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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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sixth street. police say three guys took off. authorities caught and arrested two of them. one is still missing. the intersection, as you can see, is still closed. how traffic is going from bad to worse here in the bay area. kpix 5's ann notarangelo is along highway 24 with one key reason the roads are so crowded. ann. >> ken, it looks like we can blame the economy. more people are working. that means they ha to get to the job. highway24, clearly more people like to drive themselves. >> been getting a lot worse. seems like it gets worse and worse. >> whether you're acmiter or an expert on commuting, san francisco really bad now. it's obvious bay area roads are jam packed. the metropolitan transportation commission says we usually see more traffic during commute hours in the fall. but bay area bridges are 2 to 3
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busier than we were last year. >> people try to find alternates around. it's just a nightmare. >> kcbs traffic sheryl rains has been navigating for 25 years. >> it is getting worse. every night there is some backup. >> one reason why it is getting worse, the economy is getting better. the bay area counsel says we are back at our prerescission unemployment rate. >> since 2010, we have added 300,000 jobs here in the bay area. you don't do that without having some impact on traffic. >> and they forecast the region willed a another 2 to 300,000 jobs in the next two years, which in addition to increased traffic poses another problem. try convincing someone from say north dakota to move here. >> this is a serious problem. employers here are very concerned about it and what it means for their ability to track the best talent in the
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region >> for those of us already here, it can be struggle to get anywhere. >> and it is so frustrating. it becomes the wild west out there. people can't get through. >> reporter: in the next couple weeks we are likely to get more evidence of the gridlock. the metropolitan transportation commission is crunching its own numbers looking at key commute corridors. it will be interesting to see what they have to say. ann notarangelo kpix 5. >> kind of a good news/bad news deal. in our survey usa poll we found 71% of people commute to work. an additional 21% commute and work from home. 80% drive their own vehicles. 52% say they like the flexibility and the free dome. more details on our poll are on our website k the beginning of the end of
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the old eastern span bay bridge. ed to crews started the long process of tearing it down. our own allen martin tells us today marks two important milestones for the bridge. >> it open 077 years ago today. it is getting the wrecking ball for a birthday present. >> they shall starting to rip off the upper section of the eastern span. >>ed to crews started the first phase of the demolition. >> that is the rebar inside the concrete and the floor beam underneath. >> you get beater idea what they are removing by peeking inside this naturally occurring pothole. actually, these potholes can tell you a lot about why demolition the crews are here in the first place. >> i don't think people really got a sense of what the bridge
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looks like. up close, when they were driving over it, it is certainly showing a stage. >> every where you look is rust, holes in the roadway and evidence of countless single car accidents. even this old stein sell farm looks antique. as used and worn as it is, taking this all apart will still be a delicate process. >> it is very close to the new bridge we have moved everyone to. we don't want to run the risk of damaging the new bridge, injurying drivers. second, it is an environmental hazard. >> they don't expect a big show and a lot of rubber necking during the demolition. >> won't be until next year when they start cutting it in half. then there will be something to see. >> but the long policemanling is understoodway. at-- dismantling is underway.
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allen martin, kpix 5. >> the whole project which means dismantling everything down won't be finished until the end of 2016. golden state warriors have unvailed a new set of plans in hopes of getting voters approval. mike shogger men with the slim down plans. >> it is the incredible shrinking area that. >> we have lower the heights of many of the elements to have less impact on the embarcadero. >> warriors call it design .0. the third incarnation. the 18,000 seat arena has gone through. 25feet from the original roof line and provides more public space. a parking lot for pedestrian safety. >> i think everything unvailed to is in direct response to it will feedback. not only from our citizens advisory committee but the regulatory agency. >> they really don't like much at all about the arena, the
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points. >> maybe 3% of the people who can now see over it out of the discussion. that's about it. >> they are still concerned about the traffic. >> the pilings that are underneath that pier and the amount of money they are going to have to throw in. i don't see how it is out of the reach of anyone. >> it has become that way in san francisco. >> paton runs red java hut, the lovable greasy spoon. the warriors have promised it won't be torn down. the warriors say they understand this is probably the latest in a series of changes they'll have to make to the arena if they want to build it in the next couple years, they realize it won't be the last.
