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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  November 21, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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the afternoon 50s and 60s. skies going to part. and then dry on the weekend. captions by: caption colorado good morning to our viewers in the west. it is thursday november 21st, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." the first congressman ever charged with buying cocaine apologize apologizes. what his guilty plea means for his future in poli a-rod explodes. the yankee superstar loses his cool and lashes out at baseball's commissioner over a doping scandal. fbi insider john miller investigates something called the knockout game. why teenagers are attacking stra a deadly punch. we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> i'm sorry. i have no excuse for what i've
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done. >> florida congressman tre riddell comes clean. >> he has admitted he was carrying cocaine when he was busted in a government sting. >> he's taking a leave of absence vowing to enter what he called intensive treatment. >> i hope to come out of this a stronger and a better man for all of you. an elderly american tourist being held by north korea. meryl newman is an 85-year-old korean war veteran. jumbo jet is stuck at wichita's airport. apparently it's too big for the runway. i lost my mind. i banged the stable and stormed out of the room. >> alex rodriguez stormed out of his arbitration calling it a farce. >> bud selig did not have to testify. >> 100% dispersonal. that's a hell of a trophy. u.s. military appears one step closer to having american troops in afghanistan beyond the end of next year. japan is growing, literally.
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the eruption of an undersea volcano created a new island. >> all that. a wild wipeout. the driver survived and the car gets the credit for saving his life. >> it's not my mission in life to make people up here uncomfortable. >> it might not be your mission. >> the presidential medal of freedom. >> early in oprah winfrey's career her bosses told her she should change her name to suzy. i have to pause here to say i got the same advice. >> on "cbs this morning." >> i should take responsibility spore what i did. >> apparently he forgot the part of the tea party story where you dump it in the harbor before the cops show up. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." good morning, norah. >> good morning, charlie.
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>> we begin with tre rid difficultriddell. the congressman from southwest florida admitted yesterday he buy cocaine from an undercover police officer. >> he's the first member of congress ever to be criminally charged with cocaine possession. and this morning he faces many calls to resign. nancy cordes is on capitol hill. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and to our viewers out west. well, it was a long day for congressman radel yesterday. he began by pleading guilty to one count of drug possession and then headed back to florida for ask for forgiveness and seek help. >> i'm sorry. i have no excuse for what i've done. >> reporter: in his home district, florida congressman tre radel stood alone, sidestepping allegations he told reporters he was taking a leave of absence from office. >> i do believe in forgiveness
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and redemption and hope to come out of this a better and stronger man for all of you. >> reporter: the 37-year-old said he struggled with alcoholism and that the disease runs in his family. >> i've been dealing with this off and on for years. i grew up with a mom who struggled with alcoholism. it is not an easy thing to deal with. i don't want my son to go through that. >> reporter: noticeably missing from radel's side was his wife amy. earlier in washington d.c., he appeared in court and pled guilty to cocaine possession. according to the u.s. attorney for the district of columbia while investigating drug trafficking this fall agents learned radel was routinely using and buying cocaine. prosecutors say that on the night of october 29th, radel met with an acquaintance of hims and an undercover police officer. the officer told radel he had cocaine to sell. radel agreed to purchase about
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3.5 grams for $250. boehner and others have not called on the first-term congressman to resign. but radel's hometown paper, "the fort myers news press" said the former news anchor needs to step down writing he purposely kept hidden these addictions that would automatically would make him an ineffective leader. he misled everyone. gop aides tell us they thil he'll be able to get through this and keep his job. he said he plans to go into intensive treatment and he'll donate his salary while he's gone to charity. norah and charlie? >> nancy, thank you. this morning alex rodriguez says the commissioner of baseball is out to get him. the new york yankees superstar facing a suspension that could end his career stormed out of his appeal hearing yesterday. he then went on live tv and radio to deny charges that he used performance enhancing drugs. jeff glor is with us. jeff, good morning. >> norah, good morning to you. rodriguez sat quietly through two weeks of testimony.
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then came yesterday's scene. after he was officially told major league baseball commissioner bud selig would not testify. >> i lost my mind. i banged the table and kicked a briefcase and slammed out of the room. >> reporter: then alex rodriguez headed to wfan radio where for 40 minutes he aired his frustrations. >> whether you're in federal court, state court or kangaroo court that we are today, players need protection. this is my whole life, my legacy. i'm -- i'm part of history. so if you're going to try to destroy all of that i'm saying no, you tell me why i should serve one inning. >> reporter: rodriguez was suspended earlier this year for 211 games. a suspension he appealed. in his strongest denial yet on wednesday, he insisted he never used performance enhancing drugs while playing for the yankees. >> were you guilty of any of these charges? >> no p. >> did you do anything wrong in. >> did you do any peds? >> no. >> did you obstruct any
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witnesses? did you do anything they accuse of you doing? >> no. >> nothing? >> nothing. >> you're guilty in your mind of nothing? >> i feel like i should be there opening day. >> reporter: rodriguez also took a big swing at baseball commissioner bud selig who will not be compelled to testify at rodriguez's grievance. >> 100% personal and i think it's about his legacy and my legacy, and he's trying to destroy me. by the way, he's retiring 2014. and to put me on his big mantel on his way out, that's a hell of a trophy. >> reporter: in august selig told reporters he has no regrets about suspending rodriguez. >> i spent many, many hours thinking about it trying to be fair trying to be logical and rational, and one thing you learn in this job, after 20-some years, i wouldn't second-guess it today at all. >> reporter: as for why selig won't be taking the stand, major league baseball issued this statement yesterday. "in the entire history of the joint drug agreement, the commissioner has not testified in a single case. today's antics are an obvious attempt to justify mr. rodriguez's continuing refusal
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to testify under oath." rodriguez was supposed to meet with major league baseball last friday and explain what his testimony would be. he said then he had the flu and couldn't travel. he said yesterday he was prepared to testify tomorrow. but now apparently will not. regardless of whether or not rodriguez is there in person the hearing will continue today. norah and charlie? >> thank you. we are learning new details this morning about an 85-year-old korean war veteran being held in north korea. merrill newman is a retired finance executive from california. his family says he went to pyongyang, north korea's capital last month for a ten-day trip. margaret brennan is at the state department. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie and norah. the u.s. does not have diplomatic relations with north korea. so the state department asked sweden, a country that deals directly with president kim jong-un's government to help. beyond that the state department says they are just monitoring reports about the bay area man who is being held.
