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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 29, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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news. >> frank's back tomorrow! [ laughter ] >> see you tomorrow. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday july 29 2013. welcome to cbs this morning. the political word turns on anthony weiner. plus, deadly flooding in north carolina. and the pope's surprising comments on gay priests. >> a huge jewel heist in cannes. is the pink panther gang back in business? and the color film you've never seen before. president kennedy and his family in the year that would change everything. >> we begin with a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> millions of americans are cleaning up after bouts with powerful weekend storms. >> record rains swamped the east. >> the wettest day in
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philadelphia's history. nearly 8 inches of rain flooded the city. >> left entire towns under water in north carolina. >> just thank god it didn't come up to the house. that's all we can ask for. >> a tour bus full of people swept away by arizona floodwaters. all of the passengers were able to get out. >> and hawaii meanwhile is bracing for tropical storm flossie. >> definitely hope for the best but preparing for the worst. >> at least 87 people37 people have died after a bus goes into a ravine in southern italy. >> fire broke out on board, everybody escaped safely. >> the new york city's mayor race. >> there are second chances. there are no third chances. >> pope francis saying quote, if someone is gay and he searches for the lord who am i to judge? >> near riot in huntington beach
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after a surfing competition came to an end. the crowd rampaging. >> take a look at the mudslide in northwest china. remarkably, the four men managed to escape. >> rare movies of president kennedy vacationing on cape cod. exactly 50 years after they were first shot. >> a music festival in cleveland this weekend. one of the three women held captive in a cleveland home for a decade appeared onstage with her family. >> give it up for amanda berry. >> on "cbs this morning." >> and the americans take the win! >> the united states of america, 2013 gold cup champs! welcome to "cbs this morning." gayle king is back. >> it is good to be back.
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i was in europe where they were following the anthony weiner story there as well. >> we are as well. the campaign goes on for anthony weiner. the disgraced former congressman is ignoring calls to end his run for mayor of new york city. >> yet another blow to his struggling effort. don dahler is with us. don, good morning to you. >> yesterday, it was washington's turn to pile on anthony weiner. the calls for the former congressman to drop out of the mayor's race came from both parties. just as weiner got some bad his top adviser announced he was throwing in the towel. anthony weiner confirmed the news sunday morning. he was staying in the race. but his 31-year-old campaign manager, danny kedem, was out. >> no campaign -- when you want this tough job, you've got to be prepared for a tough campaign as well. >> kedem helped weiner launch his comeback campaign earlier
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this summer. despite a sexting scandal that ended his career in washington. following weiner's confession last week to reporters he had online relationships with as many as ten women, three of them after he left congress. >> i think it's time for him to go away. >> the defection comes as a former top adviser to president obama and a leading new york republican, increased pressure to drop oupt oft of the race. >> at this point, it's absurd. he is wasting time and space. >> i think he should do himself and everybody a favor and step to the sidelines. he is not qualified, not psychologically qualified. >> weiner's top opponent christine quinn, who now holds a nine-point lead, called weiner reckless with the inability to tell the truth. >> has he disqualified himself? yes. but not just because of these scandals. though that certainly has.
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he didn't have the call fa i ka, when qualifications when was in congress. >> some voters are losing patience too. >> i don't quite understand how you would feel you would have the moral authority as the head administrator in this city to oversee employees when your standard of conduct is so much lower than the standard of conduct that's expected -- >> are you not voting for me? >> i'm not voting for you, sir. >> over the weekend, weiner talked with local reporters. he told one, you're stuck with me. and even joked about raising his son in the mayor's mansion. he also said the scandal was going to make him a successful mayor because it would give him a level of independent. weiner still has a month to go before the primary. a new start for middle east peace negotiations. israeli and palestinian peace negotiators will reopen direct talks in washington this evening. it will be the first time both sides have sat down in nearly three years.
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mar margaret brennan looks at what's expect expected. >> the stakings are high for both parties. the bar for success is low. the question is whether this first meeting can produce another one that opens the door to future peace talkings. a step toward peace was met with rage. hundreds of palestinians protested the renewal of talks. while israelis demonstrated against prime minister netanyahu's decision to free more than 100 palestinian prisoners that they considered terrorists. palestinians view them as freedom fighters. the release cleared the way for u.s.-sponsorrd talked talks to begin. the public reaction may indicate how hard it will be for a peace agreement to succeed. it is the product of nearly five months worth of shuttle diplomacy by secretary of state john kerry. who has made more than six trips to the region since taking office. >> both leaders in the region
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prime minister netanyahu and president abbas, have made a courageous decision to try to return to final status talks. >> many past u.s. brokered peace initiatives failed when the toughest issue, defining the borders of a palestinian state, halting the building of israeli settlements, allowing the palestinian refugees to return, and determining whether to share the city of jerusalem, became the focus. aaron david miller served for two decades as a senior u.s. adviser on arab/israeli negotiation. >> on borders and security the gaps might be quite bridgeable. on refugees and jerusalem think about the grand canyon. >> get both sides to sit down together is the first step. it comes nearly 20 years since that brave gamble made by israeli prime minister rabin and palestinian arafat on the u.s. lawn. they plan to name a high-level
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envoy to get parties through the talks and that's believed to be former u.s. ambassador martin indyk. >> consolidating control on the streets. dozens were killed. clarissa ward is in cairo's tahrir square. >> two leaders the muslim brotherhood arrested as the crackdown on supporters of ousted president morsi continued in cairo. all eyes now on the protest camp where dem bhononstrateors have been demanding the release and reinstatement of morsi since he was deposed at the beginning of the month. egypt's interior minister said these camps legally must be dismantled. the question is not if but when that will happen. we spoke with morsi supporters at the camp who say they will not leave. they with willing to face down
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tanks and even give up their lives in order to protect their rights to demonstrate freely. the government here has also really ratcheted up its rhetoric. talking about fighting a war against terrorism. the muslim brotherhood is now calling for a million man march tomorrow. clashes this weekend killed more than 70 people. so many people are really concerned that this is just setting the scene for yet another bloody confrontation. for "cbs this morning," clarissa ward cairo. wild weather across the country. flash flooding swept a tour bus into a gully in arizona. it was craigdragged a length of three football fields before flipping over. everyone got outside. if you're flying east, delighted ed delayed and canceled flights in philadelphia. a storm knocked out power to parts of the airport. and knock knocknorth carolina with flash
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flooding this weekend. >> as you can see behind me we're dealing with serious problems. we've got roads completely under water and several houses have been flooded out. the storms really took a lot of people by surprise. local firefighters tell us they had to pull 18 people out of raging waters. across north carolina this weekend's flash floods proved daunting even for the professional. >> it's known in our industry as a drowning machine. this is the most dangerous type of floodwater to deal with right here. hands down. >> a slow moving system dumped nearly a foot of rain across the western part of the state saturday. washing away roads and turning creek noogs deads into deadly rapids. searchers recovered a body from these raging waters about 100 miles north of charlotte. the body of a 10-year-old was found saturday shortly after she went missing. >> we were just swimming.
