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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  December 1, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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derailment. how passengers describe what was going on inside the cars. good eve the search is on for more victims in a horrific train derailment. how passengers described what was going on inside of the cars. good evening. we have a live look at commuter train that overturned in the bronx. four people are dead, more than 60 others hurt. some apparentlies were thrown from the cars as the train went off of the rails. it is the first fatal accident in the rail line's history. we have the story as told by some of the survivors. >> reporter: a train jumped the tracks with the first car coming to a stop right at the water's edge. it happened on the curved section of track in the bronx where the rivers meet. >> it started to make a loud shifting noise like with the
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tracks. and the next thing i know two people from across the train come flying at me and fell on top of me. >> 100 passengers were board the train traveling from new york to grand central terminal. the bodies of three victims were found outside on the ground. a fourth was removed frommed in of the train. the police divers searched the water to make sure nobody was thrown in from the force of the crash. >> on a workday. it would have been fully occupied. >> several people are hurt, several critical. >> i was thrown across back and forth. came to a halt and there were people screaming. >> reporter: the firecrews use air bags to lift up portions of the train and free trapped passengers and cut away parts of the cars to get people out. >> the crash happened about half a mile from another derailment over the summer. the officials are looking at speed as a possible factor. >> we have not spoken to the conductor. we anticipate interviewing the train crews in the next day or two.
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>> a law enforcement source tells cbs news the train operator told first responders he applied the brakes but they did not function. cbs news, the bronx, new york. and in new mexico experts still don't know why a freight train left the tracks and tumbled down a refeen. three train operators were killed in this accident. nobody else was on board. it is the end of a long holiday weekend. so, we wanted to take a look at travel conditions around the bay as people make their way home. this is a look at the bay bridge toll phaza. traffic is height. now on to 680, traffic there is heavy. it is moving slowly. to give you an idea, the westbound traffic is coming towards us. it might get slower. and a look at 880. a lot of cars there. things appear to be moving right along. >> the post thanksgiving airport chaos is in full swing tonight in all three bay area airports. don knapp is at sfo where it is
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busier than ever. one local airport saw a decline in recent years, don? >> yes. >> by all appearances it is doing a great business here at sfo. a bit of a madhouse. what happens on holiday travel may not show what is really going on in the airline industry. >> fully loaded airlines drop on to the runways while others take off at the end of one of the busiest periods. >> a b.a.r.t train arrives inside of the terminal. after billions spent on upgrades, sfo is benefiting from increased travel. up to 9 million passengers a year since 2007. >> you guys need to follow the line going this way. please. everybody. >> reporter: not that it is fun for travelers. >> the rest going that way. >> this line is crazy. i board in 35 minutes. hopefully i make it. >> reporter: stunned by the downturn, the passenger count went down by five million travelers since 2007. a spokesperson told kpix5 it
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reflects passenger numbers from sfo as they trace sfo airlines that dropped fares to compete. the tracks at the airport are not yet ready, the bridge doubled ridership and tkpwepberates $17 million a year for oakland. robert alexander prefers oakland for the best of reasons. >> i like oakland. i can get in, get out. quick on the 80 to get back. >> convenience? >> yes. convenience. >> reporter: the airport tauted 10 straight months with 5% increases in passengers. this despite facing many of the same problems oakland faced according to the spokesperson. >> triple-a projected air travel this holiday period will be down 4% to more than 3 million travelers. >> i do have to psyche myself out. i have to get myself into a state where i am not going to be annoyed by the tsa and by the crowds and really just focus on family and on having a good time. >> reporter: despite an
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improving economy, triple-a says consumers are uncertain about what tomorrow might bring, projecting a 3.7% drop in all air travel this year. reporting live at sfo, don knapp, kpix5. >> when the final numbers are in t is expected 43.5 people traveled this weekend. most of them 39 million by car. it turns out a friend of paul walker was behind the wheel when the car they were in slammed into a pole and burst into names last night. speed was definitely a factor. the driver identified as roger rodis. he owned a sports car dealership and was a professional race car driver. the two men just left a fundraiser, paul walker's father was visibly shaken by what happened. >> i am just glad every time i saw him i told him i loved him. [crying] >> poor guy. walker was 40 years old. he leaves behind a 15-year-old daughter. a memorial is growing at the crash site as fans pay their
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respects. they are leaving behind flowers and notes and there has been a steady stream of visitors to the site. tyrese gib son was among those who stopped by. he starred in "fast and furious" with walker. they were going to reprise their roles due out this summer. a sheriff's deputy may have a park named after him. he was fatally shot because the officer believed the toy gun andy was carrying -- a boy killed by a sheriff's deputy may have a park named after him. he was fatally shot because the officer believed the toy gun he was carrying was real. still ahead, a cruel act of random violence known as the knock out game has claimed another victim. this time, an elderly woman. like it or not. your state legislatures are getting a raise. why some say they are not going to accept it. also like it or not, big
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change in the weather. this one, the deep freeze, the forecast still coming up
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sucker-punched from behind-- while walking down the stre. a new york woman is the latest victim in the so-called