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it's been nearly one month since 85-year-old korean war veteran merrill newman was unexpectedly taken off his flight bound from north korea to the u.s. his family and friends back in palo alto, california haven't seen him since. >> i feel like it's a bad movie or something. i still can't believe that it's real. >> reporter in a telephone interview with cnn, newman's son, jeff, revealed that merrill discussed his military service with north korean authorities the day before he was removed from his flight. why he was arrested remains a mystery. >> we haven't heard anything. we've worked through the state department from the day that he was supposed to depart. we've heard nothing. >> reporter: merrill's detention coms just a year after the arrest and imprisonment of another american kenneth bay. he was sentenced to 15 years in a north korean labor camp for allegedly plotting against the
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government. >> this is unfortunately a kind of barbaric behavior on the part of the north koreans. you have to wonder why this happens. >> reporter: the state department has not formally acknowledged merrill's arrest. but did issue a heightened travel advisory earlier this week that read in part "u.s. citizens crossing into north korea have been subject to arbitrary arrest and long-term detention." the man merrill was traveling with released a statement, calling on north koreans to release him back to his family as soon as possible. yesterday the white house national security adviser susan rice gave a speech saying the u.s. is ready to begin negotiations with north korea about its nuclear program. but made no mention of the two detained americans. >> all right margaret thank you. and after a year of negotiations, the u.s. and afghanistan have reached a tentative security agreement. the deal allows u.s. troops to remain in the country after the nato combat mission ends next year. the u.s. will conduct
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counterterrorism missions and train afghan forces. it would mean about 10,000 troops could be deployed in afghanistan for up to a decade. american forces will have immunity from afghan law. now, the deal still needs approval from afghan tribal leaders. president hamid karzai shared a letter from president obama saying the pact will lead to a better future for afghanistan, but this morning, karzai says he won't sign the deal until after elections in the spring. in neighboring pakistan, a suspected american drone strike killed five people this morning including three militants. police say three rockets were fired onnen islamic seminary. a deputy to the leader of the network is among the dead. if confirmed, it would be only the second drone attack on a pakistani target outside its tribal region. kennedy cousin michael skakel could be released from prison as soon as today. skakel has served more than 11 years for the 1975 murder of his neighbor martha moxley. >> a judge in connecticut will
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decide this morning whether skakel should be freed on bail. after his conviction was overturned last month. rikki klieman is a cbs news legal analyst. likely? >> highly unlikely. the family believes he'll be released today. what you have are questions on bond after new motion for trial was granted. number one is he a danger to the community, and in number two, is he a flight risk? we certainly know he's not a flight risk because he has all kinds of community ties through his family and we know he's not a danger to the community for good reason. 1975 was the crime. 2002 is the conviction he was free all of that time. he's been in prison since 2002. and he's been a model prisoner. so the logic is he is going to be released in a packed courthouse today. >> wow.pso if he's released do you think the prosecution even appeals it? >> yes, the prosecution has said they are going to appeal it.
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and what they're going to appeal is this decision that he was granted a new trial. therefore, in essence, presumed innocent. it's like he's never been arrested. and they're going to appeal it because the reason for granting it was ineffective assistance of counsel. saying that mickey sherman did not do an adequate job under the constitution. well, he may not have done the job the judge wanted to do but you know you may be entitled to a good lawyer a not-so-good lawyer. you're not necessarily entitled to a rolls royce lawyer. >> i keep thinking about martha moxley's mother, you know who has pushed for justice this whole time. were there any other suspects? >> there were other suspects. originally tommy skakel michael's brother, was a suspect and was quite a suspect for years. and in fact the judge, in granting this motion to give michael skakel a new trial, one of the primary reasons they said was because the finger was not pointed at tommy skakel.
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another suspect at the time was ken littleton. he was a tutor of martha moxley. but ultimately they decided it was michael. if they are going to pursue a new trial and the appeal is not successful and retry him again, which believe me, if i were prosecuting and could talk to mrs. moxley it's really a question of does dorothy moxley this woman of grace, this woman who has conducted herself so beautifully, does she want to go through this again? >> all right. rikki klieman, thank you. this morning the faa is investigating a boeing cargo flight that landed at the wrong airport. the 747 dreamlifter was traveling to mcconnell air force base near wichita, but the pilots touched down at a tiny airport nine miles away. officials say the 747 should have enough runway space to try and take off this morning after landing at the wrong airport. a jetblue plane is being inspected this morning after an
7:15 am
emergency slide deployed during a flight wednesday. the slide inflated 25 minutes into the trip from fort myers, florida, to boston. the pilots diverted to orlando. the chute filled the front gallery behind the cockpit and pinned the flight attendant. >> we heard a loud bang. and the next thing we knew there was someone on the floor. we didn't know if it was a medical emergency or what. we knew something wasn't right. >> a passenger punctured the slide and freed the crew member who suffered minor injuries. everyone else took another plane to boston. and the government is announcing long-awaited safety rules to protect bus passengers. under the new regulations, all new motor coaches and other large buses must be equipped with three-point lap shoulder belts. but the rules do not take effect until 2016. and existing buses are not required to be retrofitted with seat belts. chip reid is at washington's union station. chip, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, norah and charlie. this has been a very long time coming.
7:16 am
it was 45 years ago that federal crash investigators first recommended putting seat belts on buses after a horrific accident in california that killed 19 bus passengers. and even with this new rule a lot of people getting on buses and looking for seat belts are going to be disappointed. federal investigators say crash tests show that the new rule requiring lap and shoulder seat belts will cut the number of deaths and injuries resulting from bus accidents almost in half. it's easy to see why. the crash test dummy on the left is belted in. the one on the right is not. ann farrow heads the federal motor carrier safety administration. >> car drivers today are buckling up at a rate of 86%. with this new rule passengers and motorcoaches have the same choice. and we hope they make it. >> reporter: but not all bus passengers will have that choice. the seat belt requirement does not apply to city transit buses or school buses. >> we have now mandated a rule for seat belts on motor coaches,
7:17 am
and it will be up to individual school districts as to how they proceed. >> reporter: in addition the rule doesn't take effect for three years, and even then only new buses will be required to have seat belts. for years, bus companies fought efforts to require seat belts because of the expense. but the tide started to turn in favor of seat belts in 2007. when a bus carrying a baseball team from ohio's bluffton university plummeted off a highway overpass in atlanta, killing seven and injuring 28. now pete pantuso, president of the american bus association, says most bus operators support seat belts, and they're not waiting for the federal government to tell them what to do. >> many of our members are already putting seat belts on their buses and have been for more than a half a dozen years. so it's going to be a continuation of good safety practices. >> reporter: so norah and charlie, the next time you decide to hop on the bus to atlantic city, call ahead and make sure that your bus has seat belts. >> all right. nice stand-up there, chip.
