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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  October 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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justice. i believe him and his family decertain to be at peace. >> an discrimination an -- deserve to be at peace. >> andy, andy. >> an dice friends left their mark writing andy's name in wet cement outside the sheriff's department. >> it is not nice to loose friend. they are always there for you. >> we want justice. we want justice. >> reporter: also today, it was revealed that the deputies involved in lopez'sd they were not rook i cans. one, in fact, had 24 years experience. tore had 11 years experience. but, of course, was just being trained here. live in santa rosa, andrea bora kpix. someone shot an embrace and customs enforcement officer. the officer was shot at around 3:00 this afternoon. right now, teams of officers are going door toda. these are live pictures from above that neighborhood.
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you see police have been searching homes and backyards for the suspect. the condition of the officer is unknown at this time. we'll stay on top of this story. three teenagers grieving the loss of their parents who were killed yesterday by a suspected drunk driver. the 50-year-old and his 45-year- old wife were walking their dog when a driver struck and hit them from behind. it happened shortly before 7:00 last night. kpix 5's len ramirez is live in menlo park tonight. len, the driver's record showed she had driven under the influence in the past. >> reporter: that's right, ken. she had been arrested and convicted of misdemeanor dui last year. also here in menlo park. misdemeanor because the incident did not result in any crash, any bodily injury or death to any other person. she went through the legal system, had her license suspended but then apparently got her license back when this
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incident hand last night. >> robert sing and his wife were the parents of three teenage children who were simply walking their dog last night when they were struck and killed by an alleged drunk driver. it happened just blocks from the family's home in east menlo park. >> the suspect some how lost control of her vehicle, hit the two pedestrians, killing them instantly. she then jumped the center divide and struck a car that was coming the opposite way westbound. and then eventually ended up striking a tree and that's where we located her. >> according to dmv records, the driver had been convicted of drunken driving last november following an arrest for misdemeanor dui in september. her license had been suspended. last night she was still on probation but legally behind the wheel and allegedly driving while drunk again. >> this current suspect in this case had a valid license, correct. >> she was arrested for suspicion of felony dui as well
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as of two counts of suses mission of vehicular manslaughter. neighbors say the come and their family were p friendly and active in the community going for nightly walks with their dog. >> just to know two people went away together hurts, but to leave the kids behind must be tough. >> reporter: late this afternoon, police are still telling us the suspect is still in hospital custody at sanford university medical center. as soon as she is discharged she will be book on those charges in menlo park len ramirez reporting live. >> len, thank you. head on collision between a car and a city bus hospitalizes one. a total of so people were hurt in the crash on montgomery drive just after 9:00 a.m. the driver of the car was the most critically injured, had to be cut out of the vehicle using the scraws of life. no word on what caused the
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crash. in oakland, every available police officer is on duty tonight as occupy protesters are planning a march through the city. today marks the second anniversary of their camp's eviction and also the start of large law enforcement convention. kpix 5's da lin on the timing of these two events. >> reporter: bad timing indead, but oakland police say they have it under control. strong police presence here in downtown oakland. you can spot police officers almost at every street corner. but the focus is right here outside of the oakland marriott hotel. that is where you'll have several thousand law enforcement officers today checking in for the three day urban shield convention outside, as you can see, a small group of occupy protesters are demonstrating. so far it's been peaceful. now, some video we shot earlier of the 40 or so protesters happened out here all day long. they were urban shield promotes