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the current swept them away. they were without life preservers. no type of safety equipment. >> late sunday rescuers pulled two men to safety after their boat flipped over. they were found clinging to a tree. in hard-hit tauba county it was enough to cause trouble for residents as well as the national guard. the local armory inundated with floodwaters after 10 inches of rain fell in just six hours. throughout the region dozens of roads were closed as a result of the storm. at least six could remain that way for up to three months. >> i'm just amazed because i know when i was smaller, we had some rain like this but nothing in the last what 30 years that i can remember. >> believe it or not, this is the fourth major flash flood event to hit this area in just the past month alone. right now, the rains have stopped but forecasters say more thunderstorms may be on the way later this week and causing even more problems. hawaii is bracing for a tropical storm this morning.
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and severe weather is on the move in the atlantic. cbs news hurricane consultant david bernard is watching the two systems. what do you see? >> let's start with something we don't talk about very often, it's a tropical storm. the name is flossie. it is heading for hawaii. it's going to move across the island during the day today. currently has winds of 50 miles per hour. it's going to be past the islands by tomorrow. the big story is the risk of rain. five 5 to 10 inches of rain. so flooding and mudslides in the mountains could be a big risk. now, on the other side, in the atlantic, north of puerto rico we're watching a strong tropical wave. this used to be tropical storm dorian. right now, the hurricane center is saying there's about a 50/50 chance it could become a storm again. we're watching this one in south florida. computer models for the rest of the week are indicating what's left of dorian could be in our
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backyard by the time we go into wednesday or thursday. we'll know later today when hurricane hunters take a look at dorian and see if it becomes a tropical storm again. >> an indiana church is coping with a tragedy this morning. three people were killed in a bus crash. a youth group was returning from a church camp in michigan. terrell brown reports, they were almost home when the accident happened. >> reporter: worshipers gathered at colonial hills baptist church in indianapolis as they do every sunday. but this weekend, they came together to mourn the victims of a deadly accident. >> they're with god in heaven right now. we know that without a doubt. but we grieve the fact they're not here with us. we miss them. >> reporter: the bus was carrying the youth group home after a week of camping filled with both prayer and basketball. they were just a mile from the church parking lot when the bus struck a concrete barrier. >> the bus flipped over. there were people, you know crawling out of the bus. there were people who were severely injured, people who were dead, people who were hurt. >> i think the driver was the
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first one i came up on and he was bleeding pretty bad so i stole somebody's belt and got a tourniquet on his arm and just started to help out everybody else. >> reporter: among the dead was the church's youth pastor chad phelps, asened presenting enedhis pregnant wife courtney. their 2-year-old son escaped. this mother of five also died. she'd gone along as a chaperone. the driver told police his brake, failed as the bus was pulling off the highway. an investigation into the cause of the accident is ongoing. church members and families of the victims, the journey to healing has just begun. >> all these folks were special to us as members here. as friends. we're going to have a long road. but god's good. >> reporter: for cbs this morning, terrell brown, new york. this morning, a bus crash in idly is being called one of the worst in that country's history. at least 37 people were killed after the tour bus plunged 100
7:15 am
feet into a ravine last night outside of naples. among the victims, the driver. 49 people were on board. most of them were italians. there's no word yet on why that bus went out of control. an american woman has become about the 79th person to die after last week's train crash in spain. she's identified as myrta fariza of houston. her husband spoke about the search for his wife. >> i'm screaming out for her name. i kept asking for help that my wife was in there, and she was in one of these -- a part of the plane. they used it as a board to bring her down there. they sat it right next to a railroad track. i saw her just a couple of steps away. i recognized her. she unfortunately got really, really -- she got hurt very bad.