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thank you. and a poignant ceremony at arlington national cemetery as resident obama paid tribute to president john f. kennedy. he was joined yesterday by first lady michelle obama. bill and hillary clinton and many kennedy relatives. they placed a wreath at the eternal flame, marking kennedy's grave. a bugler played "taps," and tomorrow marks 50 years since kennedy's assassination. this morning's headlines from around the globe. "the orlando sentinel" looks at the apparent end of a cyber bullying investigation. attorneys for two teenage girls accused of harassing her say that charges are now dropped. the girls faced stalking charges after she died in september. billy graham is hospitalized in north carolina this morning with respiratory problems. he celebrated his 95th birthday this month. a family spokesman said graham is expected to return home in a day or two.
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online gambling is coming to the garden state today. regulators gave permission to atlantic city's largest casino company to begin a five-day test run. if it goes well anyone 21 or older in new jersey will be able to join in on tuesday. and some good news britain's independent looks at new research on coffee. it finds drinking coffee significantly improves blood flow. researchers say caffeine helps cells function in the walls of the blood vessels. so e still looking at some rainfall around the bay area this morning if you are headed out the door. you may need the umbrella this morning but by the afternoon things quiet down. a lot of clouds over san jose, scattered showers there, too. hi-def doppler radar has been tracking heavy rainfall this morning moving through the east bay and now sliding toward the south bay although it's starting to fall apart just a little bit. temperatures by the afternoon with some partly cloudy skies and dry conditions, into the 50s and the 60s. the winds kicking up though tonight and into tomorrow. but sunny and dry weather for the weekend.
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>> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by kay jewelers. every kiss begins with kay. teens are targeting victims for a deadly thrill. >> fbi insider john miller is with us. >> norah, charlie, it's a disturbing video called the knockout game. a single punch is all it takes to kill. we'll look at why something so
7:21 am
visual is gaining popularity nationwide and how the police are responding. >> graffiti sprayed on the home of a high school football player and now the entire team is benched. someone is missing out on millions. >> this is the large effort unclaimed florida powerball winning since 2009. >> will time run-out? the news is back in the morning on "cbs this morning." stay tuned for your local news.
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald at san jose sta good morning, everyone. 7:26 on your thursday. i'm frank mallicoat. get you updated on some bay area headlines now. three students at san jose state university could be facing hate crime charges after their black roommate said they harassed him. vallejo high school apaches ending. the school board voted to drop the team's mascot after complaints from indian activists. and months after the "rim" fire, there are new concerns now near yosemite national park. officials are worried about flash flooding because the ground that was burned two months ago is still barren and can't handle all the water. got your traffic and when will the rain stop? lawrence has you covered and much more coming up right after the break.
7:27 am
good morning. the san mateo bridge is very slow right now in those
7:28 am
westbound lanes leaving hayward heading towards foster city. the drive time in the yellow 23 minutes between 880 and the peninsula. out towards the bay bridge the backups extend east of the maze. they turned on the metering lights super early after a very early-morning fender-bender. and the ride westbound 580 also stacked up through the livermore valley. they are working to clear an accident approaching vasco road. that's "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> storms continuing to roll through the bay area although we are starting to see a little sunshine beginning to show up i think more of that toward the afternoon this coming from our mount vaca cam but look, you can already see the camera starting to shake a bit. more of those winds on the way, as well. our hi-def doppler radar showing you some heavy storms moving through early on and pockets of downpours. looks like that will continue throughout the morning hours and then by the afternoon, the skies begin to part. 50s and 60s. looks like the winds will be kicking up though tonight, very gusty overnight tonight into tomorrow. much warmer temperatures on the way, though, toward the weekend.
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7:30 am
members of the tea party gathered outside to demand the president's impeachment. the president said he appreciated their views and he's setting up a new website where they can voice their opinion. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half how, a new football scandal with racist language at the center of the controversy. it's not the nfl but a high school team. we'll show you why the entire team is being kept off the field. why police often feel they have no choice but to chase them. you could see a tool for putting off the fast-moving stunts for good. the knockout game involves
7:31 am
knocking out people would warning and it is claiming lives. john miller found several disturbing attacks caught on camera. >> reporter: the victims of this brutal game are chosen at random. defenseless unsuspecting people are attacked by a group of teens who have one goal in mind. knock a person out with a one-handed punch. >> one hitter-quitter. >> point them out and knock them out. all names for a disturbing trend now drawing concern nationwide. >> whoever comes knocking down the block, they just knock them out. >> in pittsburgh this teaching was knocked out so hard he crashed head first into the curb. this man in brooklyn was knocked unconscious. even women are being attack. there have been seven rae cent cases in new york city alone and the game has turned fatal in at least four documented attacks. syracuse, chicago, new jersey
7:32 am
and hoebokenhoboken. they're just 13 and 14 years old. jeffrey butt specializes in it. >> we know from brain studies that the part of the brain that gets fired up through excitement and thrill seeking actually develops more quickly and develops more quickly than the other part of your brain which comes along a few years late cher comes along with judgment and discretion. >> reporter: he says there's no real pattern but they're always alone and they stand out. >> the victims are someone the young people consider to be an other. it could be a racial difference religious difference, age difference. it could be a class difference. >> reporter: nothing in the so-called knockout game is about a fair fight. so if it's not about toughness and notable courage, what is it about? >> i think teenagers get
7:33 am
involved in the game to prove their manhood and ironically what it ends up doing is proving they're still children. >> john miller is with us. how widespread is this? >> it's hard to tell. first of all, if you look for it in the statistics there's no cutout for the knockout game in the numbers. they're categorized as assaults. and there's another problem. you know police commissioner here ray kelly yesterday said we're going to be talking to the health department to see if there may be more cases than we're aware of. one of first things you forget when you were knocked out cold is what it was that knocked you out. if you're in a fight for five minutes you might remember. but if you're just walking down the street and the next thing you're on the sidewalk and you don't know how you got there, there could be cases they're not aware of. i talked to people around the country yesterday and it's just below their radar. it's only in a few cities. >> how will police combat it. >> it's a hard one because do you follow groups of kids
7:34 am
walking down the street? it is not -- it is a difficult pattern crime to do against. >> thisern mog the fbi is investigating a hate crime involving a high school football player. racist graffiti was found scrawled on his home last week. his family believes his own teammate mace be responsibility. now they're taking extraordinary measures. elaine quijano. they're also looking into another aleveraged racist incident. so citing safety concerns the district stood by its decision to cancel the last game of the season. at the school meeting the blue knights football season was not on the agenda but it was a topic almost everyone wanted to discuss. >> not letting us play our last game makes the rest of the world assume that we are guilty.