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police brutality. about 5,000 public safety officers at the bay and around the world will participate in field exercises that weekend. occupy proteasers say those same tactics were used against them in previous clashes with police. there are concerns about vandalism. that's why so many officers are out here in downtown oakland. unlike previous protest where officers were told to stay back, even if they see people smash windows or set fire, oakland police say this time they'll move in immediately. >> any type of acts of vandalism or assault anyone, any criminal act, we have zero tolerance for. >> i would never get in the way of anybody's freedom. if they want to smash a window, they have the freedom in this country to smash a win. do they also will go to jail for it. >> reporter: about 40 occupy protesters here in downtown oakland organize. expect that number to grow as
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the evening progresses. they hope to have one to 200 protesters out here. the plan is some time between 5: 5:30 and 6:00 they are going to march down to tech land police department and then back up this way to city hall. there is also a separate rally where bicyclist will have their own protest some time thiefening. the night is still young, but so far, it's been peaceful. back to you. >> all right. da lin with the very latest. thank you,d. a man recovering from serious burns tonight after an lek tremendous keel fire in san jose. that fire started just -- an electric fire in san jose firefighters first got a call about people trapped in an elevator. a minute later there was a call reporting injuries and smoke in the building. >> there was one person severely injured with some type of a flash burn. a second patient also was injured due to smoke
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inhalation. appears that one was azesting zesting -- assisting the other. >> they are still trying to find out exactly what caused that fire. one person is injured when a homemade explosive device plow up in san francisco trash can. this happened earlier this afternoon. a homeless man collecting repsychables -- recyclables. a slew of targets now targets six companies connected to a limousine fire on the san mateo bridge that killed five women. families of the victim have been named. the limo company that modified the len contown car and the ford motor company. they concluded the fire was sparked when the limo's suspension system failed creating friction when the drive shaft undercarriage. now they may take more at the toll.
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the golden gate bridge disticket held its first meeting today to talk about a one dollar increase. the district faces $142 million short fall over the next five years. one proposal is to hike the toll to $7 to help replenish the budget. who killed john benet ramsey. that is still a mystery tonight. now, some just released documents reveal how close her parents came to facing charges. mystery solved. little maria's mother comes forwards. how she says the child ended up living with gypsies. yesterday was 20 degrees colder than the day b. today was is a degrees warm earn. not much fog out there. we have sunshine. we will talk about how the weekend is shaping up and all the way out to halloween. and, what brett favre says he wishes he could remember and can't. ,,,,,,,,
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that a colorado grand jury d to indict the parents of sln child beauty queen jon-benet ramsey.
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newly released documents reveal that colorado grand jury voted to indict the parents of johnbnet ramsey. they were accuse of, quote, child abuse resulting in death. the district attorney never filed the charges saying there simply wasn't enough evidence. the 6-year-old was found dead in the basement of her family's home back in 1996. no one has ever been charged. workers have started tearing down parts of the connecticut elementary school where 20 young children and six adults were shot to death last december. sandy hook is being removed in pieces over the next several weeks. a new school on the same site is expected to open by december of 2016. students have been attending classes in the neighboring town since the shootings. an international mystery surrounding a little girl found in a gypsy camp in greece has been solved. na test confirm a bulgarian gypsy woman is the mother of
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maria. the mother says she gave birth to a girl while working as an olive picker, but she and her husband gave the little girl away because they were too poor to care for her. >> she says yes i gave birth there. i gave the baby to a woman to take care of so i could come back here to my other children. >> they are investigating if the biological parents sold their child to the greek gypsy couple. if so, they could face six years in jail and thousands in fine. putting dude food to the test. >> packaging looks a little dark. >> getting guys to notice what's on the grocery store shelves. what companies are doing sit really working? -- is it working?
