the only other thing that you're really paying for is just the smallness and the quietness of the facility. >> reporter: the $10 million building was meant to house minimum security inmates from the county jail to come and stay and do landscaping, laundry and work around the property but that never happened leaving fremont with a brand-new sparkling unused jail. >> we are the trustees of a large facility that was paid for by taxpayer money and we need to be good stewards of that investment and maximize its use and its efficiency for the taxpayers. >> reporter: the city says pay as you go jail isn't about elitism. it's about return on
6:31 pm
investment. >> there is a cost to the government. and that cost where appropriate should be borne by the people using the program or facility. >> reporter: in fremont, kiet do, kpix 5. >> the jail upgrade is only open to misdemeanor offenders who get the okay from a judge today nancy pelosi suggested anthony weiner and san diego's mayor may need therapy. >> the conduct of some of these people that we're talking about here is reprehensible. it's so disrespectful of women. and what's really stumping about -- stunning about it is they don't even realize it. they don't have a clue. and it is really -- if they're clueless, get a clue and if they need therapy, do it in private. >> today weiner said he traded racy messages with up to three women after he resigned from congress in 2011 for similar conduct. but he says he is not dropping out of the new york mayor's
6:32 pm
race. meanwhile, san diego mayor bob filner is accused of sexually harassing seven women. witnesses are reporting a train that crashed in spain was going way too fast. today, we learned one american was among the 80 people killed when the train flew off the tracks. cbs reporter tina kraus with the incredible pictures of the disaster. reporter: a security camera shows the passenger train as it barrels around a curve and slams against a wall in northwestern spain. the deadly impact shredded the eight-car train that was carrying more than 200 passengers and crew, including a number of americans. [ sirens ] >> reporter: some witnesses caught the aftermath on cell phone. he says, it's horrible, what has the driver done? others jumped on to the tracks. the train crashed in the city of santiago de compostela wednesday night. many of the victims were headed to a catholic festival there which is since cancelled. an investigation is under way, but the early focus is on speed.
6:33 pm
in a statement to police, one of the train's two drivers admitted he was going too fast when the train jumped the rails. >> clearly the speeds in which that train entered that rounded area, the curved part of the track, they're going to be looking at that very carefully. but could it be that the track, because it was moving so quickly, that the train itself actually spread the track? >> reporter: crews used cranes to lift the demolished cars off the tracks as the area was inspected for clues to explain what happened. hearses carried bodies to a funeral home as grieving family tried to make sense of a devastating accident that happened in less than 10 seconds. tina kraus, cbs news. >> at least three dozen passengers are in critical condition including four children. officials have ruled out terrorism as a possible cause of the accident.
6:34 pm
well, it's something that no american automaker has accomplished in two decades. coming up, how a humble sedan transformed and topped luxury cars like mercedes and lexus. >> i can't continue on with my life because i have to deal with something that someone else did. >> from contracts to loans, why you should be extra careful if you sign anything electronically. ,, look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement.
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u-s brand tops this year's consumer reports list of be
6:37 pm
sedans n it looks like a remake of an american classic paid off. for the first time in 20 years air u.s. brand top this year's consumer reports list of best brands. kpix 5's mike sugerman shows us which car is running over its foreign competition. reporter: slamming doors, kicking tires, even salespeople don't seem to mind here. look at the back space here. you can fit three bodies in there. at stewart chevrolet in colma, the salesman is a comedian, but with 16 feet in the trunk, he's not kidding. >> for one lt, you get a lot of bang for your dollar. >> reporter: selling the 2014 impala may not take much selling. >> this is something we're very proud of. it's completely redesigned from the ground up. >> reporter: they had been scoring at the bottom of the class like this 1994 model but in the latest consumer reports, the 2014 scored 95 out of 100. number one best new sedan, the magazine tested. >> god's in the rebuilding business, right? and he pretty much rebuilt gm. >> reporter: general motors makers of chevys received a $50
6:38 pm
billion bailout in 2008. taxpayers still own 14% of the company. >> close to the high 30s, low 40s, right? and again, it has more horsepower than its major competitor. >> reporter: it went from worst to first over the past decade, the first american car to be number one in 20 years. >> i really like these bentleys but i can't afford them. >> this would be considered the unfortunate man's bentley. >> yeah. >> the poor man's bentley. >> reporter: it did beat cars that cost $20,000 more. consumer reports is among the most influential magazines in the car business. but it can't give its official recommendation on the 2014 impala until it talks to more owners. in colma, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> impala got high marks for its comfy ride, handling,
6:39 pm
spacious cabin and big trunk. the car just recently entered dealerships but it's already a big seller. coming up, a bay area woman takes on the feds. why she is being ordered to pay thousands of dollars for a loan that is not hers. >> hey, where did the city go? that marine layer is getting thicker, it's marching inland and we have lost san francisco in the image. the marine layer is moving inland, temperatures are cooling down. find out if the cooling trend will continue through the weekend. your forecast is next. >> straight ahead, finally the curtain officially raised today on the 49ers' 2013 season. >> i don't know if you're right. >> the raiders not yet but they are in the news. >> and -- something really different! you have got to see. and it's all coming up in moments. ,, ,,,, announcer:
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a major bust announced... ia computer hacking operation which 160- million credit a debit card numbers were stolen. the hackers hit more than a major bust announced in a
6:43 pm