7:35 am
>> it doesn't make sense to me to cancel a game that's a tradition for these kids. >> reporter: the move comes just days after the parents of 13-year-old isaac phillips a fullback on the junior varsity team found a spray painted message on his home saying knights don't need the "n" word. cently his cleats were thrown in the trash and his bicycle tires slashed. the school district decided to force the rest of the season. isaac isaac's father anthony phillips believes canneslingceling the game is the right decision. >> we didn't ask for it. >> how does it make it better if the football team doesn't play this game. >> my hope is it has enough
7:36 am
pressure, you know that the person that did this steps forward. >> the district is also looking forward into claims that members of the blue knights called him the "n" word at a recent game. school officials said it would be inappropriate for the team to play the rest of its games. in a statement the district said, to isaac phillips and his family, we are deeply sorry. the school committee says the investigation is focused broadly and not limited to members of the football team. norah, charlie? >> elaine thank you. time is running out for the inwither of a power ball jackpot. millions are at stake. mark strassmann shows us why it's not first time someone could be passing up a fortune. >> reporter: florida lottery officials are trying to scratch
7:37 am
off the mystery. who holds the last winning power ball ticket for a $16.6 million prize that has gone unclaimed since then i wish it was mine but it wasn't. >> reporter: this is the carrollwood market convenience store in tampa where the winning ticket was bought. the owner wonders what happened. >> most of our customers are regular, they come like on a daily basis. we know them by name. >> reporter: the two other winning tickets were sold in delaware and louisiana, and in both places people claimed their prize within a month. in florida winners have up to six months before that prize is forfeited. this deadline will come and go by midnight tonight. >> we're so hopeful that through this exposure people will look at their tickets wherever they keep them in candy jar in the cupboard, in the car, and claim
7:38 am
it. >> reporter: in $201140 billion won nation wide. $800 million, about 2% was never claimed. >> this is the largest unclaimed florida power ball jackpot since we joined the the game in 2009. >> reporter: by friday morning much of the money will go back to the lottery turning the lucky numbers into one big goose egg. for "cbs this morning," mark strassmann strassmann. >> this is a perfect example of you buy the ticket and wash your jeans. my mother always said check your pocket before you wash your clothes. >> good advice from your mom. one of the most controversial tools for fighting crime could come to a screeching halt. >> reporter: james bond might have used something like this. this is what local law enforcement is using to slow
7:39 am
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this is a video of driver brian gillespie taking part in a dry lake race in southern california. he was going nearly 200 mile' hour when his car started to turn over and over and over. he suffered a collapsed lung in last week's accident but he's crediting the built-in safety cage with saving him. >> and last week. it could mean the end of chases as we know them. jeff, good morning. >> good morning, charlie and norah.
7:44 am
this is the device. the company calls it star chase. by launching one of these gps cannons on the back of a suspect's car. police are able to slow down and pull away while they receive near real time tracking information, eliminating the need for dangerous high-speed pursuit. trooper tim sealman is the first and only law enforcement official in the state of iowa to use star chase. >> i have a deployment on it. >> in october sealman tag add truck as he noted it was driving recklessly. he backed off and waited. with the help of omaha and star chase, the suspect was arrested. >> it's very easy to use. four buttons. put it on put your laser where you want. arm it fire. >> step on the car for me. >> officers are often forced to let suspects go or use a variety of other tools including stop
7:45 am
sticks or driving into a suspect's car to slow it down. >> we're finding that more and more pursuits are very dangerous. they're crossing the center line taking vehicles head on. that's just a place we don't want to be. with the star chase system it allows us to keep ourselves out of that danger. >> here we go. >> the institute of justice found that 75% of the suspects who institute add chase said they would slow down in two minutes if they no longer felt they were being pursued. the trooper has seen that first hand. >> once you back off and they don't think you're chasing them any longer they slow down and want to blend into traffic. >> reporter: a recent court rule ruling under the fourth meant amendment says you can't attach something to a vehicle without
7:46 am
them knowing. >> when you tag a vehicle, you're doing something wrong. whether it's not pulls over you're a known felon, our you're driving in a stolen vehicle. >> reporter: the device costs $5,000 to install and several,000 dollars for each tag. despite the cost they believe it's less costly than the alternative. sealman says he's been in many high-speed chases with nearly one third ending in a crash costing more than $100,000 in crashes but for fishbach it's more than saving money. police have activated star chase in everything from minor traffic violations to massive drug dealing and it was even used to break up a human trafficking ring. the system is being operated in at least five states other than iowa including florida, arizona, and texas. norah and charlie? >> it's built under the police
7:47 am
car? >> it's built in the grill and it fire this device out and it sticks to the back of the vehicle. >> it sticks to it. you want it on the back. >> it's a nice flat surface. it will provi k. still looking at some rainfall around the bay area this morning if you are headed out the door. you may need the umbrella this morning but by the afternoon things quiet down. a lot of clouds over san jose, scattered showers there, too. hi-def doppler radar has been tracking heavy rainfall this morning moving through the east bay and now sliding toward the south bay although it's starting to fall apart just a little bit. temperatures by the afternoon with some partly cloudy skies and dry conditions, into the 50s and the 60s. the winds kicking up though tonight and into tomorrow. but sunny and dry weather for the weekend. important news for nut lovers. we'll show you why eating some
7:48 am
of the top nuts could save your life. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." >> that's nuts. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by party city. save on thanksgiving patterned tableware. party city. nobody has more for less. [kevin] paul and i have been friends... [paul] well...forever. [kevin] he's the one person who loves pizza more than i do. [paul] we're obsessed. [kevin] we decided to make our obsession our livelihood. [kevin] business was really good. [kevin] then our sauce supplier told me: "you got to get quickbooks." [kevin]quickbooks manages money, tracks sales and expenses. [paul] we even use it to accept credit cards. [paul] somebody buys a pie with a credit card, boom, all the accounts update. [paul] when we started hiring,we turned on payroll.