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>> the couple had just attended their daughter's wedding in rome. pope francis is offering a hand of friendship to gay priests this morning. on a flight to rome the pope told reporter quote, who am i to judge? that's a dramatic change from pope benedict who discouraged gay men from becoming priests. he spoke on his way home from an historic visit to brazil. >> an ocean of catholics occupied copacabana beach sunday where the pope held mass for 3 million in rio de janeiro. it was one of the last stops on his seven-day homecoming to latin america after being elected pope. when the argentinean born pontiff arrived, his fans below had a special way of saying hello. they performed a flash mob or mass dance that even the cardinals got in on. the faithful were in brazil for world youth day. a biannual gathering of young
7:17 am
catholics from around the world. during mass pope francis emphasized the importance of young people to catholicism. the church counts on you, he said, the pope counts on you. masses arrived a day early to secure their spots on the sand. are you able to sleep with all this music? >> oh, yeah we knock out like that. >> reporter: they used flags as comfort blankets and stayed through sunrise for the pope's mass. this was the largest turnout for a papal mass in recent history. the vatican hopes it is a sign more catholics are returning to the church. in a farewell ceremony at rio's airport sunday the pope kissed his last brazilian baby. on the tarmac he said his final good-byes. climbled theed the stairs. and gave one last blessing before leaving his home continent for his new home. it is time to show you this
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morn morning's headlines from around the globe. the "the wall street journal" looks at predictions about the economy. she predicted slow growth and low inflation coming out of the recession. yellen is a leading candidate to succeed ben bernanke as fed chairman. >> "usa today" says our nation's roads and bridges are decaying. a new survey finds only 38% of the pavement on roads across the country are in good condition. 1 in 10 bridges are structurally deficient deficient. it would take $85 billion a year to improve the roads and bridges. that's double the amount spent in 2008. >> politico tell us about a major shake-up in radio. cumulus is planning to drop rush limbaugh and sean hannity from its stations. they would be removed from more than 40 channels in major markets. >> "the new york times" says two giants in advertising have
7:19 am
agreed to merge. they will create the world's largest ad company. will trail google in terms of advertising revenue. >> the chattanooga times free press says online retailer amazon plans to add 5,000 full-time jobs nationally. amazon will add dozens jobs at its tennessee distribution centers. >> and "the washington post" says president will host hillary clinton at lunch today at the white house. they will meet in the president's private dining room. clinton stepped down as secretary of state in february after serving for four years. boy, wouldn't we like to have two little chairs in the corner there? talk amongst yourselves. >> exactly. >> act like we're not even good morning, a strong sea breeze bringing with it some cooler temperatures around the bay area. of course, over the weekend we had below average numbers. today as much as 13 degrees below the average. a little haze, a little fog, a little breeze as you look
7:20 am
toward pleasanton right now. low pressure camped along the coastline, you have that trough there ushering in a stronger sea breeze today. temperatures in the 70s and low 80s well inland, a lot of 60s inside the bay and 50s and 60s out toward the coast. >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by nutella. breakfast never tasted so good. more than $50 million worth of jewelry stolen in broad
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daylight. one of the biggest heists in years. why it may signal the return of a notorious gang. chlorophyll. never made public of john f. kennedy and his family. their moments of joy on the eve of tragedy. >> they had a kind of excitement a kind of freshness. there was a kind of spirited quality to them. plus your stores are tracking your smartphone. are companies ignoreing your right to privacy? >> the news is back this morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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on interstate 580 in richmond. officers are investigation a roll-over accident that killed one person late last night. two security guards are steads good morning. the chp worked all night on 580 in richards. officers are investigating a. two people are recovering after an attack at a home depot in hayward. one was shot and one pistol- whipped. the suspect got away. bart workers could be back on the picket lines a week from today. their contract extension runs out sunday night. bart management and its two biggest unions resume talks tomorrow but are still far apart on major issues. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:27 am
good morning. it is super backed up still down the eastshore freeway. drive times are really long
7:28 am
right now. the accident westbound 80 at ashby avenue in berkeley is finally cleared to the right- hand shoulder. but it is gridlocked from pinole all the way down into berkeley. the drive time is more than an hour now. 66 minutes is the drive time on westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. it's backing up to the eastshore freeway and it's not able to get to the toll plaza so traffic is light now getting into san francisco. here's lawrence. >> all right. low clouds and fog spreading onshore this morning a strong sea breeze today. it's going to stay cloudy at the coastline the better part of the day. cool and breezy at the beaches highs topping out in the 50s and low 60s but the sea breeze reaching well onshore today 50s across the board now. this afternoon these numbers running well below average. 70s, maybe some low 80s in the interior valleys. you will see some 60s and 70s around the bay. cool 60s into san francisco and breezy too. next couple of days, temperatures warming up slowly maybe some 90s inland by the weekend.
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the crowd gave jeter a loud ovation and the yankees captain came out. that's why we love derek jeter. >> welcome back derek. >> good to see you. welcome back to "cbs this morning."
7:31 am
we'll show you a never-behalf-seen color film of president kennedy. he and his family celebrate their final summer together at cape cod. plus your committed suicide nearly four years ago. anna werner shows us the moving appearance. >> for 27 years i prayed every day of my life for god to heal my son's illness. >> reporter: pastor rick warren spoke of his grief in a sermon he called how to get through what you're going through. >> i was in shock for at least a month after matthew took his life. >> reporter: matthew warren shot and killed himself april 5th after a lifelong struggle with mental illness and depression. he was 27. >> we had the best doctors.
7:32 am
we had the most people praying. we have a family of deep deep faith. and when matthew died i remember writing in my journal this does not make sense. >> church members welcomed warren and his wife kay with standing ovation as the couple returned to the megachurch they founded in 1980. saddleback is the seventh largest church in the u.s. with 27,000 members. warren's self-help book "the purple driven life" has sold 32 million copes. kay warren had spoken before about her son's struggle with bipolar disorder. now she spoke about the days leading up to his suicide. >> the day he pass add i way i had a terrible sense of fprbpdeing. >> reporter: she held up a necklace. it says requests chute joy." >> not really thinking clearly.
7:33 am
but knowing that by putting it on i was fighting back against the nightmare that i was pretty sure that was going to unfold that day. >> reporter: then fighting back tears rick warren thanked the two children surviving him. >> talked him off the ledge time after time. they are really my heroes. >> reporter: warren says his next five appearances will deal with grief to help others experiencing loss. for "cbs this morning," anna werner, los angeles. >> it's very interesting. rick warren says he's going to have the conversation on mental illness. >> and he can have a public
7:34 am
conversation. >> yes he can. police in france are on the hunt for stolen jewels. $50 million worth of jewels were swiped from cannes yesterday in a daytime brazen heist. it's not the first time this upscale area has been targeted. charlie d'agata, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, anna. whau's clear is it's o
7:35 am
7:36 am
who know what they're doing. >> exactly what they're doing and exactly where it's going. >> one security expert says the brazen nature of the heist bears the style of the pink panther gang. we spoke with the leviev office. they say the good news is nobody got hurt. charlie and gayle? >> thank you. how fast do you think they'll be all over the story? >> they're already talking about it. i predict they're going to get caught too. i predict. there's cameras everywhere. they did at good job but they're going to get caught. >> we shall see. >> we shall see.
