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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  July 26, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the latest anthony weiner "sexting" scandal speaks out. >> he is saying one thing to me, saying another thing to his wife -- >> they are flaming up the garlic calamari! wow! from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning. captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. good morning. it is friday, thank god it's friday! july 26. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm anne makovec. michelle and frank are off. it is straight up 6:00. let's get a quick check of weather and traffic. meteorologist lawrence karnow is hanging out at the gilroy garlic festival this morning. >> yes. yeah, guys. it's all about the gilroy garlic festival this weekend. expecting to see 100,000 plus people come down here to enjoy everything from garlic calamari to garlic french fries and, of course, that famous garlic ice cream. the weather is going to work out okay this weekend. it can get hot in gilroy at this time of the year but not this year. i think it will be okay if you are headed out here.
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we are starting out with low clouds and fog, a little drizzle at the coastline early on. but it looks like we are going to see a lot of sunshine into the afternoon. a little cool to begin the day but not bad. high pressure is giving way now to a weak area of low pressure off the coastline that will bring with it some more low clouds and fog over the weekend and it looks like some cooler temperatures, maybe slightly below average, still comfortable though. a lot of 80s in the valleys. you will see a lot of 60s and 70s inside the bay. out along the coastline we'll keep you mainly into the 60s with low clouds and fog. but if you want to come down, the gilroy garlic festival, come out today this weekend, the pyrochefs are like rock stars and put on quite the display. we'll show you that coming up in a little bit. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thanks, lawrence. and, of course, they have some very bad news if you are heading toward the bay bridge toll plaza. find an alternate. we have a traffic alert in effect this morning three lanes blocked on the upper deck. this is a crash that we first reported just a little while ago around 5:45 this morning. right now three lanes are block, two lanes are open.
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but it is already causing some very significant delays jammed towards the foot of the maze. and in fact they turned the metering lights on super early right after the accident happened. they activated the metering lights and now we are seeing delays in all lanes. so the san mateo bridge would be a great alternate. so far this morning no big delays out of hayward and getting there on southbound 880 is free and clear all the way down into the hayward area. we also checked in with bart and so far all bart trains are running on time. that's our breaking news this morning. an accident on the upper deck of the bay bridge, avoid it if you can. that's traffic. back to you guys. new this morning, two people are in the hospital after a high-speed chase ended in a violent crash at 1 a.m. the chp tried to stop a car for speeding on highway 4. the driver sped away and five minutes later crashed into a wall at the alhambra off-ramp. no word on the conditions of the people inside the car. this morning, an oakland
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neighborhood is banding together to call for tighter security after a woman was shot to death in her car. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is live with how that woman had actually been pushing for more protection before she died. >> reporter: today city leaders and community members are going to join together to continue judy salamon's crusade. the 66-year-old -- the friends and family of the 66-year-old animal lover gathered at a vigil for salamon last night. later this morning, they will join together where she was shot with two oakland councilmembers to demand the city step up security efforts. recently salamon and a few other neighbors tried to hire private security guards to make their neighborhoods safer. now the community is honoring her by taking on her fight. >> breaks your heart that somebody would lose their life senselessly. >> totally random stupid wasteful. i can't even understand the motivation. >> reporter: oakland police say
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the shooter fired directly into salamon's car on fern street in the maxwell park neighborhood. she was only a few blocks from her home. right now, police are still trying to track down surveillance video in the area and there is still no suspect description. back to you. >> police are asking anyone with information to call police. search is on for the suspect behind a violent home invasion in fremont. police say that the man armed with an assault rifle rang the doorbell of a home on porter street near sundale drive and pepper sprayed a woman forced his way in. the suspect fought with her boyfriend. shots were fired. nobody was hit. both adults and two children in the house were able to get out. officers did find the gun, the suspect got away. he is described as aileen 30- year-old hispanic man. he has a long bushy ponytail and goatee and tatoos above both eyebrows. fremont police ask you to call if you have information. a 15-year-old girl held
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captive on a farm in lake county locked in a box for days. two men are under arrest and facing federal charges. 30-year-old ryan balletto and 24-year-old patrick pearmain are accused of kidnapping the girl and using her as a labor and sex slave. authorities say the men were behind a huge marijuana growing operation in clearlake. the feds were investigating the property when they discovered the victim. neighbors still can't believe it. >> that's terrible, you know what i mean? 15-year-old shouldn't have to go through anything like that in life. >> scary. there are so many people out there and i was like right here right down the street from where we live. >> authorities seized 1400 pot plants and 22 weapons. they say there may be more victims. one napa man narrowly escaped his kidnappers after he fought his way out of the trunk of a moving car. witnesses say two men threw him in there and took off during an
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argument yesterday afternoon. the victim 40s,-year-old shane newhouse, says he jumped out near napa state hospital. he is being treated for road rash. police arrested the two vallejo men in the car minutes later after a little bit of a chase. it's still not clear what the dispute was all about. crews are working to remove the wreckage left over from the devastating train crash in spain. authorities still center to identify the dead today -- still have to identify the dead today. one american died in the crash wednesday. investigators did remove the train's black boxes and those will confirm whether the driver was speeding or not. cbs reporter tara mergener has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: video of the crash outside the city of santiago de compostela shows how quickly the speeding train twisted off the tracks and crumpled into pieces. there are indications the train may have been traveling twice the speed limit. this is new video of a police officer leading away the driver, 52-year-old francisco jose garzon after the accident.