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settlment over bad loans. the bank is accused of misleading fannie mae and jp morgan chase will pay more than $5 million in settlements over bad loans. the bank is accused of misleading sally may and fanny mac about morgan securities. they sold $33 billion in lobes before the housing collapse in 2007. groceries are becoming a
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guy thing. julie watts explains how food manufacturers are targeting male shoppers by making products, well, more manly. >> i see they are the same, but. >> at first glance it appear there is is something different. >> the size is big. >> packaging looks a little dark. >> and while it definitely catches their eye. >> i would choose this pile. >> i would go with this one. >> it's not immediately clear why. >> this one is really trying to make an impression with the explosive gold official. >> would you be surprised to hear that this is dude food marketing towards men? >> now that you mention it, i get it. >> big, bold, more powerful. scan the grocery aisles and you will likely notice more and more manufacturers are marketing to men. >> there is a lot of competition in grocery stores. if 40% of men say they are doing grocery shopping, that is a really big market. >> consumer psychologist says the male market is getting bigger for a variety of
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reasons. >> well, to start after the accident guys stay single a lot longer. so if they are not getting into the grocery store, they are going to starve. >> she also points out men today grew up in store and mall sols there is more gender neutrality when it comes to shopping and cooking. results, products traditionally marketed to women with being repackaged to men. in some case there is is dual packaging with the male version slightly bigger and bolder. because they say for most men size matters. >> men tend to be a little more hyerarcheal. >> every guy we met chose the big, darker, dude food. as for the ladies. >> the smaller one, yeah. and it looks more colorful. this one has black in it u. black and food don't mix for me. >> there you have it. in recent study 31% of men in
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their early 20s and 30s say they cook all the meals ats home. that's up 10% since 2008. >> kenny. >> interesting. i do the food shopping in my house. i don't buy any of those products. not that i don't like them. i just don't buy them. >> if you were going to buy goldfish, which would you choose. >> this one. >> the black in it. >> i am with the girl that had black and food don't mix. >> the only difference is this has one more gram of protein and a smaller serving size so they have more calories. >> i think they are targeting younger twice. >> i think there are more than younger guys shopping. >> when you get to by my age, you go get some bread. all right. i'm on my way. be back in minute. >> i like the number one, look for the ultimate. lost on you, huh? >> pretty much. i'll try it, though. thanks, julie. women can do it, now men can, too. this is really an interesting
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story about a pushup bra for power pecs. >> no. >> you can spend hours at the gym pumping iron or down a can of spinach, but slipping into this specially designed tee can make you instate universities buff. it cost about 50 bucks. comes in black, white and gray. pairs nicely with those padded underware for your dairy air. you can buy the black goldfish, too. nothing says manly like marine, but some think the new redesigned unisex cap is a little too girly. the models on the right are wearing the proposed new version. men's version more closely resembles the women's style bucket cap. if approved, this would be the first change to the marine uniform since 1922. >> a lot of tradition in the marine core. >> will be a tough one to push through. >> i think there is something sort of great about it since it has so much history.
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>> ken was wise to bypass the men's bra. very good move, ken. >> don't do it. >> i'd pay 40 bucks to go somewhere else in my life. >> seriously. hire a personal trainer. >> reporter: all right. what a beautiful sky. headed toward the weekend. look at this shot of the san jose time lapse. no fog, like we had yesterday. no highs. in the low 60s like yesterday. high thin clouds moving through. where are we right now? starting off your weekend mild in livermore. currently 77. chillier in the city but not as bad as yesterday. 59 currently. santa rosa you're in the upper 60s, so is cop cord. san jose 66. i want to take you to the beach because they are getting ready for mavericks today at 2:00 we had the opening ceremony. everybody went in the water. season starts actually on friday, november first. it runs all the way through march. but everybody getting togetherred to for the opening
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ceremony. mavericks, tis the season. look at livermore, three days in the mid 80s. yesterday, 64. now that we are up testimony- wise, we will stay up. high thin clouds moving through. no fog sitting offshore. you will likely start the day off sunny tomorrow all because of the area of low pressure we have been watching kind of stirring up the atmosphere not letting that fog settle. rain stays offshore. most of the cloud cover stays offshore. so you on saturday and sunday will have lots of sup hyper. they will be the two warmest days we have over the next several. speaking of warm, gone on monday. here comes a different area of low pressure. this one going to drag down cold, canadian airport it won't be cold by the time we get here, but it certainly will be chilly. down to 60s for a high starting monday. about a 15-degree temperature drop again on monday after a warm weekend. so watch out for that chilly change starting monday. you want to ghettoed saturday