7:37 am
they track shoppers' movements three a wi-fi signal on their cell phone. good morning. >> good morning. >> so how does this work. >> so right now retailers are using wi-fi signals as you said mobile apps and even video surveillance to collect troves of information about consumers as they walk about the aisles. this includes how long an individual stayed in a certain section of the store, what type of purchases it made and certain retailers use facial recognition technology to see how a customer reacts to it. >> why do they use it? >> they claim they used to offer deals to the consumer offer coupons. sometimes they use this information to see whether they need more clerks. and as we all know certain stores definitely need more
7:38 am
clerks at the checkout time. >> you're absolutely right. >> i'm sitting here thinking why should i be upset. >> why should i care if they see that i went from cosmetics to cameras to fruit. why should i be upset? >> because of the information it can reveal. right now individuals can pay cash where they don't want a long electronic record. but right now even if you leave with only buys a stick of gum, a retailer knows you spent 45 minutes in an adult retail section. >> you don't mind that do you? >> i might mind that. >> that's what you mean by sensitive items. >> exactly. >> if a person doesn't want to be tracked? is it just a matter of turning off the wi-fi before going into the store? >> that's not realistic. people depend on it so much. it's not a possibility to
7:39 am
request the kmerp to turn it off. really it's up to the retailers to express affirmative success. consumers shouldn't have to macgyver their way. >> what does chuck schumer want? >> he wants retailers not to collect this information without first getting express consent. >> thank you. nearly 50 years after john f. kennedy died his library is releasing a color film never seen before in public. their one last time together. that's next. tomorrow we'll go along with the daredevil known as jet man. he's performing for his first performance in the u.s. that's tomorrow, did we mention, only on "cbs this morning." [ male announcer ] a bachelor's degree from devry university could change your tomorrow if you do something
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wow. a surveillance camera caught a car being buried from a land slide. there were four people inside. two were spotted as they managed to get out as you see there. officials say no one suffered serious injuries. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is fully. on john f. kennedy that has never been seen by the public until now. it gives us a new look inside one of the most stoird first american families in american history. chip reid is at the white house. chip, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and fwail. it was 50 years ago that john f. kennedy and his family took some time to unwind and relax at the family compound on the coast of
7:45 am
massachusetts. as about to watch it was a very happy time shortly before tragedy struck. the never-before-seen film in color but silent captures president kennedy and his beautiful young family relaxed at play at the compound called by some as camelot. >> this is where they would go to hyannisport. >> reporter: with the cuba missile crisis behind him and high approval ratings, the summer found kennedy at the peak of his popularity. >> the sense you have is people who are frolicking. he's playing golf. what i noticed is after he sank a putt he didn't spend doubtdown to get the golf ball because he was wearing a back brace. he had a tcluded
7:46 am
in moscow on a treat yo to ban all nuclear tests in outer space and under water. >> reporter: it continues with them taking a cruise on the yacht. he can be seen as a doting father. daughter caroline nestles up to him and they go for a swim. jackie kennedy is there, too, pregnant. she would give birth to a premature son patrick who died two days later. the president was assassinated almost four months after they were captured. they were at the time seemingly without a care. >> they had a kind of excitement, a kind of it's not entirely clear why it's been under wraps for nearly 50 years. >> extraordinary stuff. >> it really is. everybody likes behind-the-scenes stuff when you
7:47 am
can see the president swimming with his children or playing with the dog. it's a nice thing. >> and he loved water. one of the best presidential golfers. he would occasionally come on a golf cart with kids to buy them ice cream. >> did you say, hello, i'm good morning, a strong sea breeze bringing with it some cooler temperatures around the bay area. of course, over the weekend we had below average numbers. today as much as 13 degrees below the average. a little haze, a little fog, a little breeze as you look toward pleasanton right now. low pressure camped along the coastline, you have that trough there ushering in a stronger sea breeze today. temperatures in the 70s and low 80s well inland, a lot of 60s inside the bay and 50s and 60s out toward the coast. a professional golfer is leading a big tournament after
7:48 am
the first two rounds and then he gets on plane and goes home. you'll see why he gave up a chance at a million-dollar prize after getting a phone call. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." opd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. with copd, i thought i'd miss our family tradition. now symbicort significantly improves my lung function starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today,
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he caught a pike that weighed 323 pounds. he kissed it. he called it a beauty. >> if you caught a pike you would -- >> kiss it. we caught up with jeff glor. >> first you stand outside the tank to train sharks how to eat the right way. then you get in to see if it works. that story's coming up next on "cbs this morning." [ female announcer ] delight in each delicious moment with mccafé. every irresistible smoothie and delectable frappé is a break from the ordinary.