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he is hospitalized and in police custody. 78 people died in the crash a revised figure. one of the victims was an american identified as 47-year- old ana maria cordoba from annandale, virginia. cordoba was an administrative employee of a catholic diocese. she was vacationings with her husband and daughter on the way to vivid the couple's son who was completing a catholic pilgrimage in santiago de compostela where the religious festival was to begin yesterday. >> i'm sure they were looking forward to it and i can only imagine how horrible it must have been for their son, you know, waiting for them to arrive and to hear the news of this terrible tragedy. >> reporter: cordoba's father told cbs news he learned about the death of his daughter yesterday. he says he is very upset and confused calling the accident pathetic. cordoba's husband and daughter were among the dozens hurt in the crash. a man from houston and his wife were also on board the train.
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she is in critical condition. >> she got hurt very bad. her scalp was like that flipped over. >> reporter: investigators were back at the crash site this morning as they worked to determine the cause of the accident. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> the train's driver apparently dragged last year on his facebook page about running his train right at the speed limit saying any faster and he would be fined. new this morning, police in washington, d.c. are looking for the person responsible for vandalizing the lincoln memorial. green paint was splashed on the statue and its base overnight. investigators are checking surveillance cameras in the area. that memorial at the national mall is closed until it's cleaned up. that uc-davis cop who lost his job for pepper spraying students wants workers' comp. this video went viral. that's former officer john pike hitting students right in the eyes two years ago. he claims he suffered psychiatric injury after that "occupy" protest.
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there will be a settlement meeting next month. a 19-year-old from san francisco is in jail for a series of burglaries from stores across the east bay. the person is accused of leading the group of as many as 10 people who carried empty bags into stores, stole items and ran out. he was arrested on unrelated charges in los angeles county and returned to the bay area yesterday august 4 is the deadline for bart worker contracts. the contract was extended ending the four-day strike that began july 1. bart says contract talks are planned every day starting july 30th and the first talks in several days are planned for this morning. but the transit agency and its two largest unions are still very far apart on contract issues. they include pay an benefits, pension contributions, and safety concerns. there is no way i'm dying this way. this is how i got to go? i'm like no way. >> a fisherman stranded for 12
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hours in shark-infested waters. how his boots helped save his life. >> that's a nail biting landing at laguardia. new details on what went wrong before a southwest plane skidded across the runway. >> bankrupt by beanie babies? how a dad said his obsession with the '90s fad left his family in financial ruin. >> reporter: we are at the gilroy garlic festival. it's not all about the garlic. they actually are cutting up some melons this morning, too, all kinds of food and a great time. we'll have more on that coming up. >> crews are working to clear an accident causing gridlock this morning on the upper deck of the bay bridge. right now two lanes are blocked. we'll have the latest on this plus get a check of your alternates after the break. u ay a fun-filled summer.