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7:52 am
and form add new land mass. nothing like this happened since 1973 but the japanese are not rushing to name new island because in some cases they sink back under water. >> incredible. if you recognize the phrase "'tis nearl they're reuniting. that's ahead on "cbs this morning." before copd... i took my son fishing every year. we had a great spot not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe i thought
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald >> good morning, everybody. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego. the bart board of directors is scheduled to vote on the contract for its two largest unions today. the board is poised to reject the deal due to a costly mistake left in the final draft. if that happens, it's back to the bargaining table again. allegations of racially charged hazing are being investigated at san jose state university. a black freshman says some roommates have constantly has harassed him in their apartment. the d.a. filed misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges against three students. stay with us. traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
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7:58 am
one of our problem spots now is definitely the eastshore freeway. westbound 80 by carlson, just where we have a camera there is a crash there totally blocking one lane and we are seeing good sized delays from hercules, in fact the drive time is almost an hour westbound 80 from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and approaching the bay bridge toll plaza, it is stacked up east of the maze, the 580 approach is also seeing very heavy traffic conditions. live look at the san mateo bridge, where it looks like things are starting to stack up heading out of hayward. that's traffic. here's lawrence. >> still a lot of clouds and some showers continuing out toward ocean beach. kind of quiet there now. but the clouds trying to break a little bit. we'll see more sunshine toward the afternoon. right now our hi-def doppler radar still tracking some rainfall into parts of the south bay and also right over the east bay. we are expecting the showers to wind up though as we head toward the afternoon. the skies parting, temperatures up into the 60s.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is 8:00 a.m. welcome back to "cbs this morning." new research finds people who like to eat nuts are likely to live longer. dr. holly phillips shows us why nuts seem to make such a difference. 50 years after president kennedy's assassination we're getting a close look at his grandson. and designer christian louboutin is in studio 57 and he'll show us why shoes like his make women feel sexy. but first, here's a look at today's eye opener @ 8:00. i've had my wake-up call. i now know what i need. i need to take responsibility. >> gop aids tell us they think
8:01 am
radel will be able to get through this with intensive treatment. we're learning new details about a korean war veteran being held in north korea. >> rodriguez said he sat quietly during weeks of testimony, then came yesterday's scene. >> this is my whole life. my legacy. i'm part of history. >> it's disturbing video that's capturing what's called the knockout game. a single punch is all it can take to kill. >> he's been in prison since 2002 and he's been a model prisoner. so the logic is he is going to be released in a packed courthouse today. >> by launching one of these gps cannons, police can slow down and pull away while they receive realtime tracking information. >> the next time you decide to hop on the bus to atlantic city call ahead and make sure that your bus has seat belts. >> babies have gotten uglier in this country. >> human babies have gotten uglier? >> i don't think.
8:02 am
it's a fact. did anyone bring a baby tonight? >> they're not allowed to be in here. >> i prove my point. ♪ >> we welcome our bureaus in the west. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. a stoo study suggests that eating nuts may help you stay alive. >> the journal looks at 100,000 americans overs 30 years. people who eat nuts every day are more likely to live longer. i like the sound of this. what it is in the nut? what kind of nuts should we be eating? >> what kind of nuts are we? >> what is it in the nuts? >> this is really an interesting study. the largest of its kind today that actually looked at nut consumption. compared with people who didn't have nuts at all, people had had nuts seven days a week have a 20% decreased death rate compared to others that didn't. this was not a cause of effect
8:03 am
study. this was a link. we can't say it's eating the nuts that increased your life span, but it is an interesting link. and the other interesting link that came out of this study is that even though nuts are really fatty people who ate them daily actually weighed less than people who didn't. >> and how many nuts are you talking about? you brought a little bag. >> oh yes this is my demonstration. it is less than this a day that we need to have. this is about an ounce and a half and you only need eight or nine almonds to get the perceive perceived benefits. >> i love nuts. i think they're great. but from nutritionists because there's so much salt on them and because they're so high in fat that you have to eat them in moderation. >> well, i would say definitely go for the unsalted form. >> boo. >> but even though -- >> you are no fun. >> i'm just you know thinking longevity here. but even though nuts do have a lot of fat, it's the good fat, the unsaturated kind like you would have in olive oil.
8:04 am
they have fiber, minerals vitamins and they're filling. you may be less likely to reach for something that's not as healthy if you have nuts. >> anybody who has young kids know there are so system children now who seem to be allergic to nuts. in my kids' school they don't allow peanuts. what if you are allergic to nuts and you see the health benefits that exist. >> that's definitely a real issue but so many other sources of the nutrients, beans, soy beans, my favorite edamame. it's a very interesting study showing how nutritious they are. >> is a peanut a nut or a legume? >> technically it's a legume. but this study peanuts were just as beneficial as the rest of the nuts. >> salted honey roasted peanuts with raisins doesn't count? >> a little bit. >> good combo. >> you can fit it into your
8:05 am
unsalted mix. and baseball superstar alex rodriguez says the appeals pro process for his drug suspension is a farce. he walked out from a hearing where he's trying to overturn his 211-game suspension. he denied using performance enhancing drugs with the yankees. >> he said that bud selig is trying to force him out, deny him the 86$86 million left on his contract. >> get it on the record, you say you did not do these p.e.d.s? >> you are correct. >> a-rod, you're angry today. you had a chance to cool off. how do you feel this afternoon after what happened this morning? do you regret doing it or do you thing you had the right thing? >> i have no regrets. i'd do it again. you think anybody is going to fight major league baseball? >> i don't think anybody has the money, first of all. you have spent a fortune, you
8:06 am
have high priced lawyers and agents. my god. you were on the front pages of the newspapers send the ball back during the game. >> somebody said i signed the ball, put a phone number on it to a cute girl. i mean i know i'm struggling but i'm not doing that bad. >> the point is you are vilified for that. >> yeah. >> why didn't you speak up? >> i get too much attention as it is. i know there's a lot of people that don't like me and there's a lot of people that are supporters. and in an ironic way what's happened to me over the last six months has been the best thing that's happened in my career. it's humanized me. people are coming to my defense. even people who say, i hate your guts, what mlb is doing to you is flat-out disgusting. >> the story continues. major league baseball put out a story saying quote n the history of the joint drug agreement the commissioner has not testified in a single case. today's anticses are an obvious attempt to justify mr. rodriguez's continuing refusal to testify under oath. a chain of white house e-mails show officials knew
8:07 am might crash on its first day. the house oversight committee released e-mails from henry chow. he wrote, i'm picturing in my mind all the major print and online publications taking screenshots and ramping up the hyperbole of not functional. >> it is causing embarrassment for health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius. she met with people in miami signing up for health insurance when the website crashed right in front of her. >> it's temporarily down. >> that's okay. it will come back. >> that happens every day. >> well hhs officials say they expect the site to be working smoothly for most users by the end of the month. >> a young member of the kennedy family is attracting a lot of attention after an appearance at the white house last night.