computer hacking operation in which 160 million credit and debit card numbers were stolen. the hackers hit more than a dozen american companies including j.c. penney, jetblue, 7-eleven, nasdaq and heartland payment systems. the thieves then sold those numbers to just about anyone who would buy. prosecutors say the scheme went on for seven years resulting in $300 million in losses. five suspects have been charged, three others are still on the loose. parents, get ready to pay more for school supplies this year. huntington bank's annual backpack index shows the prices jumped on average 7.3%, about $10 more for a graphing calculator, $4 more for sticky motors and nearly $7 more for a three hole punch. it's unclear what's driving the increases. a bay area woman is taking on the federal government over a loan that she claims is not
6:44 pm
hers. sue kwon explains how that loan was granted with an electronic signature and how you can avoid becoming a victim of thefts. sue. records electronic signatures are a lot like written signatures except that you verify your identity by using a code or thumbprint from your computer along with personal information like your social security number. >> walk through the simple steps of establishing the unique signature. >> reporter: the increase of using electronic signatures is increasing from contracts to loans. so are indents fraud. two years ago, ashley berry started getting bills from sallie mae for a student loan that wasn't hers. >> i finally got a note saying that i owed money and i was down as a cosigner. i freaked out and didn't know what to do. >> reporter: she says she never agreed to cosign her girlfriend's $25,000 student loan. she filed a fraud claim. sallie mae denied it because her signature and personal information is attached to the
6:45 pm
loan agreement. >> they are like it was done by an efile and a phone interview. >> reporter: that girlfriend is long gone unreachable and an electronic signature is tying ashley down with her debt. >> i have heard of them before. but i have never personally done one. >> a digital signature usually involves like several steps and keys and encryption or xml code that is required to verify that you are who you are. >> reporter: intellectual property attorney with legal resource site says there are many online services providing tools to generate electronic signatures. >> it's a combination of letters, numbers or process. it could even be a voiceprint. >> reporter: and just like old- fashioned signatures, they are legally binding. another warning? >> i have heard more and more complaints regarding loans because credit unions, they want to make those loans easy to obtain. >> can't continue on with my life because i have to deal with something that someone else did.
6:46 pm
>> reporter: sallie mae is not budging so ashley is taking the lender to court. she has the burden of proof and the headache that comes with it. >> can't continue on with my life because i have to deal with something that someone else did. >> reporter: now, if i were to generate an electronic code , an electronic signature here with any of these programs it would come with a code special to this machine. i could take my photographer's information and create an electronic signature for her using this same computer. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> of course, all this explains why the government standards for esignatures security are becoming more strict. >> paul this weather looks like it's going to be beautiful. we are getting close. it's now friday eve. we are starting to think about the weekend. start thinking about it now. i want to help you by giving you the weekend forecast and one place to head with the family this weekend, where'd
6:47 pm
san francisco go? it's one thing when you're in the city and watch the clouds spill over from west to east. it's another cool thing when we use our oakland camera look back and can't see sutro tower, can't see the top of the pyramid. we just see the marine layer which is marching inland moving steadily inward. you'll likely wake up cloudy close to the bay tomorrow. contrast that with our mount diablo cam, in dublin nothing but mainly sunny skies and a nice warm day away from the water. here's where we are now. livermore 85. contrast that with san francisco's cloudy 62. 77 in san jose. 30 days and counting typical this time of year. last time we had a widespread rain was a month ago today, june 20th, a 30-day-long dry streak and likely going to make it to 40 or 50. there is no rain coming. here's the weekend deal. gilroy makes garlic down there really good garlic and this weekend is the garlic festival.
6:48 pm
it opens up tomorrow sunny skies, 93. sunny and warm on saturday for your garlic -- garlic ice cream! i checked. 91 degrees coming up on saturday. a lot of thunderstorms right now over the sierra. there's a good reason for that. it kind of plays back to our weather, as well. we have this little plume of moisture moving up over southern california. it's banking up against the sierra and you can see the result there. lots of thunderstorms in and around truckee and reno and tahoe. big mess in the sierra. that for us has already begun to enhance the onshore flow. and anytime you grab more of the ocean influence it's going to be cooler. today about two degrees cooler than yesterday. tomorrow we'll lose another degree and we'll keep losing a degree or two for the next several days and by the time you add it up we'll be below normal by sunday and next week we'll likely stay below normal because of a big area of low pressure sitting off the oregon- washington coastline bringing in the feed of chilly air. i checked the buoys. they are the temperature reporting devices wave recording devices on the ocean. specific if you want to know buoy number 46237, about 20 miles offshore, is it ising at
6:49 pm
57.4 degrees. the ocean temperature. that's chilly! so if you grab the wind from there, we are going to be cooler as well and we'll do that for the next several days. so temperatures falling. very slow cooldown, lots of fog in the morning, lots of morning cloud cover but you'll get the afternoon sunshine and temperatures will stay below normal for several days starting sunday. san jose close to average tomorrow. your normal is 83. tomorrow 82 for you. mountain view 78. hayward 72. 85 for concord. walnut creek 88 degrees. downtown san francisco tomorrow afternoon sunshine 64. and kentfield 76 degrees. 100 tomorrow for clearlake. extended forecast, very close to normal every day. morning fog afternoon sunshine highs around 70 near the bay. and we'll hang out in the 80s inland after tomorrow. that's your forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:50 pm
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who harkin back to the super bowl & ers 2012 season... . all righty then. it's that time of year. it's here and happening. nfl training camp week has hit the south bay for those of you who harken back to the super bowl and the 49ers' 2012 season, jim harbaugh is asking you to hit the delete button. >> if you have to talk about what you did yesterday, you know, no matter how good it was, then you have not done much today.
