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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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. >> this is kpix5 news. >> a hollywood star is dead after a horrifying crash near los angeles. good evening, paul walker was best known for his role in the fast and furious. >> he was a passenger in a car that crashed into a pole. kristi is in los angeles with more. >> friends and employees ... >> reporter: friends are heartbroken by the loss and the circumstances. movie star paul walker was in this porshe with his close friend identified as roger. both men died in this fiery crash. >> there is nothing. we tried. we went through fire extinguishers. >> reporter: friends tell us this afternoon, walker who is best known for the fast and the
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furious movies held a toy drive and a fundraiser for the philippines. his friend roger who we are told is an experienced race car driver showed up in a porshe. >> roger backed it into the garage and paul jumped in and they went for a driver. they went for a little drive and this is what happened. >> it appears that speed was a factorment it was a single car crash. >> reporter: the aftermath gives on idea of the intensity of the entire. both men were described as mum humble and giving. walker was passionate about helping others. he founded reach out worldwide. tonight a lifelong friend wants us to remember walker as much for his heart as for his talent. >> it's a tragedy to see who men who give to much to people be taken. >> and walker's latest film
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opens next month. fast and furious seven began shooting in september. production was on break. a bay area toddler is struggling to survive tonight after a terrible accident as a fishing hole. he was in vallejo with his grandmother. tell us what happened brian cooley. >> reporter: well if boy was brought to oakland children's hospital. he is alive. he may have been underwater for ten minutes earlier today. this is where it happened. a creek near the fairgrounds in vallejo. the fire department tells me the toddler was fishing with his grandmother. he was sitting on the wall. the grandmother looked away for a moment and he walked in. the grandma jumped in but couldn't find him. the water is about five feet deep and very murky. another man passing by tried to help. two fire crews say they arrived within a minute of getting the 911 call and find the two-year- old in a large drainpipe that is connected to the creek.
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finally pulled him out. >> they arrived on scene and were able to identify the location of the child and get him out of the water quickly. >> reporter: the grandmother was taken to a different hospital possibly suffering from hypothermia and shock. again, the little boy is in critical condition. live in oakland, brian webb, kpix5. police are looking at whether a group of raiders fan attacked a cowboys fan after a game in dallas. the victim was attacked by four men outside the stadium. the attackers were wearing raider gear. the victim was taken to a hospital. he checked himself out yesterday. an elderly campbell couple is dead. the 92-year-old woman and her 88-year-old husband were found dead of gunshot wounds. police have not released any additional information.
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north korea has asa video message from an 85-year- old palo alto veteran detained there. he apologized for war crimes from 60 years ago, but that is not what merrill newman's family sees. >> they collected information and attacked communication system and killed three innocent operators. >> reporter: in this video, merrill newman of palo alto reads a statement that is an apology for alleged crimes against the war. >> there is misleading information and propaganda. >> reporter: the apology was not shown in the video but he writes she guilty of a long list of crimes against the north korea government. north korean agents took the man from an airplane october 26
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as he prepared to fly home. >> what can anybody at 85 do? i'm 96. what could i do if i got put in jail like that? >> there is no history of 85- year-old grandfather getting pulled off a plane and not being permitted to come home. it is just completely unprecedented. >> mom is ready to fly to beijing and paddle a boat across. >> i said i would sit in the street. i would do whatever i could do. >> reporter: the so-called apology video may indicate that the north korean government is getting ready to let him go. >> the way they framed the apology where it says at the end i will go back to the united states and tell people the truth about what is going on in north korea. >> reporter: daniel snider of stanford university says the north korean move defies logic. north korea has been trying to
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encourage the growing travel entry industry, but the u.s. state department issues warnings to americans about traveling there. in palo alto, don knapp, kpix5. >> north korea has detained at least six americans since 2009. at least eight people are confirmed dead tonight after a police helicopter slammed into a crowded pub in glasgow, scotland. more than 100 people were in the pub listening to a band at the time. witnesses reported seeing the chopper drop like a rock out of the sky. and a huge plume of dust rise after it hit the pub. >> i heard an explosion. i had no idea a helicopter was involved. the explosion stopped me in my tracks. >> three of the dead were on board the helicopter and it could be days before the wreckage is removed. and four people died when a commuter plane crashed in western alaska. among the dead, a baby boy.
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the plane went down in friezing rain last night. a survivor walked a mile for help after trying to revive the baby. be careful if you are heading out to bay area beaches this weekend. there is a warning out for dangerous waves along the coast. rip tides and sneaker waves appear out of nowhere and can sweep people out to sea and the currents prove deadly this morning in southern california. a wave swept a man and a teenager into the water. a 36-year-old bystander jumps into the water to try the save the teenager. only the teen made it out. >> the teen made it. the boy made it. thanks to this ungood samaritan that lost his life this morning because they were out there when they shouldn't have been. >> the man and teenager have been fishing. both were treated and released from the hospital. we went to the philippines to discover his roots.