8:08 am
20-year-old john schlossberg introduced president obama at the jfk memorial dinner. he's jfk's grandson. 50 years after the assassination, schlossberg said his peers could learn from his grandfather's legacy. >> when we are told maze generation often is, that the challenges we face are insurmountable or our ability to face them is inadequate we must welcome a president that not only welcomed the challenges of his day but recognized vision and passion wherever they are found. >> schlossberg, who goes by jack, is no stranger to the limelight. his mother's caroline kennedy, the new ambassador to japan and in 2012 he headed the campaign trail for president obama. more than 500 americans have earned the presidential medal of freedom. 16 new names are part of the group. they come from politics media, science, sports and more. honored wednesday at the white house. as major garrett reports their tradition carries a bittersweet history.
8:09 am
>> this is one of my favorite events every year. >> president obama needed a pick me up and found it in the achievements of presidential medal of freedom recipients and the poignant ring of history. >> this marks the 50th anniversary of president kennedy establishing this award. >> president kennedy's assassination meant he never awarded the medal he created. for his part president obama sounded reflective and self-deprecating. >> aumll of us have moments when we look back and wonder what the heck was i thinking. i have that quite a bit. >> psychologist and medal winner daniel connaman specializes in behavioral economics and something else. >> he's also been called an expert on irrational behavior so i'm sure he could shed some light on washington. >> better known oprah winfrey, highly rational and successful. >> early in oprah winfrey's career her bosses told her she
8:10 am
should change her name to suzie. i have to pause here to say i got the same advice. they didn't say i should be named suzie, but they suggested & is i should change my name. >> ernie banks never changed his name. he earned another one, though. mr. cub, as the hall of fame shortstop and first baseman for a team that hasn't won a world series since 1908. >> ernie became known as much for his 512 home runs as for his cheer and optimism and eternal faith that some day the cubs would go all the way. >> other recipients, ben bradley, editor of "the washington post" during watergate. gloria steinem, founder of "ms.q.q. mass seep, loretta lynn and richard lugar. >> last but not least we have a
8:11 am
leader who we still remember with such extraordinary fondness. >> former president kennedy rounded out the history of jfk and president obama's rare celebratory day. i know. such a great day yesterday, guys. i was there of course with my favorite daughter kirby. and that suzie winfrey story cracks me up. when someone said no one will remember the name oprah, it's too hard to pronounce. suzie's so much friendlier. you should really thing about that. because she never liked her name as a kid. you couldn't find it on a name plate or stationary. but the whole room was so impressive. everybody, one right after the other. >> a great honor certainly for all of those
8:12 am
and now for something
8:13 am
completely now for something completely unexpected. it's been about 30 jirns the original spamalot took to the stage, although the parrot may still be dead there's life in monty python yet. i'm charley d'agata in london. coming up i'll tell you all about the reunion everyone's been waiting for on "cbs this morning." ♪ ♪ get back ♪ ♪ get back ♪ ♪ get back to where you once belonged ♪ ♪ i'll call you in a little bit. ♪ google... how do i get home?
8:14 am
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8:21 am
now for the story you're seeing first on "cbs this morning." "forbes" magazine is out with the top business leaders. netflix ceo reed hastings and tied with bucas. >> number three, the chairman of china's largest internet company. the number two spot goes to the activist inventor and number one, the owner of tesla. good morning. >> good morning. >> we want to get through a lot of these because they're all
8:22 am
really interesting peep. let's start with elon musk. why number one? >> because tesla is finally coming into its own. it's the first new major car company in 50 years and people want to buy these cars and the upside here is tremendous, and, of course, he's the head of spacex the largest private space company in the world, solar city the largest solar company in america and it goes on and on. >> tesla is what he's known for. how damaging are the fires that are happening to these cars? >> this is what happens when you're an entrepreneur. it's something you have to deal with. one was a from a bad crash, two is from debris in the road. no one was hurt. of course, fires happen to cars that are powered by gasoline all the time. so they're going have to look into this. >> he's hanging tough. you only only got six women on the list. e i'm very curious about it. one of them is angela harnts, owner of burberry.
8:23 am
she's going to be the head of apple and apple stores. she's going to take them to the next level. she understands china and possibly she could become the ceo of apple down the road if she succeeds. there are not as many businessmen and businesswomen. celebrate successful women. >> what's the criteria here? >> it's a formula we use. we look at stock price, we look at how much market share a company has achieved and attained. what sort of buzz factor have they achieved. >> number six on the left amazon founder jeff bezos. >> he had been number one the previous year. that's a company that continues to grow expand surprise delight consumers and take over the world, too, at the expense
8:24 am
of many other companies. >> any others on the list? i'm surprised to see patrick doylemate made it from domino's pizza. i think that's interesting. >> you talk about the activist investor, the way they're changing the stock market. uberis an interesting company and the guy himself. that company is changing transportation in this country as well. so there's a lot of people really shaking up the world of business. and the world and our society as a well. >> already. andy serwer good to see you. thank you so much. >> thanks a lot, guys. >> you can see the entire list at and one of the biggest names in luxury shoes is right here in studio 57. designer christian louboutin sells more than half a million pairs of footwear each year. we'll see how he came up with
8:25 am
your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. in just about an hour, the bart board of directors is scheduled to vote on the contract for its two largest unions today. if the board rejects the deal, then it's back to the bargaining table again. investigators are looking into allegations of racially charged hazing at san jose state university. an african-american freshman says some roommates have con stanley harassed him. the santa clara county d.a.'s office has filed misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges against three students. and rohnert park police ended up tackling a driver of a utility truck who led them on a chase. it began around 1:30 a.m. on golf course drive when officers tried to pull over trucks because the headlights were off. >> stay with us, traffic and weather coming right up.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. we're seeing some improvement reaching the bay bridge toll plaza at least in the far left cash lanes. getting to the bay bridge you're still going to find delays down the eastshore freeway, westbound 580, 24, and the nimitz northbound 880 in oakland. live look outside this is a look at milpitas. it looks like there's a new accident westbound 237 by
8:28 am
zanker a three-car crash blocking one middle lane. the san mateo bridge has been a rough commute out of hayward for much of the morning, slow over the high-rise. mass transit on time. that is "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> a lot of clouds still some showers around the bay area skies trying to part a little bit now but we're not done with the rain just yet. looking toward mount diablo, still a couple of raindrops there on the lens but the storm system quickly winding down. our hi-def doppler radar showing a few scattered light showers along the peninsula and parts of the east bay. toward the afternoon, though, that will all come to an end. temperatures in the 50s and the 60s for highs today, a little bit warmer with some partly cloudy skies. but then things change. overnight tonight, high pressure going to be building in. it looks like some very strong offshore winds developing, gusty winds maybe as high as 70 miles per hour across some of the mountaintops. it will be sunny and breezy down below for tomorrow. sunny and dry over the weekend.