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in san francisco, mike sugerman exhibition. >> warriors are meeting to discuss those new plans tonight. a few small earthquakes shook parts of the bay area this afternoon within minutes of each other. first, the 2.9 quake struck about 3:35 p.m. the same area where a 3.0 quake hit last friday. five minutes later a 2.1 rattled the p community of broadmore and parts of daily city. it was toll load by a stronger 2.8 quake in the same area. we took taco bell couple phone calls in the newsroom. people reported shaking but no damage. >> disease disaster in the philippines hitting close to home for many in the bay area. kpix 5's betty yu joins us now from st. luke's hospital in san francisco where nurses didn't think twice about signing up.
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>> reporter: that's right, ken. nearly 200 have signed up to help in the last two days. this kind of response isn't surprising to nurses who say it is in their nature to help other people. for many, this is also a call to go back to their roots. >> as victims of the typhoon line up to see doctors and its widespread debris in the fill phones, a special group of volunteers here in the bay area is lining up to answer the call for help. >> this is the best way. as a philippine american, it's the best way to give back to my roots. >> registered nurse and first general ration philippine american sandoval was the first to response to the registered response network. the agency organizes nurses for international disaster relief. it receives nearly a thousand online forms from volunteers within the last 48 hours. >> you think about how, quote, easy our life is here. we take for granted we wake up in the morning and we can turn on our lights and take a shower. we don't have that option. >> the scale of this kind of disaster and the challenges of
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getting to the victims in the worst hit areas may be unfamiliar to sandoval, but the instinct and willingness to help is one she knows well. she has been a nurse for 28 years. >> also, we serve the underserved. unfortunately, the opportunity to help in the philippines, the tragedy that it is which is more the fabric of what i am to help. >> the greatest challenges for the organization right now are funding. and logistical arrangement. their expertise, they know, is much needed. >> this is what we do. sometimes we have to go beyond the walls odd our hospital and help the advocates out in the community. we're so blessed that we can do that. >> reporter: right now national nurses united is working on assembling an advanced team of nurses to deploy by the end of next week. live in san francisco, betty yu, kpix 5. >> bay area hunger groups also
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doing their part help. preparing to send a million meals to the philippines from their warehouse. the first container full of 285,000 meals will be shipped tomorrow through the port of oakland. it's expected to get to the philippines within the next 10 days. >> we have been working hard with volunteers in the bay area and across the country to package meals for the whole world and having this emphasis in having something to respond to has really helped everyone step up and do as much as they can to help. >> containers will be shipped over the next few weeks. by the way, they say each meal has shelf life of two years. students at san jose state university held a fund raiser today at the event center on campus. besides cash, they collected food, clothing, and supplies. they are working with the bay area nonprofit project pearls. the lbc cargo company and the philippine red cross which will get those supplies and support
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directly to the victims. now kpix 5 is partnering with the red cross to raise money for the typhoon victims. we need your help. we will have a phone bank this thursday from 6:00 a.m. until 7:00 at night. you can also find information on how you can help right now on our website coming up, how much more you will likely have to pay to drive on the golden gate bridge. how social media post could be the most critical pieces of evidence in the case of a bay area timer accused of killing a bicyclist. many of us woke up this morning to a few drips outside of your house and on your windshield. but now the radar is dry. kpix 5 high def doppler. no rain out there. how long will this dry streak last. your forecast, next. coming up at 6:30, the drastic impact of one of our dries years ever. where people are walking in places normally under water.