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guardia airport... it hit ne first *before the front lang gear new information on the southwest plain that made a hard landing at new york's laguardia airport. it hit nose first before the landing gear broke. the national transportation safety board says the plane's nose was pointed downward when it hit the runway. it's supposed to touch down on the mainlanding gear first with the nose up. these new findings may indicate it wasn't an equipment or maintenance failure. 16 passengers had minor injuries in monday's incident. a lobster man is back with his family this morning after spending 12 hours stranded at sea. >> i went to move a cooler the handle broke off and i fell off the back of the boat just like that. >> see a fuzzy orange image here, that actually is john aldridge. he was suddenly adrift in the atlantic without a life vest on wednesday off the coast of new york watching his boat quickly moving away. then his survival instincts kicked in. >> just grabbed my boots and
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filled them with air and put them under my arms. i realized i was good to go. >> at night i saw a fin or two, you know, in the moonlight right by me and i was like well i have to keep my composure am i can't panic because if you panic, you know, it will bring more of them. >> lucky for him he was in the gulf stream relatively warmer waters because he drifted for 43 miles. he was treated for sunburn, dehydration and, of course, exposure. after a little time off he says he will be right back out there on the water. >> mm-hm. that's brave or crazy. >> yeah. it is time, ladies and gentlemen, now for a big traffic mess on the bay bridge. here's elizabeth. >> it is. we have soon a number of emergency vehicles heading to the scene and it's been there for a half hour so unfortunately we're left with a huge mess as you said, brian, approaching the pay gates. the accident is on the incline section on the upper deck westbound 80 right now two of the left lanes blocked so traffic is squeezing by in the three right lanes. we also learned from chp it is a minor injury accident so
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that's why it's going to take a little longer to clear. why they probably issued that traffic alert, as well. it is a very slow crawl right now from the macarthur maze all the way out towards the accident scene and then we see improvement. so let's talk about alternates. the bay bridge not a great option right now. if you want to find another way to go around, the san mateo bridge looks good both directions. we also have another traffic alert this time out in vallejo. we have seen a couple of different incidents major incidents this morning so this happened before we got on the air in vallejo an overturned big rig. that connector ramp from southbound highway 29 to eastbound 37 is shut. you can use fairgrounds drive as an alternate. no eto of when they will reopen the connector ramp but the main lines of highway 37 are clear. let's get a check of our maps. westbound 580 delays through
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the altamont pass. that's your latest traffic. back to you guys. [ pause ] >> reporter: hey, guy, we are at the gilroy garlic festival. they are firing up the flames here! getting ready to go! wow, look at that go, guys! these are -- this is what it's all about here at gilroy all about the garlic and these folks here they are the pyro chefs and well you can see why. i'm here with kevin o'keefe. how long have you been doing this? this will be 15 years. >> reporter: i saw you here last year. you love coming out here, huh? >> oh, yeah. this is my vacation. >> reporter: now, you have another job and it's probably a good one to go along with this one. you fought fires? >> i used to put out fires with fire protection. i'm retired now. >> reporter: now you just make the fires in a safe way? >> yes. hopefully safe. >> reporter: hopefully safe way. you know what, if you want to come out here it's not just calamari but all kinds of things garlic out here. you can get the garlic fries, the garlic ice cream, garlic anything. it's amazing. and, of course, it's going to be a big fundraiser. they are going to raise millions of dollars for charity
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here so it all goes to a good event. i think the weather is going to work out very nicely too. if you come out here it can get very, very hot in gilroy this time of year. that's not going to happen here. temperatures much peculiarer. you're talking numbers out the door staying mainly in the 50s although we have some low clouds and fog and drizzle at the coastline, temperatures much cooler. we'll see a whole lot of sunshine coming up and cooler temperatures than it's been over the last couple of days but the weather is going to cooperate as we see low pressure approaching the coastline. it will deepen the marine layer a little bit and cool down the temperatures somewhat so the temperatures will be cooling throughout the weekend. and today we'll start with the cooling trend, as well. those highs this afternoon going to be down just a bit. we're planning on 80s inland and it looks like temperatures at the coastline with some low clouds and fog going to keep you on the cool side. otherwise it looks like great weather ahead and then we'll slowly start to warm up into next week. so guys if you want to come down here, the garlic is looking good. thank you, kevin just served me a fresh one right here. but this is what i would