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instead, a kpix5 editor got caught in one of the strongest tropical storms ever. >> reporter: staff at this hotel save what they can from haiyan's wrath. mike miguel was staying in this hotel. >> it was a tough scary 20 minutes. you think about your mortality during that time. >> reporter: miguel had a lot on his time during his five days among this destruction. the trip was intended to be a pilgrimage. a first generation filipino american, it was his adventure to uncover his family's roots. >> i wanted to find out if i had any family left. where my mother was born. >> reporter: unfortunately, haiyan's terror changed all that. in the end, miguel never found family. but during this country's
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vulnerable time, he unearthed new insights about the people. >> they work hard. they take care of their families and they will be taking care of their families for quite some time to come. >> reporter: when the storm passed, this is what the sunlight revealed. >> people who lived in shanty type homes, those people, god help them. they are homeless. >> reporter: miguel eventually got off the island and back to love ones here in america, but he returns with a heavy heart. haiyan keeping miguel from the heritage he hoped to explore. >> any chance i had of looking for family, that is going to be on hold and who knows if i will ever be able to find out if i had relatives there. >> reporter: in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. the death toll is at 5600. 1700 still missing. back in the u.s., a man and his dog were reunited more than a week after a deadly tornado.
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dexter, a six month old pit bull was found in the rubble tuesday nine days after his home was destroyed. the national guards has spent days looking for dexter after his homerus hit november 17. well iphones gone in a flash. >> thieves and a brazen holiday heist. plus the new technology stores are using to figure out what you want before you know yourself. we are back in 80 seconds. ,,,,,,,,
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the new facility is on el >> opponents capped a planned parenthood clinic out of redwood city, but a new one
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will be on el camino real. it will open monday. antiabortion protesters were out. they claim it will lower property values and not serve the needs of the local community. >> the large amount of people that live here are catholic. they are hispanic. they have strong moral family values and this is not the direction that they go. >> planned parenthood says it is providing affordable healthcare to low income family. there was a major heist in a store on kristi street in fremont on thanksgiving day and got away with 62 iphones. none of the phones have been activated. one person's forgettableness can be someone else's feast. libraries are changing the way they collect fines for overdue
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books and videos. through december, patrons can settle up with donations of nonperishable food instead of cash. they did the same thing last year. president obama hit a local shop as a part of small business saturday. he took his daughters to washington dc bookstore. the white house shopping this year was long and full of literature. after wondering the store, it was time to check out. the president purchased a wide variety of books, more than 20 in all. >> what did you buy? >> some outstanding books. i have every book for every age group from five until 52. [ laughter ] >> last year, americans spent more than $5 billion on small business saturday. thanksgiving shopping put a dent in the black friday sales
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this year, but when the dust settles, shoppers spent a little more than $9.7 billion on friday. and that is down more than 13% from last year. but, when you add sales from thursday and friday together, spending rose 2.3%. apparently people were shopping while their turkeys were in the oven. online sales were up nearly 20% on thanksgiving different and this holiday season, look for shopping to get a little personal. from the guys who brought you google wallet, a new technology called index allows store to get to know you and even anticipate what you might want. san francisco cup cake maker was trying it out. thenology which you opt into collecting your buying dehey your and it is put into an app so you will get notifications. >> it will say welcome back mark. it might suggest a new product. >> offline retailers need to
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recognize you whether it is online, social, in store. >> right now, the technology is limited to smaller stores like this place. but the sounders hope it will spread to major retailer. ads are getting smart, too. new york based immersive ads is working on gauges your interest by the look on your face. they use the we cam to analyze your facial expression as you react to the ad. >> where the george orwell when you need him? in the weather department we are looking at warm temperatures that will be long gone pretty soon. temperatures in the 40s right now. 46 in oakland, 48 in livermore. in the city, we are still balmy. it is 53. these are the numbers now. it is not going to get much warmer than that by thursday because temperatures are just going to collapse over the bay area after a pretty nice
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sunday. wind speeds promise the temperatures will get cold tonight. calm winds mean the temperatures don't drop as much. with calm winds all over the place, overlight knows, 39 degrees santa rosa. 39 at fairfield. out the door tomorrow morning it's a chilly start to sunday morning. partly cloudy skies around the bay and a temperature around 50 degrees, chillier inland. 46 in the morning. tomorrow, we recover to near 70 degrees inland with sunny skies around the bay and the coast, mid 60s will do it. here is what is happening for the 49ers tomorrow. they take on the rams, 66 degrees, it will be sunny and mild. and the satellite loop is showing that right now, rain is confined up to the pacific northwest. but, that high will finally give way by later in the week. so enjoy it while you can. tomorrow will be a nice warm day. but by tuesday and wednesday, this low pressure system is going the drop over the bay. do we get any rain? if we got any, it would be just