6:53 pm
>> hm. >> 49ers held their first full- squad workout this afternoon. and as usual, jim harbaugh was right there in the trenches, although the former quarterback is no longer the one taking the hits. >> i got some scars, you know, sometime i'll have you over for a barbecue and i'll strip my sleeves and show my scars. [ laughter ] >> i usually do it about once a year for my neighbors, you know? talk about days gone by. but, you know, today is not the day. but you will be included on my yearly barbecue. >> make a note of that. >> wow. check it out. two weeks from tonight, the 49ers will play the broncos! yeah. peyton manning in their preseason opener, which you can see right here on kpix 5. the raiders will be on the field tomorrow morning in napa. they sign first round pick d
6:54 pm
just a minute hayden the defensive back a four-year contract all four of the raiders rookies signed and ready to go. cowboys stadium has a new name. like the giants ballpark this one will be renamed at&t. the telecommunications heavyweight reportedly will pay up to $600 million for the next two decades for the naming right. so november 28th, raiders at at&t stadium! >> death star. >> at&t, boy, they just cornered the market. spurs, at&t center. scary scene last night in new york. pitcher tim hudson a forker athletic on this play. look at that. a broken ankle after being stepped on by eric young. hudson is going to miss the remainder of the season just a freak accident as you saw. young immediately apologized to hudson as you see there as he was being carried off the field. that didn't stop a few people from blaming young on
6:55 pm
social media. >> oh. >> hudson's wife kimberly though came to his defense tweeting back, ey, thank you for playing the game the right way. you're obviously one of the good guys. we appreciate you. >> all right. no ball needed, no one keeps score, not really a sport. but folks, this thing called parkour is gaining momentum and as dennis o'donnell tells us, one bay area man is trying to make it mainstream. >> a lot of times people asked me when did i first start parkour. the question is when did you stop doing parkour? it's being a kid again. >> reporter: you can do it anywhere. the environment is your playground. running, jumping, flipping, alan kin niely is bringing the outdoors in. >> very superhero-like. it's very ninja-like. you get to express yourself through your body. ♪[ music ] >> kids are going to see this on youtube and tv. it's a youtube sensation and they are going to do it.
6:56 pm
so why not let them learn how to do it correctly? >> reporter: can niely owns the a packs movement center in concord. it's the first and only parkour gym in the bay area. and it simulates rails, benches, flower beds. the pads and foam blocks make landing a lot easier. >> when i first started, i really wanted to do side flips. i did it and i locked up and i landed flat on my head, uhm, i lost hearing in my right ear for a couple of days. i thought i broke my neck. >> reporter: but the gym is designed to teach people their limitations. allison knows about limitations. once bound to a wheelchair because of a virus she is able to walk again after receiving chiropractic treatment from keneally. today they are close friends and business partners. >> that time we didn't know if i was going to live or die honestly. my friends are picking out prom dresses and i was like hm, i don't know if it's going to come for me. so i'm so grateful to be here.
6:57 pm
>> reporter: remarkable she is even standing let alone jumping around the gym, which by the way, is getting more crowded by the day. >> one lady told me that her son was -- would cry himself to sleep at night asking if he could find someplace to go to parkour. she was researching it on the web and found us and now he comes and loves it. >> how about this? coming up at 11, paul, liz, ken, how about it, we all parkour! over the set! >> you know what? i was just thinking -- all you have to do is have a 2-year- old, that's it. chase him around the house. >> we parkour daily. >> without even realizing you're doing it. >> a lot more core than parking. >> just amazing what you can come up with. >> a great workout. >> jump over this! hey, then boom, it's a concept. >> the world is your jungle gym. see you at 11:00. captions by: caption colorado aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7.
6:58 pm
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>> judge judy: your son alleged that he was being mistreated with you. >> announcer: a child's cry for help... >> he was like, "mom, dad's doing this to me. sherri's drinking all the time. she's verbally abusive to me." he was freaking out. >> announcer: ...or is mom making it up? >> he had hit him in the arm and punched him in the stomach. >> judge judy: he had a bruise on his arm? >> yes. >> judge judy: one bruise? >> the allegations were true in the eyes of cps. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution daniel maxson is suing his ex-wife, heidi maxson, for making false charges with child protective services. >> byrd: order! all rise! this is case number 486 on the


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