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and sunday. sunshine mild. i can't find drop of rain to put in that forecast. i don't see it, at least for the next week. livermore tomorrow, little bit warm earn. how about 80 for you. san jose 74. sunnyvale, 74. we will be close to 80 for san ramon, pittsburgh antioch. i think we get there with fairfield. mid 60s in the city tomorrow. san rafael 83. we'll stay mild on sunday. getting cooler and cloudier monday and tuesday as we head toward halloween. the sunshine is back with temperatures very close to normal. mobile weather lab, roberta gonzalez for friday night lights with a pink october football game. >> yes, guys. thee currently the air temperature is about 73. we're out here for a couple football games. i have to show you some very dedicated parents here. they are out here for the first game it is the jv game foothill
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high school playing against grenada who traveled in from livermore. joining me is the vice president. jennifer, not only are we here for tonight, but we have a couple games, right. >> we have varsity after this jv game, yes. we are here to honor miss day who -- missky who is our beloved choir teacher who passed away from cancer. >> and during the month of october which is pink october. >> yes we are honoring breast cancer awareness month. this has been a very special week and very special night to honor a teacher who meant a lot to these students. >> i saw the posters earlier saying wear pink tonight to the game. >> absolutely. tonight the fans will be filled with students wearing pink tonight. >> it was all their idea? >> it was all the students' idea. >> how is your football team doing? >> pretty well. awesome. >> it's half time now. still got the jv game going up.
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the varsity game starts at 7:00. great weather. from mobile weather, roberta gonzales kpix 5. a startling admission from nfl legend. what brett favre says football has given and taken away.
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win-less jacksonville jagua football, american style coming to the uk. 49ers are in london to play the winless jacksonville jaguars this sunday. this team got a chance to check out the turf and do a little sightseeing. buck ham palace was on the list of things players wanted to see. but for coach harbaugh, winston church hill's underground war room. seems the prime minister is hero of the coach. dennis will have more, the upcoming game in sports at 6:00. he was zach more than 500 times in his career, more than any other nfl quarterback. now, we're learning about the possible price brett favre paid. >> i don't remember my daughter
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playing soccer, youth soccer one summer. i don't remember that. >> favre told washington sports radio station wxpz he is experiencing memory loss. >> so that's a little bit scary to me. for the first time in 44 years, that kind of put a little fear in me. >> favre says that fear is he has been affected by concussions during his long career it's not new problem facing pro football veterans. in august, the nfl agreed to pay $765 million to settle lawsuits for more than 4,000 former players who claimed their conditions were caused by repeated concussions. dr. robert gladder, a former new york jets sideline physician says favre's symptoms are typical. >> often the ct scans or the initial scans we do after a suspected head injury, which is severe, maybe normal, but there is functional changes, changes involving memory. >> favre says he knows his career has taken a toll on his
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body. >> after 20 years, god only knows the toll. >> favre broke the record for consecutive regular season starts in 2010 at 297 starts. now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> scott pelly is in new york. scott. well, after 25 days of excuses, the obama administration today admit had millions of americans already know. health has issues. and for the first time we know why a grand jury wanted to indict john benet ramsey's parents. we will have that right after kpix 5 news at 5:30. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the bay... but what exactly is this top-secret project? new at 6:00 tonight, it's a mysterious barge floating in the bay, but what exactly is this top secret project and who's behind it? our trail of clues point to bay area tech giant. the story you'll see only on kpix 5. and why every yelp user who has ever written a review on the website just might be getting a paycheck. we have these stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> well, thank you for watching. the cbs evening news with scott pelly is next. >> and, remember, the latest news, weatherings always on >> see you in 30 minutes.
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>> pelley: tonight, turns out, you were right. after 25 days of excuses, the obama administration admits what millions of americans already know-- is fundamentally broken. sharyl attkisson on what happens next. for the first time, we know why a grand jury wanted to indict jonbenet ramsey's parents. barry petersen has the newly released secret documents. charlie d'agata on patrol with easy company in afghanistan. can the american mission wind down as planned? and how did the jocks treat the learning disabled boy? steve hartman "on the road" with the football players who ran a remarkable route to compassion. >> he went from being pretty much a nobody to making everyone's day.


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