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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 20, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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this is kpix 5 news. what a mess. hundreds of people get stuck for hours just try k to get home. >> it's been a long, cold, dark and damp night for many. andrea. >> well, liz, ken, the caltrain trains just started running a short time ago, but you can see the problems behind me, pg&e crews work up there. the line they are work on initially fell on the rail and then it knocked out power to of san mateo. >> it's not until you throw a light on the crowd that you see how nasty the commute was, and that's the point. around 6:15 a power line snapped and fell on top of the rail bringing train commuters out of the car and into the night. >> the typical there's a problem down the line, we'll get back to you, we'll get back to you, we'll get back to you. finally, here we are. i'm not exactly sure where we are, but -- what town are we in?
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>> you're in san mateo. >> oh, okay, good. thank you. >> those north and southbound trains swr stopped. no lights in the parking lot, no lights in most of the city of saven mat making head lamp it is fashion accessory of the evening. >> we and a good portion of san mateo lost our power. we got kind of bored so we decided to take wilma for a walk tonight. >> miserable and dark, everyone had one question. >> you guys know when the power is coming back on? >> now, the answer to that question is 4:00 a.m.. pg&e crews say they are still work on this line. there are still about 200 customers here without power. people here in san mateo will not have power again until 4:00 a.m.. live in san mateo, andrea, kpix 5 vments . the rain finally moved out,
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but tonight check this out. joe vasquez is somewhere out -- >> we're up here in the oakland hills. you can see how thick the fog is. be're finally coming in. you can see my image. little earlier tonight it got to the point where police officers had to come here, park their cars ip here and let people know slow down, visibility is very low up here in the hills, and, in fact, i'm told by paul that this is a common phenomenon following a rainstorm. the fog gets thick in the upper elevations here of the bay area. that's what we're experiencing tonight so take it easy on these roads. reporting live kpix 5. earlier today traffic was a mess. the rain overwhelmed storm drans on 101 in san francisco create thog freeway water fall. in san jose we saw some people trying to dodge the town pours without umbrellas, and cars splashing through huge puddles. paul, give us the numbers. >> weir not going to be adding
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to those numbers tonight because the rain is now finished, but rain fall toe toles pretty imprez pressive. fart nart to the north weir looking at rain fall totals more than an inch downtown san francisco, nearly an inch for san bruno and many spots in the north bay with more than an inch of rain fall. where is that storm now? it's gone from rain in the bay area to snow in the sierra. high elevation snowfall. there's more rain coming in. te tails when next. north korea can be an odd place, but what is their problem with an 85-year-old man from palo alto? betty tells us about mr. new maun. betty. >> ken, we know that mr. new maun lived here at the chaning house retirement apartments with his wife. he loved to travel and was particularly interested in north korea and its culture having
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served in the military during the korean war. what we don't know is what exactly went wrong on this trip. >> it's been more than three weeks since anyone has heard from 85-year-old korean war veteran new maun. the world traveler was detained in north korea at the end of a sightseeing trip taken off his flight home to palo alto. >> i feel like it's bad -- i still can't believe that we've known for quite awhile it's real. i just feel he's the easiest man to talk to and nicest. i just can't believe this could happen. >> long time neighbors and friends know newman to be adventurous. they can't make sense of his detainment. >> an old retired guy, i mean, what's exactly. >> daniel snyder, a north korean expert at stanford university, is also look for experts. >> this is unfortunately a kind of barbaric behavior on the part of the north koreans. you have to wonder why this
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happens. >> newman's son told anderson cooper tonight the day before his flight, his father met with north korean officials who talked about his army service in the korean war. newman apparently thought nothing of it until he was escorted off the plane. he traveled with a friend from their chaning house retirement community who said in a statement today, "there has to be a terrible misunderstanding. i hope the north koreans will see this as a humanitarian matter and allow him to return to his family as soon as possible." >> and the u.s. state department has since updated its travel advisory, warning americans to avoid north korea based on the arbitrary arrest of u.s. citizens. live in palo alto, kpix 5. >> american kenneth bay was detained last year for illegal missionary work. he is now serving 15 years in a labor camp. a standing ovation for a good samaritan in oakland today.