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recommend. grab yourself one of these little guys. you can shove it in your pocket and then you will have friends afterwards if you eat a lot of this garlic stuff. i'll bring some back. >> okay. you have been to the festival myself and that little -- it woken do anything to help you. -- it won't do anything to help you. do you remember the beanie babies craze? >> the key is one. one family took it to a whole new level. here's a glimpse of their $100,000 collection, it's now led the family to bankruptcy. the family from los angeles thought those cuddly little toys would be a great investment. the father heard you could sell them in a few years which is true. he wanted to make enough money to send his three sons to college. >> figured in ten years, they would be a good college fund for you guys. each one had your own collection. >> although that was the plan, it never happened because we
6:20 am
never sold them. we just bought them. >> okay. one son in the familiarcy willcy making a documentary -- one son in the family is making a documentary about the extreme behavior. a juror on the george zimmerman trial says he got away with murder. why she says she owe trayvon martin's parents an apology. denny's red white & blue plate specials
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good morning. hey, the as dropped two of three last week to the angels in anaheim so what happened this time? in oakland, it was time for a little payback as we go to the he could. dan straley had a 2-1 lead in the 5th. forget about it. the an jess were just -- teed off. hamilton came through. trumbo to the gap in left
6:24 am
center. pujols and hamilton score. they scored four in the 5th. and the angels come back and win last night 8-3 the final. the raiders signed dj hayden the day before their first practice scheduled in napa later on this morning. he signed a four-year deal. good for a guy who suffered a life-threatening chest injury in college. still with football. falcons quarterback matt ryan boy talk about some job security. he got it. atlanta gave him a five-year contract extension that could be worth over $103 million. and congratulations this morning to the cal women's basketball head coach lindsey gottlieb. she got the bears to the first- ever final four. now what she got? two-year contract extension that will keep her in berkeley through the 2018 season. that is sports at this hour. i'll see you later on this afternoon on kpix 5. you guys be good. our play of the day is a
6:25 am
highlight from an international soccer match in france. watch the french player put in a spinning backheel goal against real madrid. check it out again. really amazing. right in the net. the game, however, ended in a tie at 2-2. for major league ballplayers hanging out in the bullpen during a game, it can be boring unless you're angels pitcher de la rosa who decided to play veterinarian last night. he found an injured pidgeon. you can see it in his hands during a game in oakland. he took the bird into the clubhouse. hopefully for some medical help. that's very sweet. i felt manipulated. >> anthony weiner's penpal speaks out about their x-rated exchanges. how she claims the former congressman tried to control her. >> moving full speed ahead the promising updates on a fix for the new broken bolts on the bay bridge. what it means for the opening date.
6:26 am
>> reporter: we're learning the oakland woman murdered this week was trying to fight the crime that killed her. how city leaders are taking on her crusade. ,,,,,,
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how it all came nt end on >> reporter: today oakland councilmembers are calling for more public safety from the city, this after a respected community leader was gunned down blocks from her home. >> a smashed up car the result of a dramatic high-speed chase. how it all came to a violent end on an east bay freeway. >> if you are just getting up with us we're at the gilroy garlic festival in gilroy.
6:30 am
having a little calamari and garlic this morning. those folks are flaming up. we'll have more coming up. >> traffic barely moving this morning at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic alert still in effect on the upper deck. we'll help you get around the gridlock coming up. good morning. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm brian hackney. lawrence karnow probably has no eyebrows left. the time right now is 6:30. breaking news in santa clara. authorities are investigating an early-morning sexual assault. you can see the map there on your screen. this happened on homestead road near central park just before 4:00 this morning. officers are on scene as we speak. we have a crew on the way and we'll bring you a live report. an oakland neighborhood is remembering a woman gunned down driving near her home this week. she had been calling for security to fight crime in the area. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in oakland with the outpouring of love for judy salamon. >> reporter: now city leaders
6:31 am
want to continue that fight that the woman tried to take on. neighbors say judy salamon was killed by the crime she was trying to stop. now, 66-year-old salamon was honored in a vigil last night. neighbors remembered her as an animal lover well liked and well known in her area. in addition to her love of pets, she was also a crusader for neighborhood safety. recently she and other neighbors tried to hire private security guards to keep their homes safe. >> she has been someone who has been advocating going door to door and trying to get signatures and trying to get people to sign up so we can get this started and our neighborhood is a wonderful neighborhood and generally there's not a lot of crime, but we're seeing it more and more lately. >> reporter: oakland police say salamon was killed after shots were fired directly into her car. she was driving blocks away from her home on fern street in the maxwell park neighborhood. right now police are still trying to track down surveillance video. oakland city council members will join with community members at the same spot where salamon was shot and they say they will call for more public