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across the golden gate brid. this week, the golden gate it's more than lakely drivers will have to pay a little more to get across the golden gate. this week, the golden gate district first discussed a potential poll hike. plans on the table include a toll price of up to $8 over the next five years. the earliest of those plans will be implemented by next april. the district is considering the increase to offset a five-year deficit of 142 million dollars. two santa cruz police officers gunned down in the line of duty will be permanently memorialized at the police department. sergeant baker and detective butler were shot and killed in february. the suspect later died in gun battle by authorities. a memorial garden will feature a fountain, plants and a bench for the fallen officers. these two bolders, they
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will have brass plaques baring the officers name. they hope to complete it by the first anniversary of the officers' death. an emotional service in los angeles celebrated the life of hernandez, the tsa officer killed in shooting spree at lax airport last month. other wounded tsa agents were among the hundreds of firemen and community who came to honor hernandez. attorney holder spoke calling hernandez a hero. social media is fueling a murder charge against a bay area might. he's accused of hitting two cyclist in pleasanton last june while driving more than 80 miles per hour. one of the cyclist was killed. how the teen's online bragging is putting this case in the national spotlight. >> reporter: 18-year-old cody hall has certainly gained a lot of attention because of otherwise twitter, instagram
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and facebook photos prior to the collision. he was in court today and he is still in jail without bail. >> it has been five months since the victim was on sunday bike ride with her husband when she was struck and killed along foothill road. police reports say 18-year-old cody hall of 83 miles per hour when he lost control of the car. the victim was killed instantly. her suffered a broken leg. hall's family and friends showed up at a victim. in this particular case, it's what hasn't been said but rather posted in social media that could be the most crucial piece. it's all of cody hall's instagram photos, facebook and twitter postings prior to the deadly collision where he flaunts the beating a prior 85 miles per hour speeding ticket
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and hating police. in one post, he writes driving my life away one hour at a time. testifies taken at night along foothill road. >> the social mediad to can impact them today, tomorrow, or even for their future employment. >> this legal analyst says social media now plays a huge role in cases. and likely one of the rans prosecutors raised hall's vehicular manslaughter charge against him to second degree murder. hall's twitter post referred to his car the death trap and invited 2308 lowers to join him on a death ride. >> it becomes evidence. the district attorney starts looking at everything. everything that he has been doing for the last couple of months. >> she says past social media behave your can be used in court cases in man attempt to prove specific intent to act in disregard for human life. >> and they put on youtube, a lot of things, and guess what happens. people get into trouble and
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circumstances they can't get out of because it is already out there on the web. >> reporter: social media playing a bigger role in investigations for law enforcement, district attorneys and defense attorneys. so much so that they have actually published the survival guide for teenagers educating them about social media. what they should post, what they shouldn't post and how it can be used against them. cody hall will be back in court this thursday for another bail hearing. in pleasanton, julie hall, kpix 5. >> cody hall has not entered a plea. the handicap driver of this overturned van was fleeing the scene of a hit and run. he crashed and was killed. around noon, police say he hit a car on the richmond parkway off ramp. instead of stopping, the driver kept going and a block away he lost control. he hit a tree, the van flipped over and he was killed. nobody else was hurt. in san jose, there was a lot of commotion outside the
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you today. police pinned down a man expected of slapping a woman in court. no word what sparked the incident. second floor of the oakland police department on 7th street is undergoing massive cleanup tonight. water leaked over most of the second floor. repair crews set up fans to try to dry the area as they fig you ared doubt exactly what was causing that league. most criminal investigators are working at other locations tonight. a police spokesperson said the mess could take a week to client. students made their voices heard today to demand the removal of new uc president napolitano. they rallied at the ucss mission bacon presence center. they want the former head of homeland security replaced with someone they call a great educator who will champion public democratic education. breaking news now out of the east bay. live pictures from chopper 5 showing the end of police chase. we brought you this at the top
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of our broadcast. police vehicle -- vehicle that police were chasing flipped over. first reports indicate police were chasing an armed suspect. we don't know why at this point exactly. the man managed to get out of that vehicle and took off running. police are searching the area at this moment. we will keep an eye on this situation and get back to you. we kept talking about the rain, how much we need it. we just got a little bit today. >> reporter: it was the most rain we've had in nearly two months. >> and you can almost count the drops on your car. >> reporter: take a spray bottle. that it's. that was all the rain we lad. in the live look outside, shows, of course,d. mainly clear skies. that front has moved through. the cloud cover is gone with it. it will be a clear night tonight. beautiful shot of the bay bridge in oakland in the background how much rain did you get? if you don'tly in half moon
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bay, concord, you had a trace or nothing. ukaya, you took the case. the .150 of inch. .1 in half moon bit. they got somebody in oakland where they had a trace of rainfall. i will take you there. just enough to make it a slit 8 slippery while driving. we look at official reporting locations. it very likely showered at your house but that rain is gone. clear skies. 45 for concord. 50 in the city. sun rise tomorrow at 6:48. high pressure is re- establishing itself. the rain is gone. it's all push off to the east. that tonight is gone. we can wave good-bye to it. storm track is gone. it is really not going to be aimed toward us for about the next week if not longer. that ridge is back where it was all of october. first 10 days of november. taking that storm track, keeping us far away.