8:29 am
you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good.
8:30 am
♪ everybody's working for the weekend ♪ that's right, bro. ♪ everybody wants a new romance romance ♪ ♪ everybody's going off the deep end ♪ >> will ferrell is the one and only anchorman ron burgundy in a musical tribute to crack-smoking rob ford. he's having a better year than ford. "anchorman 2" is go toirng hit theaters on christmas and you can see the promotions well under way. >> that stuff is so goofy and silly, you can't help but laugh. it's a lot of fun. >> that's true. >> welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour
8:31 am
christian louboutin believes that his red soled shoes are not just for the ladies. he said men are like bulls. they can't resist. what you do say about that charlie? >> it's so obvious. >> there's mr. louboutin with 20 pairs. we'll find out why his styles do not come very cheap. plus judi dench, she now stars in a true story, a woman with a 50-year-old secret and she looks back at the character that made her a star at the age of 60. that's ahead. right now it's time to show you this morning's headlines. the "washington post" said for the first time three enlisted women passed the marine corps. just like the men, the women carried rifles and an 85-pound pack on the 12-mile track. they graduate today. kudos to them. "usa today" says american is
8:32 am
going to let flyers bid on first-class upgrades. those with frequent flyers would still get priority. variety says kevin spacey gave woody allen a netflix subscription. he's hoping mr. allen will take a look at fwhaus he wants to work with a legend airary collection. >> monty python was thought to have been seen to be and went to meet its maker but they're returning to the stage for one last laugh. >> reporter: as the old monte python skit used to go no one expects the spanish inquest decision and sitting in that london theater this morning nobody was quite sure what to expect. >> charlie d'agata, cbs news. is this a one and only and what can we expect to see? >> well at first it will be the
8:33 am
one and only. it depends how long people like gary and michael live, really. i think you can expect a little comedy, some music, and a tiny bit of ancient sex. >> reporter: but there it was, at last made official. monte python's circus will fly again after 30 years in their last performance together at the hollywood bowl in 1982. it was the completely different part that appealed to audiences and made them the most unlikely comedy success story in history. dead parrots, silly walks, cross-dressing lumberjacks, and a fish slapping dance, not everyone's cup of distinctly british tea. >> that's the lit miss for python. watch the fish slapping dance.
8:34 am
you're going to love python or not get it at all. >> they came to the university to the stage and to the movies but cracking america, kim howard johnson, python biographer and friend said python thought pigs would fly before their circus world. >> the pythons themselves were also convinced it will never work in america. they just won't get it. it's very british. you've got a couple of guys sitting around in drag talking about a penguin on a television set and then the penguin explodes. who in america is possibly possibly ever going to relate to that? >> but soon python blew up bigger than those penguins at times courting controversy as well as cultural icons. their 1979 satire "the life of bryan," that receive add backlash over its religious
8:35 am
performances received a cameo appearance by george harrison. each pursued a solo career and the death of graham in 1989 clearly dashed any reunion and said it would happen as soon as chapman came back from the dead and they were speaking to the agent about terms. but they never gave up hope this day would come proving that sometimes it pays to -- ♪ always look on the bright side of life ♪ >> reporter: not your average press conference slightly ridiculous, very plonty tymonte python which is what you can expect at the big show next july. for "cbs this morning," i'm charlie d'agata, london. they are the shoes of choice for a-listers, and fashionistas and women who love to own them. i know them. christian louboutin.
8:36 am
his red-soled shoes became famous on "seks anld tx and the city." >> hello lover. i'm needing those on the last night on town. >> what are you going to do? >> drinks dinner dancing. very new york. >> i love that line hello, lover. >> they've all been spotted wearing the red louboutin shoes. he now has 80 shops worldwide and mr. man is at the table. hello. your shoes can be called works of art. you took the most obscure part of the shoe the sole that's really attractive and made it a fashion art. is red your favorite color? >> red has to be my favorite color? >> now? >> i love all colors but red has a very specific thing for me yes, definitely. >> how did red come about.
8:37 am
you didn't choose blue or yellow or black. >> when i started in the early '90s. i thought there was a lot of women who only dressed in black, no colors. but even if you don't like color, red you have. >> it pops. >> you have the elements on your nails or lips. even if you don't have color, you have red someplace. >> isn't there something that draws a man's eye to the back of the heel because of that color? >> yes. >> i heard that. how do you think a shoe should make a woman feel? >> the shoe should make the woman look good. but als a mystery. it definitely comes from the body lanch of the woman. it's a very important thing. it's just on the feet.