6:32 am
safety from the city. reporting live in oakland, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> there is still no suspect description in the case. police are asking anyone with information to come forward. new this morning, a violent crash sent two people to the hospital from the east bay this morning. it happened just before 1:00. the chp tried to stop a car for reckless driving and speeding on highway 4. the driver sped away and within about five minutes, the car crashed into a wall at the alhambra off-ramp. no word on the conditions of the two people in the car. and the san jose fire department had to rescue a driver from that crumpled car overnight. that crash happened at center road and east alma street at 11:30 p.m. the car took out two trees and the driver was trapped inside. no word on the extent of has injuries. boy, they had a very close call in novato yesterday afternoon. this car smashed through the front window of a pizzeria on south novato boulevard. if it had happened just an hour later the room would have been
6:33 am
full of people at a fundraiser. the room was empty at 4:30 he when the car hit. there are only minor injuries to three people in the car. santa clara county is getting ready for possible problems with the ambulance company. they are telling rural metro that it has 10 days to pay $2 million. and if they don't, the company could lose its contract in the south bay. rural metro says it will make the payment but county officials are getting other ambulance companies in line to take over if necessary. we have good news on the new span of the bay bridge. it could open well before december. broken bolts delayed the original labor day opening. but caltrans says they are working very quickly to temporarily fix the problem. crews are installing shims to hold down the bridge in the coming weeks. a more permanent fix the saddle will be done while the bridge is in use. no word on when the span will open. here's lawrence karnow with a check on our weather this
6:34 am
morning down in gilroy. >> reporter: we are in gilroy. a great time at the gilroy garlic festival. it can be hot if you get to too close to the grill. it's all about the garlic. tons and tons of garlic over the weekend. and mixing with everything that you can imagine. you know, the weather is going to work out great. we are starting out with patchy fog this morning but i think as we head toward the afternoon a lot of sunshine coming our way. a little drizzle out along the coastline early on today. through the afternoon hours mostly sunny skies in the interior valleys. starting out with a lot of 50s now. but by the afternoon we'll see sunshine and the fog is going to continue out toward the beaches. but we'll see more fog over the weekend too with increasing clouds keeping the temperatures down. not going to be too hot in gilroy. it will be comfortable at the festival. temperatures in the 80s in the valley, 60s and 70s inside the bay and temperatures running
6:35 am
generally in the 60s at the coastline with low clouds and fog. but today you want to come out to gilroy garlic festival this is the place to come. come check out the power chef. we are going to light things up here. check it out in 10 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. hey, we got some good news finally for the bay bridge. all lanes just reopened about three minutes ago. that's the good news. the bad news is we still have these huge backups major gridlock this morning all the way through the macarthur maze. this is going to take a while to clear out. you may still want to find alternates. the accident was first reported around 5:45 this morning. it was a minor injury crash. they had to issue a traffic alert because it was obviously blocking at one point up to three lanes for a while. anyway, they just cleared it towards the island. so new it's still stacked up as well at westbound 80 from at least berkeley all the way down towards the pay gates so let's talk about alternates. checking the san mateo bridge right now, everything has been flowing nicely out of hayward, no delay here as well as the
6:36 am
golden gate bridge. the only thing you have to deal with is fog across the span but overall traffic is moving well here and across the richmond/san rafael bridge. let's go to our maps and check in with mass transit. bart now has about 50 trains all on time. muni, caltrain and ace train 1 and 3 have also been reporting no delays so far this morning. that's your let's "timesaver traffic." back to you. we are hearing from one of the jurors in the george zimmerman murder trial who says she thinks zimmerman got away with murder but that there wasn't enough evidence to convict him. >> i literally fell on my knees and broke down. my husband was holding me. i was screaming and crying. and i kept saying to myself, i feel like i killed him. >> what would you mike to say to try von's parents? >> i would like to apologize because i feel like i let them down. >> that juror says she was not the only one who thought martin
6:37 am
was murdered. oakland is getting ready for mow protests about the zimmerman acquittal in florida. the police department says it is prepared for several protest events in the downtown area today. you're looking at video from other recent protests in oakland. next week the city council is going to consider making it against the law for protestors to carry things like hammers, clubs, spray-paint and other things that could be used for vandalism. even members of his own parties want san diego mayor bob filner to resign. democrat party leaders in san diego county voted last night for him to step down as four more women have come forward to say that filner made unwanted sexual advances towards them. that makes seven women in all. filner refuses to step down or to answer reporters' questions about the charges. and in new york anthony weiner is still running for mayor even though as vinita nair tells us, we have had learned that carlos danger, as he liked to be called, was "sexting" a woman named sydney leathers. >> he actually said that about himself. >> reporter: this is the woman