6:22 pm
the translation is you get the sunshine. we could really use rainfall, but you will be able to enjoy sup shine over the next several days. even over the next weekend, that ridge is too strong. the rainfall will stay to fourth. highs tomorrow, 70s with sunshine. concord, 73. san jose 71. 67 in san francisco tomorrow. san rafael 726789 oakland 70 with sunshine. sunshine on thursday and friday. little bit cooler and cloudier. that next storm will be another miss. in the 60s on saturday and sunday. some long range computer models say we are going goosings for rainfall until we are eating turkey onation. >> roofers love you right now but there is lot of hate among the skiers. >> reporter: there is a love/hate relationship with this pattern. still ahead, the sudden closure of restaurant named after a famous rocker. the mysterious circumstances surrounding its shut down. california economist lay out their predictions for the
6:23 pm
holiday season. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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looking for the missing own. steve pease owns sammy's rockin' island bar and gril. een in a restaurant in roseville has authorities looking for the missing owner. rocking island bar and grill, toner hasn't been seen in almost two weeks. his restaurant closed its doors leaving dozens without a job wasn't of those employees reported him missing on halloween, but two days later he was spotted at a hotel in fort braggg. neighboring business owners didn't find out he was missing until last sunday. >> it's very strange, yeah. nobody bothered to say anything until two and a half weeks later. >> roseville police say he was tracked to canada. authorities say there are inships of foul play, but there are still know answers of where he might be. we are still more than two
6:26 pm
weeks away from thanksgiving, but many stores are already gearing up for the shopping center. we spoke with experts on whether it will be a good year for retailers and how shops are enticing people to buy. >> there is only 25 days this year between thanksgiving and christmas. about a week less than last year. but economist say the holiday shopping forecast is showing slow and steady improvement. >> retailers are doing everything they can to pull out the stops to get people join earlier. >> we saw it and say let's two home and write a letter. >> retailers are trying out different strategies to lure the shoppers in. this is the first day microsoft is allowing consumers to try out this x box demographics photos before its november 22nd launch. >> first place. >> you can simply say x box look on cvs on hbo. >> when you see stores opening early on thanksgiving.
6:27 pm
we are seeing plans for flash bills. we will have more technology. for the first time ever, people are having black friday. and the ar 2.0 special edition. it takes video and pictures while performing tricks in the air. >> it is in high def in addition. you can immediately up load it to youtube, instagram and facebook. you name it. >> even stores targeting children like disney are incorporating more technology into toys. >> also, maybe we will have a special moment like an ipad app. we also have characters with monster university where you can interact with them online. >> but while retailers continue coming up with crafty situations, there are some shoppers who say simple still sells. >> so simple she wants it for christmas. >> in glen dale, luisa hodge
6:28 pm
kpix 5. >> typically generates 30% of retailers annual sales. coming up in our next half hour, how one of the driest years ever in the bay area is causing us to see land we've never seen before. new guidelines prevent heart atax and stroke. could have painful side effects. why rich home buyers are getting cheaper mortgages than everyone else. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now at 6:30, the dry spell so severe, we're starting to see land we've never seen before. and one bay area city is topping off the charts as one of the driest in the nation l.'s take a look at those numbers. the rain deficit in san francisco is pretty bad, lacking more than a fat of rain. as our brian webb shows us, santa rosa is even worse. 19inches below normal. >> that's right. santa rosa usually gets somewhere around 26 inches of rain a year. so far this year, that number is seven. that ripple effect could soon reach a wear faucet near you. >> welcome to lake mendicino, looking more like a pond everyday. and the his wife have been taking walks here since the 70s.