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7:56 am
highway patrol is trying to determine the cause of a deadly accident in richmond. a car went off the road jus good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. the california highway patrol is trying to determine the cause of a deadly accident in richmond. a car went off the road just after 10:00 last night at the interstate 580 bayview avenue on-ramp. it flipped and landed upside- down on some railroad tracks. one person was killed. the faa is now advising all foreign airlines to use gps systems when landing at the san francisco airport. this month's deadly plane crash exposed the difficulties some foreign pilots have while landing there. stay with us, traffic in just a moment. and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
the eastshore freeway westbound continues to be our problem spot this morning. and the drive times continue to grow, as well. so westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze, they are looking at a lot of backups all because of an earlier accident in berkeley. it was right around the university exit. so the drive time is now up to 81 minutes between the carquinez bridge to the maze. it's also jammed upcoming through the altamont pass and livermore. so all that traffic on the eastshore freeway is causing a pretty good commute over at the bay bridge toll plaza. here's lawrence. >> a lot of sunshine out there this morning in many spots. and we have that strong sea breeze blowing. that's going to keep the temperatures down just a bit today. in fact, well below average for this time of year. got 50s out there in most spots right now 60 and some sunshine into livermore. as we head toward the afternoon, 70s and low 80s inland.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ good morning to you. it's 8:00 in the west. welcome back to "cbs this morning." two big-name democrats say anthony weiner should quit his mayoral campaign but weiner is not listening to them. movies are not the only blockbusters opening this summer. we'll visit a larger than life exhibition of sharks at the national aquarium. and what makes the perfect woman, do you think? surprising answers from "60 minutes" vanity fair poll. first, here's a look at today's eye opener at 8:00. >> we found out they're willing to forgive people as long as the person is genuinely sorry. anthony weiner's played voters before. >> the calls for the congressman to drop out came from both parties. >> this is the first face to face negotiation in years.
8:01 am
the stakes are high for both parties. but the bar for success is low. >> pope francis is offering a hand of friendship to gay priests this morning. on a flight to rome, the pope told reporters, quote, who am i to judge? >> what's clear is it's open season on precious gems. the bad guys are making it look easy. >> it was a very happy time shortly before tragedy struck. >> i worked up there one summer while i was still in high school. he would occasionally come on a golf cart with kids to buy them ice cream. >> stores are tracking your every move thanks to your smart phone. are companies ignoring your rights to privacy? >> right now even if you leave with only buying a stick of gum, a retailer knows you spent 45 minutes in the adult book section. a retailer knows you spent -- >> oh -- >> i might mind that. ♪
8:02 am
>> i'm charlie rose with gayle king. anthony weiner says he will not give up his campaign to be mayor of new york city when more people are saying he should. this commentary came yesterday on "face the nation." >> what can be said about the anthony weiner story that hasn't been said before? actually, several things. one, it is not funny. it is sickening. two, it is important. the mayor of new york is not only the most powerful municipal post in america, but because new york is so big and is the media capital of the world the mayor of new york occupies a bully pulpit second in bullyishness only to that of the white house. the rest of us may not like it but what the mayor of new york says matters far beyond the new york city limits. which is why someone with anthony weiner's problems has no
8:03 am
business there and should leave the race. >> weiner's campaign manager quit over the weekend, a few days after the candidate admitted sending more sexual messages to women on the internet. >> mark broke the story of weiner's campaign shake-up this weekend. welcome. >> nice to be here. >> what's the kigsignificance of this campaign manager stepping down? >> well, in politics the cardinal sin you can commit is a mistruth. for the longest time anthony weiner led the public to believe this habit he had of sending really raunchy texts and photographs to strangers he had met online was over. in the last couple of days he's had to admit it in fact wasn't over. he hadn't kicked this habit. for a campaign manager who was a part of an organization sending the message that this was a candidate who had been repaired and rehabilitated, that was a really, really big blow. credibility is all you have in government. >> i always think when the word embattled appears before your name, that's not a good situation and normally doesn't
8:04 am
end well. is this still about winning for anthony weiner? >> i'm not so sure it is. the reality is this is a damaged candidacy. it's potentially salvageable. the reality is that -- >> do you really think it's salvageable? you really do? >> anything is possible when you're in politics. look at the last year or so. elliott spitzer is running for comptroller. let's remember what this was from the beginning. it was a journey of redemption. tchs it was about making anthony weiner's career about something other than sex. >> what could get him out of the race? >> in my mind the one thing that could probably get anthony weiner out of this race would be a phone call from the clintons bill or hillary who are very very close and invested in the career of his wife who has worked for hillary clinton as a close aide for years. but why would such a call ever
8:05 am
be made? hillary clinton knows better than anyone what it's like on the inside when your spouse is being told that he should get out of politics. and look at what happened to bill clinton. he was resurrected, had a tremendous life after a sex scandal. >> do you assume they're counseling her? >> we don't know that. we just don't know what kind of communications have gone back and forth between the clintons and anthony weiner and his wife. >> what do you think could turn it around for anthony weaner? his numbers are dropping steadily day by day. >> some major shake-up in the field, a scandal affecting some other candidate. >> thank you michael. >> pleasure. >> good to see you. two potential republican presidential candidates are fighting each other. it started last week when new jersey governor chris christie blasted kentucky senator rand paul and other opponents of government surveillance programs. christie said the national security agency is preventing
8:06 am
another 9/11. paul responded yesterday saying he's more worried about americans losing their freedoms. one of his advisers quoted a song by christie's favorite rocker, bruce springsteen. the words go you know that flag flying over the courthouse means certain things are set in stone. everybody knows that would be bruce springsteen's "long walk home." pope francis is defending gay priests saying all gay people should be part of society. on his way home from a week-long trip to brazil he told reporters the church considers homosexual acts to be a sin, but he also said if a person is gay and seeks god and goodwill who am i to judge him. when asked about the possibility of female priests, he said the church has already spoken and says no. pro golfer hunter mahan is celebrating the birth of his first child. in order to be there, he pulled out of a tournament he was prime to win. >> mahan's decision highlights a
8:07 am
new trend for athletes the idea that life is more important than a game. >> reporter: this is the moment hunter mahan found out his wife was in labor. >> he's getting a call there. hunter, of course, leading the tournament by two shots. >> reporter: he literally walked away from a $1 million prize and flew to dallas to be with his wife for the birth of their first child zoe olivia mahan, born at 3:26 a.m. sunday about three weeks early. mahan has earned over $24 million and has won five tournaments during his ten-year pro career. he has yet to win this year but by most accounts was playing some of his best golf at the canadian open. the 31-year-old may have chalked up a bigger victory. >> it's just a different priority now for children. i think the reaction towards hunter reflected that. it was almost unanimous in his favor. >> reporter: mahan is not the only pro athlete to choose the
8:08 am
delivery room over the field of play. boston red sox second baseman dustin pedroia learned his wife was in labor last september during a game against the yankees and abruptly left. >> he has that look doesn't he? >> reporter: he also missed the 2009 all-star game for the birth of his first child. and miami heat star chris bosh's wife went into labor the day before a playoff game in new york last year. he took a private jet back to miami to be by his wife's side then flew back to new york to help his team win a crucial game. a whirlwind 3600-mile journey in 24 hours. >> you know just holding him -- it's, you know, the greatest feeling i've ever had. >> professional athletes no longer have to live and die for the game. there's a sense these guys have lives too, and we're not going to, you know, have unsuccessful family lives for the sake of our performance in the athletic arena. >> reporter: as for mahan, he tweeted that mom, zoe, and golfer were all doing well.