6:38 am
behind the latest "sexting" scandal involving disgraced former congressman anthony weiner. 23-year-old sydney leathers told inside edition that she and weiner exchanged racy photos and messages starting in july 2012. >> i felt manipulated. >> reporter: she said he described his desire to continue their x-rated exchanges. >> the exact wording was that he is an argumentive perpetually horny middle-aged man. and at the time, i was like, oh, no, you're not. but yes, he is. [ laughter ] >> reporter: their online "relationship" ended after about 6 months. leathers says weiner began trying to control her. >> he would like look at my facebook frequently and he would tell me that he would get jealous if other men would compliment me. >> reporter: the scandal forced had i am to resign from congress in 2012. he apologized and many supporters thought that was the end of it until this week when a gossip site posted the new
6:39 am
exchanges. on thursday, he said leathers wasn't his only x-rated penpal. >> i don't believe he had any more than three. >> reporter: the controversy is having an effect on wieners's bid for mayor of new york city. a marrist poll taken after his latest admission shows him going from first place to third among democratic candidates. pollsters say it could cost him the primary. >> voters were willing to give him a second chance but with this latest round of revelation, clearly voters are reluctant to give him a third chance. >> reporter: the primary is 6 1/2 weeks away. vinita nair, cbs news, new york. time is 6:39. a new twist in the murder case against nfl star aaron hernandez. the photos taken by his own camera just before the shooting. >> and just call him uncle harry. the party prince speaks out about his plans for his new royal nephew. >> and the market opened just about 10 minutes ago. let's take a quick check on the early numbers this friday morning. things are looking down. we're hoping for a change.
6:40 am
coming up, we are going to get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. ,,
6:41 am
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women and keeping them capte for a decade... 53-year ol plea negotiations are under way for the man in cleveland accused of kidnapping three women and keeping them captive for a decade. 53-year-old ariel castro is set to appear in court this morning for a final pretrial hearing and to update the judge on the status of the talks. plea negotiations hinge on whether prosecutors rule out the death penalty. castro has pleaded not guilty to nearly 1,000 counts of kidnapping, rape and other crimes. accused killer aaron hernandez is found holding a gun in surveillance photos taken from his home. that new evidence doesn't help his case. photos were taken hours before
6:44 am
and minutes after odin lloyd was shot to death. he was hernandez's friend. the former new england patriots tight end was back in court yesterday for a bail hearing and the judge denied the bail request. hernandez has pleaded not guilty to the murder. halliburton has pleaded guilty for destroying evidence in the gulf of mexico oil spill back in 2010. the justice department says the oil giant threw out test results. halliburton faces a $200,000 fine and has also given $55 million to the national fish and wildlife foundation. that explosion killed 11 and soiled hundreds of miles of beaches. a major videogame maker from san francisco has taken a big hit this morning. here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. "farmville," mafia wars, just distant memories for social gamers zynga these days. the company has been struggling and its latest earnings results not pleasing investors.
6:45 am
it lost less money than a year ago. the numbers actually topped expectations. however, when you look inside them, they're looking for lower revenue than expected in the current quarter. and also, daily active users down significantly from a year earlier and monthly users also down 45% to 39 million. these are not trends that wall street likes to see and as a result their shares are diving by about 16%. yesterday, zynga did well like most other social media firms after facebook's blockbuster earnings day when its shares went higher by 30% at its highest close since its first day of trading in may of last year. facebook giving back a little bit of that this morning a little less than 1%. strategy analytic says that sales are 47% globally to 230 million units in the 2nd quarter a record number of smartphones. samsung has 33% of the market
6:46 am
share there. apple at 13% with the iphone. and smartphones now outnumber feature phones ranging out of 6 out of every 10 being sold. stock market down this morning, dow down 75. nasdaq off 15. s&p lower by 7. back to you. >> thank you. let's check traffic and weather. meteorologist lawrence karnow is down in gilroy for the big garlic festival. >> reporter: yeah, guys. i'm just trying to keep from catching fire here. they have been really flaming these things up, guys. here we go! yes, this is what people come to see. holy toledo! that is hot! it's a great show if you want to come down the gilroy garlic festival. i think i still have my eyebrows. i'm not sure. i'm feeling for them right now. hey, we're here with kevin o'keefe. you have been doing this a while. >> 15 years. >> reporter: you like coming out here to do it? >> i do. >> reporter: it's a great charity event. you guys are like rock stars out here. >> oh, yeah.