6:32 pm
>> how dry has it been around here lately? >> dry. >> real dry? >> yeah. >> people stroll where fish used to swim. the boats are long gone and salmon briding grounds have all but dried up. this lake hasn't been this low since jimmy carter was president. >> in a good year, the water should be almost up to the parking lot where the camera is. instead, i'm standing in the middle of lake bed that should be 30 feet below surface. >> what's worse, the water supply that goes from water faucets to santa rosa. >> it is pretty bad, actually. >> shaun white with the local flood control tells me conserving water is only a suggestion, at least for now. >> if you're here this time next year, this will literally be gone and we'll be in tough shape. >> so at lake mendicino the rains have gone t water level is low and the boaters and fish are struggling. but at least there's plenty of room to walk. >> i think this is a cycle you go through, we have been through it a couple different
6:33 pm
times. >> we will be through it again. >> i would say so, yeah. >> every year about this time, federal flood control rules kick in. that means officials have to drain part of the lake to keep it from flooding and allot of people told me that is making the situation bad to worse. last year santa rosa got 20 inches of rain during november and december. so far this month, they probably haven't had any. in other bay area news, 49ers linebacker smith pleaded not guilty to gun charges in santa clara county court. prosecutors say three illegal fire arms were found his home last year when police broke up a rowdy party. attorneys did most of the talking saying he is, quote, very interested in answering these charges. two people jumped from second story balcony and scrambled to escape a fire in hayward. 27 people were left homeless on whitman street. no one was seriously hurt, but
6:34 pm
a family's pet chihuahua died in the blaze. crews believe it started downstairs when someone left the stove unattended. ground break on what is going to be the tallest mixed use building in san francisco. it is the start of construction on a 500 p.m. million dollars luxury residential and office building at the new transbay transit center. the building is at 181 freemont street. it's expected to open in 2016. relief operations in the hardest hit areas of the philippines are pick up, but still only meager amounts of wear e food, and medical supplies are making it through. right now, the damage airport is serving as the major hub for relief work. the storm has displaced at least 580,000 people across the region. officials say the death toll is now over 1800 confirmed and rising. one storm chaser said living through the typhoon was like being inside a tornado for an
6:35 pm
hour. >> it's mayhem. that was only the first part. as the center passed the south of the city, the bay just rose up and swept across the downtown area. that was a strong surge. and it came up very suddenly. >>. the hawaiin islands are just a signature away from allowing same sex mar and. ed to they passed a bill legalizing gay marriage in a special session. the governor said he will sign the bit. when he d same sex couples can get hitched starting december 2nd. new guidelines usualing more people to consider using cholesterol lowering drugs to prevent heart attack and stroke. it allows doctors to look at other factors beyond the patient's cholesterol level to estimate their risk of heart attack. some cardiologist worry more people will be on drugs who may not need them.
6:36 pm
the side effect can cause muscle and joint pain, liver problems or memory loss. doctors say guidelines help, but stress each patient needs to be evaluated individually. still ahead, you might be surprised who's getting cheaper mortgages than you are. coming up, why rich home buyers are getting a better deal than everyone else. why some milk will never be the same if the dairy industry gets its way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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weighing in on the botched out of obamacare. the former president bill clinton now weighing in on the botches rollout of of obamacare. on consumer watch, screwly watts says he is urging president obama to change the law. >> reporter: he says the white house should honor the
6:39 pm
commitment it made to thousands of americans whose policy has been canceled. meanwhile t white house is sending emails to people who have been unable to enroll in health fewer than 50,000 people have reportly been able to sign up so far. people in california still can't sign up no matter how hard they try. >> your expected wait time is 20 minutes. >> jeff ward said he has been signing up for obamacare for almost month but he has been riddle with error mess annals and representatives who can't help. they say the average wait is now down to two minutes and 21 seconds and more fixes are expected this weekend when the california site goes down for a scheduled upgrade. and, finally, an unusual event in the mortgage market. for the first time in methamphetamine i lenders are offering lower latest on jumbo
6:40 pm
mortgages than unconventional lowness. they are more than a quarter percent cheaper in some cases. now home loans have almost always had better rates thanup boars. experts say lenders are trying to attract those wealthy clients who may otherwise pay in cash and also hope to get them to sign up for other financial services. keep in mind, a jumbo loan is anything over $474,147,000. the median price in the bay area is $500,000 which would require a jumbo loan. >> get them on the hook 30 years. it is better than paying cash. >> but you do have to pay a percentage of pint for these jumbo loans. the latest food war targeting the dairy link. how the industry wants to change milk and not even tell you on the front of the carton. got rain? around here the answer is no. couple sprinkles this morning but a beautiful sunset in berkeley. look at that.