8:38 am
>> men, you say, pay attention too. do they, charlie? >> yes. he thinkings it's more important to feel sexy than comfortable. >> yes. >> is comfort a bad word for you? have you ever worn a woman's shoe? your shoe? >> once. >> oh, my god. was it painful? >> it was because i was -- i wanted to see the balance and actually lit can be probably sort of painful because the heel was not real balanced. i can understand it's not like walking on sneakers but it's a different story. you feel a different person. most women have those moments when they want to feel like a woman. >> no, no. i will tell you because -- i'll take it off. >> here we go. >> i really do think -- don't you love this shoe. >> i do. >> i really do think it's a work of art but i tell you by the end of the day you could be crippled if you're not comfortable. >> you say, look we need to learn how to walk in the shoe and it's worth it. >> absolutely. >> i have nothing -- i'm almost
8:39 am
like a doctor. design is my most important thing. but then i have treats to make in order to make those shoes as comfortable as possible. but it's shoes that comfort is not my first thing. if you look at my shoe, i do not want you to say, oh, my god, your shoe looks so comfy. >> exactly. get a clog. >> yes. >> why are shoes so expensive? >> shoes can be very expensive. very simple to understand. if you take a bottle of wine you a second bottle of wine. same content. it's 75 centimeters. one is going to be $10. another $3. what is the difference? definitely not in the shape but what's in the content. what has been put in. >> same for the shoe.
8:40 am
one shoe is going to be done in ten minutes. one will take five days. you won't see it directly. but through the details, everythings that han been done. it will might. >> i love that that you're going to do a nude line all colors. cinnamon line with a dollop of caramel. that's what i call you. no matter what color you are you can find a shoe in nude. that's a good thing. >> yes. showing the collection i had a girl working in paris. we were doing the nude shoe. and i was like why are you mourning. she said, no no nude -- i was not saying nude it was flesh. she said i it's not the color of my flesh. join think flesh is normally that color. >> i actually realize thad she
8:41 am
was completely right, so i thought, well flesh by definition, by strange definition is really fair and it's not fair. >> and there's a men's line,
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ yeah, i dream about bacon. [sfx] wham! so i'm bringing back the blt cheeseburger combo. a juicy jumbo beef patty loaded with hickory smoked bacon and melting cheese plus fries and a drink for just $4.99. but this isn't a dream. it's just a video from my last birthday party. in 1966 actress judi dench
8:45 am
was a promising newcomer. now she's back on the screen and she tells elizabeth palmer how her new role brought challenges. >> reporter: from one star turn to another. >> the very truth in nature of love. >> reporter: her range is breathtaking. >> take the bloody shot. >> reporter: over the years judi dench has won every major stage and film award going, thrilling audiences and critics. and in her latest move "philomena," she's done it again. >> i would ask if it's possible that you not use my real name when you write my story. >> reporter: it's based on a true story of an elderly woman looking for her long lost sun with the help of a journalist. it was a famed role who just a few weeks of her 79th birthday is recovering from a knee replacement and those piercing blue eyes damaged by macular
8:46 am
degeneration no longer see very well. >> a huge thing was made about it in the press saying i'm going blind. i'm not going blind. i just have to say to my friends -- a lot of my friends think i'm very very grand and don't acknowledge them anymore. people have to come up to me. a wonderful reason to get really close and say it's me me tell me who they are, and then i'm fine. >> her co-star in "philomena" british actor steve cougen had to read the screenplay aloud to dench so she could consider the part. >> we sat in the garden on a rather cold day which i didn't have the grace to say to him half the way through you must be cold, why don't we go inside. i sat there until he finished, and by the end of it it was not the final script then i just knew i would like to have a go at it. >> reporter: dench says it was a huge responsibility to play "philomena lee" who is still
8:47 am
alive. back in the repressed catholic ireland of 1951 she got pregnant and was sent in disgrace to the nuns at schon ross abbie who ran a home for unwed mothers. three years later the nuns gave philomena's baby away to an american cup whole adopted him and took him to the states. tell me about meeting the real life heroine of the film. what is she like? >> she's very funny. she'll say what she thinks and laughs about something. she overlays it and has a wonderful sense of humor and underneath that is the great depths of what she suffers. >> reporter: the real philomena now 80 and something of a celebrity herself says dench did the story proud. >> she's lovely. she put me at ease, not fancy -- somebody like judi dench doing my story.
8:48 am
oh, my goodness. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: it allowed her to go back into one of her favorite films. her move here was to pressure the movie rating from "r" to pg-13. it worked. "m" won. >> why was it rated unsuitable? >> because they said there were two profanities in it. two, yeah. but that was "m's" only swan song. >> do you miss being "m"? you had 17 years of it. >> i won't miss it. i expect when it comes along again, i expect i will be sick
8:49 am
as a parrot actually. because you have a lovely time. >> reporter: while dench is putting some things behind her, she's clearly determined to find more lovely times ahead. >> how do you feel about aging? >> i don't like to even talk about it. i don't use the words "old," "retired," or 80" in my house. they're banned. >> indeed. new-kneed judy is off to india next year for her sequel in her new film her previous but far from her last box office hit. if "cbs this morning," elizabeth palmer, london. >> the movie's very good. i'm glad they were able to get the rating changed so more people will see it. it's a very sweet story.
8:50 am
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that does it for us. up next woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams
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can be big. ikea has it all. woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all.
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k-p-i-x five headlines... the bart board of directors is scheduled to vote on the cont good morning, everyone. it's 8:55. i'm michelle griego with your kpix 5 headlines. the bart board of directors is scheduled to vote on the contract for its two largest unions today. the board is poised to reject the deal due to a costly mistake left in the final draft. if that happens, then it's back to the bargaining table again. allegations of racially charged hazing are being investigated at san jose state university. a black freshman says some roommates have harassed him in their dorm. the d.a. has filed misdemeanor hate crime and battery charges against three students. rohnert park police ended up tackling a driver of a utility truck who led them on a chase. it began around 1:30 a.m. on golf course drive when
8:56 am
officers tried to pull over a truck because the headlights were off. now here's lawrence with the forecast. >> finally looks like this storm system is winding down, michelle. the clouds parting a bit. leftover showers out the door over coit tower. partly cloudy skies out there looks like toward the afternoon those clouds will start to break up more so. hi-def doppler radar still a couple of scattered light showers out there but looks like that is going to be all pulling to the south. we'll start to dry out toward the afternoon. plan on 50s and a few 60s. the winds will be kicking up though as we head in toward the evening hours. very blustery overnight tonight into tomorrow. but sunshine making a return with some dry weather. dry through the weekend and at least into the first part of next week. your "kcbs traffic" is coming up next.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning. typically right about now the commute beginning to wind down but it's only heating up across the san mateo bridge. stacked up out of hayward, all the way out towards 101 pretty much from end to end from 880 all the way out towards foster city that drive time is nearly 40 minutes on westbound 92 from 880 out towards 101. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway where it's sluggish northbound heading up towards downtown oakland. bart on time.
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