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dan rushed to help 18-year-old luke after someone set the teen's skirt on fire as he slept on ac transit bus. gayle says other passengers on the packed bus just laughed. he used his sweatshirt to smother the flames before ripping off the skirt with his bare hands. >> i'm not an hero. somebody needed help, and i did what i could do. >> police are still searching for a second good samaritan who helped. the suspect 16-year-old richard thomas told police he did it because sasha was wearing a skirt. check this out. hard to believe anyone could survive this. a 200 mile an hour crash. not only did the racer survive. rachel kim says he's already back at work. >> on sunday 55-year-old brian was eeg ef to secure his lead by breaking his own record at an event at el mir raj try lake.
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as he accelerated up to 185 miles an hour, he suddenly loses control and flips at least a tozen times before nose diving to the ground. debris from his honda flying everyone. the car comes to a stop on its roof. >> the biggest concern you have is not knowing the condition of the driver. >> he watched as emergency crews arrived at knowing how badly he was injures. they even xully flipped over the car and see. >> it was really heartening to see that the driver, brian, my friend, was indicating as soon as the car come to a stop, he was waefg with his hand upside down saying, "hey, i'm okay." >> he suffered a collapsed lung, a fwash on his leg and a lot of bruising. >> brian is back at home in phoenix right now. we spoke to him over the phone. he tells us he's doing remarkably well and even back at work but because of the concussion he suffered, he has
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no mem of what happened. in fact, when he watches the video, he feels detached. kpix 5. >> his crew credits his survival to the extensive safety equipment in that car. he was strapped in very well. police say a high school student in santa rosa stabbed his teacher over and over again with a pencil. the 16-year-old ran off when his classmates at mid rose high school intervened. the teacher was not badly hurt. police later found the kid at a relative's house and arrested him. and just a couple hours ago, a bay area school district made it official. christin ayers shows us who won the fight over a mascot. >> impromptu drumming broke automoments after vallejo's school board voted to get rid of vallejo high school mascot the apaches. most of the people who spoke at tonight's meeting called the mascot racist and sensitive,
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relic. >> i am not a relic from antiques road show. i am a living and human b and i am not a mascot. >> i think attitudes have changed, and you just need to find another mascot. >> we should save the apaches, and i'm going to fight for our mascot. >> vallejo high student wound up fighting in tonight's meeting after critics took exception to her apache sweatshirt. >> that's a racist logo. >> it's a softball so sit down. >> it doesn't matter. >> opponents went so far as to call the apache mascot an honor. >> it's not racism. it's trying to show the people they to exist. >> the debate here a microchasm of what is happening on the national stage. a movement is gaining steam to rename the washington redskins football team. tonight the vallejo school board made a statement loud and clear. >> very happy affirmative yes. >> ending a tradition that many here said was toxic. >> it will be expensive to
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remove the apache emblem from throughout the school and replace the mascot so the board says those changes will happen overtime. in vallejo, christin ayers kpix 5. >> vallejo school board plans to set etc. site on middle school next. bay area police say this guy is so dangerous they gave us this photo to see if you can help niend find him. imagine someone hack into your car. see how much control one person could have with you behind the wheel. and we'll hear from that kid. he's back home. tonight he reveals his favorite part of the whole adventure. weir back in 80 seconds.
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extremely dangerous. our joe vazquez with who he is... a what he did. sniff, sniff . tonight, whi amanda tonight while amanda blake of oakland is mourning the death of her 24-year-old daughter, melquisha warren, she's learning san francisco police have release it had name and picture of the man suspected of killing her. michael green. >> i want to surrender. face it. you did the crime. you got to do the time. >> very very very dangerous person. he's obviously a big guy, 5-11, 230, last seen sort of long dishevelled hair. >> green is 23 years old and probably lives on the peninsula. >> nobody should approach this suspect. anybody sees him, it's a 911 call. >> early sunday morning, green
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was with a woman described as more than 6 feet tall, also a pacific islander. they got into a fender bender accident outside a south of market club called omg. witness say after the wreck, green and his lady friend got violent with melquisha and her friend as they were trying to calm the lady down. >> they said one got out of the car. she went to try to open car, but she couldn't snatch her out, and he said, "move out the way. i got this," and just opened fire. 15 rounds into that girl, that was wrong. then you went around and shot my daughter twice, once in the face and once in the head. by time i get to the hospital, they telling me my baby -- before i even get to the hospital, they telling me my daughter is deceased. >> kpix 5. >> mrs. blake is making funeral arrangements for her daughter.