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knock out game. sucker punched from behind while walking down the street. there were nine such attacks in new york city. other cities are starting to see their first cases. what happens a group of people will punch a unsuspecting victim hoping to knock the person out cold with one punch. lawmakers and statewide officials have extra cash in their pocket this holiday season because they are getting a raise. but, some are refusing to take it. >> reporter: wallets are fatter in sacramento. lawmakers are getting a raise amounting to more than 5%. the state citizen compensation commission approve today in union. adding $5,000 a year for rank and file lawmakers like senator who a peered on kpix5 sunday morning saying it is well served. >> that is after we took a 23% cut in the last few years by a commission we don't get to do this. >> reporter: they cut
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lawmakers pay during the recession, the senator, hill, cut his own everyone more. he is taking the raise. and setting the standard and raise the pay as they have done lowered it at times when times were tough and struggling more for the state. >> 12 assembly senate members say they will not accept the cash. one quoted as saying i don't think taking a raise when we just raised taxes on all californians with prop 30 really made sense. another, since california's economy continues to struggle i don't think it is appropriate for me to accept a pay raise. perdeum will go up $163. still, $10 let's than before the cuts. hill says it is needed with the high cost of living in california. >> we don't want it to be just those of the wealthy. we want to make sure that everyone can participate and
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still live in their communities. >> reporter: etch before this raise, california lawmakers were the highest paid in the nation, but they don't receive pensions. many other states legislatures only meet on a part time basis. in the news room, kpix5. >> by the way the governor's raise is $9,000 and brings his salary to $174,000 a year. lower than governor schwarzenegger salary in 2009. that was $212,000. who's land is it? man's or the mountain lions? the new law that will change how wildlife experts handle the neighborhood. and why a popular bay area parking lot will be closed all this week. wonder why? find out, next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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but now, a new law is goingo change the way wildlife officials themselves will he to deal wi s. in 1990, voters passed proposition 117, banning private hunting of mountain lions in california. but now, a new law is going to change the way wildlife officials, themselves, have to deal with the big catch. >> reporter: the town of half- moon bay backs right up to prime mountain lion habitat. and occasionally a young lion, searching for territory, will get a little lost. >> and all of a sudden they pop out of the woods and find themselves right in the middle of a subdivision. they don't know what to do. most of them run up a tree and wait for humans to heave. they are not going to do. >> but on this day 1 year ago, the town was outraged when they shot and killed two cubs hiding
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under a deck. at the time the guidelines mandated the lethal response to protect the public. >> and , so up until now, it was safer just to kill the lion than to worry about, well, if i had not stopped that lion maybe some day he might of hurt somebody. >> reporter: today, they gathered to celebrate the passage and signing of sp1that, a law that would change the way that warden's teal with lions found in populated areas. >> the legislation that takes effect january 1st requires ward ens to use nonlegal procedures on mountain lion fist they don't pose a threat to human life. >> reporter: it gives them greater flexibility. wardens will still have the discretion to kill mountain lions if they are threatening humans. >> but, if that is not the case as the case a year ago issue
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the game warden can look at other options. >> wildlife protection groups and local zoos will relieve how they feel about taking action. >> those times when city life bumps up against nature. in half-moon bay, john ramos, kpix5. >> the new law allows officials to provide veterinarian care. a mill valley parking lot that went frequently is closed this week. the lower half of the park and ride near highway 1 and shoreline highway. caltrans is closing it because they are expecting high tide this weekend. that means flooding. there by the section of highway 1 could flood so drivers may want to avoid the area. right now you go outside and you may want to enjoy the current temperature, even at this hour it is a quarter to 6:00 or so, it is 66 degrees in santa rosa. and, there is no way to guarantee this by any means but
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that 66 degrees that you have right now may not be that warm again for weeks and weeks and weeks. because we got a big chill coming into the bay area. one of the first to be effected will be in santa rose a. the forecasted high is 64. from there, it goes south. right now it is fairly mild for much of the bay area. readings mostly in the 60s and the numbers are going to be a little cooler than that by 8:00 tonight. upper 40s inland, near 50 degrees at the coast of the bay, clear and chilly tonight. not much in the way at all. it will be cool tonight. 38 degrees in santa rose a. 48 degrees in napa. 55 degrees at livermore for an overnight low. 43 in redwood city. now, what is happening is that finally this, this pool of low pressure up here. you have a pool of cool air right up here, showily going to go south. as it sinks south it is very frigid air that is going to work its way into the bay area by midweek. so, you get one more mild bay
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before the jet sinks far enough south. you know, the jet is the dividing line between the cold air up here and the warm air down south so the jet sinks south and brings the cool air with it. it really will cool down big time. mild day tomorrow. dramatic cool down on tuesday. freeze warnings are possible in the bay area by wednesday. look at what is happening in liver phupb more. 68 degrees, forecasted high for tomorrow. the look between monday and tuesday, it falls 17 degrees and bottoms out with 47 degrees on thursday in livermore. by california standards that is cool for a day time high. so, the big cool change coming into the bay area midweek. tomorrow, not bad, 60s in the valley, 52 up in eureka and 52 at monterey. you know, this could be a match or two of morning fog. not bad. losangeles 75 down in the southland. 46 degrees in new york. about as cool in liver more as cool as it is in new york tomorrow. livermore tomorrow, 68, later in the week, things cool down.