8:09 am
>> some of the prize money for the canadian open will go to mahan for a gift for his baby girl. >> the fact his wife called him, she knew he was playing golf. she could have waited but she wanted him there. you can only see the birth of your first child once. he made the right decision. congratulation a jury will decide if whitey
8:10 am
bulger has to spend the rest of his life in prison. this morning we'll share fascinating letters bulger wrote about serving time on alcatraz. >> plus all that matters 32 years ago. the big event that led to another historic moment last week. can you guess what it was? if you are, you're really good from that clue. the answer is coming up next on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ ♪ let busy treats entertain your dog with playful shapes, long lasting layers, savory flavors and mesmerizing textures. get busy. the world's most entertaining treats.
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8:14 am
"all that mattered" 32 years ago today, prince charles and lady diana. they married at the st. paul's cathedral in london. about 3,500 guests were on hand. 750 million people watched on tv all around the globe. after the ceremony, the newlyweds headed to buckingham palace where they shared a kiss on the balcony. i remember charlie, i was one of the 750 people that got up in the middle of the night. it seemed like a fairy tale at the time. yeah, it did. >> was it? >> it was to me. yeah. coming up we'll take you behind the scenes and under the water at national aquarium's new black tip reef. that's next on "cbs this morning." ♪ music everywhere ♪
8:15 am
>> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by lifestyle lift. find out how you can light up your life. your life.
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8:17 am
8:18 am
a different kind of summer blockbuster is about to open up in baltimore. it is a massive new exhibit at the national aquarium. jeff glor got an up-close look. jeff, good morning. >> charlie, good morning to you. an aquarium inside your home that costs a couple hundred is one thing. an aquarium that cost 13/million is different. it took five years to plan has over 5,000 fish and redefines what it is to be under water. so we went for a swim. >> inside this warehouse is an
8:19 am
aquatic station. an acquirequarium of 1,200 fish set for the national aquarium including these sharks. our guide here is ashley klumes. the idea is to one day have the sharks live with us. she has to train these shark not to eat if fish they might eat in the wild. she hash to train them not to eat humans. >> they can sense your heart beat vibration. >> how do you train a cat or a dog? >> much like a cat or dog. >> getting animals ready, however, is only part of its project. there's also building the enormous tank. it is right in the middle of the
8:20 am
aquarium, which was kept open during months of construction. >> this has not been an easy project. john russinelli is the aquarium's ceo. >> it is a major undertaking to tear out the center of a major akwar yim that has a million and a half visitors every year, rip out the bottom create a fabricated coral reef and do it wheel people are watching from above. >> we got a firsthand look. >> we're on the precipice. >> yes, we are. there's nowhere else to go but in. diving down below, it was hard to believe what we were swimming in was entirely manmade. 250,000 glons of saltwater is in the tank. then there's 3,000 pieces of coral. all of it painstakingly crafted
8:21 am
by hands. >> you're creating a work of art. >> that's exactly what it is. >> jack is a curator at the aquarium. >> it's not real but you have to make it look real. >> it has to hold up to an animal that might be nibbling on it. we were there on move-in day. an inflicted flipper had to be removed. she's been handicapped. her return was big news in baltimore. >> she can still swim good. >> reporter: calypso began nibbling on the coral and since then has gotten a few more notable neighbors. >> what do you hope to get out of this? >> ait would have taken hundreds
8:22 am
of years to develop. we're trying to teach that coral reefs are stunningly beautiful, they're fragile and in pearl. >> later today. >> what did you think when you hit the water? >> i thought it was incredible. to recreate it and make it look as much like coral as possible, they do it. and it's extraordinary to go down there. >> you can tell they spent big bucks. >> not just making that movie but making a movie while the public was watching. >> yeah nice. >> it makes me want to go. makes mes me want to go.
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:25 am
today... the bay area could face another bart strike. the deadline for unions and ment to reach a deal i good morning. it's 8:25. time for some news headlines. one week from today, the bay area could face another bart strike. the deadline for unions and management to reach a deal is midnight sunday night. there's progress on small issues but not on the rates for raises or on worker contributions to healthcare and pensions. starting today oakland commuters will pay more to park at bart stations. fees are going up at the macarthur and west oakland station. the new price at macarthur is $1.50 a day. it's $5.50 at west oakland. fees at other bart lots went up earlier this month. a major drug bust uncovered more than $2 million worth of pot from a penga boat in santa
8:26 am
cruz. saturday morning a lifeguard boat found the boat with 1200 pounds of marijuana. several people were arrested. traffic and weather coming right up. some things won't last 25 years. ! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
8:27 am
you're on timeout leo! ♪ ♪ ♪ some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. these eastshore freeway our hotspot. a couple of earlier accidents at ashby jammed up the works this morning. the drive time an hour from westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze.