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a little bit. probably much cooler temperatures so it will be nice and warm tomorrow with some fog tonight. a big chill comes in tuesday and wednesday. it will be downright cold by bay area standards. in fact, look at how much temperatures are going to change. those are the forecast highs for sunday. pretty nice. 71 in livermore. 74 in isn't rowasa, but then the numbers will stop from 13 to 20 degrees. it will be almost 52 in livermore. it is a great day to go out an enjoy the last warm day maybe until spring. 68 degrees for sacramento. tomorrow, we will look at 70 in san jose. 71 in livermore. well above average. 68 in san santa clara. 70 in danville. north bay is nice. lots of sun tomorrow. a few high clouds. 68 in the city. if you are headed up to ukai,
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it will be a nice warm day as well. look at wednesday and thursday. we are over50 degrees for a high. yeah. it just collapses around the bay area. though this is a cold system coming out of the gulf of alaska. it is not going to bring us any rain. so we are just not seeing any rain. just cold temperatures. >> though it could have been pouring at the stanford game and one girl would not have cared. one of the highlights of the game had nothing to do with the game. there was a proposal on the field between quarters. >> and she said yes. >> what else could she have said? >> yeah later in the night, oh, that was just the bud light talking. [ laughter ] >> gary what is your occupation are you talking about? >> well, we are going to talk about the game. we have been talking about it all day. stanford finished up the regular season against the
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fighting irish. we will see how they did. and if you haven't seen the ending of the iron bowl, stick around. no robert downy junior did not fly in, but it was still incredible. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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today they hosted #1 alabam. they didnt win on a last they did something >> auburn turned in an amazing finish beating georgia. they did something more amazing against alabama. >> 56-yarder. does not have the leg. and chris davis takes it to the
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back of the end zone. running out to the 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, there goes davis! >> oh my god! oh my god! >> auburn is going to win the football game! he ran it back 109 yards! they are not going to keep him off the field. holy cow! >> yes, unbelievable. chris davis took it back 109 yards. it will count as just 100. doesn't look like alabama will repeat as champs. auburn into the spc title game. a stunner over alabama. >> first time i have ever lost a game that way. first time i have ever seen a game lost that way. >> there are no athletes on the field for alabama. >> watch the face. and he made a decision to put me out there. when i caught it, i just ran.
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>> one of those crazy plays. it is almost like a video game. that is something you do on madden or ncaa. >> really was amazing. stanford hosting notre dame. kevin hogan. devin comes up with it. nice catch to haul it in. look at them going out there and getting it down. beautiful. like all season long. tyler gafney with a ground and pound. 33 carries, 189 yards. stanford up at one point. notre dame came back and had a chance to tie it. a pick. stanford hangs onto get the win 27-20. they there travel next week to take on asu. arizona state took care of arizona in the desert. the chandelles all over the wildcats 58-21. this is how it shapes up.
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stanford will travel to arizona state with the winner moving on to the rose bowl. all right, after the break, we will check in on saint maries college hoops for you. also, how about some good old time hockey? should have known that this was going to happen. this one went to overtime. more sports coming up after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> all right, a battle for first place, sharks and ducks, these teams do not like each other. joe thorton takes a puck to the eye. the captain left the game, then back to the bench. it is hockey. tied at 1-1 in the second when the ducks mishandle the puck. patrick marleau makes it 2-1 in favor of the sharks. ben lovejoy ties the game up. it goes to a shoot out. the sharks get a one-goal edge. then all three saves in the shoot-out. sharks beat the ducks by the count of 4-3. all right, a little dorsal fin digest time.
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the sharks, marty havlat had his second game of the year, and logan couture had his first goal in seven games. randy bennett. a big night for brad. waldo. murray state had no answer for him. he had a game high of 18 points. waldo, not wadno. >> and next time you will cover the lady gails right? >> yes. >> okay, we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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the fair >> one of san francisco's oldest holiday tradition now on display. >> the fairmont hotel's ginger bread house has been delights visitors for decades. it is made of thousands of
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ginger bread bricks and pounds of royal icing. for some it's anne an annual tradition. >> gorgeous. what a nice way to bring in the holiday season. >> the ginger bread house will be on display. admission the free, but donations are welcomed for leukemia. news updates are always on we will see you tomorrow night. have a pleasant evening. e kick is up and it just falls short...auburn's,,
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