6:41 pm
clear skies outside. we will talk about when the next front will make it past the b. that, and your seven day forecast, coming up. a tragedy, how a runningback turned it into triumph. ,,,, the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way,
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milk consumption has droppe astounding 25 percent. the da to got milk? for more and more kids, the answer is no. milk consumption has drop 25%. the tear rights fur industry has a plan to turn that around. julia good rich shows us some milk would never be the same. >> good old fashioned milk is in a food fight with shoggery sew dark sports drippiness, even bottled wear. the dairy industry is trying to rise to the top. >> the desired target, kids. in a petition filed with the fda, the plan would change the very definition of what milk is in order to milk sales.
6:45 pm
>> the dairy industry is simply interested in selling more product. that's all there is to it. >> the change would allow dairy producers to add artificial sweeteners to milk without having to clearly say so on the front. a bolt of low-cal lori chocolate milk would look just like a bolt of regular chocolate milk. the only difference. >> the print is so small. >> the fine print on the back where the ingredient as are listed. >> the front of the label is really what helps consumers make decisions quickly. >> speaking on behalf of nutrition and dietetic, the world's largest group of nutrition experts. the academy is urging the fda to deny the petition. >> because there is substantial evidence that the rational for hiding it in the back is actually a good one. >> the industry says it's not hiding anything. it's just that kids hate low cal labels and the proposed change will help kids cut down
6:46 pm
on unwanted calories and fight childhood obesity. >> right now sweetened milk is not a big source of shogger for kids anyway. >> i just object to the idea that everything for kids has to be sweet. >> professor nestle is an expert in public health and nutrition. she says sweatened milk is a bad idea. that kids need to explore other tastes. >> because they don't feel like every single thing they eat has to be sweet. milk doesn't have to be sweet. >> while the fda says artificial sweeteners are safe, there is still uncertainty about its long-term use is for children. as for these kids, their moms are clear. they don't want any mirky milk. >> they should be labeled so parents know what they are feeding their children. >> julia goodrich, kpix 5.
6:47 pm
>> the changes would apply to 17 additional dairy products including yogurt, whipping cream, sour cream and eggnog. >> now i am getting hungry. >> oh, yeah. pumpkin pie. >> it is cold outside. we had a little rain, maybe snow. >> reporter: not happening. stuck in summer. the endless simmer. feels like it keeps going and going. the summer around here is dry. it is now mid-november. you're shopping for christmas and we still haven't seen rainfall. couple of us got sprinkles this monk. sfo got a trace. that is less than something you can measure h. measure up to .1 of an inch. it was less than that. not much rainfall at sfo. nor any in san jose. temperatures outside, it is a very nice tuesday evening. concord, you have drop down to 60. san jose and santa rosa down to 62. 63 in the city. oakland, the mild spot. 67. whether i checking in at 65.
6:48 pm
the radar kpix 5 high def doppler is checking in completely dry. that has been an issue. we talk about rainfall. here is the ran why. some reservoirs are very low. lake shasta, the best one in our state. 5% above its historical average. as recreantsly as march. dropped in may, july, august, september. right now we are sitting at 62% or a 43% drop from where we were just eight months ago. school cast. get you ready for tomorrow. coverington elementary school. after a chilly start, will be in the mid-60s. coverington school, they have a really cool club. every friday at lunchtime, 200 kids join the run club. i am told they watch kpix 5 to get the forecast and every time the kids run they get a little sticker that says i ran with the pack at covington elementary school.