8:28 am
a couple of new accidents coming in this one in cupertino, northbound 280 by highway 85. one lane blocked, traffic very slow from bascomb also going against the commute eastbound 4 contra loma involving four to five cars eastbound is slow. a quick check of the bay bridge our bright spot this morning, unfortunately, there's all that gridlock on the eastshore freeway causing this. but looks good now getting into san francisco. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> a lot of gray skies out there in many spots although we'll find some sunshine this afternoon. temperatures are going to stay down. look at the fog just making its way over the mountaintops there from our mount vaca cam. looks like a strong onshore push today. 50s and 60s now but sea breezes will keep the cool marine air moving onshore. highs today in the 70s and maybe some low 80s well inland. you will see a few 60s and 70s around the bay. cool 60 even in san francisco. and breezy. next couple of days a little warmer.
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour what do men really want from women? i'm asking you, man. >> we'll find out what the poll says, and i'll have some ideas of my own. >> a new "60 minutes" ""vanity fair"" survey has some surprising answers. comedian lonly love is with us. what do you think men want from women? >> a closed mouth. >> okay. would you agree? >> indeed. >> lonly love is coming up. "los angeles times" remembers singer/songwriter j.j.
8:31 am
kale. he died friday morning. he wrote some of eric clapton's songs "cocaine" and "after midnight." amanda berry joined nelly on stage at his concert in cleveland over the weekend. berry could be seen waving to the crowd. she was abducted in 2003 and held along with two other women in castro's home until they escaped this past may. "usa today" says for the first time since 1965 no living person was inducted into the baseball hall of fame. they are deceased. they are yankees owner jacob ruper, and catcher deacon white. and britain's telegraph looks at a rare six-legged octopus. it's called a hexopus.
8:32 am
follow following custom he smashed it against the rock and fried it and ate it. he was horrified to learn it was a rarity. >> shouldn't you always count the octopus's legs charlie, before you chow down. >> that's a way to look at it. it's not yet known if he'll testify but we do know he likes to talk about his past. here's one way he shareholder about the his secrets. >> michael you're the chronicler historian of the alcatraz. he's written two books. shrouded in fog and mystery a little more than a mile off san francisco, alcatraz housed a
8:33 am
who's who of infamous criminals. . whitey bulger was out here. >> he was, actually. he arrived in november of 1959 and stayed until april of 1962. >> reporter: the alleged crime boss now on trial in boston for murders was shipped off to the rock where he was serving time back in jail facing 13 counts of murder. his response was more than he had hoped. >> i probably have well over a thousand pages. i came over toal ka traz on the warden johnson boat and was
8:34 am
bolted in for security purposes. i remember it all so well. >> so this main corridor it's called broadway? >> it's called broadway. it was the first stop for inmates arriving to alcatraz. >> this was his cell. >> this was it p cell 145. while i didn't know the earlier one, he w e read from the same library, worked on the same jobs and counted by some of the same guards. we were all part of a unique band of brothers. >> bulger start working here in december of 1960. >> what did he do here? >> well he worked in london dri. it's empty today, but when bulger was here this room was filled with massive washing machines and men cleaning sheets, towel, even the navy shirts which were laundered by the inmates. >> this was a recreation area.
8:35 am
it was coveted by the inmates. he spent a lot of time in here. so whitey would just stand up here and look at the world. this was it. it was one of the places he said was the most special to him. >> i'd stand out and look at the sailboats on the bay and at the golden gate bridge. it was such a wonderful view from alcatraz. >> reporter: his sentence served he returned to boston in 1965 where he allegedly worked his way to the top of the winter hills gang. prosecutors say he committed most of the 19 murders for which he is now on trial. he disappeared with his girl frenld girlfriend katherine greg and dropped out of side for 16 years. >> they were the happiest years of my life. we never really looked over our
8:36 am
shoulders. our atted to was going to be that we were going to lead a normal life. if we were captured so be it. but we were not going to live captured in society. >> he was second on the most wanted list and basically living right under their noses. >> and catherine. >> one of the things i know that man loves that woman more than life itself. >> reporter: love wasn't enough to save her. greg was sentenced to eight years in prison by helping him evade authorities. what about his time now? >> he does not see himself getting out of prison p. he recognizes this is how he'll spend the last days. >> all in all, this is my world now. i ooh going to shut my feelings off.
8:37 am
there's an expression to "dead man walking." >> we're walking in whitey's footsteps. >> >> in a sense, yes very he's left trying to reconcile the ma'am with the brutal killer depicted in testimony. >> what would he say on his tombstone? >> i'd rather be in alcatraz. all that remains on alcatraz today are ghosts. nice piece. >> it will be very interesting if he takes the stand but i keep think about the victims' families. there's another side too. >> and how gruesome those killings were. >> yeah yeah. what makes the perfect woman. we'll reveal the surprising results of the new "60
8:38 am
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8:40 am
. >> i love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. i love how long it takes you to order a sandwich. i love that after i spend a day with you i can still smell your perfume on your clothes and i love that you're the last person i want to talk to before i go to sleep at night. >> that was from the 1989 film classic "when harry met sally." harry told sally what makes her the perfect woman. john tierney is with us. also sandy and sarah ball from deputy web editor. welcome to you all. the question to both men and women. the number one quality was she attracted toion evolved to be attracted to the hourglass
8:41 am
figure. they're evolved for rank as the number one thing is the right thing. but the fact that only 1% of membership said it was important in a woman, i'm not so sure people are telling the truth there. >> john? >> i think looks definitely matter. we have our brains check each other out. is she smart, funny, kind not crazy. >> what did they mean when they said bold and experienced? >> i think it means someone who's interesting. the sweet and innocent it was
8:42 am
that they worried they have somebody else's child. >> i thank finding is good news for women because most women would rather be bold and experienced over sweet and innocent. >> about what roles men would like women to play? >> they want women with the brains and humor being rated higher than beauty and sex drive. they want women really outspoken. it could experienced in a courtroom. i think it is positive in that sense but they capture it like they do in "the big bang think
8:43 am
it's hard to find the perfect woman and women say the same thing. >> you're right. they may have such conflicting high standards, they may not find the woman they want because the woman they want is fictional. >> i get it why women say it. women outnumber men so much. i think for most women, when we look at men, we think you have so many options women don't have. >> when i was a bachelor i had sim sim simple request. women to give up swimsuit modeling to become an astronaut. i think everybody wants the per thing. especially new yorkers. they'll find somebody ft. lauderdale within the first five minutes. >> it's not just that some men think a good woman is hard to
8:44 am
find but it's two-thirds. >> where is it ranked? >> second. i mean it's within that -- >> everybody i know says somebody that makes me laugh, making he want to be with her. >> i think it's someone who laughs and laughs as my jokes. >> shouldn't beall give up this idea about a perfect anything existing man or women? should went another sort of thing. >> i think you should put on the mirroring you're no bargain either. >> any idea how you'd find the perfect woman? >> online dating is not a bad way to do it. it's an efficient way. >> i've heard people are satisfied about it.