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a self-evaluation of its response to the asiana crash resealed some big problems. for one thing, the emergency alert system fail td making it more difficult to get the word out to airport staff. sfo is now looking for a new vin dor. the airport also upgraded its web site after it failed to keep up with the sudden surge in traffic. well, imagine speegd down the freeway when suddenly you lose control of your car. you can't stop. you can't do anything. well, tonight allen martin shows us how easy it would be for someone to hack your car. >> it's quite terrifying when you don't have brakes, right? >> how he could hack in and take control of a car, he and his partner released details of their research at defcon, one of the longest running and largest hacker conventions in the world. they findings are now plastered across the internet. kpix 5 first warned of the possibility of car hacking
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nearly two years ago. security expert brian says it's a real threat. >> i would say you're actually driving your smart phone down the road. >> he released the information to hackers to help solve the vulnerability issue. >> i can tell you're going 199 miles an hour now even though that's apparently not the case. >> some cars have more than 30 of these small computers. he used a laptop computer to hack in. >> we take control of the brakes, the steering wheel, the seat belts. we could tighten them. >> most annoying one. oh my god. >> you could engage the brakes, and regardless of what you did, you couldn't move the car anymore. >> imagine that at rush hour. >> it hasn't been tested or proven yet, but a hundred cars in golden gate bridge, half of them brake and half accelerate all at the same time. >> researchers at university of washington u,c san diego, and rutgers university are looking into car hacking, including the sensors and tires. >> wire leslie input into the vehicle.
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>> professor was able to remotely hack into tire pressure monitors required in most cars since 2008. they emit a signal allowing tire pressure to be checked electronically. >> we have 36 pounds of air in that tire. >> but using common lab equipment, researchers were able to capture the tire monitor signal, rewrite it and send it back to the car triggering a dash board warning light. >> and make the car think that its tires are flat while they are not. it is possible that somebody uses this to stop you from the side of the road. >> matthew, by his own admission, has hacked into multiple cars using cellar technology. >> i could potentially unlock a car in denver or new york from our office here in san francisco. >> his company has made it a mission to find the most technologically vulnerable cars on the road. >> this information we don't release publicly. we want to help people secure their vehicles. >> primarily works with car
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manufacturers. allen martin kpix 5. a damsel in distress, a mascot held hostage. batkid's big san francisco adventure. >> tonight little mile ts is home. reporter trish hung out with him and found out what his naifrt favorite part of the day was. >> this is a typical afternoon in the scott home, miles running around hiding from our camera, giggling and talking about his favorite superhero batman. >> i think we should get a dvd. >> of the old batman? >> uh-huh. >> from being from a small town like this to go to a huge city like that where it's all about your kid for a day is insane for us. we didn't -- pretty out of this world. >> the entire city came together so miles could save a damsel in distress, catch the riddler red
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handed, and his favorite part, the penguin. >> and then the penguin turned nice. >> he apologized, yeah. >> but the riddler didn't. >> no. he's still in jail? >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> when the family came home, they found an entire town welcoming them back. nick scott believed the whole thing brought his community closer together. the family wants to take this moment and not only thank those who helped him but also want to keep the momentum going to help other familys and other kids like miles. as for miles, while his wish to save gotham city came true, he says he now has bigger fish to fry. >> next time, i'm going to get that joker. >> next time i'm going to get him. well, today, we learned miles' big adventure cost san francisco $105,000. make a wish plans to fund raise to help pay the bill. >> yeah. if we wanted to, we could probably go online and take care
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of that in a few minutes. >> tfts such an amazing day. >> it's great chasing the penguin and riddler, but sometimes it's fun just crawling around on the carpet at home. >> yeah. >> hiding from daddy. >> i love he was singing davc crock et, too. so great. so old school. >> this great fictional character on friday, batkid. lots of press for him. let's take a peek outside. we have a little bit on the radar right now kpix 5 high def doppler. these are the final showers we'll be dealing with. as we look at things winding down after a very active couple of days, we need third-degree rain fall, and we got it. 1.27 inches of rain in san francisco. that is more rain over the past two days than the previous 228 days combined. yes, it has been that dry but not anymore. now, we're into the rainy season, and we could use more. not going to see anymore overnight tonight. widespread cloud cover. some will wake up foggy
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tomorrow. 51 for oakland, mountain view 50, concord 47 greece. microclimate forecast rain gone, sunshine coming back tomorrow afternoon. windsor you're our stop tonight. 62 degrees friday. it'll be sunny. alts going to be breezy. it's going to fire back a breeze as it moves away. high of 66 for you windsor on friday. winds building in from the west. in about 24 hours we'll be talking about flooding rain fall for arizona, and this guy next week will cause a big snowstorm on the east coast right around thanks give sog that low is not done yet, but it's done for us. high pressure will build in. dry weather into the weekend through the weekend for the first half of next week. our next rain chance is not until next wednesday so several dry days coming. the first one for you is tomorrow. foggy tonight. couple showers left over especially north and east of san francisco. breezy to windy especially on friday as that storm continues to move out, but we will be sunny. we will be dry for the next several days. highs tomorrow, very close to normal. 63 for the city san jose.