6:49 pm
let's talk about the forecast because it is a changing one. high pressure is building back in. the storm track which got close to us last night which gust a little bit of rain, is now going back up north. that means dry weather for the next several days. there is another front coming. all it will do for us is give us clouds and cooler weather. the rain, once again, will stay a couple hours to our north. that ridge is not budging so our dry forecast is only going to get that much drier. sunshine. tomorrow, thursday, friday, that next brush with rainfall. the next close call, if you will, will be saturday. that moisture is going to stay north, too. please enjoy your wednesday tomorrow. what a glorious day we're going to have. 71 for you in san jose. redwood city 70. walnut creek 75. brentwood 75. livermore 75. mid-november. daily city, you will be in the mid-60s. san rafael 60s. richmond in 68. extended forecast, it is a dry
6:50 pm
one. thursday and friday still sunny. little cooler over the weekend. saturday will be the cloudier day with clouds in the mid 60s. i still do not see one chance of rainfall. but i do see a lot of sports talk coming up with dennis, next.
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
person when things go wrong
6:53 pm
" " and 49er fans don't have ky sometimes in society we tend place too much maim on one person when things go wrong. >> think how much it is. we don't have nixon to kick around anymore. >> 49er fans don't have kill williams to kick around either. he was releasedded to. unfortunately for him, he will be best remembered for his two fumbles in the 2011 nfc championship game. the he struggled after running a torn acl. but don't forget, he made the gratest political comeback -- nixon made the greatest comeback and won the presidency. i hope williams can make a comeback of his own. would season the only wide out to catch a touchdown. good news, manningma mcreturned last sunday. michael crabtree is expected to return, but not soon enough.
6:54 pm
they were rocking last night at st. mariest for part of college basketball's 24 hour season kickoff. >> i don't know about me. i'm getting old. ly not be 22. >> randy bennett. he is wide awake ready to go. taking on akron. first half. for the lay in. time expired, the big man led them billion 1 6 points. they have that very difficult task of replacing the demarted point guard. so far, so good. that's jackson. one of seven assist for holt. st. mary beat akron 85-63. globetrotters, 220-pounder attempts to bring down the hoop shattering the back board. fortunately bullard only suffered a cut over his eye. >> good night. this is a huge fin. yeah.
6:55 pm
a 1,000-pound black marlin. took them over an hour to get the fish into the boat. finishing up one of the most disappointing seasons in history. but if they gave a heisman trophy for work off the field, their runningback would be a major contender. >> young ladies like her love the doll. her tea parties, knocking everything down. >> jeff and his sister essence never got to forge the relationship most siblings enjoy. she was just 7 years old when she died in a car accident. >> me and my family, we're going down to los angeles for a family vacation. the tires popped and my dad lost control of the car. i end up in like the passenger seat under the dash board. my dad was thrown out the car. my sister and my cousin didn't make it. >> a family vacation turned to
6:56 pm
family tragedy. the 3-year-old did not escape the wreck. >> i had minor injuries, luckily. i was a miracle kid. i should have been the same way as my sister. >> essence enriched thrives of others before her death and still continues to do so since she's been gone. >> the school she was attending decided to name the library after her. they all decided to pitch in together and help build a good library for the school in watts. >> they helped secure a grant for the etc. sense book club which is still active in one of la's rougher neighborhoods. >> another first down. >> on top of football and class, jeff actively seeks donations for the book club. and the benefits are two-fold. >> growing up, i had a tough time with my reading skills and my math skills, just
6:57 pm
educational basis, period. because i started out late due to the accident. i'm living only my sister's legacy. i still think she was supposed to be the one that was going to be the successful one in the family. so i'm living through her dream. >> just a red shirt freshman. he has a lot of time coming at cal. what a great way to remember essence by a library. by the way, they are still looking for books if you are interested in donating. great cause. great way to remember someone. >> good kid, it looks like. >> yeah. he has a few more years. they need him, too. >> yeah. >> as you know, they will not quit. >> the bear will not quit. >> bear will not die. "e and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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