8:45 am
>> good advice for women, look up from your phone. there's guys you if you look up if your phone and and talk. comedian lonnie love says she used to be the world's worst engineer in coming up next on "cbs this morning."
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
to comedy. she realized she could make a life being funny. she wrote a new book called "love him and leave him but don't get stuck with the tab" sponsored by simon and schuster. i want to give people a balk ground. when you were an engineer you told your family you wanted to leave to be a comedian and they didn't like it. >> it's a job. look at. this i'm sitting here with gayle king and charlie rose. >> told you so i. >> aye? >> do you remember the first time you made somebody laugh? >> i was a little girl little miss detroit. i fell and my teeiara fell off and
8:49 am
everybody was laugh and i didn't cry. being from the projects and brewster? detroit, i wanted to get an education and my mom always stressed that. i got the education and bake an engineer, wu entertainment was in my blood. >> what kind of roadblocks did you have to push? >> i hadn't decided if i wanted to do it professionally. standup is hard for women nowadays. i had to make a decision to not have a traditional lifestyle. i actually decided to concentrate on my career. i did the role for three or four years and got the book deal offer. my first national live television hit was "star search", the revived one. he picked me to be on the show.
8:50 am
>> she has great dating advice. to set the mood you either sprinkle the bed with bacon bits or the sense of lavender, charlie, lavender or bacon bits? >> he looks like a lavender man. we're going to keep it clean. >> there's nothing that he can't handle. >> okay. you said your mom always told you never be a side dish that you always want to be the main course. >> that's right. i think that's the whole advice that i'm giving to women. to love themselves first and then they can find the perfect man. make a master list. i have a list. >> what's on the list? >> my list is quite simple charlie. i look a tall man, a man who can find the united states on the map, i like a man who like a middle seat so i can sleep on
8:51 am
him. keep it simple keep it to yourself, stick to it but do not get stuck with the tab. >> how many men did you find? >> i found a whole bunch, charlie because i -- >> when you mean the tab, you don't mean the bill. >> no no. i'm talking about emotion, any type of things that's going weigh you down as a woman. i think women have to love themselves first. it's a comedy book but it's sprinkled with advice and it's something we can all laugh at. >> and we all go through a phase. you look at the partner next to you and you're just irritated. >> if you look at the person and he irritates you, you know you made that choice. >> sometimes you need to get out of it or repair it a little bit. my thing is how many times have you heard your friends
8:52 am
complaining about somebody. i don't want to tell you leave him or stay with you. all i say is don't get stuck with the tab. hear it from your heart. you'll be okay. >> what abouts all these men who will sit in the middle seat? >> i've got a couple. i'm a satisfied single. i like traveling and doing my thick. i got a couple. are you going to be one of them first. >> you want to hang out too? >>. >> he's very busy. >> put me on that string. i love you charlie rose. you are history. >> thank you. >> you too, gayle. >> love him or leave him. >> announcer: closed captions sponsored by citracal.
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griego, with your k-p-i-x five headlines... c-h-p is trying to figure ou good morning. it's 8:55 i'm michelle griego. chp is trying to figure out what caused a deadly crash in richmond. the car went off the road at the 580 bay view avenue onramp. flipped and landed upside down on a set of railroad tracks. it happened at 10:15 last night. the faa is asking all foreign airlines to use gpss when landing. officials worry some foreign pilots don't have the skills to rely on their vision and cockpit instruments to land. suspected shoplifter shot is a home depot security guard in the shoulder and pistol whipped another guard. it happened yesterday
8:56 am
afternoon. police say the guards that approached the man after seeing him trying to steal tools. and now here is lawrence with the forecast. we have a very strong sea breeze kicking in today. that will carry the cool marine air. so if you are heading out the door today, you might want to grab a jacket. cloudy skies. some of the interior looking good. that will usher in the coolest temperatures of the week. low pressure will work itself way out. look into the 70s and row 10:s. and 50s and 60s keeping you cloudy toward the coast. the next couple of days we'll warm the temperatures up slowly. and maybe by next weekend the warmer spots make it into the low 90s. we will check out your time saver traffic coming up next.
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good morning,. the metering lights have been turned off. traffic has been super light all morning. unfortunately there is a problem spot. this is the problem. we'll go to the maps. and look down the east shore freeway. westbound 80 there has been a big bottleneck. traffic has been able to get through. there is an early morning accident. finally we have seen some improvement. down to 53 minutes now. [ male announcer ] with at&t, you're sure to get a better bundle. just
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