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66 for san jose. 64 in santa rosa for monday. the forecast, looking for things to cool down, big time, monday, nice, look ated with, thursday, friday. those are highs, day time highs in the upper 40s in the latter half of the week. so, just, a big chill coming into the bay. it will stay that way. gets cool, stays cool through the weekend. cool by dry. there is a little chance of little rain on tuesday. not amount to much it will not happen. >> yes. keeps coming down. oh. >> all right. look at it. >> oh. her name is bobo. i was hoping we would get to see her. the national zoo in washington, d.c., there she is. they announced the name of their giant panda cub. it came on a celebration of the cub's 100 day of life. the zoo asked the public to vote on five names, more than 123,000 votes casted. bobo means precious or treasure.
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she is only the second surviving panda born at the zoo. all right, vern is here talking about the 9ers game. >> yes. niners and a thriller that just ended with the warriors and the 49ers. and the mixed facial reactions from jim harbaugh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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sleeves. for blue collar work today. they had to handle them at home. michael crabtree was back. joe knocked out with a knee injury. he did not return. 6 minutes left. second quarter, gore just lowered his head. rammed in. 49ers took a then-3 halftime lead. and the rams, mcdonald, got ahold of his leg and more than that. had to go to the man zone to take him down. davis will be okay. late 3rd. 9ers up 10. here is what they came to see. crabtree, a grab and a move to get more. 60 yard play. the team's second longest of the year. 68 yards, crabtrae. and the drive stalled. 4th quarter, the punch, fake punch. anthony, getting it. and michael snuffed it out. set up a short field and kaepernick from the near side, it is a slip to davis and&a hurdle into the end zone.
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the 10th of the year, the 49ers in control. the defense, big. check patrick willis for a sack on clemens. one of four 49er sacks. 49ers wore down the rams to improve 8-4. >> tough opponent and you know, all of the -- all of the pressure of the high stakes of this time of the year. i thought our guys answered the bell on that. >> male viewers, shield your eyes. not a good place to be hit there. >> no. >> a lot of chippiness out there. not anything on our part but on their part. and, you know, maybe that was their game plan but it did not work. >> why are we showing nick bowls? he beat the card nals. 1 of two scores. eagles hold on to beat the
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cardinals 24-21. so, the 49ers now have the one- game lead before the final wild car spot. a bunch with the panthers now. sanfrancisco will host the division-leading seahawks next sunday at the stake. afc business, the raiders had the day off. they got to sit back and watch two division rivals get after each other. the chiefs at broncos, manning, the broncos h to play catch up. alex smith, looking for anthony. it is 21-17. but, then, it would be go time for manning and the broncos. >> here is the old general. going to work. and he is looking for the best- looking man of the nfl. eric decker. yes, that is what the publications say. eric decker, with three second half grabs. manning throws 5 touchdowns in the game. denver beats kansas city for the second time in three weeks. 35-28. the chiefs have lost 3 straight
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after starting the season 9-0. andrew luck, the struggle, no touchdowns. holding on for the he'd. they put it away on the brown rushing score. they beat tennessee 22-14 to improve to 8-4. now, the afc play off picture, denver remains the top seed. and has a 1-game lead plus the tiebreaker over the chiefs for the division crowd. blackout in the arena. formally known as arco delayed the warriors. final seconds, now, look how he ends it at the half. with the buzzer beater. warriors by 3. at the break. now, curry hits 2 free throws to put the warriors ahead. 8 seconds left and here is how it ended. >> thomas, trying to play beat the clock. it is 5, thomas to the rim.
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lost the shot. he got the rebound. war areiors win. >> and the warriors hang on. 115-113. and a thriller up off of i-80. coming up on game day. san jose state, chandler jones joins me in studio. the spartans are riding high after their first win over a ranked team since the year 2000. that game was on friday against fresno state. you would not believe the numbers that they put up. like a video game. >> we spend so much time talking about stanford and cal, nice to see the spartans get the attention. >> yes. bowl eligible. >> all right. hey, today it is world aids day. we will take a look at memorial grove at golden gate park and how they helped people cope after they lost loved ones. that story and more. at the moment, that'll do it for us. we have news updates on k about see you in 30. >> good night ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> glor: tonight, train crash, a commuter line derails in new york city at the end of a holiday weekend. >> there was like a crunching, grinding measurement. >> four are killed, more than 60 hurt, we report from don dahler and jeff pegues. >> the day after the deadline, the white house says dramatic progress has been made on, major garrett is in whiton. >> the death of a hollywood star, paul walker loses his life in a fiery crash, from los angeles, carter evans has more. and saving the memories. families thought that pictures were lost forever. barry petersen found a woman who brings them back. >> oh, my little baby! oh, sweetheart! >> this is the cbs


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