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south bay about 64. sunny vail you isle hit 63. fremont 62. antioch 64. vallejo 63. windsor tomorrow dry, no more rain, high of 62 dprees. friday, saturday sunday we keep with the sunshine. monday we're sunny. tuesday we get cloudier. there is your next rain chance. many of you wondering when's it coming back. the answer is next wednesday, about a week from now. >> okay. >> let it soak in. get some more. >> that's good. here is one for you to think about. is charlie manson getting married? wait till you hear how his bride to be proved her love. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"sylvia browne" died today san jose hospital at the ag 77. browne was a leader in t one of the most famous psychics of our time has passed away. sylvia brown died today in a san jose hospital at the age of 77. brown was a leader in paranormal worlds for decades. she also wrote dozens of top-selg books. charlie manson is still in prison, but he might soon be off the market. rolling stone is reporting the 79-year-old convicted killer has apparently found love while being locked up in state prison.
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so who tees lucky lady? she's 25-year-old starr, no last name. she's been visiting manson in prison since she was 19, recently carved an x on her forehead to match his. she posted this photo on her web site and told rolling stone, quote, charlie and i are going to get married. charlie is my husband. manson later said, "that's all a bunch of garbage." >> why is it you guys always have the stories leading into sports? charles manson. >> low bar. >> what was she thinking? >> well, the raiders name their starter, and did josh win his beard off? there is an stephan curry warriorless team trying to remain undefeated at home. that's all next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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not that long..but they were hoping to snap a 10-game skid again .and they'd have warriors haven't beaten memphis since elvis waz live. >> thank you very much. >> that was impressive. make not that long, but they were hoping to snap a ten-game skid against the grizzlies, and they'd have to do it without steph curry. griz warriors had a ten-point
11:29 pm
lead. couldn't hold it. 21 points, 12 boards. war yors did come back tied at 75. seconds to go. could andre do it again? not this time. warriors did not score in the final three minutes of regulation. down 3 and 0. almost has the steal, but he can't come up with the -- the -- prince to beat the shot clock. one more time. >> thank you very much. >> the warriors lose for the first time on the home floor 88-81. matt will be under center for the second-straight week and start for the raiders this sunday. the fourth quarterback since the 1970 nfl merger to throw three touchdowns and no interceptions in his first career start. >> if they go on record and find this kid, i'm going to do something personally. i'm going to pay half. >> yeah, you better pay up. the league announced ray lewis that brooks is fined 15,750 for the hit on drew brees. he confirms he will indeed give
11:30 pm
the check for half when he sees him monday night in dc. lopez is going to stay with the giants, three-year deal, 13 mil. prince fielder is coming to the american league west, traded this evening in exchange for ian kins ler. we start tonight's top five with suspended alex rodriguez who stormed out of the courtroom when he learned that commissioner bud was a no show. >> i lost my mind. i banged the table and kicked a briefcase and slammed out of the room. this is my whole life, my legacy. i'm -- i'm part of history so if you're going to try to destroy all of that, i'm saying no. you tell me why i should serve one inning. >> dwoid do any peds? >> no. >> so you're guilty in your mind of nothing? >> i feel like i should be there opening day. >> no. 4, goal no. 689. you guys ready for it? new jersey wins in ot. katy perry has the best legs in hollywood, but flames goalie has the best legs on ice.
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tell me that's not sexy. speaking of legs, craig mcarthur passes the puck between his legs. yes, the senators 4-3. no. 1, josh reddick has lost the beard off. wwe superstar daniel brian got to do the honors. backstage at the wwe. now, he looks more like dallas braiden. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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jennifer lawrence. >> our next news cast tomorrow morning, 4:30, bright and early. see you then. >> thank you very much. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from the heart of broadway, broadcasting across the nation and around the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. i'm alan kalter. and now high quality at a bargain price, david letterman captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs


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