6:47 am
we get to see all the people watching us -- >> reporter: gathering around there just all kinds of crowds probably following you throughout the day. >> yeah. we walk out, we show them the product. they really like that when we do it. >> reporter: you have another job that works out well with what you do stayed. >> i'm a tired fire sprinkler installer. i -- i'm a retired fire sprinkler installer. >> we have a metal roof today. >> reporter: so that should be okay. heading out to the gilroy garlic festival or around the bay area today we are going to see cooler weather. we are seeing more low clouds and fog sweeping in onshore today. so it's a little bit cooler if you are headed out the door. we have even seen drizzle at the coastline. then as we head in toward the afternoon, we'll see a lot of sunshine. these temperatures warming up into the 80s in the interior valleys so cooler than yesterday, and then looks like the next couple of days, we are going to see that area of low pressure approaching the coastline and that means the temperatures are going to be staying down. now, so as we head throughout
6:48 am
the afternoon hours today, we'll see a lot of sun in the valleys. the temperatures up in the 80s inland and then 60s at the coastline with the beaches being socked in with some low clouds and fog. throughout the weekend though, looking like a nice weekend. it will be just a little below average as high pressure gives way to the area of low pressure off the coastline and looks like some cooler temperatures. but all told, it is going to be a great weekend. if you want to come out here to the gilroy garlic festival, there are a gazillion things made with all this beautiful lovely garlic. i'd recommend that you come down here with some sunscreen. it will be bright and sunny too and don't forget this. you have to have this if you are going to come down. if you want to have any friends left over, i recommend that, elizabeth. you better bring that one, too. you're going to need that, okay? >> i know. i can smell it through the tv screen. thank you. thank you, lawrence. all right. you saw the flames in lawrence's live shot? unfortunately, we have flames in traffic in terms of a hotspot. it is definitely the bay bridge. huge delays east of the maze may see. and it's all because of that
6:49 am
earlier traffic alert that at one point had three lanes blocked on the incline. everything is now cleared. unfortunately these delays are going to take a while to completely resolve. down the eastshore freeway it's backing up, as well. let's get a check of our maps. we'll show you where our sensors -- it looks like from gilman down towards the macarthur maze your seeing the biggest backups right now. and it looks like westbound 24 looks okay until once again you reach that 580 interchange. so alternates, head farther south until the residual delays clear up. you can get to the san mateo bridge. not too bad right now out of hayward. so that's how hotspot for now but we are expecting an even bigger possible traffic mess this evening. there's a ton of stuff going on. we have critical mass, a giants game at at&t, justin timberlake performing at 7:00 over by candlestick. we have a john mayer concert at shoreline. out in the east bay we have also have an as game at oakland
6:50 am
coliseum and we have the gilroy garlic festival happening all weekend long. you can expect delays on 101. that is traffic. back to you guys. >> guess who got caught up in the big bay bridge traffic mess. >> phil matier and willie brown were supposed to come in this morning but we're still talking about the two new political scandals grabbing headlines. >> the sexual harassment allegations against san diego's mayor and the anthony weiner "sexting" scandal. san francisco representative nancy pelosi has a message for both men. >> the conduct of some of these people that we're talking about here is reprehensible. it's so disrespectful of women and what's really stunning were it is they don't even realize it. they don't have a clue. and it is really -- if they're clueless, get a clue. and if they need therapy, do it in private. >> weiner says despite all the revelations he is not dropping out of the new york mayors race. the big question now, what was
6:51 am
he thinking? >> maybe melissa griffin knows. were you inside his mind? >> sounds like a very frightening place. >> we are so glad you're here this morning believe me in more ways than one. do you think that anthony weiner can still win the mayor's race? >> actually probably not. he really -- he is a democrat in a field of other worthy democrats in a new york mayor's primary. it's a low turnout rate. it's a rate that requires backing of lots of money and institutional backing as well by groups like public employee unions, et cetera, which weiner doesn't have and really never did have. so it's hard to believe that he would have necessarily won even without the scandal but this certainly doesn't help. in addition, again, because of low turnout you have to get people fired up about your candidacy not just people recognizing your name so polls would indicate that people either have heard of weiner or maybe would consider voting for him aren't necessarily helpive of the kind of people who would turn out in a mayoral primary in new york city. >> what would be the motivation of staying in the race then? >> well, you know, it's funny,
6:52 am
john i will oliver, he says people like eliot spitzer and anthony weiner they have an addiction and it's for running for office not necessarily anything else so these are people, this is their life's blood and they insist on staying in these things. >> there's been a lot of criticism for his wife along this process because she has been standing by him and a lot of people cannot believe that she is doing this after he has been "sexting" and caught time after time after time. does that help him at all? >> what is the female perspective on this? >> i speak for all women in the entire universe. [ laughter ] >> look, here's the thing. the people that are still backing him are very clear that they are backing him basically because of her. remember, hillary clinton who certainly is no stranger to having this kind of issue before her still hasn't come out and endorsed anthony weiner. she has been silent about anthony weiner's candidacy even though she is very close to weiner's wife. so i think that's very telling about some of the perceptions of her at least with the
6:53 am
clintons. i want to point out as well today's "new york post" reports that eliot spitzer's wife is going to divorce him so the stand by your man routine might not be continuing in the future and who knows what's going to happen after he loses the race. he probably won't drop out. you don't know what would happen with the marriage after the race. >> wouldn't be surprised if she divorced him. >> speaking of stand by your marin, you know in the mid-'90s when clinton was going through all this, the tammy wynette was outraged that hillary clinton said, you know, i'm not a stand by your man tammy wynette kind of person. tammy wynette took it personally. >> oh, really? >> something we didn't know. [ laughter ] >> thank you, melissa griffin for joining us this morning. britain's prince harry says he already knows his place in royal baby george's life. >> and like all good uncles, harry says he will be the fun one. harry said yesterday that the new prince was crying his eyes out when they first met.
6:54 am
maybe that's why he mentioned his babysitting charges would be expensive. harry says he is excited about the new addition to the family. we'll be right back. >> breaking news out of santa clara about a sexual assault. we'll have that after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,,, announcer:
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santa clara county this morning... k-c-b-s radio's matt biglers breaking news in santa clara this morning where police are investigating a sexual assault. >> kcbs radio's matt bigler is on the scene where a woman was attacked inside her apartment. matt. >> reporter: yeah, this was a frightening attack this morning. it happened sometime around 4:00 at this building right behind me here at kylie and homestead in santa clara. you can see police just put up the crime scene tape in front of the entrance to the
6:58 am
apartment building. here's what santa clara police say. as i mentioned sometime around 4:00, a man broke into this woman's apartment, this ground floor apartment, and sexually assaulted the victim. that's according to santa clara police. the report is that the suspect was armed with some sort of blade, possibly a box cutter. now, santa clara police are not saying anything about the suspect description or on the condition of the victim but they are talking to her. she was able to give them a report. that's pretty much all we have at this point. again a woman is sexually assaulted inside her apartment here at an apartment complex at actually and homestead in santa clara -- at kylie and homestead in santa clara. matt harvey, kpix 5. checking the morning commute, we still have these massive delays if you are heading towards the bay bridge. give yourself some extra time. a lot of people are stuck in the backup east of the maze may see because of an earlier traffic alert that at one point had multiple lanes blocked on the upper deck. minor injuries were involved.
6:59 am
that's why it took a while to clear. drive times down the eastshore freeway, that's jammed solid from gilman all the way down towards the maze. that's your latest from here in the traffic center. lawrence is live this morning in gilroy with all the garlic. >> reporter: all right. yes, we are at the gilroy garlic festival. and we're talking about everything garlic down here and, of course, we are starting out with fog and low clouds around the bay area today. it's a little bit thick at the coastline even seeing drizzle at the beaches. temperatures generally in the 50s. we are going to see the numbers warming up into the afternoon as high pressure moves out of the way. low pressure slides towards the coast. cooler days are ahead. cooler through the weekend. i have to show you what i'm eating this morning. we have calamari, melon and delicious garlic. mmm. >> is that straight? >> is eating it straight? >> okay. lawrence live from gilroy with garlic and mouthwash.
7:00 am
that's it for kpix 5 news this morning. frank and michelle back on monday. >> our next local update is 7:25. captions by: caption colorado good morning, to our viewers in the west. it is friday, july 26, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." new admissions from anthony weiner in his sexting scandal. one of the women reveals new details. plus, the biggest hacking ring ever. former fbi insider john miller on how they stole credit card information from millions. >> new hope in the search for a yacht lost at sea with americans on board. a yale professor goes after 6,000 companies he says are charging you huge fees for 401ks. >> we begin with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> i feel sick about it. i'm disgusted by him. he's not who i thought he


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